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honestly can't believe where this year has gone! Summer is now well and truly with us and I've enjoyed a few balmy summer evenings outdoors sipping on some super whites. Aaaah, I just love it. The wine farms are all gearing themselves up for the festive season when there's a major influx of tourists who want to sample their delicious produce and experience the wonder of the Cape winelands. Befor then, however The Wine Show launches its longawaited Durban event on 23-25 November at the Durban Exhibition Centre. I'm pretty excited about that and look forward to spending some time in Durbs. I'm also off to the UK as Wine Extra is the sponsor of the International Wine & Spirits Competition's Chenin Blanc Trophy. The swanky gala affair takes place at London's Guild Hall and the cherry on top is that a South African producer has won this iconic prize. Stellenrust's 47 Chenin Blanc 2011 is indeed a very worthy winner and winning a Trophy at this prestigious competition, thus being crowned the best in the world is a pretty impressive feat. Other South African producers who won Trophies in this year's competition are Pongracz for their Desiderius 2003, the Jordan Nine Yards Chardonnay 2010, the Kaapzicht Steytler Pinotage 2008 and the Nederburg Private Bin D234 Sauvignon Blanc 2010. A very big congratulations to all of these producers as well as all of the others who were awarded medals. We have so much to be proud of in this beautiful country of ours, which is why I'll leave you now as I'm going to celebrate… something… Cheers! Follow us @WineExtra


WineShow Durban


WELCOME Not just the connoisseur.

23-25 NOVEMBER Durban Exhibition Centre TWS M E D I A

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Boisset launches Napa's first “dog winery”


ean Charles Boisset has launched Napa Valley's first “dog winery”, featuring kennel spaces and wine-barrel dog beds in tribute to his wife's French bulldog. Frenchie Winery, named after the bulldog he gave to wife Gina Gallo, forms part of Raymond Vineyards' St Helena winery Boisset bought three years ago. Housed in a large white shed at the back of Raymond's biodynamic garden, the winery boasts an enclosed play area for visiting pooches and five individual kennel spaces for them to sleep, complete with wine-barrel beds. Above the kennels hang paintings of Frenchie in various historical guises, from Napoleon and Louis XIV to Marie Antoinette. Boisset has also installed a “Frenchie cam” in the shed, so owners can keep an eye on their dogs while

they're in the Raymond Vineyards tasting room. “It's like day-care, it's awesome,” dog owner Elizabeth Schroeter told Elin McCoy of Bloomberg during a recent visit. “We treat the dogs the same as humans. I want to create tasting places where people and dogs can have a blast,” Boisset added. Boisset's move is shrewd, aiming to attract a portion of America's 46 million dog owners that don't want to leave their canines at home when they go wine tasting. Burgundy-born Boisset looks after the American arm of Burgundy-based wine empire Boisset Famille des Grands Vins, founded by his father in 1961. In 2009, he married Gallo's chief winemaker Gina Gallo, cementing one of the most powerful wine family unions in history. The couple have one-year-old twin girls. (Article courtesy of

Page 5 - December 2012

Rude wine label causing trouble in US


wine from Hundred Acre owner Jayson Woodbridge is causing problems in the US state of New Hampshire due to its controversial name. The wine, If You See Kay 2010, a Cabernet-based red blend from the Italian region of Lazio, when said aloud sounds like the spelling of a four-letter expletive. At least two executive councillors have questioned the State Liquor Commission's judgment in allowing the wine to be sold at state stores in New Hampshire. “This isn't the welcome mat New Hampshire should display for tourists,” councillor David Wheeler told local newspaper The Union Leader. “We need to set a higher standard for sales and marketing. The label violates community standards,” he added. Bolstered by the controversy, the wine, priced at $19.99 (approx. R170), is selling very well. “We sold 10 cases last week,” Joseph Mollica, chairman of the

State Liquor Commission said. “We don't want to offend anyone, but we also don't want to miss an opportunity,” he added. Officials have agreed to move the wine to the back of the stores to appease opponents' complaints that children may be exposed to the labels. If You See Kay's owner Jayson Woodbridge is best known for producing cult California wine Hundred Acre, which sells on release for around $250 (about R2,150) a bottle. Wine critic Robert Parker has described his wines as “among the most individualistic in California.” He also owns the mid-level Layer Cake and Cherry Pie wine brands. “Jayson doesn't care what anybody thinks. He searches out the best vineyards and makes uncompromised wine,” says a quote on boutique wines website, which sells If You See Kay, Layer Cake and Cherry Pie. (Article courtesy of The

Wine Show



Wine gets in the spirit with new liquor blends C

ognac blended with Moscato? Pink wine mixed with Port? And how about a mash-up of sparkling white wine and vodka? Hard liquor is showing a softer side as producers shake things up with new blends that put wine and spirits in the same bottle. "Companies are going out of the box," observes Ted Carmon, spirits buyer for the BevMo! liquor chain in the US. There's no official category name so far: Spirited wines? Laid-back liquors? But Carmon traces liquor's "anything goes" movement to Pinnacle Whipped, the wildly popular whippedcream flavoured vodka that came out a couple of years ago. "That really rewrote the rules on what kind of flavours could be used." Bill Newlands, president of Beam Inc., which bought Pinnacle Vodka earlier this year, sees the intensely flavoured Whipped as playing into a trend of consumers "whether it's an alcohol beverage or anything else, looking for more flavour reward." They're looking for two things, he says, "flavour and flavour intensity." That quest influenced Beam's latest product, Courvoisier Gold, which blends French cognac with Moscato wine from the South of France. Research indicated customers, particularly women, wanted a cognac with less alcohol but more flavour and Gold answers on both counts coming in at 36 proof, or 18% alcohol by volume, well below the 40% (80 proof) of traditional Cognac. Suggested retail for a 750-milliliter bottle is $24.99 (approx. R215).

Gold follows last year's introduction of Courvoisier RosĂŠ, which blends Cognac with French red wine grapes. Both blends can be drunk on the rocks or mixed into cocktails. Gold and RosĂŠ are both grapeon-grape affairs since Cognac, a type of brandy made in the Cognac wine region in France, is a distilled grape spirit.

But Tune, a new product from Absolut, goes in a different direction, blending grain-based vodka with a sparkling white wine, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc to be precise. It comes in a Champagne-style bottle decorated with gold stars, swirls and other patterns, which has an outer wrapper of silver, black and gold that "unzips" for presentation pizazz. Tune, so named for the dual notes of vodka and wine, is 14% alcohol by volume and has a suggested retail of $31.99 (about R276). Another beverage taking a lighter touch is Croft Pink, which is a Port (not liquor, but wine that's been fortified by addition of a spirit). Croft traces its roots to 1588, making classic ruby and tawny Ports. Croft Pink is made from traditional Port grapes, but with light contact between the wine and the grape skins, resulting in a light ruby colour. It was made with cocktails in mind to introduce Port to a new audience. Alcohol content is 19.5% by volume, similar to traditional Port. Suggested retail is $19.99 for a 750ml bottle.


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Pairing Yoga and Wine Blends Complementary Health Benefits


ncreased levels of heart-healthy high-density lipoproteins, better sleep, and reduced anxiety are just a few of the shared benefits of yoga and‌can you guess? Wine!

Lain Bradford, a South Carolina wine and spirits writer who blogs at, has noticed the blurring of the lines between wines and spirits, especially in restaurants, for instance margaritas made with fruit wine that's been flavoured to taste like tequila. As for the flavoured spirits trend, "It almost feels like the vodka producers are just walking down the grocery aisle and saying, 'Let's try this flavour,'" he says, noting that flavoured rums and tequilas also are being introduced. He sees the new spirit-wine products as tailored to people's fondness for all things sweet. "The sweet market has taken off so much. I think a lot of the spirit houses are capitalizing on the sweet market right now and introducing spirits with sweet wine to come out with drinks that will be a good crossover. It's a good way to bridge sweet wine drinkers with new spirits and the classic spirits." (Article courtesy of Page 9 - December 2012

As yoga rises in popularity, yoga and wine retreats are also making an appearance as some of the most sought after vacations in the world of selfpampering spa-like escapes. In addition to booking a week of yoga and wine tasting at some fabulous resort with some fabulous instructor, such as Wine and Yoga in Tuscany with Sadie Nardini, yoga studios and businesses are also taking advantage of the delightful combination loved by so many. For example, The W Hotel in San Diego is on the cutting edge of the wine and yoga craze by offering the popular Vino and Vinyasa series sponsored by Lululemon Athletica. Consisting of an all-level Vinyasa flow class followed by wine and appetizers, yoga and wine lovers can take to the hotel's rooftop to strut their poses before satisfying their palates. In South Africa, wine estates like Holden Manz in Franschhoek offer similar options with a fully equipped yoga studio overlooking the vineyards. But, it is not just businesses and retreat centers which are keenly tuned in to the dynamic relationship between wine and yoga. Colleen Saidman, wife of acclaimed yoga teacher Rodney Yee, has partnered with Estancia winery to assist in their campaign to sell wine. Pairing wines with health tips, Saidman believes that yogis need not completely avoid drinking alcohol, but rather find an appropriate balance and avoid overindulging.

