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WINDSOR BETTS Think “Big” We can offer large Nietos at Wholesale prices and a large Published Painting by Red Star for $10,000 under retail! We give thanks to our loyal Collectors this Season, And remember we welcome offers on any of the Art in our Gallery.

Michael Wright (Masterpiece from 1996) "Fisherman's Wives" Acrylic on Canvas H:72 x W:96 $35,000

Michael Wright (Studio Mate of Willem deKooning) "Bee's Knees" Mixed Media on Canvas H:67 x W:80 $15,000

James Havard (Havard’s House in British Virgin Islands) "Hampton Court - B.V.I." Mixed Media on Canvas H:60 x W:70 $39,000

Kevin Red Star, Crow ($10,000 under Retail) "Crow War Party (In Red Star Book)" Acrylic on Canvas H:54 x W:66 $25,000

John Nieto (1937-2018) "Buffalo Dancer" Acrylic on Canvas H:60 x W:48 $25,000 (wholesale price)

John Nieto (1937-2018) "Spotted Horse, Crow" Acrylic on Canvas H:60 x W:48 $25,000 (wholesale price)

John Nieto (1937-2018) "Fancy Dancer" Acrylic on Canvas H:60 x W:48 $25,000 (wholesale price)

Malcolm Furlow "Chief with Coyotes" Acrylic on Canvas H:58 x W:46 $7,000

Paul Shapiro "Around the Bend" Oil on Canvas H:20 x W:24 $3,500 (wholesale price)

Randy Lee White "Consultation" Oil on Canvas H:84 x W:66 $12,000

Dick Jemison "Geometric Squares No 3A" Mixed-media on Canvas H:62 x W:62 $12,000

Dick Jemison "Primitive Geometric" Mixed-media on Canvas H:48 x W:48 $10,00

Armond Lara "Passages" Mixed Media on Canvas H:53 x W:60 $9,000

Armond Lara "Deer Dance" Acrylic on Canvas H:56 x W:100 $9,500

Bruce King "The Edge of the Hunting Ground" Oil on Canvas H:48 x W:72 $10,000 (30% off listed price)

Dolona Roberts "Plaza Women II" Acrylic-Oil Canvas H:46 x W:66 $7,500

Susan Hertel (1930 -1993) "3 Horses and a Fence" Oil on Canvas H:79 x W:55 $14,000

Susan Hertel (1930 -1993) "Black Horse, Chestnut, Summer" Oil on Canvas H:53 x W:65 $9500

Kathleen Morris "River of No Return" Oil on Canvas H:60 x W:84 $12,000

Antique Gargoyle Held a Flag guarding a Lithuanian Castle Carved Wood H:53 x W:24 $12,000

Gifts for the Holidays Kachina by Gregory Lomayesva, 42�h $2500 Limestone Medicine Bear by Mark Swazo-Hinds, $950 Horse and Rider, Mexican Antique Wood $1200 Collection of Crosses by Spanish Market Winners, $450 to $750

Please feel free to contact us should you wish to discuss Offers

505 820 1234

2018 November Newsletter  
2018 November Newsletter