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11% Are very or fairly likely to open additional branches in the coming year (2017: 13%)


of the game with new concepts and ideas, says Sam Jackson of Chester Beer &

Wine. “We feel the need to be more than

just a wine shop with new events, tastings

and products. The public seems to expect a lot more than 10 years ago.”

Stephen Murphy of The Wine Factor

in Chingford, north east London, says:

“Although I think that high street retailers

“The internet is the greatest cause of

concern with regards to consumers’ buying habits and so retailers have to offer a

reason for these consumers to enter.”


bottles,” says Euan McNicoll of McNicoll & Cairnie in Broughty Ferry.

media will help develop sales, along with customer-focused supplier visits. For

example I will be taking key customers

to visit gin distillers, independent whisky bottlers, and so on.”

Are very or fairly likely to try to sell the business in the coming year (2017: 3%)

Services in Canterbury is in that camp.

“We see a good future for independents

How sales are split Online 4.4% Wholesale 19% Other 4.9%

Shop 71.7%

Jefferson Boss of StarmoreBoss in

Number of responses: 168 The share of turnover from shop sales (which includes on-premise takings) is up from 68.4% last year, while online’s share has declined from 5.7%. The proportion of sales going through wholesale is down from 20.7% last year.

Sheffield sounds a similar note. “Although

offering sound advice,” he says, “and a

concentrating on being able to provide a

with a more event and experience-focused

external factors like the economy are

better service to our customers through customer loyalty, finally sorting out our

online sales and information, and creating

a wine club in order to increase our sales.”


Clive Barlow MW of Press Wine

budget weeknight wines as well as special

creating their own sets of worries, we are Are very or fairly likely to reduce staff numbers in the coming year (2017: 3%)

outlook remains hopeful.

becoming better known for having good

“We believe that increased social

Are very or fairly likely to increase staff numbers in the coming year (2017: 47%)

feeling among many independents that the

the coming years, I think that they need to

“Our reputation locally is key, but we are


Despite all the challenges, there is a

are finding it, and will find it, difficult over adapt.

Are very or fairly likely to close one or more branches in the coming year (2017: 2%)

willing to try something different.”

“As the range grows, so does the

expectation of stocking more wines,” says

Tim Watson of The Grape to Glass Wine Shop & Tasting Room in Rhos-on-Sea on the north Wales coast.

“As we have introduced wine by the

glass, and BYO food, the space has become increasingly popular, and customers are


range of wines giving value, quality and

interest at different price points combined approach.”

Mark Wrigglesworth of The Good

Wine Shop in London sums up what many are thinking with a bullish assessment of the year ahead.

“We have confidence in our offering and

believe we can continue to build on the

successes of 2017, despite the uncertainty that Brexit brings,” he says.

“We are not going to allow the

uncertainty to dissuade us from advancing our plans.”

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The Wine Merchant issue 67

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