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Summer 2010


stylish summer reading

Summer’s must-read books reviewed just for you.

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good to grow

Gardening with dramatic results--none of the drama.

Make Your Escape

Ideas to get you out of pocket without emptying yours.

charleston fashion week

A look back at the catwalk for inspiration right now. By Ebony Looney.

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new naturals

Fresh make-up for the summer months

modern skincare

Stock up on the products your skin craves.

carolina cup retrospective

Already counting the days until next spring? We collected a little to hold you over.

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LaRoque on the runway at Charleston Fashion Week photo courtesy of Charles Bristow



Summer Reading by Courtney Webb




Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout

Dead in the Family: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel

The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen and Last Night at Chateau Marmont by Lauren Weisberger

There is a little bit of “The Book Snob” in all of us. We all want to read something meaningful, something to make us think, the book that is supposed to change you after being read. It sounds like an outrageous claim but oddly enough those books exist and sometimes they even win awards. Take the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction winner Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout. Olive for instance is simply an aging woman, she’s actually frightfully normal. I feel like I might pass her daily at the grocery store or post office. And yet Strout makes her fascinating. She makes every character intricate in their own way by showing them as people. Their behavior, their quirks, their down right faults, she shows it all and you cannot help but want more. Elizabeth Strout is a creature of detail and she shows how those tiny details make up who we are and how our lives are played out. She is a master of characterization and a true artist of words. Her work is well worthy of the praise it has received and the readership of every “Book Snob” out there.

For those of you who know the special significance of June 13th, there can be no doubt you are ready for the third season of HBO’s True Blood. But what many of you may not know is that you could be miles ahead in your reading of Sookie’s supernatural story. That’s right True Blood like most things worth watching is based on a book. Southern writer Charlaine Harris is the creator of all things Sookie and her latest: the tenth in the series is the muchanticipated Dead in the Family. Now don’t go thinking you can jump in there right in the middle since you live and breath True Blood, you must begin at the beginning to truly understand with the first book Dead Until Dark. Those ten books could keep you going all summer but if you’re like many I know with the thirst, you might be done in a few days. Other Suggestions:

The Tudors: The Complete Story of England’s Most Notorious Dynasty by G.J. Meyer

Other Suggestions

The Lake Shore Limited by Sue Miller The Yellow House by Patricia Falvey


The Carrie Diaries by Lauren Weisberger

For those of you with the more feminine taste in literature this summer you may want to dive into one of this year’s most acclaimed books The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen. The story of two sisters who could not be more different and yet one often wonders how she became who she is. It’s a story about stereotypes and whether once labeled with the “smart one” or “the funny one”, we are then destined to our roles. The Opposite of Me is a fast paced and yet poignant book to keep you interested while staying cool this summer. Or if you want true young Hollywood, you can visit the legendary Chateau Marmont in Lauren Weisberger’s new novel Last Night at Chateau Marmont, which is bound to give you lots of V.I.P. access. The ex-girlfriends of stars are dishing all the gossip and out for their own revenge in this naughty novel. If you liked The Devil Wears Prada, Weisberger’s latest is not to be missed. The gossip fest will begin on May 25th. Other Suggestions:

Runaway by Meg Cabot Star Island by Carl Hiaasen available July 27th

I have to say that while I am a librarian by profession, I have always been a reader first. My love of reading is what pushed me towards becoming a children’s librarian so that I could share that passion to others from an early age. Now as a new mother I have assumed a new role in life and in my profession as a professional book reviewer and blogger, I find my self still able to share my love of reading but in a much more prolific way. I firmly believe that reading is a pastime to be enjoyed by all. There is a book for every individual no matter the age and the perfect opportunity to find yours is this summer. I hope that my summer picks will have you browsing the stacks at your local library or sipping some coffee at the closest bookstore while in search of the perfect read. So sit back, grab a nice tall glass of sweat tea and let yourself escape the heat of Carolina in the summer within the pages of a book.


