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Impact Report

Letter from our U.S. Board President and Executive Director Dear Friends,

2013 Highlights

Access to reproductive health education and services plays an increasingly important role in global development and overall well-being of communities. The lack of reproductive and sexual health services is intrinsically linked to high levels of gender inequality, illiteracy, poverty, and environmental degradation. Significant challenges remain to ensuring reproductive rights and access in Guatemala. Patriarchal norms and traditional ideologies undermine the ability of individuals to make well-informed decisions. Financial and political support from the Guatemalan government remains minimal, despite enlightened reproductive health laws. International family planning and reproductive health aid is decreasing as regional successes in Latin America overshadow continuing need in Guatemala. WINGS empowers the most marginalized communities in Guatemala to improve their lives through family planning education and access to reproductive health services. In 2013, we brought our innovative Reproductive Health Integrated Model to the northern Alta Verapaz province, which has some of the highest levels of adolescent pregnancy, maternal mortality, illiteracy and poverty nationwide.

• WINGS’ documentary Blessed Fruit of the Womb won the Audience Award at the San Francisco International Festival of Short Films and the Best Film Award at The Population Institute's 34th Annual Global Media Awards for Excellence in Population Reporting. • Over $100,000 was raised from the Raise for Women Challenge.

Where WINGS Works

Traversing rough terrain on a daily basis, our dedicated team fills the void, ensuring that our target communities have the capacity, knowledge, and services to achieve a better quality of life through reproductive health. In the enclosed 2013 Impact Report, you will learn how our integrated programs—working with women, men, youth and community leaders— reached over 12,400 individuals last year on a budget of just over $345,000. While our program coverage shifted to this new region in Guatemala, we continued to provide education and services in the Chimaltenango, Escuintla, Sololá, and Sacatepéquez provinces. Reproductive health is a catalyst for advancing the well-being of individuals, communities, and nations. We hope this 2013 Impact Report will inspire you to share our work with others and once again, join us in helping Guatemalans strengthen their families for a better future. Our sincerest thanks for your support, (Alta Verapaz, Chimaltenango, Escuintla, Lynn Bakamjian President of the Board of Directors

Janeen Simon Executive Director

Sololá, Sacatepéquez, and Sierra del Lacandón in Petén).

“When we talk about ‘reproductive rights’ this is what we mean. It’s the difference between people as objects and people as agents…recognizing them as the players, the decision-makers, the drivers of policy; autonomous individuals intimately concerned with the direction of their own lives. Under these conditions women, especially, enjoy better health and live fuller lives.” Dr. Nafis Sadik, Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General.

Education and Capacity-Building

Reproductive Health Integrated Model

In 2013, WINGS launched our innovative Reproductive Health Integrated Model in 35 communities in the northern Alta Verapaz province. Incorporating the strongest elements of our previous programs, we provide capacitybuilding education, short and long-term family planning methods, and cervical cancer prevention services to the most marginalized areas in Guatemala. Through our community-based model, we delivered over 590 educational workshops to 5,721 students, teachers, women and men, community leaders and healthcare providers, and held 63 medical clinics in our target communities in 2013. Additionally, we provided ongoing support to our volunteer family planning promoters in Chimaltenango, Escuintla, Sacatepéquez and Sololá, who offer private counselling and subsidized short-term methods to fellow community members.

As an integral component of our services, WINGS’ Education and Capacity-Building Program empowers Guatemalans with the knowledge to improve their reproductive health. We also strengthen local NGOs and the Ministries of Health and Education so they can provide higher quality information and services.

Youth and Teachers The Guatemalan government is currently unable to provide comprehensive sexual education in schools. WINGS is there to educate youth about anatomy, gender, responsible decision-making and reproductive risks. We are working to reduce alarming levels of adolescent pregnancy and create a generation of future leaders who embrace healthy behaviors and reproductive rights. In 2013, WINGS reached 4,882 students through 369 educational workshops and reinforced our work with students by training 83 teachers who will replicate our curriculum with current and future students.

“Young people everywhere have the right to the knowledge, tools and services they need to make informed decisions about their bodies and live full, healthy and productive lives.” – Jill Sheffield, Founder and President of Women Deliver

Community Leaders

To gain widespread acceptance of reproductive rights and promote broader attitudinal change, WINGS works with community leaders to develop their knowledge of sexual and reproductive health. Our trainings emphasize advocacy strategies so that these influential people can share vital information with other community members and affect regional decision-making. Throughout 2013, we trained 580 community leaders including 114 representatives from the Municipal Women’s Offices in 82 workshops.

