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Let your love sparkle with a flawless engagement ring.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but your wedding photos are priceless.

Icing on the Cake

Choosing your wedding day dessert is a piece of cake with these delicious treats.

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Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

Hillsborough Vineyard

Cana Vineyards

featured weddings

Virginia Reds and Whites


Narmada Winery


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t’s that time of year again- wedding season in Virginia! As the new hot spot for weddings, Virginia wineries are popular for their personalized style, indoor/outdoor versatility and gorgeous vistas. The many advantages to choosing a winery venue for your wedding can be found on page 4. Of course, the thought of your wedding venue might pale in comparison to that new shiny ring on your finger. Engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes, from a round solitaire to a princess three stone. A starter engagement guide on page 10 introduces ring styles and popular gemstone shapes. The charming, intimate setting of a winery is perfect for those wedding day pictures. Acres and acres of land, a cozy tasting room and reserved event space create endless opportunities for fun, personalized photos of your special day. Before your wedding photographer search begins, turn to page 14 and read up on professional wedding photography. One of my favorite wedding planning activities is cake tasting. From traditional to non-traditional flavors, fillings, icing and décor, your wedding cake can be customized exactly how you envision it. You can always replace a cake with cupcakes, cookies, pies or ice cream. Fun dessert ideas and photos start on page 26. Enjoy the spring issue of Winery Weddings in Virginia magazine. Don’t forget to check us out online at and connect with us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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thing e t i r o v a f my this issue in Delicious Cakes! Check out page 26. Yum! Astrid Photography/Fluffy Thoughts Cakes


the venue

By Johanna Goossens

Why Choose a Winery Wedding


Virginia currently boasts of 230 wineries, and they are spread out all over the state. So whether you crave mountain views, rolling hills or lush greens by the coast, there is a winery to fit your wishes. Along with all the geographic options, each winery offers a different style. Some wineries are purposefully rustic, others draw from their historical Southern roots and yet others are reminiscent of Tuscan Villas. It goes without saying that wineries, by virtue of being wineries, are beautiful. The rows and rows of vines are perfect photo opportunities. Wineries are often flanked by incredible views of untouched landscape surrounding the actual vineyard. Again, perfect for photo ops! But it is also a

Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

great way to reinforce the notion of being alone with your loved ones on your special day. Additionally, most wineries are built to accommodate one event at a time. Couples will not have to compete with another wedding or event. There is ample opportunity to let their wedding vision shine- unencumbered. Arriving at the winery, they truly are in their own special wedding land. Since many Virginia wineries are privately owned, the décor and style of the vineyard is the owner’s personal decision, executed with great care. They are not bound by the corporate decisions that hotels must adhere to. Many couples marrying at hotels or other wedding “halls” mask the natural style of the

JMK Photos


ouples want their wedding day to be special and unique. They want to feel like their wedding is the only event happening on that day, anywhere in the world. It is their personalized special day. Virginia wineries are a perfect way to achieve that personalized feeling. Most wineries are far removed from the traffic jams, strip malls and everything else that raises blood pressure on a daily basis. While driving to a winery, there is a point when you take a deep breath and the stresses of life melt away. Whether it’s an exit off the interstate or a turn off the highway, there is a spot when you suddenly feel removed. You are entering a peaceful, happy zone. The Winery Zone.

Written and contributed by Johanna Goossens of Simplicity Events

E. Leise Photography


Pamela Lepold Photography

venue to create their own unique wedding vision. Another great reason to marry at a winery is the wine! It would be assumed that in addition to choosing a winery for its beauty that you also enjoy the wines they offer. Do you love light white wines? Then choose a vineyard that makes a great Sauvignon Blanc or a Riesling. Have a favorite local red? Great! Choose the winery that produces it, and then create a complimentary reception menu. Most wineries, either by policy or licensing, only permit wine and possibly beer on the premises. This can be a great way to reduce the total cost of your wedding and also the inebriation of your guests! Today’s wedding couples are a touch older, and they would like guests to enjoy a couple glasses of wine- enough to entice them onto the dance floor but still leave the reception feeling like it was an elegant affair. When couples choose to marry at a Virginia winery they are supporting the Buy Local movement. The couple is celebrating the wine that is home to this area and promotes the great products that Virginia has to offer. It is another element of the wedding that becomes uniquely theirs and is linked to their special day. As guests drive back to “civilization” or board the prearranged shuttle bus to the hotel, they will truly feel like they spent a few precious hours away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Both you and your guests will enjoy a destination wedding, but barely have to leave home for the experience. ww

