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Industry Could

Suffer From

Political Uncertainty

The construction sector could be left vulnerable to the negative effects of political uncertainty following the indecisive result of the General Election, says the Federation of Master Builders (FMB). Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB, said: “The surprise General Election result has left key business sectors nervous with no one political party securing enough seats to form a majority government. The construction sector is particularly vulnerable to dips in consumer confidence brought about by political uncertainty and therefore it’s crucial that this uncertainty is minimised.” Berry concluded: “In the longer term, there could be a potential silver lining for the business community as the prospect of a hard Brexit now seems less likely. Theresa May stood on a hard Brexit platform and she has clearly not been given a mandate to approach the negotiations in this way. Brexit is inevitable but the election result will surely have a significant impact on the shape of the Brexit deal we end up with. This could be a positive for business leaders who are concerned about a broad range of issues – for the construction sector, our greatest concern is that the flow of migrant workers might be reduced too quickly and before we are able to put in place a framework for training sufficient UK workers to replace them.” 4 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

Thermoseal Group Purchases The Assets

Of North Western Lead Thermoseal Group, leading UK insulated glass (IG) component manufacturer and supplier to the window industry for over 37 years, has purchased the stock and assets of North Western Lead adding its DecraLed decorative product range to its already comprehensive range of IG components on offer. DECRA Led® adhesive lead strip and wide range of DECRA Glow® Films; DECRA Bevels®; as well as infused tiles and a multitude of decorative accessories are all part of the DecraLed range which has been manufactured to highest quality standards and developed with skills honed over 60 years in the industry. “Purchasing the DecraLed decorative product ranges was an excellent opportunity for us to add a multitude of premium products to our ever-expanding IG component range.” says Gwain Paterson, Managing Director at Thermoseal Group. He continues: “We are a one-stop-shop for IG sealed unit manufacturers and aim to continue to expand our manufacturing

operations to ensure that we are offering products which are subject to our own rigorous testing and quality control procedures. “There is a high demand for DecraLed coated products from International customers and we expect to develop this export business alongside our Thermobar and Thermoflex Warm Edge product ranges. “To date, we manufacture over 50% of the products we supply which also includes Perma Led Adhesive Lead which we purchased in 1999. In taking on DecraLed production of high quality decorative products we aim to strengthen the Decraled brand by providing innovative and interesting solutions for our customers’ decorative needs. We have already made significant investments in a new state-of-theart design studio in Wigan. This studio will enable us to produce bespoke designs for our customers to incorporate into their own insulated glass products.”


Election Jitters Sends

Construction Into A Slump As the country fell into general election fever across May, overall construction contract figures on the month dropped to their lowest value for more than three years. According to the latest edition of the Economic & Construction Market Review from industry analysts Barbour ABI, £4.9 billion worth of construction contracts were commissioned in May (see figure 1.1), a £500 million decrease on the previous month and a noteworthy £1.5 billion drop when compared to May 2016. (Figure 1.1) Looking at construction across the UK regions, it was the South West that led with 18 per cent of the UK’s construction contract value, largely thanks to a £400 million mechanical and engineering contract at the Hinck-

ley Point nuclear plant project based in Somerset, which was awarded to Balfour Beatty. Interestingly London, which usually sits firmly at the top of the regional rankings for market share, only accumulated nine per cent of the UK’s total construction contract value in May, with five regions contributing more value than the capital. Looking across the sectors, only Residential and Education saw construction contract values increase in May compared to April – both increases were only minimal though at 1.9 and 0.9 per cent respectively. The remaining sectors all saw decreases with Infrastructure hit hardest, falling by 22 per cent on the month and by almost 40 per cent compared to twelve months ago. Outside of the Hinckley Point contract, some of the biggest projects awarded in May

include; £300 million Blyth offshore wind farm in Northumberland, £130 million halls of residence at the University of Hull and the luxury Vincent Tower hotel in Liverpool valued at £70 million. Commenting on the figures, Michael Dall, Lead Economist at Barbour ABI, said: “While the pre-election jitters will have no doubt affected these recent figures, many of the sectors – such as infrastructure and medical & health – have been performing below par for some time now, with the industry being too heavily reliant on residential building performing strongly each month.” “What also stood out in May was the lack of major projects awarded in London, which saw a big drop in its construction contract value contribution in May, down to 9 per cent. The biggest projects on the month were spread sparingly across the country and with London’s modest contribution, its clear this held back the figures last month.” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 5


