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THE RUSTY STAUB FOUNDATION “Benefiting Youth, Fighting Hunger”


t was 1985 and for Rusty Staub, it was time to go to bat for those much less fortunate in life. The Rusty Staub Foundation** was founded that year and, true to our motto “Benefiting Youth, Fighting Hunger”, our only mission ever since has been to give children the opportunity to live full, happy and productive lives and to give aid to the hungry. To this end we have established the Rusty Staub Foundation Emergency Food Pantries. Presently, we have food pantries in Harlem, Brooklyn & Queens. Additionally, our new mobile unit brings food to the Bronx and Staten Island and will also be available in case of an emergency. This year we expect to serve more than one million meals in New York City to the needy. To date, the foundation has raised more than $10,000,000 for organizations that share our mission. We raise funds primarily through events held annually in New York City such as our annual wine auction dinner in October. We also put on a golf tournament in June of each year to help fund our food pantries and mobile unit. We are sincerely grateful for all of the financial assistance we have received throughout the years and promise to work as hard as possible to continue to earn your valued support. We, and especially the children and families who have benefited so much from your generosity, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. **The Rusty Staub Foundation is a not-for-profit, 501c(3) charitable organization recognized by the U.S. Federal Government, the Internal Revenue Service and the State of New York (Federal Tax ID # 13-3340651). Any donation received is tax-deductible in accordance with the Federal and State Tax Codes. N.Y. State #221992

The Rusty Staub Foundation Would Like To Thank Ursula Hermacinscki ***** Michael Hodes and Joel Rubins of WESTERN CARRIERS for their generosity and tireless assistance before and after the auction ***** All of the California and Burgundy vintners who gave us so much help with our lots ***** Marty Gold and Scott Gerber of MARTIN SCOTT WINES for all their help in bringing so many of our items to New York ***** Eric Ripert **** Karin Burroughs and the staff of LE BERNARDIN ***** ORBIS BRYNMORE LITHOGRAPHERS Camilo Ruiz for his artistry in designing our catalog and proprietor, Caesar Romero, for his continuing support ***** All of our friends at WILSON DANIELS ***** Chip Horne of CHORNE GRAPHICS ***** Margaret King, Kate McGowan and Rosemary Griffin of CATHOLIC CHARITIES ***** Rolinda Thompson and the staff at TEMPTROL ***** Becky Wasserman of Becky Wasserman Selections SARL LE SERBET ***** Allen Meadows ***** Robert Parker ***** Stephen Tanzer


rsla Hermacinski is one of the foremost wine auctioneers in the world. She has been standing at a podium from the very start of her career at Christie’s in New York in 1984. Ursula worked as a furniture and decorations generalist until Christie’s called upon her to actualize her passion for the grape. In 1994, Ursula established Christie’s New York wine department along with their original auction partner Zachys, the Scarsdale, NY fine wine mega-retailer. The ZachysChristie’s New York wine auctions set new standards for the American wine auction market. Ursula left Christie’s at the end of 1998 and jumped into the high adventures of the dot .com arena. Her pioneering interest in online wine auctions prompted Wine Spectator to profile Ursula in its article “The Changing Face of Auctions.” Over the years, Ursula has been invited to work most of the country’s top ten benefit wine auctions. In 1992 Ursula became the first woman to take the rostrum at the world famous Napa Valley Wine Auction and continues to appear annually. In June 2005, Ursula shared the stage with Jay Leno to hammer down the largest Napa Valley Wine Auction total to date: $10.5 million. Ursula works personally with record-holding baseball player Rusty Staub, presiding each year over his foundation’s wine auction, which is the country’s fourth largest. Ursula has also joined forces with celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse to wield the gavel for his foundation. She has worked with Robin Williams, Michael J. Fox, Heather Locklear and Teri Hatcher, each celebrity jumping on her stage to spice up the auction action. In addition to banging a gavel, Ursula has spoken at a number of wine conferences and symposia, including the Aspen Food & Wine Festival, The International Pinot Noir Celebration and the American Institute of Wine and Food National Convention. Ursula has been featured on CNN’s Marketplace and is a frequent guest on various radio shows dealing with wine and its investment potential. Additionally, you will have seen her profiled in Wine Spectator, Decanter, Wine & Spirits, Drinks, Town & Country, and Glamour magazines. Often called upon to comment on women’s position in the wine world, her comments are found in a recent article on wine marketing to women. Along with the wine world’s most influential figures in the international wine scene, Ursula is included in Ann B. Matasar’s, Women of Wine (University of California Press). Vanity Fair magazine included her as a definition in their 2005 Wine Snob’s Dictionary.

With the 2006 harvest, Ursula joined new owner Stan Kroenke at Screaming Eagle . She was chosen for this position by Kroenke, who felt that her connection to the Napa Valley, as well as her experience of the world’s finest wine, was a perfect fit for his efforts to create a new team to continue the excellence of the property. She is also the author of The Wine Lovers Guide to Auctions: The Art & Science of Buying and Selling Wine (Square One Publishers). and is currently the Sales and Marketing Consultant for Casey Flat Ranch in Northern California. Ursula continues to be one of the most requested and respected wine charity auctioneers in the country. We can’t begin to tell you how honored we are to have Ursula here with us tonight to do what we think she does better than anyone else.

CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE 1. The auctioneer is the agent for the Rusty Staub Foundation (herein “seller”). 2. These Conditions of Purchase, as amended by addenda or oral announcements during the sale, constitute the entire terms and conditions of seller with respect to the sale and purchase of wines listed herein. By bidding, the bidder agrees to be bound by these Conditions of Purchase. 3. All bids are per lot as announced by the auctioneer, listed on the bid sheet, or amended in the addendum. Seller may divide, duplicate and/or combine any lot or lots at its sole discretion. 4. Absentee bids for this auction may be placed several ways: via fax prior to 9:00 a.m. E.S.T. on the day of the live auction or via telephone during the live auction itself, provided that previous arrangements have been made to do so. All lots will be sold to the highest bidder to be sold at the fall of the gavel. Duplicate lots may be offered to under-bidders at the discretion of the auctioneer. 5. Seller may, at any time prior to the fall of the gavel, withdraw a lot from the Auction. 6. Seller shall have the right to reject any bid at any time prior to the fall of the gavel. Bids will be accepted only from registered bidders. 7. Should a dispute arise between bidders in the Auction, or should the auctioneer doubt the validity of any bid, the auctioneer shall have the right to resolve the dispute, re-offer, re-sell or withdraw the lot in question. 8. No bid shall be valid unless acknowledged by the auctioneer. A lot will be deemed sold at the fall of the gavel, after which the buyer assumes full risk and responsibility. 9. Bids that are submitted to the seller in writing, via the internet or otherwise left with the seller prior to the sale, for execution at or below a specified price, are entertained and executed by the seller for the convenience of the bidders; but the seller shall not be responsible for failing to execute such bids or for errors relating to the execution of such bids. 10. All wines sold herein are subject to the provisions of the New York Alcoholic Beverage Control Act and are offered and sold subject to its provisions. Any offer or sale shall be governed and interpreted by the laws of the State of New York. 11. For federal income tax purposes, seller is classified as a tax-exempt corporation (Tax I.D. #13-3340651) under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). 12. Prior to the receipt of any wine, purchasers must make full payment, in U.S. dollars, by November 30, 2010. All payments must be made by cash, check or American Express card. Seller reserves the right to re-sell any lot or lots for which payment has not been made. 13. Should any dispute related to these conditions of purchase arise, the prevailing party shall be entitled to its reasonable attorney’s fees and costs. 14. No representative of seller shall have the right to waive or modify any of the terms and conditions set forth herein, except that the seller’s authorized representative may do so by general announcement at the Auction. 15. The Auction is a widely publicized event. As a condition of and in consideration for participation in the Auction, participant releases the seller from any liability connected with the reproduction, adaptation, display, publication, and distribution, in any and all media, whether now known or yet to be developed, of any videos, photographs or other images taken of the participant at the Auction, participant’s name, voice likeness, city of residence, and any other information regarding her or his participation in the Auction. 16. Terms and conditions of all lots and certificates must be strictly adhered to. Changes may not be allowable. 17. Although arrangements have been made for all successful bidders on dinner lots to bring the wines included with the lot to the restaurant, it is not mandatory to do so. Other wines may be freely substituted in their place and/or wines may be purchased directly from the restaurant’s wine list.

TERMINOLOGY .375 A half bottle which hold .375 milliliters of wine. .750 A standard-sized bottle which holds 750 milliliters of wine, or 4/5 quart. Magnum A bottle which holds 1.5 liters of wine, the equivalent of two .750ml bottles. Double Magnum Also called JĂŠroboam in Burgundy, a bottle which holds 3 liters of wine, the equivalent of four .750ml bottles. Rehoboam A bottle which holds 5 liters of wine, the equivalent of six 750ml bottles. Methuselah (Burgundy) or Imperial (Bordeaux) A bottle which holds 6 liters of wine, the equivalent of eight 750ml bottles. Salmanazar A bottle which holds 9 liters of wine, the equivalent of twelve 750ml bottles. Balthazar A bottle which holds 12 liters of wine, the equivalent of sixteen 750ml bottles. Nebuchadnezzar A bottle which holds 15 liters of wine, the equivalent of twenty 750ml bottles.


“The 2009 Lafite Rothschild is a candidate for ‘wine of the vintage.’ Only 45% of the crop went into the grand vin, which may be the most concentrated Lafite I have ever tasted. There is not a hard edge to be found in this inky/purple-colored wine displaying notes of charcoal, incense, black currants, and licorice. In the mouth, it represents a liqueur of black fruits offered in a remarkably full-bodied, incredibly elegant, lush style. Expansive, savory, staggeringly concentrated, and voluptuous as well as wonderfully precise with a hint of minerality, this sensational wine’s technical numbers are off the charts. Is this a replay of the 1959? Although it will be surprisingly approachable in its youth, this is a 50-100-year wine.” Robert Parker

Opening Bid: $20,000




“The 2009 Latour has off the charts concentration in addition to the highest level of tannin ever measured at the estate. Possibly a 100-year wine, it boasts an inky/black/purple color as well as an extraordinary perfume of super-intense blue and black fruits, graphite, and a liqueur of rocks-like minerality. Enormously full-bodied yet at the same time incredibly fresh, vibrant, and precise, it coats the mouth, and builds incrementally to skyscraper-like texture, and a whopping finish that lasts over a minute. A monumental wine from a monumental vintage in the Medoc, this is our children’s children’s children’s elixir.” Robert Parker

Opening Bid: $18,000


“Thirty-five percent of the crop went into the 2009 Chateau Margaux, composed of 87% Cabernet Sauvignon, 9% Merlot, and the rest Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. The alcohol level of 13.3% is high, but not excessively so. A wine such as this is like the quintessence of terroir. A super, uber-concentrated perfume of creme de cassis and flowers cascades across the palate with a lightness of being despite massive concentration, a sumptuous personality, and an unctuous texture. I have never tasted a Chateau Margaux quite like this. It should be relatively drinkable at an early age, yet will last for 50-100 years. Oh my!� Robert Parker

Opening Bid: $16,000




“This is the kind of wine to send chills even up my spine, and I have been tasting here for nearly 30 years. An extraordinary nose of plum, blueberry, raspberry, crushed rock, and that intriguing floral as well as unsmoked cigar tobacco note (a classic sign of this terroir) is followed by a wine of creamy unctuosity reminiscent of 1989, but there is a freshness, vibrancy and precision that is historic and possibly unprecedented. This is the quintessential expression of one of the greatest wine terroirs of the world.� Robert Parker

Opening Bid: $14,000


“The harvest for the 2009 Cheval Blanc began in mid-September and finished on October 8. One of this estate’s greatest wines, the 2009 (58% Merlot and 42% Cabernet Franc) came in at 13.5% natural alcohol (some lots were as high as 14.5%). The wine exhibits sumptuous aromatics of subtle menthol intermixed with caramel, black raspberries, mulberries, kirsch, and cassis. With a stupendous opulence and a fleshy mouthfeel, but no heaviness or fatigue, this dense wine is staggeringly concentrated, very full-bodied, powerful, and silky smooth. Irresistible already, it is almost frightening to think how compelling this beauty should be in a few years.” Robert Parker

Opening Bid: $15,000




“I have had four great vintages in my life – 1982, 1989, 1990 and 2009. The (2009s) are very, very special.” Christian Moueix “Harvested between September 17 and the beginning of October, the 2009 Petrus reminds me of what the 1982 tasted like at a similar age. Sweet tannins along with extraordinarily pure mulberry and black cherry fruit intermixed with hints of licorice and truffle are found in this 2009 in addition to a voluptuous mouthfeel, an unctuous texture, and, for Petrus, relatively high alcohol of 14.2%. Stuffed, rich, and creamy-textured with a full-bodied, powerful, exuberant personality, it should be approachable in a decade, and last for 40-50 years.” Robert Parker

Opening Bid: $38,000


“(2007 Bonnes Mares) Pale, bright medium red. Reticent but complex nose combines red fruits, brown spices and red licorice. Sweet, rich, pliant Bonnes-Mares with excellent volume and depth to its red fruit flavors.” Stephen Tanzer “(2006 Clos de la Maréchale) Saturated red-ruby color. Pure, vibrant nose features smoky black cherry. Rich, sweet and pure, with superb energy to the flavors of black and red cherry and minerals. Impressively dense, broad wine, finishing with excellent lingering perfume and solid spine for aging. In comparison to this wine, the 2005 version seems a bit easier.” Stephen Tanzer Includes one Methuselah each of Mugnier 2007 Bonnes Mares 2006 Clos de la Maréchale

