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Our Focus We help companies to grow and positively impact individual careers. We specialize in recruiting for mid- to senior-level positions exclusively in the information publishing industry with a focus in the K-16 education and training sectors, and a concentration in print and digital publishing, e-learning, online training, educational publishing, educational technology and instructional media. We recognize each search engagement to be unique with exceeding client expectation as our constant.

Sanford Rose Associates is a proud

Our Industry Experience

and 160 cities worldwide.

As a leader in the information publishing industry, you’re faced with dynamic challenges that require top talent with new and highly specific skills, experience, and leadership qualities – professionals who can adapt quickly and deliver on the vision and goals necessary for your company to grow and expand. Sanford Rose Associates—Austin has more than 25 years of experience in this industry and we understand the essential leadership qualities required today to ensure your company’s success and profitable growth going forward.

Our Dimensional Search® process

Our Great Combination Leads to Your Success Hiring the right person is more critical than ever before, but executives today are also busier than ever before and have little time to conduct an in-depth search for key leadership positions. By joining forces with Sanford Rose Associates—Austin you can focus on running your business and rely upon our industry knowledge and attention to detail to deliver high quality candidates allowing you to then make an informed decision with confidence. We’ll improve the likelihood of a good match, reduce the risk of a wrong hire, and save you valuable time. You need the best and the brightest executives who are the right fit for your organization. We understand this and have spent more than 50 years honing our proprietary Dimensional Search® process and building a worldwide network of offices to find them. Our deep understanding and passion for the information publishing industry, combined with the outstanding reputation, methods, and strength of the Sanford Rose Associates Executive Search Network makes us well prepared to help you meet your leadership needs.

member of the International Executive Search Federation (IESF), the world’s largest retained search organization with offices in more than 40 countries

creates a unique profile that matches a candidate’s personal skill level to position requirements, past experience to future expectations, and management style to your company’s culture.

“Choose Sanford Rose AssociatesAustin for your executive recruiting needs. Our office will partner with you and guide the entire process with professionalism, integrity, and confidentiality. We will find for you leaders who will both fit-in and stand out.”

Our Process

Now more than Dimensional Search 100,000 successful placements Sanford Rose Associates search consultants use the proprietary Dimensional ®

Search process which sets us apart. It is a “multi-dimensional” process that matches:

Dimensional Search® Process • The Client’s position and expectations with those of the candidate, such as title, compensation, relocation and amount of travel • “Technical” requirements, suchSearch as education,® relevant industry experience Our Dimensional Process and managerial experience with the candidate’s relevant background and

Weexperience use the Sanford Rose Associates® proprietary Dimensional Search® process with accuracy, efficiency, and completeness. This multi-dimensional approach sets us apart • Cultural fit of the company with the candidate’s experience and success in from other firms by providing in-depth of the candidate qualities that lead similar cultures and/oranhis likelyanalysis adaptability to the company’s culture to a good fit for your organization and its culture. • The chemistry between the candidate and hiring manager as well as the Our process matches: candidate’s attributes to the subjective traits required in the Position Profile Your company’s expectations on issues such as compensation, title, and amount of travel • How “translatable” the candidate’s experiences and capabilities are to the to those of theexpectations candidate’s. As awith result, your new will be satisfied and company’s respect tohire responsibilities andproductive. major projects The technical requirements for the position – such as education and relevant industry and managerial experience. And we’ll work closely with you to further fine-tune our search to support your specific skill-set need. The company’s culture. We develop an in-depth understanding of your company’s Finding people whowho make a business processes and work environment, and identify those candidates not only adapt easily, but who have the strength and ability to lead your business forward. The chemistry between the candidate and the hiring manager. We analyze the decisionmaking practices, communication style, and other attributes of the hiring manager to find candidates with compatible attributes, ensuring a smooth working relationship. How translatable the candidate’s experiences and capabilities are to your needs. We pinpoint the specific skills and abilities in candidates that are transferable to your position’s demands – assets that can help your company succeed.



Dimensional Search® Finding Leaders Who Fit in and Stand Out

Our Advantage Works for You Focus – People are a company’s most precious resource. Our publishing industry focus provides you with a stronger network of talent and a greater understanding of changing needs in leadership. We closely monitor industry trends, market insights, and always keep a keen eye for outstanding career professionals and emerging leaders.

