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How to back up a Windows 7 computer? The latest released operational system by Microsoft has gained a high popularity and big trust among computer users. And inevitable ?is the question: what backup software will work well with this OS

First of all, there is a built-in Windows 7 backup tool - Backup and Restore Center. It surely is much better than Windows tools in earlier systems were. And it can be quite good, if you are looking for simple software that can duplicate files and folders and make the copy of your .hard disk

How To Backup Windows 7 Tutorial But for more convenient and powerful backup of Windows 7, it's better to get special software. Even if you are a home user, wanting simple solution, you may not be satisfied with features provided by Backup and Restore Center. The good news is that today's IT market is ready to offer various backup solutions that are affordable and not more difficult .to use than the Windows 7 tool

:Specialized backup software for Windows 7 offers a much wider set of features

Where to back up. Backup and Restore center is able to back up to CD, DVD, hard disks and • local area network. Backup Windows 7 computer is much more secure when backing up to remote FTP/SFTP servers. More advanced programs can store your backups to remote .servers, and even provide a special online backup storage What to back up. There are software that can make backup of more complex data than • individual files and folders: popular applications (like Outlook, ICQ and other), many specialized data like databases, mail clients and servers and backup Windows 7 operational .system with all settings and registry records When to back up. Built-in Windows 7 backup utility can be scheduled to run backup daily, • weekly or monthly. But if you want to set up a schedule with your own period of time, or .make backups on logon and logoff, you'll need a stronger tool Some other options. Many programs today offer a vast variety of useful backup options • .like encryption, compression, email notifications and much more Restore features. Optional and flexible backup restoration is a nice opportunity to have. • Backup Windows 7 built-in utility can restore separate files from common files and folders backup. It doesn't allow to restore one hard disk partition if needed. But there are programs that feature restoration of one component of backup. For example, you can restore one .damaged table from the whole database backup

So, built-in backup tool is not a unique solution. Today there are many amazing utilities, offering at a reasonable price a great way to effectively backup Windows 7 computer

.How To Backup &Restore Files Tutorial

How To Backup Windows 7  
How To Backup Windows 7  

Backup Windows 7 Files & restore them simple steps tutorials