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21st Annual

Napa Sonoma

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Napa, CA

July 26 - 29, 2007




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N O R E S E R VAT I O N S DIR: Scott Hicks Eckhart, Abigail Breslin, PROD: Sergio Aguero SCR: Carol Fuchs, Sandra Nettelbeck 96 minutes 2006 USA/Australia CIN: Terrance Hayes ED: Pip Karmel Castle Rock Entertainment MUSIC: Philip Glass CAST: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron The movie is a remake of the award winning “Mostly Martha” about Master chef Kate Armstrong (Zeta-Jones) who lives her life like she runs her kitchen at a trendy Manhattan eatery—with a no-nonsense intensity that both captivates and intimidates everyone around her. Kate’s perfectionist nature is put to the test when she “inherits” her nine-year-old niece Zoe (Abigail Breslin), while contending with a bra brash new sous-chef Nick Palmer (Eckhart) who joins her staff. High-spirited and freewheeling, Palmer couldn’t be more different from Kate, yet the chemistry between them is undeniable. sh new sous-chef Nick Palmer (Eckhart) who joins her staff. High-spirited and freewheeling, Palmer couldn’t be more different from Kate, yet the chemistry between them is undeniable. “No Reservations” features lots of delectable, delicious and delightful dishes….and they won’t be just for your viewing pleasure! Some of the film’s favorite recipes created by Food Network include Classic Duck a L’orange, Grilled Sea Bass, Scallop with Saffron Sauce and Tiramisu. These delectable delights are available for purchase at the Festival Café beginning at 6PM. Preceded by... CHEF

THURSDAY JULY 26th – 7PM A short film by Joel Hochberg. A Frazier Winery Caves followed by cooking demonstration by Frenchtrained chef Ken Frank of La Toque Outdoor Screening. Restaurant, Rutherford, LOCATION DAY,$20 DATE, TIME LOCATION DAY, DATE, TIME Ca. Frank Admission: LOCATION DAY, DATE, TIME



follows the film. LOCATION DAY, DATE, TIME


DIR: Wang Honghai A Collective Presentation by Beijing Film Academy and the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe 90 minutes, 2006, China

Truth. Honesty and Virtue are the common spiritual pursuits of human beings. The China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe has witnessed an uncommon development in 20 years. Bearing the dreams of people with disabilities, it created a masterpiece of special art and traveled to more than 40 countries on five continents. This film captivates the art, the spirit and the life of the performers with disabilities through a special visual angle, a freshly expressive form and creative film language. Besides the traditional film language, it adopts mediums such as sign language by the hearing and speaking impaired, dubbing by the hearing impaired and narration by the visually impaired as well as body language by the physically disable. It is a visually stunning film.



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Paseo de España AUGUST 4th & 5th


3PM - 6PM SONOMA CA Authentic Spanish Food and Wine & Cinema Under the Stars!


DIR/PROD: Masaki Hamoto SCR: Masao Nagai, Miwa ISHIGURO, Masahiro Shinoda CIN: Terrence Hayes ED: Naoji Kawaguchi MUSIC: Tarô Iwashiro 119 minutes, 2007, Japan Akanezora: Beyond The Crimson Sky is directed by Masaki Hamamoto who trained under Master filmmaker Masahiro Shinoda, the co-writer of “Akanezora.” He is regarded as one of the most promising directors today. Set in Edo in mid-18th century, the film is the story of a way of life, the subtleties of human nature, and intrigue. Based on an award-winning novel, it is above all a story about family--the ties that bind husbands and wives, parents and children, brothers and sisters, and the quirks of fate that threaten to pull them apart. Focusing on the country’s most ancient gastronomic tradition: the production of “tofu”, a cheese made out of soy seeds, characterised by a gentle flavour, as gentle as the spirit which pervades the whole narration. There is also the wise and respectful handing down of a food tradition, which is the foundation of a community’s economic and cultural balance. The landscape and the traditional costumes are inspired by the prints of Utagawa Hiroshige, one of the period’s most representative “ukiyo-e” artists. A menu of Japanese items will be offered for purchase at the Festival Café.

