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A Package Speaks a Thousand Words

Videos With Personality Are the Videos That Click

Let your wines speak directly to their target markets through premier packaging. Select from our premium bottles or custom design the ideal bottle, pewter label or other packaging solution to promote and sell your flagship wines.


“To get the attention of your intended audience, you’ve got to break through the clutter,” said Lisa Mattson, communications director at Sonoma County’s Jordan Vineyard and Winery. “We live in a world today that comes with personal filters. Our email box is filtered; our social media posts are filtered. Everyone is trying to cut the digital noise. Video helps you break through this clutter. “People would rather see a picture than read. Reading takes longer. A picture is quicker and to the point. That’s why Instagram is so successful and why videos are more and more popular. People have less time to spend. They would rather watch a video on how to make a pie crust than read a five-page recipe. But, that said, a video needs to be entertaining,” Mattson added. Jordan’s most successful videos are either the cooking or funny ones, according to Mattson. “A video we did on pie crusts got over 125,000 views, and a Super Bowl parody got nearly 30,000 views. I am always looking to find the content that is going to keep our audiences entertained and enlightened, makes viewers want to share them, makes them see the lighter side of wine, and we always try to get in little core messages that tell our story.” The Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance’s Paso Man series of videos offers the best examples of selling the brand, not the specific product, by using a humorous approach. The creator of these videos, Dina Mande of Juice Media, hails from an entertainment background. Mande said her success with the Paso Man videos followed a mantra she learned from a Hollywood movie producer she once worked for. “The producer told me that every piece of filmmaking, whether it is a 30-second spot or a YouTube video or a feature film, should have a ‘holy s**t’ moment. Early on, it needs to have a hook that is so funny, dramatic or outrageous that it hooks you right in. When you are sorting through your footage what you cut out is what doesn’t surprise, delight, entertain or educate,” explained Mande. In her Sonoma State University presentation on “Secrets to Successful Video Marketing in the Wine Industry,” instructor Niki Scioli, a video producer with Zan Media, pointed out the effects the 2004 film Sideways had on Merlot and Pinot Noir sales. “Merlot sales dropped 2 percent while Pinot sales increased 16 percent in the western U.S. There was a similar trend in British wine outlets. The effect of Sideways caused Merlot prices to fall, the price of Pinot to climb and an overall rise in wine consumption.” Clearly the humor of the film—at Merlot’s expense—was a perfect example of that “holy s**t” moment, and this can be equally effective in a winery’s short video. Eight years later, Sonoma’s Gundlach Bundschu Winery turned the Merlot/ Pinot tables with its video “A Brief History of Merlot.” With infectious tonguein-cheek, the mission of the video focused on the rise and fall of Merlot’s popularity while slyly bolstering the winery’s eccentric personality and high wine quality. With no dialogue, just well-selected music, the video fostered an unexpected amount of buzz in the wine industry as well as with consumers. The success of Gundlach Bundschu’s Merlot video, with its more than 45,000 views, was owed to its strong spotlight on the grape while subtly reinforcing the winery’s brand message. Merlot was back.

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Reducing Losses on Wine Grape Sales Tools for wine grape growers and wineries working together to define and document terms of sales, protecting price, assuring delivery, using liens, filing UCC financial statements and how to ensure a healthy and long term relationship between buyer and seller. Session will include resources, banker’s concerns, how liens work, using the UCC, what a good contract looks like, getting a grower’s license and using PACA. Wednesday, March 18 Walla Walla — 8 to 11, Port of Walla Walla, 310 A Street Pasco — 1:30 to 4:30, Red Lion Hotel, 2525 North 20th Avenue Thursday, March 19 Prosser — 8 to 11, Walter Clore Center, 2140 Wine Country Road Yakima — 1:30 to 4:30, Yakima Convention Center, 10 North 8th Street Call 509.782.1108 to register. Cost is $30.00 Presented by:

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