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BI-FOLDING DOOR SYSTEM ALUMINIUM SYSTEMS Brand New for 2019 Made for Trade will bring you an all new aluminium bifolding door system as the second product under the Korniche systems brand. Built from the same clean sheet design philosophy as the class leading aluminium roof lantern, the Korniche door system is loaded with fresh engineering innovations to really set it apart in this crowded category. Unveiled at this year’s FIT SHOW the bi-folding doors will be available later this year following Made for Trade’s aquisition of 110,000 sq.ft bespoke office and fabrication facility specifically designed for production of the NEW bi-folding doors at Wynyard Business Park, Teesside


RAISING THE BAR While the usual suspects continue rolling out updated versions of the same old products, the MFT engineering team have designed something genuinely new. Working with MFT and our philosophy of the best products, at the best prices with the best service will benefit your business and your bottom line. These innovations have been designed to deliver the same FASTER, STRONGER, WARMER and SLIMMER advantages which provide tangible benefits for every link in the forward supply chain. FASTER - means less time on site instantly reducing project costs, faster is also ease of fit as well as outright speed. Easy installation is becoming increasingly important as the skills pool becomes shallower, and a simple installation process opens supply opportunities for multiple trades. STRONGER - means exceptional resistance to loads, like weather, in-service loads and resisting unwanted visitors. A strong product will last the test of time and require minimal adjustment over its life.

WARMER - means high thermal efficiency and class leading sealing technology minimising heat transfer from outside to inside and vice versa. SLIMMER - means low sight-lines on the profile as well as a reduction in visible parts that make up those sight-lines, couple this with innovative Korniche hardware gives a clean uncluttered aesthetic that suits every home.

PAS24 as standard


ENGINEERED TO SUCCEED The Korniche brand evolves as Made for Trade launch a revolutionary all new Aluminium Bi-folding Door. Over the past 12 months the Korniche brand has evolved and it’s becoming a collective name for a family of products which will all possess the FASTER, STRONGER, WARMER and SLIMMER DNA. The MFT engineering team showcased at this years FIT Show the Bi-Folding Door System they have been working on and impress how the features that have been developed will be a huge benefit to installers and builders on-site. The aesthetics and fine detailing have been designed with both functionality and consumer appeal in mind delivering Bi-Folding Doors that complement the hugely successful and award winning Korniche Aluminium Roof Lantern. Made for Trade continue to invest in engineering and design, bringing products to market that installers wish for and homeowners want.

Jonathan Fletcher joins Made for Trade Jonathan has been brought on board as Business Development Manager to bolster the experienced management team. He will also engage with the rapidly growing list of customers that are choosing to use the Made for Trade suite of products. Timing is key following the FIT Show and the unveiling of the Korniche Bi-Folding Doors. Going forward, Jonathan’s appointment will help ensure the successful roll out of all MFT products. However, customer support and guidance will be crucial as Made for Trade continue to invest in research and design of new systems. MFT are also preparing to move part of the business to a new premises at the prestigious Wynyard Business Park which boasts 110000 sq ft of manufacturing space as well as purpose built offices. With over 20 years business to business experience in national sales roles, Jonathan brings a wealth of experience to the position. Alongside his support at this year’s FIT Show, his immediate goals will be on the road visiting existing clients and offering support to reaffirm the brands USP’s. He will also be on hand to provide training for our online estimator KwikQuote if requested. The first area for Jonathan is the Midlands – Existing customer support, retention and growth. If you’re new to Made for Trade’s Korniche brand and you want to know more, Jonathan is more than happy to pay you a visit. He can then demonstrate how the award winning Korniche roof lantern and other products can help you to grow your aluminium sales and beat your competition. I’m looking forward to increasing awareness of the Made For Trade brand through strategic marketing avenues whilst also increasing face time with our customers. I have known of Made For Trade for some years now so as soon as the opportunity arose I was keen to get on board. The fact that Made For Trade has a strong ethos towards developing market leading products gives me confidence that this role will be an exciting and enjoyable one for me. Jonathan Fletcher

The Made for Trade team of experienced engineers and product developers working on Korniche Aluminium Systems consists of from left to right: David Boyd, Design Engineer. Ashley Gaunt, Head of Design Mark Coates, Design Engineer. Thomas Fielding, Design Engineer Jude Egan, Design Engineer

You can contact Jonathan via email:

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On Home Improvements

To Boost Economy

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) is calling for the Government to cut the VAT on home improvement work following official data from the ONS published recently. While there has been a rise in output over the first quarter of the year, construction output decreased month-on-month by 1.9% and the repair and maintenance series fell to its lowest level since December 2018, experiencing a fall of 3.1% compared to the previous month. Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the Federation of Master Builders, said: “It’s not at all surprising that construction output has dropped at the end of the first quarter of this year, given the unprecedented political uncertainty we’ve been facing. To get us through these turbulent times, the Government must be bold in its thinking when it comes to supporting the economy bucking any downward turn. One course of action would be to cut VAT on work in the home improvement and private domestic sectors from 20% to 5%” Berry continued: “A cut in VAT would help stimulate demand from homeowners resulting in more work for the thousands of small to medium-sized construction companies which would help support local economies and increase training opportunities. This is all the more important given that the FMB’s own State of Trade Survey for Q1 2019 saw the first dip in workloads for small builders in six years.” Berry concluded: “Cutting VAT would also be an important step to help encourage more retrofits of our existing buildings to make them more energy efficient and deliver a cut in carbon emissions.” 8 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

New Data

Points To Major Blackhole

On The Horizon For UK Construction Workforce According to new research from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the UK construction industry is set to face a major labour crisis, with the loss of over 500,000 workers over the next decade. The findings, which form part of the Labour Force survey, equates to a quarter of the total construction workforce in the UK. It points to the high age demographic of the industry with many of those workers expected to retire during the next 10-15 years. Matters are made worse with Britain’s exit from the European Union, and the potential end to the free movement of EU citizens to the UK. Whilst this could help retain skilled UK-born workers, it also means companies cannot rely on labour from the continent plugging any skills gaps in the workforce. Speaking on the findings, Alex Tremlett, Operations Manager

at Insight Data comments: “The findings of the ONS report will undoubtedly make for sober reading for construction companies across the UK. Despite the ageing workforce being a long-term issue for the industry (a 2011 study estimated that one-in-five workers were over 55), very little has been achieved in addressing the sizeable skills gap. “Time will tell as to what impact Brexit and the end of free movement has on the workforce, but it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that numbers could fall further. The skills shortage is by no means unique to construction, and is felt heavily in the fenestration industry too. Without question, now is a pivotal time for businesses to really invest in finding and nurturing younger talent, not just to ensure projects are completed, but to ensure they have the skills to handle new innovations and new technology shaping future construction.”


Rooflight IGU

Specifications ‘Falling’

Short Of The Mark

light which uses thicker stronger laminates and has been made, by definition, to be ‘walked on’. “In our experience, however, these considerations are only being raised where an architect or structural engineer has been involved. It’s not really on the trade’s radar.” The Centre for Window and Cladding Technology, which is generally seen as the go to authority on non-fragility in rooflights, has published a series of technical notes (numbers: 66, 67 and 92), which offer guidance on safety, fragility and technical testing and assessment of glazed roofing. These set out a series of suggested specifications and assessments of the performance of non-fragile rooflights, including soft and hard impact tests designed to replicate someone falling onto the rooflight.

Cornwall Glass has warned the complex nature of rooflight IGU specification means specifications are frequently not fit for purpose – with installers running the risk of liabilities for injury and accident. The IGU specialist argues the absence of any clear regulatory requirement and reliance on advisory guidelines, plus complex terminology, have combined to leave installers confused. It warns the increased popularity of flat rooflights in domestic applications and single-storey extensions, is making this risk even more acute. Ceawlin Hickman, Cornwall Glass, said: “Standards exist for rooflights installed at greater height. If for example they’re being installed at more than 5m above floor level, the inner pane must be laminated. “This doesn’t, however, apply to most domestic installations, which are installed in single storey extensions at a fraction of that height but

where the risk of someone being on the roof, a homeowner clearing out the gutter or child retrieving a football, is all the greater.” Cornwall Glass argues that it’s consequently key that installers understand the differences and safety requirements between different rooflight specifications to avoid potential liabilities in the future. “Rooflight IGUs can be classed as ‘fragile’ ‘non-fragile’ or ‘walkon’”, continued Ceawlin. “Fragile is self-explanatory, however, ‘non-fragility’ sometimes referred to as ‘robustness’ is open to misinterpretation. “This is focussed stopping someone falling through the rooflight from above, not simply protecting those below.

Usage is also important in defining the classification of the rooflight and as a consequence, its specification. Guidelines suggest that this falls into four categories. Class 0: unrestricted access i.e. glass designed to be walked on; Class 1: roofs that will be walked on for occasional cleaning/maintenance and will support the weight without breaking; Class 2: glass which isn’t designed to be walked on but needs to be non-fragile in the event of a someone falling onto the surface; and Class 3: fragile roofs. “The industry is geared up for rapid turnaround of rooflights, which are often manufactured to set sizes and supplied into the market on exceptionally short delivery times”, said Ceawlin.

“The acid test is if someone tripped and landed on the rooflight would it withstand the impact and their weight, even if damaged?

“No one is stopping to ask the question about application, usage – and as a consequence, specification. That needs to change if installers are going to avoid huge potential liabilities”, he concluded.

“This is distinct to a walk-on-roof- WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 9

TRADE NEWS on this successful verdict. We will fight vehemently to protect the SupaLite name and would encourage any tradespeople who are falsely using our name or branding to really think twice about doing so.” Andrew Cook, Special Investigations Team Leader at Durham Trading Standards adds: “After receiving a number of complaints from local homeowners, we began an in-depth investigation into the work completed by the company involved.

Trading Standards Bring Durham

“Along with misrepresenting their roofs as the SupaLite product, they also damaged customer’s properties, falsely diagnosed roofing issues, grossly overcharged, undertook poor quality work and claimed affiliation to other brands.

SupaLite, the Preston-based tiled roof specialists, recently lent their support to Trading Standards to help with a case against a company operating in County Durham.

“I would like to thank the SupaLite team for their assistance during the investigation. I sincerely hope that the sentence in our case serves as a true deterrent to other traders who are thinking of making similar false claims.”

Steve Hacking, Managing Director of SupaLite picks up the story: “We were informed by Durham Trading Standards that a homeowner had complained about a SupaLite roof installation. As with any case of this nature, we conducted a thorough investigation. It quickly became clear that this was in fact yet another cladover, falsely sold as a SupaLite tiled roof.”

Genuine SupaLite tiled roofs are manufactured and installed by registered fabricators and fitters across the UK. Available in a range of styles and configurations, and fully accredited for Building Regulations approval, a SupaLite tiled roof is not only easy to manufacture and install, it’s a cost-effective solution that helps homeowners create a useable space all-year-round.

SupaLite Helps Cladover Roofers To Justice

Members from the SupaLite team acted as witnesses to the case, as the two men told homeowners they were approved suppliers of the SupaLite tiled roof system. The pair pleaded guilty to conspiring to defraud consumers and were sentenced to 32 months each in prison. Steve continues: “This is sadly 10 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

becoming an all too common issue, where companies brazenly claim to offer SupaLite roofs and ultimately cause damage by delivering a botched and frankly dangerous cladover. We fight cases just like this on a regular basis, as we look to protect both consumers and the SupaLite name. We therefore urge homeowners to check our website to make sure companies are actually registered installers of our roof system. “We were delighted to aid Trading Standards in their investigation, and congratulate them

SupaLite has recently produced a 10-minute sales presentation film which highlights the dangers of cladover roofs. The film provides homeowners with information which will help them to ensure that the don’t buy from unscrupulous traders. It can be seen on the Supalite website and on YouTube.


Key Acquisition Accelerates Caldwell’s Indian Expansion

Tuffx Makes A Hardware experts Caldwell are expanding their global reach with the acquisition of a key Indian distributor. Mumbai-based Archintex already supply quality Cotswold hardware to businesses across the Indian subcontinent. Now, the fast-growing firm will become part of newly-formed Caldwell South-East Asia. It’s just the latest phase in Caldwell’s ambitious plans for growth in the region, as CEO Eric Mertz explains. “We want to be part of one of the most dynamic economies in the world,” Eric comments. “India is set to grow 7.3% this year and 7.5% the next – that’s faster than China. “By 2050, it’s expected to overtake America as the second-biggest economic power on Earth. “And most excitingly for us, much of that growth will come from construction. The government’s Housing for All initiative

will see hundreds of thousands of homes built in the next few years. “That’s a huge opportunity – and by combining Archintex’s unmatched market knowledge with our global expertise, we’re confident we’ve got a formula for rapid growth.” Caldwell has big plans for the region. Further investment will see it become a key technology hub helping the company develop partners across Asia. Market Development Director Tim Ferkin comments: “We’re hugely excited to have the Archintex team join the Caldwell family. “Together, we can provide even more seamless distribution of Cotswold hardware, and further expand the range of products we can provide. “That’s great for us, and it’s great for thousands of Indian fenestration businesses, too. We can’t wait to get started.”

Mindful Haulage Expansion

When your day to day business involves transporting toughened glass around the country, it’s only sensical that your vehicles are representative of the premium quality inside. To that end, glass giant TuffX has expanded its fleet by an impressive 78 tonnes in an anticipatory move to continue providing an unrivalled service to customers. Complementing an existing fleet of 26 vehicles, the eight new additions include some of the biggest names in haulage: four Iveco 7.5ton sleeper cabs, two MAN 12-ton sleeper cabs and two Mercedes 12-ton sleeper cabs. Each compliant with the latest low emissions zone requirements, the purchases have been made in recent months. The lorries will be driven by new, and current multi drop drivers, all of whom are subject to TuffX’s in house training before taking to the roads. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 11


Construction Industry Launches

Licensing Task Force The construction industry has come together to look at opportunities to develop a mandatory licensing scheme for all UK construction companies to transform the sector into a high quality and professional industry, announces TrustMark, the Government Endorsed Quality Scheme for tradespeople. A new Construction Licensing Task Force, which includes TrustMark, will be supported by a range of leading industry bodies and will lead the development of the licensing scheme. Key statistics relating to licensing and the need for such a scheme are as follows: One third (32%) of homeowners are put off doing major home improvement works requiring a builder because they fear hiring a dodgy builder; This means that the UK economy could be missing out on £10 billion of construction activity per year because of anxiety over rogue building firms; More than three-quarters (77%) of small and medium-sized (SME) construction firms support the introduction of licensing to professionalise the industry, protect consumers and side-line unprofessional and incompetent building firms; 78% of consumers also want to see a licensing scheme for construction introduced; Nearly 90% of home owners believe that the Government should criminalise rogue and incompetent builders; 12 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

Over half of people (55%) who commission home improvement work have had a negative experience with their builder. The decision to establish a Construction Licensing Task Force follows a recommendation in an independent research report by Pye Tait published last year entitled ‘Licence to build: A pathway to licensing UK construction’, which details the benefits of introducing a licensing scheme for the whole construction industry and puts forward a proposal for how it could work. The Task Force will be chaired by Liz Peace CBE, former CEO of the British Property Federation, and the following organisations will sit on it: Association of Consultancy and Engineering British Property Federation Chartered Institute of Building Construction Products Association Electrical Contractors Association Federation of Master Builders Glass and Glazing Federation / FENSA Local Authority Building Control Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors TrustMark Which? Trusted Traders

Liz Peace CBE, Chair of the Construction Licensing Task Force, said: “Mandatory licensing has the potential to transform our industry into a world-leading sector. Licensing will help drive up standards and help address the issue of quality and professionalism, which is some areas, is falling short. At the heart of what we’re trying to do is increase protection for the ordinary person who engages with the construction sector. Indeed, according to research by the FMB, one third of homeowners are so worried about having a bad experience with their builder, they are putting off commissioning construction work altogether. This could be costing the economy as much as £10 billion per year. Enough is enough and the industry itself recognises that.” Peace continued: “Licensing has support in principle from more than 30 construction organisations and consumer groups. The Task Force will be supported by major players and in an industry that is often criticised for being too fractured and disparate, I am heartened by the fact that the sector is coming together to lead the industry in a new direction. I’m also pleased that senior civil servants from BEIS and MHCLG will sit on the Task Force as observers as Government engagement right from the outset is crucial to the successful development of the scheme.” Simon Ayers, Chief Executive of TrustMark, said: “We welcome the development of a mandatory licensing scheme for all builders as it will significantly enhance the levels of protection consumers can rely on, whilst driving up standards in the industry. I am delighted to be part of the Construction Licensing Task Force and to be able to play a role in transforming a sector which is plagued with rogues. By working together with the FMB, one of our Scheme Operators, we can deliver the best outcomes possible for both consumers and the trades within our scheme.”



FASTER - Glazed in seconds No on-site cutting or drilling for ease of install. No silicone, single bolt fixings and clip fit finishing caps – Search on YouTube to see the Korniche fully fitted in under 6 minutes

STRONGER - Performance Engineered Ability to withstand ‘Live’ loads over twice that of the leading competitor. A 6x4m roof can support up to 8 tonnes. Up to 3m x 2.5m with no rafters, No tie bars required

WARMER - Thermally Broken Thermal PVC T Bar, Thermally broken eaves beam and industry leading Q-Lon Gaskets. U Value from 1.2

SLIMMER - Uninterrupted Sight Lines Patent pending end boss enabling hips to merge into ridge. Traditional features in contemporary design give ‘Timber’ like looks suitable for all properties. Narrowest external ridge profile

SUPPORT - The best trade lantern Brand, point of sale and marketing support helping save time and maximise profit from sales and on-site. Online trade KwikQuote tool TM



Working Days Lead Time

Email: Call: 01642 610799 | Fax: 01642 615854

TRADE NEWS like this, where it could so easily have been avoided, are particularly heart breaking. “As parents, we’re fully aware that accidents do happen. All we can do is take every possible precaution to ensure that the environment our children live in is as safe as possible.”

Tragic Death Highlights Importance Of Window Restrictors According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), more than 4,000 children under the age of 15 are injured falling from windows every year, while the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) state that one child under five is admitted to hospital every day nationally after falling from a building, often from open windows. These frightening statistics are made even more shocking with the regularity of tragic accidents making the headlines, serving as a reminder of the terrible consequences that can occur when a window isn’t properly restricted. RoSPA estimate that around 10 children die each year as a result of falls, including those from windows. A recent inquest into the tragic death of a six-year-old boy was told, it is believed, that he sat on the window cill of his second 14 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

storey bedroom to read a book and that he may have leaned on the window and fell out. He was rushed to hospital but died two days later as a result of a ‘catastrophic’ head injury. The hearing was told that the lower panel of the PVCu replacement window had no catches and opened fully wide from the top. The boy’s family had lived in the rented property for about three years and his father had raised the issue of the unrestricted windows with the landlord when they moved in, but it had been ‘forgotten about or overlooked’. “We are hearing these awful stories far too regularly,” says Toby Staff, Managing Director of Newstar Door Controls. “It’s always terrible to hear of any child being injured or dying as a result of an accident. But cases

The Health and Safety Executive advise that ‘windows that are large enough to allow people to fall out should be restrained sufficiently to prevent such falls. The opening should be restricted to 100mm or less. Window restrictors should only be able to be disengaged using a special tool or key’. CAPT recommend that window catches, locks or restrictors are fitted to stop windows being opened too wide. CAPT Chief Executive, Katrina Phillips, says: “Safety equipment like this takes the pressure off you. It’s often easy to fit and you can find safety catches for all types of windows, including metal window frames and double glazing.” Newstar Door Controls manufactures the Cubelock range of window restrictors and have vast experience in the sector. “In this day and age, there really shouldn’t be any instances of a child being injured or killed as a result of falling from a window. “A window restrictor doesn’t cost the earth, but it could save a life. Not only are they inexpensive, with prices starting at less than £7.00, they’re also simple to install, and the peace of mind that they provide is priceless. “When it comes to the safety of your children, you really can’t compromise, and we’re always happy to offer advice to anyone who would like to know more about our range.”


Trustmark Launches New Portal To Improve

Communication Between Tradespeople And Consumers TrustMark, the Government Endorsed Quality Scheme for tradespeople, is today announcing the launch of a new Business and Consumer Portal, providing a secure, free and convenient platform for businesses and their customers to communicate and be transparent with each other. The portals, which are available on the TrustMark website, are part of TrustMark’s commitment to make it as easy as possible for consumers to find reputable tradespeople. They will also be strengthened with advice and guidance that supports the Scheme’s Code of Conduct and Customer Charter.

TrustMark Registered Businesses and consumers will now be able to exchange messages, photographs, plans and any other relevant documents through the portal, keeping all communications in one convenient place. This method will ensure total clarity on both sides regarding the nature of the work agreed, costings, delivery dates and expected outcomes. Consumers can now request a quote for work directly through their portal account. By doing so, each selected Registered Business will receive an email inviting them to log into the TrustMark Business Portal where they can view any new enquiries. When quotations have been submitted in response to en-

locations they cover. Businesses using this service will also have access to a range of free template documents such as contracts and invoices

quiries, the consumer will be notified through the portal and can accept or reject the quote, or request further information. Businesses will be able to see what enquiries are new or open at any time and will be immediately notified by email if the status of an enquiry changes, for example, if a quote is accepted or a question is asked. Once a quote has been accepted and a project is ongoing, either side can track progress and request info or record updates as and when required. Registered Businesses now have the option to personalise their profile on the TrustMark website, allowing them to add company logos, photographs of previous work and highlight areas of specialism and the

Simon Ayers, Chief Executive Officer of TrustMark, said: “The development of this new functionality of our website is part of our commitment to not only ease consumer access to reputable tradespeople, but to actively champion the businesses we know are doing the right thing. We believe this portal will make choosing to use a TrustMark Registered Business simpler than ever for consumers, and by making the quote request process as simple and barrier-free as possible, this will vastly increase the possibility of enquiries transforming into paying customers. We will retain our status as a not-forprofit social enterprise and have no intention to turn into a paidfor lead generation service – we simply want to provide a service that tangibly benefits each of our businesses and helps consumers.” The portals are part of a series of initiatives designed to help TrustMark Registered businesses and consumers improve their communications. Future releases will also include the ability to accept card payments and provide access to finance options. For further information about TrustMark, visit WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 15


More Than 3,000 Homeowners

Really Rate Certass Installers Certification body Certass says it has received outstanding feedback for members with its new online rating system. Since launching in November, there have been more than 3000 reviews, and the rate is increasing by the minute.

Designed to bring even more digital support to Certass members, the free ‘Rate Your Installer’ service provides consumers the chance to leave honest reviews about Certass members online. The system acts as a platform where members can receive genuine feedback from their customers on the work that they have completed. Thousands of homeowners visit the Certass website searching for infor16 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

mation on installers or leaving reviews.