As with anything, moderation is the key. Just as too much yoga can cause injury and harm to the body, drinking too much wine also has its own set of nasty side effects. While yoga may help relieve the symptoms of a hangover, the idea is to find the perfect pairing that fosters one's health, not conquers it. All people may not accept drinking, even in moderation. Some yogis may even frown upon drinking wine after yoga, or at any time for that matter. Everyone has his or her own personal preferences of how to act and either belief shouldn't arouse judgment or condemnation. (Article courtesy of


Ethics in the Wine Industry


IETA was formally established in November 2002 and arose out of an Ethical Trade Initiative pilot project in the wine industry. The pilot not only assisted the ETI and South African partners in learning about, developing and refining inspection methodologies in monitoring their base code, but was instrumental in bringing together stakeholders in the wine industry of the Western Cape to discuss and debate issues around ethical trade. The experiment has had considerable success in the wine industry and this led to the members taking a decision in October 2005 to extend the work of WIETA to agriculture as a whole, while continuing to serve the needs of the wine industry.

This is a not for profit, voluntary association of many different stakeholders in the South African wine and agriculture industry, who are committed to the promotion of ethical trade in this sector, with the mission being to improve the working conditions of employees in these industries by: 路 Formulating and adopting a code of good practice governing employment standards for those involved in primary agriculture (growers and farmers) and secondary agricultural production. This includes wineries, fruit farms, flower farms and other such pack-sheds. 路 Promoting the adoption of and adherence to the The

Page 11 - December 2012

Wine Show

code of good practice among these industries. · Educating producers and workers on the provisions of the code. · Appointing independent social auditors to ensure that members of the association observe and implement the code of good practice; · Determining ways of encouraging implementation of and compliance with the code and determining measures to be taken in the case of non-compliance with the code. The code contains the following important principles: · Child labour shall not be utilised · Employment shall be freely chosen · The right to a healthy and safe working environment · The right to freedom of association · The right to a living wage · Working hours shall not be excessive · Harsh or inhumane treatment is prohibited · Unfair discrimination is prohibited · Regular employment shall be provided · Worker's housing and tenure security rights will be respected The code is based on the ETI base code and South African legislation, and sets out in more detail what each of the above principles entails within the context of the wine, fruit and flowers industries. A Board, comprising labour, business, nongovernmental organisation and government representatives, manages the body. Representatives from these constituencies are elected onto the Board at the Annual General Meeting. A Chief Executive Officer, who reports to the Board, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the association. The

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Members of the association have different responsibilities and make different contributions in meeting the aims and objectives of the association. All members who join the association agree to abide by the constitution and to support the objectives of the organisation. In addition to this:

association provides an important opportunity for WIETA to identify ways of working together in ensuring more effective service delivery affecting compliance with the code in under resourced rural areas.

· Executive Committee members are requested to contribute their expertise and time in the development of the code and in taking important decisions about how the association will best meet its objectives.

Independent social auditors, who have a good understanding of the sector and are familiar with labour and tenure security legislation, are selected and trained by WIETA to monitor compliance with the code.

· Producer members are required to implement the base code at their workplaces, and to allow the association to monitor compliance.

Members who comply with the base code will become accredited members of the association. Those that do not comply will be required to develop an improvement plan, setting out the steps that will be taken towards compliance within reasonable time frames agreed with the association. Follow up audits will be conducted to ascertain the extent to which these measures have been implemented.

· Trade union members play an important role in creating awareness of the provisions of the code amongst their members. · Non-governmental organisations provide a valuable resource to the association in terms of their expertise, training capacity and research capabilities. · Government is an important service provider in the sector, and their participation in the

WIETA has introduced a seal, which will be used either on the front or back wine bottle labels, or placed on the neck alongside the sustainability seal. The ultimate goal is to have one seal, issued by the Wine and Spirit Board, that certifies the wine of The

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origin information (vintage, date, variety), the environmental sustainability (IPW) and the ethical treatment of workers (WIETA). The new ethical seal will testify to reasonable working conditions, based on rigorous and closely monitored qualification criteria. This is believed to be a world first among wine-producing countries. This seal is a parallel effort to Fair Trade and Fair for Life, which are also recognised as ethical certifications. WIETA will consider recognising ethical, health and safety audits by other bodies. However, the WIETA standards and audit methodology will not change. Only those brand owners who meet the criteria set by WIETA will be entitled to use the seal on their wines. Brand owners will be required to enter an annually renewable, legally binding agreement with WIETA. To ensure total traceability, brand owners will have to identify all their suppliers. At least 60% of these suppliers will also have to be WIETA accredited, while the other 40% would have to demonstrate that they were preparing themselves for accreditation Recently the first list of wines entitled to carry South Africa's fully traceable new ethical seal were announced. The list of 26 wines includes 10 from Fairview, featuring wines produced under its Fairview, La Capra and Spice Route labels; eight

from Distell, with two from the company's new Place in the Sun range, four from Tukulu and two from Durbanville Hills; six from Robertson Winery; as well as two from Spier. Some of the producers involved are also Fairtrade-accredited. This is proof that labour equality and fairness plays an imperative role in the South African Wine Industry and definitely a seal to look out for from a consumer perspective in support of the fantastic efforts made by WIETA. For more information visit


Jack Parow Daar is Mos 'Wyn' in Brandewyn! Images: Mark Freeborough


utting Afrikaans music solidly onto the map, Jack Parow has been a name on many tongues since 2009 when he released his first solo single, Cooler as Ekke. We had the opportunity of chatting to Jack about his rise to zef-stardom and his love for brannas (Brandy).

You're a musician, but what do you really prefer being known as? Well, yes, a musician, however my main vibe is to make Afrikaans music cool again. I started out my career with Fokofpolisiekar and that was really the main objective for us, but with more an alternative angle as opposed to pop.

How would you describe yourself? Fun-loving, full of 'gees' and pretty much the life and soul of the party. I love entertaining and good times in general.

You were born in the Cape Town suburb of Parow. Have you lived there all your life? Well, I was born there and spent the first few years of The

Page 15 - December 2012

Wine Show

my life there before my family moved to Bellville and then on to Durbanville where I finished my high schooling. I still often visit the Northern suburbs and that will always be a part of my life despite the fact that I now live in the city bowl.

I've also just shot a movie. It's called Babbelaas (Hangover) with Ian Roberts. I'm quite excited about it even though it'll probably only premiere around August next year. For the rest I'm just creating opportunities to have fun, making music and touring, which is always a blast.

You've recently become a daddy. How's that going? Yes, it's been amazing and I've really enjoyed it so much. We've got a team effort going between myself and my girlfriend and we're seemingly managing fine, which is pretty cool. Which projects are you busy with at the moment? My Special Edition album has just been released. It includes the previous album with an additional 6 tracks including a Christmas single, which is a bit of a rough version of the more traditional Christmas songs and really cool. The album also has a drinking board game included, a comic book and looks great with gold coverings. I'm really very excited about this because I've put a lot of time and effort into this, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it's received by my fans. I'm not really getting anything from it financially, but did it more specifically to say thank you to my loyal supporters and my designer and I have had a lot of fun putting it all together.

continue Hos Ja!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Are you enjoying the experience? Totally! I'm loving every minute of it, but it's also extremely hard work. I don't think I've ever worked this hard in my life, but it is very rewarding too, which makes it all worthwhile. These days with the power of the internet we've got to work so much harder to stay top of mind as it would seem that consumers pretty much have an attention span of about 10 seconds, so you have to capitalize on that before losing them. It's tough, but creatively challenging to stay on top of your game. How do you keep your material fresh? It's not easy. I think there were many people out there who thought that I was going to be just another one-hit-wonder. There was so much pressure on me, but I've always been making music with the focus being on what I like rather than what other people will like. It was never my aim to make money out of music, the fact that it has happened this way is merely a bonus. My mission was more focused on representing Afrikaans especially with so many people saying that Afrikaans is a dying language, which I always thought was a load of shit. If I like it, I'll make it and that's how I roll. Let's chat about wine… What is your history with wine? Well… when I was much younger, I used to drink a lot of the stuff. But sadly on my 16th birthday, a whole bunch of us went to Onrus to celebrate the occasion and I ended up finishing a 'papsak' (inner bag from boxed wine) of Special Late Harvest within about an hour and a half… Needless to say, I was completely and utterly wasted and have since never been able to touch even a drop of wine, in fact, I can't even smell it without feeling nauseous.