The Passage by Justin Cronin and The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella by Stephenie Meyer You’re out there and you know it. You are the reader who only picks up a book after monumental press and sometimes only to see what all the fuss is about. You want what I refer to as the “it” book. However when talking about what will be the most popular books of the summer I am somewhat forced to make predictions but I do feel confident in saying these two books will be blockbusters. The first is a long awaited novel by Justin Cronin titled The Passage. Touted as a post-apocalyptic epic this book is only one in a supposed trilogy but has already been picked up by Director Ripley Scott. Publishers have kept advanced copies close but as the lucky recipient of one, I can truly say it is an “it” book for the summer of 2010. The Passage will be available on June 8th.

Online Bookstores


The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella is my second somewhat sure bet for success this summer since it’s author is no other than Twilight’s beloved Stephenie Meyer. Bree Tanner is of course one of the newborn vampires created by Victoria to wreak her revenge in Eclipse. This book is a somewhat special surprise for Twilight fans since it was not scheduled for publication within the series. In other words expect long lines at your local bookstores on June 5th and the occasional wanna-be vampire standing in line with you or you can access the book for free at from June 7th-July 5th. Other Suggestions:

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins available August 24th The Heart of the Matter by Emily Griffin

Courtney Webb is a former librarian turned professional book reviewer. She is also the creator of the always stylish and sassy book blog Stiletto Storytime where she urges her readers to “Remember just like stilettos, reading is always in style.”

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good to grow Now is the perfect time to be outdoors in Columbia. Pollen season’s backing off, there’s just a hint of breeze, and lots of little calendar squares still insulate us from the smoldering inferno of August. It seems that everyone is outside raking, mulching, pushing leaves around, and fussing over their little patches of greenery with the utmost skill and care. Well, some of us are jealous. Some of us measure our yards in square inches, not feet. And some of us can’t understand why the office plant clocked out early…again. Even if you aren’t much of a hands-on kind of gal, you can still experience the joy of watching something grow. All you need is information! And maybe some gloves. Protect that manicure! Now, where to begin? How about some inspiration? And what about climate zones, garden pests, and watering schedules? Container gardening? Don’t worry, WINK went straight to the experts. We wouldn’t steer you wrong! Whether you’re new to gardening or just new to the area, a little knowhow can go a long way in making the most of your outdoor space. Robin Klein of Woodley’s Gardening Center helps WINK cultivate some answers to your toughest gardening questions.

Special Thanks to Robin Klein and Rick Woodley.

Woodley’s Garden Center 10015 Two Notch Road Columbia, SC 29223 803-788-1487


Columbia Columbia and and much much of of the the Lower Lower South South owe owe their their distinctive distinctive Southern Southern style style and and charm charm to to more more than than just just good good taste. taste. There There isis aa very very good good reason reason you you see see the the same same plants plants over over and and over over again. again. They They like like itit here! here! You You don’t don’t see see palmetto palmetto trees trees in in New New York, York, do do you? you? IfIf you’re you’re worried worried about about what what will will grow grow in in your your area, area, check check out out the the neighbors. neighbors. Chances Chances are are they’ll they’ll have have something something you you can can repeat repeat in in your your own own space space with with good good results. results.


the landscape Q: Some Columbia yards and landscapes are shaded with tall pine trees. What types of plants will thrive under these trees while still adding life and texture to the landscape? A: What does best with shady pine trees are encore azaleas, camellias, ferns, hostas, anise, saracocca, dogwoods, cast iron plants, and fatsia.

Q: Mulch or pine straw? Is one better than the other? A: Mulch lasts longer.  If you have pine trees in your

yard, take advantage of that and use the needles. One mulch is not really better than another. It is really what the customer prefers to look at.

Q: How do I keep the landscape looking colorful throughout the seasons?