Volunteer Family Planning Promoter Network

Despite expressing the desire to space or limit subsequent births, 27.6% of Guatemalan women are not using any form of contraception. Our volunteer family planning promoters are drawn from the communities they serve and trained by our staff to provide vital reproductive health information and low-cost methods. Through this network, WINGS addresses the cultural, economic and geographic barriers that prevent Guatemalans from using the contraceptive method of their choice. Currently 55 male and female promoters, 35 of whom are based in Alta Verapaz, have distributed 15,832 temporary methods to over 6,000 individuals throughout Guatemala and referred 322 community members interested in long-term methods to our mobile medical unit.

We also provided 29 intensive capacity-building workshops to 365 technicians from partner institutions including Médicos del Mundo, Mercy Corps, the Ministry of Health, Foundation Against Hunger, and Fundemi Talita Kumi.

"It’s inexcusable that at least 200 million women want but cannot access contraception.”

These institutional trainings enable partners to incorporate sexual and reproductive health services into their own work, expanding our program reach.

–Carmen Barroso, Regional Director, IPPF Western Hemisphere Region.

Mobile Medical Unit A critical element of our innovative model is the ability to bring affordable and quality reproductive health services to remote communities in Alta Verapaz. Our mobile medical unit travels throughout high-need areas to offer community talks, long-term contraceptive options, cervical cancer prevention screening, and treatment for cell abnormalities.

Long-term Contraceptive Methods In 2013, WINGS delivered 113 community talks about family planning to 2,438 community members and held 63 medical clinics, inserting sub-dermal implants and IUDs for 1,135 women. Additionally, our team of nurses referred 113 women and 11 men to our partner organization, APROFAM, for voluntary permanent procedures.

Cervical Cancer Prevention Services In Guatemala, cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women 25 years and older. Only 10% of women have been screened nationwide. Early initiation of sexual activity and high fertility rates increase Guatemalan women’s risk for this preventable cancer. Loss of a young mother to cervical cancer can have devastating effects on a family. Our mobile medical unit provides rapid cervical screening using visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) to immediately identify cell abnormalities that can become an invasive cancer. In 2013, we screened 2,119 women and treated 17 women with abnormal cells using cryotherapy. Additionally, our team referred 6 women with advanced lesions to local specialists and subsidized the cost of treatment and follow-up.

"There are so many young people like me who already have children and are pregnant, but do not know about family planning. It isn't something that people talk about even though being a teenage mother is difficult. My husband and I agreed that using a family planning method is our best option because I am so young and because we struggle to provide for our two children. Life is going to be a lot better for my family now that we can wait to have our next child.� – Aura Violeta, 16 years old

16 year old Aura Violeta learned about family planning options with her husband and decided on a sub-dermal implant to protect against unplanned pregnancies.

2013 Results 19 Partner organizations trained in our innovative

methodology to improve the quality of reproductive health services throughout rural Guatemala.

11,814 Women and men received comprehensive family planning education and counseling.

4,882 In-school youth educated on reproductive

and sexual health.

2,119 Women screened for cervical cell abnormalities during 63 clinics.

1,049 Five-year Jadelle sub-dermal implants provided to protect against unplanned pregnancies.

3,495 Family planning users returned to their local

promoters to continue accessing WINGS’ services.

1,210 Women participated in WINGS’ advocacy





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2013 Sources of Revenue



Individuals Organization Other 9% 9% 2013 Use of Funds 82%

Programs Administration Fundraising 12% 26% 2013 Program Services

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19% 26%

$(126,430) 3,378 $(123052) 581,676

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Advocacy WINGS for Men Youth WINGS Family Planning RHIM: Education and Capacity Building RHIM: Direct Services

WINGS is a U.S.-registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2001 and is audited annually. For additional audited financial information, please visit our website at Our tax identification number is 31-1759515.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Sue Patterson, Founder Antigua, Guatemala

Strengthening Guatemalan Families through Reproductive Health

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THANK YOU To the 669 individuals and organizations around the world, who made generous financial contributions in support of our work; To the 211 new supporters who have joined our cause; and To the countless advocates, allies, and volunteers who believe in the power of reproductive rights to transform lives.

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Founded in 2001, WINGS creates opportunities for Guatemalans to improve their lives through education and access to reproductive health serv...


Founded in 2001, WINGS creates opportunities for Guatemalans to improve their lives through education and access to reproductive health serv...