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Livin the Life: Polly want some wine?

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Louise Carver - Singer/songwriter and utterly gorgeous, and she loves wine.

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Slow braised lamb shoulder.


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Family fun at Spier.

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Editor’s letter It’s been a pretty busy month here at Wine Extra HQ. Mainly so, because of this past weekend’s The Wine Show Jo’burg, which took place at the Sandton Convention Centre. What a great show with many feet through the door, amazing wines poured and a host of fantastic sessions in the three theatres.

A show of such scale is never easy to pull off. Weeks and months of preparation precedes the event with coordination and planning on all levels from stand building, licensing, stand sales, theatre sessions to presenters, logistics and cleaning and then all at once it happens. An intense three days with mainly smooth sailing and as quickly as it started, it was over… Until next year…

Maryna Strachan

Firstly, a huge thank you to all of the exhibitors, everyone at the TWS office and the thousands of visitors who attended. There were headaches, tears and many frustrations to get there, but we did and it was great! Well done all. Follow us @WineExtra

But, as they say, nothing stands still and the June issue of Wine Extra is next on my ‘To-do’ list. This month, I report back from a recent visit to Spier, which has undergone many changes to shy away from the ‘commercial’ look and feel it used to have. A special correspondent from China visits one of the biggest wine fairs and shares her thoughts with us on how she sees the South African wine market over there. The Taste Team had a marvelous selection of Rhône-styled reds to sample and chef Nic van Wyk has the spotlight in You’ve Been Cooking whilst sharing a simple yet delicious recipe. Have you noticed our new-look site? We love it and hope you do too. To share your thoughts and get in touch, please check out our Facebook page, www. and follow us on Twitter at WineExtra for the latest news and info. In the meantime, I think it’s time you sat back and enjoyed the wine whilst reading your favourite wine mag. Bottoms up!


TasteTeam Rhône Rangers

Continuing a line almost due south of Burgundy lie the vineyards of the Rhône valley. This is an area of contrast. In the North, some of the world’s longest-lived wines are produced: rare and aromatic whites; tannic and massively structured reds. In the South, a veritable sea of hearty everyday red is produced, but so too are the famous and high quality wines of Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Gigondas, as well as sweet wines of high quality. Rhône Blends are a wonderful combination of rustic and ripe - showing their flavours and delicious character upon release, although some Rhône wines, particularly those with a good amount of Shiraz, are able to age for a few years. South Africa is a blossoming Rhône blend producer. Blends from all regions are good with juicy, gamey meats and food with common French spices, like rosemary or herbs de Provence.

From left to right: Noble Hill Bloem, by Noble Hill RRP: R40. Eaglevlei Kroonarend 2009, by Eaglevlei RRP: R60. KWV The Mentors Canvas 2010, by KWV Wines RRP: R210. Nativo Red 2008, by Nativo, RRP: R100. Val de Vie Ryk Neethling 2010, by Val de Vie , RRP: R135. Kronendal Mirari 2009, by Kronendal, RRP: R198.


Abby Buchanan Business student, fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and lover of the finer things in life - wine being one of them. Abby likes her men like she likes her wine... Complex!

Noble Hill Bloem 2011 RRP: R40; Stockists: Melissa’s and selected liquor stores

drinking everyday quaffer, it is perfectly paired with a fire, come summer or winter. Charlotte says: For those evenings where you are serving a huge bowl of spaghetti bolognaise to a flurry of family and friends, this is the wine you need by your side. With it’s sweet and sour cherry dominated nose and backbone of sweet vanilla it will not get in the way of conversation and the herbed, mulled wine flavour makes this very food friendly. Easy drinking and quaffable.

TasteTeam Eaglevlei Kroonarend 2009 RRP: R60; Stockists: Cellar door only

“…great for an afternoon in the sun with your mates.”

Daisy says: I found this wine to have a rather shy nose at first. After a few swirls of the glass, I could smell aromas of mint sauce and a bit of an earthy dustiness. The palate was just as shy and didn’t really show much, however, perhaps decanting and pairing with something rich & meaty may enhance her. Nathan says: Should rather have named it “Vrug” (fruit). A beautiful array of fruits filter through the air and dance on your palate as liquorice and spices join the party for an evening filled with fun and many bottles of the above. An easy

Silas says: On first taste I’m taken back by a slight bitterness. On tasting this, I got a combo of sweet and sour – interesting. A glass or maybe even two may be alright for those of us who prefer our wines strong, but not overpowering. I’d drink this alongside a simple meal after a long day when I don’t want anything complicated. Guest Taster – Hannah: This wine is very easy to drink - almost a bit too easy. I get red fruit on the nose and some slightly herbaceous notes. It has lovely soft tannins and feels very light in the mouth. Would definitely be good with food. Also great for an afternoon in the sun with your mates. No funny stuff, just a picnic, mind you..

Daisy says: What I loved about this wine was being able to smell fruit as soon as you put your nose to the glass… Think cherries – as if you were walking through an orchard picking them. A delightful second layer of almonds and marzipan came through, which could be detected on the palate too. For some reason, I wanted to pair this with a hearty homemade meat pie and creamy mashed potato. Nathan says: Much more robust, the aromas of cinnamon and stewed fruits leap out of the glass. An essence of



Daisy Knowles PA at an investment company, she has a love for the tourism industry. She loves food, all aspects of vino, dinner parties, writing, her pyjamas, copious amounts of tea, her make-up bag and her legendary furkid.

Port style comes to mind as the alcohol content is very showy as are the big, rich flavours of raisins and Christmas spices. A definite winter-warmer. Imagine being huddled around a crackling fire with an oxtail stew on the go… all that’s needed is a good glass or 2 of this gem.

going very well with a more masculine dish like roast lamb or game.

“If … someone brought this one out, I would definitely hog it.”

RRP: R210; Stockists: Makro, Norman Goodfellows, Solly Kramers

KWV The Mentors Canvas 2010

“I endorse this wine to anybody…”

Charlotte says: A big, bold wine with intense layers of flavour, all held together with a delicate restraint and sophistication. Juicy rich berries, liquorice, caramel and cinnamon with a nutty hint on the finish, the Shiraz gives a large dollop of spice, whilst the Viognier softens it all with its gentle floral nature. Decant if you can wait that long for an even smoother and more refined mouth feel - delicious! Silas says: Firstly, the amazing fragrance is this wine’s first and possibly most important drawing card. The wine comes off as a light and friendly wine. This may simply be a ploy to get you to empty out the entire bottle. If I was around my friends and someone brought this one out, I would definitely hog it. Unashamedly so, I should add. This wine deserves to be preserved. Guest Taster – Hannah says: This smells like a real lady should smell: cherries, almonds and a bit of spice. It has delicious, juicy dark fruit flavours and feels very smooth and silky in my mouth. There’s something rather feminine about this wine, but I can imagine it


Nathan says: As magnificent and expressive as a Picasso…and just as open to interpretation. Although a bit young, it will get better with age and thus be more valuable with regard to joy and experience had whilst sipping away…pretty much like a painting. A fusion of mixed berries, vanilla essence and tobacco caress the senses enticing the glass to your lips…and it can’t be stopped. Not to be displayed on a mantelpiece…but rather intimately enjoyed.

Charlotte says: The nose is warm and comforting and instantly draws you into the glass. Lots of exciting flavours happening here - anise, cherries, spiced blackberries and almost a tomato like meatiness. An intriguing blend and rather moreish, I’d happily polish off a bottle on a chilly winter’s night.

