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十大甜酒 Chateau de Fargues 2005 (France)

Denomination: Sauternes, France Grape Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon Tasting Notes: A truly exceptional sweet wine and most certainly one of our favourites from the most famous sweet wine producing region in the world. Chateau de Fargues is owned and managed by the Lur Saluces family who formerly owned Chateau d’Yquem thus the pedigree of sweet winemaking is assured in this wine. A beautiful deep golden colour, this exceptional vintage still has decades of aging ahead of it should you have the patience to wait that long. Superb balance of sweetness and acidity is apparent on the palate which is preceded by aromas of honey and tropical fruits. The palate is round and delectable and although a great drinking wine, this is a sophisticated wine that could well do with a foie gras pairing. A stunning long finish leaves intense flavours on the palate from this wine that hails from an exceptional vintage. (Available from Watson’s Wine)

Rocca di Montegrossi Vin Santo 2004 (Italy) Denomination: Chianti Classico DOC, Tuscany Grape Varieties: Malvasia Bianca di Toscana, Canaiolo Nero Tasting Notes: A very limited production each year of just under 2,000 bottles makes this sweet Vin Santo a highly sought after wine. The deep golden, almost brown colour makes for some stunning colours in the glass and lends aromas of ripe fruit and honey with hints of herbs and spices. A super sweet palate is well balanced by the typical acidity one would expect from an expertly crafted Italian wine. Pineapple dominant on the palate that leaves a long lingering and delicate finish that shows poise and elegance. Certainly one of the best Vin Santo on the Hong Kong market and a wine that has spent considerable time in the winery cellars before being released at an optimum time. (Available from World of Wines Company Limited)

派系:Sauternes, France 葡萄品種:Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon

派系:Chianti Classico DOC, Tuscany 葡萄品種:Malvasia Bianca di Toscana, Canaiolo Nero

品酒評鑑: 這款優秀出眾的甜酒,絕對是我們最喜愛的法國Sauternes甜酒之一。 Chateau de Fargues酒莊由Lur Saluces家族所擁有及主理,亦即Chateau d’Yquem酒 莊的前擁有者,因此這酒定有甜酒譜系的元素在其中。 酒色為奪目的深金色,而酒本身還需陳擺才可達到更佳 狀態,因此需要時間耐心等候。在嚐到酒的甜度與酸度 平衡前,香氣帶着蜜糖和熱帶水果香首先傳到鼻腔內。 這酒美味香甜但其層次複雜,可配合鵝肝一同享用。餘 韻長而濃烈,反映它是個好年份。

品酒評鑑: 這款釀自意大利的甜酒產量極為有限,酒莊每年只生產 約2,000枝,使它備受飲者追捧。深金色深得像啡色一 樣,在杯中極為好看,而其酒香滿有熟果及蜜糖香味, 也帶有點點香草和香料。這款極甜的甜酒由恰到好處的 酸度平衡着,就如意大利酒佳釀的酸度一般。味道主要 為菠蘿甜味,而餘韻久久在口腔內徘徊,顯出酒的沉穩 優雅。這酒在酒莊經過的發酵時間不短,在酒呈現最佳 狀態後才入酒瓶供應市場,定是香港有售其中一款最佳 的Vin Santo。

(屈臣氏酒窖Watson’s Wine Cellars有售)

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Wine Times Hong Kong Issue 6  

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Wine Times Hong Kong Issue 6  

Hong Kong's only truly honest and unbiased bilingual wine magazine for young aspiring wine lovers.