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AJM pasiv 90

Prudent features for achieving perfection


Making the decision to buy windows easier

To offer convincingly the best – Our sincere intention

When looking for new furnishing for our home we usually don't pay particular attention to all the details. Since the market supply is plentiful, we, in most cases, decide to go for the products of recognised manufacturers who can, based on their recommendations, tradition, and reputation, guarantee the safety of the purchase. We take greatest pride in the fact that, in the period of little more than 20 years, we have managed to gain the trust of our buyers in the quality of our furnishing and installation throughout Slovenia and neighbouring countries.

Despite the fact that the supply on the market of wooden windows is plentiful, we were able to see much potential for improving the product. We have put a lot of effort in developing a wooden window that is both uncompromising and offers something that was, until now, not available in this form. We realize that windows are not replaced after a few years and are bought to last significantly longer, which is why we wish our reliable products would bring happiness and peace into your home. We make it our job to provide windows that will make your home more comfortable, safer, warmer, and, if need be, also more airy.

With all the resources required to manufacture top-quality products, e.g. PVC and ALU windows, at our disposal, we have decided to extend the development, manufacturing, and selling of furnishing under the AJM brand name to wooden products as well. We would like you to recognize why we believe in the success of wooden windows AJM pasiv 90.

If you are among those who fancy natural materials and are pondering whether or not to buy wooden windows then we would like you to read why wood has made such an impression on us that we created such a perfect product from it.

tradition and future minimal impact on environment

high insulation

natural beauty high strength

persistence and durability pleasant to the touch

timeless aesthetics alluring scent

beautiful colours and patterns


Inspired by the oldest building material

Perfection lies in attention to detail

Wood has been a valuable material for thousands of years. It is used as an energy source, as raw material in processing industry, for designing products and furniture, paper and so on. Wood is a versatile and indispensable material in all aspects of our lives. Simply put, we live with wood.

To thank the people for their continuing trust over the years, we have rewarded them by expanding the range of our products. The decision was easy to make. The resurfaced popularity of natural materials dictated that, with the next step, we need to offer wood furnishing which will pursue consistency and strive for perfection in every detail. We have thus developed a window of outstanding properties which also suits the needs of an energy-saving and passive construction. Our modern wooden windows AJM are made of the best materials and with state-of-the-art manufacture and information systems technologies.

As for manufacture of windows, wood has proven to be a stable in durable component, and has been used for this purpose for centuries. Today, it is again gaining in importance since it is a natural raw material and as such environment-friendly. Beside its ecological value, its increasing popularity can be attributed to its physical and aesthetic properties. The first means good heat insulation, regulation of air moisture, and long service; the latter, however, means that, aesthetically, wood satisfies all our senses: it is pleasant to the touch, has a benevolent natural scent, incorporates the beauty of natural patterns and colours, and as such creates a harmonic habitat.

The following pages are presenting our carefully developed system of wooden windows which meets the ever increasing needs for heat, sound, and intrusion protection, and in particular the need for convenience of use and comfort.


First key advantage:

Suitable for passive houses The basic design of the window AJM pasiv 90 is made of triple glaze (Ug = 0.7 W/m2K) which provides excellent sound and heat insulation. With the selection of proper insulation glass, it is also a suitable solution for passive and low-energy construction.

Uw up to

2 7 , 0

Second key advantage:

The best quality glued wood

W/m K 2

The key to the manufacture of wooden windows is the choice of quality glued wood. Quality material with no flaws also enables good processing. We have used wood of Slovenian origin which is appreciated both domestically and internationally. It is stored with care, while its quality is strictly controlled according to physical and aesthetic criteria.

Third key advantage:

Four-layer paint protection Wood is a living material which has to be properly protected against harmful effects. The surface of our window profile is impregnated and protected with four layers of paint. The impregnation effectively protects the wood against pests, while the four-layer paint coating protects the window from UV and moisture stress and preserve the natural wood grain. At the same time, it is given the desired colour look and gloss.



Nine key features and distinctions of the wooden window AJM pasiv 90

At the forefront of our philosophy is quality which is the cornerstone of our approach to the development of the AJM wooden window. The development was taken up with due-diligence and in accordance with the guidelines of ift Rosenheim, the leading European institute for builders' joinery. The wooden window which was the fruit of our knowledge and long-established experience with windows and doors manufacture was designated AJM pasiv 90, while the version with aluminium cover profiles was designated AJM pasiv 90ALU. Our wish is to offer the best from the field of plastic, aluminium, and wooden windows, which is why the AJM pasiv 90 is already proving to be the future trend in the field of wooden windows. For it, we have chosen the best materials, the latest tools, and state-of-the-art technology which enable us to turn intermediate products into the wooden window of many advantages. Assure yourself of the nine key distinctions of the wooden window AJM pasiv 90.