Wineries are unique in that each privately owned winery reflects the owner’s personal taste and style. It is the winery's feel, design and wines that draw a couple in and often becomes the building block of their wedding decor. One couple may discover their dream wedding location at a rustic winery. Embracing the shabby-chic look, they might opt to use burlap fabrics as linens, sunflowers and lanterns for centerpieces. Another couple may fall for a winery reminiscent of Tuscany and decorate with warm shades of reds, browns and greens. Wineries allow for a little more whimsy. Couples can name their dinner tables by the types of wines offered at the vineyard. Or they can set up a wine tasting station during the cocktail hour so their guests can determine which wine will best complement their dinner. A photo station where guests pretend to stomp grapes in empty wine barrels adds a unique touch to the festivities. Wedding favors can include flip-flops, allowing guests to dance with ease outside or inside. Have fun with the natural surroundings! A winery’s style is also reflected in bridal attire. Brides are more likely to consider lace and chiffon materials. They tend to shy away from huge ball gowns and fairy-tale dresses. Sheaths and A-lines with a soft romantic feel are generally a little more popular and practical. Bridesmaid attire is also a little less formal with cocktail length dresses preferred over full length gowns. Taking the venue into account, women typically wear a wedge or low heel. Men also feel a little freer. They can choose a suit over a tuxedo. Additionally, their color choices increase. Grey and navy are perfectly acceptable in a winery setting, along with a pair of chucks instead of patent leather. What it really comes down to is whether you can “marry” your personal style with the winery you choose. You can be as formal or casual as you like. There are hundreds of Virginia wineries to choose from, and you can easily find the perfect fit for your wedding style and personality.

Heather Bee Photography

Winery themed weddings

planning advice

By Marc McIntosh

Bridal Show Survival Guide


ike every bride, you dream that your wedding will be perfect, creating special memories for years to come. Planning a wedding can take hundreds of hours, something you likely do not have. An ideal way to reduce the time and stress involved in planning a wedding is to attend a bridal show. In a few highly productive hours, you can be inspired by new ideas, check out dĂŠcor and design trends, sample cakes and catered items, view dozens of gowns on a fashion show runway, audition DJs or band musicians and meet with representatives from a wide variety of reception and ceremony sites. Plus, bridal shows provide the opportunity to meet face to face with potential vendors, allowing you to find those who are easy to work and mesh with your style, personality and budget. A little advance preparation will allow you to make the most of your bridal show experience. Do your research before the show and bring a list of questions to ask. Encourage your groom, parents and anyone else that will be involved in the decision making process to join you. Most importantly, wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to spend a full day there. Arrive at the show with a good idea of your style and budget. If you have a clear vision of your wedding style and a firm understanding of your finances, it will be easier to remain focused on meeting suppliers that fit your personal wedding needs. As a result, you are less likely to be pulled in all directions. Before diving into the show, understand your objectives. Make a


Arrive at the show with a good idea of your style and budget.

All photos from Pamela Lepold Photography

Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

planning advice

Note something unique about the company’s booth, products or representatives on the top of their literature to help you differentiate them from all other vendors you meet.

list of the specific products and services you need. List questions for each vendor and be ready to take notes, collect business cards and literature. Be sure to write down names of the people you meet, their email addresses and website information, which will save time when you’re ready to book vendors. Note something unique about the company’s booth, products or representatives on the top of their literature to help you differentiate them from all other vendors you meet. This will help jog your memory after the show. You should definitely allow time to attend the fashion show. You’ll get a sneak peak of the latest styles for the entire wedding party, and a realistic idea of what you may look like walking down the aisle. Plus, the fashion show allows the opportunity to sit down, rest your feet and


collect your thoughts. Use the time before or after the show to make sure you have met all of your objectives and list all vendors you want to visit again before leaving the show. Don’t expect to see everything. If you feel tired, overwhelmed or overloaded it’s okay to call it a day. Make sure that you pick up a copy of the show’s exhibitor directory so that you can contact any exhibitors you might have missed. Above all else, have fun. ww

Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

Written and contributed by Marc McIntosh, producer of the Washington Bridal Showcase




Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013




n engagement ring symbolizes the

engagement ring, increasing diamond sales by

promise of a lifelong commitment to

55%. In 1947 copywriter Frances Gerety penned

the one you love (no pressure guys!).

the line, “A Diamond is Forever,” and both the

The tradition of proposing with an engagement ring started in 1477 when Archduke Maximillian

phrase and tradition stuck. The most important factors to consider when

of Austria presented Mary of Burgundy with a

shopping for an engagement ring are the ring

diamond ring while declaring his love for her.

style, metal type and gemstone shape. Use

This tradition did not become popular in America

this guide to select the perfect ring for the one

until the 1930’s when De Beers diamond

you love.