I really hate the fact that I can't drink wine, as my girlfriend and all our friends often enjoy a glass of wine around the braai or when we go out to dinner and I actually feel like I'm losing out as it looks so much more civilized than going straight for the hard tack as I end up having to do. I really do want to get back into it quite desperately and will make a concerted effort to do so, but it might get a little messy. What makes it worse is that my Dad owned Tyler's wines and acted as merchant for many wine farms, which meant there was always wine in the house, which I would've been able to drink for free, but sadly I had to buy my own Brandy whenever I needed a dop. My loss! So what do you enjoy drinking? I'm a Brandy and coke kinda guy. Sometimes I enjoy Hunters cider as well just for a change and something a little lighter. I'll pretty much drink any brandy, but I prefer Richelieu if there was a choice. [Well, Brandy is made from wine, so you're doing well there – Ed] Do you ever visit wine estates? Yes, I do, then I always drink Grapetizer and eat cheese. I also quite enjoy the wine festivals, but we do enjoy visiting the farms as they're really beautiful. Do you think that Brandy is a drink that is commonly associated with the Afrikaner culture? Most definitely so. When I tour overseas, I always take my own Brandy along because their culture of brandy drinking is more of a Cognac style, but here in South Africa we mix it with coke and it's almost a braai time accessory. Our type of Brandy is very different to everywhere else which makes it unique. I almost consider it to be a part of our make-up.

If someone were to produce a Brandy called the 'Jack Parow Brandy', what would the slogan be for it? I reckon 'Karate-water' would do the trick. It's funny that you ask though as I'm currently in talks about producing a Brandy, so there may well be a Jack Parow Brandy hitting the marketplace next year sometime. I'm sure it would do well, but at the end of the day, if sales are rubbish, I'll have Brandy for life‌ Let's say the day comes when you decide that you're going to overcome your issue with wine, which wine do you think you'd try first, red or white? I think it would have to be red. It always looks so nice when someone holds a nice big glass with red wine in it and seems so sociable. White wine also looks nice and summery, but red wine just seems to have more of a vibe to it. Also, the fact that the dreaded Special Late Harvest was white might have something to do with it. This is really a challenge I'm serious about taking. It would be so great to be able to enjoy a glass of wine with my girl and friends. Are you involved with any charities? Yes, I'm an ambassador for Movember and have been heavily involved both locally and internationally with this fantastic organization, which raises millions each year in aid of testicular cancer. It's been amazing to see how it has grown in popularity and I always enjoy seeing all the moustaches around every November. It is really for such a great cause and I'm proud to be part of it, especially in the light of the fact that my own father passed away from testicular cancer. I have my own team on the site and anyone can join it. The more the merrier. What's next for you? I'm really excited about a project that I'd like to do with all of the legendary local guitarists and musicians in South Africa. Basically it'll be a downtempo style rap with guys like David Frost and Ian Roberts and Valiant Swart. It'll be a lot more life and acoustic in style and hopefully this will be followed by a national tour.

Although Jack doesn't drink wine, we tried to tempt him with a bottle of Woodward Ridge Chardonnay, which he actually put to his lips! RRP: R52 Available from Frogitt & Vonkel 021-888 8800.


Samora Biko Shiraz 2010


he release of the first wine of the Samora Biko Private Reserve brand, a partnership between the Jonker family of Jonkheer Private Cellar in Bonnievale, Breede River and Samora Biko, the son of Steve Biko, the founder of the South African Black Consciousness Movement. The wine symbolises the business venture and friendship that have developed between the Jonker and Biko families since their first meeting on the golf course near Bonnievale where they discovered a mutual love of wine (and golf). The 2010 Shiraz, blended from barrel selections of Shiraz wines produced in the top terroir area of the Western Cape, is a Limited Edition release. Wine maker and marketing director, Dirk Jonker, describes the wine as intense and spicy with dark mulberry, cassis and roasted mocha flavours resulting from a combination of French and American oak. This complex wine will cellar well. "Because the range carries the personal insignia of Samora Biko, we want it to be exceptional without fail," says Dirk Jonker. “The

What: Where: Cost: Web:

Samora Biko Shiraz expresses a unique quality that it draws from the fact that we took a no boundaries approach. Only the best 20 barrels from various special terroir selections have been bottled to express the complexity that makes this wine a masterpiece.” For the next vintage, special vineyard selections will be identified and nurtured by the various wine makers. Samora Biko says that “the maiden vintage of the Samora Biko range, fills me with great anticipation that is akin to the excitement I feel awaiting the birth of my daughter. You need to be patient but simultaneously there is a bit of anxiety in trying to anticipate the unknown.” Jonkheer Africa, which also takes care of the cellar's other wine labels, Jonkheer and Bakenkop, is officially a joint venture between the Jonker Family Trust and the Samora Biko Family Trust (not to be confused with the Steve Biko Foundation). A community training centre in Bonnievale will also benefit from money raised by the company. In addition to this, farm workers and employees receive a percentage of its profits.

Samora Biko Shiraz 2010 Contact the cellar door for your nearest retailer 021-882 9386/7. R200

The Page 19 - December 2012

Wine Show


Michael Broughton


ichael honed his skills as Head Chef at the Mount Grace Country House and Spa in Magaliesberg before opening Terroir, situated on the picturesque Kleine Zalze Estate in Stellenbosch. Prior to this, he was chef-patron of the highly successful Broughton's in Gauteng, where he was the recipient of two Eat Out Top 10 awards and a string of other accolades. Michael sums up the philosophy behind the food at Terroir as follows: 'It's all about big bold flavours, where the basic ingredients in every dish are stretched to the top of their flavour profile'. He is uncompromising in insisting that above all else, the food must do the talking. 'It's simply the place to go when you're in need of really good food.'

Tempura Squid with Tomato Jam Main Ingredients: 4 – 6 cleaned tubes of small squid per portion, dried and cut into 2cm rings Batter to coat (see recipe below) 500ml oil for frying Salt and pepper Handful of salad leaves with vinaigrette Tomato jam (see recipe below) Garlic mayonnaise (optional) Tomato Jam Ingredients: 2 x 400g tins whole peeled tomatoes ½ Onion, roughly sliced 5 Large garlic cloves, roughly sliced 25g Peeled ginger, roughly sliced 150ml Olive oil 1 tsp Cumin seeds, roasted and ground 1 tsp Coriander seeds, roasted and ground 1 tsp Fennel seeds, roasted and ground 1 Tbsp Chopped coriander 2 Tbsp Palm sugar 2 Tbsp Red wine vinegar 1 Tbsp Fish sauce

Tempura batter ingredients: ½ Cup Flour ½ Cup Corn flour ½ tsp Salt ½ tsp Baking powder ½ tsp Bicarbonate of soda ½ Egg beaten Cold soda water Tomato Jam Method: Blitz the tomatoes and keep aside. In a food processor fitted with the blade, blend half the oil with the onions, garlic and ginger until a smooth paste is achieved, add this to a saucepan and cook over a medium heat for 5-10 min, stirring often to avoid it catching. Add the palm sugar and turn up the heat to caramelize the sugar then add the vinegar and boil for a minute or two then add the spices. Add the tomatoes and lower the heat and simmer gently for about 45min stirring often to ensure it does not catch until a jam-like consistency is achieved. Pour the rest of the oil over the top of the jam to keep it sealed and the flavours fresh. Cover and keep refrigerated. This should keep for 3-4 weeks. Tempura Batter method: Mix the dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl, add the egg and 100ml soda water and stir with a whisk until just combined – don't worry if there are a few lumps (they will go crispy when fried). The batter must look like very thin cream. Keep the bowl and mixture very cold and use within an hour or so. To finish things off: Dip the dried rings into the batter, then gently sprinkle them into the oil and fry for 1 minute. Remove with a slotted spoon onto paper towel to drain and season with salt and pepper. Dress a few mixed baby leaves and place them in the centre of each plate, place the fried squid on top and dot some tomato jam around. Garnish with some garlic mayonnaise if you like.

Pair this dish with the Allée Bleue Starlette Blanc 2012 RRP: R32.99 Available from: The

Wine Show


Laborie A Labour of Love By MARYNA STRACHAN

The Historic Manor House

ne of the oldest wine farms in South Africa was granted to Isaac Taillefert, a French Huguenot who'd recently landed on our shores from an exhausting journey south on the ship, Oosterland, in 1691.


Originally from the district of La Bri, in the PoitouCharentes area of France, the Tailleferts wanted to hold on to that bit of history, but with regular use and colloquialism, the name Laborie finally emerged and stayed.