Jason Clemmit, Managing Director at Certass says: “Our online rating system is proving really popular amongst homeowners. Within hours of its launch, we had dozens of ratings from consumers who were leaving such positive feedback about our members. “There are lots of popular online rating websites that allow anyone to leave feedback, which can often lead to unfair reviews. The Certass ‘Rate Your Installer’ service only permits reviews on jobs which have been finished and registered with Certass.” All Certass members can add a company bio and have the op-

tion to opt-in to the free online rating system. Members are scored by their customers on a range of attributes, including their service, tidiness, reliability & timekeeping, workmanship standards and product suitability. Consumers can leave any additional comments too, which are great for members to use on their own website, social media profiles and marketing resources. Jason adds: “It’s a valuable, free way for installers to show consumers what a great job that they do. The service builds on our free digital support package for members which helps them to build a professional online presence.”

Meet the NEW star in glazing Introducing Stellar, the ultra slim, ultra-quick-to-fabricate aluminium system. This is simple fabrication, faster installation and future-proof design. This is Stellar.

Discover star quality with 0845 300 9356


Epwin Window Systems


Locksmiths Now Can Be



Registered CORGI Fenestration has launched its Skilled Locksmiths Scheme in response to pressure to recognise excellence in the profession. Any locksmith – from sole traders to national companies – that has completed a CORGI Fenestration approved qualification can be registered on the scheme. Each job they complete has to be registered with CORGI Fenestration on its website, via its easy to use web page. Registered locksmiths will be issued with a CORGI Fenestration photo ID card and are CRB checked, will be able to market themselves using CORGI Fenestration branding, will be listed on the CORGI Fenestration Locksmiths Register (with customer search facility) and can be rated by their customers using the online ‘Rate Your Installation’ system – another valuable marketing tool.

Nurturing Young


For almost 35 years, Ultraframe has been developing conservatory and extension roofing systems, with many of the key innovations in the sector hailing from the Clitheroe-based manufacturer.

All registered locksmiths’ customers will receive a CORGI Fenestration Installation/Repair Certificate by email.

While Ultraframe has an extremely high percentage of staff that have been there for 20-25 years and so carry a huge amount of knowledge and experience, the company also places great value on bringing in new talent by offering apprenticeships and graduate trainee programmes as Design and Development Director, Andrew Thomson explained:

“Each registered locksmith will be audited and the quality of their work monitored by inspections,” explained Jacqui Crawford, CORGI Fenestration COO. “We have been working with leaders in this sector MPL Locksmiths & Security Training and Train Locksmiths Ltd to create a scheme that recognises the skills and qualifications of the best locksmiths in the country and allow them to shout about the quality of their work. We are very excited that it is now launched”.

“We are all aware of the skills shortage in our industry and Ultraframe is keen to ensure that we help to tackle this by encouraging young people to enter the glass & glazing industry through our apprenticeships and graduate trainee programmes. Aside from tackling this key issue for our sector, it also ensures that within Ultraframe we have the perfect mix of experience, coupled with fresh thinking and it is a delight to see these young people grow and flourish as they learn and develop with us.”


Apprenticeships are available across the many areas of the business, offering the opportunity to learn and develop key skills in departments such as Customer First, Marketing and Research & Development. In fact the newly-promoted Marketing Manager, Chloe McGrath, originally joined the business as an apprentice in the Marketing Department. Graduate trainees are also a key recruitment focus for Ultraframe, demonstrated by the fact that in the last 3 years alone, 9 graduates have joined the business in technical roles. Explaining more about how this benefits the innovation-driven business, Andrew continued: “Graduate trainee programmes are another excellent way of attracting new talent into the business and nurturing this talent. By recruiting young people at the beginning of their careers to either earn as they learnt through apprenticeships, or know that they have a structured career progression path through a graduate trainee programme, this allows them to see the many opportunities available to them within our sector.”


ODL Europe Awarded ISO 14001 Environmental

Management Systems Certification ODL Europe has been awarded ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems certification. Nathan Barr, ODL Europe’s Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to have received this award as it’s evidence of our commitment to having a high quality, sustainability-driven business that’s a valuable partner to all our customers.” ISO 14001 is a recognised environmental standard. Certification demonstrates the ODL Europe team is committed to environmental practices such as increasing the company’s use of energy efficient processes across the Bootle-based business.

eighteen months, we have reduced the amount of plastic and general waste we were sending to landfill by four tonnes per week”

The accreditation comes off the back of an ongoing commitment of improving the sustainability of the business, work which led to ODL Europe being shortlisted for the Sustainability Initiative of the Year at the 2018 G Awards. Nathan said:” We’ve put a lot of focus on sustainability and over the last

Window Tech Trade Grows

30 Percent With Timberweld® Romford based, Residence Collection trade fabricator, Window Tech Trade is celebrating a year of growth using Timberweld. Window Tech Trade is the only dedicated fabricator in the UK using Timberweld for R9, R7 and R² windows and doors, claims the company. Timberweld is a patented method of jointing makes perfect corners and creates a butt-joint effect on the outside and the inside of a window. The flush sash market is growing rapidly and forecast to become a mainstream window. Independent research of the flush sash market, undertaken for Timberweld last year by MRA Research, reports that ten years from now nearly half of the fabricators interviewed see flush sashes becoming as important as standard casement windows.

Robert Wallis, Managing Director of Window Tech Trade, comments: “Creating the timber butt-joint effect on both sides of the window is a big plus for installers. Timberweld enables installers to install the frame as usual and then glaze it rather than having to install fully glazed glass-bonded frames. Sealed corners also make the product look better and create an air tight unit. “But the main benefit of Timber-

Nathan concludes: “Our operations team has worked very hard to implement the requirements of ISO 14001. But for us, it’s an ongoing process. We have achieved the certification, but that’s just the beginning. As a business we have a responsibility to protect our planet for future generations. Our certification and ongoing commitment are an indication of how seriously we take that responsibility.” weld is ease of manufacture and speed of installation. It eliminates production problems and is extremely cost effective when you scale up. Our manufacturing output has increased by approximately 30% using Timberweld,” Robert confirms. “Homeowners have fallen for the flush sash timber look,” explains Alan Burgess, one of the innovators behind Timberweld, “but achieving it consistently, so it looks perfect, and cost effectively can be a challenge if you mechanically butt-joint. If you produce a few frames a week by hand, time and cost per frame are not serious problems, but if you make at scale you must weld whatever the window. Neither conventional 45º corner weld-and-groove, nor ‘seamless’ welding do justice to the butt-jointed timber-look homeowners love. Timberweld was designed specifically to make this look perfectly and cost-effectively at any scale. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 19


Feeling Flush With

Stellar Since its launch at this year’s FIT Show, Stellar from Epwin Window Systems has been attracting many plaudits. For Gerald Allen, Marketing Manager at Epwin Window Systems the interest in Stellar comes as little surprise. He said: “If you’re looking to compete in the aluminium market, choosing a system that ticks all the boxes is a good place to start. From the slimline aesthetics, flush product options through to the ease and speed of fabrication, Stellar ticks all the boxes. It’s the ideal system for retail and light commercial markets and delivers everything the buyer wants.” Stellar has been marketed as 20 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

the future of aluminium windows and doors. And one look at its flush window options, it’s easy to see why. Traditionally windows had flush lines to the exterior and a shaped or stepped profile indoors. With Stellar, that stepped design is still an option, but now the flush lines can extend indoors and out with its fully-flush window option. It’s the ultimate in simple, streamlined design and offers the fabricator and installer a point of differentiation when selling into the end user. Gerald commented: “The Stellar fully-flush window offers a true flush sash indoors and out with no stepped frame. And with its market-leading slim sightlines and thicker cill to

replicate timber, it takes aluminium window aesthetics to a whole new level.” Alongside the windows there is a Stellar flush residential door and a bifold door which has an aluminium construction but also has the option of using PVC-U beading too. This unique mix means it has the strength a bifold needs but the aesthetics that will sit more comfortably in the typical UK home. The two doors will be joined in the summer by a third, a lift and slide patio door. Stellar is a pre-gasketed system which makes it up to 20% quicker to fabricate, not to mention helping save labour costs and helping to reduce waste. The patent pending knock-in bead is pre-gasketed too, which transforms the installation process because no wedge gaskets are needed and it’s much quicker to glaze. The design also improves the aesthetics because there’s a crisp clean line on the interior frame.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors FROM ONLY



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make the smarter choice Quote turnaround within hours Up to 1200mm sash widths Stock colours : White, Black, Grey, Grey on White



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* Per leaf price is unglazed and may vary depending on size and specification of the door. Lead time is based on a standard colour. Postcode restrictions apply

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Freefoam, “The Perfect Partner” For Huws Gray

As part of an ongoing and growing partnership, Freefoam Building Products recently attended the Huws Gray Big Trade Event, held at the Eirias Park, Colwyn Bay. The first ever such event organised by Huws Gray turned out to be a lively and busy day, with over 1500 Huws Gray customers and prospects taking part in fun activities, competitions and supplier promotions.

Freefoam have been working in partnership with Huws Gray for around two years. “Huws Gray and Freefoam share a similar culture,” says Terry Owen, Managing Director of Huws Gray. “It can be felt at all levels from Freefoam’s MD Aidan Harte, Colin St John and Richard Jackson. The other thing that I respect in Freefoam is that they have decided on their route to market and stuck with it. I hope that our growth journey together will help them get the complete national coverage they aim for.” 22 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

Wanting to improve their roofing range and enhance the offering for their customers Huws Gray turned to Freefoam. Kris Jones, Roofing Category Manager explains. “We chose Freefoam for their impressive product range, particularly the colours, and their reputation for customer focus. We are both independently run, able to make our own decisions, so we knew that Freefoam would be behind us every step of the way. The support we get from Freefoam is fantastic, we have a good relationship with the whole team, from external sales, through to directors of the company and the office support team who deal with us on a day to day basis. It’s a perfect partnership!”

Now available throughout the UK, branches hold a good range of Freefoam stock and are supported by the Huws Gray own distribution centre. With close to £200,000 of roofline products held at any one time, branches have access

to stock every day of the week ensuring consistent supply, allowing Huws Gray to deliver excellent levels of service to their customers. Rob Parker, Freefoam Area Sales Manager, North West explained “Huws Gray customers’ benefit massively from this comprehensive stock holding. It means that Freefoam is front of mind when fitters drop into a branch. It’s always available to take away, allowing them to get behind the Freefoam brand and feel confident in offering roofline to their clients.” Freefoam work in partnership with independent companies around the UK. Huws Gray are just one example of many Freefoam customers that illustrates how this way of working brings mutual benefits for both. Colin St John, Commercial Director summarised “We set out over 20 years ago to service the supply chain, but not own it, and we’re still operating like this today. Huws Gray have seen tremendous double-digit growth in their roofline offering and we’re delighted the partnership has been so successful.”


Regency Glass Invests In The Future


Glazing Adds Spectus Flush

Casement Window Family-owned Regency Glass has become one of the UK’s biggest and most advanced sealed unit manufacturers with a move to 100,000 sq ft premises in Lancashire potentially more than doubling its production capacity. Steve Massey, sales and marketing director at Regency Glass said: “We’ve seen fantastic growth over the past few years and in order to sustain this growth then now is the time to invest. Our new factory and showroom at Bridgewater Business Park in Leigh is three times the size of our previous premises and will allow us over time to manage a planned increase in production of high-quality sealed units.” Regency Glass, which employs 110 people, expects to employ 10 more people to accommodate its growth plans. The company provides a comprehensive range of sealed units and toughened glass to the domestic and commercial markets, working in conjunction with Saint-Gobain Glass since 1983.

Steve Massey said: “We are proud of our reputation for excellence in quality and service and we can only achieve this by working with exceptional supply chain partners such as Saint-Gobain Glass, which provides us with a range of high-quality glass that meets the needs of our customers. We’ve also invested in new equipment and now have multiple production lines, two furnaces and double the capacity for glass cutting with new laminate and annealed cutting lines to sit alongside our existing machinery. We also have new delivery vehicles to maintain our excellent supply service to our customers. This is a very exciting landmark in the company’s history and will future proof the business for many years to come.” Regency Glass is firmly committed to its local community and has teamed up with local charity Compassion in Action, to provide a subsidised canteen in its new premises for staff. For further information visit

To Its Range

Gloucestershire-based trade fabricator Mercury Glazing has just added Spectus’ flush casement window to its growing product range. The Spectus flush casement window mimics the traditional appearance of period properties, whilst offering superb energy efficiency. Aesthetically, it offers the heritage looks of a nineteenth century window that sits flush within its frame and is virtually indistinguishable from the timber equivalent. With a choice of bevelled outside and bevelled or sculptured options for the inside along with mechanical jointing of the sash and deep bottom rails, the Spectus flush casement is fast becoming the window of choice for conservation, heritage and modern properties alike. A choice of colour options from the Spectrum colour palette are available too. But behind the period looks there is a 21st century window with no compromise on the thermal efficiency, security and low maintenance benefits. It all means the window offers an unbeatable combination for even the most sensitive of refurbishments. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 23

Window News has the highest online traffic of any publisher within the window, door and glazing industry in the UK and is now launching Window News TV. Window News TV has been designed to showcase supplier’s videos in an engaging way, with maximum coverage of the UK glass and glazing industry at a cost effective price. Window News TV has its own homepage with the videos categorised under three main headings: Instructional, Products and Corporate. There is a prominent link from the main Window News homepage to Window News TV and our twice-weekly Newscasts will also highlight the latest videos contained within this important area of the website. All videos will be

tweeted out to Window News’ industry leading twitter following once going live on the website Should you choose, you can also include your video within a half or full page advertising space within the monthly online Window News magazine, which will contain a live link direct to the video.Having invested the time and money into producing a polished video, let Window News take it to the audience it deserves! For more information, please contact us in one of the following ways: Call Gerald Batt on 01255 850245, email gerald@ or complete the enquiry form on the Window News TV homepage

TRADE NEWS and Window and Door Fitters. Level 3 includes installing glass supporting systems for conservatories, window and door units. The qualification covers identifying and rectifying technical problems, improving the work of the organisation and identifying and confirming installation requirements as mandatory. The Cube Glass office staff have achieved similar high standards, with seven of the team acquiring a Level 3 Surveying qualification, allowing them to undertake project management, estimating and site survey roles. Gary Thorn, Cube Glass founder and Managing Director, said: “In Cube Glass, it is really the case that our staff are our most important asset. For that reason, we are investing in them and their futures with the aim of creating sustainable employment in high quality roles which provide tangible job satisfaction. “I have made it a priority to make sure that the teams are not only competent, but that they feel that they have had the best training opportunities that it is possible for us to offer them.”

Cube Glass MD, Gary Thorn

Top of the


Cube Glass is staking a claim to be the best qualified manufacture and installation team in Scotland, with virtually every one of its employees achieving challenging national standards. The Cumbernauld-based glass and aluminium specialist, which was established in 2004, has created a training and accomplishment environment, which has gained it an outstandingly high ratio of qualifications. Its entire team of seven fabricators has attained the NVQ Diploma in Fenestration Installation, with six of them achieving Level 3, a competence qualification for individuals working as Installers 26 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

Cube Glass has also created the chance to gain coveted industry qualifications from its major suppliers, including top sector names such as Senior Architectural Systems, Metal Technology and German manufacturer Schüco. For instance, on a recent project which involved fitting blast resistant windows and doors, the team attended a Schüco course and were examined in order to be SABRE (Schüco Approved Blast/Bullet Resistance Expert) approved. The high-calibre skill sets in the Cube Glass team have helped the company to win a range of recent contracts totalling in excess of £500,000 and the business continues to expand exponentially. The company, based within Cumbernauld’s Lenziemill Industrial Estate, focuses on curtain walling, doors, windows, glass roofing systems and shop fronts as well as bullet, bomb and blast resistant glass. With record sales this year of around £2.75m, it has 14 highly-qualified employees. Around 80% of the company’s sales are made to major companies such as Hilton Hotels, the Ministry of Defence, Arnold Clark, Morris and Spottiswood and Clark Contracts. It is operating throughout the UK.


CR Smith Revenues Rise Across Its Consumer

And Commercial Businesses lenging market over the past decade is attributed to its continued reinvestment in the brand, the firm’s operations and product development. The recent uplift in revenues is in part the result of the increasing demand for CR Smith to design and install extended living spaces – orangeries, sunrooms and conservatories – to customers’ homes as well as more complex installations for commercial clients.

Gerard Eadie CBE, Executive Chairman, CR Smith

Both the domestic sales and manufacturing businesses of leading Scottish home improvement company, CR Smith, saw revenues climb over the past 12 months, as the company posted positive results for the eighth successive year. Revenues for CR Smith Glaziers (Dunfermline) Ltd which encompasses the firm’s domestic sales and installations operation, rose £1.1m or 5% in the year to 31 August 2018 to £23.5m. Gross profit recorded a £900k rise over the previous 12 months at £10.2m, although profits after tax were slightly down at £98k. Operating profit, which the firm uses as its performance benchmark, remained steady at £120k. Revenues for CR Smith’s commer-

cial arm, CR Smith Manufacturing Limited, stood at £8.9m at the end of the financial year, a £700k or 9% rise over the previous 12 months. Gross profit was reported at £2.1m, a £200k rise, with profit after tax and operating profit also rising to £82k (up £49k) and £123k (up £61k) respectively.

Gerard Eadie CBE, Executive Chairman, CR Smith said, “We have been making and installing windows, doors and conservatories for Scottish homes for more than 40 years, and our desire to keep innovating and keep developing our products is as strong as ever. “Today’s customers want beautiful, warm homes, with light and space and this can be achieved with the right windows or the right design for an extra room or extended space. We have continually developed our products to meet these needs and that is reflected in the latest accounts.”

The privately owned company has been in existence for over 100 years and was bought by Gerard Eadie CBE more than 40 years ago. With its headquarters in Dunfermline and a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Cowdenbeath, CR Smith also has bases in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness and employs nearly 400 people across Scotland.

Colin Eadie, Director of CR Smith Manufacturing, added: “The expertise that resides in the factory, along with the investment we have made in the machinery, is integral to the success of the whole company. We are efficiently manufacturing the very best window products here in Scotland for Scottish homes and that capability is increasingly recognised by housebuilders.”

Its consistent growth in a chal- WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 27


BWF Responds To Claim

Of Lack Of ‘Reliable Products’

For Fire Door Replacements

However, we must now refute Kensington and Chelsea Council’s claims that they have been unable to replace the 4,000 fire doors within its housing stock due to a lack of ‘reliable products’. This is absolutely not the case – there is no need for a delay of ‘up to three years’ due to a restricted supply of quality fire doors. Around 3 million fire doors are certified and put to market every year through the BWF’s Fire Door Alliance accreditation scheme. For over 22 years the BWF’s scheme has ensured the quality, safety and traceability of fire doors through third party certification. This further counters the council’s claims that manufacturers have only just begun producing doors which meet national regulatory standards. We have been doing it for years and the supply is absolutely there. Lord Porter, chairman of the Local Government Association, argues that councils are ‘struggling to confirm that fire doors that have come back on the market meet their requirements’ yet gives no indication of what the issues are and whether these doors have been certified.

Helen Hewitt

The British Woodworking Federation – which runs the Fire Door Alliance (FDA) scheme – has reacted to a report that Kensington and Chelsea Council claimed it has been unable to replace the 4,000 fire doors within its housing stock due to a lack of ‘reliable products’. Helen Hewitt, CEO of the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) commented: “We were deeply disappointed to see the unacceptable news that councils are delaying the replacement of thousands of faulty fire doors. The story broke on the anniversary of Grenfell and, as such, we decided not to issue a statement on the day, but to remain respectfully quiet to focus on remembering the victims and families affected and reflect on a tragedy that must never be forgotten. 28 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

Timber fire doors consistently deliver on their performance promises and the MHCLG fire door investigations have so far vindicated this – we look forward to the final results. Members who have had their fire doors put through the fire-resistant tests have reported that their timber fire doors have resisted fire for as long as 54 minutes, exceeding the 30-minute requirement time by 24 minutes. On average, across the data submitted, fire-resisting time currently stands at 46 minutes. This is in direct contrast to foam-filled, glass reinforced polymer (GRP) faced fire doors fire doors which only withstood fire for 15 minutes during the tests. If the delay is down to a dispute over who foots the bill for replacement, as also suggested by Lord Porter, then that is a separate issue which urgently needs addressing. It is not right that people’s lives are at risk because of disputes over money. But to suggest that quality fire doors are not available and ready for installation is simply untrue.”


£ IN L A




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BJ Waller Brings Together The Timber Industry To Achieve PAS 24 Windows Leading architectural ironmonger BJ Waller has teamed up with seven other companies to achieve PAS 24 timber windows, allowing joiners to achieve genuine certification for Document Q PAS 24 & BS6375 without any risk. The eight companies form The Joinery Network, a co-operative set up to improve quality and standards in the joinery industry. “We know how important ensuring security and quality is, which is why achieving Document Q compliant timber windows was the first priority for The Joinery Network,” Luke Piper, Managing Director of BJ Waller says. Joining BJ Waller as founding partners of The Joinery Network are Leitz Tooling UK, DJH Group

Ltd, Critica LTD, OT Dare Joinery Consultants, Balls2 Marketing, Fiscale and Close Brothers. The Joinery Network aims to bring together leading industry suppliers, expert advice, practical support and certified products to help joiners grow their timber window and door businesses. The Network was launched on March 6, to an audience of keenly interested joiners.

Deceuninck Sales Up

Over 20 Percent Deceuninck’s sales are storming ahead in 2019. The leading PVC-U systems company reports year-to-date sales up over 20% on 2018, itself a record year. The latest OTIF (On Time In Full) figures also show near-perfect deliveries with a score of 98.6%. Managing Director Rob McGlennon says commercial, colour and the Heritage Collection are fuelling Deceuninck’s growth: “We’re up more than 20% yearto-date. Deceuninck fabricators are doing very well and it’s down to our service and products. Commercial sales are flying with 30 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

Luke continues: “We’re pleased to be a founding partner of The Joinery Network. We thought about how we can offer joiners the best support and creating The Joinery Network was the clear answer.” BJ Waller is a top supplier of architectural ironmongery for timber windows and doors. For more information, visit Linktrusion™ technology and customers are setting themselves apart with colour and the Heritage Collection including our new Heritage Flush Door. Our OTIF deliveries are 98.6%, and that’s with 26 colourways from stock! “Last year was a record-breaker and 2019 is shaping up to be even better. By the end of this year, we will increase our always-from-stock colourways to 30, and have an additional 20 colours on a significantly faster turnaround time than all of our competitors. We’ve also committed an extra million pounds of additional stock and raw materials to minimise the potential impact of Brexit. All this is part of our ongoing investment in a profitable future for Deceuninck fabricators.”

TRADE NEWS also increasingly being chosen by domestic customers as the perfect partner to Senior’s attractive PURe® FOLD and stylish PURe® SLIDE aluminium doors. Owing to their exceptional thermal efficiency, Senior’s PURe® doors and windows can help reduce heating costs and contribute to creating a comfortable interior all year long, making them a popular choice with housing developers and homeowners a like.

