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Volume 34 No. 5 • June 2016

Inform. Impact. Inspire. Independent. Indigenous. Mass education exercises on colonialism to hit Canada's capital cities Page 7

“I do not want to be party to a cover-up,” says grand chief Page 9


plus GST /HST where applicable

Liberal support for Site C flies in the face of UN declaration Page 2

Swee tgra full c overa ss Fort McMu ge of rray wildf ires! Page

Photo: Bert Crowfoot

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Aboriginal Multi-Media Society (AMMSA)

s 10– 15!

Ben Calf Robe Powwow The 2016 Ben Calf Robe Powwow was held in Edmonton on May 7th. For photo galleries by Bert Crowfoot, please visit:

June I 2016

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Windspeaker June I 2016 V34 No5  

Windspeaker June 2016 Volume 34 Number 5

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