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Charlotte Spicer Charlotte is known amongst her friends and exasperated family as a professional “Intoxicologist”. She has worked in the wine and spirits industry for a number of years now. Apart from enjoying the odd glass or two of wine, she is partial to a wee dram of whisky and also likes to think she puts Nigella to shame in the kitchen – but doubts that she could lick her spoon that seductively…

Eduard says:The nose shouted out –“Surprise! I may not look like it, but you will enjoy me!” I picked up a woody smokiness and, just to keep you on your toes, a tinge of tomatoes - the small cherry ones. There is an artificial roundness to this balanced wine that will get you to stand up and pour another round for your friends, any day of the week. It is nice, spicy and friendly - a full wine with a lot of surprises to savour. This is a drinking wine to have in your collection to open up and enjoy.

Daisy says: Elegant and dark, almost black in colour, it reveals intense flavours of plum, blackcurrant and candied apple. It almost has a slight coffee and salty flavour to it. For winter, try this with a tender and succulent fillet steak. The only way to kick off this season is a proper braai with this wine. The guys can see to the meat, whilst the girls will sip red wine by the gallon. Charlotte says: This is so jammy it should come in an All Gold can. This jamminess is nicely balanced with a savoury, floral and game nuance that gives it an exotic element. Very dark and opaque in the glass with a violet and purple rim, its chunkiness belies the fact that it is very easy drinking, smooth and full of concentrated dark fruit pastille flavours. Sometimes we overcomplicate wine by looking for complexity and depth instead of just enjoying the moment, but this is a wham-bam-thankyou-Ma’am wine – straightforward and pleasurable.

Donald says: I had a massive sense of de ja vu after my first sip of this wine as I was sure I’d had it before. Completely different to the first tasting in just about everything – colour, bouquet and taste, it reminded me of the nightly spoonful of molasses my mother gave me as a child in winter to ward off colds and flu. Broody, inky, dark purple, the nose is freshly cut flowers rolled in tar - dusty, meaty kerosene with some violet and floral notes thrown in. The palate is not hot, but jammy and smooth with a lot of depth. lze says: Its dark colour reminds me of something that the witches might have brewed in Macbeth. Beetroot coloured, it is fragrant and woody with a sweet offset. It has added gracious sugary goodness, a port-like mouth feel and some ground coffee flavours. This wine has that great flavour burst, is easy drinking and is not too complex. I’d pair this with a good fillet steak and some good friends around the braai. Guest taster Francois says: Wow, what a surprise in a screw top bottle (forget what I said in the previous review). This wine is yum... Very dark, almost, as the name suggests, black. On the nose

TasteTeam there is a magnitude of flavours coming through. Think vanilla cappuccino dusted with cinnamon and a bar of chocolate to round it of. In the mouth the wine explodes into a multidimensional wine, bringing the flavours you had on the nose to the tongue with an added hint of spiciness to top it off. It is like a Ferrero Rocher chocolate ball, all the "lekker" stuff mixed into one!

Axe Hill Machado 2012 RRP: R110 ; Stockists: Wine Concepts, Liquor City and Wine & Liquor

Daisy says: This is as smooth as a young Italian bloke trying to woo a foreigner… a lot of smoke, but lacking the fire. It is full of promise, full-bodied and herbaceous with concentrated dark fruit and underlying minerality with a dash of pepper and spice. Pair this with oxtail or a hearty lamb shank and that will ensure unrivalled gastronomic satisfaction.


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