The land in those days stretched from the Paarl Mountain all the way to the Berg River. They set about clearing the bush and planting vines, which was no easy task. But within seven years, they were making a drinkable wine. In fact, Frenchman François Lequat, who visited the Cape in 1698, later wrote in his book "A New Voyage To The East Indies" published in 1708, that their wine was "the best in the colony and similar to our small wines of Champagne."

Over the years, the farm passed on to another very prominent Huguenot family, the De Villiers', through marriage. They later sold Laborie to the Louw family and both these families played an integral role in the development and growth of the estate as a whole, before it was bought by current owners, KWV in 1972. The co-operative had great ideals for this wine farm and set about turning it into the worldclass estate that it is today. The

Page 23 - December 2012

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Visiting this farm is a truly memorable experience and when I was invited to stay there recently, I was definitely not going to decline the opportunity. Arriving early on the Saturday morning, I made my way to the Laborie Lazy Days Market. This weekly family market is jam packed with a selection of lifestyle goods, homemade yummies and a host of fresh and local produce. The emphasis is on food, but there are lots of art and craft stands and loads to keep the kiddies busy while browsing, sampling and buying your way through it all.

I was booked into the Jean Taillefert suite, a beautifully appointed luxury room, furnished in a Cape French style with dĂŠcor inspired by the characteristics of Laborie's award winning wines. There are a total of eight guest rooms on the estate with an additional special room inside the historic Manor House. Views from the accommodation stretch from the iconic Pearl Rock on the one side across the vineyards all the way to the majestic Drakenstein Mountains.

continue Picturesque views over Paarl Mountain

I spent the rest of the day exploring the sights and sounds of Paarl, which boasts the longest main street in the southern hemisphere, before returning to the room to watch the Springboks make mince meat of the Wallabies, whilst enjoying a bottle of the Laborie flagship wine, the Jean Taillefert. I was very much in my happy place!

With the rugby over, I'd worked up quite an appetite, so wandered off to the award-winning Harvest restaurant. Head chef Matthew Gordon leads this team of friendly staff and provides a selection of delectable dishes that is sure to tantalize even the fussiest of diners. I started with the Warm duck liver and confit duck leg salad with pear chutney, crisp potato and beetroot dressing. This was followed by the slow-roasted free-range duck, caramelised naartjies and Van der Hum sauce and I finished off with the warm, soft chocolate tart with a chocolate and hazelnut spring roll and homemade Kit Kat ice cream. Needless to say I was in heaven. A Bok win, sublime wine, amazing food and a night in beautiful accommodation‌

Lazy Days family fun

Do fish also turn into Princes?


The Lazy Days market

The next morning, the sun was shining brightly and it was such a pleasure looking out over the glorious Paarl valley. Breakfast was served at the long table in the historic manor house and I loved the fact that I could choose between coffee or bubbly to start my day. No guesses on which one I chose. After breakfast, I headed down to the tasting room to sample more wines from the wide selection at hand. The MCC's from Laborie are all light, friendly and happy wines, perfect for any celebration – or just breakfast‌ The white wines are fresh and show beautiful characters true to their cultivars. The reds were pure perfection on all levels and I practically had to trade my first born to buy the very last 5 bottles of the Jean Taillefert that had been kept aside for someone else. There's nothing like a weekend spent in the winelands. Exploring, tasting, sampling, eating and taking in the fabulous scenery surrounding the vineyards. My time spent at Laborie estate was unforgettable on all levels and I look forward to returning again soon. Well worth a visit to anyone who would like to get away, even if just to spend a day there visiting the market, tasting the wines and soaking up the beauty of the Cape winelands. The

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WIN WITH Alluvia Estate & Alluvia Spa


Specialist Winery and Private Residence Club Set on a working wine estate in the heart of the Stellenbosch Winelands, on Glen Arum Road, Banhoek Valley, Helshoogte Pass, lays a unique cult wine producer called Alluvia Specialist Winery. Alluvia's award winning wine estate and its luxury accommodation provides a match made in heaven…which we simply describe as “the vineyard lifestyle” Alluvia encapsulates the complete spirit of wine, our land blessed with tiny fertile alluvial deposits of Table Mountain Sandstone and Granite which gives us a perfect platform to produce world class wines of integrity.

Entries must be made on The Wine Extra facebook page.

ANSWER THESE SIMPLE QUESTIONS: 1.What does the acronym WIETA stand for? 2.Name one of the families who owned Laborie farm over the years.


Competition closes on 30 November 2012 The winner will be announced on the Facebook group before the January issue of Wine Extra gets published. Terms & conditions: 1. Only those users resident in the Republic of South Africa are eligible for entry. 2. Competition entrants must be at least 18 years of age. 3. Prize may not be redeemed for cash. 4. The judge's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

The main prize winner will be notified via Facebook. The prizes are not transferable and may not be converted into cash. Personal information collected will not be shared with any third party. Staff members of TWS Media, and their agencies, as well as their immediate families may not enter. If the prize is not claimed within 3 months of the prize-winner being announced, the winner forfeits the prize.

Pinot Noir Perfection


his Burgundian varietal has been described in many ways. Some may call it 'female' as it's notoriously difficult to grow and somewhat temperamental, however a direct translation of Pinot Noir would merely refer to it as a black pine. In more recent years South African producers in the cooler climate areas have been successfully growing Pinot Noir grapes and making some outstanding wines, perhaps proving the feminine theory that if you treat it gently and with respect, you're bound to reap the rewards‌


With this in mind, we sent our Taste Team a selection of Pinot Noir wines from a range of producers from various areas and differing price points, of which most are not the usual suspects. As one of the Team members commented "This was my favourite flight so far!". And, we're sure you'll agree with this enchanting lineup.

Click on each taster’s image to read more about them







Wine Show

Page 28 - December 2012

TASTE TEAM Haute Cabriere Unwooded Pinot Noir 2011

Pinot Noir Perfection Snow Mountain Pinot Noir 2011

Flagstone Pinot Noir 2010

RRP: R110

RRP: R115

Stockists: Carolines Fine Wines, Riverside Liquors and Buxtons

Stockists: Cellar door sales

RRP: R80 Stockists: Makro, TOPS at Spar and Ultra Liquors Quote: Daisy – “This wine screams 'Summer!' from the bottle itself through to seeing it do backstroke laps around your glass.”

Daisy says... This wine screams 'Summer!' from the bottle itself through to seeing it do backstroke laps around your glass. This is not a big, serious wine, but I think it's lovely. Strawberries come through on the nose and I even picked up a faint whiff of Turkish Delight. Chill it down and serve with summer salads or finger foods around the pool, at picnics and, above all, with friends.

Charlotte says... The epitome of a summer lunch wine! Quite shy on the nose but with Turkish delight, rose petal type aromas it is very feminine and light. This is simply dangerously easy drinking and with those gentle strawberry, cherry and blackberry flavours and an added touch of aromatic cinnamon, it's just delicious. I would happily quaff a few bottles in the summer sun or enjoy a glass as an aperitif on a balmy summer evening.

Quote: Abby – “As you linger on the refreshing bouquet, you just know that this wine will taste yummy.”

Quote: Daisy – “…if you have anything of an imagination, you could almost see a nimble, light-footed Tinkerbell sitting on the edge of your glass.”

A ruby-coloured wine with an earthy smell on the nose as well as a perfume/pot-pourri element. I think this Pinot is light enough to still be enjoyed as a summer wine. Its earthiness pushed through from nose to taste buds, though I found it to have a slight acidity, which lingered in the mouth. I would certainly like to taste this again in two or so years when it has had some time to soften as I believe this to be made in a true oldworld Burgundian style.

Black cherries jumped out at me from the glass. It also smelled mossy, as if you were walking through a forest after a rainstorm. In fact, if you have anything of an imagination, you could almost see a nimble, light-footed Tinkerbell sitting on the edge of your glass. A little tannic for me, I found this Pinot to have a rather dry finish to it, hence I thought it would be a lovely accompaniment to dessert, perhaps a decadent chocolate fondant or a good ol' dark chocolate mousse.

Hmm… this is a sexy wine. Ruby red in colour and on the nose you get a cheeky hint of spice along with the juicy fruit – almost like peppered strawberries. On the palate the soft, elegant fruit really comes to the forefront yet there are layers of flavour here that keep on drawing you back for more sips… A granite-like minerality and concentrated warm savouriness that complements the rich berry fruits gives you an all round delightful drinking experience. Delicious!

Darker in the glass, but with a cheerful glint, the nose is filled with exotic spice that instantly catches my attention and draws me in. It's certainly got a bit of a damp earthy flavour and strawberry jam characteristics, all coming together for a lovely, dynamic finish. I would be interested in saving a bottle or two of this to enjoy down the line, as I think it could be even more delicious with a bit more time in the bottle to mature and relax.

