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Helping Local Businesses A WIN-WIN Proposition

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Introduction I am sure you are daily bombarded with emails screaming how to click here for the best thing since sliced bread. Usually they are about some "trick" that has the lifespan of a few months, or maybe it is someone telling you of the tens of thousands of dollars they made from clickbank working only 3 hours a week or maybe its about some new fangled software that builds websites at a push of a button (never mind the fact the search engines think these sites suck). I want to share something with you today that can serve as a big wake-up call for you. While you may have spent hundreds of hours online chasing that elusive online business and the trying to find customers to buy whatever you are selling or promoting - you have been missing the biggest opportunity of all. The Nearly Untapped Market That's Hiding In Plain Sight: You probably drove by a dozen or more potential customers today on your way to work! In reality, there is considerably more opportunity available locally - just using the skills and knowledge that you instinctively know if you have spent much time at all marketing online. Helping local small businesses can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. It is said that every dollar spent locally – is spent again and again as many as ten times. When a dollar is spent in a local store, they pay their help, who uses their wages to in turn spend it at another local store...and so on and so on. When you help your main street businesses – you are helping a friend, a neighbor, your community as a whole. Compare that to affiliate's not even close if you look at it in the big scheme of things. When you can have a direct impact helping your local community – you are helping those closest to you. This is a good thing and a path you should certainly consider embarking on....


Start with the Facts Instead of shooting a bunch of bs or hype your way, let's look at some very powerful facts. • There are 29.6 million small businesses in the United States(that is a very large market). •

These small businesses employ half of the work force (your neighbors and friends).

Given the choice of working with a local service provider or a large national firm – local businesses will choose the local provider (they would rather work with you).

Eighty percent of local product searches are now done online (Yellow Pages is down to around 20% usage)

Eighty percent of local business websites are NOT legally compliant (no privacy statement or disclaimers or disclosures)

Ninety percent of local business websites do NOT have email capture forms (they are not even building a list)

Local small business owners know everything about their business, but when it comes to effectively marketing online...most do not have any idea of what is possible The one glaring thing that I have found when working with local businesses, is they look at their website as nothing more then a fancy business card. Most have not come to grips to the concept that the web can be used as a source of an entirely new income stream. When a business effectively taps into the web, they can add another 5-10-20-30% more business to their existing business. •

For example, let's say a local business did $500,000 a year in revenue. By effectively using the web to bring new customers and to foster good relations with existing customers and increasing their purchases – they could easily bump up their sales another 10% to $550,000.. and it certainly would not cost them $50,000 to do that. Many businesses are just missing the boat, mostly because they do not understand the potential that is out there. I have one customer who was selling around $10,000 month online - they thought that was really good. After I search engine optimized their website and added a fully functioning shopping cart (they had been using email to process credit cards- a big no no) – the very first month they did $100,000+ in online sales – and have been doing six figure months ever since. That is the kind of impact effective online marketing can have on a business. 3

Let's Look at the Demand If you missed it – 80% of local product searches are now done online – people do not, for the most part, even use yellow pages anymore. Now I want you to do a couple of exercises here that will demonstrate both the demand by consumers as well as the amount of money that businesses currently spend attracting new business. 1 - I want you to go to google's keyword search tool: Now enter just the name of your local city. You will get back a list of all the keywords that have been searched containing your city's name. Now click at the top of the results column that says Local – Look how many local searches were performed last month for your city. I live near a relatively small city ~50k people – but when I do this for my city – I discover that last month there were over 1.5 million local searches!!!! And everyone of the searches was done by a person looking to find a product or service that they needed. They have money to spend and they are looking where to spend it..... This is a golden opportunity for local businesses who realize this and do something about ranking high in these local results. (...of course with your help) 2 – I want you to now go grab your yellow pages phone book. Start at the beginning, notice all of the full page ads by the accountants, attorneys, automobile repair, collision repair... keep going through your local yellow pages and every time you see one of these full or half page ads – I want you to understand that those businesses, depending on your area, are spending anywhere from $500 to several thousand of dollars EACH month for the privilege of having their business information a resource that very few people even use anymore. Do you see the opportunity? Do you see how you could save these very same businesses thousands of dollars while at the EXACT SAME TIME putting thousands of dollars in your own pocket! That is precisely what they call a win win proposition. Do you now see how much opportunity there is for you in your own back yard?? Learn more on how you can tap in to this opportunity. Go here now!