Opening Bid: $1,200




Much to our amazement and good fortune, Benjamin Leroux, the brilliant wine maker at the domaine, decided to continue his tradition of making large format bottles of Pommard Clos des Epeneaux just for us. Here, we have an extremely rare collection of Methuselahs and even a Salmanazar. We quote Allen Meadows: “In contrast to the reticence displayed from barrel, now that the ‘06 is in bottle it is surprisingly open and expressive with a beautifully layered nose of raspberry, cherry and red pinot fruit nuanced by hints of spice, earth, minerals and a dried herb component that introduces intense, balanced and pure flavors that culminate in a serious, mouth coating and well built finish where the tannins are solid but not rustic or aggressive. This will require the better part of a decade to arrive at its majority as the tannins are quite firm and despite the inviting openness of the nose, the finish is on the austere side at present.” “This (2007) is perhaps a bit more elegant than usual, it’s certainly more elegant than either the 2005 or the 2006 versions and reminds me a bit of the 2001 aromatically. An expressive nose of red berry fruit, earth and a hint of spice merges into cool, precise and vibrant medium full-bodied flavors that are supported by firm but ripe tannins on the linear, long and palate coating finish. This is really a lovely ‘07 with good muscle and solid mid-palate concentration.” “Extremely subtle wood frames more complex and more densely fruited earthy and fresh red pinot, plum and currant aromas that slide gracefully into detailed, intense and big-bodied flavors that possess plenty of dry extract which does its job of buffering the firm tannic spine on the detailed, balanced and strikingly long finish. This (2008) appears to have excellent aging potential.” Includes: A Methuselah of 2006 Comte Armand Pommard Clos des Epeneaux A Salmanazar of 2007 Comte Armand Pommard Clos des Epeneaux A Methuselah of 2008 Comte Armand Pommard Clos des Epeneaux Opening Bid: $4,200


“An intensely floral nose of rose petal, violets, plum, Asian spices, soy and very fresh, airy and lilting red berry aromas that are cool and assured and complement to perfection the poised, pure and harmonious middle weight flavors that ooze a very fine minerality and are supported by equally fine tannins on the discreet yet stunningly long finish. This is completely Zen in that the ‘wow’ factor is the perfect harmony and proportionality of the elements.” Allen Meadows

Opening Bid: $50,000


LOT 10


“As the late picking date would suggest, this is a very ripe and wonderfully nuanced wine with a brilliantly complex nose of white peach, pear, exotic yellow fruits, acacia blossom and citrus hints that complement perfectly the rich and monumentally constructed flavors that possess an almost chewy texture yet the mouth feel is one of satin and silk, all wrapped in a palate staining mildly toasty finish that displays impeccable balance and incredible length. To call this a knockout seems almost like faint praise but it is one genuinely stunning wine.� Allen Meadows

Opening Bid: $30,000


“A reserved yet equally kaleidoscopic nose of red, blue and violet aromas that is wonderfully broad, spicy, fresh, airy and layered leads to intensely floral, mineral infused and focused medium weight plus flavors that possess a strikingly attractive mouth feel and while in the context of the pantheon of great vintages of this storied wine, the ‘07 will be viewed as one of the lighter examples, the focus and balance here is nigh on perfect as the finish explodes into a hugely long finale, all underpinned by firm tannins and bright acidity.” Allen Meadows

Opening Bid: $15,000

LOT 11

LOT 12


“As is often the case, this is much more reserved though not exactly discreet as the white flower and citrus aromas are well-layered and quite pretty. The restraint continues onto the rich, full-bodied and entirely serious flavors that are notably more backward, all wrapped in a detailed, lightly mineral-suffused and driving finish that is both lemony and quite dry. This explosive effort is a real beauty and should enjoy a long life.� Allen Meadows

Opening Bid: $4,500


Erwan Faiveley described 2007 as a “very cool and late vintage of terroir. The transparency is really remarkable and might be the best since 2001 in this regard. We waited to harvest and didn’t begin picking until the 28th of September because we didn’t believe that we had the necessary phenolic ripeness prior to that date. We picked slowly and deliberately for 11 days. There was less sorting required than in 2007 and our losses were relatively minor at between 5 and 7%. We elected to take a very soft approach to our vinification because while we believed that we had good phenolic ripeness generally, we decided not to push our luck because we weren’t sure that the seeds all got fully ripe and didn’t want to risk extracting astringent tannins. Our new state-of-the-art presses were extremely helpful in this regard. Overall, 2008 is a year for purists who enjoy the cool and ultra pure fruit that late-harvesting vintages typically give. Moreover, the wines should age effortlessly as they have everything they need, in particular the balance.” There’s just no more to say. Well, on second thought, we should probably mention that we have a rare Jéroboams of these great wines. Now, admit it, the only other times you’ve ever seen Jéroboams of Faiveley wines…were at RSF auctions in the past. And we’re not finished yet. This year Erwan gave us a Jéroboam each of super rare Bâtard Montrachet and Bienvenues Bâtard Montrachet! Includes one Jéroboam each of Faiveley: 2008 Corton Clos des Cortons 2008 Chambertin Clos de Bèze 2008 Latricières Chambertin 2008 Mazis Chambertin 2008 Clos Vougeot 2008 Echézeaux 2008 Bâtard Montrachet 2008 Bienvenues Bâtard Montrachet Opening Bid: $6,000

LOT 13

LOT 14


We can’t put into words how very privileged we feel to be able to present this monumental prize to you tonight, a rare Three-Liter bottle of 2006 Harlan Estate Proprietary Red Wine. Bill Harlan had a vision. He was determined to produce a California First Growth. Together with wine maker Bob Levy and famed French consultant Michel Roland, Bill produces one of the most profound wines in the world. His wines possess all of the elements of greatness: individuality, power, elegance, unbelievable complexity, unique aging potential and richness of extract. Having achieved cult status from the very start, this great wine continues to seek higher levels of perfection. We have Rusty and Bill’s long time friendship to thank for this priceless gift to us. Also, a special thanks to Harlan Estate’s incredible Marketing Director, Don Weaver for all of his help through the years. If there’s a better man at the helm in Napa than him we’d like to know who. “Very intensely flavored but wonderfully refined wine, with a light touch to its slowly mounting, highly complex flavors of dark fruits, spices, minerals, tobacco and spices. A wine of great finesse, finishing with superb tannins and outstanding lift. This wine has been a knockout from the outset.” Stephen Tanzer Includes one Three-Liter bottle of: 2006 Harlan Estate Proprietary Red Wine Donated by Debbie and Bill Harlan.

Opening Bid: $7,000


A little play (pun intended) on words here from Samuel Beckett’s great play, Waiting for Godot. Since he wrote it originally in French we thought, why not use the title as a backdrop for these sensational Jadot Jéroboams. So, if you were…waiting for Jadot. Here you go. Includes one Jéroboam each of Maison Jadot: 2006 Montrachet 2006 Bienvenues Bâtard Montrachet 2006 Chevalier Montrachet Les Demoiselles 2006 Corton Charlemagne

Opening Bid: $6,000

LOT 15

LOT 16


Here’s a mini-cellar of some of California’s biggest stars. Includes one .750 bottle each of: 2007 Blackbird Contrarian Red 2007 Blackbird Illustration Red 2007 Blackbird Paramour Red 2006 D.R. Stephens Moose Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Colgin IX Estate Red 2006 Colgin IX Estate Syrah 2004 Grace Family Blank Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 Harlan Estate Proprietary Red 2006 Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 Schrader Mayacama Range Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 1997 Staglin Family Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 Switchback Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 Marcassin Blue Slide Ridge Pinot Noir 2005 Gargiulo 575 OVX Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 Kongsgaard “The Judge” Chardonnay 2007 Kongsgaard Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 Kongsgaard Syrah

Opening Bid: $3,200


Rivaling DRC’s Montrachet virtually every vintage is Dominique Lafon’s magical Montrachet. Much has been written about the 2008 vintage but perhaps Monsieur Lafon says it best himself: “I remember quite clearly being at a Saturday night dinner on the 13th of September and there was a torrential rain storm and everyone there thought it was the end of the vintage because there was no prayer of anything ever being ripe. Then, as if by divine intervention, the morning of the 14th was bright and sunny with a strong north wind that blew for the rest of September. I waited until the 28th to begin picking and while we had normal yields in terms of fruit, there was no juice in the berries. You know, it’s true what the oldsters say that when you have sunshine and a strong north wind, you can lose up to 2 hl/ha each day. There was also plenty of sorting necessary but what we kept was actually quite ripe. I didn’t look for extraction as I was afraid of extracting harsh tannins so the wines are soft and round. And to be completely sure that the reds are clean, for the first time since 2004 I did a lees settling as I just didn’t want to take the risk of imparting any off odors. Given the way that I vinified the reds allied with the natural character of the vintage, 2008 is definitely a vintage of finesse.” Includes: 6 bottles of 2008 Lafon Montrachet

Opening Bid: $4,200

LOT 17

LOT 18


Here’a a big bottle collection of Bordeaux from three of the greatest vintages ever – 2000, 2003 and 2005. Includes one Double Magnum each of: 2000 Gruaud Larose 2003 Mouton 2005 Pape Clément 2005 Larcis Ducasse 2005 Léoville Barton 2005 Pontet Canet

Opening Bid: $3,800


An incredible experience from Staglin Family Vineyard and the Cindy Pawlcyn Restaurant Group for 3 couples and their friends. Long time Rusty Staub Foundation supporters Shari and Garen Staglin and Cindy Pawlcyn invite 3 couples (6 people) to be their guests for a one of kind experience at their 64 acre Rutherford property. Day 1 – Arrive in the afternoon and check into your guest suite at the recently restored Steckter House, constructed in 1868, and now the Staglin Hospitality Center. Relax and get ready for a fabulous dinner prepared by Garen and Shari in their new commercial kitchen using vegetables from their garden and, of course, wines from their cellar. Day 2 – Take an early morning walk with Shari and Garen around their and their neighbors (Coppola, Mondavi, and Scarecrow) vineyards and then enjoy breakfast at the Oakville Grocery. Later, walk the vineyard with manager, David Abreu, and learn the history of this renowned estate. After an alfresco lunch you’ll join winemaker Fredrik Johansson in the Staglins’ 24,000 square foot underground cave where you’ll sample the latest releases. For dinner, you will head up to the Staglins’ Tuscan designed villa, site of the Disney movie “The Parent Trap”, for a gourmet dinner for 12 prepared by Cindy and her chefs from Go Fish, Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen and Mustard’s, so, feel free to invite 6 more guests of your choice to join you! Start the evening with a friendly game of bocce while sipping the limited Italian inspired Stagliano Rosato di Sangiovese. Cindy and her team will prepare a gourmet dinner of locally grown products as well as sushi fresh out of the water! Shari and Garen will serve a selection of aged sakes, and Staglin Family Vineyard wines from their library. You can even help them pick out what to pour! After dinner, relax on the loggia with cigars and rare ports before retiring for a relaxing night in your individual suite with stunning views of the Napa Valley. Day 3 - Organize yourself for 2 morning tours of any of the vineyards farmed by David Abreu (your choice subject to availability). As you get ready to depart in the afternoon, you’ll visit the Staglin big bottle room, where you will select 3 magnums of Staglin Estate Cabernet of your choice, to be shipped home as a memento of your experience and to enjoy in the years to come. Includes: VIP Tours, Tasting, Dinner for 12 with Cindy and her chefs, 3 days accommodations for 6 at the historic Steckter House, dinner for 6 prepared by Garen and Shari, and three etched Magnums, vintage of your choice, of Staglin Family Vineyard Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. Donated by: Shari and Garen Staglin, Cindy Pawlcyn and Sean Knight and the CP Cooks Restaurant Group

Restrictions: Mutually agreeable date and time between January 1, 2011 and October 31, 2011. Opening Bid: $10,000

LOT 19

LOT 20


“It does appear that they (2007s) will be classically structured wines of finesse and purity and will have crystal clear vineyard differences but other than that, it is more prudent to watch and wait at this stage of their development.” Aubert de Villaine Includes one Magnum each of Domaine de la Romanée Conti: 2007 Romanée Conti 2007 La Tâche 2007 Richebourg 2007 Romanée St. Vivant 2007 Grands Echézeaux 2007 Echézeaux 2007 Montrachet

Opening Bid: $32,000


“A reserved yet equally kaleidoscopic nose of red, blue and violet aromas that is wonderfully broad, spicy, fresh, airy and layered leads to intensely floral, mineral infused and focused medium weight plus flavors that possess a strikingly attractive mouth feel and while in the context of the pantheon of great vintages of this storied wine, the ‘07 will be viewed as one of the lighter examples, the focus and balance here is nigh on perfect as the finish explodes into a hugely long finale, all underpinned by firm tannins and bright acidity. This may seem to be a lighter vintage but it will require at least 15 years of cellar time before this will be sufficiently civilized to drink with real pleasure and probably 25 before it’s fully resolved. One other point bears mentioning: it’s been a number of vintages since I last saw La Tâche best the Romanée-Conti but 2007 may be one of them.” Allen Meadows

Opening Bid: $7,500

LOT 21

LOT 22


Smith & Wollensky, with its iconic dark forest green trim on sparkling white with latticework trim on the outside, is one of the most trafficked restaurants in New York and among the most celebrated steakhouses in the world. Specializing in fresh seafood and lobster and assorted steaks and chops, Smith & Wollensky is well recognized for its healthy portions, seasoned service staff and pop Americana ambience. The surnames, Smith and Wollensky, were chosen from the local telephone directory by the restaurant’s founder Alan Stillman, of T.G.I. Friday’s fame. Now, since we’re talking best steak on the planet here, sounds to us like big Cabernet Sauvignon is in order. Includes: • Dinner for 4 at Smith & Wollensky • One .750 bottle each of: 2003 Switchback Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 Schrader Mayacama Range Cabernet Sauvignon 1997 Staglin Family Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

**Please note: - The included wines can not be brought to dinner. - Dinners do not include tax and gratuity. - The included wines can be sent to only one successful bidder.

