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Virginia Winery Wedding Guide Fall/Winter 2012

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“ a work of art. Her photographs are

They look like they should be in

a magazine.

PHOTOGRAPHY Saskia Paulussen Photography, LLC www.saskiaphotography.com

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Featured Wineries


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Why Choose a Winery Wedding A Splash of Color Theme Ideas Dress to Impress Accessories for the Bride & Groom The First Look Experience Featured Wineries Flowers A Reception Timeline First Dance Tactics A Note on Music Lighting up a Room Featured Weddings Winery Wedding Guide Wine Tasting that makes Sense

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Featured Weddings


4  winery weddings  fall 2012

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e popped the question, you said yes and the celebratory wine bottles are empty. Now it’s time to start planning your wedding, and one of the first major decisions is the venue. We asked brides across the country why they chose a Virginia winery venue for their wedding. Each answer shed light on the unique reasons why winery weddings rock. A beautiful, relaxed setting ranked high on the list. The natural beauty of a winery is enhanced with exquisite floral arrangements and bouquets. Inspiring floral photos and ideas start on page 26. Your wedding day is not complete without a celebration. The overall feel of a reception is determined by many factors, including lighting (page 36), musical entertainment (page 34) and dancing (page 33). A traditional reception timeline on page 32 provides a detailed schedule and overview to aide in your reception planning.

Saskia Paulussen Photography

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Why Choose a Winery

6  winery weddings  fall 2012

“My wedding guest list was spread far and wide. The 77 invitations I sent to 188 invitees went to 33 states and three countries, so I wanted to get married at a spectacular spot that everyone would enjoy visiting. My guests soaked in the beauty of the vineyards, the wonderful, local wine and the lovely building. They felt that they were somewhere special, not just in a generic hotel ballroom that could be found in any city or state. ~ Libby, Married at Barren Ridge Vineyards, a Kim Moody Design bride “Once we saw Potomac Point Winery’s gazebo, ballroom and Coyote Cave we knew it was the perfect place to say our ‘I do’s’!” ~ Susan, Married at Potomac Point Winery “When it came time to pick a wedding venue we searched for a location that offered an intimate feel where we could keep the guest list small and celebrate with those most dear to us.” ~ Katy, Married at Hillsborough Vineyards “While being so beautiful there is nothing stuffy or pretentious about Veritas Winery. The wine is delicious, the people are more than friendly and the view is stunning.” ~ Brooke, Married at Veritas Winery


Dominique Attaway Photography

“What I loved most about getting married at a winery was the beautiful, natural landscape that the vineyard provided. There was no need to go overboard with decorations because the vineyard was breathtaking on its own, especially at sunset. The other great thing about a winery wedding was the option to have the ceremony and reception in one place. With the reception upstairs above the tasting room we didn’t have to travel to a separate location, which was nice.” ~ Becky, Married at Barren Ridge Vineyards, a Kim Moody Design bride “We wanted an elegant, sophisticated, established and grown-up wedding venue with great food. Barboursville was the obvious decision.” ~ Lydia, Married at Barboursville Vineyards “For us, selecting our venue was the easiest choice we made in our wedding planning. Now we are can return whenever we want and spend a relaxing afternoon sipping delicious wine at our wedding venue.” ~ Stephanie, Married at Lost Creek Winery


Seasonal Colors Spring Colors:

Color Options Monochromatic:

Consider a harmonic color scheme • pink and ivy • yellow and sage • green and cream

Hues of the same color

Summer Colors:


Use vibrant contrasting colors • aqua blue and lime green • hot pink and navy blue • bright yellow and orange

Fall Colors: Choose colors inspired by the change of leaves • orange, red and brown

• sky blue and navy blue • mint green and hunter green • peach and apricot

Tonally similar colors • yellow and green • red and orange • blue and violet

Complementary: Contrasting colors • purple and yellow • orange and blue • red and green

Select an elegant monochromatic color scheme • lavender and plum • chocolate brown and beige • shades of gold

The Meaning of Colors • pink ~ romance

• purple ~ magic

• red ~ passion

• orange ~ endurance

• blue ~ calming

• brown ~ earth

• green ~ nature

• white ~ purity

• yellow ~ happiness

• black ~ power

~Contributed by Kim Moody Design

8  winery weddings  fall 2012

Factors in Color Choice

1. Mood

6. Floral bouquets

2. Season

7. Symbolism

3. Theme

8. Color meaning

4. Venue

9. Trends

5. Bridesmaid dresses

10. Formality

Kim Mo ody De sign

Winter Colors:

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Theme Ideas Interests

Genevieve Leiper Photography


very exceptional party has a theme, and a wedding is no different. A wedding theme personalizes the celebration from invitations to a bride and groom’s farewell. Keep your theme in mind when collaborating with caterers, florists, bakers and musicians to pull off an unforgettable wedding. The bride and groom should choose a theme that best suits them as a couple. Be creative when selecting a theme and consider the ideas below.

Love the movies? Enjoy a particular sport? Share a favorite food or wine? Transform mutual interests into a wedding theme.

Honor your heritage by incorporating cultural traditions into your wedding day. From a big fat Greek wedding to a Southern themed party, embrace your culture on this special occasion.


A wine themed party at a winery makes perfect sense, but a beach or mountain themed winery wedding works just as well.

E. Leise Photography




Colors representing a school, professional sports team or geographic location weave personal experiences into a wedding theme.

10  winery weddings  fall 2012

Astrid Photography

Gather family and friends together during the Christmas season to celebrate your wedding day, plan a romantic ceremony on Valentine’s Day or wed on the Fourth of July and include a fireworks display for guests to enjoy.

Dress to Impress W ho


want to dress her best at a


With so many options it can be challenging to find a fun,

stylish outfit that doesn’t

Vita Images

stand out or steal the show. A wedding’s dress code is determined by the bride and groom based on the

Informal or Resort Formal Attire: khaki pants and button up collar shirt for him; sundress for her

venue, time of day and theme. The dress at a winery venue can be formal and sophisticated or informal and laid back. Whether dressy or casual, there are three primary categories of E. Leise Photography

wedding attire.

