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Homage to the Ai Weiwei’s Fight for Democracy DIRECTED BY SHEN YANG


Introduction Ai Weiwei is a Chinese contemporary artist who is active in sculpture, installation, architecture, curating, photography, film, and social, political and cultural criticism. Ai collaborated with Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron as an artistic consultant for the 2008 Olympics’ Beijing National Stadium. . As a political activist, he has been highly and openly critical of the Chinese Government's stance on democracy and human rights. As a political activist, Ai Wei Wei has been highly and openly critical of the Chinese Government's stance on democracy and human rights. He has investigated government corruption and cover-ups, in particular the Sichuan schools corruption scandal following the collapse of the so-called "tofu-skin schools" in 2008 Sichuan earthquake in 2011. He was arrested at Beijing airport on April 3 and held for over two months without any official charges being filed; officials alluded to their allegations of "economic crimes" such as tax evasion. As an activist, he uses original ways to draw public attention in order to pressure the government to constrain its behavior. Though the public has had different opinions to his “hooligan” ways, his contribution to China’s human rights and democratic process is remarkable.

2016 春天


Abstract In my research project, I interviewed several people of my generationwho are international Chinese students studying in UCLA. Although censorship in China is well-known, this young generation is more or less knowledgeable about Ai Weiwei. I made a project showing how they want to support Ai Weiwei. I chose this project because after taking this seminar class this quarter, I realized that it takes a long way to go to achieve any small step of a democratic movement,. What our predecessor had already done for us is limited, but precious. Where can the Chinese democratic process go? It needs more than one generation to move it forward, and what my generation can do to push the democratic movement is important. Therefore, I made this project to listen to their voices, and know what they think about him and about the Chinese democratic process. In this research paper, I will focus on one young boy, named Luo Fangqian.


2016 春天


About Model Luo Fangqian is a Chinese student, who is originally from Shanghai, majoring in Applied Mathematics in UCLA. Besides school, his interest is rapper music. He also pays attention China’s new policies, even though he currently studying in the U.S. He found out about Ai Weiwei firstly through his documentaries, like never sorry and so sorry. He also strongly disagrees with the Chinese government’s attitude towards the activists and the issue of censorship.

About Project I designed several photographs to use in an artistic way to express our homage to Ai Weiwei and moreover, to be able to deliver Luo’s special perspective of art to support Ai Weiwei and his democratic right in China.


2016 春天



2016 春天


Outcry 主题


In the whole group of photos, only this one is colored while the rest of the photos are all in black and white. Constantly black and white represents constraints of the citizen’s freedom of speech. Only when a person can speak freely, can he have a vivid life. Otherwise, they are just the controlled walking dead.


2016 春天


Censoring the Citizens=Blurring the Nation In this picture, the main point is against censorship in China, while also addressing the desire for free speech, and the desire for the right to be honest and speak out the truth. Luo in this picture is covered with mosaic, which indicates the censorship limits and the lack of freedom of speech in China. This behavior from government is not only a violation of the rights of the citizens, but also brings shame to the country. That is why the national flag is blurry.


2016 春天


主题 照片


Run away This photograph is black and white, with only the tires of the bicycle being green. The green part of the photo represents the hope of escape from real life in China. People in the society are eager for escape from their system, hoping for the Civil Rights they deserve.


2016 春天


This photo represents the meaning of eradicating the old system’s evil legacy. Also, Ai Weiwei has a lot of work relevant to the tonsure, including his newest mental music release called “The Dumbass,” which also has the element of tonsure.



2016 春天


Middle Finger Ai Weiwei has a famous collection of photography containing middle fingers, especially the one giving the middle finger to the Tian’anmen Square. This photo I took was to show respect to that collection. Moreover, urinals are also an interesting element in art performance, just like Marcel Duchamp’s artwork “Foundation”, refers to the role day-to-day goods play in the arts.