Senior’s Pure

In a market where budgets and tastes can widely differ and product choice is essential, Senior has significantly grown its residential product offering over the last few years. After capturing the imagination of the market with the development of its PURe® range, Senior went on to launch the slimline Ali VU aluminium window and Ali FOLD aluminium doors. These stylish aluminium systems, alongside Senior’s much-loved Hybrid timber and aluminium composite range, have attracted new customers and helped grow Senior’s market share.


Delights Its Customers With more and more domestic customers looking to reduce the environmental impact of their purchases and increase the energy-efficiency of their homes, Senior Architectural System’s revolutionary low U-value PURe® aluminium window and door range is taking the residential market by storm. Senior’s PURe® system, which features a high-performance thermal barrier manufactured from expanded polyurethane foam (PUR), was awarded a UK patent in 2016 and three years

on, the innovative window and door range is continuing to go from strength to strength. Already a firm favourite with architects and main contractors working in the commercial sector, Senior’s popular PURe® windows, which are available as casement, tilt and turn and reversible overswing styles, have been widely specified across the sectors and have enjoyed particular success in the education and PRS (private rented sector) markets. The ultra-efficient aluminium windows are

Commenting, Senior’s sales director James Keeling-Heane said. “Over the last few years, aluminium systems have grown in popularity in the domestic market and we are pleased to have been able to help both new and existing trade customers take advantage of this. We know that consumers want choice but we also know that our trade customers would rather work with one reliable supplier to avoid risks of delays and inconsistent quality. That’s why we are continuing to invest in our domestic range of aluminium windows and doors to offer a high-quality solution for all contracts, big or small.” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 31


Pioneering Unglazed R9 Window

Completes Technical Approvals HWL Trade Frames’ pioneering manufacturing process for its non-glass bonded Residence 9 Window has received full technical approvals from the Residence Collection, says the company. Published last month, the new R9 Technical Manual includes the for the first time the use of Timberweld® sash-welding technologies as an approved manufacturing process. The marks the culmination of more than a year-long process of testing, delivered by HWL in partnership with the Residence Collection, to achieve technical approvals. Mark Haley, Managing Director, HWL Trade Frames, said: “It’s been an involved process, the outcome however, has been worth it because it gives us, our customers and R9 new commer32 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

cial reach. “Getting rid of the requirement to glass bond R9 delivers so many savings and efficiencies. We knew how good the window was – but we needed an audit trail of proof.

This increases sash corner strength, which in most configurations eliminates the requirement to glass bond IGUs, which have historically been used in R9 fabrication to give the system structural strength.

“Having completed all relevant testing last year, Residence Collection has given Timberweld® sash-welding technologies approved manufacturing status with inclusion in the R9 Technical Manual. It’s a vindication of where we’ve gone and recognition of the work that the entire team has put in.”

With all of its’ pre-existing customers now buying its non-glass bonded R9 windows, HWL argues installers can cut their installation costs by up to a third by switching from buying in mechanically jointed sashes, to its Timberweld® R9 sash by reducing weight and simplifying handling and installation costs.

The application of Timberweld® sash-welding technologies gives HWL an almost unique capability in the UK to butt weld window sashes inside and out, replicating the aesthetic delivered in a 90° mechanical joint.

“The advantages that we could deliver to the installer by welding and not glass bonding R9 were obvious. We just had to get there”, continued Haley. “You can buy your glass in as normal, you reduce handling

TRADE NEWS hung option returning an Exposure Category of 1600, a Class 3 Air Permeability Rating (600pa); a Class 9A (600pa) Water Tightness Rating; and top Class C4 (1600pa), resistance to wind. These were followed up by PAS24 testing, again by Exova and in partnership with Residence 9, in May for mechanical load and manual intervention testing, also returning a pass. With further tests on top-hung options completed at the end of August.

Mark Haley

weight, you don’t have to remove sashes to install it and remedial work is the same as on any other window – buying R9 unglazed saves so much time, money and hassle.” The HWL window was put through its paces in a series of initial tests by independent testing house, Exova in April last year. The BS EN 6375 – 1 Weather Test results, completed on a side

“R9 is a great product. It’s defined a whole section of the market but there isn’t an installer in the country who would fit a window glass bonded by choice because of the weight and because the install is much more difficult”, Mark said. “We’ve removed all of those obstacles. Non-glass bonded R9 is the same to fit as any other PVC-U window. The complexity is gone – what you’re left with is the market leading flush casement product and the higher margin opportunities, which go with that.”

Strong Trading Figures

Despite all the doom and gloom surrounding the post-apocalyptic world after our departure from Europe. Bennett’s has announced the strongest start to a year for the last five years. To date we have secured in excess of £6million of new projects within the first 4 months of 2019 and given our position on various other schemes, we expect this growth to continue. Indeed, we already have a strong order book for 2019. Just a snapshot of some projects we have secured: Premair VIP Lounger Manchester Airport 220k, RHS Bridgewater Visitor Centre 850k, Manchester Youth Zone 230k and Bio City Labs £3m+

Roseview Signs Up For Edgetech’s

Dealership Scheme

One of Britain’s best-known fabricators has become the latest member of Edgetech’s long-standing Dealership programme.

Buckinghamshire-based Roseview is one of the leading manufacturers of authentic timber-alternative sash windows, and joins the highly successful scheme through its glass supplier, Double R. throughout the UK who buy Super Spacer and support Edgetech’s Dealership offers a comprehensive ethos of quality you can trust. range of support services to the network of IGU manufacturers, IGU manufacturers like Double window fabricators and installers R benefit from quality leads and

a wide range of marketing, and fabricators like Roseview also receive quality leads and extensive support to sell the benefits of using Super Spacer. “Dealership was launched over a decade ago to support Edgetech customers throughout the supply chain,” explains Edgetech Head of Marketing Charlotte Mercer. “For a number of years, we’d watched IGU manufacturers, fabricators and installers struggle to keep up with an ever-changing landscape and increasingly struggle to differentiate themselves. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 33

PEOPLE IGU manufacturers and glass processors be more efficient, deliver better quality and do so more cost-effectively. “I see my role as working with manufacturers to deliver all three.” Promac Group also supplies cutting edge aluminium, glass and PVC-U platforms from FOM, Graf, Urban, Pertici, BDM, Mistrello, MTL, Pegic, Rapid, SAL Tech and Soft Solution, plus others.

Promac Brings Frontline

Expertise To Glass Machinery Supply Promac group has strengthened its senior sales team with the appointment of Mike Whitlam as Regional Sales Manager for glass machinery sales. He joins the machinery specialist from Pioneer Trading Company, where he was Group Operations Director. This encompassed a post as Group Operations Director at Tudor Glass in Chelmsford. Other roles include General Manager at Warm Edge Units, a Directorship at Martindales Insulated Glass as well as management roles with specific responsibilities for IT implementation at Lisec and Uniglaze. 34 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

Commenting on his appointment Mike said: “Promac has some very impressive machinery within its offer including those by Forel in the form of its vertical cutting and ‘no-limits’ IGU lines, which deliver the capability to manufacture over-sized IGUs. “We can also support our customers in delivering better quality and increased efficiency, including lower energy costs through platforms including the Mappi ATS Eco 4.0 Furnace. “Glass manufacture is rapidly changing and a new generation of platforms, combined with more effective software and IT integration, can help

It offers a complete factory planning and process management service as part of its machinery sales offer. This includes the review of established processes to identify opportunities for improvement, reducing waste, over-production and excess processing and reviewing the movement of product and work flow, to maximize efficiency. Joe Hague said: “It’s about recognizing change in the market. IT, Manufacturing 4.0, increased connectivity, are transforming the glass sector. This is very much Mike’s background. And having sat on the other side of the fence, he gets the issues that our customer’s face each and every day. “Promac is not simply about machinery supply. We sit in the middle between the market and machinery manufactures. It’s our job to add value by working with our supply partners and customers to drive forward innovation. “We’re not about delivery of machines and walking away. We’re about partnership and Mike brings exactly the right expertise to the table to deliver that.” For more information log on at

Reflecting the past. FIT for the future. We’re on a journey and our NEW Rio Flush Fit window is just the beginning. Built on our foundations, we are reinventing our heritage to enhance the lives of homeowners and our trade customers. Rio is more than just a product, it‘s a new way of business, to help you achieve more tomorrow. Its versatile design bridges timeless tradition with modern life. For a chance to win a GoPro® HERO7 White to help frame your treasured moments, order your free fabricator/installer pack and marketing resources at

WINDOWS. REINVENTED FOR MODERN LIFE. GoPro, HERO, and their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of GoPro, Inc. GoPro is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.


GGF Appoints New Board Director The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) has announced that it has co-opted Gaby Mendham, Director of Ecoglass Ltd, to the GGF Board, further enhancing the breadth and diversity of talent charged with ensuring the successful governance of the Federation.

Epwin Window Systems’ Clare

O’Hara Joins

GM Fundraising Following her influence throughout Paddle2Pedal and ongoing support, GM Fundraising is delighted to welcome Clare O’Hara, Divisional Managing Director of Epwin Window Systems, as an official member of the fundraising team. Gary Morton, founder of GM Fundraising comments: “Clare has been supporting GM Fundraising in an unofficial capacity since 2017. She initiated Paddle2Pedal, the first fenestration industry event for women and was the driving force in supporting the team of 12 ladies raise over £100,000 for Hope House Children’s Hospices, our nominated charity. We are delighted to welcome Clare to the team. She brings with her a passion to support GM Fundraising’s ethos of putting on great events to raise money and make a difference, as well as the support of her team at Epwin Window Systems. 36 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

Gaby has been in the industry for almost 25 years and has been involved with the Federation for over 13 years and has been Chair of the East Anglian Region, and Deputy Chair of the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Group for over four years. Gaby has also been part of the GGF Regional Representatives Committee for the last four years. On her appointment, Gaby commented, “I am delighted to join the GGF Board at this time with so much positive activity on many fronts. There are many challenges ahead in our ever changing industry but I am looking forward

to sharing my knowledge and expertise to help steer the GGF to continued success.” Gaby’s company, Ecoglass was established in 1949 and is a founder Member of the GGF. The market leading company is an independent glass manufacturer and processor and supplies insulating glass units and specialist glass to the UK market.

ERC Testing

Welcomes John Fradley

ERC Testing, the Leigh based test house providing testing services to companies within the flat glass, window and door industries, has further strengthened its team with the addition of John Fradley, who joins in the role of Laboratory Technician to support with the day to day testing. Mike Hackett, Laboratory Manager at ERC Testing explains: “We’re delighted John has joined us, as he adds another much-needed pair of experienced hands to the team.

The lab is growing at a fast pace and we want to ensure we keep ahead of the demand. John joins us with a wealth of skills acquired over his 40 years’ experience in the Communications Industry, where he was accountable for internal and external quality in installation and testing in a Project Management role.


Quality Manager Raising The

Bar Even Higher At Mila Barbara Zogornik is the newly appointed Quality Assurance Manager at Mila. She joined the business just weeks before it sailed through its most recent ISO9001 quality audit with no issues identified, so is in no doubt about Mila’s 100% commitment to quality.

An MSc qualified metallurgist and ISO9001 quality management systems lead auditor, Barbara’s most recent experience was with a materials testing facility which serves the nuclear, oil and gas, steel and aerospace industries. She is bringing all this theoretical knowledge and practical expertise to her new role and looking to build on Mila’s already outstanding performance.

“My mission will be to maintain these standards of course, but also to look at ways in which we can work even more closely with customers and respond to any feedback. I want customers to continue seeing Mila as the ‘go to’ place for sourcing quality hardware but also to understand how we are constantly raising the bar.” One of the key factors which attracted Barbara to the role at Mila was that it is part of the wider Arran Isle group where best practice and specialist knowledge is continually being shared for the benefit of customers.

She says: “Mila clearly has a very strong quality management team in place and impressively robust systems and processes – as demonstrated by the fact that there has actually only been one observation identified in its last three ISO9001 audits.

She adds: “This makes for the kind of a dynamic working environment where people thrive and develop. I’m already seeing that in the enthusiasm of the whole team and their obvious focus and desire to achieve the very best results.”

A Window Of Opportunity In its 40th year, Business Micros is paying tribute to some of the hardworking staff behind the scenes who have helped to make the business such an ongoing success. Technical Services Manager Bret Park is the latest member of the team to come under the spotlight.

computer from scratch. Over the past 17 years, Bret has never looked back and is now Technical Services Manager, looking after an experienced and highly motivated team of eight who answer around 100 support calls a day from Business Micros customers.

When Bret left the RAF in 2002 and joined his cousin for a few months on his commercial window cleaning round, he probably wasn’t expecting it to lead to a career in IT, but that’s exactly what happened.

An awful lot has changed since 2002 – most obviously in how that support is provided. Bret explains: “In the early days, customers who had an issue with their software would routinely take a back-up of their system on disc and post that to Business Micros so that we could diagnose the problem and then either call the customer back to talk them through the solution or send out a replacement disc – again by post.

Bret was cleaning the windows on the outside of the Business Micros building in Penpont, Dumfriesshire when he looked in and realised it was a software company. That was too good an opportunity to miss for a young IT savvy ex-serviceman, so he

went inside and asked if they had any vacancies. Within a few weeks, he had been hired to work on the technical service desk, sailing through the test he was given on his first day to assemble a WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 37



Gerald Dear Gerald Air pollution is a global problem which affects almost everyone in the UK. And, while obviously some areas are worse than others, the idea that it’s only heavily industrialised areas which suffer is far from true. Air pollution affects everyone’s health, prospects and the fabric of our homes. We might like to think that when we get home and shut the door (and windows) we are safe, but air pollution gets inside buildings too – homes, schools, hospitals – and we can’t shut it out. Pollution comes from many sources. As well as the obvious traffic fumes from burning fossil fuels there are many other causes of serious levels of pollution in rural and coastal areas too.

sea air can do, and it works equally well near the most polluted city streets and high traffic areas. It’s made from hard-wearing, corrosion-resistant austenitic grade 304 stainless-steel, which comfortably withstands the worst conditions. Normal hardware does well to pass 240 hours and the best struggles to last in 480 hours salt spray testing, but VBH’s Coastline range is unaffected after more than 1,000 hours salt spray testing to BS EN ISO 9227. It suits doors of all styles and materials, including composite, PVC-U, timber and aluminium and comes with an impressive 25-year corrosion guarantee that’s designed to help installers reassure homeowners who need their hardware to look and feel good for decades to come. Yours sincerely Simon Monks Managing Director, VBH (GB)

We’ve all seen examples of poorly designed and poorly protected hardware pitting, peeling, discolouring or flaking, aggravated or triggered by corrosive particles in the air. Even seemingly ‘clean’ salt and moisture-laden air corrodes hardware. Anybody who lives near the coast is aware of the damaging effect salty, moist air has on fixtures and fittings. And that’s most of us. Nearly two thirds of us live within 10 miles of the coast, and over 90% live within 30 miles of the sea. [source Eurostat] We’d all like air quality to improve – overnight if possible. But realistically, that won’t happen. So, in the meantime, VBH has designed and produced greenteQ hardware for the real world. The Coastline range is designed to cope with the worst 38 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

If you want to get involved in the discussion, or would like to air your views on a particular industry subject, then Email me at We cannot guarantee that we will publish everything, but we will do our utmost to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard. Your views and thoughts are imprortant to us.

You Ready?

FIT SHOW REVIEW revert to an annual proposition is very much a positive move, and one which reflects the expressed needs of our audience.

FiT Show Reverts To Annual Event FIT Show organisers have announced the decision to revert the show to an annual proposition for the sector, with the next event set to take place at the NEC on May 12th, 13th & 14th 2020.

loved Gala Dinner, Late Night Tuesday and learning programme. In the coming months, organisers will work closely with the industry to ensure that FIT Show’s progressive and relevant platform is further developed.

FIT Show 2020 will occupy halls 2 & 3 at the NEC, returning with the same award-winning formula that has helped to establish it as the UK’s number one, award winning showcase for the glass, glazing, windows, doors and conservatories sectors.

Established in 2013, debuting at Telford Exhibition Centre, FIT Show has significantly grown both its footprint and footfall over the years. Remaining at Telford for its 2013, 2014 and 2016 shows, FIT Show moved to the NEC for 2017 with 250 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors in attendance. It has remained buoyant despite most recent political and economical uncertainty, with FIT Show 2019 set to deliver another record breaking showcase.

Visitors will be able to source and supply from an annual showcase of the very best that the window and door industry has to offer, with the same quality and diverse mix of brands, products and materials. Visit Glass will return for its second year, as will the Show’s much 40 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

Speaking about the decision, FIT Show event director Nickie West commented: “The decision to

“In addition to putting our audience needs at the very heart of what we do, we are also aware that many businesses have had to adapt their strategy to reflect these uncertain political and economic times and FIT Show is no different. Where some brands may not be ready to exhibit this year, they simply cannot afford to wait another two years to reconnect with customers and their supply chain. We also know from visitor feedback that an annual platform will better meet their sourcing and purchasing requirements. “From our experience of B2B UK trade shows in a vertical market, the energy and commitment that is required to re-establish momentum of biennial events is not tenable in the long-term. We want to be smarter with our budget and overheads to create a sustainable event that operates at the peak of its efficiency and potential, both now and in the future. Angus Montgomery Group purchased 80% of FIT Show in January 2017, with Nickie West continuing as Event Director alongside FIT Show founders; Matthew Glover and Paul Godwin both serving on the board as Chairman and Director respectively. Nickie concluded: “An annual showcase will allow us to deliver the best ROI for our exhibitors – developing a more consistent campaign that doesn’t drain on resources or enthusiasm. It will allow them to better plan for product launches, get more frequent facetime with key customers and prospects as well as creating an extra opportunity to connect with new audiences with as little down time as possible in the customer cycle.”


Stand K10 bristled with anticipation and activity on the first day of this Year’s FITSHOW as Made for Trade prelaunched the new Korniche Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors alongside the established and successful Korniche Aluminium Roof Lantern.


NEW Bi-folding Doors did not disappoint – Imposing 6 and 5 sashes in specialist RAL’s welcomed visitors from the Hall 6 entrance in a pavilion style stand, with a further 4 leaf door set inside enclosing a space showcasing the new bi-folding doors.

A clip bead demo plinth demonstrated one of the most innovative step changes in bi-fold technology in many years alongside a plinth showing sections and cut-away samples clearly exhibiting the engineering and

design processes behind these ground-breaking doors.

• Sashes up to 1300w x 2500h

• Fully assembled doors – Fit, Glaze and Go!

• Crimped and PUR bonded corners – A step change in corner jointing technology

• Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes

• PAS 24 as standard

• Clip Bead – Pre-gasketed composite bead. Doors can be glazed in seconds and de-glazed for replacement units just as fast with a dedicated tool

It was clear how the innovations on show will yet again revolutionise installation ease and speed through integrated engineering and innovative components.

• Revolutionary invisible hinges with no requirement for D handles

Clean aesthetics are delivered with ultra-low thresholds and Cill WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 41

FIT SHOW REVIEW options, no floating mullion on any door set delivering a clean, uninterrupted sightline which is further minimised by in-house designed flush combination shoot bolt handles. Attributes both homeowners and fitters will love about the new Made for Trade Korniche Bi-Folding Door. The Korniche Aluminium Systems Stand from Made for Trade was a hive of activity from the get-go of the show until the final call and closing of the show. Visitors flocked to see both the new Bi-folding doors but also developments on the Korniche Roof lantern with the introduction of a screw port cover and aluminium cill. In addition, the Korniche Roof Lantern will soon be available with a PAS 24 option making the Korniche Lantern one of the most secure on the market. Many visitors on stand commented on how much the Lantern had made life so much easier on-site and that true to the advertising the Lantern installs in minutes, glazed in seconds and could not wait for the Bi-Folding doors to become available.

Made for Trade and the Korniche brand enjoyed a high profile show securing major sponsorship with the FIT Show organisers and a significant advertising campaign leading up to the show. Ian Bousfield, Marketing Manager stated “The FITSHOW 2019 has been a watershed for Made for Trade where the Korniche brand come of age in the industry, becoming 42 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

a true ‘Aluminium System’ with the introduction of the Korniche Bi-Folding Door. The level of design, engineering and development Made for Trade are employing see’s continued investment in product and fabrication technique’s bringing to market innovative solutions that disrupts and challenges the standards in the Fenestration Industry as a whole”

FIT SHOW REVIEW The Korniche Challenge was a great success and alongside the Made for Trade demonstrations drew crowds around the Korniche Stand. High Security Doors came to the FIT Show and left £1000 richer. Amongst other winners, Statement Doors left with a prize of £200. On Wednesday Made for Trade held a highly entertaining Charity Challenge between teams made up of Glass Times Magazine’s Nathan Bushell and Mandy Westhead against Glass and Glazing Product Magazine’s Sarah Knight and the FIT Shows very own Nickie West. However, it was GGP’s Luke Wood and Building Product Magazine’s Sophie Stevens who won bragging rights with the fastest time. Luke alongside Managing Director Bradley Gaunt presented the Made for Trade cheque for a £1000 to Gary Morton from the GM Fundraising Charity.



Biggest FiT Show Ever For

Customade Group

FIT Show 2019 was the biggest ever for Customade Group, with the team picking up a record number of enquiries for the group’s extensive range of products and value-added services. Visitors had the opportunity to see innovative products, seminars and new developments from some of the UK’s bestknown fenestration brands, including Atlas, Virtuoso Doors, REAL Aluminium and Polyframe.

conversion app from Customade Group and the Polyframe Protection Promise.The group also hosted a series of informative seminars, with digital expert John Bonney sharing his wisdom on how installers can get themselves ‘digitally fit’ for the future and make the most from their leads and aluminium veteran John Adams talking all about the new aluminium quoting and ordering software from REAL.

Two brand new products – the super-slim Lantern 2.0 from Atlas and the Virtu-AL aluminium effect composite door in an aluminium frame from Virtuoso Doors – drew crowds to the stand. The group also officially launched a trio of what it describes as industry breakthroughs – the aluminium online quoting and ordering system from REAL Aluminium, the new lead/quote management and

Gareth Thomas, Customade Group’s sales director, said: “It was an amazing three days and the stand was buzzing with people who came to see our spectacular collection of products and innovations, which we’re really proud to call the best in the industry.”


The big reveal on the stand was Customade Group’s new lead/ quote management and conver-

sion app, which drew visitors to the stand throughout the show. The app has been developed by a team of software experts to help installers effortlessly manage their leads and quotes. Installers had the chance to try the app for themselves on the stand and to learn more about it in one of four dedicated seminars. Seminar host John Bonney said: “We know from listening to customers that many of them are daunted by the thought of anything digital and they feel out of their depth because they think it’s complicated. We quashed all those myths in these seminars and proved that it’s very simple for installers to get digitally fit and convert those all-important sales leads into profitable business with the support of Customade Group and the new app to help them.”

