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Charlotte Spicer Charlotte is known amongst her friends and exasperated family as a professional “Intoxicologist”. She has worked in the wine and spirits industry for a number of years now. Apart from enjoying the odd glass or two of wine, she is partial to a wee dram of whisky and also likes to think she puts Nigella to shame in the kitchen – but doubts that she could lick her spoon that seductively…

Delheim Gewürztraminer 2013 RRP: R110; Stockists: Tops @ Spar and from the cellar door.

Charlotte says: Like my grandmother’s egg nog at Christmas, the subtle, rich creamy nose may fool many a drinker with its elegantly soft vanilla custard nose. The palate packs a bigger punch though with slight grassy notes, a good mouth puckering twang of acidity and a tickle of warming spices like nutmeg and cloves. Like a heavily buttered, cumin studded fresh naan bread, this should be a compulsory accompaniment to any creamy curry. Eduard says: Light in colour and light on the nose. I really had to work the glass to get to the aroma, definitely litchi on the nose and instead of really smelling it, I was thinking of a pink rose, somewhere. I’m trying to say that the aroma did not jump out of the glass. I liked the taste; it is on the sweet side with a nice tang of acidity to round it off. Right on the button of what you would expect to be in the glass. I was taken back in time to a dark tasting room full of cobwebs, tasting sweet wine and really enjoying it, back in the student days.

Daisy says: The nose of this hinted at green: a fresh, lively, spring-time green. I thought I heard a far-off classical music explosion as this hit my tastebuds, with an invigorating citrus element peeping through. As for the traditional Turkish delight and rose petal attributes on a Gewürz, there were little of these. This wine was less sweet, with a higher acid than No.1, with the mouth-feel filtering to the utmost back of your palate and lingering there a while, its freshness sitting firm. An after-taste of soft green pepper was noted, not raw, but as though you have slices of it simmering in butter and cream on the stove top.

“…the mouthfeel filtering to the utmost back of your palate and lingering there…” Donald says: As clear as water to the eye, this wine had all the hallmarks of being made in a drier style with way less colour and thickness in the glass. On the nose a citrus and tequila-like spike pushes to the front of the typical orange blossom and litchi queue and continues on the palate where the acidity really lets you know who’s no.1 and the others

TasteTeam are merely bit-part players. A bit like Liverpool and Luis Suarez (when he still played there!). A Sauvignon Blanc wolf in sheep’s clothing…? A little bit too tart for my palate, but if you enjoy the devil’s grape you’ll like this. llze says: There is an orange blossom smell and colour to it, but it is more off dry than super sweet. Again typical to Gewürztraminer, Turkish delight and litchi aromas are there, but there are more citrus notes. The flavours are chewy mango and papaya with some ginger and spice tossed in there, complemented by a grassy element. I would think this would go down well with sushi on a hot afternoon, especially with the ginger element and the sun setting slowly. Guest taster Angela says: A light, wheat coloured wine with a very pleasant nose, sweet smelling and leaving the mind guessing as to its taste. The palate is a touch on the sweet side, but I still found it easy drinking and it would make a nice accompaniment with most salads to be enjoyed around the pool or on the beach on those long, lazy summer days.

Neethlingshof Gewürztraminer 2013 RRP: R56 ; Stockists: Pick ‘n Pay liquors, Ultra Liquors and Makro Daisy says: Put your nose to a glass of this wine and close your eyes. You’d be forgiven for thinking you weren’t standing in a perfumery. Notes of


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