company promoted the “new trend” of an


Size up your carat here

Saskia Paulussen Photography/Louizos ELP Goldsmith

Ring Styles



Side Stones


One stone; the ultimate statement of elegance and tradition

Three stones; also known as past, present and future

One main stone with smaller stones on both sides

One main stone with smaller stones surrounding the circumference

Metal Types

Sterling Silver, Gold, Platinum


Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

gemstone shapes most popular shape

Round Circular shaped The Look: classic

most popular shape



Square shaped The Look: contemporary

Oval shaped The Look: classic with a little edge




Oval shaped with pointed ends The Look: dramatic

Teardrop shaped The Look: multifaceted

Rectangular shaped with trimmed corners The Look: timeless


otography Rothwell Ph

t c e f r e P Picture


Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013


uring the months leading up to your wedding, it’s difficult to imagine you could ever forget a second of your big day. After all, you’ve spent countless hours planning, and invested thousands of dollars in the celebration. Considering the total cost of your wedding, it might sound appealing to save money by replacing the professional photographer with family or friends who offer to snap photos for free. But don’t! This is one aspect of the wedding you shouldn't skimp on. A professional wedding photographer beautifully illustrates your once-in-a lifetime experiences. She is prepared for the memorable moments and captures them accordingly. As a professional photographer, she knows exactly how to creatively organize posed group photos, factor in the lighting and anticipate all important aspects of your memorable day. Years from now, you can look back on your remarkable photos and know it was worth the investment.


Primary Photography styles photojournalist


Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

Heather Bee Photography

Astrid Phot


JMK Photos

A provides an illustrative narrative of the wedding day. Emotions of love and joy radiating from a groom’s face when he sees his bride for the first time, a bridesmaid straightening out the bride’s train, a guest wiping his tear-filled eyes; all of these moments are captured on film and reveal pieces of the story. When a bride and groom hire a photojournalist they can expect a wedding album that contains insightful and spontaneous photographs.


E. Leise Photog raphy

E. Leise Ph


Dominique Attaway Photography

Rothwell Photography

A (or classic) photographer specifically focuses on posed pictures of the bride, groom, bridal party, family and friends. He excels in portraiture, posing, lighting and background. When a bride and groom hire a traditional photographer they can expect a wedding album containing thought out portraits that draw the eye to a specific subject.


featured wineries

Early Mountain Vineyards

# of Guests Accommodates up to 200

Availability Afternoon and evenings any day of the week

Beverages Beer and liquor are permitted with a banquet license

Wine Selection Whites: Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Viognier, White Vine Reds: Merlot, Handshake Red


Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

About Early Mountain Vineyards

Located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Madison, Virginia, Early Mountain Vineyards comprises more than 300 acres of the historic Monticello Wine Trail. With its warm and inviting tasting room, guests are welcome to enjoy the wines and linger for a palate pleasing experience. A social enterprise, Early Mountain is committed to showcasing the “Best of Virginia” through their partnerships with award-winning wineries throughout the state and their “eat local” offerings served each day in their market.

Why Choose Early Mountain

Early Mountain Vineyards’ stunning indoor event space, charming ambiance and picturesque vistas offer the perfect setting for your dream wedding. The accommodating staff and superb Virginia wines set the stage for a most memorable evening.

All photos Courtesy of Early Mountain Vineyard


featured wineries

# of Guests Accommodates up to 350


Availability Afternoon and evening weddings any day of the week

Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

Beverages Beer and liquor are permitted with a banquet license

Wine Selection Reds: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Franc Reserve, Midnight, Reflection, Melange, Yash-Vir, Tannat Whites: Chardonnay, Chardonnay Reserve, Viognier, Mom, Dream Rose: Gulabi Dessert: Lotus, Primita, Allure

Jessie Mary Photography

Narmada Winery

About Narmada Winery Narmada Winery is an enchanted vineyard filled with hopes, dreams, and visions of a beautiful future. The 51 acre estate in Rappahannock County provides an escape from the bustling world surrounding it. Easily accessed via Route 211, Narmada is only an hour from our nation’s capital, but light years beyond the worries and cares of everyday life.

Why Choose Narmada

The very quality of air, fresh and softly scented, along with the abundant, luminous light that streams down on the rolling vineyards creates an unparalleled experience. Let your spirits soar at Narmada Winery’s gorgeous event spaces, and fashion your reception to be as traditional or exotic as you desire. Celebrate with hundreds of friends, or more intimately with your closest loved ones, and you will leave Narmada with unforgettable memories.

All photos Courtesy of Narmada Winery


featured wineries

Hillsborough Vineyards

Accommodates up to 140


Availability Evening weddings any day of the week

Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

Beverages Beer and liquor are permitted with a banquet license

Wine Selection Reds: Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Ruby, Bloodstone, Onyx Whites: Carnelian, Chardonnay, Opal, Moonstone Rose: Serefina

E. Leise Photography

# of Guests

About Hillsborough Vineyards

Hillsborough Vineyards radiates European beauty and elegance from the moment you drive up the hill cloaked in grape laden vines. The Wisteria adorned veranda leads to a stone patio surrounded by Tuscan style gardens and the 1850’s stone barn tasting room. The patio view is an exquisite panorama of the Blue Ridge Mountains with the Loudoun Valley countryside nestled below.

