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UA COMPLIANCE STAFF Mike Ward Associate Athletic Director of Compliance

Jonathan Bowling Director of Compliance

John McCammon Director of Compliance

Carol Lucas Compliance Coordinator

Matt Self Compliance Coordinator

Andree Pickens Compliance Coordinator

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Be Smart During Final Exams As Final Exams are here, please remember that academic fraud could cost you personally and could hurt your team as well. A women's basketball team at a Big Ten institution recently lost two scholarships and the institution spent two years on probation after the NCAA ruled that a former assistant coach helped write, type, correct and make revisions to a research paper for a student-athlete, which led the university to conclude in an independent assessment that the paper was partially plagiarized and thus constituted academic fraud. It was found that the former assistant coach committed academic fraud with the full knowledge and complicity of the student-athlete. It was also found that the former assistant coach and former student-athlete provided false and misleading information to the university regarding the violations. "The case is an object lesson in why coaches should not involve themselves in any way in trying to help student athletes with their academic work," NCAA infractions committee chairwoman Josephine Potuto said. "That's what academic advisers and tutors are there for." Potuto said the fallout could have been worse if the institution hadn't reported the violations. "Every institution has an obligation to cooperate with the NCAA with any inquiry involving NCAA violations," Potuto said. "[The institution] cooperated and did what it was supposed to do, consistent with NCAA bylaws." To avoid potential violations similar to the article above, it is very important that student-athletes at The University of Alabama understand and recognize academic fraud and its consequences. For more information on academic fraud, please feel free to contact the Compliance Office at (205) 348-3615 or the Center for Academic Student Services at (205) 3486199.

“The mission of the UA Athletics Compliance Office is to function within the realm of the University's compliance structure, coordinating, monitoring and verifying compliance with all NCAA and Conference Requirements”

The University of Alabama Athletic Compliance Office • Box 870323 • 323 Paul Bryant Drive • Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0232 • (205) 348 3615




It is permissible for a student-athlete to participate in an athletics event as an unattached competitor. Please note the following restrictions regarding unattached competition: 

A student-athlete must obtain written approval PRIOR to participating in the

competition from the UA Compliance Office. 

The student-athlete may not represent UA against outside competition (i.e., score

points for UA) regardless of how the competition is classified (e.g., scrimmage, exhibition). 

The student-athlete may not compete in an UA issued uniform or use any apparel

(excluding apparel no longer used by UA) received from UA that includes institutional identification. 

The student-athlete may not receive any expenses from UA for the competition.

Expenses include entry/registration fee, transportation (e.g., individual riding on team bus to competition), meals, lodging and medical/athletic training support unless this service is being provided to all participants by the host of the competition. 

UA coaches may not provide coaching and /or instruction to student-athletes competing unattached.

The student-athlete may not accept cash and/or prizes for their athletics performance without jeopardizing their eligibility for intercollegiate competition.

The student-athlete's institutional affiliation should not be identified in any manner (e.g., in a program, by an announcer). Identification of the unattached studentathlete's institutional affiliation, in and of itself, does not constitute representation of the institution in intercollegiate competition; however, it is advisable that the unattached student-athlete's participation is clearly defined as being independent of the institution in order to avoid any confusion related to the student-athlete's participation.

A student-athlete is permitted to receive actual and necessary expenses from an amateur team, but only when representing such a team in competition. If a student-athlete receives expenses from a club team, he or she would be representing that club team, as opposed to being considered unattached. It is important to note that in sports other than basketball, a student-athlete may not represent an outside team (note exceptions in Bylaw in competition during the academic year, except during vacation periods outside of the declared playing and practice season. Please note that coaching staff members shall not be involved in any capacity, including coaching or as an administrator, during the academic year, with a club team that includes student-athletes from their own team.

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT REMINDERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As the year goes on, please remember the following 1. If you want to get a job, fill out the appropriate paperwork on ACS. 2. If you get a new vehicle, update that information on ACS. 3. Never drop any classes without first consulting with your academic advisor...if you drop below full-time status, you will not be eligible to participate in athletics. 4. Never agree to any deals with agents and never accept ANYTHING from an agent. Please let your family no that this rule also applies to them. 5. Do not accept any extra benefits from anyone other than your family without first checking with the Compliance Office. Extra benefits include any item of value, discount, meal, or service. It also could include things like special access to events or complimentary admissions. 6. Never wager on any sort of sporting event. This includes the professional versions of any NCAA sponsored sport. Fantasy leagues that you must pay to enter and small March Madness pools are included in this prohibition.


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