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We will empower students, faculty and staff to share responsibility for creating a safe and positive school culture for all.

Our school community will be a place where all individuals, students and adults, feel safe and confident enough to take ownership of their school climate by empowering them to stand up for one another and report any situation that represents the many definitions of bullying.

For Students, Parents & Teachers HOW SAFE ARE YOU?


Take the Winman Student Survey on digital safety.

Videos, games and activities that teach on- and offline safety.

Eye-opening facts & figures about bullying

How to Deal with Being Bullied


Bully Free Program How to deal with and prevent being bullied

Don’t be a VICTIM or a BYSTANDER!

LITERATURE Reading about bullying builds understanding and empathy.

HOW SAFE IS YOUR CHILD? Take the Winman Parent Survey: Results will be shared.

Rhode Island and National Resour Includes nonfiction and fiction reading lists.

What to do if you are being cyberbullied: dex.html %20with/Cyberbullying.aspx What to do if someone has called you a bully: K-12 resources nts/k12%20additional%20resources%20final%20%282%29.pdf Student Guide to Cyberbullying: social media safety or

Digital Citizenship & Media Literacy Presentation for Students:

Web page