FIT SHOW REVIEW bifolding door options available now. They will be joined by a lift and slide patio door in the summer.

Epwin Window

Systems Launches

Stellar, Its New

Aluminium System Epwin Window Systems unveiled its first aluminium system at FIT on 21st May 2019. Mark Austin, Sales Director (Aluminium) at Epwin Window Systems, said: “Anticipation has been building for months and we are thrilled to unveil Stellar. It has been designed to deliver over and above any other aluminium system on the market and offers several market-first selling points. It’s a game-changer.” Stellar is aimed at the retail and light commercial sector and was designed from the ground up by Epwin Window Systems’ expert dedicated in-house aluminium team in response to customer demand.

market-first selling points. The first option is stepped on the inside and flush on the outside. It has 30% slimmer sightlines and 12% more glass area so lets in more light than rival systems. The second option is unique in the market: a true flush sash casement window, with no stepped frame and a flush finish inside and out taking the window’s aesthetics to the next level.

Stellar offers two casement window options and both offer

Alongside the casement windows there are flush door and

Stellar has been designed to offer superior fabrication benefits. In fact, the system is 15-20% quicker to fabricate than rival systems and uses approximately 30% less aluminium, reduces labour costs and minimises waste. These fabrication advantages are achieved with features such as a fully pre-gasketed bead, sash and outerframe, something that is unique in the market. There is also a patent-pending reverse butt joint, which is fabricated with no need for dummy sashes or reverse adaptor profiles. Stellar offers superior installation advantages too and is up to 20% quicker to install than other systems. This is thanks to features such as the patent-pending knock in bead, which means no wedge gaskets are needed making it far quicker to glaze, as well as offering superb internal aesthetics. And it’s internally glazed, which makes installation quicker and easier too. In terms of thermal efficiency, Stellar offers a rating as low as 1.1W/m2K with triple glazing. Security is outstanding too. Apart from a host of intelligent security features, Stellar uses Yale door and window hardware, so benefits from outstanding protection against forced entry, as well as the Yale Lifetime Security Guarantee for an extra line of support and sell into the consumer. Industry buzz has been building in recent months and we have known Epwin Window Systems was going to launch something big. In Stellar, it has more than delivered. It is everything you would expect from a market leading business and more. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 45


Kevin Buckley, GGF Group Chief Executive. Information source – “GGF 2018 Research”.

GGF Shares Industry Insights At FiT Show

It was barely one hour into the FIT Show when Kevin Buckley, GGF Group Chief Executive provided visitors to his opening seminar with some food for thought, as he shared the GGF’s findings from the extensive research conducted by the Federation in 2018. The GGF’s market research set out to gauge market sizes and trends, but just as important, it was devised to give Members a platform from which the GGF could listen to expectations and concerns and enable the GGF to look for solutions to help companies prepare for changes in an ever-evolving business environment. The GGF surveyed hundreds of leading companies in the UK market asking for their views on business growth, the barriers to growth and also their perspectives on key issues affecting the industry. Here are the key highlights and commentary from the presentation. On business growth in 2019: • Over half of companies in the UK industry expect to grow • A quarter expect no growth • One in ten companies expect a decrease in business 46 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

On employment in the industry:

• 31% of companies expect to increase their number of employees • Over 50% expect their workforce to remain at the same level On the barriers to growth • 4 in ten companies felt increasing competition in the market would prevent growth • One third felt there could be a reduction in demand for their products 40% felt their business would • struggle to grow because of the lack of available skilled labour • Almost half of those surveyed (46%) believed economic uncertainty would be a barrier to business growth. During his presentation, Kevin commented on the pending issue of the UK leaving the European Union. “We are acutely aware of the issues ahead including the potential impact of Brexit with or without a deal. Concerns such as increased skilled labour shortages, potential materials shortages and of course the maintenance

of technical standards have been high in our priorities. The GGF has been extensively involved in discussions with government and other construction trade bodies on this subject. We have been cascading information to our Members and the wider industry via trade, political and the broader media to help the industry prepare for the worst-case outcomes. However, the most useful advice I can offer is, “be prepared”. There’s a lot of information out there and the GGF is helping members to navigate and understand it.” Energy efficiency was the next area addressed by Kevin as he revealed the following in his presentation. • Over half of companies experienced an increase in energy efficiency business in 2018 • The sector that experienced the highest increase was residential replacement with almost three quarters of companies seeing an increase. • The main barriers to growth for energy efficient products were: • Over half believed lack of govern ment initiatives was a factor • Lack of consumer awareness of the benefits of energy efficiency (just under half of respondents felt this was a cause preventing growth in the sector) • Just over one third felt Government policies and legislation didn’t endorse energy efficient glazing In light of these results, Kevin added, “The GGF is highly proactive on the promotion of energy efficiency and healthy homes. There’s a great deal going on behind the scenes and we’re involved in; the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Energy Efficiency, roundtable discussions with local and national Government departments and holding dialogue with Ministers to local councillors through to senior civil servants. We

FIT SHOW REVIEW are also in collaboration with key partners such as British Energy Efficiency Federation, Construction Products Association and National Home Improvement Council. In addition, we have been responding to consultations such as the recent review of the rate of VAT for energy saving products and lobbying for glazing to be included in the 5% rating instead of the 20% rating.” The seminar also covered the growing concern around shortages of skilled labour in the industry. The GGF research showed that 40% of companies see it as growing problem affecting their business. Respondents to the survey also indicated the type of training they need and this has resulted in the GGF developing its “Training the Industry” programme. The GGF survey on training showed:

• 58% of companies want surveyor training

• 44% want Fire Resistant Glazing Training

to school leavers and people of all ages who are looking to change career. Our industry has many positive career paths and we were pleased to be part of the Skills Thursday debates during the FIT Show.”

Kevin commented, “When we received the results of the training survey last year, we set out our training strategy and in October 2018, we launched our first training courses as part of our broad training programme. Today we are offering accredited training courses in five different locations across the UK and Ireland covering Installation, Surveying and Fire Resistant Glazing Installation. We’ve also recently spoken to government, calling for reform on the subject of Trailblazer apprenticeships in our sector and more recently, as a supporter of the Building our Skills campaign, we are keen to raise visibility of careers in our industry

On his debut at FIT Show, Kevin summed up the experience, “It is my first visit to FIT Show and to be asked to do such a broad and important presentation in just 20 minutes, at the very start of the show, was fairly challenging. However, I hope those who attended, found the information shared both interesting and useful. These are just some of the findings from our research and we will be revealing more in depth research data later this year at our Members’ Day in September. Finally, I would like to thank the FIT Show organisers for the opportunity to present at the exhibition.”

• 48% want installer training

Mighty. Smart.

Retro fittable, standard backplate size, key override & works with any Apple device.

In fact, AVIA is so smart that it’s the only smart lock in the UK to have achieved ETSI TS 103 645 specification for consumer IoT security & comply with the government code of practise for consumer IoT.



#Comealong Campaign Fuels Show Success For Kommerling Boosted by the award for Best Creative in the FIT 2019 marketing campaign with their #ComeAlong campaign, the FIT Show was nothing short of an extraordinary success for KÖMMERLING, as existing and new customers flocked to their stand en masse, says the systems company

The show was a culmination of an outstanding marketing campaign, geared to generating considerable footfall, along with a range of window and door systems, including the new KÖMMERLING 76 flush sash and the demonstration of pioneering product technologies. There was also something for everyone on the stand with installers impressed with the showroom concept and the launch of five new brochures. The flush variant of KÖMMERLING

76 was one of the focal points on the stand with several fabricators now tooled up for production, while the lift and slide PremiDoor 76 in the proCoverTec metallic finish of bronze, was also a notable feature. Other door systems were also presented in the form of the slide, swing and fold PremiDoor 76 and the PAS 24

HiTech Blinds Reports

Brisk Business At FIT

PremiLine Pro, with a new pop out handle at the interlock. Several companies who have recently changed over to KÖMMERLING were delighted with the stand and what it reflected, whilst further new business commitments from other fabricators and installers were also received during the show. For existing customers, the scale of the investment in products, people and the marketing was also welcomed with considerable enthusiasm. Gareth Jones, managing director of profine UK and the KÖMMERLING brand commented: The stand was the culmination of the campaign that reflects a new beginning for KÖMMERLING in the UK with a new team at the helm. We’ve started the process to elevate the brand and its values, but now with a considerable number of enquiries, we will look to capitalise on these opportunities in the coming weeks and months after what was nothing short of an exceptional show for us.’ HiTech Aluminium TRL90 Rooflight, is supplied with a white pleated and fully retractable, remote-controlled integrated blind, as standard – a unique offer in the UK, says HiTech. Officially launching, the HiTech TRL90 at this year’s expo, Ian Woolley, Sales Director, HiTech Blinds, said the response from installers – and fabricators interested in becoming supply partners – had been ‘immense’.

HiTech Blinds has said levels of interest in its new aluminium TRL90 Rooflight, which features an automatic integrated blind as standard, at this year’s FIT Show far exceed48 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

ed its expectations. Suitable for new build installation or retro-fit across residential and commercial markets, the slimline

He said: “We’d received a lot of interest in the TRL90 in the run up to the show. The market for rooflights is growing anyway but the demand that we have seen for the TRL90 Rooflight as a product with a definitive USP within that sector, has been immense.

Innovation Pays For Bohle At FIT

Launching three new hardware ranges and showcasing glass handling equipment, hardware, consumables and handling specialist, Bohle, reported a successful FIT 19. This included VetroMount Bohle’s new balustrading system. Specially developed for the growing residential market, it simplifies installation, eliminating the requirement for specialist tools and reducing fixing costs, with live installation demos attracting a high degree of interest. MasterTrack Bohle’s new internal sliding door system, can be easily and speedily fitted just by following simple instructions and requires no glass processing to install, also generated significant interest, alongside Aqua Light, Bohle’s new full-height aluminium shower door hinge. Helen McKerracher, Bohle Customer Services Manager, said: “There’s been a very high level of attention throughout the show to the VetroMount demos. “What was interesting was that

we seemed to be reaching a wider home improvement and refurbishment market in addition to the specialist glass sector and people we already know. The simplicity of the installation process and the classing options generating a high degree of interest. “And with health and safety at the forefront of everyone’s minds there was a lot of interest in glass handling solutions, including the Lift Master B1, as oversize sealed units make the safe handling of glass more complex.” Available in standard 2.5m and 5m lengths in top and side-mounted options, VetroMount accommodates glass thickness of up to 21.5mm. The easy-adjust modular balustrading system features a highly innovative patented push and pull glazing mechanism and click-andfix stainless steel finishing option. Vetromount is counterbored making it suitable for use with standard, rather than more expensive countersunk fixings. The design of the system means that

FIT SHOW REVIEW drill holes can also be set further apart at distances of up to 400mm (top-mounted) requiring less fixings than comparable systems. MasterTrack applies the same principles to internal sliding door systems. Able to accommodate glass thickness from 8mm to 12.76mm and maximum sash weights of up to 150kg utilizing a single wall mounted or ceiling hung track, it’s been designed by Bohle to simplify installation and requires no glass processing or cut-outs to install. Aqua Light can also be installed Bohle’s new full-height aluminium shower hinge has also been designed to be easy-to-fit and requires no onsite glass processing. Available in black, anodised and polished anodised, finishes, the contemporary and adjustable hinge accommodates weights of up to 35kg and door widths to 800mm. Part of its industry-leading Veribor suction lifter range, the LiftMaster B1 manual lifting device has been developed to combine the safe and secure movement of glass units with maximum flexibility, handling weights of up to 180kg, while packing down to fit inside the boot of an estate car. “The quality of leads appears to be good, and we attracted visitors across all three days with the stand busy throughout”, added Helen. She concluded: “The new product innovations that we had – Vetromount, MasterTrack and Aqua Light, amongst others – plus Veribor and the proven handling solutions that we offer, seemed to capture the interest of a large number of visitors and we’ve gone away with far more leads than we expected. “From our perspective it was a very successful show.” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 49

FIT SHOW REVIEW easily integrated into existing production and installation set ups.

Mila Launches ‘Mighty Smart’ Avia To

Trade At FiT Show Mila’s stand at the FIT Show was devoted entirely to the launch of the new Mighton Avia secure smart lock to the trade. At the show, Mila announced that it has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Mighton to supply the innovative Apple HomeKit compatible smart door locking system to fabricators and installers across the UK. Mila’s Managing Director Richard Gyde said: “2019 is very much the year of smart technology at FIT Show and we’re really excited to be introducing our own fabricator, installer and homeowner friendly solution.” Avia was on display on the Mila stand on a range of composite and PVC doors, emphasising the fact that it works with all standard multi-point locking systems from 44mm to 70mm. What stood out is the fact that Avia is fitted on the inside of the door only, with a Mila SupaSecure PAS24, SBD accredited stainless steel handle fitted on the outside. 50 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

Richard added: “We’re promoting Avia with the message that it is ‘Mighty Smart’ – ‘Mighty’ because it comes with the strength and security of the SupaSecure handle and ‘Smart’ because it incorporates a whole host of intelligent features reviewed and approved by Apple. It’s easy to fit and easy to sell, which we think is just about the ideal combination for the trade.” In terms of fitting, Avia comes with a standard sized backplate so it can be fitted, and crucially retrofitted, quickly and simply. It’s wireless and works with multi-point locking systems on doors from 44mm to 70mm, so can be very

Because it features a SupaSecure handle and conventional cylinder on the outside, it also overcomes all the concerns which retail buyers sometimes voice about smart locks – deterring the opportunist thief and eliminating any risk of tampering, while also providing the reassurance of a traditional key and cylinder for emergency back-up. Avia is said to be the first and currently only smart lock to be compliant with the UK Government’s Code of Practice for consumer IoT and ETSI TS103 645 Consumer IoT security technical specification. It is also Apple HomeKit compatible which means it has been reviewed and approved by Apple to ensure that the military grade software protocols it uses for the transfer of data are fully secure. In turn, it means that it comes with the Apple HomeKit logo, which is so trusted by consumers, on all of its literature and packaging. Mila demonstrated at FIT how easy it is to pair Avia with an iPhone, iPad, Apple watch or key fob and showed how it incorporates all the features which tech savvy homeowners demand, including facial recognition, so that they can control access to their home from anywhere in the world. It can be set up in seconds using a secure Bluetooth connection, and it has an anti-tamper alarm, 256-bit data encryption, and an activity tracker to provide instant status updates and a full audit trail. Customers buying Avia from Mila can be assured that it comes with all the proven benefits which Mila offers on all its products – a guarantee of in-stock availability, next day delivery if required, full sales and technical support and a comprehensive marketing package.

with the prospects are in your hands.

Our data allows you to target prospects directly, helping you win more sales, more effectively.

So if you need more fabricator, installer or trade counter customers, we’re the only database supplier that’s 100% dedicated to the window, door, conservatory and curtain walling industry.

For your FREE trial go to: or call us on 01453 845717 e:

@WindowbaseLtd WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 51


ODL, Composite Door Designs By Force 8 At FIT As we wind down from another FIT Show, Force 8 reflects on what was a successful exhibition. Although they did not have a dedicated stand at this year’s show, a selection of their new doors were on display thanks to ODL Europe. The team on the ODL stand reported a lot of interest in the new doors, two from the Decadence range, the Oslo and Arrow doors, plus the ever popular arched cottage door, and for the first time the new Tudor Smooth Stable door. The Decadence Oslo was of particular interest for its two tone colour scheme, which is produced in-house at Force 8, but what stole the show was the new Tudor stable door. According to Force 8 it’s the first smooth stable door available on the market and has a unique locking system developed in part52 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

nership with Yale. ODL’s business development manager Suzanne Nicholl suggested the Butter Milk colour which displays a different approach to colour and enhances its appeal. Force 8 have already received an enquiry for 50 of the new stable doors and expect it to be one of their top selling products of 2019. What also proved to be very popular at the show was the new Decadence door wall chart from Force 8. “Instead of producing a new brochure this year, we decided to create something different, which could be used in conjunction with the current brochure,” comments Dennis Sumner, managing director of Force 8. “The new wall chart which is A1 in size enables you to view our most popular doors and the latest additions

in one go. We worked closely with our marketing company Graffika, to produce something that was not only practical, but would be attractive enough to grace any office or showroom wall. Between the the FIT Show and our website, we are running low on our initial print run, so we are now re-printing 10,000 more to keep up with the demand”. “From our point of view we found the show very successful, plus ODL have already re-booked for the 2020 show,” continues Dennis. “Talking to people about the exhibition it seems the companies with new products or innovations had the most success from the show, and we can back that up with the interest in our new door designs, which had their first outing at this year’s show”. To find out more information about the new door designs from Force 8, you can request a wall chart from their website here:


Improveasy Puts The Focus On Finance At The FIT Show 2019 The 2019 FIT Show proved to be a successful exhibition for Improveasy, the industry’s trusted provider of flexible finance solutions. Members of the Improveasy team were on-hand to showcase their popular installer finance packages, designed to help installers level the playing field and achieve bigger and better sales. Improveasy caught the attention of visitors with their ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ finance package, which allows installers to offer flexible finance at the point of sale with optional consumer deposits and 12-month payment-free periods. As the exclusive finance partner for FENSA and its nationwide membership, Improveasy also joined in

with the festivities and events at the GGF and FENSA stand. Adrian Hicks, Senior Account Manager at Improveasy comments: “Our main focus at this year’s FIT Show was to highlight to visitors that finance is not just for the select few. With our full range of services including ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ and ‘0% APR’,

Quickslide Delivers Lots More Bricks In The Wall At The FiT Show

Award-winning trade fabricator Quickslide wowed FIT Show visitors on its ‘Brick-By-Brick’-themed stand that continued the company’s commitment to ‘partnership’ with its trade customers, by introducing exciting new products as well as initiatives designed to grow business together. Quickslide gained a reputation 15 years ago for pioneering afforda-

ble, replacement vertical sliders so when the company adds a new box sash system to its range, we have to take notice: but it’s so new that Quickslide were being very tight lipped about the product, despite it being on the stand. But if looks are anything to go by, it’s a cracker and well worth looking at when more details become available.

installers of all sizes can offer flexible finance to their customers and meet the changing buying habits of today’s consumers. Judging by the feedback and response we received at FIT, I think we achieved our goal. “It was great to chat with a cross-section of the industry and really break down the mechanics and dispel the myths surrounding finance. We had some fantastic conversations across both the Improveasy and FENSA stands with new potential partners, and our team are now out on the road meeting with those businesses to discuss how we can help them grow. “Overall, it was a fantastic few days at The FIT Show connecting with new businesses as well as catching up with the many longstanding Improveasy partners both in attendance and exhibiting.” Quickslide now offers the renowned Deceuninck Flush as part of its heritage offer and in Agate Grey, the version seen at the FIT Show showed the window in what must be regarded as one of the best hues for this window. And continuing with PVC-U the company drew attention to its in-house bending expertise by showing its True Arch VS that shows no visible welds in the outer frame It looked especially attractive in grey woodgrain, which again was added in-house. Adding a full suite of windows and doors in aluminium has brought excellent returns to Quickslide and an aluminium flush sash shown in anthracite drew a great deal of interest, as might be expected by showing the hottest style of window in this increasingly favoured material. Also in aluminium, Quickslide’s upmarket aluminium designer residential door in a superb textured ‘Sensations’ finish drew a lot of attention. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 53


Smart Ready


Takes Industry By Storm Expectations for the Smart Ready® stand at FIT were exceptionally high following a standout teaser campaign and some bold claims in the lead up to the show. But Smart Ready®, Sac® Hardware and Hug® Technology, who collectively promoted Smart Ready® certification at FIT, report a hugely successful show that exceeded all expectations by a long way. Giovanni Laporta, innovator behind Smart Ready® concept comments: “We knew Smart Ready® was right for the industry, but we have been blown away by the response it received at the show. Our 54 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

Apple store style stand grabbed attention and was like its own show within a show with a constant stream of visitors from 10am on opening day, right up until 4pm on closing day. “It was great to see so many forward-thinking companies coming to us to find out more and getting excited about the concept. We also had some of the industry’s biggest names in hardware keep coming back to the stand to ask more questions and find out more. Visitors have been blown away by the genuinely game changing concept that is Smart Ready®.

“All companies have to do to get Smart Ready® is follow some Smart Ready® minimum requirements, which put simply is preparing windows and doors for smart anytime. Smart Ready® is awarded to New Build house builders, Architects and Designers, Manufacturers, Installers and Hardware products. “Being Ready is the take home message from the show. Smart Ready® suits two minds, the people not ready to make any big leap to smart today but want to future proof the home with windows and doors that are ready for smart in the future, and the people who are ready to be smart now. We covered this in more detail at our successful Smart Ready® talk, ‘the power of being ready’, at the show with special guest Alan Burgess from Smart Ready® certified fabricator, Masterframe Windows and member of the Smart Ready® industry advisory panel. Lots at-


tended the seminar, and more and more visitors gathered around the edges, drawn in by the stand-out different message we were presenting. Smart Ready® certification is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to get involved in the smart market in a way that suits everyone. It’s free and easy to do. The Smart Ready® certified concept and system developed by Sac® Hardware and Hug® Technology, also demonstrated at the show, had

people saying it’s the most exciting smart innovation the industry has ever seen. “The system reports on the status of all windows and doors – back and side doors as well as front doors – reporting on whether they are open or closed, key locked or unlocked, as the consumer leaves the property,” continues Giovanni. “It does not lock or unlock so homeowners still have complete control of their home.

“The system also has an early warning system that lets homeowners know when a window or door experiences any level of meddling, alerting them before an intruder enters the property, rather than after, like with most other simpler alarm systems. If the user is at home, this should prevent the burglary altogether. And if they’re not, the system can send a real-time text message to a neighbour to ask them to check everything is OK. The system is going to disrupt the home security and smart door market forever. Also launched as part of the system was air quality monitoring and new light notification technology known as Colors™. “Smart Ready® genuinely believes that soon, if fabricators and installers are not selling a Smart Ready® window and door, they won’t be selling at all. Ready or not, smart is coming.” Say hello at

Oakland Glass Success At FiT Oakland Glass Ltd saw a successful FIT Show promoting one clear message – best practice in glass. With 33 years’ experience, Oakland Glass has always been committed to investing in and supplying quality insulated glass units, but the company received a particularly warm welcome from visitors at this year’s FIT for setting out its stall to promote best practice in the sector. Tina Moorhouse, Managing Director at Oakland Glass says: “We are regular exhibitors at the FIT Show, but this year especially, we met a lot of companies looking for a supplier that can deliver quality products and a quality service to match. It sounds so simple, but a lot of the fabricators we spoke to at the show are struggling to get everything they need from their suppliers.

