Winfield United Methodist Church June 2021 Newsletter

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Winfield United Methodist Church June 2021 Newsletter

Winfield United Methodist Church Newsletter · June 2021 When I was a kid, my teachers often commented that I struggled to sit still for very long. I know, this observation would not be surprising to anyone who knows me! Even today, it is a real struggle for me to sit still for more than 30 or 40 minutes. In an age of Zoom meetings and conference calls, this struggle has only grown. Does this sound like you? I can't be the only one at Winfield United Methodist Church that struggles with sitting still! There’s a real danger in life and in faith when we sit still for too long. The World Health Organization notes that leading a sedentary lifestyle doubles the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity, not to mention increases the risk of colon cancer, high blood pressure, and depression. In the Old Testament, the Israelites often found themselves in trouble when they stood still. Wandering in the wilderness, they had to learn to trust in the Lord for everything. When they lived in exile, they repented of their sins and returned to God. Yet when they were “settled” in the land of Israel for too long, the temptation to let their faith grow stagnant only grew. As they “settled in” and grew a little too proud of their accomplishments and their success, they forgot where the source of their blessings. We see clearly in the life and ministry of Jesus what a faith ‘on the move’ truly looks like. In His life and ministry, Jesus constantly challenged religious people whose faith had grown stale and stagnant. His teachings challenged old assumptions and breathed new life into ancient teachings. Jesus was a man who was constantly “on the move,” responding to the call of the Holy Spirit to preach the Good News in towns and cities, on the flat lands and in the hills. When our faith is fresh, dynamic, and alive, the same thing happens to us. We find that Scriptures we’ve heard a hundred times before speak to us in new ways, because our hearts and minds are open to learning new things. We are eager to share faith in word, deed, and service. When the Holy Spirit came upon the crowd at Pentecost (Acts 2), those who gathered could not sit still. Instead, they shared and served others, they preached the Gospel to strangers, and broke down barriers that divide us from our neighbors.

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Winfield United Methodist Church Newsletter · June 2021 This pandemic forced many churches and Christians out of stagnation. The Holy Spirit taught us how to adapt to do ministry and care for one another in new ways. We expanded online worship and learned how to connect digitally. We organized “drive thru Communion” and began taking Prayer Walks together. We led small worship services such as Maundy Thursday at home with family. We “chalked” our prayers for healing and new life outside our doors and driveways. We checked on our friends and neighbors through phone and ZOOM. Our church leaders stepped up and learned new gifts and skills to keep the vital ministries of the church alive and active. As we “settle in” to in-person worship and gradually return to some sense of “normal,” we cannot grow stagnant. We must continue to let the Spirit teach us new ways to worship, serve, and share the Gospel. I encourage you to get involved in some of the many new ministries and activities of the church that we see highlighted in this month’s newsletter. These are truly examples of faith “on the move.” From a Vacation Bible School that spans two months of the summer, to a butterfly garden, to Prayer Walks, to LIFE Group, to volunteering at the food pantry, there are a multitude of ways to worship and serve. We are also excited and eager to hear what ideas the Spirit has laid on your heart. Let us continue to be a people “on the move,” responding in faith to the new things that Christ is doing in our midst. As always, I’m available to chat over the phone or in person. You can call or text me at (304)646-9597 or e-mail me at Grace and Peace, +Pastor Chris Scott

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Winfield United Methodist Church Newsletter · June 2021

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Winfield United Methodist Church Newsletter · June 2021

Worship with Us Join Us for Sunday Worship We have two Worship Services on Sunday, with the same message. There will be many styles of dress at both services. Come as you are! 8:30 AM: Early Service Small, traditional service with relaxed atmosphere 11:00 AM: Late Service Larger service but is still relaxed, a blending of traditional and contemporary touches.

Masks are to be worn in accordance with CDC guidelines. If you are not vaccinated, please wear a mask while indoors. Social distancing must be observed.

Tithes and Offerings If you are unable to worship with us in person, or want an alternative way to give your tithes and offerings, you may mail your donation to: Winfield UMC PO Box 391 Winfield WV 25213 Or give online at: > Online Giving or

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Winfield United Methodist Church Newsletter · June2021

Youth News Youth will not meet Sunday, June 6th or Wednesday, June 9th.

Summer Meetings Beginning Sunday, June 13th, the youth will meet on Sundays from 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM only. Wednesday meetings will resume at the start of the school year. We will begin "The Chosen" (television series based on the life of Jesus) on June 13th. A discussion will follow each episode. Youth group is open to students in grades 6-12 .This is a great time to get involved! If you would like to volunteer with the youth or have any questions about programming, contact Gayla Van Horn. 304-690-1590

Hope to see you soon!

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Winfield United Methodist Church Newsletter · June 2021

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Winfield United Methodist Church Newsletter · June 2021

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Winfield United Methodist Church Newsletter · June 2021

Winfield UMC Welcomes Barbara Edens Barbara joined our church in May, get to know her below and be sure to welcome her in person! Barbara was born and raised in WV and graduated from Winfield High School. She earned her BA in Elementary Education with a specialty in Early Childhood Education from West Virginia State University. She continued her education at Marshall University, where she received her MA in Early Childhood Education and partook in an Advanced Study Tour of Europe, focusing on their Kindergarten System. Barbara's favorite color is all shades of blue. Her favorite foods are vegetables and fruit. She loves being outside working on her lawn and garden. Work experience includes teaching in Putnam Co. Schools, owner of a Commercial Greenhouse, and sales for a Horticulture Company. Her other interests include sewing, beekeeper, saving the environment, and travel. At age 77 she took her first mission trip to Puerto Rica with UMCOR. Her goals today are studying the Bible, helping disadvantaged, and giving back. She believes she has been blessed with gifts of the Holy Spirit: Joy and Peace in her heart, Love for her fellow man, and living each day as a Disciple for Christ. She came to WUMC because Pastor Chris, Steve and Jeanetta Burdette visited and brought warm homemade cookies. The Bible verse she carries with her daily is Romans 1:16 "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes."

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Winfield United Methodist Church Newsletter · May 2021

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Winfield United Methodist Church Newsletter · June 2021

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Winfield United Methodist Church Newsletter · June 2021

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Winfield United Methodist Church Newsletter · June 2021 The Winfield United Methodist Church Newsletter is published monthly. If you would like to contribute to the July issue, please send your article to Reva Capehart or Gayla Van Horn by Friday, June 25th. Reva: Gayla:

Winfield United Methodist: 20 Radwin Drive, Winfield WV 304-586-3795


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