E. Leise Photography

Formal or Black-Tie Attire: tuxedo for him; formal gown for her

Semiformal or Cocktail Attire: dark suit or tuxedo for him; short, elegant cocktail dress or formal evening pants for her

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Choose pearl or platinum jewelry to dress up a white gown or gold jewelry to sparkle in ivory.


A bride’s necklace should complement the neckline of her dress. A thin chain with a simple pendant flatters a V-neck dress, a mulitstrand necklace accentuates a strapless gown and a collar necklace decorates a sweetheart dress.


Brides can wear a hair piece such as a flower, decorative clip, sparkly bobby pins or tiara.


Veils come in a variety of lengths. Some brush the shoulders or waist while others touch the fingertips or floor. Blushers cover the face and can be worn with any length veil.


A stylish ribbon or jeweled belt draws attention to the waist.


Satin, lace or cotton gloves add a touch of elegance and glamour to the bride’s attire. White, elbow length gloves are more formal than wrist length or fingerless gloves.


When it comes to shoes the possibilities are endless, from high heels to elegant flip flops. Shoes can be personalized as little or as much as the bride chooses.

12  winery weddings  fall 2012


Pair a bowtie or windsor tie with a tuxedo or a long tie with a suit.

cuff links

A groom can wear gold, silver or colored cuff links depending on the bride’s choice of jewelry. Personalized cuff links add a unique touch to the ensemble.


A cummerbund is worn around the waist in lieu of a vest.


Traditional vests are white, black or gray; modern vests are colored. A vest and tie can match in color or complement each other.


A suit isn’t complete without a fashionable belt. Choose the same color belt, shoes and watch band for a polished look.


Formal celebrations call for a black leather watch or pocket watch. A gold or silver band can be worn if it doesn’t upstage the bride’s jewelry.


Like a bride’s shoes, the possibilities are endless when it comes to a groom’s socks. He can wear black, colored or patterned socks and personalize them as much or as little as he chooses.


A groom should wear patent leather shoes with a tuxedo or dress shoes with a suit.

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Rothwell Photography

THE First Look Experience


s the old saying goes, if a bride and groom

“We did our first look photos out in the actual vine-

see each other before the ceremony their

yards, which was such a unique experience. We were

marriage is destined for bad luck. Despite

able to have a special moment, just the two of us,

this superstition many couples are partak-

tucked away in the rows with nothing but leaves and

ing in the first look experience; an opportunity for the

grapes surrounding us,” Becky Bartlett commented

bride and groom to see each other before the cer-

on her first look experience at Barren Ridge Vineyards.

emony. This experience begins with the groom standing in a secluded location, his back turned towards his

The first look experience provides an opportunity for

bride. She walks up to her groom, taps him on the shoul-

the couple to focus on each other without any dis-

der and he turns around to see her for the first time.

tractions. Family and friends fade into the background as the relationship between bride and

While the bride and groom enjoy time together on their

groom becomes priority. Moments spent together

wedding day the photographer snaps away. Photos of

before the ceremony are cherished for a lifetime.

this experience speak for themselves with emotions of love, happiness, joy and surprise captured on camera. 14  winery weddings  fall 2012

Photo courtesy of Little Washington Winery

Weddings at Little Washington Winery


orgeous views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, 25 acres of farmland and a large selection of global wines are just a few reasons to celebrate your wedding at Little Washington Winery. As a partner in the Rappahannock Wedding Circle, Little Washington Winery can provide resources for everything from a venue to invitations, programs, wine labels, flowers, cakes,

16  winery weddings  fall 2012

caterers, accommodations, horse and carriage rides, tents, chairs, DJs, bands and, of course, the wine needed for a perfect destination wedding in the Blue Ridge Mountains. For more information on the wedding of your dreams, email Donna at info@ littlewashingtonwinery.com or call Little Washington Winery at 540-987-8330.

Astrid Photography

Featured Wineries

Astrid Photography

Molon Lave Vineyards


ocated on 50 acres of pristine Virginia farmland, Molon Lave Vineyards’ serene landscape consists of grapevines, horses and ponds. Outstanding wines, including the first Kosher wine produced on the East Coast, result from a fusion of European wine making traditions and Virginia’s fine quality grapes. Antique farming equipment and handmade furniture from Greece provide a beautiful, rustic Mediterranean theme to the tasting room.

Why Choose Molon Lave

Molon Lave Vineyards is a family owned and operated winery committed to providing brides and grooms with a personalized experience leading up to an intimate, perfect wedding day! A three-tier pavilion, wrap around patio and second tasting room provide a unique combination for a romantic ceremony and indoor/outdoor cocktail hour. The large barrel room makes for a lovely indoor reception space, with a layout conducive to any decorating theme.

Guests Accommodates 150175

Availability Afternoon and evening weddings any day of the week

Beverages Beer permitted with a banquet license

Molon Lave Vineyards • Warrenton, Va • 540-439-5460

18  winery weddings  fall 2012

Wines Reds: Katie’s Charm, Merlot, Chambourcin, Noiret, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon Whites: Chardonnay, Vidal Blanc, Autumn Nectar and Riesling Rose: Kokineli

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Astrid Photography

Astrid Photography

Mary Dougherty Photography

Barren Ridge Vineyards


estled in the Shenandoah Valley, Barren Ridge Vineyards exudes natural beauty and phenomenal views. Owners John and Shelby Higgs transformed their 1934 family apple orchard into the gorgeous vineyard it is today. The charming reconstructed tasting room, inviting patio, and Audrey Blackford reception room offer the perfect setting for any special day.

Why Choose Barren Ridge

Brides and grooms find comfort in the family friendly atmosphere at Barren Ridge, a direct result of the owners’ dedication, commitment and faithful presence at the vineyard. The ornate architecture and design of the reception room adds a touch of style, elegance and personality to the celebration. Couples all over the country have chosen Barren Ridge Vineyards as their destination wedding venue.

