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魔衣鏡 / Smart Mirror 邱欣怡 / Cindy Chiou 陳祥然 / Shying Ran Chen 林采葳 / Winnie Lin 家裡再也不用試衣間! 顯影穿搭、衣櫥歸類一指搞定! 買回家的衣物拍下條碼, 立即依照材質款式分類。 手機應用程式與鏡子藍芽連結, 滑一下點一下便可模擬試穿後情境。 外框採用松木以簡單線條呈現, 120cm X 35cm大鏡面設計, 俐落簡單的操作介面,讓您輕鬆搭配創造好心情! You don't need dressing room! It is can solve fit, classification of goods and shopping. Use mobile phone to scan your clothes’bar-code. It can immediately be classified in accordance with material style. Let every pieces get best effect. Use mobile phone's Application and you can connect with mirror's Bluetooth. Just use your finger to slide or tap, you can simulate the fitting effect. Smart Mirror of showing simple lines, size of 120cm X 35cm, neat, simple interface allows you to easily to use create a good mood!


1. 拍下購買商品條碼 或輸入衣物分類。

2. 開啟應用程式與 鏡子藍芽連線。

3. 觸控鏡面,選擇 喜愛衣物進行搭配。

4. 依照所鏡面呈現, 從衣櫃拿出搭配穿上。



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