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dip, drizzle, marinade and sau Where to find the Oils and Sugars

Al and Brenda love to share their success story along with loads of delicious recipes and culinary uses for their products, so stop by their tasting room Monday – Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to sample their oils and sugars. You can also find more recipes and creative dishes from celebrity chefs on their website at


For those of us foodies who

consider ourselves up-todate on the do’s and don’ts with extra virgin olive oil, we’ve all been taught that the nemeses of this coveted liquid are heat, light and air. So then how did culinary chef and artist Al Hartman of The Smoked Olive in Petaluma, CA ultimately conquer them while mastering the art of smoking the olive oil? That’s right, a smoked olive oil. Known in some circles as “The Smoke Whisperer,” Al has taken a proprietary blend of California extra virgin olive oil and united it with his own secret combination of hardwoods to smoke the oil without exposing it to its above enemies. The result: a naturally smoked oil that preserves its quality and flavor and subtly layers in deep, dulcet and well, “smoky” nuances of various fruit woods like California Cherry and Almond without

in any way changing the chemical structure or precious phenolic compounds. Al’s exact blend of woods and smoking techniques are classified, but, what he does openly share is, his love of food, a curiosity of how things work and a natural love of smoking anythingmeat, poultry, fish, olive oil, brown sugar-you name it, he’s figured out a way to smoke it all. “As a kid, I grew up spending a lot of time in both the city and the country. So I was exposed to the best of both worlds. My Grandmother had me cooking alongside her from a very young age, having me taste each ingredient as she added it to a dish, and explaining how and why certain flavors worked well together. She really was the one who taught me my palate and inspired me to ultimately work with food,” – Al Hartman, The Smoked Olive. Once Al and his wife and business partner Brenda Chatelain had their recipes fully developed, they took to the local Farmers’ Markets to get customer feedback and to see if their oils could eventually become a new food category. It wasn’t long before celebrity chefs like John Ash, Tyler Florence and

Giada De Laurentiis were calling to get their hands on this mysterious new oil. Even President Obama was impressed with the oils – so much so that during a State Dinner he called over the chef (which happened to be Tyler Florence) and asked him what was on the pasta to make it taste so delicious. The rest, as they say, is history. Celebrity and home chefs across the globe fully embrace the oils and retailers Sur La Table and Williams-Sonoma both stock the collection in their stores throughout the country.

From Olive Oil to Brown Sugar? Al and Brenda aren’t entirely certain where the idea of smoked brown sugar originally came from, but they think it was from a casual conversation with their nowgood friend Chef John Ash who asked Al if he could smoke some sea salts for him. Al considered it momentarily, but feeling this category may be saturated, he commented back, “That’s been done before John, let’s try something different, like brown sugar.” Using a proprietary blend of hardwoods, the sugar is delicately smoked to complement the inherent molasses notes and once again, The Smoked Olive has created a new food category,

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Wine Country Lifestyle Spring 2017 for St. Francis Winery  

Customized for St. Francis Winery, this issue is bright in both colors and content. Say hello to Spring!

Wine Country Lifestyle Spring 2017 for St. Francis Winery  

Customized for St. Francis Winery, this issue is bright in both colors and content. Say hello to Spring!