The Page 29 - December 2012

Wine Show


Haute Cabriere Unwooded Pinot Noir 2011

Snow Mountain Pinot Noir 2011

Flagstone Pinot Noir 2010

RRP: R110

RRP: R115

Stockists: Carolines Fine Wines, Riverside Liquors and Buxtons

Stockists: Cellar door sales

RRP: R80 Stockists: Makro, TOPS at Spar and Ultra Liquors Quote: Daisy – “This wine screams 'Summer!' from the bottle itself through to seeing it do backstroke laps around your glass.”

Nathan says... I would personally term this as a Rosé. I know it probably doesn't want to be seen as one, but this is how I see it. Incredibly light on the nose, or at least fruit wise and the follow through was brilliant in the sense that on the palate is refreshingly light and simple. To be fair, I reckon you will get so much more out of it and the fruit will become far more pronounced if you were to chill it and serve as you would a Rosé. A nice alternative to a summer white wine.

Abby says... A bright cherry-red reminiscent of red lollipops, this delicious Pinot Noir appears to carry its lollipop appearance over to the nose, laced with sugary notes. On the palate one could mistake it for a rosé, as it is rather watery and light. This however is not a bad thing as combined with the fact that it is rather low in alcohol, makes it the perfect summer wine, ideal to pop into a picnic basket. Serve chilled, relax and enjoy this light and lovely wine.

Silas Says... With the appearance of a light Rosé it is a good starter wine for the avid entertainer. Something you might like to pick up on a warm Saturday afternoon and share with a small group of friends. Treat the wine like background music or that friend that doesn't say much but adds a great deal to the conversation.

Quote: Abby – “As you linger on the refreshing bouquet, you just know that this wine will taste yummy.”

Quote: Daisy – “…if you have anything of an imagination, you could almost see a nimble, light-footed Tinkerbell sitting on the edge of your glass.”

There may have been snow on the mountain whilst this was being made and matured, but summer would definitely be the time to drink this Pinot. Although also very light on the eye, nose and palate, it comes across as elegant. Still quite young, it is showing a touch of acidity but the beautiful red berry like fruits are definitely apparent. I would also serve this one slightly chilled.

Not necessarily ready to be the “Flagship”, this ballsy Pinot will definitely do well with a bit of ageing. Although expressing an abundance of berry-like flavours on both nose and palate, it also shows off a very interesting herbaceous side. With beautiful lingering flavours, the only down side is that it seemed to have quite an arid finish. Another bottle then to quench that thirst?

A beautiful royal red with a lovely, gentle nose. As you linger on the refreshing bouquet, you just know that this wine will taste yummy. The palate certainly does not disappoint and I loved it! Full of flavour and bursting with strawberries and delicate cherry notes, yet still remaining wonderfully light with that desired complexity still present. Soft, unpredictable and full of flavour.

A decadently dark red, the nose is deeper, slightly damp, but with hints of vanilla popping through. The palate is all-round delicious, strong and complex with notes of vanilla, freshly baked cookies and even sage appearing. There is a slight acidity and dryness but this Pinot Noir is very enjoyable. The nose changes remarkably after allowing to breathe, however the palate remains the same.

I was quite unsure whether I was being wooed or threatened. The first sip of this dominant wine requires that you stop mid sentence and acknowledge the drink at hand, never mind whatever point you were making at the time. Soon, however your mind is set at ease and the supposed threat eases down - a good thing, depending on your drinking preference.

Here is a wine that reminds me of an ex's scent. The kind where you start looking around the room foolishly for someone who probably isn't even there. On the nose, this wine represents everything that is the word 'NO'. But clearly as human nature dictates, curiosity is key and forget about the potentially dead cat as it's well worth the risk.. Very well balanced and strong. A winner in my books.

TASTE TEAM Domaine des Dieux Josephine 2010

Pinot Noir Perfection Land of Hope Reserve Pinot Noir 2011

RRP: R180

Shannon Rockview Ridge 2011 RRP: R245

RRP: R149 Stockists: Bootleggers, Westville Spar and Wine at the Mill Quote: Charlotte – “Instinctively I reached for the bottle to hide it in my handbag and prevent my fellow tasters of stealing this lovely elixir from me…”

Daisy says... What an intriguing wine! On first sip my eyes lit up with joy, on second sip, I couldn't place it, on the third I wanted more… It successfully managed to mystify and tease the taste buds. It was light and fruity, yet not so light that those who enjoy heavier reds wouldn't enjoy it. Cranberries with a hint of vanilla on the palate and, on returning to this wine after I'd left it a while in the glass, it was even more scrumptious. I thought this to be a wine that can be savoured on its own, or equally so with food.

Charlotte says... Just when I think I have a modicum of understanding of what to expect with a Pinot Noir this one leaps out of the glass and slaps me for my small mindedness! Aromas of lead, pomegranate, sweet roasted beetroot and rosemary along with a cranberry and meaty touch – just amazing! I take a sip and instantly I am impressed by all the amazing layers of flavour which are jumping out at me – lavender, sour cherries and violets with such power but yet with such perfect restraint at the same time. Instinctively I reached for the bottle to hide it in my handbag and prevent my fellow tasters from stealing this lovely elixir from me… (I don't have a problem, honest Mum!)

Stockists: Frogitt & Vonkel Private Wine Merchants Quote: Silas – “A Christmas present, within a present, within a present.”

Stockists: Wine Concepts, Caroline's Fine Wines, Norman Goodfellows Quote: Nathan – “A tremendous representation of what we can do with Pinot in this country.”

One could be forgiven for thinking you weren't drinking a Pinot when tasting this wine. The nose was upfront and bold, with prominent smokiness and it even looked a little darker than one might expect from a Pinot Noir. I also picked up beetroot on the nose, not the pickled-in-thejar type, the fresh kind. I found the palate to be well balanced between darker berry fruit and tannin and felt this to be more of a meaty wine, paired with anything from a fillet steak sandwich to lasagna.

Speechless. This is why I am such a Pinot Noir enthusiast, because when the winemaker gets it right, the respect makes you actually want to bow down before the bottle. I picked up fragrant red fruits on the nose, raspberries mainly and the palate was beautifully smooth with hints of cherries interwoven between a delicate toastiness from the barrel. This is a refined and graceful wine, a true double-taker - it is Sophia Loren in her heyday and now a firm favourite of mine. In fact, I think I'd like to date it.

The most unique nose of the day! Exotic Indian spice aromas of cinnamon, bay leaves and cumin that really tickled my fancy, as well as that unique tart, yet sweet raspberry flavour that I adore. This is really more savoury and almost vegetative in nature, with a smokey beetroot earthiness to it which sits atop the well integrated tannin structure and gives you a totally different Pinot Noir experience. Complex with a lot of depth of flavour that certainly makes this one to remember.

The sheer weight of the bottle as you pour your glass gives you a sense of occasion – it's just so impressively heavy you simply have to respect it. A mystical collection of flavours on the nose – roses, cinnamon, ruby grapefruit and pink pepper spice. This translates well onto the palate. An amazing mouth feel, as it's velvety, smooth and rich, yet still regal and elegant. Definitely another for the ever growing collection.

The Page 31 - December 2012

Wine Show

Domaine des Dieux Josephine 2010

Land of Hope Reserve Pinot Noir 2011

RRP: R180

Shannon Rockview Ridge 2011 RRP: R245

RRP: R149 Stockists: Bootleggers, Westville Spar and Wine at the Mill Quote: Charlotte – “Instinctively I reached for the bottle to hide it in my handbag and prevent my fellow tasters of stealing this lovely elixir from me…”

Nathan says... Initially it was thought that this would be a doctor's dream wine. Why, you may ask? Medicinal is the answer. It had the most interesting nose and palate. Let it breathe… Thank you! Much better. Fruits galore on both nose and palate this Pinot jumps out of its glass, yet so gentle on your palate. The balance between being so forthcoming, yet also showing an immense amount of restraint is wonderful. Definitely a Pinot worth trying.

Abby says... A bold, bright, cheerful red, the nose is a sugary cloud of sweet syrupy notes. On the palate a berry flavour envelops one's mouth, the sugary notes continue as does a medicinal flavour, which I can't quite place. There is also a slight tartness that makes the overall palate very different to the other Pinot Noir's. All in all I think this wine will be perfect for those who want a sweet-like flavour in their wines, but this one wasn't for me.

Silas Says... First impressions are the dominant fruit meets savoury aroma. Pour a glass and drink it straight away and you may find it a little sharp. However, pour a glass and let it breathe for a while? Well then you might just have made a smarter life choice. Patience is a virtue with this wine.

Stockists: Frogitt & Vonkel Private Wine Merchants Quote: Silas – “A Christmas present, within a present, within a present.”