Fourth key advantage:

Seventh key advantage:

Optimal profile width and height

Glass sealing with dry sealing gaskets

By choosing a low casement and frame we have gained a larger glass surface area, thus enabling greater incidence of light into the room. The upper and the lower profile edge are of the same width which gives the window a distinct aesthetic look in form of a symmetrically harmonized window shape. Profile width of 90 mm provides the window with maximum stability, as well as a higher level of heat and sound insulation.

On the inner side of the glass there is a dry sealing gasket which, unlike silicone, gives the window an aesthetically harmonized look. We have used the sealing gaskets of the top-notch manufacturer Deventer. They were installed on two contact points in the casement and the frame. If you wish, we can install an additional "wind-proofing" sealing gasket.

Fifth key advantage:

Eighth key advantage:

Hidden Siegenia fittings

Insulation bars for installing windowsills

We have paid close attention to the choice of the so called "movable parts" of the window. We have chosen the fittings of the renowned global manufacturer Siegenia. They are hidden so they don't interfere with the harmonized look of the window. You might not see them, but you will feel them when you will admire the smooth opening and closing of the window.

Each window was equipped with a high-insulation bar for installing windowsills which, alongside improved insulation, provides a stable position of the window in the window opening, precise installation, and better installation of windowsills.

Sixth key advantage:

Ninth key advantage:

Gluing the glass into the casement

Outer aluminium cover profile – AJM pasiv 90ALU

The mechanical strength and the increased insulation are achieved with the aid of modern technology of gluing the glass into the casement. This gives the casement additional stability so it doesn't sink and maintains a millimetre-accurate shape. The best part of window safety and stability is the aluminium drip profile which is installed onto the casement and the frame.

The protective aluminium profiles are appropriate for a more modern architecture type of buildings which are installed on the outer side of the wooden window. The shape of the profiles is very refined, while the look of inner and outer edges is harmonized so the window seems like a perfect whole. Alongside modern look, this also gives a more robust window protection and a wide variety of colours for cover profiles.


State-of-the-art technology without compromise Each wooden part is processed very carefully and gently in each manufacturing stage. Particularly significant is the innovative polishing technique of individual wooden parts which is done by the micrometer-precise planer which smoothly cuts the working surface. The modern manufacturing technique is entirely managed through technologically highly developed and smart information systems which are controlled by our highly educated and qualified staff with extensive experience in the field of window manufacture. Your window will be manufactured with great accuracy and on latest tools which provide precise treatment of intermediate products and high level of safety and ergonomics for the employees. Our production facility is entirely new and equipped with state-of-the-art machines and devices which meet the highest environmental standards.

The wood in AJM pasiv 90 is treated with a high-end CNC machine and Swiss tools.

State-of-the-art technology and professional and dedicated staff for a complete production process.




The harmony of function and aesthetics – to your taste For the manufacture of the AJM pasiv 90 windows, we have chosen only first-class pineand larch-wood which are held to be one of the most durable types of wood. Pine has a characteristic yellowish and larch reddish to red-brown hue. In addition to the technical characteristics of the profile, the window also has to fulfil its aesthetic function which is why it will be donned in the colour of your choice, taking into consideration your room, equipment, or surroundings. The function and aesthetics are combined into the choice of material, shape and size of the window, opening mechanism, accessories, and possible combinations. The latter are so abundant that it is best to present them to you in person. Therefore we would like to take this very opportunity to ask you to give us a call or visit the nearest AJM salesroom where our advisers will provide you with expert advice.


For us, the window is finished when it is properly installed

Guaranteed quality from beginning to end

Our main concern was not only the details in the manufacture of the AJM pasiv 90 window, but also its installation. Precise installation is key to the window's optimal sealing so it can perform to all of its duties to perfection. For this reason, the installation of the window is just as important as its properties.

Our windows will make the idea of your "dream house" come to life. We will make sure your dreams live on which is why we are offering a three-year warranty to begin with. With regular annual service inspections, the warranty can be extended to 5, 7, and 9 years. Our service department will perform a complete and careful inspection of all windows, giving attention to individual details as well.

The installation has to meet two main requirements: it has to be steady and it has to be tight. Synonym for quality and energy-saving installation is the installation according to the standard RAL. It provides three-layer sealing: vapour tightness at the inside, heat insulation in the middle, and vapour tightness at the outside (600 Pa). This type of installation can also be used for AJM pasiv 90 windows.

We believe in the quality of our windows and guarantee you can rely on them. If you are of the same opinion, then all you have to do today is give us a call or visit us in one of our salesrooms. Our contacts are listed on the last page of this catalogue.

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Wooden window AJM pasiv 90  

Brochure of the window system AJM pasiv 90

Wooden window AJM pasiv 90  

Brochure of the window system AJM pasiv 90