Daisy says: With a busty seven varietals packed into the bottle, this was a full red wine on both nose and palate. Carignan and Tempranillo added to the line up, so if you’re not familiar with these varietals, this wine may make for a nice taste bud experiment. There was a sweet sharpness to it, faint whiffs of dark mint chocolate on the nose and a long finish with hints of fruit pie, hot out of the oven.

Silas says: Since I’m the novice on the team, I’m still experiencing a major learning curve and until now, KWV, in my mind, made brandy, not wine?! What a pleasant surprise to discover this. This wine wins in the areas of packaging, aroma and taste. I endorse this wine to anybody including bold brandy lovers. It’s well worth your time and money. Guest Taster – Hannah says: Gosh, this smells interesting – kind of creamy and minty and herby. Bit like an After Eight that had been lying in some fynbos. This is a full-bodied wine with berry flavours and some wood coming through. It lingered on my palate for a long time.

Nathan Blair Nathan was raised in the windy city of Port Elizabeth, but fell in love with wine once he started to live in Stellenbosch. He admires the incredible success and level-headedness of Sir Richard Branson and believes that life happens whilst making other plans.

Quite a grown-up wine, I would love to drink this at an intimate dinner with a juicy T-bone steak.

Nativo Red 2008 RRP: R 100 ; Stockists: Cellar door and selected boutique wine shops

“It shows the talent of the winemaker…” Nathan says: Not as native as the name suggests. Years of practice by the Argentinean Owner and Winemaker at this farm have resulted in a wonderfully silky expression of a Shiraz blend. Like his journey to South Africa, every varietal in this blend plays its own part and tells its own story. A mix of marmite, raisin, cherry and spicy flavours complement each other fantastically and take you on a journey from nose to lips to palate. One bottle would not be enough…thank goodness it is also Organic.

TasteTeam Guest Taster – Hannah says: Definitely one of my favourites. Quite a lot going on here and quite complex, but it still works. I taste strawberries and red fruit, but also something earthy. It feels soft and clean in my mouth. This is rather elegant and very delicious. This special wine requires a special occasion moonlight and music, perhaps?

Val de Vie Ryk Neethling 2010 RRP: R135; Stockists: At good liquor stores nationwide

Charlotte says: One must wonder at what point does a blend become too complex? It shows the talent of the winemaker that, despite apparently using everything but the kitchen sink, the wine still retains a soft, approachable nature that makes it quite enjoyable. A cacophony of flavours with white pepper, mint, cheese and lead, but as long as you don’t spend too much time trying to identify them all and just sit back and enjoy, I think you’ll be fine. Daisy says: This wine gave rise to aromas of damp forest floor, intertwined with the dusty smell of opening a longforgotten room in an old stately home. I picked up an unusual undertone of cheese to it - being a cheese fanatic, however, this did not deter me. I’d like to see how it fares against a rich Stilton and oozing Camembert thwacked onto chucks of warm, crusty French bread.

Silas says: When I first arrived in Cape Town I didn’t have a clue where Malmesbury was. Ironic that only days after learning about its location I stumble across a wine from there and so my first impressions of the place will be based on a wine. No pressure! A strong white pepper scent, this wine is big. I can’t possibly have anything negative to say about this wine..

Daisy says: Shiraz takes centre-stage in this Rhône-style blend, bringing



Charlotte Spicer Charlotte is known amongst her friends and exasperated family as a professional “Intoxicologist”. She has worked in the wine and spirits industry for a number of years now. Apart from enjoying the odd glass or two of wine, she is partial to a wee dram of whisky and also likes to think she puts Nigella to shame in the kitchen – but doubts that she could lick her spoon that seductively…

an intensity to the nose – spicy, with elements of pencil shavings and red berries. The berries carried through to the palate with mini bursts of tart fruitcompote and burnt caramel, giving a good shot at claiming better body than its blender, Ryk Neethling…

reasons outside of winemaking. Seeing as we haven’t seen or read about the man in recent times, one should assume his talents were spent on creating this particular gem. A well balanced wine that deserves to be treated as one for special occasions.

Nathan says: As colourful as the estate on any polo day. An intriguing mix of herbs, tobacco and spices on the nose is followed by savoury fruits on the palate. A nicely rounded mouth feel expresses the depth of this wine and definitely something every wine lover should try. I am willing to take bets that a bottle could go down faster than Ryk could do the 100m Freestyle.

Guest Taster – Hannah says: Just like its namesake, this is a big wine. Full bodied, masculine and very bold flavours. I picked up rich blackcurrants, some spice and lots of wood. Should be drunk with a piece of meat and a big strong man – ideally Ryk Neethling…

“Should be drunk with a piece of meat and a big strong man – ideally Ryk Neethling…” Charlotte says: If there was a text book for winemaking with a checklist for a good Rhône blend, this one would certainly tick all of the required boxes. Lots of beautiful, bright red fruit - red currants and strawberry jam - and a lovely balance of savoury pencil shavings, cigar box spice and cedar notes. All in all a well-structured wine which I cannot fault. Silas says: I was so surprised to learn that our prized swimming horse, Ryk Neethling, is the mastermind behind this special drink. A bold attempt from someone famous for many other


Kronendal Mirari 2009 RRP: R198; Stockists: Frogitt & Vonkel

Daisy says: Nuances of ground coffee beans, toastiness from the barrel and swirls of mocha charge forth through the nostrils faster than the steeds in the Battle of Hastings. There was a smooth, smokey component on the palate and a delicate meatiness. Crack this open in the winter months, in front of a fire with nibbles of wet, lean biltong and chunks of bitter chocolate. Nathan says: Very different to all of the above, this is definitely the most Rhône style of the lot. In fact, I reckon one would even be forgiven for making the mistake. A brilliant representation of what Rhône style blends are all about, this wine shows off big, bold flavours of meatiness, leather and savoury spices combined with an herbaceous and tobacco styled edge. The alcohol is still fairly apparent on both nose and palate but just allow to breathe and it opens up tremendously. Traditional in every sense.

“Nirvana is to be found in this bottle.” Charlotte says: Wines like this remind me why I enjoy delving into the wine world, as every so often you stumble across a gem from a lesser known producer that makes you fall in love with every little sip. This was easily the most interesting and enticing in the lineup, lots of different elements to it - smokey meat, tangy red fruit, roasted coffee beans and aromatic spice all enveloped with silky smooth tannins for your drinking pleasure. Rich, unctuous and down right delicious, certainly one for

Silas Lekgoathi Graphic Illustrator, Silas Lekgoathi describes himself as a fun loving, adventurous and artistic traveller. He feeds off new experiences and escapades and finds himself in a transitional period of his life.


the wine rack. Silas says: Like the previous wine, here is another with a strong bite to it. Enough to put people off? I’m not too sure… I find it to be a labour of love - almost like mowing your farm-sized lawn on a 30-minute deadline for a picnic party for that morning. It all ends up being worth the effort. Nirvana is to be found in this bottle. Guest Taster – Hannah says: Another favourite. Very interesting nose – minerally, flinty, smoky, woody. It smells like cowboys. An utterly delicious, meaty, jammy and complex wine with lots of spice and oodles of sophistication. A classy-cowboy wine. Yum! This month’s guest taster is Hannah Wallis who lived in London for 10 years where she worked as a journalist. Shemoved back to Cape Town in 2012 and now lives and works in Stellenbosch as a copywriter for a communications company. Besides wine, she has a real weakness for good tequila and will easily polish off half a bottle over dinner if given the chance.