Guests Accommodates up to 150

Availability Evening weddings from 6 p.m. to midnight any day of the week

Beverages Beer and liquor permitted with a banquet license

Barren Ridge Vineyards • Fishersville,Va • 540-248-3300

20  winery weddings  fall 2012

Wines Reds: Meritage, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Red Barren and Touriga Whites: Chardonnay, Tinkling Spring, Harmony, Traminette, Vidal Blanc and Viognier Blush: Rose Dessert: Chistof

www.wineryweddingmagazine.com 21

Carol Turrentine Photography

Carol Turrentine Photography

Astrid Photography

Ingleside Vineyards


relaxed, laid-back atmosphere and exceptional wine selection at Ingleside Vineyards beckons visitors to embrace the casual lifestyle of Chesapeake Bay’s Northern Neck region. The 3,000 acre plantation was transformed into one of Virginia’s earliest wineries in 1980. With rich history and award winning wines, Ingleside has proven to be a stunning wedding venue.

Why Choose Ingleside

The serene, rural setting offers an inviting alternative to urban chaos with more than enough parking, no traffic and plenty of indoor/outdoor space! Wedding Coordinator Dana Gardner works with each couple to customize a memorable wedding day. After the celebration, guests can relax at two waterfront vacation properties owned and available through the winery.

Guests Accommodates up to 150

Availability Afternoon and evening weddings any day of the week

Ingleside Vineyards • Oak Grove, Va • 804-224-8687

22  winery weddings  fall 2012

Beverages Beer and liquor permitted with a banquet license

Wines Reds: Blue Crab Red, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Petit Verdot Reserve, Sangiovese, Syrah and Virginia Gold Whites: Blue Crab Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Unoaked Chardonnay Blush: Blue Crab Blush, Rosato di Sangioves and Sweet Virginia Rose

www.wineryweddingmagazine.com 23

Astrid Photograpy

Astrid Photography

Pamela Lepold Photography

Old House Vineyards


t the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains just east of Culpeper sits the beautiful, breathtaking Old House Vineyards. The 1800’s farmhouse once surrounded by a 75 acre alfalfa field was reconstructed into a quaint tasting room and vineyard in 1998. Open fields, mature vines, a tranquil lake, enticing island and Lakeside Pavilion create a gorgeous backdrop for a wedding ceremony and reception.

Why Choose Old House Weddings at Old House Vineyards are peaceful, beautiful and personal. From the bride’s unforgettable entrance onto the island to the last dance in the Lakeside Pavilion, Old House Vineyards is the ideal setting for a relaxed, intimate wedding.

Guests Accommodates up to 150

Availability Afternoon and evening weddings any day of the week

Old House Vineyards • Culpeper, Va • 540-423-1032

24  winery weddings  fall 2012

Beverages Beer and liquor permitted with a banquet license

Wines Reds: Rosie’s Rose, Cabernet Franc, Wicked Bottom, Bacchanalia and Arctica Whites: Clover Hill, Chardonnay and Vidal Blanc Sparkling: Petillante

www.wineryweddingmagazine.com 25

Pamela Lepold Photography

Pamela Lepold Photography

Pamela Lepold Photography

26  winery weddings  fall 2012

Pamela Lepold Photography

www.wineryweddingmagazine.com 27

Dominique Attaway Photography


28  winery weddings  fall 2012


www.wineryweddingmagazine.com 29

The Meaning of Flowers

Red Rose ......................................Love Gerbera Daisy .................Simplicity ..Peony ................................Prosperity Calla Lily ..............................Beauty Gardenia .....................................Joy Baby’s Breath .................Innocence Lily of the Valley ............Happiness Hydrangea .............Understanding 30  winery weddings  fall 2012


www.wineryweddingmagazine.com 31

Floral Ideas

32  winery weddings  fall 2012

www.wineryweddingmagazine.com 33

A Reception Timeline Wine (cocktail) Hour (0:00–1:00)

Newlywed’s Arrival (1:00–1:10)

First Dance (1:10-1:20)

After the ceremony the bridal party and relatives pose for the camera while guest drink wine and relax. If pictures were taken before the ceremony the bridal party can join in the “wine” hour as well.

When all guests are seated, the DJ or emcee announces the bride and groom’s parents, bridal party and new Mr. and Mrs. as they enter the reception hall.

Upon arrival to the reception, the bride and groom kick off the evening with their first dance as newlyweds. Couples who shy away from the spotlight can play a slideshow of photos during their first dance.

Blessing and Toast (1:20-1:30)

Eat, Drink and be Married (1:30-2:45)

Dancing (2:45-4:00)

Before the buffet line begins a family member of the bride or groom opens the celebration with a welcome speech, followed by a blessing over the food and a toast from the best man and maid of honor.

Dinner is served beginning with the bride, groom and bridal party. It’s recommended that the bride and groom socialize after their plates are empty.

Now the party really starts as the bride and groom step out on the dance floor and encourage guests to do the same.

Bouquet/Garter Toss (anytime)

Cake Cutting (4:00-4:10)

Dancing and Mingling (4:10-4:50)

Tradition has it the girl who catches the bouquet and the guy who snags the garter will marry next (although not necessarily to each other). It’s entertaining to watch what guests will do to snatch the bouquet and garter!

Cake cutting indicates that the evening is winding down; it should occur an hour before the reception ends. This provides guests with an opportunity to politely leave after dessert or stay until the evening ends.

Twist the night away or mingle with family and friends while sipping on one last glass of wine.

Last Dance (4:50-5:00)

Farewell (5:00)

Choose a fun, memorable song for the last dance and savor these final moments of the celebration.

34  winery weddings  fall 2012

It’s time to break out the sparklers, rose petals, bubbles, glow sticks or ribbon wands and bid the newlyweds farewell.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

First Dance Tactics Practice, practice, practice! Start practicing at least three months before the wedding date.

Select a meaningful song that you both enjoy. A two and a half to three minute song with a consistent, easy to hear beat usually works best.