Stockists: Wine Concepts, Caroline's Fine Wines, Norman Goodfellows Quote: Nathan – “A tremendous representation of what we can do with Pinot in this country.”

More traditional in style with new world influences, I believe this Pinot has great potential. Although the nose may not be what you were expecting the palate certainly makes up for it. It has a very earthy, almost barnyard-like nose, yet those inevitable cherry, berry nuances cut through on the palate. What is also very intriguing is the sense of smokiness that one picks up. A very complex Pinot, I would let it lie for a while to get the best out of it.

Amazing…(I would have left it at that, but the editor said I had to write more). A tremendous representation of what we can do with Pinot in this country. Old World style coupled with New World influence. Strawberry, cherry and berry coupled with an herbaceous edge. Forthcoming in every which way, yet fantastically restrained and elegant on the palate. A beautifully structured and sophisticated wine, this is one for the bucket list.

A rather dirty, muddled red colour in the glass, this reserve is also unappealing on the nose. An earthy mix of damp vegetable patches and moist green houses tickles one's nose. Fortunately this is not carried over to the palate. What does appear can simply be described as “interesting”. A very intriguing and mostly appealing combination of flavours. The lower alcohol level also balances things nicely, making this an enjoyable wine.

A truly divine Pinot Noir, A deep, dark, dreamy red with such a lovely fragrance on the nose. The beautiful boutique translates seamlessly onto one's palate. All that you would want from a superb Pinot Noir!

Just like that day when mathematics suddenly had letters in it, I was very confused by this particular wine. Not for any negative reasons, but simply because of its smoky taste that has a sweet undertone. A Christmas present, within a present, within a present. I assume that is due to it being a young wine. One with a lot of potential I might add.

WOW!! I should just leave it right there, but sadly I have to cram in a few more words that probably won't do the wine any justice. What a pleasure to have come across this wine. It easily makes friends with any palate whether a wine connoisseur or novice like myself. None can argue that this wine stands in a league of its own.


Cape Town


Drostdy-Hof is kick-starting the festive season The annual market day, planned for Saturday, November 10 at the beautiful De Oude Drostdy in Tulbagh is intended for the whole family. It promises to show South Africa's second oldest town at its fun and countryside best with a carefully selected range of mostly handmade products, crafts and delectable eats to attract a wide range of shopping enthusiasts, especially those on the gifting trail along with strains of great live music, while sipping on delicious Drostdy-Hof wines. Stalls will be set up on the beautiful Cape Dutch style museum and also on the grounds outside, while, a jumping castle will keep the kids happy and occupied. The market opens at 10:00 and continues till 15:00 and entry is free. For more info, call 023-230 0203.

Six Senses evening at Waterkloof

Stories van de Caab On Saturday 10 November at 18:30, Fyndraai restaurant at Solms-Delta wine estate is hosting a Cape-style dinner and intimate story telling experience. Storyteller, Marji Geldenhuys, will tell the story of the origins and enslavement of the Cape's indigenous people. Playing the guitar and harmonica she punctuates her impressive oral rendition with traditional Cape folk songs. It is a journey crafted with sensitivity, skill and flair; her purpose to educate, entertain and hopefully contribute to instilling pride and uniting our diverse and deeply divided community. With Solms-Delta's own musicians adding to the entertainment this is an experience not to be missed! R200 per person, R100 for children under 12. To book contact Henry or Thozi: or 021 874 3937 ext 115.

Although scientists believe we only have 5 senses, the annual Helderberg Wine Festival will be embracing a 6th one – called 'enjoyment' – during the festival's Six Senses launch event to be hosted at Waterkloof Estate on Thursday evening, 15 November. 23 Wineries and 10 restaurants will be exhibiting their wares for tasting and sale at this arresting 'cellar in the sky' with its awe-inspiring views over False Bay. Patrons will be able to taste and buy wine whilst chatting to the winemakers, and enjoy the classy ambiance with tasting portions of signature dishes from the participating restaurants – all included in the ticket price of just R150 per person. Tickets for the Six Senses Evening are available on-line at at R150 per person (which includes coupons worth R100 to spend on the night) or save with the Combo Multi-Day Festival Pack (which includes a Six Senses Evening entry) at only R240 per person. Walk-ins are welcome on the night, although pre-booking is preferable as tickets are limited to guarantee enjoyment. Profits raised will be donated to Amorim Cork SA's CorkLife project, which is the overall beneficiary of the festival as well. For more information and the winery programmes, visit the festival website at The

Page 33 - December 2012

Wine Show

Steenberg Summer Wine Tasting and Picnics The Tasting Room is open daily between 10:00 and 18:00, where complimentary tastings of up to six wines from its Premium and Super Premium Ranges may be enjoyed. Flagship wines may be tasted at a nominal fee, and a choice of Food and Wine, or Cheese and Wine tutored tastings are available from R100 per person. Other special features include the innovative Steenberg Sensory Tasting Experience (at a fee of R150 per person), while complimentary cellar tours are available weekdays, at 11:00 or 15:00. Lavish summer picnics may also be enjoyed under the shade of a tree or parasol. Served between 10:00 and 17:00, guests are welcome to bring along their own picnic blanket, or pick one up from the winery. This laid-back outing for families and friends furthermore includes the option of a game of Boules played in true French style. Delicious picnic baskets-for-two filled with a medley of mouthwatering goodies are available at R350 by prebooking, and include two glasses and a choice of a bottle of 1682 Chardonnay MCC 2011, Steenberg Sauvignon Blanc 2011, or Klein Steenberg Cabernet Sauvignon 2010. These offer a great way to entertain bigger groups and are ideal for occasions ranging from birthday celebrations to office parties. A special Kiddies picnic packed with yummy treats for the young ones' is available on request at R60 per basket, and includes a toy. With the 'silly season' drawing closer, what better way to round off the year on a relaxed note than with a Christmas picnic party or end-of-year celebration, with a bout of wine tasting to add a special glow to the occasion? Prebooking is essential. Call 021 713 2211 or email (Available throughout the festive season and until 31 March 2013)

continue The

Wine Show

GET OUT “Finer Things in Life” Champagne Festival Join hosts Wine Concepts in celebrating their 11th year of staging this prestigious event at the Vineyard Hotel and Spa in Newlands, Cape Town, on 23 November from 18:00 to 21:00. This year we have an intriguing theme celebrating “50 Years of James Bond”. Not only will the new movie, Skyfall, be released in South Africa a week after the festival, it is also 50 years since the first James Bond novel by Ian Fleming was published. There will be more than 30 cuvees from premium and boutique Champagne Houses to thrill your taste buds. Expect names like Laurent Perrier, Taittinger, Pol Roger, Gosset, Bollinger, Louis Roederer, Nicolas Feuilatte, Guy Chabaut, Joseph Perrier and many more. Hot and cold finger food will be served throughout the evening accompanied by live music playing theme songs from James Bond movies. Fresh oysters, rare cheeses, gourmet sushi and fine chocolates will be on sale for those who care to indulge. Added to this James Bond's favourite Aston Martin cars will share the limelight with this tempting tipple. This year St Luke's Hospice will benefit from a charity auction for a private screening of a 007 movie, dinner and accommodation at the luxurious 12 Apostles hotel. Create your own Bond night and support a good cause at the same time. Generous prizes for lucky ticket holders will be given away through the evening! We will also reward the best dressed couple with a luxury drive in a vintage Rolls Royce to a winery, including lunch. Tickets cost R400.00 and are available from Wine Concepts stores, online on and at the door on the evening. For more info, email

Nederburg's Sunset Picnic Concert Nederburg is celebrating summer with sizzling live entertainment and delicious food as part of the annual Nederburg Concert Series on Saturday, November 24. From 15:00 onwards guests can select their spots on the soft lawns in front of the historic manor house and settle for a view of Nederburg's verdant vineyards and the surrounding mountains. Add a glass of wine, a specially prepared picnic platter and melodies to match from CODA, the popular Afro-jazz fusion band, the brilliant tenor James Bhemgee who is the 2010 winner of SABC2's reality show SA's Got Talent, as well as talented cabaret artist Niël

Rademan. The live music is scheduled to start at 17:00. Tickets, at R100 each, include a bottle of wine from Nederburg's acclaimed Winemaster's Reserve range to share per couple. Guests are welcome to opt for a bottle of mineral water or juice instead of the wine. Children under the age of 12 are permitted at no charge. Guests can bring their own picnic baskets or book a scrumptious Nederburg picnic platter for collection at the entrance. Picnic platters are priced at R100 per person, with vegetarian options also available. Kiddies' platters cost R50. Guests are kindly requested not to bring their own alcoholic beverages. Nederburg wine, coffee, tea and nonalcoholic drinks will be sold at the event. Guests are advised to bring their own glasses, blankets and chairs and to arrive early for the best view of the stage. Please book your picnic platter at least four days in advance and/or reserve your concert tickets by contacting Sunette Rust of Nederburg during office hours on 021 862 3104 or e-mail Tickets will also be available for sale at the concert.