Special Report

A Chinese Insight By Emilie Steckenborn


ine representative Emilie Steckenborn lives and works in China. She recently attended China’s 88th Food & Wine fair in Chengdu, Sichuan province and reports back on her experience, with a particular focus on the image of South African wines in the ever-growing Chinese market... You’ve all heard about China, whether it is the growth and potential of this vast market or the ugly, over paying for fake Lafite and “ganbei-ing” your wines until silly. Either way, they area consuming and for wineries in South Africa, these shows are key to displaying your brand internationally and have the potential to broaden your market share 12 WINE EXTRA JUNE 2013

and increase sales exponentially. As South African wines improve and ties with China strengthen, it is time that both sides toast. Either you start promoting your wines and gain market, to what is the next wine drinking generation or you let them notice you naturally (which we all know will take a painstakingly long time and won’t really move you ahead). So here’s the question: are you there and are you willing to commit? Arriving at China’s 88th Food and Wine Expo in

Special Report The American pavilion surpassed it all by hiring dancers who synced to the anthem, Circus by Britney Spears. On the other hand, France, Australia, Chile and New Zealand kept it classy as their pavilions bustled with guests and representatives pouring tasters and educating guests. As I walked around one of the most important Chinese wine expositions of the year, I was surprised not to find a noteworthy ‘’Wines of South Africa’’ pavilion, let alone representatives who clearly knew the brands they were representing. I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s a challenge displaying your brand overseas, never mind such a complicated market as China. Let’s not forget, China is evolving quickly, what used to be an easy market is becoming saturated with competition from every corner of the world. Within the past two years, South Africa has started to slowly push its way onto shelves with many importers diversifying their portfolio to include interesting wines. South Africa’s position in the ‘value for money’ - a key area in China as most wines are highly taxed and therefore inaccessible to the larger public. Sichuan’s capital, Chengdu, is basically entering into a fantasy world - signs, banners, costumes and radio ads blasting all day.

The problem all importers are facing in the Chinese market is lack of understanding and education concerning South African wines. In fact, most


Special Report and cultivating their South African and Chinese partnership by sending over their representative Ty ro n Va n Wy k t o p ro m o t e a n d i n t ro d u c e Saronsberg wines. Their message, “pushing quality and promoting our philosophy” is key to targeting the growing segment of Chinese wine enthusiasts. Importers representing larger volume brands are hoping that easy drinking wines at lower prices will suit the market’s needs, especially in tier cities in such areas as Fujian. Finally, the common thread that unites all importers and representatives in this market is the potential China plays for South African wines. The importance of actively educating, branding and marketing South African wines with the leadership of associations and winery owners is seemingly the missing link to a sunnier future.

people in China don’t know that even produces wine, let alone Pinotage, or the area’s potential to produce world class wines. “The biggest challenge when dealing with the market, has been conveying product quality and recognition”, explained Li from L&C Imported Fine Wines whose company imports brands from Uniwines in China. There is still potential as she believes guided tastings and educational seminars are key to winning over the public in China. Interesting varietals, such as the easy drinking Pinotage can easily gain market share if it is well promoted as South Africa’s flagship varietal. So how is everyone playing the game? Key importers such as Accolade, have taken a strategic approach by including premium tiers such as Music Room by Flagstone to raise brand perception through to their volume labels such as Kumula Wines, which sells an estimated 20,000 cases annually in China. Quality orientated Saronsberg Winery is valuing 14 WINE EXTRA JUNE 2013

Exclusive interview

Louise Carver Singer/songwriter and utterly gorgeous, Louise Carver describes herself as a hard working adventurer who is a lover of tiny furry animals… and wine… Images by: Christiaan Hattingh Shot on location at: The Wine Show Jo’burg

When I understood the history behind how Pinotage was developed in South Africa and coupled that with the amazing childhood experience I had – to be present during night harvests at Twee Jonge Gezellen

Louise Carver

You live in Jo’burg, but grew up in the fairest Cape. Why the move?

It came about when I got signed to Sony Records, who are based in Jo’burg. I realized that many of the TV opportunities are up there and for me it is important to be close to my record company so I can always be on the ball with things and have a certain element of control of my business. I also do a lot of corporate work and that’s all based up in Jo’burg, so it just made sense to move. A nasty relationship breakup also helped to give me the push to make a new start in a different city. Don’t you miss it?

Fortunately I get to come back fairly often for shows and to visit my folks who live in Hermanus, so I get my Cape Town fix often enough. For now, home is Jo’burg as I’ve recently bought myself a lovely home and am feeling pretty settled there at this stage. If I really had to move anywhere right now, it would be the States, but only if my music really started to take

off there, so who knows? You started playing the piano from a young age. What’s the history?

I started composing music at the age of 11, but played piano and violin when I was 4 or 5. Take us through your career as today you are one of South Africa’s best-know female musicians.

It’s definitely weather dependent. In summer I love my white wine and in winter I’m a huge Merlot fan. A wine that I particularly enjoy is the Chocolate Block and then I also really enjoy Pinotage. I love the fact that it’s got a South African story and it’s so true to our culture and heritage. If a wine were to be made in your honour, what would you call it and what would it be?

It was a very organic experience. I was always isolated as the one who was the ‘singer’ at school. I JUNE 2013 WINE EXTRA 19

Exclisive interview wasn’t exactly excelling at anything else, so I wasn’t torn between anything. It was blazingly obvious that my voice was my standout talent and had a lot of fussing over me because of it. Initially I found it quite confusing as I was still very young, but when I started composing, it meant that a whole new dimension had opened up and at 15 I started a band. We were heard by a record label and I was subsequently signed… without the band… It was just as well as I’m really bossy and not really suited to a band environment. I then released my first single at the age of 17 and the rest just happened. I still had to finish school, but once that was done I toured the world promoting my music. I’ve played around a lot with different genres and have fun with that. Today I’ve had 15 top 10 hits and it’s been an amazing journey so far with extreme highs and rocky lows, but that’s just how the industry works. You can say that I’ve dedicated my life to music. What, would you say, is your genre or track?

I have a favourite genre, which is ‘Electronic’, which is a lot less restrictive than rock music, but you can use whatever you want to and make it your own. I think music is moving towards an integration of sounds. My favourite song, by far, is a track I released last year called “How you gonna do it”, it’s all about murder, which I think is quite relevant right now. It’s basically a question that stems from knowing someone’s intention. Many women have dated a ‘psycho’ and I was stalked a few years ago, so the song had a real meaning to me. The song wasn’t as well received by all radio stations as they felt it was a bit ‘heavy’ on the subject matter. I’m still very proud of that song and feel that it hasn’t had it’s day yet. Maybe somewhere along the line someone will pick it up and run with it. Let’s talk about wine. When did you first start drinking and enjoying wine?

Drinking and enjoying are two very different things… I grew up above Steenberg Wine Estate, surrounded by vineyards to parents who pretty 20 WINE EXTRA JUNE 2013

much popped a cork at sunrise. I didn’t have a chance in hell to avoid wine. So, to answer your question, I started drinking wine when I was very young. Enjoying, would’ve been when I was about 25 when I started to experience the likes of Hamilton Russell, Diemersfontein and other wines that made an impact on me around that time. What wine do you prefer?