A: Create a master plan and plant plants that bloom at different times of the year. That way you will have year-round interest in your yard.  Plenty of things bloom in winter as well as spring, summer, and fall.

know your area Q: In what climate zone is Columbia, SC? A: We are in climate zone 8. Q: What’s growing at Woodley’s? A: Lots of things! Perennial color: salvias, rudbeckias, lantana. Lots of annual color: geraniums, impatiens…hundreds of plant varieties in bloom.

Q: What would be growing in your ideal Southern garden or landscape in Columbia? A: Ferns, hostas, encore azaleas, camellias, hollies, dogwoods, magnolias, annual and perennial color to accent.

Q: What plants do you associate with summertime here in Columbia? A: Perennial color like lantana, verbena, crape myrtles, tropical hibiscus and mandevilla.


lawn care

container gardening

Q: What type of grass is appropriate for Columbia’s

Q: What are some key tips to help plants survive in a pot

summer months? A: Rick Woodley prefers Zoysia, but many people in the South have Centipede.

Q: How should one go about keeping an established lawn healthy and green? A: Get on the Woodley fertilizer program and use proper watering techniques. Established grass needs about 1 inch of water per week. Water at longer intervals fewer times per week vs. everyday for a few minutes.  If you water every day at short intervals, the grass roots stay at the surface rather than getting deep where they should be.

or container? A: Start with great, lightweight soil. We recommend Fafard Soils. Choose pots with drainage holes and fertilize with osmocote or another granular fertilizer specifically for flowers. For better water retention, add soil with moisture retaining granules.  Make sure you water them daily in heat of summer.  Choose plants with like requirements, i.e sun/ shade etc.

Q: When is it time to upgrade the size of your plant’s container?

A: Upgrade pot size when plant starts getting root bound, or needing very frequent watering because there are more roots in the pot than soil

indoor plants Q: Would you recommend an indoor plant that is safe for children and pets? A: Indoor plants safe for kids and pets-african violets, spider plants, wandering jew, jade, christmas cactus, pepperomias are non toxic, but there is always a possibility of unexpected allergic reactions, so use common sense and place plants away from curious children and pets if you are concerned.

garden pests Q: What types of garden pests should we watch for as summer draws near? A: Grubs, mole crickets, aphids, white flies

Q: What treatments are available to solve these problems?

A: Kill a Grub, Bug Blaster for mole crickets, triple

action or Systemic Granules for aphids and white flies



Make Your Escape... Summer means a lot of things to people in South Carolina…sweltering heat and high humidity jump to mind, but our geographical location dictates the severity of the weather. Instead, southerners tend to focus on the aspects that we can control like fun in the sun and vacations. So whether you’re a single “looking to mingle”, a couple out for romance, or a busy family overdue for a break from the pains of work and school this is for you. Let’s check out some hot trip ideas for summer 2010!


We have a high opinion of all-inclusive vacations because of the convenience they offer, and the broad appeal that they have to a wide range of vacationer’s needs. Once you pay your total balance you’re done! All of your food and alcohol have been taken care of, and most resorts even include activities like snorkeling, sailing, biking, shuttle buses, and glass bottom boat rides in the bill.  You may have to pay for some spa treatments out of pocket, but that’s about it.

If you’re a foodie, all-inclusive resorts have really stepped up their culinary offerings with options from tapas to fine dining. You’re no longer limited to buffet lines every meal. Larger families with children of varying ages will enjoy the variety of activities with experienced guides. You’ll feel better about letting the kids go do different things if they are limited to the confines of the resort, while you take in a little “me” time. Staffed security guards help to ensure safety within the properties. 

We recommend couples seeking romance to consider Sandals or Couples resorts, while families should check out Beaches or Breezes. Pleasure seeking singles may want to bare it all at Hedonism, or party until dawn at Club Med. Many All-Inclusives are offering huge discounts and promotions right now, so take advantage while the deals last!