Opening Bid: $1,200


“Flawless from cask (1982 Ducru Beaucaillou), the bottled wine has finally emerged from a long dormancy when it was forbiddingly backward and impenetrable. It is unquestionably the finest Ducru-Beaucaillou following the 1961. I do not think the estate has produced any wine since that can be said to be as complete and concentrated as the 1982. Although the 1982 is beginning to reveal some lightening at the edge, it still exhibits an impressively saturated ruby/purple color. The wine offers a classic St.-Julien/Pauillac aromatic profile - intense cedar, some blackcurrants, a touch of oak, and good spice. Rich and more full-bodied than normal, this chewy, concentrated, moderately tannic Ducru can be drunk with considerable pleasure, but ideally it should be cellared for another 3-4 years . It should last through the first two decades of the next century. Tasted 9 times since bottling with inconsistent notes.” Robert Parker “This wine (1995 Ducru Beaucaillou) is of first-growth quality, not only from an intellectual perspective, but in its hedonistic characteristics. More open-knit and accessible than the extraordinary 1996, Ducru’s 1995 exhibits a saturated ruby/purple color, followed by a knock-out nose of blueberry and black raspberry/cassis fruit intertwined with minerals, flowers, and subtle toasty new oak. Like its younger sibling, the wine possesses a sweet, rich mid-palate (from extract and ripeness, not sugar), layers of flavor, good delineation and grip, but generally unobtrusive tannin and acidity. It is a classic, compelling example of Ducru-Beaucaillou that should not be missed. Anticipated maturity: 2003-2025.” Robert Parker Includes one Imperial each of: 1982 Ducru Beaucaillou 1995 Ducru Beaucaillou

Opening Bid: $3,800

LOT 23

LOT 24


“As reported over the last two years, this is a prodigious Haut-Brion. It exhibits a dense ruby/purple color in addition to a tight, but incredibly promising nose of smoke, earth, minerals, lead pencil, black currants, cherries, and spice. This full-bodied wine unfolds slowly, but convincingly on the palate, revealing a rich, multi-tiered, stunningly pure, symmetrical style with wonderful sweetness, ripe tannin, and a finish that lasts for nearly 45 seconds. It tastes like liquid nobility. Anticipated maturity: 2008-2035.” Robert Parker “The blockbuster 2003 Haut-Brion (13% alcohol) possesses extremely high tannin, but that component is well-concealed by a cascade of mulberry, blackberry, cherry, and plum-like fruit. There is even a hint of figs under the blue and red fruit spectrum. While broad and ripe with a sweet, glyceral mouthfeel as well as a long, powerful, persistent finish, it retains its elegance and nobility. A wine of both power and finesse, it will benefit from 3-4 years of cellaring, and keep for 25-30.” Robert Parker Includes one Imperial each of: 1998 Haut Brion 2003 Haut Brion

Opening Bid: $3,800


“(Aubert de Villaine) described the 2007s here as more classic and more typical, and more strict than the 2008s…ethereal wines.” Stephen Tanzer Includes one .750 bottle each of: 2007 La Tâche 2007 Richebourg 2007 Romanée St. Vivant 2007 Grands Echézeaux 2007 Echézeaux 2007 Montrachet

Opening Bid: $9,500

LOT 25

LOT 26


“La Mission Haut-Brion has made so many great wines over the last 100 years, it would be stupid to say the 2009 somehow exceeds this estate-s great classics, such as 1929, 1945, 1949, 1953, 1955, 1959, 1961, 1982, 1989, 1990, 1998, 2000, or 2005. Certainly it will take its place in the pantheon of all the great La Mission Haut-Brions ever made. There are 6,000 cases of it, made from a blend of 47% Cabernet Sauvignon, 47% Merlot, and 6% Cabernet Franc. The natural alcohol hit 14.7%, which far exceeds the perfect wines of 1982, 1989 and 1990. Opaque purple in color, with an extraordinary nose of blueberry liqueur intermixed with camphor, charcoal, hints of burning embers and truffles, and loads of black berry and black currant fruit, the wine has sublime concentration and purity, a finish that goes well past 60 seconds, and not a hard edge to be found in this sumptuous, almost overthe-top, full-bodied wine of enormous power and massive density and richness. An immortal effort, it should drink well for 50-100 years!� Robert Parker

Opening Bid: $9,500


Can you name maybe the only restaurant in the world where you can never, and we do mean never, get a reservation? You’ve heard about it. You’ve read about it. You’ve been curious about it. The restaurant is Rao’s. And ever since it was first opened in 1896 by Charles Rao, this mythical restaurant has been serving the best family style Italian cooking you’ve ever had in your life - well, dreamed of having in your life. Currently owned by dapper Ron Straci and Frankie Pellegrino, one of the real life actors on the “Sopranos” (also known as Frankie “No” because that’s all he truly can ever say when he’s asked for a reservation). You never quite know who’ll be eating there on any given night. The walls are covered with pictures of all of the rich and famous who’ve been there, from presidents to movie stars and business moguls to sports heroes. Enter Rusty Staub. Yes, of course his picture is on the wall too. He will see to it that you and your guests get past the big guys standing by the front door so you can have a drink at the bar before dinner. Nicky “the Vest” will probably be there (wearing one of his 200 or so different vests). You’ll look around and think that it’s all almost surreal. Sinatra music is playing in the background or maybe Jerry Vale, Al Martino, Ronan Tinan or Pavorotti. Sometimes, even Frankie himself sings while he’s walking around, making the ladies swoon. But, it’s time to sit now. Joe’s coming over to ask what everyone would like to eat. No menus here, just great Neopolitan food. It’s family and it’s theater - it can only be Rao’s. Donated by Bo Dietl.

**Please note: this table is based on availability & is subject to change according to Mr. Dietl’s schedule.

Opening Bid: $10,000

LOT 27

LOT 28


Shafer Vineyards traces its beginnings to 1972 when John Shafer left a 23-year career in the publishing industry and, with his family, moved to the Napa Valley to pursue a second career in wine. After purchasing a 210-acre estate in Napa Valley’s Stags Leap District, the Shafer family faced the arduous task of replanting the existing vineyards, which dated to the 1920s, and terracing the steep and rocky hillsides, eventually expanding vineyard acreage to its current 50 acres. Evolving from grape growers to vintners, the Shafers crushed their first Cabernet grapes in 1978 and began construction on their winery a year later. The first Shafer Cabernet became a benchmark, winning the acclaimed San Francisco Vintners Club taste-off upon release and, over a decade later taking first place in an international blind tasting held in Germany, where it outranked such wines as Château Margaux, Château Latour and Château Palmer. Includes one Six-Liter bottle each of: 2000 Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet Sauvignon 2002 Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet Sauvignon Donated by Ann McNulty.

Opening Bid: $10,000


Their perfume is intoxicating, their velvety textures are inimitable, their spice bazaar flavors are unmistakable and their everlasting finishes are unforgettable. We can only be talking about the wines of one domaine. Yes, it can only be the Domaine de la Romanée Conti. Here, we offer you a mind boggling collection from the stunning 2007 vintage. In the end, though, there’s really just no more to say. These wines speak very clearly for themselves, and they say “ooh, la-la”. Includes six .750 bottles each of DRC: 2007 La Tâche 2007 Richebourg 2007 Romanée St. Vivant 2007 Grands Echézeaux 2007 Echézeaux

RSF 501C3 Warning: Not buying these amazing bottles may be extremely hazardous to your financial health.

Opening Bid: $30,000

LOT 29

LOT 30


We all look forward to the holidays as a time to get together with our loved ones and celebrate this festive time of year. Imagine, if you will, being so poor that you didn’t even have enough money to feed yourself, let alone your family or, for that matter, even have somewhere other than the street you could call home. Sad as it is, this is the reality for far too many New Yorkers. Won’t you please be kind enough to at least help some families enjoy a hot meal this holiday season, if only for this once?

Opening Bid:

Benefactor - $5,000 Patron - $2,000 Sponsor - $1,000


Situated on a 80-acre property in St. Helena with close ties to the luxury resort, Meadowood, which Bill Harlan established in 1979, the Napa Valley Reserve is a members-only winery and vineyard project founded in 2004, described as “the nation’s first wine country club” and “the wine world’s most elite fantasy camp”. With a client base including actors, sports stars and affluent professionals, the Reserve is strictly an invitation-only club. Tonight we are privileged to offer you two bottles that were made from the finest grapes in the Reserve’s incredible vineyards by three of Napa Valley’s most prestigious wine makers, Bill Harlan, Bob Levy and Michel Rolland. These bottles were made exclusively for The Rusty Staub Foundation and so, needless to say, are extremely valuable because they are unique. Includes one Three-Liter bottle each of: 2004 Napa Valley Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 Napa Valley Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Opening Bid: $4,000

LOT 31

LOT 32


The amazing 2003 Yquem: “Intense aromas of pineapple, honey, vanilla and apple pie. Full-bodied, with rich fruit that gives a cream, pineapple and honey character, yet the wine is compacted and reserved. Long and lively. This has more of a kick at the end compared with the 2001, but the 2001 has the edge still with its racy acidity. Who knows? Could be another 100-pointer; could even be better than the 2001.” James Suckling “More complexity on the nose than the Rieussec. Marzipan. Richness. Citrus. Nerve. Really deep flavours with good acidity. Tense. Yes!” Jancis Robinson Includes: One Imperial of 2003 Yquem

Opening Bid: $3,500


“A sensational effort, the 2006 Mouton Rothschild exhibits an opaque purple color as well as a classic Mouton perfume of creme de cassis, flowers, blueberries, and only a hint of oak. The full-bodied, powerful 2006 possesses extraordinary purity and clarity. A largescaled, massive Mouton Rothschild that ranks as one of the top four or five wines of the vintage, it may turn out to be the longest-lived wine of the vintage by a landslide. Ever since owner Philippine de Rothschild put Philippe Dalhuin in charge at Mouton in 2004 there has been a dramatic reduction in the amount of wine produced under the Mouton Rothschild label. The selection process has been ratcheted up to the level of other firstgrowths, and that is reflected in what is clearly the greatest Mouton produced since 1982 and 1986. As I indicated in my barrel tasting notes, only 44% of the crop made it into the 2006 grand vin, which is the lowest percentage in more than fifty years. This utterly profound Mouton will need to sleep for 15+ years before it will reveal any secondary nuances, but it is a packed and stacked first-growth Pauillac of enormous potential.� Robert Parker.

Opening Bid: $8,500

LOT 33

LOT 34


OK, come on. Let’s compare Ponsots. Betcha our bottle’s bigger than yours. Ours is an extremely rare Methuselah of 2007 Clos de la Roche Vieilles Vignes: so rare you may never see another one in your lifetime. Unless you were hatched from an egg, you already know the reputation of this wine and of one of the most respected men in all of Burgundy, Laurent Ponsot. So, get that paddle up. Size does matter, and it’s about time you did something about your pinot envy? “An even more complex nose offers up a mix of both high and medium-toned aromas of mostly red berries but with a panoply of background nuances including leather, tea, underbrush, spice hints, jerky and smoke, most of which transfer to the textured, intense and precise full-bodied flavors that are, somewhat surprisingly, not quite as dense but actually finer (normally it’s the reverse), all wrapped in a hugely long and explosive finish that completely coats the palate with extract, indeed so much of it that this does not seem all that structured yet it will clearly need from 12 to 15 years to be at its best. A great Clos de la Roche.” Allen Meadows

Includes one Methuselah of Ponsot: 2007 Clos de la Roche Vieilles Vignes

Opening Bid: $4,000


Are there hotter restaurants in this town than the ones owned by Phil Suarez and JeanGeorges Vongerichten? They have completely re-written the book on how to run a successful restaurant business here in Manhattan and continue to garner rave reviews from everyone in the industry. Includes: • Dinners for 4 at Jean-Georges, Mercer Kitchen, Perry Street, Spice Market and JoJo. • One Jéroboam each of: 2004 Domaine Leflaive Bienvenues Bâtard Montrachet 2004 Bachelet Charmes Chambertin

Dinners donated by Phil Suarez.

**Please note: - Dinners do not include tax and gratuity. - The included wines are for personal use and can not to be brought to dinner. - The included wines can be sent to only one successful bidder.