I’m very much a bubbly person. There are no words to describe my love affair with Champagne. I could drink it all day and all night if I didn’t have to work. Unfortunately work gets in my way of drinking. I particularly enjoy the MCC from Steenberg, but obviously Moët and Veuve are always welcome. Do you enjoy visiting wine farms?

Louise Carver Ooooh yes! I love the whole ceremony of it. The drive there, tasting the selections, the beautiful restaurants and amazing food, often in the most beautiful settings. It’s the perfect thing to do on a lazy Sunday. I also love performing at wine estates – it’s always fun. I enjoy going to Tokara and Thelema, Morgenvliet and pretty much the non-commercial ones where I can help it.

Where do you particularly enjoy drinking a glass of wine?

I think wine always comes in handy at boring functions as you can always ‘drink it interesting’. When meeting your in-laws for the first time, and it definitely helps, after a long day, I enjoy unwinding with a glass of wine, particularly in the bath…

Do you have a wine collection at home? Louise’s thoughts on this wine

No way! I drink them too quickly! [Is the RIGHT answer – Ed]. One day when I’m a big girl, I might have one though. I f yo u h a d a n i m p ro m p t u i nv i te f ro m m a te s inviting you round for a braai, what is the wine you automatically pick up from the supermarket shelf that you know won’t ever let you down?

‘I simply loved the Charles Fox bubbles! It was their first harvest so the champagne was crisp, refreshing and dangerously drinkable’ Charles Fox Brut MCC RRP: R200

If it’s winter, I’d grab a bottle of Diemersfontein Pinotage and in summer, if I can’t get hold of the Steenberg MCC, then either the Hamilton Russell Chardonnay or the Fat Bastard Chardonnay.



This month: Buy wine whenever, wherever Su Birch to leave WoSA in Septembers New auction website aims for ‘eBay’ success An Occasional Drink Is O.K. During Pregnancy


Buy wine whenever, wherever

rom the heart of the Cape Winelands comes a unique new application for Android™ users. Abuzz™, in association with Cybercellar, recently launched the AbuzzWine app, which brings you your favourite wines from top South African Wine Estates directly via your smartphone or tablet. You can now purchase wine from hundreds of participating wine estates at the touch of a button, at a great price and ave it delivered to your door anywhere in South Africa. Another great benefit is that, w h i l e s h o p p i n g o n t h e a p p, you can compare tasting and technical notes of the different 22 WINE EXTRA JUNE 2013

wines, allowing you to make an informed decision about your purchase.

t h e i r p u rc h a s e s, w h i c h c a n b e re d e e m e d a g a i n st f u t u re purchases at that wine estate.

“This ground-breaking product is the only free mobile wine application of its kind in South Africa and puts the fabulous varietals of the Cape Winelands into the hands of wine drinkers everywhere,” says MD Marlene Badenhorst.

Also available on the app is the AbuzzWine Treasure Hunt Club, which provides a fun way to get to know the app, learn interesting facts about wine, and stand a chance to win wine related goodies and other prizes in the monthly Treasure Hunt.

The app is very user friendly, with most of the screens containing user instructions. Detailed step-by-step instructions are a click away on the abuzzWine mobi site. Anyone who uses the app can apply to join the listed Wine Clubs and as a member, enjoy cashback rewards on

Further development includes an iPhone/iPad version planned for rollout during June 2013, and a version for Blackberry is in the pipeline for September 2013. This app provides you with an easy to use, convenient way to ensure that you never run out of good wine anywhere.

TableTalk Su Birch to leave WOSA in September Article courtesy of B i rc h h a s p l aye d a ke y ro l e in advancing South Africa’s reputation as one of the most progressive wine-producing nations in terms of ecosustainable wine production. Under the banner “variety is in our nature”, she has actively promoted the country’s competitive positioning in producing a rich variety of wine styles. She is also credited with spearheading South Africa’s Biodiversity & Wine Initiative (BWI) which has seen producers set aside substantially more land for conservation than the equivalent of the national vineyard.


u Birch is to leave her post as CEO of WOSA in September. Birch, who has been CEO of the wine industry association since 2000, said that she intends to take “a brief sabbatical” and then focus on developing marketing plans for a range of clients. Speaking about the challenges for businesses in South Africa, Birch, aged 63, said, “Rising costs and a volatile exchange rate are forcing South Africans to work smarter and with greater agility in order to be heard in

an increasingly competitive environment, whether locally or internationally. Continuing she commented, “Working to very tight budgets demands stringent discipline but also encourages creative problem-solving. This is where I believe I can play a meaningful role.” News of her decision to leave WOSA came after it was announced that Birch was winner of 2013’s Drinks Business Green Awards Lifetime Achievement Award.

“The Lifetime Achievement is a high note on which to announce my plan to leave WOSA later t h i s ye a r. I s h a l l b e l e av i n g the organisation with a sound international team in place at the same time that the country has evolved into a significant player in world wine markets, well on its way to capturing and building on new opportunities.” Birch said that the search for a successor would take place over the coming weeks. She also noted that she will remain in her position until the end of September to oversee The Beautiful South – a collaborative tasting in London for wine associations for Argentina, Chile and South Africa. JUNE 2013 WINE EXTRA 23

TableTalk New auction website aims for ‘eBay’ success Article courtesy of


new fine wine auction website is aiming to become the ‘eBay’ of the wine trade by offering cut-price lots from a selection of merchants. The website GrapePip – www. – sells wine through a time-limited auction process, sourcing wines from merchants who sign up to the site. The functionality is ‘similar to global success story eBay,’ its founders claim. C a s p a r a n d Vi c t o r i a B owe s, who also own merchant Bowes Wine, started the venture as a means for traders to clear cellar overstocks without the stigma of 24 WINE EXTRA JUNE 2013

having to offer hefty discounts in their catalogues or on their own websites. ‘ I n c o mmon with many f ine wine merchants, Bowes Wine is occasionally left with a few cases of certain wines in pristine condition,’ said Caspar Bowes. ‘We would normally “bin end” this stock, but in line with the feelings of many merchants we’d rather not repeatedly flag these offers up on our own site, so we’ve sought to bring to light a solution.’ The wine trader selling each lot remains anonymous, but GrapePip said it would only accept vendors who could offer

full provenance on the wines sold, under ‘strict approval criteria’. Since the soft launch of GrapePip to existing Bowes Wine customers earlier last month, wines have sold for 20% less than their current market low value, the company claimed. So far only a handful of French wines are available, and one Austrian, although the owners are confident in their aim of turning over £250,000 in the first year of operations. As well as fine wine drinkers, the venture is also aiming to target sommeliers looking to source wines for a particular dinner or seasonal offer.

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he federal guidelines on drinking during pregnancy are clear: stick to abstinence. And yet, many moms-to -be say they allow themselves the occasional glass of wine, encouraged by previous generations that considered it harmless.

drinking during pregnancy is hazardous, some studies suggest that the occasional small drink does not carry the same risk. The most recent and perhaps largest study was carried out in Britain, where guidelines discourage drinking but leave some flexibility for one small drink each week after the first trimester.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 7.6% of pregnant women have at least an occasional drink. The number rises among collegeeducated women, to 10%, and it also climbs with age, reaching 14% among pregnant women between 35 and 44.

In the study, published in the journal BJOG, researchers at University College London analyzed the habits of a large group of pregnant women and then tracked their offspring, about 10,500 children in all, through grade school.

