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Experience Rich Virginia Culture While Relishing Award Winning Wines at TWABR At The Winery at Bull Run, you get to enjoy not only delicious wines but also experience a delighting overview of the rich Virginia culture. If you are searching for a suitable venue for wine tasting in DC, then TWABR is the perfect place for the same. By visiting TWABR, you can have the privilege of enjoying exciting tours of Virginia vineyards that is a prominent element of attraction here. As for wine variety, you will definitely get the best of Virginian wines as TWABR offers a premium collection of Red & White wines. While Norton, Merlot, Meritage Reserve are the major red wines available at our winery; you can also relish white wines like Delaney, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay etc. Our Dessert & Fruit wine Classic Blueberry is quite famous as well. Every wine at TWABR is simply classic and so you will never forget the taste of wine served here throughout your life. All of this reflects the magnificence and lavishness that comes linked with these wines. Many of these wines have also made us proud in the wine competitions by bagging the most prestigious awards.

Our 2010 Fort, 2012 Merlot, 2012 Lilly's Viognier, 2012 Pinot Gris won medals in the 2013 Grand Harvest Wine Competition; while 2012 Lilly's Viognier, 2011 Meritage Reserve, 2012 Norton and Classic Peach won awards in the Wines of the South Regional Wine Competition held in 2013. Grabbing such prestigious medals gives a fair indication of how well our offered wines have delighted wine lovers over the years. At TWABR, we strive to provide absolute fun & a relaxing time to every visitor arriving here to relish our exotic wines. We make your every moment spent at the winery a memorable one by taking care of the minutest details at the time of serving wines. The wine servers here put across an astounding presentation of Virginia style hospitality while offering delicious wine in glasses. Get ready to experience a jovial atmosphere and unparalleled service as you visit our winery. TWABR also serves as the perfect destination for organizing family functions, weddings, anniversary, birthdays or any other celebration you may think of. Most importantly, when you start planning for your event, you are not alone. Our dedicated Events team at TWABR helps you plan the event in the most

innovative way and so you can rest assured of leaving a long lasting impression on your guests.

Exciting Tours of Virginia Vineyards  
Exciting Tours of Virginia Vineyards