“With such a long history of doing what we do, we understand how to deliver what our customers need. We build long-lasting relationships and work closely with each of our customers, big and small, in a way best suited to their needs. We’re also not afraid to invest in people, products or our premises to stay ahead of the ever-changing market requirements. “We never rest on our laurels either. We continuously invest to

improve our offering and at the FIT Show launched our latest initiative, The Oakland Glass Academy. The Academy encompasses all the good work we continue to do to train our people through apprenticeships and NVQs across the business. Everyone is talking about the problems we face as an industry in attracting new people and the skills shortage upon us, but we want to promote the fact we’re doing our bit, by actively working on the solution. “The FIT Show is an important exhibition for our industry and as always we were pleased with the reception we received and the new contacts we made at the show, but most of all, we were thrilled to be given the opportunity to demonstrate that not all glass companies are the same and to represent best practice in glass.” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 55


Everyone’s A Winner

At Edgetech’s Action-Packed FIT 2019 Last month’s FIT Show was a momentous one for warm-edge experts Edgetech, who used it to celebrate thirty years of a landmark product and introduce an innovative new rigid spacer bar. At the company’s striking stand, located in the event’s dedicated VISIT Glass area, leading figures from across the industry gathered to mark the 30th anniversary of Super Spacer, the pioneering product that helped make warm-edge mainstream. After a brief birthday presentation from Managing Director Chris Alderson, the assembled guests were then introduced to the company’s latest innovation. Edgetherm RS is an ingenious rigid spacer designed to eradicate the PIB migration problems that commonly spoil the looks of many 56 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

ageing IGUs. Designed and tested in Coventry by Technical Development Manager Gary Shoesmith, the product is a step forward in rigid spacer bar technology, its unique design offering enhanced productivity, durability, thermal performance and aesthetics. After the product launch was over, it was time for a toast – attendees scratched off the panels of specially-made Edgetech scratch cards to see if they’d won a free drink at the VISIT Glass Bar. Everyone was a winner! Edgetech welcomed senior colleagues from all over the world to the NEC for the three-day event. Johannes von Wenserski, Edgetech Europe’s Prokurist, was on hand to support his UK colleagues,

and Joe Erb, the company’s highly experienced Commercial Projects Manager, flew in from America to give daily seminars on the changing landscape of architectural glass specification. Edgetech was also joined by gas filling experts Inagas, who demonstrated their range of high-tech gas filling and Sparklike gas testing equipment. “We were humbled and delighted by the support we received at this year’s show – not just from colleagues and customers, but the trade press and show-goers as a whole,” comments MD Chris Alderson. “The reception Edgetherm RS received was great, and the feedback we got on our new e-commerce system, which we were demonstrating on the stand, was extremely encouraging too. “A very heartfelt thanks to everyone who took the time to visit the stand. Our launches at the show were just a taster of our focus on innovation. We look forward to showing you more of what we’ve been working on over the coming months.”


Perfect Corners Draw Crowds At FIT Perfect corners were on full display at the FIT Show thanks to Timberweld®! Licensees Window Tech Trade, Aztec, John Fredericks and Affordable Windows Systems used the stand to show flush sashes featuring a timber-look butt-joint inside and outside the window, thanks to the patented method of jointing. The exhibition was cited as a great success by Alan Burgess, one of the innovators behind the Timberweld technology and Chairman of the Masterframe Group. “The volume and quality of visitors to our stand was outstanding,” comments Alan. “When systems companies like Veka, Residence, Liniar and Kommerling actively promote your concept to their fabricator networks, and knowing that TMS, Urban,

timber the butt-joint looks. The technology means we can make our Prestige flush and lipped casement sashes look great and perform well.”

Avantec and Haffner have machinery solutions, we know we have the very best solution and expect to double the number of licence holders by the end of the year.” Michael Hagan, Director of fabricator Aztec Windows explains: “Showing our new lipped casement on the Timberweld stand was a great opportunity to show installers just how true-to-

PatioMaster Attracts

Attention At FIT

As the homeowner trend for wide expanses of glass shows no sign of slowing, it’s perhaps hardly surprising that interest in PatioMaster’s Triple-track sliding patio door system at the FIT Show was high. Gerald Allen, Marketing Manager at Epwin Window Systems, commented: “The Triple-track system offers up to 25% more open space than a conventional patio door, delivering the open-house feel homeowners are looking for, even with smaller frame sizes. It attracted a great deal of interest from visitors to the show.”

PatioMaster says the Triple-track is often shown as an alternative to a bi-fold door, but it offers several key advantages over its rival. There are no panes of glass encroaching on inside or outside space when

they’re open. And when they’re closed, they offer a greater uninterrupted view of the outside world because the panels can be up to 1,500mm wide, much wider than on a bi-fold. As well as homeowner benefits, the system also offers benefits to installers. The rollers are edge-located for easy adjustment. There is a full range of ancillary products

“Exhibiting with Timberweld allowed us to show our windows to installers and prove just authentic the jointing method is,” adds Robert Wallis, Managing Director of Window Tech Trade. “There’s just no downside for installers. Needless to say we got a fantastic response!” Alan continues: “The flush sash market is growing exponentially at the moment, and Timberweld helps fabricators and installers take full advantage of this opportunity.” including cills, add-ons and couplers, posts and extension profiles. There is also a mechanically jointed version for hard to access locations. Also attracting interest at FIT was PatioMaster’s announcement that all doors will be fitted with upgraded ERA hardware from Autumn 2019 and PAS24:2016 compliant doors will be covered by the ERA Lifetime Guarantee. Gerald said: “The ERA Lifetime Guarantee is the only security scheme recognised by Neighbourhood Watch, which is a huge selling point for installers. In the event of a break-in it covers homeowners for the cost of a replacement door plus £5,000 compensation.” PatioMaster is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of patio doors. It has a network of authorised fabricators across the UK and Ireland and gives installers and homeowners the benefit of local supply with the back-up of a national brand. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 57


Smart Home Integral Blind


Is A Hit At

The FiT Show

Real Aluminium Makes A

Real Difference At FiT

An app that allows you to open and close your electronic integral blinds from your mobile phone or tablet proved a hit for Morley Glass & Glazing at this year’s FIT Show. Ian Short, managing director at Morley Glass & Glazing said: “We had an amazing show with huge amounts of interest in our complete range of sealed units with integral blinds inside including manually operated, solar powered, sliding and fully electronic blinds. “But there was certainly a theme in terms of the demand for smart technology, as consumers are looking to integrate their integral blinds into their home automation systems and operate them through apps on their tablets and phones. The fact that we could demonstrate all our systems and, in particular how to incorporate the app into the operation of our MB system of electronically operated blinds, helped fabricators and installers see the benefits and realise how easily they could add integral blinds to their portfolio of products.” 58 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

Crowds gathered on the Customade Group stand at FIT Show 2019 to learn all about a revolutionary advance from industry pioneer REAL Aluminium that has cut aluminium quoting times down to as little as four minutes. The new online aluminium quoting and ordering solution from REAL – created to make the process of quoting and ordering aluminium windows and doors quicker and easier than ever before – made a hit debut at the show.

doesn’t need to be this way; with REAL Aluminium as their partner, installers will discover that aluminium really is as easy as PVCu. And now, for the first time ever, they can use this simple yet comprehensive software to take charge of their quoting and ordering, save valuable time, boost productivity and access everything they need 24/7.

John Adams, aluminium category director at REAL Aluminium, gave three sellout seminars on the Customade Group stand where he showed delegates how the new software allows them to quote fully glazed and configured REAL Aluminium products in just four minutes. In his seminar – ‘Take control of your aluminium ordering’ – John also shared his wisdom on how to make the most of the growing aluminium sector.

“This was the most exciting aluminium software development to be unveiled at FIT and the interest it generated was incredible. Quoting that once took at least 24 hours has been whittled down to less than five minutes and lead times that were many weeks have been reduced to just a matter of days. Online quoting and ordering is the missing piece of the aluminium jigsaw for many installers and we’re really proud to be leading the industry with an advance that will help them work more efficiently than ever before and achieve rapid growth.”

“It was a terrific show and the sheer number of visitors to the seminars underlined just how important aluminium is to them and our industry as a whole,” said John. “Aluminium has historically been a difficult supply chain to manage and we were at FIT to get the message across that it just

REAL Aluminium joined forces with top industry software developer First Degree Systems to design, develop and build the new online quoting and ordering system, which allows installers to quote and order REAL products anytime and anywhere when they are online.


SupaLite: “Fantastic Three Days” At The FIT Show 2019

The team at tiled roof manufacturer SupaLite returned to their Preston HQ after a successful three days exhibiting at The FIT Show 2019. The firm used the exhibition to officially launch not one, but three new product lines; the new Sky Vista hybrid roof system, SkyElevate, their brand-new roof lantern system and SkyEdge, a flat glass roof system. Each product generated a positive response from both attendees and visitors, with a number of appointments set with potential trade partners across the country. “After three fantastic days at The FIT Show, we are delighted by the overwhelming response to both our existing range and our brandnew product lines,” comments

Steve Hacking, Managing Director of SupaLite. “We’ve been big supporters of The FIT Show for many years and once again it’s provided a great platform for us to showcase our range and even launch some new additions.

“We were able to boast a fantastic location which made our stand the first port of call for visitors through the main entrance. It meant our product range was truly front and centre and that our stand was consistently busy across the three days. It certainly helped to generate one of our best FIT Show performances in terms of new business leads and enquiries, with much excitement around our brand-new product lines. “It’s great validation for us to see

both existing trade partners and FIT Show visitors respond so positively to our new products. We are looking forward to continuing the conversation with those we met at FIT and we are really excited to see our new products installed across the UK very soon. Even after a hectic three days, we are even looking forward to next year’s show already.” Alongside new product lines, SupaLite also showcased their Registered Fabricator and Installer Schemes, now endorsed and fully supported by Corgi Fenestration. This support from one of the industry’s most recognisable names gives members the opportunity to stand out from their competition, carrying a highly-respected quality accreditation. In addition to providing full Building Regulations approvals, the scheme allows customers to submit applications, supporting documents and photography via SupaLite’s online portal – helping to save both time and money. Installers can even benefit from a full range of support including free sales leads in their area and dynamic SupaLite micro websites if necessary. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 59


Epwin Window Systems Wins FIT Show

Award For Most Successful Visitor Campaign Epwin Window Systems’ FIT Show visitor campaign has won the award for the most successful at this year’s show. Gerald Allen, Marketing Manager at Epwin Window Systems, said: “FIT is a big part of the industry’s calendar and it’s a great opportunity to build a powerful marketing campaign to draw visitors to our stand. It was great to see our efforts paying off at the show and we are delighted to win the award.” Epwin Window Systems’ FIT Show campaign ran across print, email, web and social media. It highlighted the strength of the company’s offering. Epwin Window Systems has some of the best-known brands in the sector: Swish, Spectus, Profile 22 and PatioMaster. As an indication of the success of the campaign, Epwin Window Systems’ social media engagement rate was 28% higher than its nearest rival in the week before the show.

Another of the central features of the campaign was the launch of Stellar, its new aluminium system. Taking the name Stellar as the starting point, the promotions were based around the theme of space and the introduction of a new star performer. The campaign also included a prize draw that over 500 people entered to win an Apple Space iWatch S4 worth over £500. Results high-

lights include a nearly 250% increase in ‘retweets’ on Twitter and over 150% increase in ‘likes’. Gerald commented: “Epwin Window Systems has a compelling offering which we were able to showcase in our campaign and on our stand at FIT 2019.”

Installers Switch On To Savings

was reflected in the demand that we saw at this year’s show.”

ExtrudaSeal has said it received high levels of interest in its industry-leading range of gaskets and ancillaries at this year’s FIT Show.

Extrudaseal manufactures gaskets for a wealth of systems, including amongst others Smart, ALUK, Metaltech, Senior and Ikon. Its’ customers achieve average savings of around 30 or 40% on gasket cost from their systems supplier.

At The FIT Show 2019 Attending the event for the third time, the specialist manufacturer and supplier, said installers and fabricators were there to ‘do business’, recognizing the benefits that direct supply could deliver in improved performance and reduced costs. Paul James, Sales Director, Extrudaseal said: “Some of the problems that installers are getting with gasket supply and the call backs that that is generating, coupled 60 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

with the cost savings buying direct can deliver, meant that we saw a high level of interest throughout the show. “What was very positive was that visitors included those who we had been talking to for a little while but who came and met us at FIT with a genuine desire to do business.

Manufacturing more than 20,000km of aluminum door gaskets in the last year, Extrudaseal’s product offer is also available in more than 1000 RAL colours. This allows fabricators and installers to offer a colour-matched gasket and a perfect match to the increasingly diverse colour options being offered by window companies.

“Aluminium is buoyant and that


VBH ‘All-Star 11 Is A Big Succest FIT

Haffner Murat Enjoys Most Successful

FIT Show To Date As exhibitors return from FIT, Dave Thomas, Managing Director of Haffner Murat, says: “It was our best show ever in terms of interest and orders taken.”

There was plenty to attract fabricators to the stand but the star of the show was the OPTI-Weld quad welding machine, which can be used for PVC-U, aluminium and wooden profiles. Dave says: “Fabricators could instantly see the benefits it brings. Not only can it be used as a conventional welder, it can also weld a square without the need for pre or post cleaning of the profile.” The increasing trend for fabricators to turn to aluminium as an alternative to PVC-U was reflected in interest on the stand. Dave says: “We have the machines fabricators need to cater for this market. Machines attracting the most

attention were the Spring CNC Machining Centre and the TT405 Automatic Double Mitre Saw. They are perfect examples of how automation delivers increased quality, increased efficiency and reduced fabrication costs.”

The trend towards high value, specialist products was reflected in interest in Haffner Murat’s competitive heritage machinery package. Dave says: “Flush sash and heritage welding are certainly being talked about and promoted throughout the industry. We will be looking to add more machinery in our range to make this even quicker and easier for manufacturers to fabricate, so watch this space.” Dave concludes: “We’re delighted with the way the show went. We’ll be following up on leads over the coming weeks!”

VBH (GB) lived up to its ‘INNOVATION Without Limits’ strapline by launching 11 new products at the FIT show in May. The striking stand was a hive of activity, with fabricators and installers queuing to find out more about the latest products from VBH’s flagship greenteQ range and Q-secure guarantee. New product highlights included the Q-Smart handle with fingerprint reader; new AGB tilt-and-turn system; two new outward opening window locking systems; Clearlift patio door system; slam shut door lock, 3* profile cylinder, stainless-steel Invisifold casement hinge and, last but not least, two new finishes; Enduro Steel and Antique Black! “We got great feedback on the new Q-Smart handle in particular,” comments Gary Gleeson, Marketing Manager at VBH. “Plenty of stock will be available. We also had a lot of interest from Deceuninck fabricators in the PAS24-rated hardware package for the Heritage flush door, which includes the bespoke greenteQ Sigma adjustable hinge. Visitors to the stand were also really impressed with the AGB ArTech Tilt & Turn system, which has passed over 2,000 hours of salt spray testing and is available exclusively through VBH.” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 61


Record Response For Milwood Group At FIT Show 2019

Milwood Group, the Kent-based outdoor living specialists have hailed The FIT Show 2019 as the most successful exhibition in company history, with a record number of enquiries for their range of premium aluminium verandas, canopies and shelter solutions.

Operating across two stands, visitors focused their attention on Milwood’s new product lines, officially launched at The FIT Show. The first was Simplicity Xtra, Milwood’s brand-new easy fit roof system, while the second was Ali-deck, the world’s first quick fit, slip resistant aluminium decking system. “It’s safe to say this year’s FIT Show has been nothing short of fantastic for us,” comments Kevin Horne, Managing Director of the Milwood Group. “The combination of Simplicity Xtra and Ali-deck, our ground-breaking aluminium decking system, generated a record response with over 100 meetings booked during the first day alone. 62 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

“It’s no secret that the outdoor living market is absolutely thriving, and it was great to see such a diverse range of tradespeople respond to the opportunities offered by our product range. Whilst Simplicity Xtra offers an easy fit shelter that doesn’t compromise on quality or performance, Ali-deck gives trade partners the chance to offer something completely unique, which can increase the value of their installations. “As regular FIT Show exhibitors, once again the show didn’t disappoint. We are already hard at work

catching up with those businesses we connected with in Birmingham and we very much look forward to more success at FIT Show 2020.” The second Milwood stand was dedicated to Ali-deck and featured full aluminium decking throughout and showcased examples of their innovative Supa Joist. This robust aluminium sub-frame allows Ali-deck to span 300% further than both traditional hardwood and composite decking. This not only adds to Ali-deck’s inherent strength, it makes it incredibly quick and easy to fit. Mark Wood, Milwood’s Founder and MD of Ali-deck adds: “FIT presented the perfect platform to officially launch Ali-deck and we’re overwhelmed by the sheer level of feedback and interest. Ali-deck not only works as a standalone product – suitable for both commercial and domestic uses, it’s the perfect pairing for our aluminium verandas, allowing installers to offer a complete, premium outdoor living package. It’s a fantastic way to stand out from the competition, offering a product which is not only unique but is faster to fit, safer and more desirable than the competition.”


Exciting New Products At The FiT Show

Confirm Panoramic Group’s Status As A Leading Innovator The company’s first FIT Show under the guise of Panoramic Group (although 3rd with Panoramic Doors) confirmed its almost obsessive commitment to launching new products that must bring something innovative to the market. Best known for its increasingly popular Panoramic slide and swing alternative to the conventional bi-fold, the firm confirmed its development of a portfolio of additional products with the introduction of new windows in PVC-U and aluminium; a PVC-U version of the Panoramic door; and what the company has now dubbed ‘the ultimate patio door upsell item’ with its Ascena Flyscreen. Although difficult to single out any one product, Panoramic’s new PVC-U Flush ‘Hidden Sash’ window in anthracite attracted a great deal of attention. Equal

glass asked why in-unit blinds needed to be fixed, typically, to the top of the unit. Panoglass blinds float freely within the unit to allow shade exactly where it is needed, whilst also allowing maximum light in if required. And apparently they are excellent value for money too, offering greater potential as add on sales.

sightlines and a sash that emerges only when opened, complemented by polished, invisible welds and recessed, pop up hardware, combine to promote a window that has exceptional, minimalist aesthetics. The company’s glass processing division Panoglass with an adjacent stand, also demonstrated its Panoramic DNA with the launch of in-unit floating blinds. Floating? In one of those ‘why didn’t anyone else think of this’ moments Pano-

Panoglass also made a considerable impact with the announcement of the company’s switchable, electrochromic glass. Whilst this product breaks Panoramic Group’s commitment to product innovation per se, Panoglass Switchable glass nonetheless does so in terms of price: the published price of £250 per m2 including electronics, is up to 65% cheaper than other available brands. The effect of this, as with the company’s inunit blinds, will be to significantly broaden the market, thus bringing the technology within the reach of thousands more customers.

Planitherm Network, Patterned Glass

And Premium Residential Prove Popular At The FiT Show The Planitherm Network, a new range of patterned glass and glass used in premium residential projects proved popular with visitors to the Saint-Gobain Glass stand at the FIT Show. Mike Butterick, Marketing Director for Saint-Gobain Glass said: “We were the only flat glass manufacturer to support the FIT Show and take our place in the Visit Glass area, and it was hugely beneficial for us to be there. There was a real thirst for new products and information about glass – and a desire from fabricators and installers to discuss their glazing needs. Our seminars and our exhibition stand were focused on encouraging visitors to start to have different

conversations about glass, and that’s certainly something that happened. “The conversation has long-been about energy efficiency and A-rated windows, but for fabricators and installers to differentiate themselves they need to start moving

the conversation on with homeowners, and start to talk about how glass can also provide enhanced security, reduced overheating, heat retention, noise reduction and furniture fade protection. Glass can deliver these benefits and we’re seeing that homeowners are willing to pay for these added benefits, which is why we recently reinvigorated the Planitherm Network and the Planitherm range of glass, for which there was huge interest at the FIT Show.” Saint-Gobain Glass also launched its new range of patterned glass at the FIT Show, complete with a new brochure, which can be downloaded from the website here. uk. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 63


Say Goodbye To The ‘80S And Get Fit For The Future

Doors FiT For A Beautiful

Residence The Residence Collection presented a beautiful stand at this years’ FIT Show with the usual panache from the brand with the launch of a number of engineered doors. On Tuesday night the stand was also graced by Jamie B and a waitress service with canapes and drinks, as the show rocked on until 8pm. There were both contemporary and traditional entrance doors on show, with the addition of a strawberries and cream inspired panel door. French doors were shown in the popular Painswick finish in R9, while R2 showcased a contemporary inward opening balcony door with side lights and with architectural inspired reinforcement mullions. The stand represented some of the very best in terms of PVCu system design with R2, R7 and R9 all on full display and representing both mechanical jointing and Timberweld options. With a stand split into four living areas each product was perfectly presented in a different environment, with both heritage and contemporary influences. 64 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

Tremco illbruck’s state-of-the-art sealant solutions went down a storm at FIT Show 2019. Located at the heart of the action right in the middle of Hall 20, the firm’s stand showcased a huge array of tapes, foams, sealants and other high-performance installation essentials. Of particular note was TP653 Trio X – the best-in-class window installation tape that was appearing in the UK for the very first time. TP653’s innovative polymer film offers exceptional airtightness and smoke-proofing performance – making it the perfect product for helping properties achieve stringent Passivhaus standards in Europe, where it’s already very successful. The secret to TP653’s extreme performance is its thicker structure and higher rates of compression, making it much better at keeping heat in, wind and rain out and withstanding the elements. On Tuesday, a busy day of meeting customers and prospects from throughout the industry culminated in an ‘80s themed party.

Fluorescent headbands, old school anthems and sugary childhood favourites all made an appearance – but it wasn’t just a bit of fun, as Product Manager David Naylor explains. “In one sense, the ‘80s were the fenestration sector in its heyday. Double-glazing was exciting and new, business was booming, and many people still in the industry now became incredibly successful. “But in other ways, it wasn’t great. The sector’s reputation was very poor, and so were a lot of the products we were using. “In most respects, we’ve come a very long way since then. The windows and doors we install are better than ever. But it’s remarkable when you think about it – the way we install them hasn’t changed at all. “That’s the point we were trying to make. We loved the ‘80s – but it’s time to move on. And with state-of-the-art window installation products from tremco illbruck, you can provide the kind of twenty-first-century performance that modern consumers increasingly demand.”


ODL Europe Celebrates A Successful FIT Show

Minimal Design – Maximum

Appeal From New AluK

Slim Sliding Door

AluK previewed a new slim sliding door at the FIT Show with all the minimalist styling which discerning homeowners now demand and a simple single glass bonding operation to make it appeal directly to fabricators.