While heavy or even moderate

five were “light” drinkers who had one or two units of alcohol per week, or roughly one small glass of wine. Testing showed that at age 5, the children of these mothers did not show any delays in their emotional, behavioural or cognitive development. British health officials said the findings support their position that there is “no evidence of harm” from having a small glass of wine on occasion after the first trimester, but more research on the long-term consequences is needed, and until then, health officials in the United States advise abstinence.

Most of the women abstained during pregnancy. But one in JUNE 2013 WINE EXTRA 25

Nic van Wyk -

He was raised in a two-kitchen home as his mother had a catering business. Furthermore Keith Floyd’s TV antics when Nic was still in primary school left a mark on his young mind.


hef Nic van Wyk, who recently opened a farm eatery in an old stable on Diemersdal wine estate in Durbanville, is known for his gutsy flavours. He has a penchant for peasant food – from Provence and North Africa to Spain and the Little Karoo - to which he brings a modern sensibility. He was raised in a two-kitchen home as his mother had a catering business. Furthermore Keith Floyd’s TV antics when Nic was still in primary school left a mark on his young mind. As a teenager, Nic preferred earning pocket money the hard way - in blazing hot restaurant kitchens, rather than as a waiter like his mates. He admits that it was a way to girls’ hearts: “they swooned when I cooked them Valentine dinners.” It was written in the stars that he would eventually find romance in the kitchen as well – he met his wife Ali Knott in the kitchen of La Colombe. Classically trained at the Institute of Culinary Arts in Stellenbosch, Nic co-founded Terroir in 2006, then voted Eat Out Best Restaurant in South Africa. Nic also proved his mettle at La Colombe with Franck Dangereux, and travelled overseas before returning to Kleine Zalze Lodge where he spent the past four years.


S low braised lamb shoulder Ingredients: (Serves 6) Lamb shoulder (approx. 2.5kg) 10ml Dijon mustard Salt and pepper 1 Large onion sliced 1 Stick rosemary 1 Head of garlic cut in half 250ml Lamb stock or water Method: Rub the lamb with the mustard and season with salt and pepper. Place the lamb in an oven proof dish, just large

enough to fit the shoulder. Place the onions and rosemary on top, add the garlic and stock into the dish and cover with a lid or tin foil. Cook at 140ยบC for 4 to 5 hours, checking every hour to add more liquid if need be. When the lamb is cooked, you should be able to pull the bone out with ease. Discard the onions and rosemary leaving all the liquid and squeeze the soft garlic into the pan juices. Let the lamb rest, covered, for 15 minutes in the pan liquid. Serve with roast baby potatoes and seasonal greens like beans or baby marrows or a parsnip mash.

Pair it with Paired with Diemersdal Chardonnay Reserve 2012 RRP: R95.00 www.diemersdal.


Livin’thelife by Maryna Strachan

Family Fun at Spier One of the oldest wine farms in South Africa, with a recorded history dating back to 1692, Spier has long been a favourite spot for families to visit with its lovely gardens, picnic area and animal attractions. More recently there have been quite a few changes and I must say that I had a pleasant visit to explore a little more about what the ‘new’ Spier had to offer for families and I most certainly wasn’t disappointed.


Livin’thelife O

ne of the oldest wine farms in South Africa, with a recorded history dating back to 1692, Spier has long been a favourite spot for families to visit with its lovely gardens, picnic area and animal attractions. More recently there have been quite a few changes and I must say that I had a pleasant visit to explore a little more about what the ‘new’ Spier had to offer for families and I most certainly wasn’t disappointed. Upon arrival we made our way to the swanky new tasting room where we were met by chief winemaker Frans Smit for a personal tutored tasting of a few of Spier’s top wines. The kids had their very own wine tasting experience pairing grape juice with wine gums while the adults were being schooled in what makes Spier’s wines stand out from the rest. After enjoying the superb wines, we’d managed to work up quite an appetite. The farm-to-table

A tutored tasting led by Cellarmaster, Frans Smit

The kiddies ‘wine’ pairing

restaurant, Eight, is an exciting recent addition to the farm and reflects Spier’s ethos, signifying balance, abundance, harmony and cycles, whilst focusing on local, fresh, natural and organic food and wine. I particularly loved artist Heath Nash’s interpretation of Spier’s focus on recycling and sustainable business practices through his magnificent ceiling of over 10,000 ‘flowers’ made

from recycled milk bottles. A short walk away is the Eagle Encounters area, a bird-of-prey rehabilitation, conservation, education and eco-tourism project. The centre receives birds that have been injured, poisoned or illegally removed from their nests, and works towards rereleasing healthy, fit, successfully hunting and ablebreeding raptors into the wild. Guests to Spier are invited to ‘hold’ tame birds, as well as participate in the daily flying display. The kids particularly enjoyed holding the owls as well as the dancing owls that wiggled about to the beat of music. Tired from all of the wining, dining and owling around, we decided to check into our spacious room at the Spier Hotel for a little late afternoon rest before heading out to dinner. The room was beautifully appointed with a lovely big bed and crisp white linen. The kids had a swim in one of the several pools whilst we put our feet up for a spot of chilling. Since it was Freedom Day, we joined in for the fantastic dinner hosted by the Spier Hotel and Dr. Anna Trapido, author of Hunger for Freedom, a book about the influence that food had in the life of Nelson Mandela, whether it be what he was fed whilst imprisoned on Robben Island, dreamt of having during this time or his first dishes enjoyed upon release. T h e s u p e r b d i n n e r s e r ve d o n t h e eve n i n g, accompanied by Anna’s stories, photographs and memories and had us all enthralled from Mrs. Naidoo’s samosas to Mrs. Mandela’s Amasi and a palate cleanser of a shot of brandy and Coke, we were taken on a culinary journey, ending off with a combination of Winnie’s wedding cake, Desmond Tutu’s rum & raisin ice cream and Betsie Verwoerd’s koeksisters. We were blown away by an unforgettable and humbling experience. After the day’s excitement, we decided to have an early night as there was still more fun to be had the next day… Following the hotel’s buffet breakfast, we booked

Livin’thelife the kids into the kiddies corner to have some playtime whilst we ventured back across the ground to join a Segway tour through the Spier vineyards. This was definitely another highlight to the weekend as it’s been something both my partner and I were particularly excited to do. Unfortunately this activity is not suitable for children under the age of 10. Getting the hang of the Segway was pretty easy and once we were off, we were taken through the protea gardens and through vineyards to the waste water treatment area all the way up to the organic vegetable gardens that service all of the various restaurants and eateries on the farm. We had so much fun on the 2-wheeled, self-balancing vehicles


– definitely one of my personal highlights. However, as they say, all good things must come to an end and it was true about this unforgettable weekend at Spier. A perfect getaway for those needing a break, whether with or without kids. An eco-haven where attention to detail is evident in every sense of the word, from their award-winning wines to the food and staff who are always friendly, happy to help and proud of the company they work for. While I might have gently steered visitors away from what used to be known as a highly commercial estate, I will most definitely point them in the direction of Spier for what will surely leave anyone with an unforgettable experience.

We’ve Been Drinking Anatu Family Blend Red 2010


ow different is wine from music? Not a lot, reckons Anatu winemaker and globetrotting jazz musician Micu Narunsky. It was chance that brought him to the Helderberg, says Micu Narunsky. But, given the opportunity under different circumstances and the ability to travel back in time, this would still be the place he’d chose to make his wine. In the old Cordoba cellar tucked into a fold of the landscape, between vineyards high up against the Helderberg Mountain is where Narunsky makes wine under the label of Anatu. The brand, named after the Middle Eastern goddess of earth and sky, was established some 10 years ago by former Johannesburg bankers André and Freda Hamersma who quit the big city for Stellenbosch to follow their dream.