An All-Inclusive resort will include all the food and alcohol you can consume in your total bill. Let’s take a look at what makes the different…

Beaches • Beaches offers separate kids programs for infants, toddlers, and teens • Elaborate play areas for kids

Breezes • “Super-Inclusive” resorts offer all of you activities, meals, drinks, and entertainment under one flat rate

Club Med • Typically a Club Med resort will be 50 acres large offering solitude and security • Club Med’s Ixtapa Mexico resort voted in the top ten by The Travel Channel • Club Med’s “Sandpiper” in Pointe St. Lucie, Florida is the only all-inclusive in the US

Couples • Only in Jamaica • Couples “Swept Away” was awarded best all-inclusive in Jamaica • Off-site excursions, scuba diving, and snorkeling are included as well as onsite activities • Focusing primarily on couples with their “fall in love again sale”

Hedonism • All-inclusive resorts in Jamaica where anything goes…clothing optional.

Sandals • All-Inclusive Resorts that cover everything under one price • Specializing in weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, and romantic vacations

Ready for something off the beaten path? About an hour drive outside of Cancun, Tulum has a lot to offer. Located on the Riviera Maya, Mexico, it is part of the Yucatan Peninsula. Expansive white sand beaches and local eateries abound around this charming Mexican town. The people of Tulum are very friendly and proud of their Mayan heritage. Just outside the town, there’s very lush jungle vegetation that borders the beaches and roads. The kicker is that the town is also home to the Tulum ruins that were built by the Mayans. The temples and pyramids are truly beautiful and give a real sense of adventure to your experience. Tulum • Explore the Mayan Ruins • Eat some ceviche by the beach at Zulum Hotel • Salsa dancing and dinner at Zebra • Enjoy a relaxing massage by the beach at El Paraiso • Check out the lagoons, coves, and caves at Xel Ha eco park

• 4 exotic island locations in Jamaica, Antigua, St. Lucia, and the Bahamas

• Have a picnic on the beach with “flat chicken” from Pollo Asado

• Sandals is currently offering discounts up to 65% off you total bill!

• Shop on the main street in Tulum, don’t be afraid to bargain!


• Drink a beer on the street corner with the locals

Looking for something a little closer to home?

A relatively short drive from surrounding cities, Charleston, SC is perfect for those who don’t have the time or the room in the budget this year for long trips. The Holy City is rich with history and culture, and offers fantastic shopping and dining options. The fun factor should be high hanging at the beach, and enjoying the nightlife! Cruises are now departing out of Charleston as well, which makes it a perfect destination to enjoy prior to any trip to sea!

Charleston • Spend the day at Folly Beach, and eat at Taco Boy • Shopping on King Street and Market Street • Check out a Riverdogs baseball game at The Joe • Take a horse drawn carriage tour through downtown Charleston • Tour the South Carolina Aquarium by the harbor • Walk the Battery and the Arthur Ravenel Bridge • Eat fried seafood at The Wreck in Old Village, Mt. Pleasant • Grab a few cocktails on Market Street and East Bay and enjoy the Charleston nightlife

One-tank Getaways... Greenville, SC

• Revitalized Downtown • Local and unique shopping • Local fine dining

Sumpter, SC • Hiking trails • Patriot Hall • Lakes for fishing and boating

Aiken, SC • Carolina Bay Nature Reserve • Hopeland Gardens and Sumer concert series • Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame and Museum

• Romantic dinners at The Peninsula Grill, try the Lobster “3 Way”



CHARLESTON When it comes to being fashion forward, Charleston isn’t the place that people would think of. In fact, Charleston wouldn’t even make the list. However, if you’ve been under the tents for Charleston Fashion Week, you will be forced to change your mind. Charleston isn’t backward or forward, but comfortably right in its place. This is the fourth year of Charleston Fashion Week® (CFW), which is owned and produced by Charleston magazine. CFW featured more than 30 runway shows, the Emerging Designer Competition: Southeast, and a number of chic

after-parties. Named a Top 20 Event for March by the Southeast Tourism Society, the event featured the Style Lounge, the Catwalk for Kids auction and luncheon, Rock The Runway Model Competition, the Stiletto Stampede, and the Bridal Couture Show.