Why Choose Hillsborough

Nicholas Griner Photography

Nicholas Griner Photography

There is nothing as intrinsically beautiful or romantic than your wedding at Hillsborough Vineyards. Known for a rare combination of handcrafted, exceptional wines, an incomparable ambiance and unsurpassed hospitality, Hillsborough Vineyards is a wonderfully idyllic setting for the most special day of your life.


featured wineries

Cana Vineyards

# of Guests Accommodates up to 196 indoors and 320 outdoors


Availability Evening weddings every day of the week

Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

Beverages Beer and liquor permitted with a banquet license

Wine Selection Reds: Rose, Cabernet Franc, Le Mariage Whites: Riesling, Viognier, TraminettFruit Wines: Apple, Raspberry Apple

About Cana Vineyards Established in Loudoun County’s countryside just outside of Middleburg, Cana Vineyards is named after Cana in Galilee, where Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding feast. The family friendly atmosphere, spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and tranquil sound of water trickling down the sides of stone jar fountains transcend peace and relaxation to all who visit.

Why Choose Cana

The sensational wrap-around porch, gorgeous staircase leading from the second floor bridal suite to the first floor tasting room, and welcoming patio create a fairytale feel to your wedding at Cana Vineyards. Your special day is topped off with fine wines, plenty of hospitality and a serene sunset over the mountains.

All photos Courtesy of Pamela Lepold Photography



Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

Astrid Photography/Fluffy Thoughts Cakes


gon the






Wedding cake shopping provides an excellent excuse to taste test dozens of different cake flavors for a noble cause- your wedding. It’s amazing how many flavors, fillings, icing and décor options are out there. Customizing your wedding cake may seem a little intimidating at first, but it’s just icing on the cake!

Traditional flavors

and fillings Chocolate Red Velvet Strawberry Vanilla


Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

Buttercream Chocolate Fudge Cream Cheese Fondant Royal Whipped

JMK Photos

Almond Banana Caramel Apple Carrot Chocolate Cappuccino Coffee NonHazelnut Lemon nal traditio Marble Orange Creamsicle flavors Peaches and Cream Pistachio Pumpkin Spice Tiramisu White Chocolate


E. Leise Photography

E. Leise Photography

Astrid Photography/Fluffy Thoughts Cakes

the look



Shapes Round Square Scalloped Hexagonal Topsy turvey

Design Fruit Flowers Grapes Ribbons

JMK Photos

Astrid Photography/Fluffy Thoughts Cakes

Flat sheet cake Connected layers (tiers) Separated layers (tiers)


JMK Photos


questions Can you customize our wedding cake? Can we taste cake samples? If so, is there a tasting fee?

When will the cake be prepared?

What is the price per slice?


Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

Is the top tier an additional cost? If so, how much?

Can you deliver our cake to the reception venue on our wedding day?

Do you have photos of cakes you’ve baked in the past? Astrid Photography/Fluffy Thoughts Cakes

What flavors and fillings do you offer?

to ask the baker


E. Leise Photography

April Hiler Designs, Etsy

E. Leise Photography

E. Leise Photography

Astrid Photography/Fluffy Thoughts Cakes

cake toppers



Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

JMK Photos

JMK Photos

Erik Leise Photography

other desserts

beauty Hot Hairstyles This photo gallery showcases up and down do’s that accentuate your best facial features, personality and wedding style. Hair and Makeup: First Impressions Salon Photography: Val Cavalheri Photography with Greg Pascarelli and Carly Abbott Bridal Gowns: Blush Bridal Boutique




Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013


on a budget Expense

Budget Breakdown


% of Budget

Low End*

High End*




Food and Beverages Wedding Cake Tables, Chairs, Linens, Tableware Optional: Lighting, dance floor

The Average Cost of a Virginia Wedding

Photographer & Videographer





Flowers & Décor








Wedding Attire & Beauty








Gifts & Favors








Wedding Rings




Transportation & Accommodations










efore falling in love with that $5,000 dress or signing a venue contract, read up on the average cost of wedding expenses broken down by category. Estimating the cost of individual categories will give you an idea of the total amount needed to pull off your ideal wedding. But remember, no matter how badly you want that ring, dress or venue, stay realistic and don't go into debt. *Virginia state numbers available at, owned by The Wedding Report, Inc

Photographer hours Prints/Album Videographer DVDs

Bridal bouquet Bridesmaid bouquets Boutonnieres Honorary guest corsages Flowers for flower girl Optional: Ceremony flowers, centerpieces, cake flowers

