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U.S. Board President and Executive Director 2011 Highlights

Dear Friends, Leading global health and development decision-makers agree on the merits of family planning for improving many of the most pressing health and socio-economic issues including maternal and child mortality, chronic malnutrition, extreme poverty and gender inequality. Nonetheless, political uncertainty and diminishing budgets continue to threaten reproductive health programming in Guatemala. For example, the U.S. Global Health Initiative, which places a major focus on improving access to reproductive health and family planning services and names Guatemala one of its priority countries, may face funding cuts or cease to exist entirely under a new U.S. administration. Guatemala’s recently elected President has spoken against family planning and key government officials responsible for improving sexual and reproductive health have been replaced with the change in administration, leaving the fate of reproductive rights in Guatemala largely unknown. Furthermore, pledges for an increase in foreign aid for family planning have been largely reserved for counties in Sub-Saharan Africa and parts of South Asia, despite Guatemala rivaling many of these countries in high fertility rates, low levels of contraceptive prevalence, extreme chronic malnutrition, and pervasive gender inequality. In the face of such challenges, we at WINGS remain dedicated to our mission to create opportunities for Guatemalan families to improve their lives through family planning education and reproductive health services. In the enclosed 2011 Impact Report, you will learn how we reached over 30,000 individuals last year through our five programs—Family Planning, Youth WINGS, Cervical Cancer Prevention, WINGS for Men, and Advocacy—on a budget of just over $1,000,000. Our program coverage expanded to new vulnerable regions of Guatemala, including the department of Quetzaltenango, where rates of maternal and child mortality and chronic malnutrition remain staggeringly high. WINGS continued to increase its reach through an innovative theater initiative targeting out-of-school youth and a first of its kind HIV prevention project aimed at male migrant workers on the south coast.

• WINGS won PAHEF’s 23rd Clarence H. Moore Award for Excellence for Voluntary Service in honor of our work in Guatemala • Executive Director, Janeen Simon was invited to present the Men’s Program at the International Family Planning Conference in Dakar, Senegal • Nearly $90,000 was raised from 10th Anniversary events across the United States and Guatemala

Where WINGS Works

It is our firm belief in family planning as a catalyst for promoting the health and wealth of individuals, families, communities, and entire nations that drives us to continue this work. We hope this 2011 Impact Report will compel you to share with others why WINGS’ programs are invaluable for realizing a healthier, stronger, and more stable Guatemala. Our sincerest thanks for your support,

Sue Wheeler U.S. Board President

Janeen Simon Executive Director

(Quiché, Petén, Sololá, Sacatepéquez, Escuintla, Totonicapán, Chimaltenango, Guatemala, Suchitepéquez, Huehuetenango, San Marcos, Retalhuleu, Quetzaltenango)

Amelia Tuchan, one of WINGS’ volunteer Family Planning Promoters, works in the department of Escuintla, providing temporary contraceptive methods to members of her community and serving as a trusted source of reproductive health information. In 2011, she provided over 40 women with on-going temporary methods and referred 200 women for long-term and permanent methods through WINGS’ partnership with APROFAM.

FAMILY Planning WINGS’ Family Planning Program provides vital reproductive health education and services to Guatemalan individuals and couples, enabling them to make informed family planning decisions and freely access contraceptive methods when desired. In 2011, the Program provided over 12,000 individuals with family planning education, counseling sessions and home visits. Continuing its partnership with APROFAM —the largest provider of reproductive health services in Guatemala— the Program also subsidized over 6,800 permanent and long-term contraceptive methods at stationary and mobile clinics.

“Providing family planning information and services to millions of women and girls in the poorest countries in the world gives them the opportunity to determine their own futures, and the best future for their children. As a woman and a mother, I can't imagine anything more important.� – Melinda Gates

With the aim of promoting local sustainability in the provision of reproductive health services and education, the Family Planning Program focused on building the capacity of local NGOs subcontracted by the Ministry of Health to provide basic health services in remote areas of the country. Dozens of medical doctors, nurses and health educators received in-depth training on reproductive health and family planning, making a commitment to share what they learned with traditional birth attendants, community health promoters and other health practitioners in their communities.

YOUTH WINGS Piedad (center), 14, and her best friends are Peer Educators who provide informal sexual and reproductive health education to their peers in SacatepĂŠquez.

Youth WINGS trains youth, ages 12-19, to be Peer Educators who provide reproductive health education, informal counseling, and referrals for contraceptive methods to their peers. The Program also works with teachers, school administrators and the Ministry of Education to ensure that Guatemalan youth are receiving accurate and comprehensive sexual health education, as promised under Guatemalan law. In 2011, the Program supported a network of nearly 250 Peer Educators who reached more than 26,000 individuals through both formal and informal talks held at schools, soccer fields, community parks, and other locations frequented by youth. Youth WINGS also launched a new theater initiative aimed at reaching out-of-school youth by incorporating sexual and reproductive health promotion messaging into theater skits performed in public spaces. 41% of Guatemalans are under the age of 15, making investment in sexual and reproductive health education imperative for the health and wellbeing of Guatemala’s next generation.