On the stand, AluK announced that the Luminia S119LM will sit between its Optio BSC94 and Luminia SC156 sliding doors, giving customers a cost effective new option for all those applications where slim sightlines are the primary consideration. The new door measures just 20mm at the interlock, has a concealed outerframe and can go up to 3500mm in height, so it matches the aesthetics and performance of many of the higher end sliders on the market but crucially comes at a more competitive price. AluK told visitors to FIT that the Luminia S119LM is ideal for both new build and renovation projects, maximising light into homes and providing almost unrestricted views.

AluK says it ticks all the boxes for retail buyers, architects and self builders, with the option of motorised or manual operation and single, double or triple track configuration. In single track pocket mode, the sashes can even be concealed completely within the building envelope to truly bring the outside in.

In terms of performance, the SL119LM achieves an impressive U-Value of 1.3 W/m2K and can accommodate sashes up to 320kg in with maximum glass thickness of 35.5mm. Speaking at FIT, AluK’s Managing Director Russell Yates explained that the Luminia S119LM will be quick and easy to manufacture with a mitre cut outerframe and a square cut glass single bonded sash. He added: “With demand for sliding doors continuing to rise, this is an ideal addition to our customers’ ranges. It fills a gap in the market and means that customers buying from AluK don’t need to go anywhere else.”

The team at ODL Europe have returned to their Liverpool headquarters celebrating a successful FIT Show. Nathan Barr, ODL Europe’s Managing Director, said: “It was great to be able to showcase a wide range of our market-leading products and demonstrate the value they can add. We received a very high number of enquiries and we’re looking forward to talking to people in more detail over the coming weeks.” On display was the new Capstone composite door range, including the brand-new Capstone 6 Panel Combi Door slab. Its construction means fabricators can manufacture seven different door designs from a single door slab. Making its debut was the new Zeel door frame system which offers modern, sleek and minimalist aesthetics, making it a perfect choice for contemporary composite door styles. Alongside the new door products was the new upgraded Blink Integral Blinds. Developments include improvements to the raise, lower and tilt operation along with improved double valances that hide unwanted joints. The aluminium guiderail is now on the internal side of the operating channel, a move that makes inserting the wedge gasket and beading easier. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 65


Pink Delights

For Window

Widgets At FiT

Andy Ball talking to DGCOS Brand Ambassador George Clarke on the Balls2 Marketing FIT Show stand.

A Busy FIT Show

For Balls2 Marketing

There was no missing the Window Widgets stand at the FIT Show, resplendent in pink, with corporate polo shirts to match for the company that exhibited with typical enthusiasm and creativity. They were also delighted to come away with the award for most visitor registrations, thanks to their creative e-mail and social media campaigns. But Window Widgets came back again to the FIT Show to promote a wide range of ancillaries for the PVCu, aluminium and composite door sectors, along with highlighting the importance of CE Marking on baypole jacks. It was also a typical fun affair with goodies to give away and personnel on stand to answer product and technical queries. A big pink nut was given away to all visitors with a number on it, for the chance to win a latest generation Apple iWatch, with the winner Beth Gunter. This component is manufactured, along with the rest of the baypole jack assembly, at Window Widgets in Gloucester and importantly carries full CE Marking. 66 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

Strategy, PR and marketing agency for the glazing industry, Balls2 Marketing, says it received fantastic response to its FIT Show appearance.

beer, wine, cider and spirits packages to keep the party going through ‘til 8pm and in true glazing industry style, the bar was dry by the end of the night!”

The Balls2 Marketing team were on hand, manning the busy bar while talking to visitors about the full-service packages they offer, which includes copywriting, social media, graphic design and SEO.

As well as hosting PiGs, the Balls2 Marketing stand hosted The Joinery Network’s launch lunch on Wednesday.

“There was a lot of interest in our services. We also managed to catch up with old friends as well as make new ones. “There are so many highlights from FIT Show. The PiGs bar worked brilliantly at the centre of the stand, giving us a great place to catch up with so many people from all areas of the industry,” says Sarah Ball, Director at Balls2 Marketing. “Our bar certainly became the centre of the rocking PiGs party on late night Tuesday. So popular, our team served more than 1,000 drinks in just 3 hours and guests drank the bar dry! You could hear the party – and the Kubu band – from all around the hall, as the fun spilled out onto the aisles.” “As usual, a special thanks goes out to our sponsors, who bought

Sarah adds: “We are a founding partner of The Joinery Network, and we’re really pleased to have had such a good turnout for the launch lunch. DGCOS even brought along George Clarke.” Balls2 Marketing also did their bit to help GM Fundraising raise money for Hope House during FIT Show, selling PiGs slippers. “We know all too well about the perils of aching FIT Show feet, so we decided to sell PiGs slippers for visitors to treat their trotters to. In doing so, we managed to prise more than £600 from visitors to be donated to the worthy charity,” adds Sarah. “We’d like to thank our awesome team and everyone who visited the stand over the three days for making FIT Show 2019 a terrific time.”


Entrance Enquiries

Fuelled By FiT The FIT Show proved to be the perfect platform for the launch of the new Entrance Composite Door Solutions brand and their stand was busy throughout the show, with visitors eager to find out more about some of their latest product developments and support package for composite door manufacturing. Entrance says it was clear from day one of the show that companies are looking for alternative composite doors and that the bowing of doors has now become an industry issue. Their GRP composite door slab which includes a timber core and additional timber engineering, along with a 4mm

skin, was very well received by companies who claimed to have had a number of remedial issues with other suppliers. Some of the other developments on show included the offer of fully mechanically jointed and colour

matched KĂ–MMERLING PVCu frames, for all painted doors, which also includes a unique painted hinge edge. There was a striking smooth double door set on display which highlighted the extensive range of door options from Entrance, along with the launch of metallic finishes on their contemporary door range. Glazing options were also on display with the option of flush Inox glazing from Regalead, with other doors showcasing aluminium inserts. Fabricator visitors to the stand were presented with a unique manufacturing package that includes a wide range of glazing options, cassettes and hardware. The new KĂ–MMERLING partnership programme was also launched with the offer of full doorsets including painted and mechanical jointed frame options, through the proDoor 44 brand.


PRODUCT NEWS tre, we have to ensure that our course meets expected standards of training but also assessments are carried out against standardised criteria and that the correct records are maintained throughout training and assessment processes. “It effectively puts training in the hands of industry but guarantees the quality and standardisation of assessment through a series of checks and balances.

Bohle Becomes GQA Approved Training Centre Bohle has continued its programme of support for the up-skilling of the industry with GQA certification of its UV bonding course and status as an approved training centre. It means that Bohle’s UV Bonding training course is now officially accredited by the qualification awarding organisation. Amanda Carr, Training Lead, Bohle and Co-ordinator for the new Bohle Accredited Training Centre, said: “It’s not about us telling people what to do but giving them an understanding of the things that they need to know to achieve what they’re trying to do. “Furniture makers or shop fitters won’t necessarily have a detailed understanding of glass so it’s about giving them the basics, for example, they need to know the particular edge quality demands for the process, as well as recommended minimum thicknesses. “It’s also about giving everyone 68 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

an understanding of not just how to UV bond glass successfully but also the limitations of application and the alternatives to it.” The Bohle UV Bonding Unit, for the most part emulates the consumables, machinery and tooling wholesaler’s, core customer workshop but with the addition of a series of Q&A and practical assessments. This includes training on optimum environments for UV Bonding covering everything from room and glass temperature to storage of adhesives. It also explores glass requirements and cleaning to safe manual handling, UV light and equipment and adhesive application and clamping.

“This gives the Bohle UV unit a very practical focus which translates directly in to increased efficiency and improved product quality. “It’s also worth mentioning that the course and training units are delivered in our showroom and training centre, which helps recreate a workshop environment – it’s not about classroom-based learning.” Bohle is a key advocate of industry training, giving its support to the Building Our Skills campaign, also signing up as sponsor of the Best New Glass Processing Operative category in the associated Recognising New Talents Awards. It has also raised awareness of the skills challenge facing the industry, through a series of roundtable events. The most recent of these revealed that the industry saw recruitment and retention of shop floor staff combined with a failure to attract younger workers into the industry, as a threat to the long-term sustainability of the glass and glazing sector.

Bohle has been awarded accredited training centre status following the successful training and approvals of its own training and assessment team including Julia Francis and Andy Riste.

Dave Broxton, Managing Director, Bohle, said: “Our new partnership with GQA represent a real and meaningful move toward closing the skills gap, as well as raising the industry’s profile.”

“As a GQA Accredited Cen-


Promat SYSTEMGLAS® Passes 30-Year UK Milestone In Delivering Assured Passive Fire Protection This year marks the 30th anniversary of the first UK installations of SYSTEMGLAS®, the complete fire rated glazing system from Promat UK, and demand is stronger than ever. The 30-year milestone is proving to be an important factor behind the increasing interest in SYSTEMGLAS® from architects, specifiers, interior designers, clients and contractors who are seeking assured passive fire protection in their glazing, partitioning and building interiors. A market-leading system, which is supported by Promat UK’s ‘360° Wheel of Assurance’ encompassing full control and traceability through design,

manufacture, installation and completion inspection, is suitable for a wide range of applications including offices, residential, retail spaces, public buildings and transport interchanges.

Gaining A ‘Distinction’ In Glass Sales

The in-house glass facility at Barnsley’s Distinction Doors is continually proving to be one of their greatest assets as it supports an enviable track record of ‘on time in full’ service. With sales notably higher than this time last year, the UK’s door manufacturer feels confident that they are doing all the right things to remain favourable. Distinction’s extensive decorative glass selection enables the customisation of over 350 door styles, some of which can be visualised by customers before purchase using the company’s online door-designer software. According to Sales Manager Andy Grogan, one of the most distinguishing features of the glass range is that the glass is both laminated and triple glazed:

“In particular, our decorative panel is encapsulated between two panes of glass as opposed to appearing on the outside of the pane. This makes it easy to maintain both functionally and technically, less prone to damage and much simpler to clean. It is efficiencies such as these which make the product even more desirable to potential buyers and can be the final tip of the balance that prompts them to purchase from us.” Notorious for high quality, Distinction offers an elegantly crafted glass style to suit every home; the

Providing integrity and insulation (EI) protection from EI30 to EI120, SYSTEMGLAS® has now been used in a vast number of projects in the UK and Ireland since 1989. majority of which are named after some of the most beautiful places in the world. Italian ‘Trieste’, ‘Scotia’ – named after the Scotia Sea – and ‘Andorra’ are all examples of how every inch of the marketing process synchronises the transparent essence of glass with the beauty of the outdoors. The glass is, of course, just one component of a composite door. Amid the production chain of panels, paint and glass, it is essential all orders carry effective labelling to help maintain the OTIF levels that Distinction customers expect, as Sales and Marketing Director Chantel Roach explains: “Our products always arrive clearly labelled with each item displaying customer information, an order number and a clear description of what’s inside. Individually wrapped in cardboard and acetate wrap, they have the greatest protection to ensure we can maintain a supply to our customers that is on time and not delayed due to breakages.” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 69


Apeer Extends

Modo Door Range With

All Glass Trim

And Choice Of

Frame Finish

Brightening Doorways By Bringing The Outside, Inside

Apeer has announced two additional new styles to its Modo door range, further enhancing the appeal of the manufacturer’s stylish and contemporary composite. Up until now, a distinguishing feature of the Modo has been its stainless steel glazing trim. However, Apeer is now able to offer Modo with a stunning all glass trim, an update that incorporates the same tried and tested glazing method that’s been used to such great effect on the company’s innovative Lumi composite doors. In addition, the entire Modo range is now also available with a choice of chamfered or sculptured frames, which when combined with an extensive options list for glazing styles and colour finishes, gives homeowners even more opportunity to create the perfect entrance for their property. 70 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

The names Pale Roundel Red and Green Mist wouldn’t seem out of place in describing the floral beauty of upcoming flower shows – suggestive of cardinals and chrysanthemums – but make this assumption and you’d be wrong. Leading door manufacturer Distinction Doors has chosen this spring to introduce three stunning new colours to their extensive range, and rename a fourth to Colza Yellow (previously Rape Yellow). The additions bring the total paint palette offering to 24 bespoke choices; a conscious revision to highlight customers’ most popular choices. But the variety doesn’t end there. Including a third newcomer ‘Distinction Black Brown’ and standard colour combinations, Distinction Doors now has approximately 4034 shades to hand. Bethaney Larkman, Distinction Doors’ Marketing Manager explained the selection process: “After evaluating actual sales figures we spent time extensively researching interior decorating trends, looking through mood boards and taking time to understand how our customers are

adorning their homes. We found that throughout 2018 and into 2019, natural, country colours continue to dominate, coupled with a longing to bring the outside, inside. The fact we are able to paint on the interior and exterior of our doors gives our customers the option to introduce a dual colour pattern, and fulfil their ideal home ambitions more easily.” Distinction are showcasing the new range through a sleekly designed skin book; actual swatches sprayed onto the door skins showing the woodgrain and detail more accurately. Bethaney added: “We last reviewed the colour offering in 2016, so the production of our latest brochure seemed the perfect time to announce our updated choices. We anticipate that the tactility of the skin books will enhance the customer’s perception of how their chosen shade will look in real life, giving confidence that they will enjoy their product and be satisfied with the end result.” Order online and use with Distinction’s door-designer tool


Now There’s Entrance Doors For

Your Residence Too

Not only does The Residence Collection encapsulate three different and sumptuous window systems, but now there’s a range of engineered residential doors, as well as the flush inward opening balcony and outward opening French door options, all under the new Residence D (RD) brand. These new engineered residential doors have been presented in a new 16-page door brochure and feature six different designs initially, that can be incorporated into R2, R7 and R9 frames, though there’s the option to create bespoke designs thanks to two dedicated door sashes

DOORCO Boosts Standard Glass Ranges

DOORCO Ltd has added two new lines to its standard glass offering with the addition of high-performance clear and obscure glass choices in eight styles. This expansion of door glass options goes hand in hand with the increase in demand for DOORCO’s glazing service.

Ben Aspinall, DOORCO’s IT & Marketing Manager. “The launch of these new glass choices fits perfectly with the growth in demand for our comprehensive glazing service, which includes more standard ranges for the new build or social housing sector, to highly decorative contemporary choices for retail focused DOORCO customers. “To ensure we continue to try to supply customers with what they want when they need it, we’ve

boosted our standard glass range to include high-performance clear, obscure or textured styles including Satin, Cotswold, Stippolyte, Pinpoint, Minster and Cathedral, all available with toughened, laminated and Low-E options. These new lines can be previewed in the DOORCO door designer and ordered through our online or-

and the sash mullion. Taking inspiration from the different window systems, the door styles featured include both traditional and heritage inspired designs, along with the latest contemporary types.

Much like The Residence Collection has been built on versatility and shared profiles for window systems, the same can be said for RD with the choice of 28mm or 44mm glazing and panels, along with decorative, square or staff glazing beads. Ultimately, it’s an opportunity for The Residence Collection manufacturers to make their own premium doorsets and for installers to sell entrance doors the way they’re meant to be. dering system off-the-shelf and despatched within three days. “More and more fabricators are also making the most of DOORCO’s comprehensive glazing service to free up more time and space in production, allowing them to focus on what they’re good at, and letting us do the rest. Our warehousing and manufacturing teams look after 40,000 door blanks along with huge stocks of the ODL Tri-SYS glazing cassettes and significant glass stocks from Claytons and RegaLead. Our highly trained team of glazing experts can take the hassle out of your composite door production, allowing you to focus on what gives you the best margin. “Talk to DOORCO today about how we can help your business, whether it’s a single prepped door or large volume order, we’re geared up to be the most helpful composite door manufacturer in the UK.” For more information call: 01625 428955 or visit: WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 71


Senior Launches New

Ali FOLD HD Patio Doors Senior Architectural Systems is giving its trade customers another big reason to ‘Ask for Ali’ with the launch of a new heavy-duty version of its popular Ali FOLD aluminium door system. Designed to accommodate door leaf widths of up to 1300m x 2400mm and 125Kg, the new Ali FOLD HD offers fewer sightlines and wider views by maximising daylight and reducing the number of door panels required.

and double door styles, the new Ali FOLD HD door system benefits from extra strong gearing and hardware to safely support the larger leaf sizes. Combining aesthetic appeal with high performance, the new door has been designed to withstand the demands of both high-traffic residential settings and commercial contracts and has been security tested to meet the requirements of PAS 24 and Part Q of the Building Regulations.

With the same attractive slimline aluminium frame as the original Ali FOLD folding sliding, single

The new Ali FOLD HD door is, like all other products within Senior’s extensive range of aluminium


fenestration solutions, available in a choice of colours and finishes thanks to the company’s state of the art in-house powder coating facility. Senior’s Ali FOLD aluminium doors are also the perfect partner to Ali VU, the company’s slimline aluminium window system that has been specifically developed for the domestic residential market. To find out more about the new Ali FOLD HD aluminium door, contact your local technical sales manager or get in touch via Senior’s official Facebook page.



And The Angel Ventlock Support

Mike Derham, Chairman of Mighton Products talks about forthcoming Child Safety Week, and how the Angel Ventlock system helps to dramatically reduce the number of accidents in the home involving young children, and open windows. Children. Curious, inquisitive, daring, and the light of our lives as parents. Their innocence beholds us to them, yet equally, brings myriads of potential danger. Playing with toys; eating their first meal, even napping in a car seat – these can all be fraught with challenge and concern. Our role as adults is to be their greatest protector, but what if we too can’t always imagine the hazards lurking within our homes? 3 to 9 June 2019 is Child Safety Week; an annual campaign which aims to highlight the areas of our lives and living spaces that children often approach with the least caution. Promoted by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT), the messages are all about raising awareness regarding the risks of child accidents, and how to stop them happening. CAPT is the UK’s leading charity working to reduce the number of children and young people killed, disabled or seriously hurt in accidents. This year, the theme of their flagship campaign is ‘Family life today: where’s the risk?’ Supported by a broad spectrum of household names, Mighton Products is proud to join them in their endeavour to bring child safety to the fore. Approximately 4,000 children are injured in incidents involving open windows each year, and tragically, 1520 of these are fatal. Most families affected by these events have children under the age of four – a time

Child Safety Week 2019 when the excitement of exploring a new environment is all too luring, and little hands and feet act faster than we sometimes realise. To imagine a child falling from a window at any height is truly, a parent’s very worst nightmare.

Thankfully, protective measures like the Angel Ventlock® system can be fitted to help prevent such accidents, by limiting the window to opening just four inches or less. Its simple design is easily mounted to both new or existing sash units and unlike other similar devices, doesn’t require the use of a key to open the window fully in case of emergencies. We developed Angel Ventlock® in response to a customer query about another Ventlock® product at a Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) event in the United States. US building codes exceed all requirements in the United Kingdom and Europe, something which prompted Mighton to work on the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) Sub-Committee to develop new standards of safety. Since that time, hundreds of thousands of Angel Ventlock® systems have been sold across the world, each recognised by the newly introduced ASTM F20902008, 2010, 2013 and 2017 regulations. We, with other supporters of Child Safety Week, hope to remind parents that with every wonderful accomplishment small people make in their learning and development, come potential new hazards. Our plea is for them to continually assess the safety of their environments and respond accordingly. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 73


New Heritage Hardware Range From


to tap into the growing heritage market and make the most of the sales opportunities it brings.”

Kenrick has launched a suited range of heritage hardware, which has been developed to bring a period feel to both PVCu and aluminium windows. Combining the traditional aesthetics of 19th century ironmongery with the durability and performance of modern hardware, the new range is available in monkey tail and tear drop styles and includes handles, stays and dummy stays.

The Heritage Range suits any style of PVCu or aluminium window and is particularly well-suited to flush sash windows, which are growing rapidly in popularity as Steve Williams, Kenrick’s sales and marketing director explains:

“The market for flush sash windows is booming at the moment and nearly half of fabricators see them becoming as important as standard casement windows within the next decade. Demand for the flush sash has been fueled by homeowners and developers who want an authentic-looking alternative to timber that will suit both older homes and new-build properties. “We introduced this versatile new range in response to customer feedback and it is already proving popular with those who want

The new Heritage Range comes in multiple finishes, including white, gold, chrome, smoked chrome, antique black and satin silver. Handles are supplied right and left-handed and have a key locking facility. The range can be adapted to suit any application with a choice of fully functioning furniture or dummy stays that are fixed to the sash for display. Zinc casted for extra durability, the Kenrick range is fully salt spray tested to 240 hours to exceed BSEN 1670:2007 and comes with a full 10-year mechanical guarantee. It is compatible with Kenrick’s extensive range of espagnolette and shootbolt locking systems.

Kubu Launches At The Planetarium Some of the top glazing industry influencers gathered beneath the stars for the launch of Kubu Smart Lock, the latest smart home technology from Avantis International. Held at Birmingham’s Planetarium at The Think Tank, Kubu was launched to a crowd of more than 60 people. Mark Bromley, CEO at Avantis International said: “Our Kubu launch day was an incredible success. There was no better place to hold the event than at The Think Tank. It’s a place full of progress and innovation and that’s exactly what Kubu is bringing to the glazing industry’s Smart Home revolution.” Kubu Smart Lock combines two of Avantis’s specialities – electrical components and window and 74 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

door hardware, to create a clever lock that lets homeowners know the security status of their door. It’s called mechatronics and Kubu is the smart lock that can be easily fitted in volume to the masses, giving plenty of opportunities for installers to get their piece of the smart home market.

Just like other smart home gadgets, like Google Home and Amazon Echo, Kubu links up to home WiFi networks. It’s simple for installers to fit and easy for homeowners to set up, says the company.


Reduced Fixing Times With Slim

Pull Handle From UAP uct range. Homeowners benefit from the range’s Lifetime Coating Guarantee. 32mm in diameter the handle is available in four lengths and is supplied with an Allen key and two Allen bolts on each of the up-stands. The 900 and 1200mm lengths each have two fixing points and an individual plate. The two longer options, 1500 and 1800mm lengths have three fixing points but fitters have the option of removing the middle leg with an Allen key, if desired.

Hardware solution provider, UAP is making life easier for UK door manufacturers with flexible fixing methods on its slim pull handle. A popular choice for modern door styles, the handle is available with hidden, bolt through and back to back fixings – making it extremely fast and simple to install on timber, composite, glass and aluminium doors. The three different fixing methods give fabricators and installers the option to send the door to site without the pull handle attached, helping to prevent damage in transit or on-site. The handle is then fitted when required, with minimal fuss. Made from 1.5mm thick 316 grade stainless steel, the slim pull handle is part of UAP’s Nanocoast prod-

National sales director for UAP, Barry Halpin comments on why the slim pull handle is an essential hardware option for fabricators and installers wanting to capture the current consumer market, “Online platforms like Pinterest and Houzz are encouraging homeowners to choose a front door that has style and character, one which speaks volumes about the people that live there. And the door and hardware industry has had to respond to this. Colour has been a key factor for a number of years but hardware has an important role in making the ideal door for a home. “We have seen an increase in demand for our stainless steel hardware, a material that would previously have been chosen purely for its durability. Yet, it perfectly complements contemporary door styles and materials. That’s why our slim pull handle is proving so popular with homeowners and fitters, it ticks every box for creating that perfect entrance for a modern home and is easy to install.”