DIR: Linda Hattendorf PROD: Masa Yoshikawa, Linda Hattendorf CIN: Linda Hattendorf, Masa Yoshikawa ED: Keiko Deguchi MUSIC: Joel Goodman 78 minutes, 2006, Japan 85-year-old Japanese American artist Jimmy Mirikitani survived Hiroshima, the trauma of WWII internment camps, and homelessness by creating art. By 2001 he was living on the streets of New York with the twin towers of the World Trade Center still ominously anchoring the horizon behind him. What begins as a simple verite portrait by a local filmmaker who brings him into her home, becomes a rare document of daily life in New York in the months leading up to 9/11. This is the story of losing "home" on many levels and an intimate exploration of the lingering wounds of war and the healing powers of friendship and art.

FRIDAY JULY 27th – 8:45PM Frazier Winery Outdoors Under the Stars Admission: $10

SATURDAY JULY 28th 12:15PM Copia Admission: $7


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Visit select shops on the Sonoma Plaza for a sampling of authentic Spanish food and wine. Registration required 707 - 935-3456 or register at the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club each day beginning at 11 a.m.

$15 ticket includes one wine glass and your Paseo Passport / $25 includes Outdoor film $50 for Two days Paseo + All Spanish Films –3-



DIR: Lynn Hershman Leeson PROD: Steven Beer, Lise Senson, Lynn Hershman Leeson CAST: Tilda Swinton, Peter Coyote, Thomas Jay Ryan, Josh Kornbluth, Steve Kurtz 75 Minutes, 2006 USA While responding to a 911 call, paramedics find labeled bacteria specimens in the home of artist Steve Kurtz, and a few choice books on biological warfare. They call the FBI, who send over agents in HazMat suits to quarantine Steve’s apartment while he is brought under investigation for possible bio-terrorism. Within hours of his wife’s death, he is detained. Currently the government is attempting to try a fraud case with no plaintiffs involved. Why should this case concern us? Because if the government can find no cause and still move forward, it is a gross abuse of human rights. This is a true story. Preceded by HE LIVES by Tyler James Massey.

SATURDAY JULY 28th 2PM Copia Admission: $7


DIR: Greg Kiefer PROD: Rick McFarland SCR: Daryn Tufts ED: Marty Patch ,Travis Eberhard MUSIC: Kem Kraft CAST: Chris Clark, Daryn Tufts, Lisa Clark NARRATOR: William Shatner 85 Minutes, 2006 USA Millions of people believe in him. But only one man is foolish enough to try to prove his existence. His name is Dr. Lloyd Darrow, the world's foremost, and only, researcher into the existence of Santa Claus. A "Santologist" Darrow takes on government conspiracy, corporate suppression, and phony mall Santas. plays with...


By Benjamin M Piety. The Lonely Lights. The Color of Lemons a short accounts for two fragmented sentences, set up against each other to create an image that otherwise would not exist. The film compares lights to memories - in the same ways we do. Faded, vivid, flickering. The brighter the memory - the brighter the light.

SATURDAY JULY 28th – 2:45PM Frazier Winery Cave Admission $8 includes The Lonely Lights 21st


DIR/PROD/ED: Konstantia Kontaxis ED: Marty Patch ,Travis Eberhard CIN: Ed Talavera CAST: Cundo Bermudez, Jose Bedia, Robert Zakanitch, Anna Valentina Murch, Gary Moore 48 Minutes, 2007 USA Tracing the conception, creation and installation of six public art projects at the Miami Carnival Center for the Performing Arts, this film captures the interaction between the architects and the artists whose work is featured throughout the complex, as well as uncovering the creative process of each individual artist. Artists/creators highlighted in the film include Jose Bédia, Cundo Bermudez, Gary Moore, Anna Valentina Murch and Robert Rahway Zakanitch, as well as architect Cesar Pelli. Kontaxis follows the artists, from studio visits in New York City, Miami and San Francisco to quarries in Italy and a glass fabricator in Kentucky, capturing intimate details of their production process. Offering a rare glimpse in the domain of public art. The film captures the interaction between the architects and artists whose work is featured throughout the complex, as well as uncovering the creative process of each individual artist. Preceeded by SYLVIA HYMAN: ETERNAL WORKER by Curt Hahn SATURDAY JULY 28 – 3:30PM Copia Admission: $7

Wine Country Film Festival — Napa Film Guide


Curt Hahn 24 minutes, 2007 USA

SYLVIA HYMAN: ETERNAL WORKER Sylvia Hyman was in her forties when she first began working in clay, quickly gaining international recognition. Five decades later she continues to re-invent herself as an artist as she pushes the boundaries of her medium. As a master of ‘trompe l’oeil clay,’ Hyman’s sculptures inspire both disorientation and delight when viewers realize that everyday objects that appear to be made of wood, cardboard and paper are actually superbly realized simulations made of clay. The film provides a truly inspirational portrait of both the artist and the person, as we discover an artist at the peak of her powers as she prepares for her 90th birthday. Followed by CULTURE OF STRUCTURE by Konstantia Kontaxis.

