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Shopping for Your Shape By Andrea Buckridan For that lucky handful of women who have endless amounts of time, money and tailors at their disposal, shopping is a breeze. For the rest of us, however, shopping can be a daunting and almost frightful task. It is Shopping for Their Shape which women find most discouraging. W hether you are more pear or apple shaped, stuck with broad shoulders that seem to never end, have plenty of curves or are that “in between” size, have no fear! There are everyday tips that can help virtually anyone through such a crises. First, you should shop only when you actually have the money to spend. W hile this may seem obvious, it is one of the single biggest mistakes that women (and all people, for that matter) make. Many of us shop when we have a spending cap, and always go for quantity not quality in an attempt to get more bang for our buck. If you have the extra money to spare on a great piece, you won't just settle for any outfit, but for the outfit. Often, it is as though you only find the perfect outfit when you don't have any money, or when pay day is just out of reach. Even though we have all been there, try to keep in mind that if it’s meant to be, it will happen for you. The best outfits will be YOURS when the time is right! Next on our list – Do yourself a favour, and go shopping with a very honest friend or family member. The second opinion always helps, even if you feel like bawling your eyes out from their brutal honesty. Sorry ladies, the sales associates do not count! They are just looking to sell for commission or to meet their quota. This is why having a trusted source with you is crucial (let the friend know their position ahead of time so there are no surprises). W ARNING: You may not always like what you hear, so don’t say I didn’t warn you! If you are shopping alone consider picture texting yourself in an outfit and sending it to a friend for the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down. If you're not so tech savvy, or you feel silly doing such a thing, try narrowing down your options by following this extremely important rule: Ignore the size of the clothing, and focus on the comfort level. Something that fits well, looks just as good, so what if it is a larger size, chances are it will look great on you when it fits properly. If you are having trouble figuring out which articles of clothing suit you, ask yourself the following questions: Does it fit without becoming a victim of muffin top syndrome (i.e., when your sides hang over your pants)? Do you have room to breathe? In case of shrinkage, is there enough space to allow the clothing to get smaller? Are your breasts popping out too much or hiding? Are you trying on something that is supposed to be a short dress or a long shirt? Are any explicit crevices showing that may cause an embarrassing situation down the road? W ith so many things to think about, it is crucial that you try before you buy, and do not settle even if you have to go up a size! Another key point - Never hesitate to accessorize ! I cannot stress that enough. W hether it’s with jewellery or high heels, you can accentuate your figure.

A long necklace, even one you may have to double up, will elongate your neck. Brightly coloured bits of jewellery are a funky and fresh way to accent your skin tone, and makeup, giving the appearance and glory of a clever and fashion-savvy diva. If belts are more your thing, both skinny and wide banded ones, can create a curvy and eyecatching waist. Remember, ladies, curves are sexy, so show them off! As for wearing heels, they are not only designed to make you look hot, but they force you to stand tall; your legs will not only look longer, but they will also appear more defined if you are wearing something that is cut above the knee. Ladies, we all are beautiful, and we can make it simple. The best things to do are to ask people you trust, and do your research. As I mentioned before: If it's meant to be yours, then it will happen for you. The best outfits will be yours when the time is right! Fret not, ladies: W ith the right support, idea, and creativity, we can all look amazing!

Shopping For Your Shape  

An article for women about shopping for all shapes and sizes.

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