A Mediterranean, fruit driven wine where Grenache Noir, characterised by wild forest berries, leads the way. The Shiraz adds structure and tones of spiciness and darker berries. It is a fresh and wellintegrated wine that is ideal with food such as ostrich fillet and lamb chops. . Price: R150 Frogitt & Vonkel, Bootleggers and Boulevard Cellars URL:

Anatu is driven by focus on the production of Rhone blends based on Shiraz, Grenache Noir, Mourvèdre and Cinsaut for the reds and Rosé, and Roussanne, Grenache Blanc and Chenin Blanc for the white wines. The Family Blend is made up of 55% Grenache Noir and 45% Shiraz. Grapes were harvested from the beautiful farm Olyvenboom in Wellington owned by renowned viticulturist, Johan Wiese. The gravelly decomposed shale soils allow Grenache and Shiraz to ripen as bush vines without irrigation. The climate is Mediterranean with wet winters and very hot, dry summers. Fully ripe grapes were hand harvested in small lug boxes at sunrise and then transported to the cellar. After cooling the grapes to about 10˚C, the bunches were hand-sorted, destalked and fermented in opened barrique barrels and micro fermenters. The wine matured in French oak barrels for 22 months. JUNE 2013 WINE EXTRA 33

Get Out Caption head: How did winning the Miss Universe pageant in 1992 shape you into the person you are today?

June 2013


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Get Out Delightful Deliciousness for Mums

Tastes of 2013 The Vineyard Hotel & Spa’s sensational seasonal Tastes of 2013 series of themed menus and special wine-paired dinners is back after a hugely successful 2012 run. Matt Deitchman, Food & Beverage Manager of the Vineyard Hotel & Spa, says 2013 sees the culmination of the work they’ve done over the past few years. “Food lovers will enjoy some of the most delectable dishes finely balanced to perfectly complement the best that the South African wine

industry has to offer.” The Tastes of 2013 themed menus consist of special menu items offered to diners at the hotel’s acclaimed The Square restaurant, with a new theme introduced every month of the ‘season’, from April to August. The full schedule of wine-paired dinners is available at For more information or to make a reservation, please contact 021-657 4500 or e-mail

Along with its sweeping views of Table Mountain, The Square Restaurant at the Vineyard Hotel & Spa is offering a delectable yet pocket-friendly lunch menu in honor of all mothers on Sunday 12 May. Created by The Square’s executive chef Alex Docherty, the three-course menu offers two mouthwatering choices per course. An extensive wine list featuring some of South Africa’s top wine estates adds another dimension to the culinary experience. Each mom will also receive a complimentary surprise goodie bag from the Vineyard Hotel & Spa to take home. The price of the three-course Mother’s Day lunch is R255 per person. AFor more information about the Vineyard Hotel & Spa and its culinary offerings, please visit www.vineyard. or to make a reservation, please contact 021-657 4500 or e-mail eat@

Warm up for winter with hearty soups

Nuy Valley Feast 2013 The Nuy Valley is celebrating its annual Nuy Valley Harvest Feast, sponsored by Worcester Wine and Olive Route, on 11-12 May 2013. Festivities will be hosted at four Nuy estates; Leipzig Country House, Nuy Winery, Willow Creek Olive Estate and Conradie Family Vineyards. The Nuy Valley Feast promises a jam-packed programme filled with new surprises and old favourites. For more information please visit or phone Anne-Marie Redelinghuys at 084 585 5557 or e-mail at

Back by popular demand, Constantia Glen’s delicious homemade soups served with crusty,freshly baked bread, are a must for the ultimate winter wine tasting experience on offer from May onwards at this picturesque wine estate. Available in single servings or as a trio of smaller soups, visitors can tuck into hearty Beef goulash, French onion, or Honey roasted butternut and sage soup. Each soup is perfectly paired with a Constantia Glen wine and can be enjoyed with mouth-watering platters of cheese and charcuterie, w h i l e e n j oy i n g t h e g o rg e o u s outstretched views. The winter soups


CAPE TOWN and wine pairings are available until end of August, at R75 per single soup serving and wine, or R80 for the trio of smaller soup portions pairing. Wines are also available by the glass from R30 if you want to linger over lunch. Known for exceptional, award winning cool climate Sauvignon Blanc and Bordeaux-style reds, Constantia Glen is open daily from 10h00 till 17h00 on week days and from 10h00 till 16h00 on Saturdays and Sundays. Look out for the Constantia Glen signs towards the top of Constantia Main road. Call 021 7956100 or e-mail Visit www.

Dine in Manor House Style Come dine with Plaisir de Merle cellar master, Niel Bester and share good company at the long table in the magnificent historic manor house, near Franschhoek. A four-course gourmet meal with a glass of wine perfectly matched to each course by Niel. The dinner takes place on 31 May and starts at 18:30 for 19:00. Tickets including all wines cost R350 per person. Make up a party of six and book as a group with your friends and stand a chance to stay in the manor house on the evening of the dinner with the exclusive use just for you and your guests. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast the next morning. Terms and conditions apply. Winners will be announced on May 20 – so book early! To book call Renee at Plaisir de Merle 021-874 1071 or email


Winter Warmer Pairing Avondale has once again collaborated with renowned Chef Reuben Riffel to offer guests to the farm a Winter Warming Pairing in anticipation of the icy weather which looms. This is not your ordinary food and wine pairing; six gourmet tastingsize soups – each one unique in style and flavour – have been created by Chef Reuben, with his signature rustic culinary flair evident in every sip. Each soup has been specially crafted to beautifully complement a particular vintage in Avondale’s collection of elegant, handcrafted wines. Inspired matches such as Truffle Bean Soup teamed with Avondale’s velvety Bordeaux blend La Luna, and spicy ChaiStyle Butternut Soup partnered with Avondale’s Camissa rose, are just a few of the pairings that will delight the taste buds. The Winter Warmer Pairing is available at the Avondale Estate from the 22nd May to the 15th July. The Pairing is R120 per person and by appointment only. Call 021863 1976 or email to book now.

Top 100 SA Wines Tasting Rocking with Royalty, come and chill with the Cape’s ‘blue bloods’ on 16 May 2013 from 17:45 for only R245pp. Enjoy all one hundred 2013 Top 100 winning wines (valued at R100 000). This is your invitation to party at the Double Tree Hilton Cape Town, Upper Eastside, Woodstock! Enjoy delicious canapés, chill zone and coffee bar. Post-event dinner option special. Hassle-free sleepover at a special rate. Lucky draw prizes include 4 x 6 bottle cases of Top 100 winning wines. Book your tickets through For more information email or call 021-787 9880.