Eurocell Partnership Brings Composite Wood

Company To UK Trade Counters In its biggest ever distribution deal, Composite Wood Company has joined forces with Eurocell to put its timber alternative decking, fencing and balustrade into all of Eurocell’s 170 trade counters covering the UK. “Composite Wood decking and fencing is an exciting addition to Eurocell trade counters. For installers, it’s fast and easy to fit, and homeowners love having a natural wood feel without the hassle of maintaining it,” says Lee Robinson, Senior Product Category Manager at Eurocell. “Composite Wood Company has invested heavily to develop the right range and maintains a consistently high level of stock. That means Eurocell customers get quality products, when they need them. “We see huge potential for Eurocell customers to win business

with this range. Composite Wood Company has already demonstrated impressive demand from homeowners with a G Award-winning retail campaign. There are already more than 13,000 fans on the Composite Wood Company Facebook page.” Eurocell and Composite Wood Company kicked off the partnership at FIT Show 2017, where the two companies’ stands were opposite each other. Visitors saw the stunning Composite Wood products that can be ordered now at Eurocell trade counters. To help customers make the most of the boom in outdoor living using Composite Wood, Eurocell’s comprehensive sales and marketing tools were also on display. New POS material includes a Composite Wood sample board and brochure, so customers can easily select the components they need for each job. Materials will be de-

Sales Still Soaring for Heritage Six Months On The Heritage Window Collection was set to be the most talked about brand in 2017 and just six months after launch, sales are continuing to climb as more people discover the benefits of this true timber alternative.

“We’re not surprised by the success of the Heritage Window Collection because we work hard to design and deliver products the market wants,” says Deceuninck’s Rob McGlennon, “but our customers tell us they’ve been particularly impressed with the 6 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

whole package of innovative products and all-encompassing marketing support. They tell us their installer customers

livered direct to site within seven days of ordering. Composite Wood Company is running a series of training sessions for Eurocell, covering the whole of the UK. Lee says: “Branch staff will be able to show Eurocell customers how easy the decking, fencing and balustrades are to fit together, and to help with enquiries about the range.” Tony Pratt, Sales Director at Composite Wood Company, adds: “Offering Composite Wood products through Eurocell Trade Counters is a fantastic opportunity to further develop our supply to the trade. The Composite Wood Company team is looking forward to developing great working relationships with all Eurocell branches.” have been impressed too. As soon as people see it – whether fabricator, installer or homeowner – they want it, which is why demand is showing no signs of slowing down. “True innovation doesn’t come along that often, especially innovation that offers fabricators and installers a real sales opportunity, but that’s exactly what the new Heritage Window Collection by Deceuninck has done. It meets the market demand perfectly and as a result is helping to drive new business. That’s why the Slider24 sliding door from the Collection has recently reported a production rate of 1000 doors per month.

TRADE NEWS He also forecast continuing if steady growth in the composite door market, which he said would increase to around 850,000 door sets per annum in the next three years. But while citing sizeable areas of growth, he tempered forecasts with predictions of continuing challenge.


And Shift In Homeownership Redefining The Window And

Door Industry- Palmer

Tougher second-time replacement sells and the shift away from home ownership, are driving long-term change in the window and door industry. The analysis was delivered by Robert Palmer, Palmer Market Research during last month’s FIT Show seminar programme. He said first time window and door replacements had dropped from 80% in 2000 to less than 30% in 2015, with ‘replacement of replacement’ installations now accounting for 70% of all installations.

He argued that this was driving increased focus on aesthetics, “Homeowners want something that is tangibly different and the appearance of windows is increasingly important in the market”, he said. “That in turn is driving innovation in the industry and the shift to premium finishes and foils in retail markets. “While there will always be a place for standard budget white PVC-U, there has been definite shift in

consumer expectation.