Consider the bride’s attire before choreographing your dance. Is she wearing a long dress or a short one? Is it fitted or flowing? Can she lift her arms?

Take into account the size, shape and type of dance floor when choreographing your dance. Not excited about dancing in high heels? Bring fashionable flats just for dancing, and ask your husband- to-be if he feels comfortable swaying across the dance floor in his dress shoes. It’s a good idea to practice in the shoes you’ll be wearing at the reception. The groom leads and the bride follows. If this is a scary thought for the groom, or even scarier for the bride, sign up for dance lessons and dance the nights away.

It can be tempting to stare at your feet while dancing but it’s much more impressive to gaze lovingly into the eyes of your new spouse.

Let the DJ know about when and how your first dance will begin so he can smoothly transition into the song.

Keep it simple. It’s fun to show off those fancy twirls, jumps and dips but don’t overdo it.

Mistakes happen. Let it go, keep on dancing and have fun. www.wineryweddingmagazine.com 35

A Note on Music Q A

What’s the difference be-

tween a live band and a DJ? The primary differences

between a band and a DJ are


What equipment does a

DJ use? A DJ’s equipment in-

cludes a sound system, two to four speakers, a wireless

can take any genre such as

microphone, laptop and back

Jazz, Pop, Country, Rock,

up equipment. Many profes-

Swing or Latin and add a

sional DJs bring a portable

unique flair to it. The sound

booth and fabric to hide the

of a song will vary depending


start at $400. Your budget may


be a determining factor in the

pool service, which provides

decision for musical entertain-

the most up to date music


endorsed by record compa-

the musical talents of each band member. On average, a band’s rates start at $5,000 for an evening of musical entertainment and a DJ’s rates


expect from a musical entertainment company?


How does a DJ keep his

music current? Professional DJs

subscribe to a promotional

bouquet toss and dancing





Will a musical entertain-

ment company provide lighting Do DJs accept a “do not

play” list? Many DJs will ask for a



Many companies offer a

music and event lighting pack-

list of songs you do not want

age with options of uplighting,

played during the reception.

monogram lighting and laser

If a guest requests to hear a

beam effect lighting.

song on this list the DJ will not play it.


About Musical DJs How much does a DJ

typically cost?

As the only DJ company staffed and owned by professional musicians, Musical

The cost of a DJ var-

DJs offers live music and

ies depending on the type of

DJ services from a single

are accessible on the pool a

service you choose. Basic ser-

professional. An experienced

month before they are aired

vice, ranging from $400-$600

musician plays live music

on the radio.

an event, guarantees that a

at the ceremony and disc

DJ will arrive on your wed-

jockeys during the reception,

ding day and provide musical

offering you the best of both

entertainment. College friends,

worlds. Owner and profes-

relatives and moonlighters

sional Navy pianist Dan

fall into this category. Profes-

Lamaestra brings 25 years

sional DJ services range from

of experience to the busi-

nies. Newly released songs What services can you

and then disc jockeys at the

songs are also available in the

the sound and cost. A band

on the genre selected and

egory. Popular cake cutting,

ment and a DJ. The DJ not


a formal tuxedo to casual

$750 to $1500 an event. This

ness. His five star company

only plays music, he energizes

slacks and a button up shirt.

includes an experienced DJ

combines the piano, guitar,

the party. He is aware of the

Since most catering staffs

with professional equipment

trumpet and vocal talents of

reception timeline and runs

wear tuxedos, a dark suit is

and insurance. The DJ meets

Lamaestra and his team of

the show accordingly.

recommended for the DJ.

with you and your fiance prior

DJs to offer the most options

to the wedding day, compiles

of any DJ company. From

the reception timeline and en-

professional sound sys-

sures the party runs smoothly.

tems and lighting to a very

Elite services starting at $1500

complete music library and

are available by in demand

backup equipment, Musical

DJs with high reviews and a

DJs excels in delivering the

A musical entertainment

company provides three fundamental elements during the reception: music, sound equip-


What does a DJ wear to

a wedding? A DJ’s attire varies from

upon arrival to the reception


panies compile a database

unique aspect to their ser-

finest musical entertainment

as well as timely events such

of songs that include top 200

vices, such as a DJ who plays

to you and your guests.

as the first dance, cake cutting

lists for every musical cat-

the piano during the ceremony

Can a DJ emcee too?

Will the DJ provide a

song list? Yes! A DJ announces the

bridal party and newlyweds

and bouquet toss.

36  winery weddings  fall 2012

Professional DJ com-

E. Leise Photography

www.wineryweddingmagazine.com 37

Lighting up a Room


touch of light can transform a simple, dull

room into a colorful, upbeat event space. The effects of lighting elicit a variety of moods



to dramatic, subtle to bold, calm to energetic. When it comes to lighting, choose colors that flatter all skin tones like magenta, soft rose or teal. Artificial lights such as light fixtures, light and

strands, lamp



can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any event space.

Consider these lighting options when planning the party of your life! Uplighting Monogram lighting Spot lighting

Tent lighting

Radiates light upwards

Showcases initials on the

Emphasizes an area or

Converts a white can-

using a series of light

wall or dance floor. A de-

item in the room using

vas into a colorful back-

fixtures placed on the

signed pattern and wed-

a beam of light shining

drop with the use of light


ding date can be incorpo-

down from the ceiling.

strands or fixtures. Lantern

rated in the monogram.

light strings and lamp pendants are popular choices for tent lighting.

38  winery weddings  fall 2012

www.wineryweddingmagazine.com 39


Susan and Matt met while working at World Wildlife Fund in Washington, DC. They enjoyed a shared love of movies, travel, and great Italian food during their 10 year friendship. Then, just like in the movies, it all changed when they saw something more in each other.

How He Proposed...

While discussing upcoming vacation plans, Matt stepped out of the room for a moment then casually returned to the couch. He mentioned that several of his friends just came back from amazing trips to Paris and said, “I was wondering if you’d like to go with me to Paris for our honeymoon!” When he pulled out the ring Susan was blown away. It was absolutely perfect!

Why a Winery Wedding...

