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About us WingsLove is a leading lingerie brand founded in 2004 by a young couple. They are committed to bringing the most comfortable lingerie with affordable prices to women. Over the past 15 years, WingsLove team continues to discover better materials for our lingerie, and spares no effort to design different styles of lingerie to meet different kinds of women’s need, making women feel comfortable, no burden, and looking more beautiful is the mission of WingsLove. This brief has always been engraved in the inner hearts of every WingsLove staff. Which makes us earned a lot of loyal customers from all over the world, especially from US, CA and EU counties.

Our Brand Story: This young couple is a lingerie designer , and they loves to travel and visit different lingerie exhibitions around the world. They found most of lingerie brands sales very high price, although the materials are not good enough and the design isn’t suitable for everyday wear.

Since then they decides to make their own lingerie brand, WingsLove, aim to take the most comfortable lingerie with affordable price to women. In the beginning, WingsLove started from Amazon store, and meet a lot of difficult. But the brief of “Surrender Profits” and “innovation” are always keep on co-founder’s heart. WingsLove gradually accumulates loyal customers, now we are proud to announce that WingsLove are on the way to success, and own over 3000 reviews from our customers till now.

WingLove will keep doing: The appeal of "WingsLove" originated in its delicate materials, like the pure cotton the intricate handsewn lace, luxurious silk, beautiful embroidery craft and so on; make all the lingerie products of great care and appreciation of the female. WingsLove is also committed to helping women find bras that fit just right. We believe so strongly in the importance of a good fit that we have trained a group of consultants to take accurate measurements and assist customers in choosing the styles that will work best for their body types and lifestyles.

Warming Care Washing 1. How should lingerie be washed? Ideally, you should hand wash your lingerie in a delicate detergent specially formulated for bras and fine clothes.

If you must machine wash your bras use a lingerie wash bag to protect these delicate garments from snags, tangles, and tears. Before you put your bras into the bag, fasten the closure to avoid possible snagging, fold cups into one another, and place straps in the cups. Place bag in the washing machine and run on the warm water cycle using mild soap or detergent. Also, as with other clothes, you should wash light and dark colored bras separately, as synthetic fibers tend to pick up dye from the wash water. Do not wring-out or twist the garments to remove excess water. 2. Can I put my lingerie in the dryer? We suggest laying your lingerie out flat or drying it on a line. The heat of tumble dryers often ruins lingerie because it breaks down the delicate fibers used in embroideries, laces, and other fabrics.

Drying Maintenance Tips WingsLove sublimates each woman with exceptional know -how,which allows the brand to offer lingerie composed of luxurious and carefully selected materials.

Such as pure cotton the intricate hand-sewn lace, luxurious silk, beautifully embroidered craft and so on. A multitude of materials that require special care to pamper and pamper your luxury lingerie. Discover on this page our advice to wash your lingerie WingLove in the rules of the art.

It is very important to follow the washing recommendations on the labels of your lingerie.

Our wonderful collections: 

Minimizer bra

Plus size bra

Underwire bra

Push up bra

Sexy demi bra

Full figure strapless bra

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Right Support Underwire Bra | Wingslove  

Wingslove offers the right support underwire bra that fits comfortably for all different kinds of women’s needs. Shop online at https://wing...

Right Support Underwire Bra | Wingslove  

Wingslove offers the right support underwire bra that fits comfortably for all different kinds of women’s needs. Shop online at https://wing...