Bottelary Hills Winemakers Lunch at Beyerskloof The local wine folk of the Bottelary Hills – a subroute of the Stellenbosch American Express® Wine Routes – will be hosting their last Winemakers Lunch for 2012 at Beyerskloof with a Red 'n Rosy bill of fare tempting at the estate's Red Leaf restaurant on Sunday, 25 November. Sharing friendly chatter and bottles of quality wine during a languid Sunday lunch is the ideal way to end your weekend on a decadent high and in the warm company of Beyerskloof, Kaapzicht, Goede Hoop and Mooiplaas guests will do just that. The finest Pinotages, Rosé wines and Cape Blends stemming from these eminent cellars will be tasted and enjoyed with a four-course feast of gourmet creations by resident chef Frank Menezes. The Red Leaf's famous Pinotage burgers will be swapped for a more elegant affair on the restaurant's outside deck where long tables, framed with awe-inspiring Winelands views will set the scene for a jovial afternoon with family and friends. The Bottelary Hills Winemakers Lunch at Beyerskloof starts at 12:00 and costs R250 per person for a wine tasting and a four-course al fresco lunch inclusive of a glass of wine per course. Pre bookings are essential as seating is limited. To book your seats contact Tamzin Isaacs at 021-886 8275 or email

The Page 35 - December 2012

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Franschhoek's 'Magic of Bubbles' Festival Get the festive season into full swing with this year's social calendar highlight - the Franschhoek 'Magic of Bubbles' Cap Classique and Champagne Festival, presented by MasterCard over the weekend of 30 November to 2 December 2012. Local Cap Classique producers, and their French counterparts from the Champagne region in France, will present their best bubblies over three fun-filled, festive days in a grand marquee situated on the manicured lawns surrounding Franschhoek's famous Huguenot Monument. This year the festival will take full advantage of the Cape's glorious summer evenings, with the festival open from 6pm to 10pm on Friday, 30 November, and then between 12pm and 5pm on both Saturday, 1st and Sunday, 2nd December 2012. The theme for this year's festival is black and white, with the emphasis on parasols and fans, and in keeping with a tradition that is now as much a part of the festival as is the bubbly, a prize will be awarded to the best dressed couple. Tickets cost R200 each, including access to the festival, a complimentary tasting glass and a MasterCard contactless payment card with 10 tasting vouchers. Additional vouchers can be purchased on the day. Children under 18 years of age will be allowed free entry to the festival. Tickets can be purchased through, with a 10% discount if they are purchased using a MasterCard. Once the marquee is full no further patrons will be admitted. For more info visit

Summer Elegance at The House of Krone Luke Krone's Summer Elegance festival is a special day in the South African bubbly calendar as dressing according to the theme is very much part of the experience. This is summer mingling at its finest in a relaxed, yet elegant, ambiance with the crème de la crème of delicatessen offerings to titillate your senses. Meander through an exhibition of vintage cars, or relax in the shade of the old oak trees & fountains surrounding the cellar. Rendevous with friends up on the tasting centre terrace to soak in the vineyards and the imposing mountain views. Those guests who are a little more energetic will be able to participate in a gentle game or two of boules. FEDISA, South Africa's Leading Institute for a BA Degree in Fashion will be showcasing designs at this year's event. Guests will be able to vote for their favourite design and the design attracting the most votes will be featured in the forthcoming FEDISA Brand Ambassador campaign. Throughout the day there will be live entertainment by leading

GET OUT electric cellist, Carol Thorns and sensational electric violinist, Galina Juritz. Judy Brown (saxophonist) will playing sultry summer tunes. To complete the day of sensual splendor will be a performance by the esteemed band Coda. This popular group combines Classical electric strings and Afro-jazz sax with exhilarating beats and sumptuous vocals. The theme is 'Put your Hat on'; guests are encouraged to dress up to the nines as a prize will be awarded to the best-dressed lady and gentleman. A portion of ticket sales will be donated to Steinthal Orphanage in Tulbagh. Entrance to Summer Elegance at the House of Krone is R150 per person. This includes a champagne flute glass, one complementary glass fill of Krone MCC, admission to the FEDISA Fashion show and all the performances during the day. Bookings are advisable as the tickets are limited. For further information and enquiries, please contact Luke Krone on 082 354 9007 or

Festive Food & Wine Pairing Avondale Wine Estate has collaborated with esteemed Chef Reuben Riffel to offer guests to the farm an Extraordinary Festive Food & Wine Pairing Experience this holiday season. The pairing, which will run from 21st November 2012 until 31st January 2013, sees Avondale's exquisite range of nature-friendly wines matched with six bite-sized decadent delights artfully crafted by Chef Reuben. The menu showcases Chef Reuben's culinary creativity with inspired pairings such as Duck Confit Pots with Pistachios and Pickled Glazed Cherries beautifully partnered with Avondale's vibrant Chenin Blanc Anima, and Avondale's velvety Bordeaux blend La Luna teemed with Venison Pie, Parsnip and White Chocolate. The Festive Food & Wine Pairing is R100 per person and by appointment only. Call 021-863 1976 or email to book now. Durbanville Hills Tapas & Vine is Back! - Summer is rapidly approaching with its warm evenings and laidback lifestyle. Get into the spirit of the season and celebrate the start of the weekend surrounded by the scenic views of Durbanville Hills Winery and a glass of the cellar's wine at The Eatery's Tapas & Vine evenings, on every Friday from 12 October until the end of March from 17:00 to 20:00. Relax and appreciate the sounds of local music that will get your feet tapping, or enjoy the stunning sunset across the Durbanville winelands in the company of friends and family. The Tapas & Vine menu includes an array of delicious options inspired by the surroundings -

tempura prawns & sweet chilli sauce, Cape vine tomato & sweet basil tartlets and “Weskusviskoekies” with a pickled onion sauce. The tapas items are priced from R10 to R90. Enquiries and bookings can be made with the Durbanville Hills Eatery on 021-558 1337 or

Durbanville Hills' Carols by Candlelight Enjoy festive fun with Andriette Norman and Durbanville Hills Wines at Carols by Candlelight on Friday, 7 December in aid of the Môresterretjies Crèche. The crèche is a day-care centre established by community groups including Kenridge NG Church, BADISA and the Durbanville Hills member farmers for the children of farm workers in the Durbanville area. The carols will be led by Andriette, one of the top three idols of 2007, and include a performance of traditional and contemporary Christmas favourites. Durbanville Hills will be selling Christmas gifts and wine on the evening whilst The Eatery will offer chicken burgers, boerewors rolls, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cold drinks. Bring your own picnic blanket (no chairs allowed) as well as your own picnic basket or pre-order one from The Eatery at R295 per couple, including a bottle of Durbanville Hills' Merlot Rosé. Gates open at 18:00 and the concert starts at 19:30. Tickets cost R80 per person if booked through and R90 per ticket on the evening. Entry free for children under 12. To pre-order a picnic basket or for more information, contact Simone Brown on 021-558 1300 or

Carols by Candlelight & Christmas Markets at Laborie Celebrate the start of the festive season and head off to Laborie Wine Farm on the 7th of December, for their annual Carols by Candlelight. Father Christmas will be on hand to entertain the little ones and spoil them with an abundance of sweets, and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree will twinkle along with the stars. CrissCross will keep visitors entertained with popular traditional Christmas carols as they lay out their blankets and picnic baskets on the immaculate and sprawling gardens, and soak up the sights and sounds of Christmas. The gates will open at 5pm, with the carols commencing at 18:30. Entrance fee is R50 for adults and R20 for children over 12 years of age. Booking, which can be done directly through, is essential as seating is limited. Picnic hampers, excluded from the ticket price, can be pre-booked and cost R250 for adults (for two people sharing) and R75 for children. For bookings and payment of hampers please contact Harvest Restaurant, 021 8073095 or e-mail Although no alcohol

will be allowed onto the property, visitors will be able to purchase wines and Laborie MCC, at cellar door prices, directly from the farm. Taking advantage of the festive season visitors to Laborie will have the opportunity to stock up on last minute festive shopping with a two-day Laborie Lazy Days Christmas market. The market, which offers a wide range of lifestyle goods and fresh produce, will be open from 9am until 3pm on the 8th and 9th of December. Sharing in the joy of this special holiday celebration patrons can look forward to wonderfully traditional Christmas fare such as Christmas cakes and pork pies, as well as beautiful decorations. For more information contact 021-807 3390, visit our website