(L-R): Steve Stewart of Brisant Secure with Ramesh Gurdev of Salto Systems UK.


And Salto Collaborate To

Create Ultion Smart Brisant-Secure says Ultion SMART will change how people lock their doors. Ultion SMART combines the tried and tested Danalock technology by worldwide electronic access experts Salto, with Brisant’s 3 Star, Sold Secure Diamond lock, Ultion. Brisant’s team integrated the pitfree edgeless design of their Sweet door handle, suited with letterplate, numerals and door knocker, to create a smart handle that works with all technology and, says Brtisant, looks great, is easy to fit and comes with maximum security accreditation. Ultion SMART works with a Bluetooth app, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, SmartThings and importantly, it works with a key. You can lock or unlock your door using the app. Combining your phone’s GPS and Bluetooth you can have the door unlock for you when you arrive home without even touching your phone. Then when the door is closed it can be set to automatically lock itself. Or if you prefer, just saying ‘Alexa, lock the door’ is now something that gives instant Ultion protection. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 75


Automatic FUHR Lock Is High Flyer For Carl F Groupco Hardware distributor Carl F Groupco’s collaboration with German lock manufacturer FUHR dates back to 1962 and FUHR products consistently feature in the company’s best seller list. With a 13% increase in sales in the trading year 2018-2019, a current top performer is the FUHR multisafe 833 automatic door lock. Described by lock supply specialists Carl F Groupco as a reliable multipoint device, the 833 offers automatic locking functionality to protect from unauthorised access from the moment the door is closed. The lock also helps prevent warping, particularly for composite

by using a lever handle. On closing the door, latches become solid deadbolts throwing 20mm into the frame to provide security against forced entry. Additionally, a simple key turn secures the interior lever and main door bolt making the lock ‘child proof ’. The door lock has achieved PAS 24 and is Secured by Design accredited. doors, by locking all points to hold the door in place every time the door closes, as opposed to relying on the home owner to lift a lever. Ideally designed for easy, secure operation, the door automatically locks on closing and is easily unlocked from inside the property

Carl F Groupco advises that the range of features offered by the FUHR multisafe 833 make the product an attractive and compelling choice of lock as ease of use and security are combined for aluminium, composite, PVCu or timber entrance doors of residential or public buildings.

Window Ware Partners With GT Window Products To Give Fabricators PAS 24 Edge Window Ware, the award-winning, independent hardware distributor, has strengthened its industry-leading range with window and door hardware from GT Window Products. The new range of patented hardware accessories is designed to help fabricators enhance their windows and doors, upgrade security, as well as differentiate their products from the competition. Designed and manufactured in the UK by GT Window Products, the range also aims to give fabricators an alternative way to meet PAS 24 certification. The GT Window Products range features three PAS 24 certified solutions; the Quad Guard PVCu door hinge protector, the Stay Guard window hinge protector and the Snap Lok glass retention device. The Quad Guard is a fastfix, rout-free add-on that does the job of a traditional door dog bolt to 76 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

is completed by the Bow Constrictor, which offers a cost-effective tolerant alternative to wrap-around gearing, along with the Sash Seal, which helps to keep windows draft-free and reduce the risk of bowing.

protect the door hinge and boost security. The Stay Guard lives up to its name and achieves twice the hook engagement of rival products for greater protection. The Snap Lok holds glass panels firmly in place to improve the security of window and door sets by increasing their resistance to physical attacks with tools – a key requirement of the part B and C manipulation tests carried out during PAS 24 assessment. The range

Richard Bryant, Commercial Director at Window Ware comments: “We are absolutely delighted to add the GT Window Products lineup to our hardware offering. It’s a fantastic range that delivers real benefits to our customers by helping them solve common fabrication problems, achieve a better-finished product and stay competitive. “With the many challenges facing fabricators, including PAS 24 certification, we anticipate a positive response from our customers across the country. Our team is primed and ready with any advice or information customers may need.”


New 18-Volt Rotary Hammer

From Bosch For Professional

A Verandah For

All Seasons

The British love affair with outdoor living continues with the growth in demand of the Verandah from Prefix Systems, which offers near all-year round opportunities to sit outside and from a trade perspective rapid installation times and a new revenue stream.

Verandah is a fully bespoke system it’s perfect as a straight lean to, splayed lean to or as an ‘L’ shaped solution. It’s an integrated development based on traditional aesthetics with post, column covers and brackets, along with a decorative casting to column base and colour coded glazing bars. For homeowners not wanting the permanence of a conservatory and wishing to keep their existing patio area, Verandah is a perfect investment for any home and can also be adapted for walkways, or car ports, with a square post option and the alternative glazing of polycarbonate. While marketed as a three-season outdoor living solution, with the

adoption of readily available patio heaters, this can be extended to an all-year round opportunity to make best use of outside space. Added to Bi-folding doors from the house this blends indoor and outdoor seamlessly.

Chris Cooke, of Prefix Systems commented: ‘Each year sales have increased notably for Verandah as installers look to maximise their outdoor living space and as installers look at new products in which to entice homeowners. With a moderate ticket price, half day installation and a range of strong marketing materials, it’s the perfect product to promote, alongside our other product systems.’ To support the Verandah there’s an impressive sales brochure, along with technical and installation guides with fitting in as little as just a few hours. There’s also full technical and sales support from any of the four Prefix branches which service the entire UK.

More efficient drilling, hammer drilling and chiselling. Bosch Professional is extending its 18-volt product range and is launching the GBH 18V-26 D Professional – the first powerful cordless rotary hammer with D-handle. The tool has an impact energy of 2.5 joules with a high impact rate of 4,350 beats per minute and can therefore drill just as fast as the corded GBH 2-26 Professional model from Bosch. The brushless motor of this cordless rotary hammer contributes to the efficiency of the tool. When combined with a 5.0 Ah battery, the GBH 18V-26 D Professional can drill around 110 holes (8 x 40 millimetres) in concrete. For particularly demanding drilling and chiselling applications, tradespeople can use the high-performance ProCORE18V battery. Regardless of which battery you use, the Bosch Professional 18 V system guarantees compatibility with new and existing power tools and chargers in this voltage class. The GBH 18V-26 D Professional is the world’s first cordless rotary hammer with D- handle offering tradespeople KickBack Control and providing a higher level of user protection, claims the company. In the event of sudden and unpredictable rotation of the rotary hammer around the drilling axis ‒ which can occur if the drill becomes blocked in reinforced concrete ‒ the integrated sensor shuts off the motor in a fraction of a second. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 77


Senior Adds Flavour To The Smokehouses Offering a modern take on the industrial look, high performance aluminium windows, doors and curtain walling from Senior Architectural Systems have been specified for a new residential development created as part of the regeneration of historic docklands in Tyne and Wear. Located on the former Smith’s 78 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

Dock shipyard in North Shields which dates back to 1857, the new Smokehouses have been designed by Simpson Haugh architects and jointly developed by Urban Splash and Places for People. Comprising two apartment blocks, the scheme celebrates the industrial heritage of the location whilst providing residents with an aspirational, modern living space.

Utilising solutions from across Senior’s comprehensive product range, the fenestration package has been installed and fabricated by North Eastern Glass Ltd for main contractor Robertson CE Ltd, with whom Senior has an established supplier agreement. The attractive glazed frontage of the two buildings offers spec-

ON SITE tacular views of the River Tyne, with the simple rectangular shape of Senior’s aluminium windows contributing to the overall industrial design which takes inspiration from nearby warehouse buildings. The individual apartments benefit from Senior’s patented low U-value PURe® aluminium windows and PURe® SLIDE aluminium doors, which also provide access to a balcony area. The ground floor retail areas feature Senior’s slimline SF52 aluminium curtain walling and robust SPW501 aluminium commercial doors to create both a practical and welcoming entrance. The aluminium frames of Senior’s windows, doors and curtain walling have also been powder-coated at Senior’s in-house facility to achieve a dark industrial tone, which not only adds interest to the extensively glazed areas but also perfectly complements the buildings’ rich, red zinc cladding. As well as offering aesthetic appeal and slim sightlines, Senior’s aluminium fenestration systems are highly durable, require little maintenance and can be powder-coated in a range of colours and finishes, making them ideally suited for use in exposed waterside locations. With both the SF52 aluminium curtain walling and PURe® aluminium windows and sliding doors offering enhanced thermal performance, Senior’s high-performance fenestration solutions can also help to reduce carbon calculations and heating costs. The two buildings are the first to be completed as part of the first phase of the Smokehouses development and the wider regeneration of Smith’s Dock shipyard. Also helping to breathe new life into the area is Fab House, an exclusive collection of three-bedroom family homes exclusively designed by TDO Architecture and architect and TV presenter George Clarke.

Slough School Gives

REHAU 10/10 When Ridge Architects needed to specify replacement windows for a specialist school in Berkshire, REHAU’s TOTAL70 profile provided the perfect solution. Kevin O’Neill Commercial Manager with REHAU worked closely with the Ridges design team and Slough Borough Council, to ensure that the original Victorian façade was replicated, and the functionality of the new REHAU windows worked for the current occupants. The school provides ‘a safe and stimulating environment where children develop the skills which enable them to be included in their communities’ and is located in an attractive red brick building on Stoke Road. For many years it’s been served by traditional timber sash windows, but these were dilapidated and in need of replacement. The project at Littledown Special School began when the school identified a need to replace the current windows with a profile offering high performance, aesthetic suitability and value for money. Hazlemere Commercial, an established REHAU window installer based in High Wycombe and operating across the South of England, was engaged to deliver the project. Hazlemere Commercial decided

to team up with REHAU for the large-scale installation of some 100 casement windows knowing the profiles would be up to the task. The REHAU TOTAL70 window system was selected for its compatibility, value for money, energy efficiency and aesthetics. REHAU TOTAL70 polymer profile is well suited for projects involving original traditional timber frames due to the 70mm depth, which allows for the replacement of 3” timber frames with less trimming up. The profiles’ stylish design and finish were judged to have the right look and feel for a sympathetic end result, in keeping with the rest of the school building. The new windows are low-maintenance, containing a special compound with a smooth gloss finish, protecting against warp, not the need for continual maintenance and repainting. Not only does this guarantee a pristine appearance, it also means lower costs of upkeep for the school. The selection of REHAU TOTAL70 also delivered value for money for Littlewood, with the cost outlay for the PVC-u profiles lower than for timber or metal frames. Future energy costs will also be kept under control, thanks to the excellent thermal properties provided by the new windows. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 79


Titon Helps Glasgow Students

Enjoy The Sound Of Silence Over 400 Titon SFX Sound Attenuator vents and Sobinco Chrono side-hung windows with night vent device adaption have been used throughout the new St Mungo’s student accommodation complex at St James Road, Glasgow.

The new property opened in September 2018, offering en-suite and studio apartments for students at the University of Strathclyde, located just three minutes’ walk away. Developers Watkin Jones worked alongside Glasgow-based Marshall Brown (Windows) Ltd, with the latter specifying, supplying and installing all the windows for the project. Speaking about the development, Brian Ross, Commercial Manager at Marshall Brown (Windows) Limited, observed: “When considering the window options for this build80 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

ing, we knew side hung products were preferable to meet the increased ventilation requirements. The windows also had to provide a night vent function which, when working in conjunction with the SFX Sound Attenuator vents, would provide the required trickle ventilation for each room. Having used Titon’s hardware and vents on numerous past projects, we knew these would provide a robust solution that would suit long term use with a Student Accommodation environment.”

Titon’s SFX Sound Attenuator is a compact slot ventilator that provides superior levels of sound attenuation compared to similar ’acoustic’ products. It is part of Titon’s renowned SF Xtra range – which is widely specified throughout the UK as a cost-effective method of reducing incoming noise in situations where conven-

tional slot ventilators are unable to assist with acoustic issues. Sobinco Chrono fast-fit hinge and locking systems are suitable for most aluminium link bar profiles. They are suitable for virtually all variations of open-in window, with options available for high-security and French casement. A standard tilt and turn units can be assembled in around five minutes, greatly reducing fabrication time, while a choice of handle designs and attractive RAL colour finishes are also available. Titon has been the exclusive UK distributor for Sobinco for nearly 40 years, supplying tilt and turn window systems, pivots, catches and handles, as well as locks, liftslide systems, roller assemblies and handles for doors.


Sidey Casts A Spell Over The Grounds Of Grade A

Listed Knock Castle

um windows and doors, along with the timber structure of the room and its sedum roof, ensured that the build remained in keeping with its surroundings. Marti McVey, who built the garden room, says: “The Wizard’s House is the second garden room I have built in the grounds of Knock Castle, the first being the Witch’s House. It was built to provide a space to enjoy the stunning grounds and views.” Marti has a background in building design. He has played a huge role in the refurbishment of the castles and understands the requirements for choosing the right glazing that offers stunning looks and high performance.

The grounds of the historic Knock Castle and Knock Old Castle, two Tudor Gothic mansions in Largs, Scotland, have been enhanced with the addition of the Wizard’s House, a stunning garden room which features aluminium glazing from Sidey. Situated on the outskirts of Largs, on the West Coast of Scotland, Knock Castle was built in 1851 and is currently a private residence. The historic Knock Old Castle dates back to the 14th century and lay in ruins up until recently, and has now been transformed into a stunning boutique retreat. The garden room was built by Marti McVey, a designer, builder and bespoke furniture maker, to make the most of the stunning views of the Scottish Isles. Sidey was chosen to supply aluminium windows and doors for the build of a bespoke garden room lovingly named the Wizard’s House. Sidey’s aluminium windows and doors were supplied to comple-

ment the design of the build, while providing essential energy efficiency and performance qualities. Grey aluminium fixed casement windows and aluminium sliding patio doors were manufactured and supplied by Sidey. All featuring low-E toughened glass to offer high weather resistance against the Scottish elements. The doors feature two centre sliding doors with two external deadlights, offering wide expanses of glazing to make the most of the panoramic views the castle grounds benefit from. All round high performance was important to Marti, The profiles offer U-values as low as 1.2 W/m2K for essential energy efficiency and the windows are tested to meet performance and security requirements of BS7412 and PAS 24. Both Knock Castle and Knock Old Castle are a listed buildings, so extra care had to be taken in the design to ensure that it complemented the character of the castles and grounds. The use of Sidey alumini-

“The castles blend the old with the new, and this was reflected in the design of Wizard’s House. “It’s the attention to detail that makes the garden room so special. Along with innovative SIPS panels that help to provide insulation, weather and fire resistance, the Wizard’s House includes wood that was reprocessed from trees that had fallen within the grounds in the 2012 storm.” “The windows and doors needed the right appearance, that was suitable for the project while adding essential energy efficiency and durability too. “Sidey aluminium windows and doors were so easy to install, making the whole process very simple and the glazing performs well under the harsh weather conditions the grounds face. “Looking out across the West Coast of Scotland, the garden room’s position is very exposed to the elements and Sidey’s windows and doors take the full brunt of Scottish weather.” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 81


Cheadle Glass And Glazerite

were delighted with the outcome.”

When the owners of an airport hotel asked an installer for help with high quality frames and acoustic glass, you’d be forgiven for thinking it might have been to keep the overhead noise of aircraft to a minimum.

He adds: “We pride ourselves on the excellent and consistent service we provide to our customers, and we’re supported in this by Glazerite who we’ve worked with for the last 10 years, The quality and workmanship that goes into the fabrication of their frames, as well as things like the integrity of the lock systems and hardware they use mean we’re able to install a high-quality product.”

Solve Noisy Problem Yet for Stockport-based Cheadle Glass and their fabricator, the Glazerite UK Group Ltd, the job actually involved finding a solution to help resolve hotel customers’ complaints about the nearby trainline. Family-run Cheadle Glass is one of the North West’s leading installers and has been in business for over 50 years. Using VEKA M70 frames fabricated by Glazerite, the Cheadle Glass team installed 80 double-glazed windows over a three-week-period at the Clayton Hotel, Manches82 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

ter Airport. The install replaced existing windows at the back of the hotel which are closest to the railway lines, and match the original windows installed to the front of the hotel. Dalata, the Irish hotel operators who own the Clayton chain, were so impressed with the install they’ve approached Cheadle to work with them on further installations across the UK. Karl Minter, Commercial Sales Manager, Cheadle Glass, says: “The install included the use of acoustic glass, which, combined with the frame quality and how well the units were sealed and fitted, meant we were able to provide a soundproof solution for the client and block out the noise of the trains. Dalata tested and measured the results, and

Pete Smith, Sales Manager for Glazerite, says of the install: “We’ve got a great relationship with Cheadle Glass and were delighted to support them on this installation. Working closely with our installers means we are able to provide exactly what they need, when they need it, unique to whatever the install requires.”


Property In Glasgow Gets New

Look With REHAU Windows

Anthracite Grey to keep in line with the rest of the windows. The team at Re:Place also suggested aluminium corners, which also had to be powder coated in the Elephant Grey colour.

There were a number of key elements to consider when Re:Place Windows Limited were asked to identify a solution for a refurbishment project at Tantallon Towers in the south side of Glasgow. The replacement project was within a ground floor flat and had a number of requirements – leading to the development of a bespoke solution by Re:Place Windows Limited using the popular REHAU TOTAL70 Casement Windows. An important consideration for the project was keeping the product selection in line with the general look and feel of the building. The existing windows used in the building were aluminium, however due to Glasgow weather conditions the window profiles had degraded over time and PVCu was identified as a preferable and long-standing alternative. For installers Re:Place Windows Limited, who worked with fabricators Dessian on the project, ensuring the new material was in keeping with the wider building

was the first conundrum. Kai Mehmet, Director at Re:Place Windows – a REHAU authorised partner, developed the bespoke solution for the project. “To develop the right solution for this project required some in-depth research, all in all we visited the property to conduct surveys five times. At Re:Place we put high importance on really understanding what the customer needs and so these visits are crucial to finding the right answer. “As we were removing aluminium, we had to ensure the PVCu solution remained in keeping with the wider building aesthetic. We found a number of options to ensure this was the case, including selecting the unusual colour of Elephant Grey from REHAU. It’s a rare colour and REHAU’s production facility in Germany had to produce 450 metres for the project.” Further adjustments were needed to the profiles, including the development of aluminium powder cladding panels, coloured in

“This was definitely an unusual project for us,” said Kai. “It’s not everyday we use aluminium and it needed to be incorporated into this project for continuity. The unusual element of the project was highlighted in the 20-week lead time to installation. Whilst installation took just one week the length of the lead time demonstrates how much preparatory and development work was required.” There were also further benefits to using PVCu profiles, and another important factor was being able to input triple glazed windows. The TOTAL70 Casement Window profile easily achieves an A rating, the highest possible Window Energy Rating (WER) for thermal efficiency. “The property has electric heating,” said Kai. “So being able to retain heat within the flat was a key requirement by the property owner. This window has far more thermal properties than aluminium and will undoubtedly benefit the homeowner.” The project highlights the bespoke solutions offered by REHAU and the flexibility of the TOTAL70 Casement Window. Samsara McDonald, Commercial Sales Manager at REHAU, said: “We’re delighted we were able to support Re:Place Windows to find a solution for this project. The end result is very impressive and demonstrates not only the beneWINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 83


Senior Gets Creative At

The Confetti Institute fits of using a REHAU profile and working with an established and reliable systems house, but also the lengths Re:Place Windows are prepared to go to in order to provide the right solution for the customer.” Re:Place Windows became a REHAU Authorised Partner just 12 months ago and the company has already started seeing the positive benefits of being a part of it. Scott Jeffrey, Director at Re:Place Windows, added: “We have already become established as a trustworthy firm and aim to provide the very highest quality of customer service. This project highlights how closely we work with our customers to provide just what they need. “Our wider company ethos is also firmly embedded in supporting others and for every purchase, the customer chooses one of our selected charities to donate to. For this refurbishment project the customer chose the Glasgow Children’s Hospital charity – an organisation close to the heart of Re:Place and to the surrounding local communities.” As the firm goes from strength to strength Re:Place Windows is also set to open its brand new showroom in the coming months, giving customers a place to come and see what they can offer. The opening will take place on Saturday 22nd June 2019.


Combining sleek and slim sightlines with enhanced thermal performance, Senior Architectural Systems’ SF52 aluminium curtain walling has helped to create the stylish façade of a new creative industries college in Nottingham. Created as part of Nottingham Trent University’s Creative Quarter Campus, the new HQ for the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies has been designed by Allan Joyce Architects and created following the extensive refurbishment of a Victorian lace factory. Manufactured from fully recyclable aluminium and offering high levels of thermal performance, Senior’s glazing package has been installed by supply chain partner Acorn Aluminium Ltd for main contractor Stepnell and has helped to contribute to the building’s excellent BREEAM rating. The scheme also includes a green nature roof and was named as the Sustainable Development of the Year at the 2019 East Midlands Brick Awards. Taking inspiration from the neighbouring industrial style buildings, the new facility boasts a striking façade of weathered steel rain-

screen cladding and dark brick work which has been balanced by the use of Senior’s SF52 aluminium glazed curtain walling. Offering exceptional design flexibility and a bespoke solution, the SF52 system has been specified as both capped and capless. Used throughout the six-story building, the SF52 system has also been used in conjunction with Senior’s high performance thermally broken SPW501 aluminium commercial doors to create the building’s modern and welcoming entrance. As well as helping to maximise the flow of natural light into the interior spaces, the slim profile of the SF52 system further complements the building’s original steel framed windows which have been retained. The new digital media hub comprises media studios, labs, classrooms and a learning resource centre, alongside a contemporary café and a rooftop terrace and offers qualifications in the study of digital media, games development, music technology, TV and film screen acting, production and animation.

ON SITE need it. We agreed to survey, manufacture and help project manage the installation of the complex portal frame and roof and it was a fantastic project to work on.” The 20-metre wide T-shaped conservatory features a second adjoining lean-to roof to the rear with an Ultraframe Classic roof and 2-tier cornice. Finished in aluminum anthracite grey and with large span bifolds on every face, the resulting structure is impressively grand, yet still sleek and contemporary in appearance.

Strictly Dazzling Finials Longstanding Ultraframe fabricator, Maitlands of Pershore, along with its customer Conservatory Village, has completed a large scale installation for a well-known celebrity known for his love of glitz and glamour – so much so that the conservatory was topped off with 3 bespoke glitter ball finials, featuring 20,000 Swarovski crystals. The stunning installation would be sure to score ‘a ten from Len’ and as its famous owner would say, it looks truly “Ah! May! Zing!” Maitlands was approached by Conservatory Village – one of its leading retail customers – to help survey and manufacture the large portal conservatory for the luxury home of the primetime TV judge. Before Conservatory Village took the job on, other installation companies had turned the project

down, saying it was too complex for them, but Chris Lodge at Conservatory Village knew that he had the technical expertise of Maitlands and Ultraframe to work in partnership with him and took on the project with confidence.