SATURDAY JULY 3:30PM Copia Admission: $7 includes The Culture Of The Structure 21st

RATTLE BASKET DIR/ED: Thomas L. Phillips PROD: Thomas L. Phillips, Jared Tweedie SCR: Jared Tweedie CIN: Owen Simmons CAST: Gia Natale, Amanda MacDonald, Alex Walters, Barbara Jacques, Andy Allen, Matt Blashaw, Wherever Cerina Strickland and her sister Tabitha go, emotional devastation is sure to follow in their wake. Shielding them from the darker consequences of their fickle and self-centered relationships, Stuart Clemons has been their best, and only, friend since childhood. But when Cerina, jealous for his undivided attention, tries to sabotage his burgeoning relationship with Bridgett, a whimsical divorcee, the girls’ friendship with Stuart becomes strained to the breaking point. Top notch performances from rising stars Gia Natale and Amanda MacDonald.

SATURDAY JULY 28th – 4:30PM Frazier Winery Cave Admission: $8 film, $15 film & workshop on Acting & Working with Directors $25. include Al Fresco Outdoor film

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DIMENSION DIR/PROD/SCR: Matthew Scott Harris CIN/ED/MUSIC: Christopher Marty CAST: Paul Turner, Mary Kay Cook, Deanna Dunagan, Harlan Hogan 111 minutes, 2006 USA After causing a car accident that results in the loss of his family, the owner of a small neighborhood hardware store is contacted by God. The two enter into an arrangement - an agreement. The agreement requires the hardware store owner to offer any customer that enters his store and purchases a folding ruler the opportunity to change their life in any way they desire by the dimension of three inches. In return for granting these select customers this opportunity, God will allow the hardware store owner to see his family - one last time. At first, the customers' choices are obvious and expected, but gradually the choices become more meaningful and powerful - until one customer makes the clearly best choice. After this final choice is made, God must return to Earth, this time along with Satan - to sort out the results of this customer's fateful choice and to also explain the rational behind the need for his agreement with the hardware store owner. The compromise that ensues between God and Satan - eventually affects everything for everybody. Followed by a Q&A with Matthew Scott Harris

SATURDAY JULY 28 – 5:15PM Copia Admission: $7



Working with Directors Development of Characters Understanding the Moments Finding the Moments Emotion of a Scene Development of the Scene Listening to the director and fellow actors

Participating actors and directors will explain their personal crafts and build the scene with real actors. This workshop is interactive. Audience members are invited to take part in the scene.

SATURDAY JULY 28th 6PM-8PM Frazier Winery Admission: $10 includes the 8:45PM film Broken English Workshop and film free to PASS Holders -6-



DIR/SCR: Alberto Fuguet PROD: Luigi Aranded SCR: Francisco Ortega CIN: Jorge Gonzalez ED: Maria Teresa Viera-Gallo MUSIC: Cristian Heyne, Andres Valdivia CAST: Ignacia Allamand, Luis Ernesto Alonso, Felipe Braun 93 minutes 2005 Chile

DIR/SCR: Zoe Cassavetes PROD: Andrew Fierberg, Jason Kliot and Joana Vicente CIN: John Pirozzi MUSIC: Scratch Massive CAST: Parker Posey, Drea de Matteo, Gena Rowlands, Melvil Poupaud, Justin Theroux, Peter Bogdanovich 93 minutes 2006 USA

For Rent (Se Arrienda) Fuguet had a big hit at home with “For Rent,” his debut in the director’s seat and one of the most successful local productions of 2005. This poignant exploration of youth’s bittersweet passing, the ironies of success and the promise of new love recalls the best of Arnaud Desplechin and Paul Thomas Anderson. Music student Luciano Cruz-Coke worries about “selling out” and whether to score a fellow student’s horror film (THE KILLER ANTS). Flash forward 15 years: some of his least talented friends are now the most successful, Luciano has nothing to show after six years waiting tables in New York and THE KILLER ANTS has gained a cult following. Will he find his way?