Ceremony musicians Cocktail hour musicians Reception musicians (DJ)

Gown/groom’s formalwear Alterations Veil/Headpiece Shoes Accessories Hair and Makeup

Save the dates Invitations Ceremony programs Guest book Thank you cards Postage Bride’s/Groom’s attendants Parents of Bride/Groom Readers, Ushers Guest Favors Site fee Officiant Marriage license

Transportation Parking Hotel rooms


Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013



D«Ĥ_ amanda and tommy

becky and kelly

erin and andrew

patricia and rich




Amanda and Tommy

How they met: Amanda met her friend’s co-work-

er, Tommy, during a motorcycle excursion. A few months later, she asked her friend for Tommy’s phone number and called him for a motorcycle ride. He was out of town the next two weeks, but they talked on the phone and texted while he was away. As soon as he returned they scheduled their first date, a wine festival outing in Crystal City, and of course she got her motorcycle ride.

How he proposed: The couple planned a vacation to Greece, and Amanda arrived with hopes of a marriage proposal. The first night Tommy handed her a square jewelry box and she thought, “This is it!” But instead of a sparkly ring the box contained diamond earrings. The

Why a winery wedding: Amanda and Tommy wanted a small, intimate celebration. They initially considered a destination wedding in Las Vegas, Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard. When discussing what they both loved, Tommy jokingly said, “Wine!” and they realized a winery venue would be perfect. Veramar Vineyards, the first winery they visited, was their number one choice.

Florist: Affordable Arrangements Invitations: A Visual Concept Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

Veramar Vineyards

message was clear, no engagement ring this trip. Later that week they drove around Santorini and decided to stop at Red Beach. After hiking up to the lookout, Amanda began snapping photos of the beautiful view. Tommy casually interrupted, and when she turned around she found him down on one knee holding out her engagement ring.

photographer: Pamela Lepold Photography Caterer: Bogati Bodega



Wedding moment to remember Not many brides and grooms can claim a winery dog “crashed” their wedding, trotting towards the ceremony site to catch a glimpse of the bride walking down the aisle towards her groom. Other fond memories include Amanda’s stoic dad choking up during their father daughter dance, the couples’ grandparents flirting shamelessly, and the surprised look on Tommy’s face when he saw their ride home- a 1933 Packard Limo.




Becky and Kelly

How they met: Texans Becky and Kelly met at a

clown camp in the mountains of Virginia. As two of the few campers under the age of 40, they couldn’t escape the many matchmaking attempts of other campers. They started dating shortly after returning to Dallas, and have been together ever since.

How he proposed: The couple and their parents

met for dinner in Seattle, where the parents were introduced for the first time. After dinner Kelly played a slide show he created specifically for that evening, which Becky had viewed at home (or so she thought). The slideshow was exactly as she remembered except for the ending. The


barren ridge Vineyards

last clip displayed Kelly’s bear puppet holding up a sign that read “Will You Marry Me?” Once it dawned on Becky that the question was directed at her, Kelly was on his knee in front of her with a beautiful ring in hand!

Why a winery wedding:

Becky and Kelly desired a destination wedding. They searched for a location where guests from across the country could not only attend the wedding but enjoy the beautiful scenery around them. They also liked the idea of hosting their wedding and reception at the same venue. Since they met in the mountains of Virginia it seemed fitting to wed at a Virginia winery.

Photographer: Wendy Bardrof Caterer: Mrs. Rowe’s Cake: Buttercream Dreams Florist: Kim Moody Design Planner: Kim Moody Design


Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

Wedding moment to remember As natural performers, the creative couple incorporated a Flash Mob into their reception! Kelly kicked off the choreographed act, a “surprise” to his new wife, followed by planned routines performed by the couples’ parents, bridal party and select guests. Towards the end of the act, Becky reluctantly allowed her mother and matron of honor to pull her onto the dance floor. When the music changed she broke into a choreographed routine, and the guests realized she was in on it the whole time. It was a huge hit!




Erin and Andrew

How they met:

University of Virginia graduates Erin and Andrew met while working at Mellow Mushroom on the Corner in Charlottesville. They quickly became friends and started dating shortly after Andrew moved to Richmond.

How he proposed: Six years later, Erin woke up to the sound of her favorite song, Little Bird by Eric Bachmann, and Andrew kneeling in front of her. The surprise proposal was followed by a celebration at the local Mellow


keswick Vineyards

Mushroom restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona. The song was later played when Erin walked down the aisle on her wedding day.

Why a winery wedding: Erin and Andrew

were attracted to Keswick Vineyards’ beautiful views and colonial architecture. It was the perfect outdoor venue with a layout conducive to an all night celebration. There was a specific location for the ceremony, cocktail party and reception. The transition from one event to the next was a breeze.