“The industry has responded with foils and premium finishes as well as the very substantial growth that we’re seeing in demand for aluminium.” To this end he forecast that aluminium is on course to reach a 17-year high by 2020, topping 220,000 frames by the end of the three-year period. This he said would be delivered by significant growth in the bi-fold market, which he forecast was set for growth of 30% through to 2020 in all material types to 55,000 door sets. Of these predicted that aluminium would take the lion’s share of the market at 35,000 units. Palmer cited ‘exponential growth’ in the solid roof conservatory market as a second key area of opportunity. According to The Window, Door and Conservatory Markets in Housing in Great Britain, (October 2016) the market for replacement conservatory roofs was up 62% in 2015 to 11,200 installations and is forecast for continuing growth through to 2020.

Alongside the shift to tougher second-time replacement sells, Palmer said that the long-term decline in homeownership was also driving a long-term change in the market. This according to figures has dropped from a peak of 14.8million in 2005 to below 14.3million last year. Conversely the private rental sector was up from around 2million properties in 2005 to 4.5million. “The private rental market tends to be again, that little bit tougher and price driven. There are however incentives – or perhaps more accurately disincentives for not doing so – to improve the energy efficiency of their properties. “MEES or Minimum Energy Efficiency standards give landlords just a year to bring the energy performance certificate (EPC) rating of their properties to no lower than E for new tenants and to all existing tenancies from 01 April 2020”, said Palmer. He concluded: “Brexit is clearly also an influence. What that influence will be right now is very difficult to predict as we know so very little about its potential shape. “Regardless of this, however, message is that the market as always never stands still and that product innovation but also end-user expectation, coupled with the impact of legislation, is reshaping how the industry does and will need to do business.” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 7




Expert Teams Up

With Purplex

Purplex, the marketing agency for the glass & glazing industry, recently teamed up with a global expert in Google analytics to help the agency strengthen its online marketing results for clients.

Ransomware Attack:

FSB Raises The Alarm With The UK’s 5.5 Million Small Businesses

Based in Brussels, Remco Van Der Beek advises and trains some of the world’s leading organisaFSB is warning small businesses tions on Google analytics. in the UK to take urgent steps to protect themselves from a cyber Andrew Scott, Managing Director ransomware attack last week, of Purplex, arranged for Remco to following specific concerns it has travel from Brussels to London to received from the National Cyber spend a day with the Purplex dig- Security Centre. As well as followital team to gain deeper insights ing its cyber protection advice, on the latest Google updates and FSB says smaller businesses analytics. should put in place specific cyber protection insurance. Andrew commented: “We are obsessed with delivering better Dave Stallon, commercial director online results through SEO and at FSB, said: PPC than anyone else in the marketing industry, so convincing “We are raising the alarm with a renowned global expert to travel the UK’s 5.5 million-strong small to the UK to work exclusively with business community. It is vital that us was a great achievement.” small businesses and the self-employed prioritise this, and that they Purplex has an office in Trafaldo it today. These businesses gar Square, central London, but have limited resources, time and Andrew arranged for 12 of the expertise to deal with the current Purplex digital marketing team to and growing cyber crime threat travel from its Bristol HQ to work but there is specific assistance directly with Remco. available. They should follow our guidance, and do it right now.” “It is vital that businesses continue to invest in training and Mike Cherry, FSB National Chairdevelopment to stay ahead of the man, said: curve. A couple of days out of the office for 12 staff is a big com“The National Cyber Security mitment, but it is already paying Centre has warned us that a new dividends with a much deeper working week may bring more understanding of Google methcyber ransomware outbreaks. We odologies, which can only benefit are urging all small businesses our customers” to take steps to reduce the risk of an attack. Businesses should immediately check for updates 8 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

to their operating systems and anti-malware software and download them where needed. We advise small firms to make sure their data is backed up – if the worst happens, data cannot then be held to ransom. Small firms should also keep an eye on the NCSC website and Twitter feed to stay up to date with the latest advice. FSB members have access to specific cyber advice and insurance protection as part of their membership.” Small businesses and the self-employed are urged to make use of the expert cyber advice line offered to FSB members along with cyber protection insurance. FSB figures, 2016, show that on average, a cyber crime incident costs a small business victim nearly £3,000, and takes 2.2 days to recover from. FSB figures show that a staggering seven million cyber crimes are committed against smaller businesses in the UK every year. That’s 19,000 every day. The risk of cyber crime attack is rising. Attackers are becoming more effective, whilst victims are becoming less able to discover attacks. Cyber crime is one of the fastest growing risks to small businesses, and one of the fastest growing areas of crime globally.

