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Calories in-Calories Out! How to REALLY Keep Your Weight Down Actually, I just told you. It really IS calories in-calories out! Most people think they eat less than they do and that 20 minutes of cardio will allow them an extra 3 martinis. WRONG!! You'd be surprised at how much we REALLY eat! Now, that being said, the type of calories do make a difference. It's all common sense. Easy on the white flour, sugar, salt and high fat foods. Good quality proteins, veggies and whole grains. Now. Here's where you can help yourself. Take a weight for yourself that you can live with...and I don't mean you're messed-up head's version of this. If you're a 5'10? tall woman, don't expect to weigh 125 pounds. You'll look sick and you'll BE sick...and malnourished! I"m talking about a weight you know you can keep and be comfortable with. Now-depending on your activity level, multiply that number by either 12-13-14 or 15. 15 if you exercise or do something EVERY DAY! I will tell you right now that the average 150 lb person should multiply by 13. That's walking up and down stairs, playing tennis once a week, doing a little that. That will burn up around 1,950 calories per day.

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You get the idea. Now. Using that as the "average" person, I'm going to give you the USDA's dietary guidelines for someone who needs to consume 2,000 kcal per day. Figure what yours will be per your calorie needs: Fat Grams: 65 Saturated Fat: 20 Cholesterol: 300 milligrams Sodium: 2,300 milligrams (I think this is a little high, but you'd be surprised where salt hides!) Carbs: 300 grams (Like I would consume 1/2 that per day!) Dietary Fiber: 25-35 grams Protein: 54 grams Now, I don't agree with all of this. For instance, I think your protein intake should be half your weight, not one quarter, as they have here. If you don't get enough protein, you won't be able to build or repair muscles. Obviously, I don't believe in eating this many grams of carbs. I"d take it down to 150 grams. This includes fruits and vegetables, not just breads, grains and potatoes! And last but certainly not least are the fat grams. 65?! Cut it in half. Granted, the USDA just wants to provide a framework for food. Obviously no one

listens, as Americans are fatter than ever. Just keep in mind EVERYTHING you put in your body. That drink of straight vodka will run you about 250 calories. YUP...EACH ONE!! And count every half a cookie, food from your baby's plate and h'or doeuvre you pick up on the passed trays at parties! They sneak up on you.

My name's Sandra and I have been keeping my weight controlled ever since giving birth to my 2 lovely children. Personally, after pregnancy, I found it was hardest to first get excess fat off and keeping it off. Most of the time, when trying new diets and exercises, during an intermission or break, I would gain all of it back right away. It's not like I go crazy during those 'get-away' weekends but I somehow manage to put back everything I'd lost in like a month during one single weekend. ..[Full Story]

Did you figure out your calories, yet? Surprisingly lower than you thought, isn't it? Those little "cheats" add up.

The main problem for people when they lose weight is that they end up hitting a plateau. The scale in the morning slowly comes to a screeching halt as time goes by. Usually you end up cutting your calories even more or you exercise more. This is a big no no. All you are doing is forcing your body to hold on to it's precious fat stores even MORE. Your body does not care if you want a tight, firm, and toned stomach or arms that you can proudly show off in your cut off t-shirts. ..[Full Story ]

Here are a few tips to help keep track: Don't nibble off passed plates. Put whatever you want to eat on a plate and don't take any more. Those little appetizer snacks are between 50-100 calories each. Don't drink your calories. A glass of wine will run you about 150 calories. A mixed drink-between 250-500 calories, depending on how big, if there was cream in it and what kind of alcohol is in it. Never take seconds. Never ever. Stop eating fried foods. All you taste is the coating, anyway! Enjoy life-but live it smarter. Rona Lewis is an LA-based fitness and lifestyle coach, healthy gourmet chef, cookbook author and motivational speaker. Her website is filled with tips, recipes and TV segments to help you lead a fun and healthy life! You can get her cookbook series "Does This Cookbook Make Me Look Fat?" there, too! They're filled with yummy, healthy, lower carb, lower calorie recipes for the family and for entertaining, along with lots more information not usually found in your average cookbook. PLUS--they're hysterical! When was the last time YOU read a funny, healthy cookbook? Go to to learn more about them. And her, of course.

Can You Really Lose Excess Fat Fast?

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Calories in-Calories Out! How to REALLY Keep Your Weight Down  

Most people think they eat less than they do and that 20 minutes of cardio will allow them an extra 3 martinis. WRONG!! You'd be surprised a...