Photographer: JMK Photos Caterer: 20 South Cake: Cupcakes from Charlottesville Cupcakes Florist: Floral Images Invitations: Wedding Planner: Barb Wired


Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

Wedding moment to remember During the ceremony, Erin glanced at their guests and noticed them aggressively waving program fans in an attempt to stay cool in the 104 degree heat. It was quite a sight. Memories of dancing all night long and hanging out with old friends in the gazebo photo booth will be cherished forever.




Patricia and Rich

How they met:

Pati and Rich met through mutual friends. They were both in relationships at the time, but enjoyed great conversations and an easygoing friendship over the next two years. Then one evening they ran into each other at a restaurant; this time they were both single. Over the following weeks they stayed in touch and realized how compatible they would be as a couple. They started dating and haven’t looked back since!

How he proposed: Before leaving Rich’s apart-

ment for their one year anniversary dinner, Rich began to reminisce about the good times they shared in his apart-


Delfosse Vineyards and winery

ment. He reasoned that if they had so many good times in his simple apartment he couldn’t wait to see what the future would bring. Then he held Pati’s hand, knelt down in front of her and asked her to marry him. Pati was thrilled, and her answer was undoubtedly yes.

Why a winery engagement photo shoot: Rich surprised Pati with a weekend trip to DelFosse Vineyards and a fun engagement photo shoot at their winery wedding venue. Amidst the natural beauty of DelFosse, the contrast of blue sky and green mountains created an amazing backdrop for the shoot.

photographer: E. Leise Photography Caterer: Texas de Brasil Churrascaria Cake: Albemarle Baking Company Florist: Flowers by Mona Ray Invitations: MagnetStreet Wedding Planner: Angela’s Elegant Events


Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

Wedding plans Pati and Rich are planning a June wedding at DelFosse Vineyards. They are excited to share Virginia’s wine culture with family and friends from all over, including Pati’s native country Brazil. Their wedding will be a fusion of American and Brazilian culture with music, food, drinks and traditions from both countries!


wine & dine


By Nicole Fitch

A Winery Weekend Looking at the events page, you can find a plethora of ideas for an upcoming weekend out. Many wineries offer live music and food, which can easily rival a bar or lounge setting. There are also specialty weekends that incorporate cooking classes, food and wine pairings, tutorials on how to make wine, even painting classes. The possibilities are endless. Danielle Milano grew up in the Sonoma Valley and wine has always been a part of her life. When a job transfer resulted in a move to Northern Virginia three years ago, she immediately did her wine homework.

In 1975 there were only three wineries in Virginia, but today there are over 200.

E. Leise Photography

ith Virginia’s wine country growing by the masses, it’s no wonder winery outings have become more and more popular. From weddings to family reunions, wineries are the new favorite place for overall entertainment. Although the history of Virginia wine making dates back to the early 1600s, it wasn’t until the 1960s that business became truly successful. In 1975 there were only three wineries in Virginia, but today there are over 200. Now it’s easy to spend a day, evening, or weekend enjoying all these wineries have to offer.


Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

Astrid Photography / Holly Heider Chapple Flowers / A Trendy Wedding


wine & dine

Wineries are quickly becoming the place to go for a relaxed, kick your feet up birthday party. atmosphere offers the perfect opportunity to hang out with friends and toast to another year. Many engaged couples take advantage of a winery’s beautiful setting with an engagement photo shoot. Majestic mountains in the background, seemingly endless rows of vines in the foreground and acres

of land to run around makes for a fun and unforgettable photo shoot. More than ever, brides are opting for winery bachelorette parties or bridal showers. Group wine tours travel to two or three wineries over a four to five hour time span, providing a preplanned, stress free itinerary for the bride-to-be. By reserving a

E. Leise Photography

“Back home it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to take a last minute, middle of the afternoon trip to a winery or wine bar,” she said. “I could go to a wine shop alone and within 15 minutes, someone I know would walk in. It’s just how we do things in Sonoma.” She was very surprised to see how large the wine community is in Virginia, and is happy about moving to Charlottesville next spring. “Being near wineries is important to me,” she said. “There is always something going on, and it just reminds me of home.” Wineries are quickly becoming the place to go for a relaxed, kick your feet up birthday party. Whether celebrating your twenty first or eightieth birthday, the intimate, family friendly


Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

Astrid Photography / A Trendy Wedding, all photos

bus or limousine through a wine tour company, you and your friends can truly appreciate all aspects of the Virginia winery experience. Some wineries have on staff a chef and host murder mystery dinner nights. Guests arrive at the winery prepared for exceptional food, wine and theatrical entertainment. It’s an enjoyable evening full of laughter and suspense. At times, winery trips call for a need to improvise, so make sure you have a backup plan if a problem arises. Many wineries don’t offer free wine tastings and not all sell food. Some tasting rooms are very small,