CERVICAL Cancer Prevention As the leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women in Guatemala, cervical cancer poses a major public health threat. The WINGS Cervical Cancer Prevention Program aims to save women’s lives by providing education regarding cervical cancer, its risk factors, and prevention strategies. Through mobile clinics, the Program subsidizes screening services and same-day treatment for pre-cancerous cervical cell abnormalities. Follow-up treatment is supported by WINGS when more advanced cases are detected. In 2011, WINGS expanded the Cervical Cancer Program team to include a Family Planning Educator, who attends all mobile clinics to speak about the importance of family planning in preventing cervical cancer and provides referrals for contraceptive methods. Overall, WINGS held nearly 100 mobile clinics last year, screening and counseling more than 2,500 women and providing vital cervical cancer and family planning education through educational group talks to over 2,000 women.

Guatemala’s high cervical cancer incidence results from a number of risk factors common throughout the country: inadequate birth spacing, initiation of sexual activity at an early age, and unprotected sexual intercourse.

3.8 million Guatemalan women over the age of 15 years old are at risk for cervical cancer.

WINGS For Men In fulfilling its aim to encourage men to participate actively and positively in their sexual and reproductive health, WINGS for Men employs small-group educational seminars, a peer education model, and a multi-channel communications campaign. The Program also trains health care providers, partner organizations, and the Guatemalan government on how to provide malefriendly reproductive health care services. In 2011, 280 men completed a 6-week seminar course in topics ranging from basic anatomy and physiology to responsible fatherhood and shared decision-making in family planning. The network of WINGS for Men Peer Educators more than doubled to include 22 active men who provided informal sexual and reproductive health counseling and distributed condoms to men in their communities. In a new initiative aimed at preventing the transmission of HIV among migrant sugar cane plantation workers, the Program also implemented trainings in sexual and reproductive health, provided HIV testing and counseling, distributed condoms, and implemented a communication campaign targeting this particularly high-risk community.

In its new initiative, Hombres Responsables, Hombres Saludables (Responsible Men, Healthy Men) WINGS for Men joined a national network of organizations aimed at preventing the transmission of HIV/AIDS among the growing male migrant worker population in Guatemala.

ADVOCACY WINGS’ Advocacy Program remains committed to campaigning for the full implementation of Guatemala’s 2005 Law on Universal and Equitable Access to Family Planning Services, which guarantees the provision of comprehensive sexual health education to youth in schools and universal access to modern contraceptive methods for all Guatemalans through government-run health facilities. In a new three-year initiative beginning last year, Voz Colectiva de Mujeres (Collective Voice of Women), the Program began training groups of women in basic advocacy and leadership skills, enabling them to conduct local-level advocacy campaigns demanding that the right of Guatemalans to access reproductive health services and information is fulfilled. In its inaugural year, this grassroots initiative for social change trained nearly 100 women and established seven active women’s groups who worked to apply pressure to their municipal governments through local advocacy activities centered on promoting sexual and reproductive health rights.

In order to ensure full implementation of the Law on Universal and Equitable Access to Family Planning Services, in 2013, WINGS will form a network of women, representing all 22 departments of Guatemala, who will fight for social justice and the full implementation of the Law at the national level.

2011 Results 57,179 years of protection against unplanned pregnancy provided to Guatemalan couples.

12,981 women and men received family

planning education, counseling and home visits.

31 partner organizations trained in WINGS’ Family Planning Program methodology so that they can replicate Program activities in rural, underserved areas of Guatemala. 96

cervical cancer mobile clinics screened 2,534 women, of whom 29% had never been screened before.

249 Youth Peer Educators educated 22,386 of

their peers about sexual and reproductive health.

1,247 men counseled by the WINGS for Men team.

77,946 behavior change communication

materials – including brochures, pamphlets, and radio spots - targeting men distributed.

6,941 condoms distributed to men. 123 trainings in sexual and reproductive health

reached 1,017 male sugar cane plantation workers in Guatemala’s south coast.

94 women trained in 7 departments in how to advocate for their reproductive health rights.












Family Planning



WINGS for Men









Cervical Cancer Prevention



Gifts from Individuals Gifts from Organizations Other Revenue



2011 Sources of Revenue

Individuals 41%

Organizations Other





Management & General













Non-Operating Activity INCREASE (DECREASE) IN NET ASSETS Net Assets, Beginning of Year










Youth WINGS 2011 Program Services


WINGS for Men Cervical Cancer



NET ASSETS Operating Revenue Less Operating Expenses

Family Planning

8% 6%

11% 8%


2011 Use of Funds

Mgmt & General 81%


WINGS is a U.S.-registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2001 and is audited annually. For additional audited financial information, please visit our website at Our tax identification number is 31-1759515.


Strengthening Guatemalan Families Through Reproductive Health

Sue Wheeler, President Mendota, MN Evelyn Landry, MPH, Vice-President Cape Elizabeth, ME Susan Cushman, MD, Secretary Golden Valley, MN Kathie Amble, RNC, MA St. Paul, MN Lynn Bakamjian, MPH New York, NY Rodrigo Barillas, MD, MBA Guatemala City, Guatemala The Rev. Dr. Peter Casparian Oyster Bay, NY Fabio Castaño, MD, MPH New York, NY

THANK YOU To the 19 major supporters in the U.S. and Guatemala who hosted special events in honor of WINGS’ 10th anniversary in 2011, helping to raise nearly $90,000; To the 853 individuals and organizations who generously donated to support our mission; To the 257 new supporters who have joined our cause; and To the volunteers and countless others who continue to believe in the power of family planning to transform lives.

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Founded in 2001, WINGS creates opportunities for Guatemalans to improve their lives through education and access to reproductive health serv...


Founded in 2001, WINGS creates opportunities for Guatemalans to improve their lives through education and access to reproductive health serv...