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[ Kwakwala Qwin-sa ]


Chris Cook III feeds a log to the fire. The logs had to be placed gently on the fire so as not to disturb the ancestors. Chief Adam Dick watches over the proceedings to make sure everything adheres to protocol and traditional cooking styles.

Kwakwala Qwin-sa is the traditional name for the cook pit. The cook pit was set up at Qualicum, B.C. on April 30, 2016. (ABOVE) Preparing the pits with hot rocks. (L-R): Joshua Recalma, Chief Adam Dick, Raymond Sinclair, Doctor Nancy Turner, Doctor Dana Leposky, unidentified person and John John. (LEFT) Chris Cook III (Nungis) tending the sacred fires of one of the three pits. (RIGHT) Qualicum duck, sockeye salmon and venison sausage cooking over the fire. (BELOW) Symone Taschuck preparing cook.

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Kim Recalma-Klutesi, Swanson, Britany and Ingrid Taschuck the root vegetables to

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