The couple desired a semi-destination wedding close to DC and a venue new to the guests. As a gourmet culinary instructor and private chef, Matt has always appreciated the taste of superb wine and food offered at Virginia wineries. Once they saw Potomac Point Winery’s gazebo, ballroom and Coyote Cave they knew it was the perfect place to say their ‘I do’s.’

PHOTOGRAPHER: Heather Bee Photography CATERER: Le Grand Cru CAKE: Stephanie the Baker FLORIST: Heaven on Earth Wedding Flowers INVITATIONS: Wedding Paper Divas

40  winery weddings  fall 2012

Heather Bee Photography

Susan & Matt

Heather Bee Photography

WEDDING MOMENT TO REMEMBER “I loved the first look experience when Matt saw me for the first time,” Susan recalled. The experience began when she entered a private part of the vineyard where Matt stood waiting with his back turned towards her. After she walked up to him and tapped his shoulder he turned around and instantly melted. She absolutely loved her future husband’s reaction when he saw her for the first time in her wedding dress just moments before the ceremony.

www.wineryweddingmagazine.com 41


How They Met...

Brooke and Travis met in high school. They remained close friends until her junior year and his senior year in college when they started to date.

How He Proposed...

Shortly after arriving at a fabulous bed and breakfast on Amelia Island, Travis asked Brooke to grab their dinner information from his travel bag. When she looked in his bag she was surprised to see the box that held his great grandmother’s engagement ring. She turned around to find Travis on one knee holding a ring he had designed just for her. She was so excited she didn’t give him a chance to slide the ring on her finger. She called and texted several family members and friends to share the wonderful news.

Why a Winery Wedding...

For Brooke and Travis it was more about a wedding at Veritas than a winery wedding. Growing up in the area, they enjoyed many Starry Nights music festivals at Veritas. From the first time Brooke visited the winery she knew it would be a perfect wedding venue. The combination of elegance, class, nature and romance was the right fit for their fun loving family and friends.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Jason Keefer Photography CATERER: Veritas Winery ICE CREAM: Split Banana FLORIST: Honey Bee’s INVITATIONS: St. Augustine Paper Company

42  winery weddings  fall 2012

Jason Keefer Photography

Brooke & Travis

Jason Keefer Photography

WEDDING MOMENT TO REMEMBER Brooke and Travis planned a unique, personalized wedding with programs tucked in hand-sewn burlap pouches, a wishing tree guest “book” and handmade paper flags used to send off the couple. A photo booth with props and a live performance by the 10 Spot band were big hits. The most memorable moment occurred during the father-daughter and mother-son dances when the groomsmen and bridesmaids cut in, adding some entertainment to say the least. www.wineryweddingmagazine.com 43


Katy’s family was planning a huge birthday bash for her uncle, and her uncle’s minister, Justin, would be attending. On the to-do list her aunt wrote, “you should flirt with Justin because I think you all should date.” Katy met Justin a few weeks earlier at church and wasn’t opposed to the idea, except that she was a terrible flirt! When it came time for dinner everyone quickly grabbed a seat, leaving Justin, Katy and a table for two in the middle of the room. They sat down together and Katy attempted to flirt with her entire family watching. The next day Justin emailed her and asked if she’d like to go on a date without her family present. Katy replied yes!

How He Proposed...

During a trip to Napa Valley, Justin and Katy visited Domaine Carneros Winery and soaked in the gorgeous vistas surrounding their patio seats. After ordering the sparkling wine tasting flight, Justin asked if perhaps they should have something special to celebrate. He then proposed and Katy accepted.

Why a Winery Wedding...

When it came time to pick a wedding venue Katy and Justin searched for a location that offered an intimate feel where they could keep the guest list small and celebrate with those most dear to them. Since they enjoyed many good times at Virginia wineries, including one of their first dates at Hillsborough Vineyards, it seemed natural to marry at a one.

PHOTOGRAPHER: E. Leise Photography CATERER: Karen Harper Fuog CAKE: Amy Holland and Baked to Perfection BRIDAL FLOWERS: Hydrangea Jim’s (CA) BOUTONNIERES: Herndon Florist INVITATIONS: Handmade

44  winery weddings  fall 2012

E. Leise Photography

Katy & Justin

E. Leise Photography

WEDDING MOMENT TO REMEMBER After the recession, Katy and Justin proceeded off the patio and around the tasting room where they noticed a small garden bench overlooking the mountains and vineyard. They sat down and savored their first moments as Mr. and Mrs. White, unaware that their photographer was right behind them capturing the moment.

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How They Met...

Bridget and John first met as children, but they didn’t spend time together until her senior year in college and his senior year in dental school. Sparks flew when John asked her to attend his senior dental gala as his date, and they’ve been together ever since.

How He Proposed...

Bridget planned a trip to New York City for John’s birthday. While touring the Empire State Building he asked a couple to take a picture of them standing in front of the sunset. When Bridget turned around for the picture John was down on one knee. It was a complete surprise and they ended up with an amazing photo.

Why a Winery Wedding...

Bridget and John love the wine and natural beauty at Williamsburg Winery. Since Bridget’s parents work at the winery they knew their reception would be incredible there.

PHOTOGRAPHER: E. Leise Photography CATERER: The Green Leafe CAKE: Cakes by Charlie FLORIST: The Flower Cupboard INVITATIONS: IBK Stationary Inc.

46  winery weddings  fall 2012

E. Leise Photography

Bridget & John

E. Leise Photography

WEDDING MOMENT TO REMEMBER Bridget will never forget the moment she saw John for the first time on their wedding day. It was truly a fairytale moment, when everything around her stopped and it was just her and John. John’s favorite moment occurred when Bridget’s dad stepped on her veil while giving her away. The veil ripped right off Bridget’s head, but luckily the maid of honor came to the rescue and placed it back where it belonged. For John this moment completely broke the ice.

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How They Met...

Jennifer and Jon met on match.com and could honestly be one of those couples on the commercials. There was an instant connection on their first date and they were both excited to see each other again. It’s definitely an online-dating success story.