Opening Bid: $3,000

LOT 35

LOT 36


“This (2006 Musigny) is also extremely floral with a reserved nose that is an airy, spicy and ripe mélange of red and blue pinot fruit that displays really lovely violet and rose petal notes that are picked up by the minerally, intense and harmonious flavors that are beautifully proportioned and are blessed with ample amounts of dry extract on the essence of pinot and explosive, energetic and hugely long yet incredible precise finish that is also built on a base of firm minerality. This is almost exotic in character yet everything is in beautiful concordance. In a word, great. As to the wines (2007), they are hyper–classic, very frank and direct with beautiful transparency to the underlying terroir. There is great freshness to the fruit that exhibits a juxtaposition of elements that range from jam to citrus along with the classic raspberry. To me, 2007 is unique as I just can’t think of another vintage which it resembles.” Allen Meadows Includes six Magnums each of Vogüé: 2006 Musigny Vieilles Vignes 2007 Musigny Vieilles Vignes …and three Magnums each of: 2007 Bonnes Mares 2007 Chambolle Musigny Les Amoureuses 2007 Chambolle Musigny Premier Cru

Opening Bid: $16,000


There a very few guys in the world who can ask Emeril Lagasse, Mario Batali and David Bouley to cook a meal for him. Well, that’s exactly what long time friend and mega-important Manhattan mogul, Ed Milstein did and, not only did these three famous chefs take the call, they said they would love to. Now that’s star power. If this wasn’t enough, Ed, who is truly one of the world’s great wine connoisseurs and collectors, will be supplying the wine. Now, those of you who now or who have read about Ed, know exactly what that means. The wines he has chosen for this once in a lifetime dinner will be: 1982 First Growth Bordeaux, DRC Montrachet, La Tâche and Richebourg, a great vintage of Yquem and a little top of the line Krug to kick it all off. That represents more than $35,000 worth of wine alone. Incredible. Last, and absolutely not least, let’s not forget the incredible generosity of Emeril, Mario and David to agree to do this for the foundation. Needless to say, we are very, very humbled and appreciative. Includes: • Dinner for 12 personally cooked by Emerial Lagasse and Mario Batali, with dessert by David Bouley, to be held in David Bouley’s Test Kitchen in Tribeca. • Krug Champagne • 1982 First Growth Bordeaux • DRC Montrachet, La Tâche and Richebourg • A great vintage of Yquem for dessert Dinners donated by Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali. Dessert donated by David Bouley. Wines donated by Ed Milstein. Opening Bid: $60,000

LOT 37

LOT 38


Only a handful of these rare bottles from one of the Rhone’s greatest producers are made each year. The foundation is very fortunate to be on the short list of those who will get one. Guess we must be doing something right. Includes: One Salmanazar of 2006 Jaboulet Hermitage La Chapelle

Opening Bid: $2,800


“Winemaker Jacques Lardière describes his young 2008 reds as ‘spicy and minerally wines.’He gives the Cote de Nuits the clear edge over the Cote de Beaune. Jadot eliminated about 30% of the fruit from their Côte de Beaune vineyards. During the course of our tasting he compared the 2008s to the 2001s. The 2008s that I retasted in their finished form have turned out very well, with the best of them displaying wonderfully fresh and high-pitched aromatics for the vintage.” Stephen Tanzer Includes one Methuselah each of Jadot: 2008 Montrachet 2008 Bâtard Montrachet 2008 Chevalier Montrachet Les Demoiselles 2008 Bienvenues Bâtard Montrachet 2008 Chambertin Clos de Bèze

Opening Bid: $18,000

LOT 39

LOT 40


The Domaine de la Romanée Conti reigns supreme as the undisputed king of Burgundy. Its methods are uncompromising, its soil is perfect, its quality is magnificent, and accordingly, its prices are the highest in the world. Global demand for these great wines far exceeds the minuscule production. The name Domaine de la Romanée Conti is known in every corner of the globe, and justifiably so. Their wines epitomize the glory of great Burgundy. “As the scores and comments suggest, the DRC ‘06s are indeed quite impressive as the natural elegance of the vintage and the traditional vinification approach melded to produce wonderfully aromatic and refined wines. Indeed, I would completely agree with de Villaine’s characterization of the ‘06s as wines of finesse and elegance. He indicated that on average, 75% of the stems were used in 2006, which gives the wines real grip without pushing them into being more powerful than the mid-palate concentration can support. (Romanée Conti) A very reserved yet ultra classy and refined, indeed even ethereal nose that is quite simply kaleidoscopic in its breadth, combining red, blue and black fruits with spice, earth, minerality and a hint of underbrush that stands aside for the perfectly balanced, pure and stylish medium full flavors that are very firmly but not aggressively structured while delivering flat out unbelievable length yet all the while remaining completely understated in personality. As are all the very best vintages of RC, this is spherical with nothing out of place and this will age effortlessly for decades. The La Tâche is truly spectacular but there is simply another dimension of depth present here. A wine of sheer class and the epitome of the phrase ‘power without weight’.” Allen Meadows Includes: One Magnum of 2006 Romanée Conti One Magnum of 2006 La Tâche One Magnum of 2006 DRC Montrachet Three Magnums of 2006 DRC Richebourg Three Magnums of 2006 DRC Romanée St. Vivant Three Magnums of 2006 Grands Echézeaux Three Magnums of 2006 Echézeaux Opening Bid: $32,000


“A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” – Marilyn Monroe as Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Over the past two centuries, Tiffany & Co. has built an international reputation as a premier jeweler and the ultimate source of gifts for life’s most cherished occasions. Whether it’s a milestone in the life of a company, or an individual crowning achievement, Tiffany & Co. gifts wrapped in the signature Tiffany Blue Box® symbolize the rich heritage and unparalleled reputation it has enjoyed as one of America’s legendary institutions.

A 16 inch Platinum Lace Sunburst Three Star Diamond Necklace.

Donated by Tiffany & Co. and made possible by Florida Area Regional Vice-President, Jeff Bateman, and New York Area Regional Vice-President, Jeff Bennett.

Opening Bid: $7,000

LOT 41

LOT 42


“Charles Rousseau’s son Eric, who makes the wines and has now largely completely taken over all of the day to day management duties, calls 2007 ‘one of those strange vintages where the hottest month of the growing season was April. Things were so far in advance that even with the cool and wet summer, according to the 100 day rule, we thought that we would harvest around the 20th of August.’” Allen Meadows Includes six magnums each of Rousseau: 2007 Chambertin 2007 Chambertin Clos de Bèze 2007 Gevrey Chambertin Clos Saint-Jacques

Opening Bid: $7,500


The reputation of this estate has reached mythic proportions. No other domaine can approach it for the perfection through the entire range of white Burgundy, from village Puligny Montrachet up to Le Montrachet itself. Anne-Claude Leflaive has assembled a formidable technical team, Pierre Morey retired in June, 2008 but now, the brilliant Eric Rémy is in charge, more than ably assisted by Antoine Lepetit. Interestingly, Domaine Leflaive remains the only one in Puligny to own vines of Le Montrachet in the Chassagne sector. Anne-Claude believes strongly in the system known as bio-dynamics. Following the work of Rudolf Steiner at the turn of the century, she uses plant-based compounds on precise days and at precise times to treat both the vines and the soil. The result of this painstaking labor is always healthy fruit that is more resistant to disease. The Leflaive concept of great wine stresses complexity and harmony combined with finesse. Although the domaine does make a tiny bit of red wine, a seductive Blagny, it is their whites that command the world’s attention. Justifiably, these are some of the very greatest white wines you will ever have the opportunity to taste. Includes three .750 bottles each of Domaine Leflaive: 2007 Chevalier Montrachet 2007 Bâtard Montrachet 2007 Bienvenues Bâtard Montrachet 2007 Puligny Montrachet Les Pucelles 2007 Puligny Montrachet Les Combettes 2007 Puligny Montrachet Les Folatières 2007 Puligny Montrachet Clavoillon

Opening Bid: $5,200

LOT 43

LOT 44


Pack up your skis, boots and poles because you have a chance to rub goggles with the jet set on a fantastic, once in a lifetime, one week vacation to world renowned Deer Valley in Park City, Utah, home of the best snow on Earth. You’ll arrive at the brand new St. Regis Deer Crest Resort, the first five-star in all of Utah, via the most well-appointed mode of transportation at any mountain resort in the world - an incredible funicular featuring breathtaking, postcard views of the aspen-covered slopes of the Wasatch Mountains. The resort, only a 45 minute ride from the Salt Lake City airport and a short distance from historic Park City, home of the Sundance Film Festival, makes its debut this November. Offering ski-in, ski-out access with signature St. Regis “Ski Butler” services, the resort boasts sweeping panoramas of magnificent Deer Valley, a picture-book ski lounge, ski “beach” and split-level infinity pool with adjacent hot tubs and heated deck. Guest suites feature 40-inch LCD HDTV’s with HD theater sound systems, European linens, wi-fi access and fireplaces. Services include 24-hour in room dining, child-care service, the 14,000 sq. ft. Remede Spa and Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s new J&G Grill, featuring his trademark impeccable cuisine to suit every palate and a stunning new 3,000-bottle wine room. Includes: • A fabulous 1 bedroom luxury suite for 7 nights at the brand new Deer Valley Resort, the St. Regis Deer Crest, in Park City, Utah. This cost of this suite alone is $1,300 per night! • One $300 spa treatment the resort’s blissful Remède Spa. • 7 day ski passes for two. • Dinner for 2 one night at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s new J&G Grill, including wines. • One Magnum each of: 2002 Joseph Phelps Insignia 2003 Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 Spottswoode Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 Araujo Eisele Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Aubert Ritchie Vineyard Chardonnay **Please note: - Flights and transportation are not included. - The included wines are for personal use and can not to be brought into the state of Utah. Donated by Joan and Michael Zaccaro. Opening Bid: $10,000


Dine in style at one of the world’s greatest restaurants – Le Bernardin. The proud recipient of three Michelin stars, uber-chef Eric Ripert continues to wow us all with his magical cuisine. What he can do with fish is nothing short of miraculous. Simply put, he’s arguably the greatest seafood chef in the world today. Includes: • Dinner for 2 at Le Bernardin • One .750 bottle each of: 1995 Mouton 1997 Rousseau Chambertin Clos de Bèze Dinner donated by Eric Ripert and Maguy Le Coze

**Please note: - Dinners do not include tax and gratuity. - The included wines are for personal use and can not to be brought to dinner. - The included wines can be sent to only one successful bidder.

Opening Bid: $1,000

LOT 45

LOT 46


“Backward, powerful, and extremely tannic, the dense purple-colored 2003 Mouton-Rothschild, a blend of 76% Cabernet Sauvignon, 14% Merlot, 8% Cabernet Franc, and 2% Petit Verdot, fashioned from yields of 28 hectoliters per hectare, with a finished alcohol of 12.9%, improves dramatically with aeration. With full-bodied, meaty, powerful, dry flavors as well as a huge finish, this high class wine should be at its finest between 2012-2040+. During its sojourn in barrel, it reminded me of a hypothetical blend of the 1982 and 1986.� Robert Parker Includes six Magnums of: 2003 Mouton

Opening Bid: $5,200


Pierre Morey is one of the most respected wine makers in all of Burgundy. What he does with the Chardonnay grape is sheer romance and one taste is all you’ll need to know exactly why. Here is an absolutely astounding collection of his most prized wines in rare Methuselahs. Sing it Dino - “Whenna thisa wine a hitsa you eye a like a bigga pizza pie….that’s a Morey!” Includes one Jéroboam each of Morey: 2002 Montrachet 2002 Bâtard Montrachet 2002 Corton Charlemagne 2002 Meursault Genevrières 2002 Meursault Charmes 2002 Meursault Perrières 2003 Montrachet 2003 Meursault Genevrières 2003 Meursault Perrières 2004 Montrachet 2004 Corton Charlemagne 2004 Corton Renardes 2005 Meursault Charmes 2005 Meursault Gouttes d’Or 2006 Meursault Charmes 2006 Corton Charlemagne 2006 Meursault Genevrières 2006 Meursault Perrières 2007 Bâtard Montrachet Opening Bid: $10,500

LOT 47

LOT 48

2007 DRC

“I have never been treated to such a profusion of floral perfume from this legendary site as rose over the glass of 2007 Romanee-Conti. Hyacinth, rose, gladiola, and iris are underlain by scents of moss-covered, damp stone, wild ginger, and diverse tiny red fruits. “Romanee-Conti c’est le nez,” remarks de Villaine of this almost ethereal Pinot. The contrast with the more fleshly La Tache could not be more dramatic. But this doesn’t pull back on its silken-textured palate, either – far from it: along with persistent inner-mouth profusion of floral perfume come savory, irresistibly juicy raspberry and pomegranate as well as an impression of marrow-rich, multi-boned meat stock. A wafting, wave-like finish harbors the sort of exhilarating sheer refreshment one looks for in white wine, and a kaleidoscopic interchange of colorful floral, spice, fruit, carnal, and mineral elements such as few wines of any sort can deliver.” Robert Parker “As the late picking date would suggest, this (2007 DRC Montrachet) is a very ripe and wonderfully nuanced wine with a brilliantly complex nose of white peach, pear, exotic yellow fruits, acacia blossom and citrus hints that complement perfectly the rich and monumentally constructed flavors that possess an almost chewy texture yet the mouth feel is one of satin and silk, all wrapped in a palate staining mildly toasty finish that displays impeccable balance and incredible length. To call this a knockout seems almost like faint praise but it is one genuinely stunning wine.” Allen Meadows Includes three .750 bottles each of Domaine de la Romanée Conti: 2007 Romanée Conti 2007 Montrachet

Opening Bid: $24,000


Chuck Wagner’s Special Selection Cabernet Sauvignon is the stuff that California legends are made of. With is dark purple color, sweet cassis compote flavors and lush, silky texture, this wine absolutely explodes in the mouth with incredible richness and depth. Very simply, this is a mind-boggling wine in every sense of the word, let alone in this mind-boggling size. Includes: One Nine-Liter bottle of 2006 Caymus Special Selection Cabernet

Opening Bid: $3,500

LOT 49

LOT 50


“This (Romanée St. Vivant) possesses the most complex and the most complete nose in the range and is noticeably more elegant than the Malconsorts as it offers up compelling aromas of extremely fresh and airy red berry fruit and spice tones that transfer to the rich, full and serious yet lacy flavors brimming with dry extract and supported by dense but fine tannins that are almost completely buffered on the powerful and balanced finish by all of the mid-palate sap. An understated effort that exudes class. (Vosne Romanée Les Malconsorts) A superbly complex and densely fruited nose combines a classy mix of red berry liqueur, blue berry and violet aromas nuanced by exotic tea and hints of hoisin and soy introduce relatively powerful and sleekly muscled yet refined flavors underpinned by a firm but ripe tannic backbone and an explosive finish. A stunner of a Malconsorts but note that patience will be required.” Allen Meadows Includes six Magnums each of Domaine Cathiard: 2008 Romanée St. Vivant 2008 Vosne Romanée Malconsorts

Opening Bid: $6,500


“We began picking on the 25th of September and did a really severe sorting job. I told the pickers that if they wouldn’t eat it, don’t keep it. What we did keep amounted to the equivalent of only 26 hl/ha though the fruit was quite ripe and I used 100% of the stems in the vinification just as I did in 2007. The malos were quite extended and I really wasn’t sure what the wines were going to be like once they finished. Now that it’s possible to more easily evaluate them, I really like the vintage and would compare it to 1990.” Thierry Brouin, Régisseur, Domaine des Lambrays Shhhhh….Very, very few Methuselahs of this wine are ever made and we have one of them. Between you and us, let’s just call it….“Silence of the Lambrays”. Includes one Methuselah each of Domaine des Lambrays: 2008 Clos des Lambrays 2008 Puligny Montrachet Les Caillerets

