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KISAH KERTA AVANTI an art & craft house

PT KISAH KERTA AVANTI Kompleks Pilar Mas Jl. Pinang Mas II no. 71 Cimahi 40533 Company Registration/TDP No: Letter of Business Permit/SIUP No: 503.17/0129/PK/1798/DPMPTSP/2017

+62 813 1900 8800 2

When You Think About V a l u e s,

Think of Us.



H el l o !

It’s very nice to see you.


Where We Are Representative office Studios & Workshops

Jakarta Cimahi


Indonesia 6

Who We Are. Inspired by Values

An art and craft house that values the aesthetic and function of a product. Started as small workshops, we consistently maintain our commitment in quality and have established a decent workshops. With years of experiences, our workshops are emphasizing on the craftsperson’s ability in applied art, of the products that are made by hand and/or using traditional methods. Our products are produced with such fine qualities and innovations to ensure your satisfaction with the least harm to environment. 7


What We Do. Conxtructed by Passion

A very broad kinds of goods are available to be produced by us, starts from your small simple everyday goods until those which have more difficulties and details, as well as passion and of course values. Most natural material of all; wood, of many kinds and characteristics are used as the basic materials.


Here’s a list, as a clue.


Home & Living.

Lifestyle & Gifts.


Utility Organizer.

Art & Craft Supplies.

Home Decoration & Sign.

Souvenirs & Gifts.

Kitchen & Bathroom.

Accessories & Fashion.

Accessories Organizer Tools Organizer Gadget Organizer Dock, Natural Speaker

Lamp, Side Lamp Frame, Hanger, Clock Sign Board Wall Decoration

Kitchen Utencils Jar, Bottle, Glass Mortar, Plate, Tray Caddy, Wine Storage Bathroom Set Coaster, Ashtray


Hand Embroidery Hoops Spool Weaving Loom Easel

Wedding Souvenirs Corporate Gifts Memorabilia Souvenirs Post Card, Cards

Earings Necklace Bracelet Button Glasses Watch


Hobbies, Toys & Entertainment

Packaging Kit.

Toddler & Kids Toys.


Teether Bricks Shape Puzzle Edu Toys

Adult Games.

Chess Board, Ludo Board Domino Card, Remi Card Scrabble, Jenga, Puzzle Pong Table, Dice


Square Rectangular Triangular Hexagonal Tubes, Cylinders Cone etc.

Hobbies Supplies.

Miniature Small shelves Collectable Souvenirs Collector box, tool Box

Anything else that you may think of? 11


Why Us.

Designated to be Great

We don’t want to give you some lousy reasons. Here’s the facts about our service, to help you in your considerations:


First of all,


The Materials.

We carefully select the best materials to ensure the best quality in crafting your goods.

Wood is definitely our main material; however, other materials are also available for your options of combinations, such as leather, metal, silver, bamboo, and any material available.


Our common wood materials

Jati / Teak (Tectona grandis)

Sungkai / Sungkai (Paronema canescens)

Sonokeling / Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia)

Mahoni / Mahogany (Swietenia)


Mindi / Persian Lilac (Melia azedarach)





Reasonable Price

Feel free to send us your design, we really love to see what you come up with. We work with dedicated designers and craftspersons to help you develop your unique imagination and creativity in bringing our products to life.

Don’t think about it too much. We have a very flexible MOQ, starts with only 24 pieces for order from Indonesia, and 60 pieces for order from overseas.

The thing is, there’s always a solution behind every problem. So, we are open to discussion about your specification as well as meeting your budget.

Lead Time


24/7 Customer Service

All of our products are specifically made by hand. The lead time of each product will be varied depend on the design and the quantity of your order.

No need to worry, you don’t have to deal with any delivery hussle, we will handle it for you. We do Indonesia and worldwide delivery.

Since you are important to us, time no longer will be a barrier. We are giving our best, to be there anytime convenient for you.

E F G 16



Additional Application & Finishing

Variations of technique in applicating your wildest desire of the designs are provided, you can easily choose between the methods below: Laser Cutting, Engraving, Stencil, Stamping, Manual Printing, Painting, Embossing, Masking

We have various of finishing techniques as well, starts from regular finishing, furniture coating, until the musical instruments coating and certified food grade coating.


Here’s more to you! Any left materials or waste are recycled and reused carefully in the name of our beloved loving planet.


Still can’t imagine anything?

Take a glance of what we can do for you. Enjoy! 19

Product Examples Plates & Trays


Mug, Glass, Cup & Slocky 20

Caddy, Holder & Storage

Product Examples

Docking & Gadget Organiser

Bathroom Set

Kitchen Set & Holder

Wall Decor, Signs & Clock 21

Product Examples


Night lamp, Desk lamp

Candle holder, Table Decor Art & Craft Kit

Toys, Hobbies & Entertainment


How To Reach Us. Tell us about what you have in mind, we’ll be very glad to have a discussion with you or if there’s anything you’d like to ask us, get in touch using one of the methods listed below:

+62 813 1900 8800 +62 813 1900 8800


Thanks a lot! See you soon. 23

Frequently Ask Questions. General Product Questions What are the materials of your product? The main material of our product is wood. We also combine our main product with many other materials available, such as leather and metal to produce a desirable product. How to maintain the products after purchase? We have the basic maintainance guide in our website: For product with special design, please feel free to contact our customer service. What are the process of product finishing available? We have several kinds of finishing procedure. Start from basic wooden finishing until food grade finishing (certified). Can I request additional catalogue of yours? You can email us to request our e-catalogue and other enquiry, or simply download from our website.

Order and pricing How do I place and order? Please feel free to contact us on email or whatsapp. Aside from that, we also sell our product through the other online store, such as, Why do you not show any pricing on this catalogue? All of our products are handmade and custom made, that would make the price varies. We would be very glad to discuss your enquiry and provide the price accordingly.


Is free sample available? Our sample is free of charge and you’ll only need to pay for the delivery cost. However, once you’ve placed an order, we will deduct the delivery cost from the total amount of your order. Do I get better price for larger quantities? All of our products are hand made, therefore purchasing in larger quantities will not affect our production efficiency. Do I need to provide the product design? If you have already prepared a design for the desired product, you are absolutely free to send us your design. We are also open for discussion, should you need any help for the design. How do I know if my order has been received? You should receive an order confirmation via email when we have received your order and another email for artwork approval. We will produce a sample in accordance with the approved artwork before starting whole production. Can I place an order from overseas? Absolutely. We are more than happy to receive your overseas order. The delivery methods are flexible, you can use your preparable shipping agent or let us arrange it for you. How much do I need to order? Is there any MOQ? Since all of our products are handmade and custom made, certain MOQ will be applied. For delivery in Indonesia, our MOQ is 24 pcs/article; and 60 pcs/article for overseas delivery. Can I have multiple article in 1 order? For Indonesia delivery: with a minimum order of 68pcs/order you can have up to 3 different articles. For overseas delivery: with minimum order of 180pcs/order, you can have up to 3 different articles. What form of payment do you accept? We accepts T/T, Credit card, Paypal and Debit cards. 25

Take Your Notes...


Tunggul kayu ditaruh pelicin elok juga Barang sederhana dan tidak berharga jika disentuh oleh tangan-tangan kreatif dapat menjadi barang yang amat berguna & berharga. - Peribahasa Indonesia

Even a wood stump would be beautiful if it's coated An ordinary and non valuable things would be useful and precious if it's fall into creative hands - Indonesian Proverb





Kisah PT Catalogue  

Company Introduction and product catalogue.

Kisah PT Catalogue  

Company Introduction and product catalogue.