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Daisy Knowles PA at an investment company, she has a love for the tourism industry. She loves food, all aspects of vino, dinner parties, writing, her pyjamas, copious amounts of tea, her make-up bag and her legendary furkid.

Mont Rochelle Unwooded Chardonnay RRP: R64 ; Stockists: Tops@Spar, Blue Bottle and Wine Concepts

all, delicious with an unexpected depth that cries out to be enjoyed alongside an uncomfortably large slice of homemade apple pie, served with lashings of double cream. Angelo says: This wine had a beautiful floral note to it that immediately grabbed my attention, like delicate summer blossoms and honeysuckle petals. There were prominent naartjie peel and mandarin aromas, and underlying it all, were these beautiful, ripe white grapes. The palate was incredibly ripe and had a great acidity,

TasteTeam Glen Carlou Unwooded Chardonnay 2012 RRP: R78; Stockists: Ultra Liquors, Makro, Bootlegger

“I loved it, like buttery popcorn and the pages of an old book…”

Daisy says: The very first thing I could smell on this wine was the age. I loved it, like buttery popcorn and the pages of an old book, followed by nuances of fig and peach weaving through its chapters. There was a slight mustiness to it as well, and with a balanced-yet-unexpected sweetness, it smacks the back of the palate, luring you in for another sip. Charlotte says: Autumnal fruits abound on the nose - apples, pears and quince with a lovely floral elderflower edge in the background that lifts everything nicely. The age adds a rich honeyed layer to the palate, along with flavours of creamy cashew nuts, fresh hay bales and a gentle sprinkle of cinnamon. All in

with pineapples and grapefruit leading the charge. Silas says:This wine is rather acidic and leaves a sour aftertaste. I would more likely cook with this wine rather than drink too many glasses of it. That’s not to say it’s a bad wine, but rather that not all wines are meant to be useful in glasses. Some wines find their strengths in other uses. Guest Taster – Ryan says: Mont Rochelle is one of the under-estimated farms of Franschhoek. This Chardonnay has their usual no-nonsense unpretentious label, but once that waft of dried apples, with a sweetish hint of over-ripe pineapple hits your nose, you know you are in for a good time. The palate is soft and floral and is a real pleasure to drink. This would work wonderfully with a fresh spanspek and watermelon salad.

Daisy says: Upon smelling this wine, I immediately get sun-kissed sultanas and a memory of 7de Laan’s Charmaine pouring out Hanepoot tots in Opikoffie. The palate was fairly dry with a distinct tropical-citrus combo, which I found fresh and very pleasant. Honeyed oats and pecan nuts came through on the second layer. Most delectable! Charlotte says: I get the more traditional aromas of dried zingy pineapple and fresh pear whilst golden sultanas add a pop of sweetness to the nose. Despite the lack of oak, there is again a lovely rich, creamy oat flavour to the wine, which keeps the acidity in check and gives weight to the mouth


December 2013  

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