In a startling mature & nuanced performance, Parker Posey plays Nora Wilder, a thirty-something Manhattanite who is cynical about love & relationships, in this astute collaboration with first-time writer/director Zoe Cassavetes. It’s brave to really look at yourself & take chances based on what is going to make you happy in life, “that mission can’t rest on other people’s perceptions of you” says Cassavetes, the daughter of famed director/actor John Cassavetes & actor Gena Rowlands. Nora plugs away at her job in a posh downtown hotel & can’t help but wonder what it is she has to do to find a relationship It doesn’t help that her overbearing mother played by Rowlands takes every opportunity to remind Nora that she’s still unattached. After a series of disastrous first dates, she meets a seemingly devil-may-care Frenchman with a passion for living.

Preceeded by BROKEN ENGLISH by Zoe Cassavetes SATURDAY JULY 28th – 6:30PM Frazier Winery Cave Admission: $8, $15 includes Broken English


SATURDAY JULY 28th – 8:45PM Frazier Winery Outdoors Admission: $10

Wine Country Film Festival — Napa Film Guide


DIR/PROD/ED: Maurizio Rigamonti Prod: Armondo Gallo Writ/Ed: Lura Calder, Maurizio Rigamonti NARRATOR: Ernest Borgnine 62 minutes 2007 USA/Italy

This documentary is about one of the most famous Italian families of the puppet theater – the Ferrari family, with interviews with Bernardo Bertolucci and Dario Fo, archival materials and live performances to tell the triumphant yet tragic story of a family’s love affair with an art form in decline. The Ferrari family has been sculpting puppets for 4 generations. They have taken their shows around the world, and have appeared many times on TV and radio. Gimmi Ferrari guides us through the step by step process of sculpting a puppet, along with his son and niece who assist him in the family studio located in the hills

SUNDAY JULY 29TH - 12 NOON Copia Admission: $7. 21st

ONCE UPON A TIME DIR: Joseph Péaquin 63 minutes, 2006, France/Italy In a little village in the Val ‘ d Aoste, Erminio and Attlilia, a retired couple who have been married for fiftythree years, share the same passion for mountain cuisine. They share this love of dishes that are both simple and imaginative with their grandchildren. It is heartwarming to see how the children get involved in creating recipes and gathering ingredients in the woodlands and family garden. The film shows us how cooking and food become vehicles for sharing, dialogue and the enrichment of life itself.

SUNDAY JULY 29TH - 1:30PM Copia Admission: $7 ~ you are cordially invited ~ to attend this private screening at Frazier Winery. Simply RSVP by calling 707-935-3456 or come to the winery any time before showtime.

Wine Country Film Festival — Napa Film Guide

THE SOPHISTICATED MISFIT DIR/SCR: Mark Chervinsky PROD: Christo Garcia CIN: M. Smee MUSIC: Wes Hambright 61 minutes, 2007 USA This documentary is the four year exploration of the world of Shag, the unlikeliest of Los Angeles artistic icons. Shag’s world is one of early 1960’s furniture, sprawling ranch houses, built in wet bars, and jet set style. He embraces a simpler time - but his artwork is filled with subtle, humorous winks of the eye acknowledging that this period wasn’t quite so simple. The smiling women in their mod dresses hold secrets. The festive party scene in the go-go ‘60s home isn’t really what it seems. He has become an art-world phenomenon, whose paintings have inspired obsessive fans around the globe, a Las Vegas musical, and collaborations with George Lucas, Paul Frank, and Hot Wheels among others.