Slanghoek Summer Splash Summer is in full swing and what better way to celebrate it than to join your friends and family for a day out at Slanghoek Mountain Resort in the heart of the picture perfect Slanghoek Valley. Along with Slanghoek Cellar, Opstal Estate and Jason's Hill Private Cellar, the valley brings you their inaugural “Slanghoek Summer Splash” on Saturday 8 December 2012 from 11:00 to 18:00. Pack up your picnic blanket, put on some sunblock, don your sun hat and head off along the N1 to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and join us for a day of wine tasting, food and wine pairings, and live entertainment. Whilst mom and dad are relaxing with a glass of wine and delicious offerings which will be on sale from our deli stalls, the children will be kept busy on the beautiful 18hole putt-putt course situated on a fynbos hill, horserides, jumping castle and jungle gym. Entrance is R100 per person and includes a tasting glass, tasting vouchers and goodie bag. Children under 18 pay R40 and will also receive a goodie bag. Tickets will be available from, and for further information visit

Devon Valley Safari Lunch The sizzling Summer in Stellenbosch Valley 2012 which offers of a jam-packed programme of fun, feasts and festivities during the festive season culminates with a sumptuous Devon Valley Safari Lunch – an exquisite food and wine pairing meander through this post-card pretty valley – on Monday, 17 December. Holidaymakers and visitors alike can buckle up for an exuberant taste adventure when the bus sets off for its first destination, The House of JC Le Roux, where a sparkling trio of treats awaits. A rosy affair allures at the Devon Valley Hotel. The third stop on this unique cellar-to-cellar 'kuier' is Brenaissance Wine Estate for an interactive Wine & Pizza Pairing Lunch at its new Café Blanc de

GET OUT Noir restaurant. The Devon Valley sojourn ends on a decadent high at Middelvlei Estate. The Devon Valley Safari Lunch costs R250 per person and includes all the select wines and delectable food indulgences on the day. The adventure bus will collect all enthusiasts at Middelvlei at 10.30 and transport them to all the various stops. For enquiries and bookings contact Middelvlei Estate at 021-883 2565 or send an email to This exclusive experience is limited to 30 guests only so book your tickets NOW.

Summer in Stellenbosch Valley 2012 A not-to-be-missed holiday highlight which takes care of your end of year entertainment from 8 to 17 December. This year, participating wineries in the Stellenbosch Valley – a sub route of the Stellenbosch American Express® Wine Routes – promise an exciting 'bucket list' of attractions including authentic pairings, markets, braais and entertainment for all tastes and ages. The following 16 estates are participating in Summer in Stellenbosch Valley 2012: Asara Wine Estate & Hotel, Bein Private Cellar, Bergkelder/Fleur du Cap, Brenaissance Wine Estate, De Morgenzon, Dormershire Wine Estate, Jordan Wine Estate, Louisvale Wines, Middelvlei, Mulderbosch Vineyards, Neethlingshof Wine Estate, Spier, Sylvanvale Vineyards & Devon Valley Hotel, The House of JC Le Roux, Vredenheim, Zevenwacht. For more information about the 2012 Summer in Stellenbosch Valley contact the Stellenbosch American Express® Wine Routes at 021-886 8275; send an email to, or visit

Jo’burg Great Domaines Burgundy Tasting and Dinner Hosted at Mosaic restaurant, Chantel Dartnell has an innovative and meticulous approach to fine dining and we are very excited about what has been planned for the 9th of November 2012. The theme is to showcase the differences between terroir, vintage and producer. The dinner costs R2,500pp inclusive of the tasting (six wines) and dinner (nine wines) or alternatively R1,800pp inclusive of dinner (nine wines). This is for those that cannot attend the tasting before the dinner. For more information, a full list of wines that will be sampled and to book, please contact Mari at Mosaic: or 012-371 2902.

Nabygelegen and Snow Mountain Wines' Jo'burg Tasting event Join us on Friday, 16 November from 17:00 to 21:00 to taste our range of wines, including our award winning 'Seventeen Twelve 2007', which won Double Gold at Veritas and our Chenin Blanc and Pinot Noir, which were the only wines offered at the Queen's Jubulee Luncheon for the Commonwealth Heads of State. Wine Will be for sale on the night at special discounted prices, perfect for stocking up for the Festive Season! Bring your business cards or this Invite to be entered in our lucky draw. The event will be taking place at the Higherground Conference Centre, St. Stithians College, Sandton. Snacks will be served. Please RSVP no later than 10 November by email to or 021-873 7534.

Summer's Night Dream Evening Picnic and Night Market Join us on Friday, 16 November at 17:00 until 22:00 as we take you back to Thespian times of decadent eating and drinking. We will be celebrating summer with an evening picnic! R180pp, which includes picnic hampers on arrival. Cash bar is available for wine and other drinks. Taste the wine before you buy. We will also have lots of fabulous goodies to buy - get your Christmas shopping done whilst you sip on a delicious glass of wine! All of this is happening at 6th Avenue, Edenvale. For more info or to book, call 011-918 1736 or 083 410 3546 or email

Beaujolais Evening Beaujolais nouveau is a red wine made from Gamay grapes produced in the Beaujolais region of France. It is the most popular vin de primeur, fermented for just a few weeks before being released for sale on the third Thursday of November. This "Beaujolais Nouveau Day" sees heavy marketing, with races to get the first bottles to different markets around the globe. We will be celebrating this worldwide event with a French themed cheese and wine party on 22 November at 6th Avenue, Edenvale from 18:30 onwards! France versus South Africa - you be the judge of which wine is better. R320pp gets wine all night and a meal of sumptuous cheeses, home-made breads, preserves etc. For more info or to book, call 011-918 1736 or 083 410 3546 or email


Wine Show

Port Elizabeth The Ferry Wine Festival The Wine Festival will be the first of it's kind in Jeffrey's Bay, Eastern Cape and promises to be a great success. It will be held at the The Gamtoos Ferry Hotel situated 15km away from Jeffrey's Bay and 55km from Port Elizabeth. Festival dates are 17-18 December 2012, which are ideal as Jeffrey's bay attracts almost 40,000 holiday goers over this period, not even including surrounding areas as Port-Elizabeth, St Francis Bay and Uitenhaag, thus a guarantee for an exceptional festival attendance. For more information contact Leandre van der Merwe on 082 889 4988 and or The Gamtoos Ferry Hotel on 042 287 0758 and

Durban The Wine Show Durban First it was Jo'burg, then PE and now The Wine Show is taking on Durban, bringing you a bigger and better show than ever before. With approximately 70 stands offering you a wide variety of wines from local and international producers, The Wine Show Durban is sure to become the premier wine show in the area. From 23-25 November, you'll be able to stock up on wines just before the holiday season starts, whether cool whites for sipping next to the pool or a good red to complement any festive dish, by sampling the vast range available, you'll find just what you're looking for at our show. The Wine Show is known for its fun and informative atmosphere where visitors have a chance to be educated, sample and purchase wines directly from the producer, whether you want just one bottle or several cases, the decision is yours. Be sure to save the date and we will see you at the Durban Exhibition Centre. Various opening hours over the three days, tickets cost R85 from Computicket or R95 at the door. For more information visit TO ANNOUNCE YOUR WINE RELATED EVENTS HERE, PLEASE CONTACT US WITH THE DETAILS AT:


Wine Show


Naked Hangover P

hotographer Christo Muller considers himself to be a professional hobbyist when it comes to being a snapper. A regular contributor to the annual Wine Laid Bare competition, he credits a similar image from a concept on website, but adapted the idea slightly to reflect his personal style. Model Amy Kaye has always been opposed to posing nude as it would seem that nudity is linked to instant fame. It was the cause at hand, which is what persuaded her to partake in the shoot and though she admits that she was stepping way out of her personal comfort zone, she loves pushing herself as a model, so it was a challenge too. According to Christo, they had many laughs throughout their shoot due to the fact that Amy had never done anything like this before. She was a little nervous, but soon relaxed into it and says, “I liked the fact that it wasn't the usual 'sexy' nude shoot and that we had a message behind it.” Page 41 - December 2012

When asked to explain the concept behind this image, Christo said, “The concept is about the consequences of drinking wine. You see a model blurred out looking … well … terrible and she is showing you the cause. WINE!!! It's a bit of a tongue in cheek look at Wine Laid Bare.” Amy's friends and family were surprised yet supportive of her doing this shoot and she states that she'd definitely consider entering the competition again if the concept was original. The 2013 Wine Laid Bare calendar is on sale now. It's the perfect Christmas present for anyone who's into beautiful photography, wine, implied nudes or just needs a useful calendar. The calendars cost only R100 excluding postage and can be ordered by emailing To view the full set of calendar images, go to Proceeds from the sale of the Wine Laid Bare calendar go to and Breast Cancer Research.

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