2016 春天


The Wall The last photograph is of Luo facing the wall in the men’s restroom with the hair clippers. This one is to present that as a powerful singer, they are faced with censorship just like facing an unchangeable wall. There is nothing more one can do unless this generation contributes. 10

2016 年春季


Unfetter The lock in this photo chains up Luo’s throat, representing the censorship of “shut up.” With the lock restricting him, Luo’s face shows of suffering, just like when a bullet goes through the body. He is hurt and is strongly impacted.

Luo’s song, made for Ai Weiwei

Instrumental by Kendrick Lamar <Hiiipower> Lyrics by Feezy & Zigga [Speak] Baby, you can ask anything you want You want democracy You want liberty You want freedom You just name it But you know what, you can’t get it Cuz you’re in fuckin China And me? I won’t complain I won’t rebel I just rapping

[Feezy] This is a fuck up world, political censorship, overall dictatorship, totalitarian shit Mama screaming kids crying cops don't give a shit Stupid schools turn kid into a fuckin prick Every piece of food is poison everything so fake Every shit got a name but the name so lame Nobody got religion, no god to pray Nowhere else to go, escape to USA

(You want democracy, You want liberty, You want freedom?)

You can blame me, for being so rude But baby hold up it's also hard for me to choose

Can't you see the fuckin world is going crazy? Bitches stripping and tripping for Chanel and Gucci Louis Vuitton faze our eyes all we care is money And when the hell did we become so damn cocky?

Big fat old guy dominates our nation Government control TV, Internet and our vision Plagiarize Facebook into Chinese version Meet your needs and abolish your contemplation My rap offensive, cuz life oppressive Call me aggressive, but you, submissive They say rap is a weapon, in a world of craven Waking God in the heaven, making people scream Amen

Omnipresent censorship baby who know the truth Omnipotent party government is the rule Who want "Made in China", who like fake replica Who can live who can love who can survive in China

[Zigga] What bastard could survive in China dude I know you can’t All the superheroes come here and say :shit goddamn Tony Stark get off the plane and eyes turned out blank There were 50 kinds of Iron Man all in fake ass brand

Superman was awesome but lost his power after dinner The food he ate had Krypton and something that killed a lotta yonkers Batman was also pissed though he was actually quite better The wheels of his motorbike were stolen by some workers

Wolverine was ashamed lying naked during summer The girls all said he was a perv and they really hate his chest hair I know you bet nothing could stop a legit Transformer But a girl bought a Bumble Bee cos she was a rich man’s daughter

Fantastic 4 Jessica couldn’t be any hotter But a mayor saw her on the street and just start abuse her Kickass said he would die if he don’t have his Facebook What’s even worse he found out he just bought a fake ass Macbook

Gandhi, what about ghandi? But all the speech and shit are suffocated by all the censorship Other countries got the battleship we got the fucking censorship Facebook & Twitter I need to stay in my relationship Relationships are phony and fake cos all the fame and money and shit I really want my friendship not suck in the fucking dictatorship

They killed a lotta coal digger and fed up all the gold digger And that new movie star? She used to fuck with Usher Fuck Gaokao it killed a lotta go getter and let in all the rich suckers and the rich suckers reigns so there would be no go getters

This country’s not just goddamn it’s Buddha damn and Ala damn deprive itself of a religion cos any divine would condemn. Conservation erase the need and want of all the straight man but they be hatin on the gays and bis so who is to survive, man?

To survive you need some HiiiPoWeR Not even kidding I mean HiiiPoWeR Radioactive fishes, zero desire for bithes I mean this shit is, you can’t complain unless you really wanna vanish So where the hell is HiiiPoWeR This generation got HiiiPoWeR Livin for 18 years and never turned into ashes I mean this shit is…I don’t even know if it is ridiculous. [Feezy] Fucking ridiculous bitch, ridiculous They rule they control us They screw then harmonize Propaganda like virus Socialism eating us

Call me cynical if you like But Chinese workers can't go on strike Working class is the master But who the hell is control power

Autocrat, dictator Warlord, caesar Despot, tyrant Martinet, oppressor

We don't back down to mainstream Rapping unfetter restraint It's a dream to kill Caesar But wake up the world need us

Ai weiwei final project  
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