MAGICAL WORLD OF MASSIMO AMICI DIR/SCR: Massimo Amici SCR: Carlo Stoppa, Gianpiero Cognoli CIN: Rory Muirhead MUSIC: Maksfrenz & Gianpiero Cognoli CAST: Sedericia Lorio, Gianpiero Cognoli; Paula Pizzola, Paula Buble; Ralph Lister, Eric Garbus; Enrica Costantini 2006 Italy Short films loaded with heart and a special humor by Italian filmmaker Massimo Amici. “The Birth” (2006, 10min, no dialogue) A modern-day tale, based on an old Indian fable. On a morning like any other, a man hurries toward his busy day, unaware it could be his last. “She He” (2005, 9min, Italian with English subs) Two dreams. His and hers. The instant we fall in love we feel like we have it all but can at the same time lose everything. “Life is an illusion” (2005, 11min, English). Every time Alvin enters an elevator he has the irresistable urge to pee. He meets a mysterious being that takes him to a wise man on top of a hill that may have the answer to his problem. A comedy about life, discovery and pee. “èlia” (2004, 10min,Italian with English subs). A Valentine’s card deliverer and a girl in love with the wind walk the deserted summer streets of Rome. A story about destiny and magic, and how at times common lives are touched in unexpected ways. “acaluma” (2001, 3min, no dialogue) The story of two window-washers and two snails who meet by chance through the windows of life.

SUNDAY JULY 29TH - 2:45PM Copia Admission: $7



DIR: Michael Petroni PROD: Starz Media in association with Industry Entertainment CAST: Terry O’Quinn, Elisabeth Rohm 43 minutes, 2007, USA

The Awakening: Masters of Science Fiction World Premiere Based on a short story by Howard Fast (Spartacus) and written and directed by Michael Petroni (The Dangerous Life of Altar Boys) the story is set in the middle of a ferocious firefight outside of Baghdad, where U.S. soldiers discover a mysterious body - one that they can’t even identify as human. Swiftly, all over the earth, more such creatures appear and begin to communicate. With this contact, the world is forced to choose between peace and destruction. plays with...


DIR/SCR: Maurice Chauvet A video store customer tries to weasel out of his late fees only to discover the video store's database has access to intimate details of his past - and his future? plays with...

Futures (And Derivatives)

DIR/PROD/SCR: Arthur Halern To wow a disenchanted client, a desperate lawyer hires an unproven temp to create a winning presentation overnight. But the surprise results may impact more than just the deal at hand.



DOWN WINDERS DIR/PROD: Jake White PROD: Natalie M. Hill CIN: Drew Giannetta, Jerry Bixman ED: Sean Isroelit MUSIC: Johnny Hawthorn 29 minutes, 2007 USA Downwinders have been called 'the silent veterans of the Cold War'. From 1951 to 1962, the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission conducted a series of atomic bomb tests at the Yucca Flats, Nevada Test Site. While assuring American citizens these tests posed no harm, the bombs were detonated only when the winds were blowing northeast. Over 100 atmospheric bombs were detonated during this time - with the majority of the fallout landing on communities in southern Utah, including the town of Parowan. The takes an intimate look at the effects of nuclear weapons testing that have become a legacy for many southern Utah towns. The strength and will of the people to restore their communities is an inspiring testament of the human spirit. Preceeded by THE CREEK RUNS RED by Julianna Brannum

SUNDAY JULY 29TH - 4PM Copia Admission: $7

Wine Country Film Festival — Napa Film Guide


THE CREEK RUNS RED DIR/PROD: Julianna Brannum PROD: July August Productions, Bleiberg Entertainment CAST: Jenya Dodina, Avi Kushnir 95 Minutes, 2006 Israel Bleiberg Entertainment This film reveals personal stories from a small town on the edge of extinction, set in Picher, Oklahoma, a toxic American wasteland. A century of mining, environmental irresponsibility and hometown pride has shaped the present day reality of Picher. At one time the richest lead and zinc mining field on the planet the rowdy mining town sprang from within the allotted lands of the Quapaw Tribe. Seventy years later these lands are environmentally devastated, the economy is wiped out and the lives of those who remain are gravely impacted. The film explores the varying attitudes and struggles of these people in their efforts to protect their families, heal their lands, and find happiness. Followed by DOWNWINDERS

SUNDAY JULY 29TH - 4PM Copia Admission: $7 includes DOWNWINDERS 21st

DIR/Writer: Evan Menzel 22 Minutes, 2006 USA Anxious in public? Afraid of labels? Does your hair look alright? Are you sure? Is that sweat? Shake hands with Cole. He’s the protagonist of this short and his story will help you feel OK. OK?