Quay 5 at the Tops Gugulethu Wine Festival - Who says that wine and beauty can’t pair beautifully? Two Oceans Quay 5 will show you how with fun-filled stylish sophistication at the 3rd TOPS Gugulethu Wine Festival, happening on May 24 & 25 on the rooftop of the Gugulethu Square Mall. Let your hair down in the Quay 5 beauty lounge while sipping on a glass of white, blush or red from this lively low alcohol range – it’s the ideal lifestyle refreshment accessory. Relax and treat your crowning glory to a complimentary hair styling service, courtesy of ghd, whilst remaining in control of alcohol and calorie intake. And while you’re looking glamorous in Gugs, share your memorable Quay 5 moment with your social networks - snap a pic of yourself and your besties at the stand and tag yourself on the Quay 5 Facebook page: Quay5SA. As if that’s not enough to welcome you to the Quay 5 experience, you can also win a Quay 5 hamper valued at R2,000, containing a styler from the new ghd Candy Collection. Just use the Twitter hashtag #Quay5ghd to enter..

Get Out Bottelary Hills Winemakers Lunch Join the winemakers of the Bottelary Hills ward for a truly unique experience in the historic manor house on Mooiplaas Estate & Private Nature Reserve, when a ‘Langtafel’ sets an enchanting stage on Sunday, 26 May. In addition to the prospect of a magical lunch at a long table – brimming with comfort food, passionately prepared by Dirk Roos of Mooiplaas – in the estate’s atmospheric 1833 Cape Dutch Herenhuis, guests will also get to experience the latest cellar gems from this unsung sub-route of the Stellenbosch Wine Routes. The Bottelary Hills Winemakers Lunch at Mooiplaas starts at 12:30 and costs R250 per person for a wine tasting and a four-course lunch, inclusive of a glass of wine per course. Pre bookings are essential as seating is limited. To book your seats contact Tamzin Isaacs at 021-886 8275 or email

Gourmet Food & Wine Weekends A highlight on the culinary calendar, join the Executive Chef at a gourmet food and wine event, co-hosted by some of South Africa’s top winemakers and wineries. Using the finest local ingredients, world-class cuisine will be matched with their superb wines and presented to you in the magnificent wilderness environment that is Bushmans Kloof. Friday 31 May to Sunday 2 June: Meerlust Estate with Eddie Turner Friday 12 July to Sunday 14 July: Cederberg Private Cellar with winemaker David Niewoudt Friday 19 July to Sunday 21 July: Bouchard Finlayson with winemaker Peter Finlayson The Gourmet Food Wine Weekend package includes: • Two nights luxury accommodation • All meals (high tea, dinner, light continental breakfast and brunch). Special children’s menu provided and extraordinary dining options can be arranged at an additional charge • Three day programme including wine tastings, special dinner menus and select wines served with dinner • Daily evening nature drives with sundowner drinks and snacks • Daily guided rock art excursions • Children’s activities - collecting treasures in the veld, creating your own ‘rock art’ painting, a night walk with guide to discover nocturnal animals and bugs and a sleep out in the reserve • All Lodge activities - two hiking trails varying between one and three hours, mountain biking, canoeing, archery, star gazing, painting, bird watching, fly-fishing, swimming in crystal clear rock pools and waterfalls Rates from R2,100 per person sharing per night. For more information or to book, call 021-481 1860 or visit www.

Cook Franschhoek 2013 Regarded as South Africa’s culinary capital, visitors can once again look forward to reawakening their taste sensations as the award-winning Franschhoek Wine Valley prepares for the annual Cook Franschhoek. The interactive hands on demonstration kitchens, presented by some of the Valley’s highly acclaimed chefs and winemakers, takes place over the weekend of 14, 15 and 16 June. The demonstrations, which include a beautifully prepared and paired meal, will take place throughout the weekend, allowing guests the opportunity to not only interact with the chefs and winemakers but also master the art of intricate dishes. These include bread making, charcuterie, handmade chocolates and so much more. With the focus on exclusivity, each demonstration will range from 8 to 30 people, and costs will differ by establishment. For those pressed for time, visitors can look forward to demonstration kitchens, consisting only of a sampling, at Leopard’s Leap Family Vineyards at 10:30am, 12pm, 1:30pm and 3pm on Saturday and Sunday. Themes at these will include ‘Spices’ and ‘The secrets to the kitchen’. Booking for all demonstrations is essential and can be done via For a detailed programme visit www. or call 021-876 2861.


CAPE TOWN Tuesday Movie Nights

Taste of Helderberg 2013

Steenberg Vineyards continues its popular Tuesday Movie Nights between May and October, with a selection of classic musicals that will appeal to all fans of great cinema. Tickets include a delicious Movie Night meal at the cost of R130 per person (R100 for Wine Club members). Movie-goers are requested to arrive at the venue from 18:30, with the movie starting at 19:00. Next movies lined up are: Oliver on 21 May and The Sound of Music on 4 June. Prepared by winery restaurant Bistro Sixteen82, every month will feature a different hot dish as Movie Night meal. These include mouth-watering winter dishes such as Beef Bourguignon and Chickpea Tagine served with a tasty herb mash. Each meal will also include a selection of local cheese and home-made bread that deserve to be enjoyed with a bottle of one of Steenberg’s wines, available for sale on the night at cellar door prices. A bag of popcorn with aromatic garlic and rosemary seasoning, home-made wine gums with a delicious hint of selected Steenberg wines; and a satisfying chunk of chocolate honeycomb will end the perfect night out on a sweet note. Bookings are essential as only 30 people can be accommodated per Movie Night.

The 5th annual Taste of the Helderberg showcase promises a smorgasbord of exquisite food and wine from this prime winemaking triangle stretching from Somerset West to Stellenbosch and Sir Lowry’s Pass Village, when the local chefs and winemakers bring their passions and pleasures to town on Thursday, 6 June. For one night only, the NH Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West will be transformed into a Helderberg wine and dine hotspot for enthusiasts to enjoy a sensory overload of more than 100 local wines and signature dishes from seven eminent restaurants jotted along the Helderberg Wine Route – all under one roof. The doors will be open from 17:00 to 21:00 and tickets cost R70 per person, which include an elegantly branded wine glass and access to the fruits of the Helderberg Winelands which will also be for sale at the show

For reservations and to book a stayover at the hotel, contact Chantelle on 021-713 2211 or chantelle@steenbrg.

For more information on Taste of the Helderberg 2013 and to reserve your tickets contact Bjorn van Oort at or 021-981 0216. Tickets will also be available at the door.

Franschhoek Mystery Weekend In 2013, our dynamite Winter Mystery Weekends are set to heat up the winelands. For just R2,340 per couple, for the whole weekend, you’ll experience the best our little village has to offer. Join us over the weekend of 7-9 June in Franschhoek, the vavavoom capital of the winelands, for the first in our series of Mystery Weekends. We - Franschhoek Wine Valley - randomly select a range of amazing Franschhoek adventures and create your unique couple Mystery Weekend Package. This means that you have no idea where you’re staying, where you’re eating or what other experiences are in store for you. How awesome! Every Franschhoek Mystery Weekend Package includes the following: • Two nights of accommodation (for two people sharing) at one of Franschhoek’s excellent four or five star hotels, B&B’s or guesthouses; • A meal voucher (for two) to one of Franschhoek’s renowned fine dining establishments; • Two breakfasts (for two); • Two tickets to The Screening Room at Le Quartier Français; • A discount voucher (per couple) to use at a participating Franschhoek retail outlet; • Two different wine tastings (per couple), each taking place at an awardwinning participating Franschhoek wine farm; • One other surprise Franschhoek experience (per couple). It’s time to bid au revoir to winter and ‘allo Franschhoek. It’s time for more sizzle and less drizzle! Book your Mystery Weekend in Franschhoek today. For bookings or queries please contact Carmen Kleinschmidt on 021-876 2861 or email office@