How He Proposed...

One night while watching TV in bed Jon walked out to the kitchen under the pretense of looking for something to eat. He started digging around the refrigerator, freezer and cabinets. A few minutes later he called Jennifer into the kitchen. When she walked in he was on one knee holding out her dream engagement ring. Shocked, she started screaming and jumping up and down. Of course, she said yes!

Why a Winery Wedding...

On a Sunday afternoon, Jennifer and Jon drove around to local wineries and fell in love with the incredible scenery, historic house and “outdoorsy” feel of Old House Vineyards. While touring the winery they met a bride who married there and she had nothing but wonderful things to say. That sealed the deal!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Pamela Lepold Photography CATERER: Luigi’s Catering CAKE: The Cheesecake Factory FLORIST: Wegmans INVITATIONS: The Green Kangaroo

48  winery weddings  fall 2012

Pamela Lepold Photography

Jennifer & Jonathan

Pamela Lepold Photography

WEDDING MOMENT TO REMEMBER When Jennifer and Jon reflect on their wedding day they fondly remember the huge Old House bell ringing during their first kiss, a fun photo shoot, an amazing night of dancing and the send off sparklers. It was a beautiful, unforgettable day full of love and happiness.

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The financial checklist for newlyweds General Information

Investment Planning

Has the financial situation been assessed?

Are there current investments separately or together?




Mutual funds




Real estate Have investment goals been considered separately or

Money Management Have separate or joint savings plans been discussed? Will separate or joint checking/savings accounts be used? Has a record-keeping system been devised? Are there any credit history concerns?

together? Has size and frequency of investments been determined?

Retirement Planning

Have assets been itemized separately or together?

Is a retirement plan available?

Have debts been itemized separately or together?

IRA Employer-sponsored retirement plan Beneficiary designation

Housing Has a home been purchased? If not, is a home purchase planned? Have joint or sole home ownership options been considered?

How will the plan(s) be funded?

Estate Planning Is there a will? If so, will changes be made to the will? Is there a trust?

Insurance Planning Is health insurance needed? Will separate health insurance plans be maintained or will health coverage be combined? Does life insurance need to be purchased or upgraded? Does automobile insurance need to be purchased or upgraded? Does homeowners/renters insurance need to be purchased or upgraded? Does disability income insurance need to be purchased or upgraded?

~Contributed by Ameriprise Financial

50  winery weddings  fall 2012

If not, has setting up a trust been considered? Have durable power of attorneys been considered? Have health-care directives been established?

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Northern Virginia Wineries Bluemont Vineyards Bluemont, Va 540-554-8439

Hillsborough Vineyards Purcellville, Va 540-668-6216

Molon Lave Vineyards Warrenton, Va 540-439-5460

The Winery at Bull Run Centreville, Va 703-815-2233

Breaux Vineyards Purcellville, Va 540-668-6299

Little Washington Winery Washington, Va 540-987-8265

Morais Vineyards Bealeton, Va 703-369-2241

Three Fox Vineyards Delaplane, Va 540-364-6073

Chrysalis Vineyards Middleburg, Va 540-687-8222

Lost Creek Winery Leesburg, Va 703-443-9836

Notaviva Vineyards Purcellville, Va 540-668-6756

Twin Oaks Tavern Winery Bluemont, Va 540-554-4547

Doukénie Winery Purcellville, Va 540-668-6464

Loudoun Valley Vineyards Waterford, Va 540-882-3375

Philip Carter Winery Hume, Va 540-364-1203

Quattro Goomba’s Winery Aldie, Va 703-327-6052

Fox Meadow Winery Linden, Va 540-636-6777

Miracle Valley Vineyard Delaplane, Va 540-364-0228

Sunset Hills Vineyard Purcellville, Va 540-882-4560

Central Virginia Wineries Afton Mountain Vineyards Afton, Va 540-456-8667

First Colony Winery Charlottesville, Va 434-979-7105

Kings Family Vineyards Crozet, Va 434-823-7800

Potomac Point Winery Stafford, Va 540-446-2266

Barboursville Vineyards Barboursville, Va 540-832-382

Glass House Winery Free Union, Va 434-975-0094

Lazy Days Winery Amherst, Va 434-381-6088

Prince Michel Vineyard Leon, Va 1-800-800-WINE

Cooper Vineyards Louisa, Va 540-894-5474

Grayhaven Winery Gum Spring, Va 804-556-3917

Mountain Cove Vineyards Lovingston, Va 434-263-5392

Trump Winery Charlottesville, Va 434-984-4855

DelFosse Vineyards & Winery Faber, Va 434-263-6100

Hickory Hill Vineyards Moneta, Va 540-296-1393

Mountfair Vineyards Mountfair, Va 434-823-7605

Veritas Winery Afton, Va 540-456-8000

DeVault Family Vineyards Concord, Va 434-993-0561

Hill Top Berry Farm & Winery Nellysford, Va 434-361-1266

Old House Vineyards Culpeper, Va 540-423-1032

White Hall Vineyards Cozet, Va 434-823-8615

DuCard Vineyards Etlan, Va 540-923-4206

James River Cellars Glen Allen, Va 804-550-7516

Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards North Garden, Va 434-202-8063

Wintergreen Winery Nellysford, Va 434-361-2519

Early Mountain Vineyards Madison, Va 540-948-9005

Keswick Vineyards Keswick, Va 434-244-3341

Pollak Vineyards Greenwood, Va 540-456-8844

52  winery weddings  fall 2012

Eastern Virginia Wineries Chesapeake Bay Belle Mount Vineyards Warsaw, Va 804-333-4700 Hampton Roads New Kent Winery &Vineyards New Kent, Va 804-932-8240