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Quote turnaround within 2 hrs Up to 1200mm sash widths Stock colours : White, Black, Grey, Grey on White /madefortrade @madefortrade1

U *Offer applicable to new customers on your first set of doors only. *Excludes Glass and Delivery. *Lead Time depending on delivery day to your area. *Based on a like for like quote.

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We’re In! Network VEKA

Evolves Into Independent Network “Our ‘recipe’ – our brand purpose and values – remain unchanged. That said, the evolution of our brand identity shows that we are more consumer aware; we know what customers want and we are adapting our communication to better resonate with their needs. We’ve done much to redress public opinion in the industry with our many loyal customers. However, the mistrust that still exists elsewhere makes Independent Network – still powered by VEKA – as relevant as ever!” Working with a specialist consumer research agency together with a leading brand strategy house, Independent Network’s brand identity was honed to promote the trust that consumers place in independent local companies over faceless national corporations.

Built on a solid 20+ year heritage as one of the leading networks of the UK’s most trusted independent installers, Network VEKA invested significantly in consumer research to identify opportunities to better connect with consumers. The research confirmed that the Network VEKA ‘recipe’ is fully aligned to consumer needs and exactly what they are looking for, however its ‘packaging’ required improvement to better engage with homeowners. Member companies – many of which have been part of the pioneering installer support organisation since its advent in 1996 – got their first look at Independent Network’s new branding at the recent Members’ Weekend. Dawn Stockell, Marketing Director for The VEKA UK Group unveiled the new branding. She commented: “Network VEKA has worked tirelessly to become a beacon for consumers who have lost faith in the home improvement industry. When the organisation formed, the double glazing trade was synonymous with shady salespeople and guarantees that weren’t worth the paper they were printed on. Conversely, our goal has always been to provide ultimate consumer confidence; something that’s been strengthened with each successive support initiative we’ve introduced. 10 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

“Independent Network’s most valuable assets are its members”, Dawn continues. “The pride they take in their work, and their readiness to be accountable is the failsafe that membership revolves around; if their customers are not satisfied, they are not suitable for this organisation. “We stand alone in providing superior quality; local company service; the reassurance of a best-in-class insurance-backed guarantee; and the endorsement of the leading PVC-U systems supplier in the UK, Europe and worldwide.” The organisation’s new ‘seal of approval’ style logo proudly reads ‘Independent Network – powered by VEKA’, and member companies were shown mockups of how the new branding would translate into marketing materials, both physical and online. Karen Lund, Head of Partner Programmes for The VEKA UK Group added: “The progression of Network VEKA into Independent Network is the latest instalment in an incredibly exciting story for the top tier of our installer support offering. The last few years have seen our best ever sales figures; a doubling in numbers for our affiliate supplier programme; and the remarkable milestone of £1bn in sales since Network VEKA was established. With Independent Network, we aim to achieve truly nationwide coverage, and I look forward to welcoming yet more elite installers into the fold!”


Truframe Announce £3.2M

left to right: David Firmager with son, Patrick Firmager.

Investment Programme

TruFrame have announced an unprecedented £3.2m CAPEX programme at their Melton Mowbray uPVC window and door manufacturing facility, that’s part of a longer-term, ‘Building for the Future’ strategy.

Already one of the Top 5 largest manufacturers of uPVC frames in the UK, this new investment by

TruFrame across all aspects of manufacturing, will help streamline processes, bring in new production methodologies and improve their already renowned manufacturing quality even further. As a staunch business based on family values, there’s also an element of succession planning underpinning this significant capital investment.

Ryburne Windows Commits To Solidor

Ryburne Windows has committed to Solidor because of its high quality, stylish products and reliable service. The Halifax based trade fabricator and installer specialises in outstanding, fast-selling windows and doors.