Get Out Savoury Safaris

Wacky Wine Weekend

Winter is synonymous with safaris and self-indulgent moments and to comfort the cold, the luxury 5-star Robertson Small Hotel turns this period of hibernation into a Robertson lifestyle celebration with complimentary Savoury Safaris on offer from May until the end of August. Guests who will be staying at this award-winning boutique hotel for two nights or more, will be able to buckle up for exuberant taste adventures during their stay, to explore a plethora of attractions unique to this bountiful valley at no additional cost. The Robertson Small Savoury Safaris whisk winter blues goodbye with a melting pot of bespoke taste encounters and day trips and guests can indulge in three activities during their Winelands sojourn. These stopovers range from a sparkling affair at Graham Beck savouring its latest Méthode Cap Classiques, to a ‘boys day out’ in the company of Klipdrift…met eish ja! With many other options available, including boat cruises, wine blending, cellar tours and tastings, to name but a few. The Robertson Small Hotel Savoury Safaris are exclusive to hotel guests only (from Monday till Saturday) and they must stay at the hotel for two nights or more. For more information on the hotel and its winter accommodation packages visit www.therobertsonsmallhotel. com, contact 023-626 7200, or send an email to reservations@

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Robertson Wine Valley’s biggest annual wine festival, with the everpopular Wacky Wine Weekend - with Kyknet as the new headline sponsor and ‘celebration’ as the theme - taking place from 6 – 9 June 2013. The Wacky Wine Weekend will include four festive days, with each day boasting its unique signature wine theme, to cater for all palates.... Whether you are a fun-seeker, novice or a wine connoisseur, there is something for everyone with: ‘Seriously Wine Thursday’, ‘Wine Up Friday’, ‘Full On Wacky Saturday’ or ‘Wine Down Sunday’. ‘Seriously Wine Thursday’ promises to inspire wine aficionados with a range of tailor-made activities, for instance: master wine-tastings, wine- and food-pairings, educational wine presentations and private tastings with the Valley’s most esteemed

winemakers. A R100 passport, valid for the whole weekend, must be purchased at one’s first port-of-call, ie at any of the participating wineries. The passport includes: a stylish tasting glass, free 25mℓ wine-tasting samples, and a ‘goodie’ bag with some great surprises, as well as the programme highlighting some special offers. All other activities during the Wacky Wine Weekend will be ‘pay-as-you-go’, with many of the activities free of charge. Visitors will also be able to purchase wine-by-the-glass or a bottle of wine to share amongst friends. V i s i t t h e n ew w e b s i t e w w w. Many of the activities need to be pre-booked directly with the respective wineries. Contact the Robertson Wine Valley on 023-626 3167 or email manager@

Absa Calitzdorp Port & Wine Festival The Klein Karoo is the place to be this winter for the annual Absa Calitzdorp Port & Wine Festival, which takes place over the weekend of 15 to 17 June. Regarded as South Africa’s Port Capital, visitors from across the country make their way to the sleepy town, which comes alive during this social calendar highlight. Hosted by renowned Port producers, Axe Hill, Boplaas, Calitzdorp Cellar, De Krans, Du’SwaRoo, Peter Bayly, TTT and Withoek in partnership with naming right sponsor Absa, festival goers will be assured of nonstop activities and entertainment throughout the weekend. Pre-book your tickets through or book during the festival at the Calitzdorp Computicket Box Office, which will be conveniently situated at the Calitzdorp Station festival grounds. Early bird ticket specials are available via Computicket. For more information visit

Complimentary Monday Wine Tastings During the month of June, The Garden Lounge at the Vineyard Hotel & Spa is offering complimentary wine tastings with select wine estates every Monday evening. On the 3rd of June Dornier Wines will showcase a few of its finest labels, while well-known leader in wine tourism, Zevenwacht Wine Estate will be hosting a tasting experience on the 10th of June. Celebrated winery Leopards Leap, based in Franschhoek, will feature its internationally renowned wines on the 17th of June while Guardian Peak, a lifestyle brand for those who enjoy healthy and active outdoor activities as well as


Get Out Rust en Vrede, a brand well established in the Stellenbosch winelands, will cohost the tasting on the 24th of June. A representative from the respective wine estates will host the wine tasting from 6-7pm and will act as guest sommelier. The wine tastings are free of charge to all who attend. For more information or to make a booking, email or please call 021-657 4500. Alternatively visit for more information.

Go Wild With Mushroom Huntings Want to know a Boletus Edulis from a pine ring and discover the secret world of wild mushrooms? While many fungi fans remain tight lipped about their favourite hunting spot for the elusive shroom, Delheim Wine Estatelifts the lid on this secrecy with its popular Mushroom Week which kicks off with two exclusive foraging expeditions in its own forest on 17 & 18 June. After working up an appetite in the forest, foragers will head to Delheim’s Vat Cellar for an exquisite buffet-style lunch indulgence featuring wild and exotic mushroom dishes, to be enjoyed with a selection of Delheim’s latest vintages and cellar gems. There are only a few spots available for the Delheim Wild Mushroom Forage (on 17 & 18 June) and tickets cost R250 per person, which include a short-course in mushroom identification prior to the forest forage, as well as the languid cellar lunch (beverages excluded). The hunt starts at 10.30 and pre-bookings for this ex-CEPtional experience are essential. For more information or to book, contact Delheim at Tel. 021 888 4607; send an email to restaurant@delheim. com, or visit please call 021-657 4500. Alternatively visit for more information. 40 WINE EXTRA JUNE 2013

GAUTENG Top 100 SA Wines Tasting Rocking with Royalty, come and chill with the Cape’s ‘blue bloods’ on 10 May 2013 from 17:45 for only R245pp. Enjoy all one hundred 2013 Top 100 winning wines (valued at R100 000). This is your invitation to party at the Hilton International, Sandton! Enjoy delicious canapés, chill zone and coffee bar. Post-event dinner option special. Hassle-free sleepover at a special rate. Lucky draw prizes include 4 x 6 bottle cases of Top 100 winning wines, 2 vouchers for two for Sunday Organic Lunch (available from June) and 2 vouchers for two for dinner at the Hilton Sandton. Book your tickets through For more information email or call 021-787 9880.

Lourensford Estate Food & Wine Pairing Evening Join host, Cellarmaster Chris Joubert for a fantastic 4-course paired dinner at the Leriba Hotel & Spa in Centurion on the 31st of May 2013 at 18:30. Bookings are essential as space is limited. Tickets cost R350pp and include all wines served with the dinner. For more information or to book, please call 012-660 3300 or email sales@leriba.

KWA-ZULU NATAL Top 100 SA Wines Tasting Rocking with Royalty, come and chill with the Cape’s ‘blue bloods’ on 24 May 2013 from 17:45 for only R245pp. Enjoy all one hundred 2013 Top 100 winning wines (valued at R100 000). This is your invitation to party at the Hilton International, Durban Beachfront! Enjoy delicious canapés, chill zone and coffee bar. Post-event dinner option special. Hassle-free sleepover at a special rate. Lucky draw prizes include 4 x 6 bottle cases of Top 100 winning wines, 2 vouchers for two to the newly launched Sunday Brunch at the Hilton, Durban and 2 vouchers for two to the Prawn Fiesta promotion. Book your tickets through For more information email or call 021-787 9880.

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Wine Extra June 2013  
Wine Extra June 2013  

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