General’s Ridge Vineyard Hague, Va 804-493-0767

Good Luck Cellars Kilmarnock, Va 804-435-1416

Ingleside Vineyards Oak Grove, Va 804-224-8687

Williamsburg Winery Williamsburg, Va 757-258-0899

Shenandoah Valley Wineries Barren Ridge Vineyards Fishersville, Va 540-248-3300

Cross Keys Vineyards Mt Crawford, Va 540-234-0505

Sharp Rock Vineyards Sperryville, Va 540-987-8020

Cave Ridge Vineyard Mt. Jackson, Va 540-447-2585

North Mountain Vineyard Maurertown, Va 540-436-9463

Veramar Vineyard Berryville, Va 540-955-5510

Wolf Gap Vineyard Edinburg, Va 540-984-3306

Blue Ridge Wineries AmRhein’s Wine Cellars Bent Mountain, Va 540-929-4632

Chateau Morrisette Winery Floyd, Va 540-593-2865

Attimo Winery Christiansburg, Va 540-382-7619

Valhalla Vineyards Roanoke, Va 540-725-9463

West Wind Farm Vineyard & Winery Max Meadows, Va 276-699-2020

Southern Virginia Wineries Altillo Vineyards Hurt, Va 434-324-4160

Annefield Vineyards Saxe, Va 434-454-6017

Molliver Vineyards & Winery Nathalie, Va 434-349-1000

Rosemont Winery LaCrosse, Va 434-636-9463

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The Dirt Road Wine Tour I

f you’re looking for a unique wine tasting experience Little Washington Winery is the place to go. While a typical tasting incorporates a sip of five or six wines blended from grapes grown in the vineyard, Little Washington Winery offers their own four to five blends along with wines from little known wine regions around the world. The selection includes rare varietals you may never have tasted and incredible blends you won’t find in restaurants or grocery stores. With artisan wines from Hawaii, Idaho, Arizona, Michigan, Maine, Texas, Colorado, Tuscany and places in between, a wine tasting here is more than a tasting; it’s a Dirt Road Wine Tour.

Each bottle on the Dirt Road wine rack has a story behind it and a reason it was chosen. Members of the Dirt Road Wine Club taste new selections first, and the best of the best earn a spot on the Dirt Road wine rack. The tasting is always fun, interesting, educational and different each visit, with four surprise wines opened every day. Visit Little Washington Winery and experience the Dirt Road Wine Tour for yourself.

Photo courtesy of Little Washington Winery

The idea of a Dirt Road Wine Tour emerged when proprietors Carl and Donna Henrickson opened their tasting room last fall. To supplement their two

wine selection they began searching for small farms like theirs that preserved farmland and produced incredible small batch wines. By the time Little Washington Winery’s own portfolio had grown to five wines, the Dirt Road Wine Tour was so popular the Henrickson’s decided to continue discovering the world’s hard to find artisan wines.

54  winery weddings  fall 2012


The color of wine reveals many characteristics including its age, saturation and alcohol content. White wines display a darker appearance as they age while red wines lose color over time and appear lighter. Pale, watery wines tend to be younger than tawny, brown white wines or orange, rusty brick red wines. The saturation, or degree of color in wine, is determined by tilting the glass so that the wine rolls toward the edges, allowing the true color to be seen. Dark red wines are saturated; pale pink wines are unsaturated. Full bodied wines such as Syrah or Zinfandel are thicker, darker and more saturated than light bodied wines like Pinot Noir. A wine’s alcohol content can be detected by firmly swirling the glass on a flat surface. Watch how the wine trickles down the sides of the glass. Wines that form “legs” or “tears” indicate a higher alcohol and glycerin content, which results in a dense, mouth-filling taste.


A wine’s aroma is an indicator of how it will taste. White wines such as Riesling and Viognier tend to emit floral or fruity fragrances while Sauvignon Blanc is known for its herbal or grassy scent. Many red wines release earthy aromas of mushroom, damp earth, leather and rock. Wine barrel scents such as toast, smoke, vanilla, chocolate, espresso, roasted nuts or caramel result from a wine’s aging in oak barrels. Barrels can produce a wide variety of scents depending on the type, age and construction of the oak. Older wines offer hundreds of scents that are impossible to name. The best wines emit complex but specific and balanced aromas.

A true wine tasting experience includes touch.


Pour about an inch of wine into your glass. Begin with the lightest wines then progress to the heaviest.


Observe the wine’s color. White wines appear darker as they age and red wines appear lighter.


Swirl the wine glass on a flat surface. The wine’s scent is released as it coats the sides of the glass.


Take a series of quick, short sniffs, then step away and process the scent.


Take a small sip, allowing the wine to fill your mouth half way. Before you swallow, let the wine slide across your tongue from front to back and side to side.


Wines can taste sweet, sour, salty or bitter. Acids, tannis and alcohol levels affect the dryness or sweetness of the wine. White wines are typically sweet and red wines tend to be dry. Those new to wine tasting usually detect jammy fruit and vanilla flavors similar to the taste of a soft drink. Wine connoisseurs can identify and appreciate the taste of more complex, flavorful wines that change in your mouth.


A true wine tasting experience includes the touch of wine on your tongue. The tannis in red wines, especially younger red wines, may feel prickly on the tongue. A mellow softness is ideal.

Consider the following questions when tasting new wines.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How sweet is it? How acidic is it? If it is a red wine, do you notice the tannins? Is it a light, medium or full-bodied wine? How strong is the alcohol? How fruity is it? How silky or rough does the wine feel on your tongue? Is the wine balanced or does one element overpower the others? Does the wine taste similar to its aroma? Does it leave a refreshing zing around the edges of your tongue?

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•Men don’t spend money on expensive toys just to make you mad- it’s genetic, they can’t help it. •If you ask his opinion and he says “I don’t care” or “I don’t know,” he really doesn’t care or doesn’t know. •“Would you be mad if I decided to…” means he already did it and doesn’t know how to hide it. •Men don’t have to know the rules of a sporting event to enjoy watching it. •Yes, a man really can decide if he wants to watch a TV channel in less than one second. •Don’t let him plan your summer vacation unless you really like barbecuing in your own backyard. •Don’t ever criticize your husband in publicthe world should know that you believe he tries really hard. •Don’t fight or argue over the little stuff. It is never worth the effort. •Tell him you love him, scratch his back and let him have the remote. Everything else is little stuff.