Opening Bid: $2,200

LOT 51

LOT 52


(Bâtard Montrachet) Here the nose is notably tighter and more reserved with aromas of citrus blossom and zest, spice, smoke, fennel and hints of acacia that introduce big, muscular and wonderfully complex broad-scaled flavors that culminate in a long, focused and explosive finish of breathtaking length and intensity. This should reward at least a decade in the cellar and drink well for a similar period thereafter. This too is terrific and very Bâtard. (Chevalier Montrachet) Like the Bâtard, here the nose is quite restrained but exceptionally elegant and pure with white flower, green apple, pear and wet stone where the latter element continues onto the rich, full and highly energetic flavors that tighten up considerably on the detailed, minerally and bone dry finish that displays distinct citrus mineral nuances. This is long, tight and linear with huge amounts of dry extract that renders the very firm acid spine almost invisible at present though the finish is clearly shaped by it. This should be a genuine stunner in time but ample patience required. (Bienvenues Bâtard Montrachet) A striking nose of elegant and subtle honeysuckle notes add nuance to the ripe yellow orchard fruit and citrus zest aromas that introduce rich, round and naturally sweet medium plus weight flavors blessed with superb focus and a bit more minerality than is typical for this grand cru. This is a seriously impressive effort of real style and grace. All quotes from Allen Meadows. Includes one Jéroboam each of Domaine Leflaive: 2008 Bâtard Montrachet 2008 Chevalier Montrachet 2008 Bienvenues Bâtard Montrachet

Opening Bid: $6,500


Question: Who makes some of the best white wine in the world? Correct: Domaine JeanNoël Gagnard. Their Bâtard Montrachet and Premier Cru from the Chassagne Montrachet commune are among the best in the world. Under the direction of Monsieur Gagnard’s beautiful daughter, Caroline, this domaine is what world class white Burgundy is all about. Look, it’s simple folks. You just have nothing to lose and everything to….Gagnard.. Includes one Methuselah each of Jean-Noël Gagnard: 2008 Bâtard Montrachet 2008 Chassagne Montrachet Les Caillerets 2008 Chassagne Montrachet Blanchot Dessus

Opening Bid: $4,500

LOT 53

LOT 54


Patrick Javillier is a white Burgundy specialist who is rapidly making quite a name for himself. His techniques honor the great tradition of Burgundian wine-making: the strictest selection of only perfect grapes, barrel aging and bottling after 14 to 16 months. His wines are always crisp, clean and very fresh. He makes wonderful Bourgogne Blanc, which should really be everyone’s house wine. Absolutely fantastic. Fair warning though, you’d better be ready for an all out steel cage death match with Kinne and Michael Yon if you want this lot. They buy it every year for their Cecil B. DeMillelike, cast of thousands, production of their family reunion….and trust us, they mean business. Includes one Salmanazar each of Javillier: 2008 Corton Charlemagne 2008 Bourgogne Blanc Cuvée Oligocène 2008 Bourgogne Blanc Cuvée des Forgets

Opening Bid: $3,200


Daniel Boulud’s Restaurant Daniel, is one of only a handful of Manhattan restaurants to boast a four-star New York Times rating and three, yes, three, Michelin stars. Chef Boulud’s engaging flare, steadfast charitable generosity and, of course, his unparalleled skills place him unchallenged at the very top of the list of the world’s greatest chefs. DB Bistro Moderne is a modern French-American bistro where the traditions of French cuisine meet the flavors of the American market. DB is Chef Boulud’s interpretation of the new generation Parisian bistros. Includes: • Dinner for 2 to Restaurant Daniel • Lunches for 2 at DB Bistro Moderne and DBGB Kitchen. …and one Three-Liter bottle each of: 2004 Morey Bâtard Montrachet 2004 Gagnard Chassagne Montrachet Les Caillerets 2006 Qupé Hillside Estate Syrah Dinners donated by Daniel Boulud. **Please note: - Dinners do not include tax and gratuity. - The included wines are for personal use and can not to be brought to dinner. - The included wines can be sent to only one successful bidder. Opening Bid: $2,400

LOT 55

LOT 56


Domaine Bachelet, all 5.14 acres of it, has been run meticulously by Denis Bachelet since 1983. His are pure, uncluttered, and beautifully crafted wines, made with an eye towards elegance and grace. The Charmes Chambertin is considered by many Burgundy lovers to be among the very best, which is no small wonder given the ideal location of his 1.14 acre parcel from which fruit becomes nectar in the bottle under this deft hand. You may never again see bottles like those we offer you tonight. Includes one JĂŠroboam each of Domaine Bachelet: 2004 Charmes Chambertin 2006 Charmes Chambertin 2007 Charmes Chambertin 2006 Gevrey Chambertin Les Corbeaux

Opening Bid: $2,800


“Bond is the newest brainchild of the irrepressible Bill Harlan and his sensational winemaking team of Bob Levy and Michel Rolland. These are all 100% terroir-based Cabernet Sauvignons from distinctive sites in Napa Valley. There are 600-700 cases of each cuvee. The Melbury represents a hillside vineyard site above Lake Hennessy, the St. Eden is a valley floor vineyard in the Oakville corridor, and Vecina is a western hillside vineyard adjacent to Harlan Estate. I also tasted a stunning wine from Spring Mountain, which may be the next site that Bill Harlan offers to Bond’s mailing list clients. The quality of these singular, extraordinary offerings is world-class.” Robert Parker Includes one Magnum each of: 2004 Bond Melbury Red 2004 Bond Pluribus Red 2004 Bond St. Eden Red 2004 Bond Vecina Red 2005 Bond Melbury Red 2005 Bond Pluribus Red 2005 Bond St. Eden Red 2005 Bond Vecina Red

Opening Bid: $5,000

LOT 57

LOT 58


Gone With The Wind - the love, the tragedy and perhaps the greatest movie ever made. Who can ever forget the timeless moment when Scarlett pleads with Rhett not leave: Scarlett: Rhett! Rhett, where are you going? Rhett Butler: I’m going back to Charleston, back where I belong. Scarlett: Please, please take me with you! Rhett Butler: No, I’m through with everything here. I want peace. I want to see if somewhere there isn’t something left in life of charm and grace. Do you know what I’m talking about? Scarlett: No! I only know that I love you. Rhett Butler: That’s your misfortune. [Rhett turns to walk down the stairs] Scarlett: Oh, Rhett! [Scarlett watches Rhett walk to the door] Scarlett: Rhett! [runs down the stairs after Rhett] Scarlett: Rhett, Rhett! [catches him as he’s walking out the front door] Scarlett: Rhett... if you go, where shall I go, what shall I do? Rhett Butler: Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. [Rhett walks off into the fog This rare vintage poster originally hung in a Moroccan Casbah from 1939 until 1966 (explaining the Arabic characters on the front). It was purchased, removed and brought to Los Angeles back in the late sixties where it remained on display by the owner for almost 40 years before it was purchased by Mike here in New York City, on behalf of the foundation, at a Christie’s auction of rare Hollywood memorabilia in 2004. It has been professionally framed to museum specifications in order to preserve it forever. Acidfree backing board was used to protect the canvas and special ultra-violet glass was placed over it to protect it from fading. The frame is of the highest quality burled mahogany veneer and was burnished in gold and scarlet red. The preservation and framing alone cost over $2,000. Truth is, we have not had this piece appraised and so, we’re really not sure where to start the bidding. Please trust us, though. Purchasing this historic piece will be one of the most gratifying things you’ve ever done.

Opening Bid: $7,000


The wines of Dick Grace need no introduction. Ever since the Grace Family Vineyard produced its first Cabernet in 1978 from two-year old vines on a tiny one-acre plot in St. Helena, it has become a Napa Valley sensation. Each new vintage of this incredible wine has been the stuff from which legends are made. Unless you happen to be a very lucky mailing list subscriber, this may be your only chance to reach for the sky. Because of Rusty’s long time friendship with Dick and Ann, you have an opportunity tonight to own these unbelievably rare and absolutely stunning bottles. Includes one specially etched Six-Liter bottle each of: 2008 Grace Family Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 Grace Family Blank Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Opening Bid: $5,500

LOT 59

LOT 60


You’ve seen her picture and you’ve read about both her and her wines in every wine publication you can imagine. We’re talking about Ann Colgin of course. Ann and Rusty have been long time friends. As a result, we are extremely fortunate to be able to offer you an extraordinarily generous gift from Ann tonight, a Three-Liter bottle of her great 2005 Cariad (Welsh for “love”. With its Bordeaux-like blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot, almost all of which comes from the Madrona Ranch in St. Helena, this beautiful wine has received rave reviews from the press along with simply staggering scores. In fact, Robert Parker said of this stunning wine: “Colgin’s proprietary red wine blend, the 2006 Cariad, is composed of 57% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, and the rest Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. It exhibits notes of white chocolate, bay leaf, unsmoked, high class cigar tobacco, and tremendous intensity. The complex aromatics are followed by a full-bodied wine with stunning concentration, richness, and length as well as a personality not dissimilar from a top-notch Bordeaux. This beautiful estate and winery overlooking Lake Hennessey is owned by Joe Wender and his wife, Ann Colgin (equally renowned for her auctioneering skills), who are assisted by David Abreu, the well-known Bordeaux wine consultant, Dr. Alain Raynaud, and Allison Tauziet, who has skillfully replaced the brilliant Mark Aubert. As the scores and tasting notes suggest, Colgin’s 2006s are among the finest wines produced in the vintage.” Extremely limited production Three-Liter bottles like this, which Ann has been kind enough to donate to other very high profile charity auctions, have sold for amounts with so many zeroes it would make your head spin so be sure to save it for an extra special feast. How can we thank you, Ann, for being such a dear and generous friend? Includes one Three-Liter bottle of: 2006 Colgin Cariad Donated by Ann Colgin. Opening Bid: $8,000


Take a bow Papa Jean and son/wine maker Etienne. With hard work and relentless attention to detail, your 2007 Richebourg is among the very best produced, period. The critics gave it a standing ovation and why not? Sensationally extracted and pure, beautifully structured and balanced, it is a wine which expresses its hallowed terroir much more than most. Bravo. Bravo Grivot. “A wonderfully intense and layered nose that offers up a variety of spice notes, including anise, clove, cinnamon and soy that can also be found on the pure and sleekly muscled flavors that possess real drive, indeed this does a slow but sure build from the mid-palate on through the explosive finish. This is a wine of harmony, balance, power and outstanding length though it is sufficiently tight to undoubtedly require 12 to 15 years of time in bottle first. Very promising.� Allen Meadows Includes three Magnums of Domaine Grivot: 2007 Richebourg

Opening Bid: $3,500

LOT 61

LOT 62


How about an amazing Nine-Liter Salmanazar of Jean-Noel Gagnard’s magnificent Bâtard Montrachet to spice up your next little soirée for, oh, we don’t know, say about 100? That’s a full case of wine, folks, in one single bottle. Now that’s what we call about the only time it’s worth getting hoisted on your own…Bâtard! Includes: One Salmanazar of 2004 J.N. Gagnard Bâtard Montrachet

Opening Bid: $3,800


Here is a mind boggling collection of some of the greatest Magnums this side of heaven, all from Maison Jadot. That’s right, your eyes don’t deceive you, there are 30 Magnums in this lot. Fair warning though, we advise you to look through this amazing list well in advance of bidding so that you can have your paddles ready to bid because if you decide to wait until the bidding starts we’re pretty sure you’ll miss out. Includes three Magnums each of Jadot: 2007 Musigny 2007 Chambertin Clos de Bèze …and six Magnums each of: 2007 Montrachet 2007 Bâtard Montrachet 2007 Chevalier Montrachet Les Demoiselles

Opening Bid: $15,000

LOT 63

LOT 64


If there’s a more successful restaurant owner in this town than Danny Meyer we’d like to know who. Danny’s restaurants are consistently rated in the top 50 for popularity by Zagat, with Gramercy Tavern and Union Square Café currently at numbers 1 and 2 respectively, Eleven Madison Park number 9, The Modern number 22, Tabla number 33, Shake Shack number 37 and Blue Smoke number 39. Now that is truly amazing. Includes: • Dinners for 4 at Union Square Café, Gramercy Tavern, Tabla, • Eleven Madison Park, The Modern, Maialino and Blue Smoke. • One Methuselah each of: 2007 Bachelet Charmes Chambertin 2007 Burguet Chambertin Clos de Bèze Dinners donated by Danny Meyer and Union Square Hospitality Group

**Please note: - Dinners do not include tax and gratuity. - The included wines are for personal use and can not to be brought to dinner. - The included wines will be sent to only one successful bidder.

