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Charlotte Spicer Charlotte is known amongst her friends and exasperated family as a professional “Intoxicologist”. She has worked in the wine and spirits industry for a number of years now. Apart from enjoying the odd glass or two of wine, she is partial to a wee dram of whisky and also likes to think she puts Nigella to shame in the kitchen – but doubts that she could lick her spoon that seductively…

opening up a second bottle it did not really get that much better. The nose was earthy, musky and full of pineapple beer. The taste was zesty – a sweetness going over to acidity. Unfortunately it is really difficult for me to give a better description of this wine and I would love to taste it again – give it a second chance!

bit like trying to see the bride’s face through a heavy veil… I liked the chalky, buttermilk flavours that were subtle, yet notable and because my favourite white varietal – Viognier – takes the lead in this 4-grape blend, I’d definitely add it to my list of re-tries. Charlotte says: As all of us tasters are wine lovers, rather than wine experts, it’s never easy to agree when we feel that a wine is faulty. I thought the first bottle was not right and, on tasting the second, did find a marked difference that will probably do it a lot more justice in its appraisal. It did still have a very unique style to it though, with a can of Sparletta Pinenut instantly coming to mind from my school tuck shop days. Alongside fresher pineapple, green fruit, gentle honey and soft marzipan flavours, this is a wine that will get people talking and probably cause a few good drunken debates around the table. Eduard says: I was disappointed, to say the least. Unfortunately we did not get the best bottle in the batch and with

Donald says: Light and bright in the glass with a perlé fizz-like quality, this couldn’t have smelled more unlike the previous wine unless it had been diesel. With a salty/briny haze and ginger nuts thrown in, I was not the only person round the table wondering if this wine was going to be drinkable or not. The palate was an improvement on the nose however – a floral and lime mélange with a powdery dry, chalk-like quality probably from the perlé fizz, with a slight lick of vanilla from some barrel ageing possibly? Very different, very austere, but may come alive when paired with spicy and strongly flavoured Asian food.

TasteTeam egg-mayo, fizzy, ginger beer, hint of turpentine. You almost got scared to taste the sounds crazy, but all those characteristics came through. We opened a second bottle that was less chilled and it still showed some hints of fizziness, but the nose was far better. A very light ginger beer nose and, for me, a slight earthiness came through.

Avondale Cyclus 2011 RRP: R225 ; Stockists: Norman Goodfellows, Wine Concepts and Meander Fine Wines

“…a floral and lime mélange with a powdery dry chalk like quality…” llze says: Beautiful deep coloured straw, gem bright in the glass and a very overpowering sulphur smell (was this bottled very recently?). This does taste like a ginger beer mixed with Fresca – very fizzy and odd. Interesting, but not my cup of tea. Guest taster Nadia says: This wine had us all baffled. As I sat there trying to figure out what is happening in the glass, you hear comments like

Daisy says: Like morning sunlight streaming through your bedroom window across your face, this wine made you want to experience ‘rewind and replay’. A soft floral nose and oaky loveliness greeted the nose, with an interesting and yummy coconut aroma coming at you. Flavours of pineapple and apricot played on the palate, with


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