56  winery weddings  fall 2012



•If she says “Do whatever you want to,” you’d better figure out what it is she wants you to do. •“Do it when you get a minute” means “It should have been done already and without me telling you.” •There is no right answer to “Does this make me look fat?” If she thought it looked okay she wouldn’t be asking. •The best gift a man can give his children is to show them how much he loves their mother. •The second best gift he can give them is his time. •Any meal you don’t have to cook is a good one. If you don’t have to cleanup it’s a great one. •Don’t ever criticize your wife in public- the world should know that you believe she is perfect. •Don’t fight or argue over the little stuff. It’s not worth the effort. •Tell her you love her, buy her jewelry and rub her feet. Everything else is little stuff.

~Contributed by David Cordes with Ridgecrest Blog

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Tips, Tips and more Tips ● A tip is an additional percentage of the total amount due to a service provider. The percentage is determined by the bride and groom based on the quality of service provided.

● Gratuity is an additional percentage due to the service provider that must be paid to obtain services. The percentage amount is decided upon by the service provider.

● There is no need to tip if gratuity is required. ● Check all signed contracts before tipping; some include gratuity while others do not. ● All tips should be cash or check. ● As a rule of thumb, don’t tip the owner of a business; the tip is included in the total cost!


Recommended Tip

Wedding Planner

Up to $500 or a nice gift

Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist

15-25% of total amount

Wedding Delivery and Set-Up Staff

$5-$10 per person

Expected Optional ✓ ✓

Includes delivery of the wedding cake, flowers, sound system, etc. Religious Ceremony Officiant

Donate $100-$300 to the church/synagogue or an organization of his choice

Nonreligious Ceremony Officiant


Ceremony Musicians

$15-$25 per musician


$50-$200 if desired

Catering Staff

$100-$200 for catering manager

$50 for chef

expected if gratuity is not included in contract

$20-$30 for wait staff Reception Attendants

$20-$25 for bartender/waiter

Includes bartenders, wait staff, parking and bathroom attendants

$1 per car for parking attendant

Band or DJ

$20-$25 per musician or $50-$150 for DJ


15-20% of total amount

58  winery weddings  fall 2012

✓ ✓

VENDOR GUIDE Photographers


Astrid Photography www.myastrid.com 703-994-7718

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E. Leise Photography www.specialdayphoto.com 804-615-8733 Genevieve Leiper Photography www.genevieveleiper.com 703-200-0428 Hartwood Photography www.hartwoodphoto.com 540-455-1117 Heather Bee Photography www.heatherbeephoto.com 571-289-5754 Jason Keefer Photography www.jasonkeefer.com 434-989-4971 Pamela Lepold Photography www.weddingsbypamela.com 703-624-2159

Musical DJs www.musicaldjs.com info@musicaldjs.com

Valiant Photography Studio www.valiantphotographystudio.com 804-708-0078 Vita Images www.vitaimages.com 703-915-2745

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Makeup Makeup Artistry by Tracie www.tracierosales.com 571-201-5942

Secret Gardens, Betty Jo Dominic 434-249-0903

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Many thanks to: Astrid Photography www.myastrid.com Dominique Attaway Photography www.dominiqueattaway.com E. Leise Photography www.specialdayphoto.com Heather Bee Photography www.heatherbeephoto.com Jason Keefer Photography www.jasonkeefer.com Kim Moody Designs kimmoodydesign.com Musical DJs www.musicaldjs.com Pamela Lepold Photography www.weddingsbypamela.com Rothwell Photography www.rothwellphotography.com Secret Gardens, Betty Jo Dominick 434-249-0903

Photo Credits: Page 7 color Top Left and Right/Rothwell Photography, Middle Left and Right/Courtesy of Kim Moody Design, Bottom Left/stock photo, Bottom Right/Dominique Attaway Photography Page 26 flowers All photos/Dominque Attaway Photography Page 27 bouquets Top Left/Dominique Attaway Photography, Top Right/Dominique Attaway Photography, Top Middle Right/ Heather Bee Photography, Middle Left/Astrid Photography, Middle Middle/Pamela Lepold Photography, Middle Right/Dominique Attaway Photography, Bottom Left/Rothwell Photography, Bottom Right/Astrid Photography Page 28 meaning of flowers Top Left/Dominique Attaway Photography, Top Right/E. Leise Photography, Middle Left/Dominique Attaway Photography, Middle Right/Rothwell Photography, Bottom Left/stock photo Page 29 centerpieces Top Left/Pamela Lepold Photography, Top Right/Dominique Attaway Photography, Middle Right/E. Leise Photography, Bottom Left/Pamela Lepold Photography, Bottom Right/Heather Bee Photography

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Page 30 floral ideas Top Left/Dominique Attaway Photography, Top Right/Astrid Photography, Bottom Left/E. Leise Photography, Bottom Right/Charles W. Taylor III, Secret Gardens Page 31 floral ideas Top Left/Rothwell Photography, Top Right/Astrid Photography, Middle Left/Dominique Attaway Photography, Middle Right/Dominique Attaway Photography, Bottom Left/Roland Cesar Photography-Secret Gardens, Bottom Middle/Rothwell Photography, Bottom Right/Rothwell Photography Page 36 lighting up a room Rothwell Photography Page 37 lighting up a room Top Left/E. Leise Photography, Top Right/Rothwell Photography, Middle Left/E. Leise Photography, Bottom Left/Rothwell Photography, Bottom Right/Rothwell Photography Page 59 Full page/Charles W. Taylor III

Floral Arrangement by Betty Jo Dominick Secret Gardens 434.249.0903

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Profile for Winery Weddings

Winery Weddings in Virginia  

Winery Weddings in Virginia is the ideal magazine for any bride and groom planning their big day. While the magazine focuses on winery wedd...

Winery Weddings in Virginia  

Winery Weddings in Virginia is the ideal magazine for any bride and groom planning their big day. While the magazine focuses on winery wedd...