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CUSTOMIZE YOUR WINE STORAGE ENVIRONMENT WineTrend is an international wine consulting firm specialized in customized controlled wine environment displays and storage. We are a onestop destination that provides F&B managers and interior designers a complete solution for unique and luxurious wine accommodation, eliminating middlemen and the need to involve multiple parties. Our team of interior designers, sommeliers and engineers monitor and apply the latest trends in opulent yet functional wine storage displays and wine rooms, providing a wide range of styles – from the contemporary and transitional to the traditional. We are experts when it comes to aesthetically maximizing space while maintaining optimum functionality, all the while ensuring that the client’s vision is being realized.

ADDITIONAL SPECIALIZED AMENITIES WineTrend also provides high-end services for luxury hotels and restaurants, creating and developing concepts for wine and food related amenities. Our Versatile Wine Walls have proven a sophisticated and elegant addition to private dining areas while our cheese caves age cheese on-site and accommodate paired wine storage. In addition, we design select cigar, cognac and chocolate rooms with the latest ventilation technology.

SERVICES WineTrend proudly offers a complete service within a niche market, providing turnkey projects to eliminate the coordination nightmare of synchronizing multiple firms to complete a single task. We employ experts in their respective fields to cover all aspects of custom designing, installing and managing exclusive controlled wine storage displays and related amenities. Our company’s services include, but are not limited to the following: Consulting: A highly specialized team of wine consultants and designers work with interior designers and architects to formulate a functioning yet aesthetically exceptional concept. Design: In-house consultants realize a designer’s specific vision by producing to-scale plans and elevations, maximizing functionality and space limitations while never compromising quality. Fabrication: WineTrend adeptly handles every facet of building each custom wine storage piece. Installation: We employ and oversee a network of dedicated, proficient contractors to install the finished solution on-site at any location across the globe. Management: We provide a dedicated project manager, whose sole job is to facilitate communication between all involved parties. The end result of any WineTrend project is always a visually stunning controlled wine environment.

ARIA RESTAURANT CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA A controlled wine environment enclosure featuring a 13 ft. x 18 ft. glass wine wall and a beautiful centerpiece constructed from glass and steel. A library ladder was specially designed to reach any of the 1,100 bottles showcased in the collection.

THE ROSEWOOD ABU DHABI A dedicated room was built to age collectible wines, featuring glass displays for champagne and white wines, private lockers for guests with SmartLock technology and a complete functional wine wall for the wine tasting room. This “wine cave� also includes storage for cheese, chocolate and meat for food and wine pairing, with custom-built cognac displays and cigar humidors.

TRACE RESTAURANT AT THE W HOTEL AUSTIN, TEXAS A contemporary controlled wine environment display was designed and built to match the modern, chic look of the W Hotels using stateof-the art blackened steel and a digital thermostat to control the right temperature for both red and white wine.

EILAN HOTEL SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS A one-of-a-kind, true radius, circular wine tower was designed, engineered and built using acrylic material. Standing 16 ft. tall, with a 6 ft. diameter, this controlled wine environment also features a clear acrylic inner circumference and a frosted acrylic outer circumference.

ST. REGIS RESORT RIO GRANDE, PUERTO RICO Constructed in a VIP private dining area, this custom-built controlled environment display is 14 ft. tall and features cigar storage compartments within the wine display. An interior ladder was specially designed to access the higher racks from within the display.



PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA WineTrend had the privilege to design a wine tasting room, wine cellar and wine lockers in the private dining area of the premier private club in the country, which still houses Abraham Lincoln’s private library. The private lockers allow club members to store 12 to 24 of their own wine bottles and the wine tasting room was designed to provide functional wine and food pairing events. The wine cellar is a refurbished room, where wine is displayed in cubbies and controlled environment wine displays.

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Wine Trend Look Book  

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