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So how did you get into the wine sales industry? AY: I got into sales through a referral by a friend. I used to work in the restaurant business – in the first Harlan’s in the IFC. I worked there for about half a year and my intention was to leave for an office job! Then my manager introduced me to the boss at Links Concept as he was looking for someone to work in their office. I thought ‘OK, let’s give it a try’! I worked as an assistant and on the order desk and this is how I learned about wine – eventually I moved up into the sales side and here I am 10 years later! NZ: It’s a very long story – but I’ll make it short! I am from the wine region of Bordeaux and my family is a big epicurean family so we always had wines at each meal which gave me the opportunity to taste a little bit. My godfather was in the wine industry and he took me under his wing, exposing me to many wines and the ability to try them. After sommelier school I worked as a sommelier for 9 years around the world but the opportunity came up in wine sales in Hong Kong so I switched from being a sommelier to working in sales.


AY:我透過一個朋友介紹下開始營銷工作,本來我是 從事餐飲業,在當時還是位於IFC的Harlan’s多國菜餐 廳工作半年後,一心想轉要轉變工作環境,決定在辦公 室打工。於是,與我同任職同一餐廳的經理便介紹我與 Links Concept的老闆認識,他的公司正缺人打理辦公 室事務。我想:「好吧,去試試看!」然後我就當上了 這間公司的辦公室助理,負責處理客戶訂單,我亦從中 開始接觸及認識葡萄酒,最後當上了葡萄酒營銷人員, 現在才能在這接受訪問! NZ:這個故事確是「一匹布咁長」!但我會試着長話 短說的。我是從波爾多葡萄酒區來的;從家裏學到「今 朝有酒今朝醉」,因為在家裏吃的每一餐幾乎都會喝上 葡萄酒,在充滿着享樂主義的氛圍下成長,我有着許多 機會嚐各種葡萄酒。在品酒學校畢業後,我自然也就當 上了品酒師,在世界不同的地方工作了9年後,偶然得 到來港發展的機會,便由品酒師轉為葡萄酒營銷員。

Did you have any wine knowledge prior to working in wine sales? 在從事葡萄酒營銷工作前,你具備任何有關葡萄酒的知識嗎? AY: I only knew very little but I learned on the job from my boss. I also studied hard at home to teach myself more about wine. When I went for my first interview at Links I was shaking I was so nervous!

NZ: I have a sommelier diploma from Bordeaux – so yes, you could say I had a little bit yes! But ‘drinking is the key to knowledge’, so the more you taste the more you learn too.

What do you like most about working in wine sales? AY: Well, I like wine for sure! I like the social interaction you have with you clients and you need to go and visit them in their restaurants most days. It’s great that you get to meet so many different people on your journey too and you can increase your network – it’s not the same as working in restaurants. NZ: I have had a big passion for wine since I was about 13 years old – that’s when I first really started tasting wine. I love meeting new people and wine is a good intermediary for meeting new people, not just from Hong Kong but from all over the world. You can travel the world and spend hours discussing your passion because it never gets boring. Working in the industry makes me happy. 14

AY:在開始這份工作之前,我對葡萄酒只有少量認識, 但我入職後從我的老闆身上學到很多,我也會在家自 學,學多一點、記多一點有關葡萄酒的種種知識。我還 記得第一次到Links Concept面試時,我緊張得全身發 抖呢! NZ:我曾在家鄉波爾多修讀過品酒學校的文憑學位── 是的,我在這之前算是有一點點認識吧!但我很認同「 喝酒是開啟品酒知識的鑰匙」,喝得愈多才會學得愈多 呢。

作為葡萄酒營銷人員,有甚麼令你最有滿足感? AY:我肯定我是愛酒的!我喜歡與顧客之間的互動,也 喜歡上門拜訪他們的餐廳,可以從工作上遇到許多不同 的人。而且,工作同時也可以加強自己的人際網絡,這 與餐廳工作並不一樣。 NZ:我大約13歲開始品嚐葡萄酒,慢慢對葡萄酒產生 濃厚的興趣。我喜歡結識新朋友,不論在香港或世界各 地,葡萄酒可謂「交際催化劑」,可使朋友間交流彼此 對葡萄酒的興趣,是個可以聊上一整天的話題呢!這份 工作真能令我感到開心滿足。

Wine Times Hong Kong Issue 2  

Hong Kong's only truly honest and unbiased bilingual wine magazine for young aspiring wine lovers...and for you oldies too!

Wine Times Hong Kong Issue 2  

Hong Kong's only truly honest and unbiased bilingual wine magazine for young aspiring wine lovers...and for you oldies too!