Experience – You can rely on our more than 25 years of singular industry experience, combined with our 50-plus years of success using a proven search process, fine-tuned research tools, and best practice methods found only with Sanford Rose Associates®.

Companies today must work

Global Reach – Our search for your ideal candidate will be thorough and can be global.

smarter and more efficiently to stay

We have more than 65 offices in North America, Asia, and Europe. In addition, through our membership in the International Executive Search Federation (IESF) we have access to partner firms in 160 cities in 40 countries worldwide.

competitive. It’s more important than

Time-Proven Process – Our proprietary search process, refined during more than 50 years and through more than 100,000 successful placements, delivers only the best and brightest candidates for your consideration.

Personalized Attention – We work closely with you to understand the particular demands of the position and your company goals, culture, expectations, and vision— tailoring our search efforts accordingly. Each search is treated as ‘original work’ and we keep you well informed of our progress.

Commitment to Results – We work diligently to locate and present the top talent available based on your requirements and expectations, from our first discovery meeting through job acceptance and on-boarding transition. We diligently seek those exceptionally talented individuals with the traits and characteristics that will allow them to both fit-in and stand-out in the future growth of your company.

Technology – Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art recruiting tools and software, and worldwide networking capability. We invest in ongoing training to keep our edge and outstanding performance for our clients.

Commitment to You – We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism, the successful completion of each search, and building lasting relationships with our clients. We are cost conscious, flexible, and confidential. Our goal is to surpass your expectation with our search thoroughness and the quality of candidates we present.

ever to hire the best and brightest. Choose Sanford Rose AssociatesAustin. We’ll work together to fill your executive position with a professional who’s a perfect fit to help you achieve your business goals and eclipse your competition.

Sanford Rose Associates deliver only the best and brightest candidates

“Choose Sanford Rose Associates–Austin for your executive recruiting needs. Our office will partner with you and

Our Steps to a Successful Completion

guide the entire process with professionalism, integrity, and confidentiality. We will find for

At Sanford Rose Associates—Austin, we work efficiently and pay attention to details other firms often overlook. We find not only the most qualified candidate, but an executive who will be a long-term fit to enable your organization’s ongoing success. The illustration below identifies ten key elements in our 32-step proprietary search process. Let us sweat the details to identify the best and brightest talent for you and your company.

Client needs

Client Engagement

Poslition Profile

Candidate Identification

Presentation of Candidates

Twenty-Five Years of Publishing Industry Expertise Kenneth W. French President and Managing Director Sanford Rose Associates–Austin Kenneth W. French’s career spans 25 years in the publishing industry. During his work with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and non-profit organizations, Kenneth developed an in-depth knowledge of the industry. This has given him a keen ability to recognize talent, passion, and enthusiasm in people who appreciate the challenges of the publishing business, the reward of life-long learning and professional growth, and the exciting changes in the industry today. Kenneth held vice president, sales management, senior marketing management and business development positions in publishing and served with recognition in the following companies: Pearson, Holt Rinehart and Winston/ Harcourt, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, Merrill Publishing, D.C. Heath, and Prentice Hall.

Interview Process and Debrief

Final Reference Check

you leaders who will both fit-in and stand out.”

Test and Present Offer

Resignation Counsultation

Post Placement Follow-up

In addition to his corporate experi-ence, Kenneth operated a private consulting practice for more than five years. He helped small publishers, start-ups, and non-profit organizations evaluate and develop executive staff and increase their ability to better leverage products, developmental plans, and bench strength to achieve greater per-formance and results. Throughout his career, Kenneth led and advised teams working across all areas of the publishing process. These functional areas included management, marketing, sales, training, professional development, editorial, acquisition, design, production, digital processes and products, online tools, vendors, and contractors. His hands-on experience has given him a deep appreciation of the knowledge and skills essential for successful publishing leaders. He also understands the individual qualities required to be a successful team member in a growing company and an ever-changing industry.

“finding people who make a difference”®

Kenneth W. French President and Managing Director Sanford Rose Associates–Austin 3267 Bee Caves Road Suite 107-123 Austin, TX 78746 512.553.5995

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Sanford Rose Associates Brochure  

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