More than ever, brides are opting for winery bachelorette parties or bridal showers. so if it’s raining outside it might be a little cozy inside. Consider bringing food with you, and check the weather forecast before leaving home. It is always a good idea to research every winery along your desired route for the best winery experience. If the goal is to participate in a cooking class or any other special event, it is suggested to secure a reservation beforehand. ww


wine & dine

Virginia's Reds and Whites

red Wines Name



Food Pairing

Cabernet Franc

Favors cooler climates, survives cold winters but struggles in spring frosts

Smooth, peppery finish wines

Mint, plum, blackberries

Chicken, turkey, garney, tuna

Cabernet Sauvignon

Thrives in hot, sunny climates; grows easily in a variety of soils

Dry wines that age well

Dark berries, cassis, cedar wood

Beef, lamb, braised barbecue, aged cheddar


Excels in cooler climates

Dry, fruity flavored wines


Barbeque chicken, steak, lamb


Grows best in cold soil

Complex medium bodied wines

Plum, black cherry

Veal, meat loaf, Italian sausage, pizza


Favors cool climates, originated in Richmond

Rich, dry wine


Prosciutto ham, figs, grilled steak, salmon

white Wines Name






Food Pairing


Grows best in cooler climates with warm days and cool nights

Dry to full bodied wines

Tropical fruit, pineapple, apple, lemon, oak

Chicken, rabbit, pork, shellfish


Tolerant to cold climates

Delicate and dry to sweet wines

Peach, citrus, apple

Sole, trout, turkey, spicy dishes, ham

Sauvignon Blanc

Grows in a variety of climates

Dry wines with sharp acidity

Herbal and hay

Goat cheese, fish, cilantro, garlic

Vidal Blanc

Favors cold climates

Dry, crisp wines to late harvest sweet wines

Fruity and floral

Pasta with white sauce, lobster, blue cheese

Viognier *State grape of Virginia

Enjoys a continental climate

Dry wines with strong aromas

Fruity and floral

Crab, pork loin, smoked oyster, sun-dried tomatoes

Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

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newlywed advice 5 Post-wedding tips for newlywed bliss Make Your New Marriage Work


he wedding is over, you’re back from your honeymoon and you’re officially living together as husband and wife. Congratulations! We’re also guessing you’re in a cocoon of postwedding bliss where everything feels fabulous– and we want to make sure you feel that way for as long as possible. To help ensure you start off your new life together on the right foot, we got some expert advice from Dr. Terri Orbuch, director of the Early Years of Marriage project, ongoing since 1986. She used her study’s findings to come up with some effective wedded-bliss tips for newly married couples.


Be open about money matters You may think that keeping the odd money-related issue from your spouse is alright but finances have a way of wreaking havoc on even the closest bonds. When happy couples in the Early Years of Marriage (EYM) study were asked if their spouses were completely open and honest about money, their answers differed significantly from those of the unhappy couples. Nearly eight out of ten happy couples said they never feel their spouse tells them things that aren’t completely true about money, compared with only 54 percent of the other couples. Why it’s important: Keeping secrets about money or lying about financial concerns or other money matters can take a heavy toll on marital happiness over time.



Discuss the small things Getting stressed about the small stuff (socks on the floor, forgetting to take out the trash) isn’t a good idea, but letting small things grow into bigger things is even worse. “My study found that couples who failed to talk about the small things that bothered them, letting those pet peeves grow into big resentments, were more likely to be unhappy in their marriages down the road,” Orbuch says. Whatever has you heated, make sure to discuss it in a nice way (one that doesn’t put your partner on the defensive), so ideally it ceases to be an issue. Why it’s important: If you ignore small annoyances, they add up to major discontent over time meaning that eventually you’re going to blow up at your man in a major way for doing something fairly insignificant.


Show appreciation every day Orbuch’s research shows that the accumulation of small acts of kindness is more essential for building a strong marital bond than occasional grand gestures and big pronouncements. We’re not saying you wouldn’t be thrilled with that surprise trip to Paris (yes please!), but there must be smaller gestures between the big ones for love to last. At least once a day, make your spouse feel loved and appreciated. Give him a surprise kiss, ask his advice or give him a complemint on something he’s done. Why it’s important: Regularly

Winery Weddings | Spring/Summer 2013

By Jessica Padykula Courtesy of

doing nice things for each other is a great way to make sure your relationship stays strong. The more appreciated you feel, the more love you’ll want to show in return– its win-win.