Explaining further about the project and its celebrity owner, Scott Francis of Maitlands, said: “We were approached by Conservatory Village to work on a huge portal conservatory for Strictly Come Dancing judge, Craig Revel Horwood. They told us that several companies had already walked away due to the complexity of the job but here at Maitlands we have 25 years’ experience of specifying and fabricating conservatory roofs and know the outstanding level of technical support that is available to us from Ultraframe should we

Explaining further about the technical challenges of the project, Scott continued: “The request for aluminium bi-folds on each face of the conservatory posed an added complication due to the structural calculations needed, but with our design team and the backing of the proven Ultraframe system we achieved it. A custom-made double captive bolt box gutter was fixed and supported by a bespoke steel lintel system to ensure the structural integrity of the conservatory. As you would expect, Craig was a stickler for detail and asked if we could produce glitter balls as finials. Never ones to say no, we made 3 glitter balls with Swarovski Crystals – all 20,000 of them individually glued to each finial!” Concluding about the project, Ultraframe Marketing Director, Alex Hewitt, said: “A huge well done to Maitlands and Conservatory Village for carrying out this impressively large scale installation to such a high quality. The project wasn’t without its technical challenges but working together as a team, we overcame them all and are thrilled with the end result. We give it a perfect 10!” trade. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 85


New Freefoam Video Highlights 20 Years

Of Change In Roofline

Freefoam has released a video of its Commercial Director, Colin St John, explaining the big changes to the roofline market over the last 20 years, and their implications for the future. Having spent the last eighteen years with Freefoam, Colin has been a key witness to how the building industry and the market for building products have changed, particularly in the wake of the 2008 financial crash and the turmoil that followed. Colin explains: “Up to 2008, the market for building products followed a traditional, very structured model, with manufacturers making and selling products to 86 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

stockists, and stockists then distributing products to the installer marketplace and homeowners. After the crash in 2008, several iconic brands were lost and the marketplace began to shift. As people adapted to the changing market, there was a movement to a vertically integrated supply chain, where manufacturers have their own distribution channels.” But Freefoam took a different path, focusing instead on developing customer relationships and adapting its product range and service offering, rather than trying to change the market. The last decade has seen Freefoam continuing to adapt and

revise its product range, packages and extending guarantees in response to customers’ feedback. Colin continues: “Our main aim is to grow by helping our customers grow. At the end of the day we want customers who can be our partners in business, so that’s why we continue to grow the range, make the product more relevant to the current market, and give our guys the chance to win business. While I can understand why some manufacturers have pursued a vertically integrated supply chain, the control exerted over independent companies isn’t always positive when you’re trying to influence their purchasing decision making process.”


Panoramic Group Launches

Dynamic New Website

New Brochure

From VBH Highlights Impressive Breadth Of Range

The Panoramic Group has unveiled a stylish new website, which showcases its innovative product range, with a dedicated trade area offering exclusive unique products to their trade partners. The Group announced its intentions to wow the market with high quality, innovative and visually stunning products when it launched earlier this year and says that the new look website has been produced in order to reflect those qualities with a clean and concise, image focused design. As well as looking more sophisticated, the new website is also far more responsive, says the company, working seamlessly across all platforms including desktop computers, mobiles and tablets. Panoramic Group has also streamlined the content in order to reduce page numbers and to ensure all the information on the site is delivered more effectively. Ben Errington, marketing manager, commented: “The new website, which was designed and built entirely in-house, mirrors the striking aesthetics of our product range and also allows our customers to communicate with us on several

platforms in clear and concise way. Our retail customers, for instance, can learn more about the exciting design features, extensive options and pricing of our doors and windows thanks to some first-class imagery, and informative videos. In the coming months they will even be able to generate an instant online quotation. We’ve invested heavily in CRM integration software that allows us to connect with customers in a more dynamic way and to track their enquiries, so no one will be missed. “We have also created an area specifically for our trade partners,” continued Ben. “Here they can access a wealth of marketing materials, a quotation system and much more besides. “The new website is not just about new products though,” concluded Ben. “There is a lot more to come from the Panoramic Group, so we’ve also given visitors to the new website an opportunity to keep up to date with the news from across the Group, as well as subscribe to our ‘Stay in the Loop’ blog for the latest in product innovation, lifestyle trends, home design tips, product tips and more.”

VBH has created an attractive new rollfold brochure to showcase the wide choice of finishes available across its greenteQ range. The breadth of products and finishes, coupled with a market-leading guarantee, shows VBH at the forefront of hardware innovation. Fabricators and installers will find the brochure a great selling tool and useful reference guide. VBH’s greenteQ suite spans outward opening windows, residential doors, Tilt & Turn windows, inline sliding patio, lift/slide & bi-fold doors, and the Invisifold Slide & Fold hardware system for doors and windows. All greenteQ products are covered by a 10-year corrosion and security guarantee, with the Coastline range boasting an industry leading 25-year guarantee, and 1,000 hours salt spray testing. VBH’s new brochure is designed to be a handy guide to show the breakdown of colours and finishes available. These include the ‘new for 2019’ Enduro Steel and Antique Black, as well as White, Black, Anthracite Grey, Silver, Polished Gold, PVD Gold, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Smokey Chrome, both Polished and Brushed stainless steel, and Brushed Nickel. ~ WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 87


Epwin Window Systems Launches Stellar Website

Stellar, the new aluminium retail and light commercial system from Epwin Window Systems, now has a dedicated website – Gerald Allen, Marketing Manager at Epwin Window Systems, said: “We know the web is the first place most people look when researching a new product so it was important to have a strong web presence. The Stellar website gives fabricators and installers all the information they need about Stellar’s star quality.” The design of the Stellar website has the sleek good looks of the system itself. At the same time, it echoes the design of the other

Epwin says is unique to the market with its flush appearance inside and out), the Bay Window, the Bifold Door, the Lift & Slide Patio Door and the Flush Door.

websites in the Epwin Window Systems’ portfolio to tie them together visually. The easy to navigate website breaks into numerous key sections, all of which will be extended and updated over time. The first is on the products in the Stellar collection which includes the Fully Flush Casement Window (which

There’s a section that gives fabricators and installers concise technical information about the Stellar system, including all its accreditations and the team of leading aluminium industry experts behind it. And the website’s gallery dramatically showcases the stunning aesthetics that Stellar delivers. Finally, there’s a contact section where fabricators and installers can take the first step to bringing this exciting new system to their portfolio.

Pods Are Packing Them In For Apeer

And Lumi

Word is spreading about the Lumi Display Pod from Apeer as more and more dealers sign up to this unique marketing resource. And now Apeer is getting ready to install even more after making the eye-catching Pods a major feature of its extensive display at the FIT Show. Among the latest Lumi dealers to install a Pod of its own is Ripton Windows and Conservatories of Basingstoke, where the family-run business sees it as a real differentiator for the radical Lumi look, as Managing Director Matthew Ripton explained: “Our Pod has proved to be an excellent addition to our showroom. It very clearly shows how Lumi stands out from just about everything else. Lumi is so different that it has to be seen for real and in our experience there is no better way of showing it at its very best 88 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

that with the Pod.”

look at it.

Anyone visiting Hagan Windows of Cookstown, Co Tyrone, cannot help but see the new Lumi Pod because Eugene Devlin and son Charles have deliberately made it the focus of their entire display. “We’ve positioned it so it’s the first thing people see when they come in,” said Charles, “We have had it about five months and it started drawing people’s attention right from the start. We’ve even seen people come in off the street to

“The Lumi system is doing very well for us, with jobs done and more in the pipeline, and we know the Pod is going to keep the momentum going. Both companies say their Pods were installed in the space of two or three days with minimum disruption and the back-up from the Apeer team has been second to none.

MARKETING grammes. New systems, processes and structuring have been implemented alongside all of these changes to deliver customers the best possible experience and deliver the solutions they require.

Sharp New Look For The Experts In Glass Glass Technology Services, today launch a fresh new look following a rebranding of the company. The rebrand marks 20 years since the launch of the former branding and reflects both the expanding nature of work and type of clients that the business supports today – with significant growth across the high tech, food, drinks and spirits and pharmaceutical sectors. The addition of the ‘experts in glass’ strap line reflects the laboratory’s position as a leading provider of specialist glass analysis, testing and consultancy support to their global client base. Operations Director Gareth Jones oversaw the process and believes the brand refresh continues the organisation’s focus on the future. “Since our foundation we’ve con-

tinually evolved and adapted to give our customers the best possible analysis, advice and overall experience we can. “Now we have a strong, fresh identity to reflect the breadth of exceptional work, capabilities and support provided by our technical experts.” The new branding, developed by local Barnsley design agency awesome., continues a strategic investment programme across the company. The ongoing investments have already seen the expansion of their consultancy division, a refreshed training programme, commissioning of new plant and analytical equipment expanding capabilities and capacity, a continued focus on skills and training with academic, vocational and knowledge exchange pro-

The ethos of continual improvement at the accredited laboratory can be clearly felt when speaking with their customers – a recent survey indicated 94% of customers were either satisfied or very satisfied with the service received, while 96% would recommend Glass Technology Services. In developing the new brand, Glass Technology Services held a series of internal workshops with staff to establish clear company values, vision and image. The design agency shadowed operations to understand company culture and the incredible passion of staff in order to inspire their design principals. Further consultation and feedback with both established clients and internal staff helped to steer the final design in order to reach the fresh look launched today. As part of this launch the experts in glass developed a number of unique tools, which will be circulated to clients. These include a periodic table for those working with glass – identifying key glass-making elements and their function, while other posters clarify terminology for different glass products – including glass drinks packaging, moulded and tubular pharmaceutical vials.

Sidey Launch New-Look Website

There has been a great reaction to the recent launch of Sidey’s new-look website. The Scottish fenestration company has already received superb feedback and attracted hundreds of new visitors.

The website has been designed to show Sidey’s impressive range of products to all market sectors, comprehensively catering to homeowners, trade, new build & developers and local authority & housing associations.


MARKETING installers to build advantage through performance ratings. The BFRC has launched its powerful, refreshed brand aesthetics, incorporating the new ‘Proven Performance’ slogan, providing the fenestration supply chain with a strong image to help promote the benefits for using BFRC ratings when advising homeowners on the best-performing products for their needs. The new website and branding are the result of collaborations with creative marketing agency CMDi and IT Software company Borough IT.

BFRC Relaunch Website As Part Of Bold New Rebrand The body responsible for establishing one of the UK’s most trusted and widely used independent ratings system for verifying the energy performance of windows and doors, British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC), has recently announced the launch of a responsive new website as part of a comprehensive review of the BFRC brand. Among the key features of the new site is a members area where companies can upload their own logo onto the energy labels designed to provide homeowners with the evidence that window and door products will perform as promised. Installers will also be able to upload a company profile to the 90 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

BFRC site, enabling potential and existing customers to find and contact them directly.

In addition, System Houses and Manufacturers can now approve registered installers to use their product licences and they will soon be able to download training packs via the website to help explain the benefits of BFRC energy ratings and how to use them to win more work. Alongside the website updates, the BFRC has undertaken a wider brand review to help further enhance the vital role it plays in the fenestration supply chain, and have since been unveiling their enhanced strategy to support manufacturers and

BFRC Operations Director, Lis Clarke, remarks, “We’re delighted with the new look and feel of the brand and the new website epitomises what we’re looking to achieve, thanks to the work of CMDI and Borough IT. It also gives us the foundation for future growth in the sector, we have big plans for BFRC over the next 12 months and this is just the start.” Borough IT Head of Operations, Simon Charkham, notes, “The new BFRC website has been a great project to work on. The challenge has been to integrate the technical elements required with ensuring the look and feel align with the new brand and the user experience is enhanced. The outcome is a result of collaboration, hard work and creativity and we’re thrilled with the final product.” CMDi Managing Director, Dianne Lucas, comments, “The brand programme and subsequent website have been based on robust research with key stakeholders and have been carefully designed to ensure that the BFRC continues to drive improvements in energy performance, right across the supply chain.”


Deciphering Doors Resting among the piles of post or propped up on the windowsill, in the vast majority of homes you can find at least one piece of literature dedicated to home improvement trends. Utilised as a couple’s conversation starter, it has normally been strategically placed on a coffee table or worktop; a reminder of a domestic upgrade that needs finalising and design details yet to be agreed upon. Not one to be discarded quite so nonchalantly, Distinction Doors’ newest catalogue has recently burst onto the scene, promoting its offerings with more vivacity than ever before. Demonstrating the extensive palette available to homeowners, the design brings each shade to life using colour chip swatches that are not only more accurate in appearance but that feature grained embossment for true authenticity. This latest product bible has been entirely refreshed with a new layout that cleverly exhibits the wealth of products Distinction have to offer homeowners. Marketing Manager

Bethaney Larkman has led the project from concept through to delivery: “The new brochure showcases the full spectrum of what Distinction can provide: Contemporary, Signature, nxt-gen, Cottage, 70mm doors, and glass too. The addition of foldouts on some of the pages illustrates with greater detail the variety of glass combinations our doors suit. From both a practical perspective and for overall reader experience, it was especially important to get this right as we don’t want customers to get lost within the pages or to miss something that may be precisely what they’ve been looking for.

“New additions like the Infinity Collection and Craftsman door are presented with images from inside and outside, depicting how our broad colour range can look against a variety of backdrops. The existing nxt-gen range now highlights individual characteristics more prominently, giving added information as to why one product might be a more appropriate choice for say, privacy, or big impact, than another. We hope we’ve made the customer experience even simpler.” Bethaney added: “The brochure is free for all trade partners to order from stock and, if required, can be personalised with individual company branding through our inhouse design boutique.” The array of door, glass and colour combinations make this Distinction offering the most comprehensive yet. Simply put, whether it’s country cottage, city chic or contemporary industrial that homeowners are asking for, after a cuppa and half an hour with this in their hand, they will soon be soon back to sorting that pile of post. Decision made, order placed.

UAP Sponsored Manchester Thunder

Crowned Superleague Champions Staff at UAP Limited were thrilled to see Manchester Thunder crowned 2019 Superleague champions at the recent Vitality Netball Superleague final. Winning 57 – 52, Manchester Thunder beat reigning champions, Wasps in a ferocious show-down. The hardware specialist is a primary partner of the Vitality Netball Superleague franchise for Manchester and North West England under its corporate brand, UAP and product brand, Fullex.

Debbie Hallas, Manchester Thunder managing director, said: “Winning the Vitality Netball Superleague title for the third time is an incredible achievement, especially as it’s been one of the most hotly contested and unpredictable seasons ever. As our main commercial partners, UAP has been a huge support and played a huge part in the victory. It’s only thanks to the support of companies like theirs who are prepared to invest in our players and coaches that we can perform on court. Thank you to

every member of their team and all their customers for backing Thunder, netball and women’s sport.”#THISISNETBALL WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 91


Everglade Windows To Provide 2020 Vision At Trade Customer Conference

The Everglade Trade Customer Conference is back with a difference this year. The 2020 Vision conference will give installers a look into how to progress their business for the next decade with a series of insightful workshops.

The London fabricator is welcoming their conference back for its 13th consecutive year and has arranged an expert line-up to help installation companies future-proof their business. “We want our customers to be successful and to go from strength to strength. With the onset of a new decade, we’ve decided to shake things up with how we deliver our conference this year, to give our customers ideas and support their business for the next ten years,” says Jay Patel, Sales & Marketing Director at Everglade Windows. “‘Recruitment & Retention’ is a workshop delivered by Certass Trade Association looking at 92 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

what you can do to upskill your business and tackle the skills gap caused by Brexit, an ageing workforce and lack of youngsters coming into the industry. ‘Financial Freedom’ will see Ablestoke Financial Planning LLP give tips on how installers can grow and protect their wealth, making their money work as hard as they do. Balls2 Marketing will deliver ‘Getting Savvy on Social’, a practical workshop with top tips and free content ideas for installer’s social media channels. “There will be sessions on consumer advice, technical trouble shooting and live demonstrations of the latest Window Designer updates from the Everglade Windows team, as well as a first-look at our incredible new product range to help installers consolidate their supply and win more, higher-value business so you can boost your profits. “As usual, we will also be presenting delegates with the latest

trends, market challenges and how they can future-proof their business with a consolidated range. This year will be one of the biggest years ever for product launches and we have new and exclusive uPVC and aluminium ranges to transform the way that installers can sell to homeowners over the next ten years.

“During our Expert Marketplace in the showroom, customers will also get the chance to win some fantastic prizes courtesy of our partners and suppliers, including a spa weekend, a trip to Bruges, a £500 Makita tool set and a project photography shoot. Not to forget – we’ll end the evening with our legendary hospitality.” Everglade Windows will be hosting the ‘2020 Vision: Progressing Your Business for the Next Decade’ Trade Customer Conference on 27 June 2019 at their West London HQ in Perivale. To book, visit


GGF Announces

Members’ Day

Dates And Venues Excitement Builds As refreshment breaks, sit down three-course lunch and will finish around 3.30pm.

The Glass and Glazing Federation has announced that its annual Members’ Day will be held on Thursday 26th September at the Hilton Olympia in Kensington London, with a special networking event on the evening before (25th September) at The Museum of Brands in Notting Hill. John Agnew, GGF President commented, “We are delighted to have secured these dates and venues for what promises to be enjoyable and memorable occasions for our Members.” Though the full event programme has yet to be finalised, Members’ Day will include presentations on topical issues, keynote speakers and some new exciting features. All will be revealed in the build up to the event. The event will open at 9:00am for registration/refreshments with the full conference starting at 9.45am with the President’s Welcome and Annual General Meeting. The day will include

Kevin Buckley, GGF Group Chief Executive added, “Every GGF Member is invited to join us for Members’ Day 2019 and for the networking event on the evening before. Both events are completely free for Members and promise to be highlights in the GGF calendar. We are currently putting the full agenda for Members’ Day together and will release more details as the event draws closer. In the meantime, I’d advise all Members to mark the dates of these events in the diaries.” James Lee, GGF Director of External Affairs added, “The venues we’ve chosen this year will give Members’ Day a very different experience. Our exclusive use of the Museum of Brands in particular should be of great interest as it shows the incredible journey of how our consumer society has evolved. Many of the favourite British brands are featured and their history charted through the different eras from Victorian times through the 20th century and into the digital age. I’d encourage all Members planning to attend to book early to avoid disappointment.” GGF Members are advised to email to register their interest in attending and for more details. To find out more about the GGF please visit

Glazing Summit Returns For 2019 Some of the biggest names in the industry have come together to spearhead the 2019 Glazing Summit. The inaugural event in 2018 had over 400 of the glazing industry’s most influential leaders and decision makers flock to Birmingham for this one-day conference with 23 speakers, panel debates, lunch and networking. The 2019 Glazing Summit promises to be bigger and better. Taking place on Thursday, September 12th at Edgbaston Stadium and Conference Centre, Birmingham, the day will be packed with industry insight, advice and discussion on the issues that matter. Andrew Scott, the founder of the Glazing Summit and CEO of glazing industry specialists Insight Data and Purplex Marketing, said: “This is a no-nonsense conference for fabricators, installers and component suppliers who want the inside track on where the industry is going, where the opportunities are and how to maximise growth and profitability.” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019 93


Emplas Steps Up To Support

Charity Fundraiser Emplas has sponsored Advance Building Plastics in a gruelling 1,200 mile ‘banger race’ from Pontrilas in Herefordshire to Monte Carlo.

“We’d like to say a big thank you to Emplas and all of those who have donated already and appeal for further donations in aid of these two great charities.”

Encompassing six countries and some of Europe’s most spectacular roads the Monte Carlo or Bust Rally is being organised to raise money for St Michael’s Hospice and Macmillan Cancer.

cording to entry rules for less than £500 – all the way to the Mediterranean.

It includes an entry from Advance Building Plastics owner, Andrew Buchanan, who has committed to nurse his 52-plate Volvo V70, which already has 200,000 mile on the clock and was bought – ac-

Joined by friends John Collins, Colin Watts and Keith Ratcliffe, he sets out on the 30th of May. “It’s amazing what you can get for under £500”, quipped Andrew. “It’s a long way to go but for a very

Everest Calls For Sliders UK Sliders UK’s Grant Harvey has completed the grueling 5364m climb to Everest Base Camp. Undertaking the challenge in aid of the North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust Charity, this included a 10-day trek while battling the effects of altitude sickness. The former reservist with the Royal Anglian Regiment and key account manager with the door specialist, said that despite the trials faced along the way, it had been a hugely rewarding experience. “Alex Murphy our managing director is a first responder with the North West Ambulance Service so I’ve seen first-hand the really important work that they do. I simply wanted to give something back and this was a way of doing that”, said Grant. “It was an absolutely amazing experience. You don’t simply go from ‘A’ to ‘B’ to ‘C’. You have to acclimatize, so we were walking 94 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2019

worthy cause and assuming the car holds up, we should complete the race with a circuit around the Monaco Grand Prix track.

John Leary, Sales and Marketing Director Emplas said: “We’re delight to be supporting Andrew and wish him and his team the very best of luck in making it to Monte Carlo and in raising donations for both charities.” To donate please visit: of our party early on. I was almost there but then I felt very nauseous and the next thing I knew I was sat on the ground surrounded by everyone”, he recalls. “Fortunately, I was able to recover my senses enough to make it to base camp with the help of one of our Sherpars.

up the trail in the morning and then walking back down again in the afternoon, before moving on, so it was literally two steps forward, one step back. “But the scenery, the people and the culture were incredible. It’s an experience that will stay with me forever.” Despite having trained for the challenge and with only 200 metres to go before reaching base camp, Grant collapsed with altitude sickness. “It [altitude sickness] effects people in different ways. We lost one

“Going down was a lot easier”, he quips. The North West Ambulance Charity funds lifesaving equipment, education programmes and other projects to benefit the health, wellbeing and safety of patients, staff and the wider community. In the last year, the charity has funded the installation of more than 100 defibrillators in public places. Each defibrillator funded and installed increases the chances of survival for an out of hospital cardiac arrest from just 5% to over 75%, if used with effective CPR within the first four minutes of an arrest. To donate please visit

WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH... 10th - 22nd June 2019

...The tough get going. This June GM Fundraising takes on its toughest assignment yet, From Russia With Hope. Covering 2780 miles, across 10 countries in 12 days, a team of riders will take on the gruelling challenge in aid of Hope House Children’s Hospices.












To support the team, you can donate at Find out more at

Reflecting the past. FIT for the future. We’re on a journey and our NEW Rio Flush Fit window is just the beginning. Built on our foundations, we are reinventing our heritage to enhance the lives of homeowners and our trade customers. Rio is more than just a product, it‘s a new way of business, to help you achieve more tomorrow. Its versatile design bridges timeless tradition with modern life. For a chance to win a GoPro® HERO7 White to help frame your treasured moments, order your free fabricator/installer pack and marketing resources at

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