Solidor, the laminated-hardwood timber core composite door, has invested significantly in people, facilities, and operations, and now offers customers consistently world-class service. Solidor delivers 99.8% of its doors

on time and in full, the company claims. Ryburne Managing Director Peter Willemse says: “We promise our customers quality products delivered on time, so we need a supplier that works with us to keep that promise. We’ve worked with suppliers that consistently delay delivery, or deliver the wrong product. That not only reflects badly on them, but on us and on our installer customers too.

The first phase of the programme, which is already well underway, has seen the installation and commissioning of three new Urban AKS 1150 single-head butt welders, which offer an impressive weld restriction of just 0.2mm for an improved finish. In addition, a new Rotox EKA 574 CNC corner, transom and crucifix cleaner has been added, which will support the two Rotox SEK 503 crucifix welders due for delivery in the summer, alongside the first brand new cutting and machining centre. David Firmager, managing director of TruFrame, commented: “This investment programme is a fundamental part of our vision for the future at TruFrame. This substantial outlay has a number of facets to it, including the improvement of manufacturing processes, staying ahead of our peers in terms of product quality and ultimately, putting the resources in place for the future of the business.” He continues: “We’ve also spent some time putting into place a new board of experienced directors, with just one new appointment to conclude, as part of our ‘Building for the Future’ strategy.” “Solidor’s service is outstanding, so we can trust that the product we order will arrive undamaged exactly when we need it,” adds Peter. Solidor CEO Gareth Mobley says: “Our customers need us to deliver their doors exactly when they need them because it helps them build a good reputation with their own customers. Reputation is everything, so repeatedly delivering late or delivering the wrong product is very damaging. We’ve invested in becoming a world-class operation to help our customers sell more doors, and we’ll continue investing to maintain that exceptional service.” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 11


CORGI Fenestration

Welcomes Liniar As The First

Registered Systems House and quality, values that we also hold dear at Liniar.

“There are many ‘approved’ schemes already in place within the industry that are little more than marketing exercises, so we fully support the independent scheme launched by CORGI Fenestration. We feel it will help to raise standards across the board, from system house to installer, which will have only benefit the consumer in the long run”. CORGI Fenestration is delighted to announce that Liniar is the first systems house to achieve formal registration on its scheme and have access to one of the most recognised consumer mark in industry. In making the announcement Chris Mayne, CEO of CORGI Fenestration commented “Liniar passed the CORGI Fenestration audit with flying colours and will be the first to display the CORGI Fenestration mark that tells its fabricators, installers and consumers that the business is committed to best practice when it comes to quality products, qualified staff, and the best in customer service.” “There will be huge benefits for Liniar’s fabricator network with its Approved Fabricator Scheme also becoming CORGI Fenestration registered. This means that if a fabricator has already achieved Liniar Approved status, it can become CORGI Fenestration registered 12 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

in its own right through a reduced audit process”. “There are also benefits for Liniar’s installers. Any installers who already have existing GQA-awarded qualifications will be recognised by CORGI Fenestration and will be eligible to join the scheme as well”. “Liniar installers who become registered and buy Liniar products through a CORGI Fenestration Registered fabricator will be able to offer their customers the assurance of the highest quality throughout the whole supply chain and will be able to carry a CORGI Fenestration branded qualifications card”. Liniar’s Chief Executive Roger Hartshorn reinforced the company’s decision to join forces with CORGI Fenestration. “We’re delighted that Liniar is the first PVCu system house to join the CORGI Fenestration scheme. CORGI is a name that’s synonymous with trust

“We believe that we’ve set the bar high by being the first systems company to be audited and accredited by CORGI. The audit has also backed up the validity of our own Liniar Approved Fabricator scheme, which will enable our customers to benefit from a reduced audit to use the CORGI Fenestration mark.” Chris Mayne added: “We knew that Liniar were of the same mind-set as ourselves and so it was no surprise that they committed to our values of trust, reliability, expertise and quality.” “We look forward to working with them over the long haul and to helping them realise the outstanding benefits associated with the CORGI name”. For further information enquiries@corgifenestration.