Opening Bid: $5,000


You know, when you stop for a second and think about it, this is really an incredible auction. Where else in the world would you find the caliber of wines we’ve assembled for you tonight? Their real value surely must be over a million dollars. Well, enough talk ‘cause here we go again. How about 3 bottles of none other than 2007 Screaming Eagle? Unless you’ve just beamed down from another planet, you already know that Screaming Eagle is the most sought after wine in all of California, period. Includes: 3 bottles of 2007 Screaming Eagle

Opening Bid: $4,200

LOT 65

LOT 66


Winding up our offering of great Pierre Morey wines, we’re proud to present these brilliant Methuselahs from his much heralded 2008 vintage. The more Morey, the more we like it. Fair warning though: we don’t have any, well, more. “I started on the 23rd of September and brought in fruit that ranged from 11.5 to 12.5% in potential alcohols. After the vinifications I began to worry if I had jumped the gun as the wines seemed a bit too lean. However, about midway through the élevage they began to add fat and roundness so I was relieved. And after doing a lot of tasting at various cellars, it dawned on me that perhaps I was even luckier than I imagined because I avoided the exotic notes that are present in many ‘08s. I also did no lees stirring at all, which contributed to the precision and overall purity of the wines. I very much like the ‘08s and they remind me of the slightly more generous 2007s yet with almost the same definition and just as much energy.” Pierre-Yves Colin “As the scores and commentaries suggest, this is an outstanding set of ‘08s and it’s a wine by wine battle as to whether the ‘07 or ‘08 version is superior. However, practically in all cases, both are worth owning.” Allen Meadows Includes one Methuselah each of Morey: 2008 Bâtard Montrachet 2008 Corton Charlemagne 2008 Meursault Genevrières 2008 Meursault Perrières 2008 Meursault Charmes 2008 Pommard Les Grands Epenots

Opening Bid: $7,000


Beringer’s Chabot Cabernet is a single-vineyard wine only available at the winery, let alone in this unbelievably hard to find Six-Liter size. After all, it’s not like you can just walk into the Beringer tasting room and order these babies. Includes one Six-Liter bottle each of: 1996 Beringer Chabot Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 1997 Beringer Chabot Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 Beringer Chabot Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 Beringer Chabot Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Opening Bid: $3,200

LOT 67

LOT 68


“TV’s “Top Chef” Tom Colicchio Colicchio & Sons occupies the space that used to be Craftsteak, which Mr. Colicchio opened in 2006. Versions of that restaurant have done well in casino towns. But in Manhattan, the conceit started and stalled, then gained traction only to drive into the teeth of a new, diminished economy. Mr. Colicchio closed it right before Christmas last year. Colicchio & Sons came less than a month later. Some of the staff has remained (“Craftsteak, good afternoon!”). But a lot of testosterone has been drained off, and a combination of flowers and a Grateful Deadish soundtrack do much to counter the boom-era feel of the restaurant’s towering ceilings and soft leather seats. Mr. Colicchio stands by the pizza oven up front, his arms crossed, his bald head gleaming in the heat. He’s talking low to a cook, forceful already, a couple of hours into a doubleheader day, customers who recognize him from billboards streaming past, whispering as if he were Derek Jeter at batting practice. You think celebrity is easy? Colicchio & Sons says “Not if you’re ambitious.” Sam Sifton, New York Times, March 17, 2010 Includes one .750 bottle each of: 2002 Marcassin Three Sisters Chardonnay 1995 Mouton 2003 Switchback Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Dinner donated by Tom Colicchio. **Please note: - Dinners do not include tax and gratuity. - The included wines are for personal use and can not to be brought to dinner. - The included wines can be sent to only one successful bidder. Opening Bid: $1,400


Godmé Rosé Champagne was the discovery of our dear friend in Burgundy, Becky Wasserman. From the day she first tasted it, she knew it would be destined to an integral part of RSF for many years into the future. Simply put, this may just be the most increbible Rosé for the money on the market today. Fabulous Champagne. Includes one Methuselah of: Godmé Rosé Grand Cru Champagne

Opening Bid: $900

LOT 69

LOT 70


(Bâtard Montrachet) Here the nose is notably tighter and more reserved with aromas of citrus blossom and zest, spice, smoke, fennel and hints of acacia that introduce big, muscular and wonderfully complex broad-scaled flavors that culminate in a long, focused and explosive finish of breathtaking length and intensity. This should reward at least a decade in the cellar and drink well for a similar period thereafter. This too is terrific and very Bâtard. (Chevalier Montrachet) Like the Bâtard, here the nose is quite restrained but exceptionally elegant and pure with white flower, green apple, pear and wet stone where the latter element continues onto the rich, full and highly energetic flavors that tighten up considerably on the detailed, minerally and bone dry finish that displays distinct citrus mineral nuances. This is long, tight and linear with huge amounts of dry extract that renders the very firm acid spine almost invisible at present though the finish is clearly shaped by it. This should be a genuine stunner in time but ample patience required. (Bienvenues Bâtard Montrachet) A striking nose of elegant and subtle honeysuckle notes add nuance to the ripe yellow orchard fruit and citrus zest aromas that introduce rich, round and naturally sweet medium plus weight flavors blessed with superb focus and a bit more minerality than is typical for this grand cru. This is a seriously impressive effort of real style and grace. All quotes from Allen Meadows. Includes six Magnums each of Domaine Leflaive: 2008 Bâtard Montrachet 2008 Chevalier Montrachet 2008 Bienvenues Bâtard Montrachet Opening Bid: $16,000


“(Musigny) A floral, spicy and brilliantly layered nose offers up wonderfully fine gradations of red pinot fruit, violet and rose petal plus warm earth aromas that complement to perfection the rich, full and powerful flavors that are generous yet precise on the tautly muscled, intense and pure finish that explodes on the palate. The sense of vibrancy is almost palpable and this is wonderfully harmonious, in fact the word Zen comes to mind. This should be great in time. (Bonnes Mares) A background touch of wood spice surrounds red berry fruit, plum, floral notes that include violet and rose, animale and soil tones that continue on the earth-inflected, rich, sappy and moderately concentrated but gorgeously balanced flavors that possess real character and excellent power on the impressively long finish. This has both style and personality but what really distinguishes it is how complete it is. (Ruchottes Chambertin) This is also distinctly floral in character with additional notes of underbrush and a subtle vegetal hint that combine with the earthy red berry aromas to reveal attractively fresh and bright flavors built on a base of almost pungent minerality that are rich, sweet and punchy and offer plenty of finishing energy and vibrancy on the moderately austere but beautifully lingering finish. (Chambolle Musigny Les Amoureuses) This is stunningly deep aromatically as the dazzlingly complex nose presents a completely different fruit and mineral profile with its highly spiced floral and blue and black fruit aromas that lead to delicious and seductively textured flavors that possess much more finesse as they dance across the palate before culminating in an intensely mineral-suffused finish that delivers simply terrific length.” Allen Meadows Includes three Magnums of Roumier: 2008 Musigny …and one Jéroboam each of: 2008 Bonnes Mares 2008 Ruchottes Chambertin 2008 Chambolle Musigny Les Amoureuses Opening Bid: $6,000

LOT 71

LOT 72


Sure, famed architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, coined the phrase “Less is more” to describe his belief that minimalism is the key to true aesthethics in building design. But this is great white Burgundy we’re talking here and, when it comes to the wines of Domaine Gagnard, less definitely isn’t more. More is more. Period. Includes one Methuselah each of Domaine Jean-Noël Gagnard: 2004 Bâtard Montrachet 2005 Bâtard Montrachet 2005 Chassagne Montrachet Blanchot Dessus 2006 Chassagne Montrachet Blanchot Dessus 2006 Chassagne Montrachet Caillerets

Opening Bid: $5,000


What more can we say about the wines of Comte Lafon than we’ve already said, many times. They are simply amazing and truly, a reference point for just how good Chardonnay can really be. Now, in case you’re wondering why you never even knew Dominique Lafon made a Puligny Champs-Gain, it’s because it’s never, and we mean never, sent to the United States. These were given to us by Dominique as a special gift to the foundation. Includes one .750 bottle each of Comte Lafon: 1995 Puligny Montrachet Les Champs-Gain 1996 Puligny Montrachet Les Champs-Gain 1997 Puligny Montrachet Les Champs-Gain 1998 Puligny Montrachet Les Champs-Gain 2000 Puligny Montrachet Les Champs-Gain 2001 Puligny Montrachet Les Champs-Gain 2002 Puligny Montrachet Les Champs-Gain 2003 Puligny Montrachet Les Champs-Gain 2004 Puligny Montrachet Les Champs-Gain

Opening Bid: $2,000

LOT 73

LOT 74


“What can you say about Anthony Barton? He has made yet another classic wine that will not be approachable for a decade, but will last 50 or more years. The inky/blue/purple-colored 2005 Leoville Barton offers up aromas of forest floor, cedar, spice box, black currants, and background oak as well as smoke. Boasting massive concentration, full body, and exceptional purity, but excruciatingly tannic and backward, this cuvee is meant for those with 19th century tastes, but also exhibits the purity and precision of modern winemaking. Patience is demanded with this beauty as it will take many years to approach any level of accessibility/maturity.� Robert Parker

Opening Bid: $1,000


Drew and Tracy Nieporent have scaled many mountaintops during the course of their storied restaurant career. They were among the pioneers who led the fine-dining exodus out of midtown (to his Tribeca restaurants, Montrachet and the Tribeca Grill) while helping (at Nobu) to turn Asian fusion into the respected branch of haute cuisine it is today. Tonight, we are proud to offer you dinners for 6 at three of their flagship restaurants, including a chance to rub chopsticks with the Big Apple glitterati at Nobu Next Door. Includes: • Dinners for 6 at Nobu Next Door, Tribeca Grill and Centrico • One Three-Liter bottle each of: 2005 Morey Bâtard Montrachet 2005 Pape Clément 2001 Staglin Family Cabernet Sauvignon Dinners donated by Drew and Tracy Nieporent and the Myriad Restaurant Group.

**Please note: - Dinners do not include tax and gratuity. - The included wines are for personal use and can not to be brought to dinner. - The included wines can be sent to only one successful bidder.

Opening Bid: $3,000

LOT 75

LOT 76


A collection of twelve Burgundy Jéroboams that’s sure to put some lead in your cellar pencil and spice up your wine life a little. These are rare big guns from Gagnard and Giroud, so get those paddles loaded ‘cause this lot is sure to end with a bang. Includes one Jéroboam each of: 2000 J.N. Gagnard Chassagne Montrachet Les Caillerets 2002 J.N. Gagnard Bâtard Montrachet 2002 J.N. Gagnard Chassagne Montrachet Blanchot Dessus 2002 J.N. Gagnard Chassagne Montrachet Les Caillerets 2003 Giroud Clos Vougeot 2004 Giroud Chambertin 2004 Giroud Corton Charlemagne 2004 J.N. Gagnard Chassagne Montrachet Blanchot Dessus 2004 J.N. Gagnard Chassagne Montrachet Les Caillerets 2005 Giroud Corton Clos du Roi 2005 J.N. Gagnard Bâtard Montrachet 2005 J.N. Gagnard Chassagne Montrachet Blanchot Dessus

Opening Bid: $2,000


Do we have news for you? This year, The Rusty Staub Foundation is the honored recipient of one of the very, very few Six-Liter bottles of Naoko Dalla Valle’s 1998 Maya. This bottle is so beautiful it will leave you speechless after you’ve looked at it. We can’t tell you how rare it is in this format. We feel very lucky to be able to offer it to you. As for the wine, it is nothing short of spectacular. Go ahead. Have a little sip and let this magical elixir cast its spell over you. “The 1998 Maya (500 cases from a blend of 45% Cabernet Franc and 55% Cabernet Sauvignon) is an amazing effort, possessing multiple layers of fruit, sweet tannin, and no herbaceousness, astringency, or thinness. This is an amazing tour de force in winemaking for the vintage. It is loaded, with impeccable balance.” Robert Parker Includes: One Six-Liter bottle of 1998 Dalla Valle Maya

Donated by Naoko Dalla Valle.

Opening Bid: $3,200

LOT 77

LOT 78


Allen Meadows talks about Frédéric Mugnier’s 2007 Musigny: “Overall, the 2007s strike me as better versions of 2000, which is to say the same roundness and tenderness but with somewhat better transparency and more elegance.” Readers who bought, or have recently tasted, Mugnier’s 2000s will appreciate that a comparison to the Mugnier 2000s is a high compliment indeed as they are truly wonderful wines. A restrained, airy, clean, bright and beautifully layered nose features red pinot, violets, spice and mineral notes that complement perfectly the seductively textured medium full flavors that display a taut muscularity and superb focus on the refined and firmly structured finish. I particularly like the intensity and drive and this should reward about a decade of patient cellaring. A Musigny of harmony and grace.” Includes a full 12 bottle case of Frédéric Mugnier: 2007 Musigny

Opening Bid: $10,000


Includes one Methuselah each of: 2004 Giroud Chapelle Chambertin 2005 Giroud Clos Vougeot 2005 Giroud Corton Clos du Roi 2005 Morey Meursault Charmes 2005 Morey Meursault Gouttes d’Or 2006 Comte Armand Pommard Epeneaux 2007 Morey Bâtard Montrachet 2007 Morey Meursault Perrières 2007 Morey Corton Charlemagne 2007 Morey Meursault Charmes

Opening Bid: $7,000

LOT 79

LOT 80


Tonight, we’re proud to be able to offer some of Garen and Shari Staglin’s very greatest wines, their 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon and an amazing vertical of their great Chardonnay. The Staglin’s 40 year-old vineyard was originally planted to grapes in the 1960s by the grand master of wine making, André Tchelistcheff, and has produced generations of fine vintages. In recent years, the Staglins’ wines have been ranked among the very finest in the Napa Valley and have been praised by Robert Parker, The Wine Spectator and The Connoisseur’s Guide. In fact, one of Robert Parker’s visits to the winery spurred some glowing remarks from him: “The inky/purple-colored, bottled 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon is a 3,000 case, unfined, unfiltered Cabernet that remains closed and broodingly backward. It possesses tremendous richness, delineation, elegance married to power, and exceptional purity as well as depth. Scents of lead pencil shavings, crushed rocks, black currants, blueberries, and background tobacco smoke are followed by a rich, medium to fullbodied, brilliantly proportioned Cabernet Sauvignon that combines the best of French savoir faire with the exceptional ripeness offered by Napa Valley.” As for their Chardonnay, it is simply among the very finest in all of California. For example, here’s what Robert Parker said about the 2004: “The Staglin’s non-malolactic Chardonnay is one of California’s finest, and their beautiful, fullbodied 2004 Chardonnay Estate exhibits purity of fruit along with a pear liqueur-like note interwoven with hints of spice, nectarine, and citrus oil. Fresh and lively, with a terrific texture as well as a long finish, 25% of this cuvee was put through malolactic, resulting in a singular Chardonnay from California that should age nicely for 4-5 years.” Includes six Magnums each of: 2001 Staglin Family Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 Staglin Family Chardonnay 2003 Staglin Family Chardonnay 2004 Staglin Family Chardonnay 2005 Staglin Family Chardonnay 2006 Staglin Family Chardonnay Opening Bid: $6,000