Why Local Businesses are Looking for YOU! The fact is, main street businesses are having a tough go right now...sales are down as well as profits. That is why there is quite literally a golden opportunity for you to help these local businesses. History has shown, that businesses that aggressively promote and market their business during economic downturns – increase market share over their competitors and in the long run can dramatically grow their business. Let me tell you a basic fact about business... In order to increase sales, a business must either: 1-Attract new customers, in other words increase their sphere of influence, or 2-Sell more to their existing customers 3-Or preferably Both! The internet, along with mobile communications and text messaging, provides a huge opportunity for local businesses to add a new marketing channel that can bring them both new customers, and the ability to sell more to their existing customers. That is exactly the solution they are looking for in these tough times. Bottom line...they want more customers coming through their doors and spending money. You can help them connect with these customers. These local businesses currently spend thousands of dollars advertising and marketing - just think about all those radio commercials you hear and the local businesses that advertise on TV. How about newspaper inserts – every time a business does most cities they are spending several thousand dollars. The worst part about this type of advertising is that it is done with a shotgun approach – every newspaper gets an insert – most are thrown away. Radio delivers their message to everyone – whether they are a target market or not. TV also uses the mass communications approach. With the web, a business can target their message precisely to the people that are looking for specific products or services. Instead of spending resources on people who will never have an interest, a business is able to focus their promotion efforts on the keyword phrases that potential customers would use. Internet marketing is considerably more targeted then the shot gun approach of radio/TV/print media. By developing an email list of customers – a business can communicate with a very targeted message to both foster customer loyalty as well as the 5

ability to increase sales promoting “customer special sales”. So now you come in and can show them how to reach new customers for a fraction of what they are currently spending - and how by setting up an auto-responder, how they can foster customer loyalty as well as increase the sales volume of their current customers. One thing you need to understand about successful business owners: They spend their time focusing on their business and gladly pay others to handle all of the technical details. When you consider the fast paced maze the internet is, with search engines, websites, local search, google, Facebook, Twitter, auto-responders, email lists, privacy policies, and so on...and so on... The business owner quickly realizes that you know a heck of lot more then they do, and if they are going to effectively market on the web...they need someone exactly like you to take care of “it” for them. They just want “it” taken care of so they can cross it off their list. When you become the expert in their eyes, you become the one that gets “it” taken care of. Ask the business owner one question: Do they want more customers? When they say yes, show them how they can use the internet to add a new revenue channel into their business. Businesses that ignore the power of the internet...could very well be the businesses that are not around five years from now. Show local business owners how they can make the entire world their market area – not just the local area they currently cater to. Note: The secret on how you grow your Local Web Income Business, is to provide these local businesses with the services they need – but you out task all of the you can concentrate your efforts on helping more businesses, not doing medial tasks. Make the business work for you...not the other way around where you are working for your business just trading dollars for hours.


The #1 Way to Help Local Small Business Proper online marketing starts with proper and consistent indexing across local search, world search, mobile web/phone, and navigation/gps databases. Unless a business proactively goes out and delivers a uniform message across all of these databases – it will be a case of hit and miss, along with incomplete or worse yet, incorrect information.

Business Profile: Name, Description, Keywords, Tags, Phone, Fax, Website, Email, Location, Products, Services, Brands, Hours, Accreditation, Awards, More... To begin with, every business should a complete business profile setup where the same information is then used across all databases. Then, this information needs to submitted across the various search engines starting with google local and google maps, Yahoo Local as well as Bing/MSN Local. Several of the other popular search engines should be submitted to as well including: Ask Local, AOL,, City Search, and MapQuest.

Start with Search Engine and Database Submission 7

Businesses however should not restrict their submitting to just search engine databases, they need to be included within cell phone and mobile communication databases as well, such as: Blackberry, DEX, 411,,, Switchboard, InfoSpace. With the increasing popularity of navigation and gps units, having correct information about a business, the business location, hours, phone numbers, etc., can make the difference between a customer finding a business or going down the road to one of their competitors. The key to helping small businesses index and achieve high rankings within the powerful local search engines and mobil phone/web data bases, is to: 1 – Submitting keyword based profiles (just by doing this step alone will put them ahead of 90% of the competition) The fact is most businesses will not even submit their information...and if they do, most will fail to use smart keyword based descriptions and profiles. Once you have written a keyword based profile – take advantage of the one click local search engine and mobile database submission service at Big Tip: If you want to grow your business – outsource all the work using services such as – that way your business is scalable, whether you have 10 clients or 100 clients, since someone else does the work, you are not limited by what you personally can do. Here is an example of where you can charge local businesses $500-$1000 for this basic service – and then you turn around and have it taken care of for you for less then $100. You profit a quick $400-$900 per client! That's how you run a profitable business. Stop trying to do all of the work yourself.

Use for Quick Profits 2 – Be sure that all pages of their website have keyword based meta tag titles, descriptions, and keywords (I find it simply amazing that most of the local business websites do not even have this basic step done correctly – or at all) Tip: You can magnify the on-page SEO factors by including at the very bottom of the web page..that pages “Tags” or keyword phrase list consisting of the five best keywords for that page. Example: Tags: keyword phrase 1,keyword phrase 2,keyword phrase 3,keyword phrase 4,keyword phrase 5 Don't fall into the trap of thinking that “tags” only work on blogs....


