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Old Food and Wine Pairing Assumptions

When it comes to food and wine pairing, people carelessly mismatch any cuisine with any dish. But be creative and hedonistic while you go for food and wine pairing to relish your platter!

Earlier, people didn’t bother how food was cooked, seasoned and flavored. The random matching’s were:

Red wine with red meat  White wine with fish or white meat  No wine with any salad 

Fundamental Flavors of Wine  Sweet  Sour  Salty  Bitter

Basics of Food and Wine Pairing  Savor red wine with braised, grilled meat or beef.  Relish salty or cheesy cuisines with a sweet viscous wine.  Pair smoky or oily cuisine with high acidic or dry wine.

Flavors and Pairings 

  

Sweetness: Sweet cuisines are best paired with light, sweet wines as they share the same level of sweetness. Salty: Enjoy salty or saucy dishes with wines having an acidic touch. Bitterness: Bitter vegetables are paired well with smooth, off-dry or full bodied wines. Match citrus fruits and other high acidic dishes with high acidic wines


Food and Wine Pairing  

Here are some assumptions made in old times regarding food and wine pairing.

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