In 1974, to celebrate the 250th Anniversary of the founding of the house of Rémy Martin, a cognac was produced made from a special blend of the oldest reserve cognacs. Although the exact blend remains undisclosed by the house, it is most likely very similar to the famed Louis XIII, Rémy’s most prestigious cognac, and contains library cognacs over a centrury old. Includes: One bottle of Rémy Martin 250th Anniversary Reserve Cognac

Opening Bid: $1,500

LOT 81

LOT 82


“The 2009 Cos d’Estournel is one of the greatest young wines I have ever tasted ... in the world! An extraordinary effort I tasted on two separate occasions, this blend of 65% Cabernet Sauvignon and the rest primarily Merlot with a dollop of Cabernet Franc has a whopping 14.5% alcohol, but a remarkably normal pH of 3.69. Kudos to Jean-Guillaume Prats and owner Michel Reybier for this amazing wine made from yields of 33 hectoliters per hectare. It will be a legendary claret that should last for 50-60 years. A black/purple color is accompanied by aromas of graphite, ink, creme de cassis, blackberries, cedar, and incense. Full-bodied and unctuously textured, with an ethereal personality, tons of nuances, and a burgeoning complexity, it is an enormously well-endowed, fresh, perfectly balanced tour de force in winemaking. As mentioned above, it should drink well for 50-60 years. This wine possesses this vintage’s classic characteristics of enormous power, massive fruit, and extraordinary freshness and precision - largely unprecedented, particularly for Cabernet-based wines in the Medoc.” Robert Parker

Opening Bid: $4,000


For more than four decades now, The Four Seasons has been synonymous with power dining. Choose from two very different settings: the legendary Grill Room, with its soaring ceiling, rosewood walls, leather banquettes and famous rippling curtains made of sleek brass beads, or the romantic Pool Room, featuring a white marble pool filled with gently gurgling water, surrounded by beautifully illuminated trees that are changed according to the season. If you’re looking for the restaurant that most typifies Manhattan as the world’s most powerful city, look no further. It’s located on 52nd Street between Park and Lexington and it’s The Four Seasons. Includes one Double Magnum each of: 1992 Le Grand Orange Cabernet Sauvignon (specially etched and painted) 2001 Relentless Hernandez Ranch Merlot

**Please note: - The included wines can not be brought these dinners. - Dinners do not include tax and gratuity. - The included wines can be sent to only one successful bidder.

Opening Bid: $1,000

LOT 83

LOT 84


“The 2005 (Sloan) Cabernet Sauvignon has an almost La Mission Haut-Brion-like, scorched earth nose intermixed with cassis, coffee, and subtle hints of chocolate and balsamic. The wine is rich, full-bodied, but with great elegance and palate presence, without being heavy. Every wine to date has displayed considerable tannin, but even more concentration and fruit, so it is not an issue of the wines drying out, but rather requiring some patience before the complexity, which is already showing promise, emerges and the wines soften. This is a brilliant 2005 that is certainly one of the top wines of the vintage but needs some time in the bottle. Anticipated maturity: 2012-2030+. Not much has changed at Proprietor Stuart Sloan’s vineyard since his brilliant debut vintage of 2000. From his thirteen acres of gently sloping hillside vineyards, his winemaker Martha McClellan and the globe-trotting Michel Rolland turn out 600 cases (with a potential 1,000 cases in the future) of splendid Cabernet Sauvignon. The wines have some Merlot (which they barrel-ferment in very small lots) and Cabernet Franc in the blend, but the wine is dominated by at least 80% Cabernet Sauvignon in every vintage. These wines have been extraordinary from the beginning and are clearly meant for serious cellaring. Kudos to Stuart Sloan, his winemaker Martha McClellan, and of course, his superstar viticulturalist David Abreu, and consulting oenologist Michel Rolland.” Robert Parker Includes one Double Magnum of: 2005 Sloan Cabernet Sauvignon …and one Magnum each of: 2000 Sloan Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 Sloan Cabernet Sauvignon 2002 Sloan Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 Sloan Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 Sloan Cabernet Sauvignon Opening Bid: $5,000


Unless you’d rather whither on a five year waiting list vine behind 3,000 other Switchbackdeprived Cabernet lovers, here’s an opportunity to not only be taken on a private limo, EZ Pass ride right up to the front of the priority “short” list, but to also have some of their amazing wines sent directly to your door for the trip, and in rare bottles you’ve never seen before, like Magnums and a rare Six-Liter bottle. Switchback Ridge fruit produces intensely flavored wines with explosive, palate-coating fruit and is sourced exclusively from the Peterson Family Vineyard in Calistoga. The property has been in the Peterson family since 1914 and encompasses nearly 100 acres located at the mouth of Dutch Henry Canyon. For over 75 years the property was primarily maintained as a farm and plum orchard, with vines intermingled amongst the trees. In 1990, the orchards were replanted to vineyard, where there are currently 18 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petite Sirah vines, in addition to a three acre 50+ year old Petite Sirah block that John Peterson helped plant as a child. Bob Foley is the wine maker, and what a wine maker he is. He began his career in 1977, working at a number of highly regarded Napa Valley wineries including Pride Mountain Vineyards, where he spent 15 years as the founding winemaker. Today he continues to focus on his own Robert Foley Wines in addition to Hourglass and, of course, Switchback Ridge. Includes: • One Six-Liter bottle of 2008 Switchback Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon • Two Magnums of 2008 of Switchback Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon • Six .750 bottles of 2008 of Switchback Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon

Opening Bid: $3,000

LOT 85

LOT 86


For only the second time ever, Rusty’s decided to offer some of the wine he makes only for his friends, Guerilla Vino. That’s why it says on each label “Not For Sale…At Any Price”. Anyway, you can fill up a guerilla size cooler with all the wine we’ll be sending the winning bidder, 100 bottles in all. Folks, you’re gonna go absolutely ape over these babies. First come, first served though, and remember that after tonight these wines will be…well, just read the label. Includes 10 bottles each (100 bottles in all) of: 2003 Guerilla Vino Menzie Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 Guerilla Vino Swan Clone Pinot Noir 2003 Guerilla Vino Richlor Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 Guerilla Vino St. Clair Clone Pinot Noir 2003 Guerilla Vino UCD Clone Pinot Noir 2004 Guerilla Vino St. Clair Clone Pinot Noir 2004 Guerilla Vino Hernandez Ranch Merlot 2004 Guerilla Vino Pasatiempo Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 Guerilla Vino Marietta Vineyard Zinfandel 2007 Casa Carneros Pinot Noir

Opening Bid: $2,500


“Mild but not invisible wood frames very ripe yet cool and airy dark fruit aromas that speak of earth, violets, underbrush and a hint of menthol that leads to reserved, intense and tautly muscular broad-shouldered flavors that are textured, naturally sweet, sappy and concentrated while being supported by a notably firm but not aggressive tannic spine and excellent length on the balanced and palate staining finish.� Allen Meadows

Opening Bid: $3,000

LOT 87

LOT 88


Zinfandel is as much American as apple pie and baseball. So, who makes the spiciest, richest and most mouth-watering Zinfandels you could ever want, each just crying for some barbequed chicken or Chinese spare ribs to go with it? Turley, that’s who. So, what do we have for you? How about five cases of it? Don’t ask which ones though. They’re all absolutely fantastic, and besides, we don’t have room to list them all on the page anyway. Once again folks, do the math here, 100 bottles of Turley for this opening bid? Are we crazy? Anyway, as Forest Gump once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get”. Includes 100 bottles of: Assorted Turley Zinfandels and Petite Syrahs from the 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2006 vintages.

Opening Bid: $4,500


David Burke Townhouse, the flagship restaurant of the eponymous celebrated chef has been serving provocative Modern American Cuisine in an elegantly refurbished Upper East Side space since 2003. The restaurant’s design is inspired by the bold colors and lacquered surfaces on the 1930’s, yet it has decidedly contemporary aesthetic. Upon entering David Burke Townhouse, guests will feel the glamour and sense of fun in the lounge with its sleek white gloss, stone bar and whimsical art installations. The volume of color and drama is turned up for the main event, the dining room, where a striking color palette of chocolate, vanilla and lipstick colors prevails. The main attraction at David Burke Townhouse though, is the food. Heads turn as dishes make their way through the dining room as David’s flair for presentation is unmatched only by the food’s taste. At Fishtail, celebrated Chef David Burke serves up innovative seafood on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Located in a historic townhouse, the bi-level eatery combines casual latenight dining in the ground floor oyster bar with traditional sit-down service in the main second floor dining room, all decorated in Chef Burke’s elegant, whimsical style. Includes: • Dinner for 2 at David Burke Townhouse and Fishtail • Two Magnums each of: 2007 Mugneret-Gibourg Echézeaux 2004 Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon **Please note: - The included wines can not be brought these lunches. - Dinners do not include tax and gratuity. - The included wines can be sent to only one successful bidder. Dinners donated by David Burke. Opening Bid: $1,200

LOT 89

LOT 90


Here’s an exotic collection of beautiful boutique bottles, including Abreu and Colgin, Hundred Acre and Bond. We quote Robert Parker: “The 2005 (Abreu) Cabernet Sauvignon Madrona Ranch is an extraordinary wine that has a European structural profile imposed on the incredibly rich, pure fruit of Napa.” “The 2006 (Colgin) Cabernet Sauvignon Tychson Hill Vineyard has an extraordinary bouquet of flowers, cedar, tobacco leaf, black currants, blueberries, chocolate, and scorched earth. An amazing effort for this vintage.” “The 2007 (Hundred Acre) Cabernet Sauvignon Kayli Morgan Vineyard possesses a dark plum/purple color as well as an extraordinary bouquet of graphite, crème de cassis, cocoa, and incense. Flawlessly constructed with no hard edges, the wine is pure, layered, and sumptuous.” “The 2004 (Bond) St. Eden is a wine of great complexity, richness, and intensity, with oodles of crème de cassis fruit and plenty of roasted herbs and meatiness, with exceptional power and richness.” Includes one .750 bottle each of: 2004 Bond St. Eden 2004 Bond Melbury 2004 Bond Pluribus 2004 Bond Vecina 2005 Bond St. Eden 2005 Bond Melbury 2005 Bond Pluribus 2005 Bond Vecina 2005 Abreu Madrona Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Colgin Cariad 2006 Colgin Herb Lamb Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Colgin Tychson Hill Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 Hundred Acre Kayli Morgan Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 Corra Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 Talbott Vineyards Pinot Noir Opening Bid: $2,800


“A bastion of traditionalism and terroir-sensitive winemaking, the Chaves, both father Gerard and son Jean-Louis, continue to establish higher and higher standards for artisanal, high quality winemaking without manipulation or compromise. As I have said many times in the past, after more than two dozen visits to their cellars in the tiny village of Mauves, the Chave address remains one of the most extraordinary places of learning in the wine world. As always, these wines performe brilliantly.” Robert Parker If you’ve never tasted the wines of Jean-Louis Chave you’re in for a real treat. The reds are typically rich, hearty, inky, black-purple wines with roasted plum, black currant, licorice and earthy truffle flavors. Great for when you’re sitting by the fireplace on a cold winter night. As for the whites, the flavors of marzipan, roasted hazelnuts, quince, honeysuckle and citrus rind are just to die for. Includes one Magnum each of Chave: 2004 Hermitage Blanc 2005 Hermitage Blanc 2006 Hermitage Blanc 2005 Hermitage Rouge 2006 Hermitage Rouge

Opening Bid: $2,600

LOT 91

LOT 92


Let’s be honest. Clemenza was right in “The Godfather”. When it comes to Italian food, nothing’s more important. When Michael White became unhappy with less than raves for his complex creations at L’Impero in Tudor City, he and partner Chris Cannon bolted the door for two weeks and invented Convivio. He’s dealing with the same essentials—eggplant, artichoke, octopus, quail, sweetbreads—but the look and taste are dramatically different, and absolutely scrumptious. Alto is named after Alto Adige, a region in Northern Italy. Chef Michael White dares to be different here. Fittingly, he takes creative liberty with traditional Italian fare, the results of which are no less than spectacular. No words really do this amazing cuisine justice, though. “La Masseria is a sexy and romantic new Italian restaurant with the look of a villa in the Italian countryside. Great dinner with experienced and knowledgeable servers. Not even in Italy are they this good! In a town full of Italian restaurants it’s refreshing to find one that serves such authentic Italian cuisine....“ ( With Barbuto, Jonathan Waxman is back, this time dishing up rustic Italian—bucatini, bacalao, a lemony roast chicken—at this casually hip West Village bistro. Includes: Dinners for 4 at Convivio, Alto, La Masseria and Barbuto …and one Double Magnum each of: 2006 Anderson’s Conn Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Paradigm Napa Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 Relentless Hernandez Ranch Merlot 2000 Markham Vineyards Reserve Merlot Convivio and Alto dinners donated by Tom Black. La Masseria dinner donate by Bob Butterworth. **Please note: - The included wines can not be brought these dinners. - Dinners do not include tax and gratuity. - The included wines can be sent to only one successful bidder. - The dinner at Barbuto must be booked Monday thru Thursday Opening Bid: $3,200


“Bright, deep red. Knockout aromas and flavors of black cherry, black raspberry, crushed stone and smoky minerality. Wonderfully deep, tangy and sweet, with a captivating creamy texture making this deceptively tastable today. Impressive today for its volume, and finishes very long, broad and classically dry, with substantial fine-grained tannins. As delicious as this is right now, its overall balance suggests it will reward a decade of aging. For his part, Mugnier says that virtually every vintage of his Musigny needs ten years in the bottle.� Robert Parker Includes six Magnums of: 2007 Mugnier Musigny