3 – Build back-links to the business website (this provides the perfect way to create a monthly residual fee) Start building back-links to the business website by submitting articles, submitting videos, and creating web2.0 websites such as blog spot,hub,answers, etc. Tip: Outsource this work, propose adding X number of new links per month – the more links you setup the higher the monthly fee you charge the client.

Video is HOT! Now, over the years, how many hours/days/weeks have you collectively spent watching TV commercials. Billions of dollars are spent every year on producing and showing these 30 and 60 second videos we call commercials....And the reason why businesses continue to spend money in this media – is because videos work!

The reason why videos are so effective as a marketing tool is that they can convey emotion in ways that are very difficult to do with a page of text. Any time you can emotionally involve the viewer they will be more likely to listen to your message. Web video marketing is quickly becoming a great low cost of way of reaching a wide market. Add to this the fact that is the third most visited website in the becomes very apparent that video is the future of the internet. Videos in case study after case study have proved to be very powerful in terms of providing high rankings within the local search results. With nearly zero competition for geographically based keywords, videos provide an excellent way to provide local clients with the “ace card” to help them achieve top listings resulting in more customers coming through their doors. Great looking screencast web videos are easy to make, and since they do not require actual video footage with all of it's related lighting and sound issues, they can be produced at a considerably lower cost. Once your clients video has been produced – in addition to adding to google local – you will want to distribute the video as many places as you can across the web, resulting in even more back links for your clients. Here are some recommended video services that put you on the fast track!


Shortcut Video Links Best resource online for learning how to create great promotional videos:

Best resource for learning the ins and outs of Camtasia Studio – Seriously shorten your learning curve and eliminate the frustrations. Produce videos in minutes not hours:

Outsource Video Production Don't know how or just want someone else to create professional videos? Eliminate the work and just have someone else do it:

Here's another full service web services company that does videos in addition to dozens of other graphic tasks:


Video Distribution Time Saving Methods

Powerful video distribution combined with podcast distribution and bookmarking provides you with the MAXIMUM distribution and search engine impact of any video distribution service. Training Included that will make you a video pro!

Video Distribution can be a daunting task if done one by one. Here is a service that distributes your video to several video websites:

The use of videos, when used as a tool to help local businesses drive new customers through their doors, gives your Local Web Services Business the clear advantage over any competitor. Submission of a web video provides powerful and long lasting search engine optimization benefits. Video submission to the local search engine databases such as google, Yahoo, and Bing almost guarantee a top local map listing, because for the simple fact, most businesses have basic default values..if that, because they have not formally submitted the correct information. These videos do not have to be overly involved, setup ten or so screens/images that have some text and some eye candy graphics, add to that some appropriate music and a professional voice, and you have a web video. Use Traffic Geyser to distribute the video and to add the video to the search engine databases. That is a powerful one-two punch that will make you a hero to these local small businesses, and the best part is, success brings more success, as word gets out amongst business owners. It won't take long before you have plenty of work....that is why it is important form the start to outsource the work...that way your business is scalable, and does not depend solely on you.


Conclusion A recent online survey of Internet Marketers revealed that only 1 out of every 38 are doing any sort online services for local businesses, and of those most are doing so as an after thought. With over 29 million small businesses and very few firms even competing for their business, you have golden opportunity. One of the best parts is that it does not take hundreds of clients to become successful. My personal experience has shown that each client will pay you $2000-$3000 for all of the work they want done, so it only takes 30 or so business clients and you have built a $100,000/year plus business. That would work out to about 2-3 new clients per month and with hundreds of potential clients in almost any city, Local Web Income is a very lucrative business plan. You can start by offering a Local Search Submission service – which you can totally outsource using, add to that some basic video services which will also assist them in the search engine rankings, and from personal experience, you will find that most all will want help with their websites. Whether it is making their website legally compliant (most do not have privacy policies or disclaimers), or adding title,description, and keyword meta tags to their web pages, or completely revamping their website, you would be best to offer a wide array of services. My experience has shown that 90% of the time, these business clients will purchase everything you layout in a written proposal, so do not hesitate to write out the various services you can do for them and the costs involved. Now there is no sense wingin' it when it comes to starting your own Local Web Income Services company. Get your own complete step by step guide at Unsolicited Testimonial: Alvin said: "...I've been doing local internet marketing for about 3 Yrs, and I haven't seen nothing out there that comes close to your Local Web Income Product.....I have to agree with you, Local Internet Marketing is where it's at."

Small businesses in your community need your help! Many are struggling, and when you can help them effectively turn on a new revenue stream via the web, you are helping them, your community and your friends and neighbors. If you have even basic online marketing knowledge – this is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. In many is quite literally the right thing to do. Now Go Take Action – Make it Happen! 12

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