DIR/SCR: Beth Nelson 10 Minutes, 2006 USA

A story told in first person, the director introduces the audience to herself, an American living in Australia, and to her mother and sister who flew out to see her. The film tells the intimate story of the filmmaker's relationship to her adopted sister, Alyssa, who has a disability. It raises thoughtful questions about difference, families, and the unique qualities with which individuals enrich the world.


WRITER: Timothy Gordon DIR: Timothy Gordon 2006 USA Filmed in & around Washington DC, the filmmakers used local actors & activists. It tells the story of a young boy fighting to protect his mother after his dad is wounded by a gang member. Through powerful storytelling the film uncovers the far-reaching effect of this violence and how it perpetuates. After the program meet and greet the filmmakers for an informal panel discussion EMERGING TALENT and dine al fresco under the stars.

GRAVITY WORKS DIR/PROD/ ED: Michael Lucas, 32 minutes USA In the middle of Mexico, a troupe of five women and one man struggle to sustain their passion for aerial dance acrobatics. Inspired by the performances of Cirque de Soleil and trying to ready themselves for their first-ever performance under a big top circus tent, the troupe invites a group of young girls from the next door orphanage to watch their practice. Soon, the young girls are on the trapeze learning a routine and the woman are motivated by the enthusiasm on the girls’ faces and the wonder in their hearts.

SUNDAY JULY 29TH - 5PM FRAZIER WINERY CAVE Admission: $8 Short Program (Dinner a la carte) 7PM Surprize Showing $15 includes closing night film “Sons of Francisco”

Wine Country Film Festival — Napa Film Guide



TWO SONS OF FRANCISCO DIR: Hernán Gaffet PROD: Luciano Camargo SCR: Patrícia Andrade & Carolina Kotscho CIN: André Horta & Paulo Souza ED: Vicente Kubrusly CAST: Angelo Antonio, Dira Paes, Marcio Kieling MUSIC: Caetano Veloso & Zezé Di Camargo 119 minutes, 2006 Brazil,


DIR/PROD: Lizzie Gottlieb 55 minute, 2006, United States

Nicky Gottlieb is a young man struggling to leave the comfort and safety of his parents' home and find his place in the world. While he can calculate the square root of any number in the blink of an eye, he has trouble reading the simplest of facial expressions, making social interaction difficult. At the age of 21, he is diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism. This loving portrait by his filmmaker sister is both a personal exploration of one family's journey and a broader effort to understand this mysterious disorder.

The true story of Zeze Di Camargo and Luciano, Brazil’s music duo sensation. Two Sons of Francisco is a father and sons story about overcoming agains all odds. It is the highest grossing Brazilian film of the last 25 years. The true story of Zeze Di Camargo and Luciano, BrazilÅås music duo sensation. Two Sons of Francisco is a father and sons story about overcoming agains all odds. It is the highest grossing Brazilian film of the last 25 years.Francisco, a poor tenant farmer in the hinterlands of Goias, pursues an impossible dream: to turn two of his nine children into a famous music duo. In 1990, Zeze Di Camargo & Luciano released the song “É o Amor”, which took the airwaves by storm and sold over a million records. Brasil’s Entry to the Academy Awards. SUNDAY JULY 29TH - 8:45PM Frazier Winery Outdoors Under The Stars Admission: $12.50, $15 includes 4 short films at 5PM ~ you are cordially invited ~ to attend this private screening at frazier winery. rsvp by calling 707-935-3456 or come to the winery.

SUNDAY JULY 29TH - 6PM Copia Admission: $7




Film, like wine and cuisine, reflects the roots of the filmmakers and subjects they focus on... A Cultural Terroir that arises from our very being. “TERROIR OF CINEMA”

TITLE TITLE In these times, these distinctions Cinema and Cuisine AL Credits cut both ways; at this Festival we Credits FRESCO in the Wine Coun- choose to celebrate our differences rather than fear them. Cinema, and try the other arts (especially the culinary ~ Director's Message ~ arts and music) awaken us to cultural Capsule Description