Opening Bid: $10,000

LOT 93

LOT 94


“To be or not to be”: that was the question that faced Jean-Marc Roulot back in 1989 when his father, Guy, proposed that he put his Shakespearean acting career on hold to become the full time wine maker at the Domaine. Fortunately for those of us that love great white Burgundy, Jean-Marc chose “to be”…wine maker that is. Ever since then, his Meursault has ranked among the very finest in all of the Côte. Rich yet elegant and always beautifully balanced, the wines of Domaine Guy Roulot display multi-layered complexity and extraordinary perfume. For your drinking pleasure, we offer you tonight some rare treats from their unmatched Meursault portfolio. Includes one Methuselah each of Domaine Roulot: 2007 Meursault Charmes 2007 Meursault Perrières

Opening Bid: $1,600


If there are more wonderful hosts in all of Napa Valley than Valerie and Jeff Gargiulo we’d like to know where. Thanks to Rusty’s long time friendship with this incredibly warm and gracious couple, we are privileged to offer you an opportunity to visit the gorgeous Gargiulo vineyard, followed by a fabulous dinner for 8 at their home, cooked by none other than Jeff Gargiulo himself. As for their wines, we know you’ll love them just as much, if not even more, than Robert Parker, who said: “The exceptional 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon 575 OVX (210 cases produced) boasts a gorgeously fragrant, flowery, creme de cassis, licorice, and crushed rock-scented bouquet. Provocatively complex, layered, and full-bodied, it is the youngest and least evolved of these three beauties. It requires 4-5 years of cellaring, and should provide enjoyment over the following 25+ years. This trio of impressive Cabernet Sauvignon-based wines combine the best of Napa’s ripe, lavish fruit with the structure and aging potential of a top Bordeaux.” Includes: • Dinner for 10 at the home of Valerie and Jeff Gargiulo • Three bottles of 2007 575 OVX Cabernet Sauvignon • Six bottles of 2007 575 OVX G-Major 7 Cabernet Sauvignon • Six bottles of 2007 Money Road Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon Donated by Valerie and Jeff Gargiulo. Opening Bid: $2,500

LOT 95

LOT 96


Hear about the great new laundry in town? Thomas Keller has pressed his chef’s coat and starched his toque because per se, the East Coast version of his famous Napa Valley restaurant The French Laundry, is now here in “The Big Apple” at the spectacular new Time Warner Center getting rave reviews and an awful lot of, well…press. In fact, many are calling it the finest restaurant in the country. Enjoy some of Chef Keller’s playfully named signature dishes, “Oyster and Pearls”, “Liver and Onions”, “Mac and Cheese” and finish with his most famous dessert, “Coffee and Doughnuts”, all prepared in ways you’ve never imagined. Fair warning though, you’ll probably have to dig deep into your pockets to win bragging rights for this night on the town. It will absolutely be one of the hottest tickets in town and, that’s right, you guessed it: no “tickey”, no laundry – per se. Includes: • Lunch for 4 at Per Se and The French Laundry • One Double Magnum each of: 2001 Staglin Family Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 Relentless Hernandez Ranch Merlot

**Please note: - The included wines may not be brought these lunches. - Dinners do not include tax and gratuity. - The included wines can be sent to only one successful bidder. - The winning bidder must give 60 days advance notice of the requested date, subject to availability. Lunches donated by Thomas Keller. Opening Bid: $5,000


“Having closely followed Dunn’s Cabernet Sauvignons since the debut 1979 vintage, it is remarkable how consistent these wines have been. Dunn’s great early successes, especially the 1982s, were followed by a succession of rich, tannic wines in 1984, 1985, 1986, and 1987, two tough years in 1988 and 1989, and, as with most northern California wineries, an unprecedented run of great years starting in 1990. The wines are always impressive for their strength, massive body, and highly extracted blackcurrant fruit. Dunn, who believes in filtering but not fining, tends to use the former technique as a way of bringing a measure of refinement to the brute strength and power his wines possess... Dunn remains one of California’s superstar Cabernet Sauvignon producers...” Robert Parker “(2006 Dunn Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon) Bright full medium ruby. Expressive nose offers cassis, blackberry, black raspberry and leather scents lifted by a minty nuance. Lush and fine-grained but with a firm edge of acidity and menthol and minty nuances energizing the rich dark berry flavors. Finishes with civilized tannins but still needs a few years to harmonize its acidity. Like the Napa Valley bottling, this is suppler than many past releases of this wine.” Stephen Tanzer Includes: One Five-Liter bottle of 2006 Dunn Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

Opening Bid: $1000

LOT 97

LOT 98


A wonderful collection of magnum proportions, featuring some of California’s most truly delicious wines. Includes one Magnum each of: 1999 Diamond Creek Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 St. Supery Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 Grgich Hills Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (etched) 2006 Spottswoode Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Calera Mt. Harlan Jensen Vineyard Pinot Noir 2007 Spottswoode Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Opening Bid: $1000


Thanks to the generosity of master vintner and Au Bon Climat founder, Jim Clendenen, experience this beautiful winery with real California class. Includes: • A private tour, tasting and lunch for up to four people. • A two night stay for up to four people at Jim’s fabulous guest house, “Rancho La Cuna”. • A four magnum set of Au Bon Climat’s very best wines:, the “Blue Series”: 2006 “Hildegard” White Table Wine 2005 XXVth Anniversary “Nuits-Blanches” Chardonnay 2007 “Knox Alexander” Pinot Noir 2007 “Isabelle Morgan” Pinot Noir

Donated by Jim Clendenen.

**Please note: - The visit and stay must be scheduled Monday thru Friday on mutually agreeable dates. - The included wines can be sent to only one successful bidder.

Opening Bid: $1,400

LOT 99

LOT 100


Co-founded by Dan and Margaret Duckhorn in 1976, Duckhorn Vineyards has spent a quarter century establishing itself as one of North America’s premier producers of Bordeaux varietal wines. From its modest inaugural vintage of 800 cases of Cabernet Sauvignon and 800 cases of Merlot in 1978, to its addition of Sauvignon Blanc in 1982, Duckhorn Vineyards has crafted a tradition of quality and excellence that continues today. Thanks to Rusty’s great, long time friendship with Dan and Margaret Duckhorn, we’re able to offer you this wonderful opportunity to acquire some great Double Magnums of Duckhorn’s flagship wines in addition to being able to have lunch at the winery. Includes one Double Magnum each of: 2006 Duckhorn Vineyards Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Paraduxx Napa Proprietary Red Wine 2007 Goldeneye Anerson Valley Pinot Noir 2007 Duckhorn Vineyards Estate Napa Merlot …and Lunch for 4 at Duckhorn Vineyards

Opening Bid: $1,100


Enjoy one of the city’s great views overlooking Central Park while you feast on the best beef this side of Kobe Island. Includes one Magnum each of: 2007 Caymus Special Select Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Dinner donated by Michael Lomonaco.

**Please note: - Tax and gratuity are not included. - The included wines are for personal use and can not to be brought to dinner. - The included wines can be sent to only one successful bidder.

Opening Bid: $1,500

LOT 101

LOT 102


This is the second year we’ve been lucky enough to have been given this spectacular lot from Kosta Browne Winery. Suffice to say that the winning bidder of this lot last year is still talking about what a great experience it was. Kosta Browne Winery began as a dream shared by Dan Kosta and Michael Browne. In the summer of 1997, Dan and Michael decided to venture into wine making. They saved up their money until they eventually had enough to buy a half-ton of Pinot Noir, a used barrel and an old hand-crank stemmer/crusher, the event that marks the very beginning of Kosta Browne Winery. Since then, they have nurtured relationships with the best growers and honed their wine making skills, making sure to focus on the vision and values with which they began. Includes: • An opportunity to blend your own 5 cases of Pinot Noir at Kosta Browne Winery. • Lunch for 2 in Sonoma with Dan Kosta. • A very special Five-Liter bottle of 2008 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir.

Donated by Dan Kosta and Michael Browne.

Opening Bid: $6,000


“2007 is a vintage of extreme precociousness. We began picking on September 1st and picked quickly, finishing on the 5th. We had excellent sugars at between 12.5 and 13.5% though yields were fully 30% less than a normal crop. I vinified the ‘07s about like I normally do. As to the wines, it’s a good vintage to have after the more substantial vintages of 2005 and 2006 as the wines are generous, approachable and should drink well early.” Louis-Michel Liger-Belair Includes one Jéroboam each of Liger-Belair: 2007 Echézeaux 2007 Vosne Romanée Clos du Château 2007 Vosne Romanée Reignots 2007 Vosne Romanée Suchots 2007 Vosne Romanée Brulées 2007 Vosne Romanée La Columbière

Opening Bid: $1,800

LOT 103

LOT 104


It’s hard to imagine anything bigger than Mario Batali — the orange clogs, the Food Channel shows, the three-star New York restaurants — but Del Posto just might fit the bill. Even Babbo and Lupa are dwarfed by Chef Batali’s newest creation downtown in the super hot meat-packing district. Here, in collaboration with Joseph Bastianich and Lidia Bastianich, cucina classica is brought to heights even more impressive than the soaring ceilings in this two-level, twenty-thousand square foot space. Think Visconti meets Venice in Vegas. Bronze and marble decor, a dramatic central staircase and valet parking make it feel palatial. Warm lighting, orange curtains and a balcony lounge make it intimate. It’ll take repeat visits to fully wrap your mind around the massive menu (which also includes a separate 10course tasting menu), a mix of traditional and modern eclectic Italian. It’s an exhaustive and exhilarating experience, but then again, would you expect anything less from molto Mario. Includes one Double Magnum each of: 2006 Bachelet Gevrey Chambertin Vieilles Vignes 2005 Pape Clément 2001 Staglin Family Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Dinner donated by Rob Shawger.

**Please note: - Tax and gratuity are not included. - The included wines are for personal use and can not to be brought to dinner. - The included wines can be sent to only one successful bidder. Opening Bid: $2,000


This concludes our offering of great Burgundy Jéroboams tonight. Gagnard, Jadot, Faiveley…what could be better? Includes one Jéroboam each of: 2005 J.N. Gagnard Chassagne Montrachet Les Caillerets 2006 Jadot Bienvenues Bâtard Montrachet 2006 Jadot Chevalier Montrachet Les Demoiselles 2006 Jadot Corton Charlemagne 2006 Jadot Montrachet 2006 J.N. Gagnard Bâtard Montrachet 2006 J.N. Gagnard Chassagne Montrachet Les Caillerets 2006 J.N. Gagnard Chassagne Montrachet Blanchot Dessus 2007 Faiveley Charmbertin Clos de Bèze 2007 J.N. Gagnard Bâtard Montrachet

Opening Bid: $1,800

LOT 105

LOT 106


Here we are nearing the finish line and we’re still offering you wines you’ll never, ever see again. This time it’s a rare, first time ever Three-Liter bottle of Fred Schrader’s Aston Estate Grown Pinot Noir. Lush and lavishly fruit-forward, this wine offers an indulgent wallop of Sonoma Coast Pinot character. The extravagant and alluring aromatics are packed with ripe red and black fruit aromas that carry through to layers of bright cherry and briar fruit flavors. The intense fruit components are beautifully balanced by a rich, creamy texture and a long, satisfying finish. Includes one Double Magnum of: 2007 Schrader Cellars Aston Estate Grown Sonoma Pinot Noir

Opening Bid: $1,200


Domaine Senard is one of the great producers in the quiet village of Aloxe-Corton. Under the masterful direction of Lorraine Senard, the wines have become some of the best reasons to visit this idyllic countryside in Burgundy. His Cortons are brilliant, displaying powerful, rich flavors of multi-layered super-ripe fruit. His philosophy of vinifying as cool as is possible given the level of extraction is extremely important to him. The incredibly deep colors and explosive aromas he achieves are a magical testament to the genius of his work. Tonight we are extremely privileged to be able to offer you some of these terrific wines…and in beautiful and rare Jéroboams no less. Includes one Jéroboam each of: 2008 Corton Clos du Roi 2008 Corton Bressandes 2008 Corton Clos des Meix 2008 Corton Blanc 2008 Corton Les Paulands

Opening Bid: $1,200

LOT 107

LOT 108


“…the gorgeously complex and sophisticated medium-bodied flavors also possess excellent dry extract that buffers the dense but fine tannins on the balanced and superbly persistent finish that exhibits a bit less youthful austerity than I typically see. This really opens on the finish with simply marvelous breadth. A magnificent wine of class and indisputable grace.” Allen Meadows

Opening Bid: $4,500


Ask any of the two and three star chefs in Burgundy whose wines they love most to match with their cuisine. Most will say Michel Lafarge. He is surely one of the most respected wine makers in all of Burgundy, now very ably helped by his amazingly talented son, Frédéric. His wines epitomize the grace and elegance that truly is Burgundy, particularly when it comes to serving them with fine cuisine. The fruit balance that Monsieur Lafarge achieves just seems to marry so beautifully with so many types of food. Why not plan your next dinner party around these rare and gorgeous bottles? Includes one Jéroboam each of Domaine Lafarge: 2007 Volnay Clos des Chênes 2007 Volnay Caillerets 2007 Volnay Clos des Ducs

Opening Bid: $1,400

LOT 109

LOT 110


“Mugneret-Gibourg’s Echézeaux typically boasts an exceptionally spicy nose combines a broad range of fruit aromas and spice notes that include red, blue and black pinot as well as anise, sandalwood and an interesting grilled nut character. The supple, round and delicious flavors seem quite accessible on the palate but tighten up quickly on the seductive, mouth coating and sappy finish that displays excellent depth and length.” Allen Meadows Includes one Jéroboam each of Domaine Mugneret-Gibourg: 2004 Echézeaux 2004 Nuits St. Georges Les Chaignots 2005 Echézeaux 2007 Echézeaux

Opening Bid: $1,700

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