CFW offers a buffet of fashion, networking, and parties that will make any fashionista truly full! Here are some highlights of the week’s events.

Emerging Designer Competition

Eight emerging designers competed for $1000, free web site design, free runway show at CFW 2011. Winner, Larika Page, shared her inspiration for her line on the MMOE Podcast. Click here for the Interview with Larika Page...


Columbia’s own Anabelle Laroque showcases her line at CFW 2010



Mychael Knight Debut of his new Fall/Winter 2010 collection “Carte Blanche” – The black and white palette of the collection featured architectural detailing with an edgy appeal. Mychael believes that women are strong and sexy, and should dress as such. “Carte blanche means having unrestricted power to act at one’s discretion.” Click here for more images...

2010 Bridal Couture Debut of Carol Hannah Whitfield new Bridal Collection – College of Charleston grad, finalist on Project Runway (Season 6). Her pieces are carried at Maddison Row and Bella Bridesmaid.



new naturals

Summer is the time of refreshing renewal. Your makeup look should also be fresh and new. The longer days and shorter nights we all love bring changes to how we create our look. The look for this summer is a light, fresh and healthy glow. Put away your dark and heavy colors, your thick and shiny lipstick and pick up some light and matte tones. Eb Looney, of, is an independent beauty consultant and freelance makeup artist based here in Columbia, South Carolina and demonstrates how to put some energy into your new summer look.


Achieve even skin tone by applying foundation only in areas where needed. Choose a color that matches most of your skin tone.



Eye Shadow Trio - great to achieve sunkissed glow to your skin.


Mascara completes the look


Using an “all-in-one” makeup saves you money and time. Great to carry in your purse and take anywhere.


Not into foundation? Use a press powder to achieve light coverage and even skin tone.

Metallic and Neutral lips are soft and look great in sunlight


modern S K I N C A R E

POWER COUPLE This potent pair from the PCA line of advanced skincare products is packed with antioxidants to smooth fine lines, minimize pores, and strengthen skin at the cellular level. Retinol Renewal and C-Quench.

CLEAN AND SCREEN This face wash protects your face from the sun! Ice Shield facial cleanser with sunscreen by Freeze 24-7.

Call this “chapstick� and you may hurt its feelings. Tinted lip treatment protects your pucker with SPF 15. Stash one in your beach bag, purse, or pocket for a touch of effortless color.


GLAMOR FOR THE MINIMALISTA Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer can be worn alone or under your favorate Stile foundation.

Colorflo brush dispenses sheer coverage and sweep of confidence with built-in sunscreen.

When nature delivers spotty workmanship, lay down the law with this corrective treatment. What doesn’t this fix? Age spots, sun spots, and unwanted freckles beware. Even better? It prevents future spots from appearing.

ALOE-HA! Hydration and UV protection for normal to dry skin with aloe and vitamins A, C, and E. Offers year-round protection and moisture with a dewy finish to combat flakes.


Daily Soothing Wipes by Shady Day relieve the effects of sun exposure and soothe irritation.

St. Tropez Wash Off delivers self-tanning with the convenience of a body wash.

A TREATMENT YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO IGNORE. Rich Girl SPF 25 hand cream wraps your paws in luxurious moisture while shielding them from daily sun exposure.

Tanning Mousse by St. Tropez is sheer lightweight formula with moisturizers for a streak-free tan every time.


THE ANTI-UGLY STICK Waterproof sunscreen with less mess by Shady Day.

Spray on some shade with Shady Day’s SPF 30 sunscreen. The waterproof formula is also hypoallergenic.

WHY DIDN’T WE THINK OF THIS? Short of downloading a tan, this has to be the easiest way to fake it. Tan Towels can be used on the face and body.






We'll see You this Fall!

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WINK Columbia Summer 2010  

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