diversity and lead us to a richer and

The Napa Sonoma Wine Country Film Festival is a Moveable Feast of Film with a special flavor only found in our particular mix of Cinema, Culture, Cuisine and Conscience. Our popular "Films Al Fresco™" outdoor screenings are unique in the wine country with new Festival films, many of which are premieres, shown in full 35mm theatrical projection featuring Schneider Lenses on a big CinemaScope screen with Dolby Digital Sound. This 21st Wine Country Film Festival, the region’s oldest and longest running celebration of world cinema, moves into Napa where movies and special events take place July 26 – 29. Movies screen at Frazier Winery inside the winery’s cave and outdoors under the stars. Films also screen, quite appropriately at COPIA : The American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts. And the following week August 1st to the 5th we move to Sonoma where we have five nights and days of international cinema at with a special focus on Spain that we’ve dubbed Paseo de España. It will feature cinema, foods and wines of the regions of Spain. “The Terroir of Cinema” is our term that expresses our feelings about the deep roots that give us our unique LOCATION DATE, TIME attributes,DAY, tastes and cultural distincLOCATION DAY, DATE, TIME tions. 21st

Capsule Description of what it deeper understanding

means to be human. The Festival in Napa is a Cuvee of our cinema categories, with films organized into series to make it more likely that you will find a number of films that relate to one another and be encouraged to see several in the same “Series.” We have a tradition, dating back to the 1980’s, of amplifying the impact of certain films with cooking demonstrations that provide pleasure and knowledge. We are pleased to have several films in this edition that will entice your appetite which will be sated at our Cine Cafe. Catherine Zeta-Jones dons the toque in “No Reservations,” a new version of the WCFF hit of a few years ago, “Mostly Martha.” It will be preceded by a cooking demonstration by La Toque Restaurant’s Ken Frank, who is actually the star of the film “Chef” that will be shown inside the Frazier Winery Cave. From Japan we have a 18th Century period piece, “Beyond The Crimson Sky,” a drama that takes us into the world of competing tofu makers. Taking its motifs from Ukiyo-E Japanese Prints this dramatic film is as beautiful as it is compelling. “Once Upon A Time... Gourmet Fare LOCATION DAY, DATE, TIME for a Small showing at CoLOCATION DAY,World,” DATE, TIME

Wine Country Film Festival — Napa Film Guide

And Spain's "The Chicken, The Fish and the King Crab" (Berlinale version) will take us into the pressurized arena of the world's most important competition the Bocuse d'Or. In the tradition of our Master Class sessions we will have a special opporTITLE tunity to see director / acting teacher Thomas L. Phillips lead an ACTING Credits AND DIRECTING WORKSHOP with his cast from "Rattle Basket" will take the stage to demonstrate how to build a scene. The Workshop will be followed by Capsule the outsoorDescription screening of Zoe Cassavettes' (of the John Cassavettes clan) "Broken English" featuring Parker Posey, Drea de Matteo and the inimitable Gena Rowlands. This is only a sampling of the delights you will find on our menu of films this week. Check our website for up to the minute programming additions and the Sonoma schedule. Stephen Ashton Founder/Director P.O. Box 333 12000 Henno Road Glen Ellen, Ca. 95442 707.935.3456



VENUES Copia: The American Center for Wine Food & The Arts 500 First Street Napa, CA 94558 888.512.6742 BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Connie Mygatt Stephen Ashton, Founder Kris Moe Dan Wilkens Wolfe Rudman Sam Dakin


Jon Hirschmugl Alden Olden Matt Souza Aaron Sisemore

Marketing/PR Special Events Christy White Justine Ashton

WEBMASTER Richard Lindberg

Frazier Winery 70 Rapp Lane Napa, CA 94558 707.255.3444 Special Thanks to Bill & Kim Frazier Robert & Margarit Mondovi Wolfe Rudman VedaArt9 Design Solutions Chris McCormic Branz Scaffold Tara Ashton Keith Williams Michelle Branton Dan Zimmerman Nathalie Mariano Rosemary Olson Melinda Solomon Matt Marxteyn Michelle Branton Dan Zimmerman Chris & Tom Wurth Ron La Bruzzo Michael George Erica Wordsworth Elizabeth Smith Bill Frazier & Family Doug Freeman And to the scores of supporters & volunteers who make this wonderful event possible

2007 Napa Section Wine Country Film Festival  

Here is the program of the Napa week of the three week long Napa Sonoma Wine Country Film Festival.

2007 Napa Section Wine Country Film Festival  

Here is the program of the Napa week of the three week long Napa Sonoma Wine Country Film Festival.