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How to choose the right massage for your unique needs.

Once upon a time, you could only pick from a couple of options, but today there is a huge range of treatments on offer. The staple of most massages used the Swedish massage and its many variants, but now you're really spoilt for choice. If you are a massage aficionado, it's wonderful, because you can get all kinds of traditions without needing to travel far, but it's kind of confusing for a novice. This short explanation will guide you to the right indulgence. Swedish According to research, the mild pressure and long movements along the muscle grain characteristic of this massage are not just relaxing, but also very therapeutic. It has been shown effective in reducing low mood, chronic pain, and even more serious diseases. Healing occurs because stress is erased. Indications: stress and tension (or just in need of a treat). Perfect for the novice. Deep-tissue This is all about results, to penetrate straight to the problem spots deep in the muscle. Painful though it may be to knead through and untie those knots, it's very beneficial. Indications: chronic tension in specific areas, pulled muscles. Shiatsu Japanese tradition, working with the energy meridians of the body. Acupressure and massage are applied with fingers and hands, perhaps with a bit of mild stretching, too. Thai With your clothes on, you lie on the floor, as the therapist folds and pulls your limbs through a succession of stretches, which get rid of tension in the muscles. It is rather like being put into yoga positions while your body is at rest. Indications: tiredness. It is very invigorating. Abhyanga An Ayurvedic invention, it brings balance to the life-governing energies. Herbal oils are applied at the appropriate pace, according to your specific dosha, or type. Indications: stress and racing thoughts, or fatigue. This is a balancing act. Lomi lomi

Hawaiian tradition includes a slow flow of rhythmic movements and pressure applied by the forearm. It eliminates emotional tension in the muscles and makes room for good vibrations, earning the nickname of "loving hands." Indications: go for it if you want some fun. Dance-like and flowing. Craniosacral therapy Designed by a chiropractor, this uses the lightest of strokes to rebalance spine pressure along the entire length. Enables muscular relaxation by affecting the nervous system directly. Indications: headaches, allergies, sinus problems or just complete and utter stress. The most relaxing treatment possible. Reflexology According to the view that every organ has a corresponding area on the sole of the feet, pressure is applied to selected spots to affect the ailing organs in the body. Indications: there is a point on the foot for every health issue. Reflexology is considered effective in combination with traditional treatment of many illnesses. A full luxury massage, carefully designed, may incorporate a blend of some or all of these effective massage modalities. Personalised massage services are offered by luxury masseuses in London, and the best of them are employed with WINKS Massage. For the fullest relaxing and pleasurable benefits, book a bespoke personal massage that lets you have it all, picking the best from each tradition.

Winks London - How to choose the right massage for your unique needs  

Once upon a time, you could only pick from a couple of options, but today there is a huge range of treatments on offer. The staple of most m...

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