Have fun together The happiest couples in the EYM study described their spouse as someone they enjoyed spending time with. On the flipside, Orbuch says that often, as marriages mature, partners tend to look outside the marriage for friends and entertainment– not the best way to stay connected. “Seek out fun activities to do with your spouse,” she suggests, adding that studies also show that doing an activity that’s new to both of you re-stimulates the feel-good excitement associated with dating. Why it’s important: Avoid relationship ruts by actively seeking out fun things you can do together. New experiences help keep you close and boost your bond over time.


Expand your circle Close ties with your hubby’s friends and family is good for your marriage, Orbuch explains. “My research found that husbands, in particular, are happier when their wives have good relationships with their extended family,” she says. “Also, the couples in my EYM study who made an effort to get to know– but not necessarily share– their spouse’s friends were more likely to be happy in the long term than couples who maintained separate friends.” Why it’s important: The closer you and your spouse are to each other’s families and friends, the more support you’ll have, which makes any bumps in the road or setbacks easier to deal with. ww

virginia winerywedding guide Northern Virginia Wineries

Central Virginia Wineries

Pollak Vineyards Greenwood, Va

Rockbridge Vineyards Raphine, Va

Bluemont Vineyards Bluemont, Va

Afton Mountain Vineyards Afton, Va

Potomac Point Winery Stafford, Va

Sharp Rock Vineyards Sperryville, Va

Breaux Vineyards Purcellville, Va

Barboursville Vineyards Barboursville, Va

Prince Michel Vineyard Leon, Va

Veramar Vineyard Berryville, Va

Cana Vineyards Middleburg, Va

Blenheim Vineyards Charlottesville, Va

Trump Winery Charlottesville, Va

Wolf Gap Vineyard Edinburg, Va

Chrysalis Vineyards Middleburg, Va

Cooper Vineyards Louisa, Va

Veritas Winery Afton, Va

Blue Ridge Wineries

Doukénie Winery Purcellville, Va

DelFosse Vineyards & Winery Faber, Va

White Hall Vineyards Cozet, Va

AmRhein’s Wine Cellars Bent Mountain, Va

Fox Meadow Winery Linden, Va

DeVault Family Vineyards Concord, Va

Wintergreen Winery Nellysford, Va

Attimo Winery Christiansburg, Va

Hillsborough Vineyards Purcellville, Va

DuCard Vineyards Etlan, Va

Wisdom Oak Winery North Garden, Va

Beliveau Estate Blacksburg, Va

Little Washington Winery Washington, Va

Early Mountain Vineyards Madison, Va

Lost Creek Winery Leesburg, Va

First Colony Winery Charlottesville, Va

Loudoun Valley Vineyards Waterford, Va

Glass House Winery Free Union, Va

Molon Lave Vineyards Warrenton, Va

Grayhaven Winery Gum Spring, Va

Morais Vineyards Bealeton, VA

Hickory Hill Vineyards Moneta, Va

Narmada Winery Amissville, Va

Hill Top Berry Farm & Winery Nellysford, Va

Notaviva Vineyards Purcellville, Va

James River Cellars Glen Allen, Va

Quattro Goomba’s Winery Aldie, Va

Keswick Vineyards Keswick, Va

Sunset Hills Vineyard Purcellville, Va

Kings Family Vineyards Crozet, Va

The Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards Hamilton, Va

Lazy Days Winery Amherst, Va

The Winery at Bull Run Centreville, Va Three Fox Vineyards Delaplane, Va Twin Oaks Tavern Winery Bluemont, Va Unicorn Winery Amissville, Va

Mountain Cove Vineyards Lovingston, Va Mountfair Vineyards Mountfair, Va Old House Vineyards Culpeper, Va Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards North Garden, Va

Eastern Virginia Wineries Belle Mount Vineyards Warsaw, Va General’s Ridge Vineyard Hague, Va Good Luck Cellars Kilmarnock, Va Ingleside Vineyards Oak Grove, Va New Kent Winery & Vineyards New Kent, Va Williamsburg Winery Williamsburg, Va Saude Creek Vineyards Lanexa, Va

Chateau Morrisette Winery Floyd, Va Rebec Vineyards Amherst, Va Valhalla Vineyards Roanoke, Va Virginia Mountain Vineyards Fincastle, Va The Winery at Kindred Pointe Mount Jackson, Va West Wind Farm Vineyard & Winery Max Meadows, Va

Southern Virginia Wineries Altillo Vineyards Hurt, Va

Shenandoah Valley Wineries

Annefield Vineyards Saxe, Va

Barren Ridge Vineyards Fishersville, Va

The Homeplace Vineyards Chatham, Va

Cave Ridge Vineyard Mt. Jackson, Va

Molliver Vineyards & Winery Nathalie, Va

CrossKeys Vineyards Mt Crawford, Va

Rosemont Winery LaCrosse, Va

North Mountain Vineyard Maurertown, Va

Mountain Rose Vineyards Wise, Va

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