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Active Blue Glass

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3m x 2m








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Tel: 01642 610799 Fax: 01642 615854


Flamstead Group Divests Vintage Windows

divestment today, commenting: “In line with our overall strategy and our commitment not to compete with our fabricator customers, we have decided to divest the Vintage business. The company has now become a stand-alone Liniar fabricator on a long term supply agreement, with immediate effect. “Contrary to current industry trends of running with the hare and the hounds, we believe our resources are better directed at helping our valued fabricators to expand their own businesses.

The Flamstead Group, led by Group CEO Roger Hartshorn, has announced the divestment of fabricator Vintage Windows, in a sale to its Managing Director Alan Cooke. Originally set up as an independent fabricator, Vintage Windows then became the testing and development facility for the Liniar system. As part of the Flamstead Group, the company was formerly a sister company to HL Plastics,

owners of the Liniar brand, and Avantek Machinery. Over the years the company has fabricated small quantities of windows for local installers, as well as helping out Liniar fabricators with high volume requirements. Vintage Windows UPVC will continue to supply Liniar’s customers where required directly on identical commercial terms. Roger Hartshorn announced the

“This move will enable the core Liniar team to focus on value-added activities such as customer service and new product development, which will benefit our whole customer base without the conflict of competition from their supplier. “We wish Alan and the team at Vintage Windows UPVC the very best with their future plans and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship as supplier and customer.”

Are Companies Taking A Risk By Switching From Steel Reinforcement To Thermal Inserts? Fenestration reinforcement specialist, Anglo European is asking the question: Are companies taking a risk by switching from steel reinforcement to thermal inserts? “Most system companies and fabricators test windows to the size dictated by the regulations,” says James Lister, Director at Anglo European. “But those aren’t the sizes that get installed in UK homes. We’re concerned that the trend for bigger windows in the real-world means installers may be fitting windows that don’t have the right level of reinforcement in them. 14 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

“It could be a ticking time-bomb for fabricators and installers who may be caught out with failures. It’s easy to think that using a thermal insert is good enough but who has put the windows to the test? We are investing in getting the right answer so fabricators and installers don’t have to leave it to chance.

cators with a new warranty based on the results from the tests.

“We have real-world sized windows being tested right now and we’ll know very soon about exactly what level of reinforcement is needed. Plus, we’ll be able to give complete peace of mind to fabri-

Anglo European will publish the results as soon as they’re available. For more information go to

“We work very closely with fabricators to develop the best steel reinforcement solutions. Clever engineering from Anglo European means we can maximise strength of the steel inserts at the same time as keeping prices keen.”


KAT Introduces Global Resi Aluminium Range

To UK And Ireland Market KAT has announced at FIT Show an exclusive partnership deal with global aluminium profile maker, Kawneer (an Arconic Group company), to bolster its product offering to the trade residential sector. The agreement ensures that KAT will exclusively supply the Kawneer range of products to the trade and residential sector in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Adding a completely new and comprehensive range of aluminium glazing products to the existing KAT collection and an additional stock colour, KAT will introduce Kawneer’s range to meet growing demand in the trade for state-of-the-art designs and styles of aspirational quality aluminium doors and windows. Kawneer, which is an established international leader in architectural systems, has a manufacturing facility in Runcorn, Cheshire. Providing commercial, health, arts and leisure, education and transport sector

products, Kawneer has already supplied some of the country’s most significant construction projects in the commercial arena. Now manufacturing signature Kawneer products at its Cheshire facility, KAT provides tilt turn windows with hidden sash technology, casement windows, bifold doors, in-line sliding patio and lift & slide patio doors. The products are tailor-made to larger measurements up to 2.6 metres high and an impressive 13 metres wide. KAT will also be offering its recently launched aluminium front door made in the Kawneer system; all products can be seen on KAT’s stand C50 in Hall 6. KAT continues its industry-leading seven stock colour proposition, with the Kawneer range offering an additional black anodized finish that is guaranteed for 20 years. Already one of the few selected UK manufacturers of Schüco aluminium door and window systems for the trade residential

sector, KAT will introduce its Kawneer products as principle range aspirational alternatives for projects throughout the UK and Ireland. As with all KAT’s aluminium products, the Kawneer range is available on a twoweek ‘order to delivery’ basis. Chris Powell, managing director, KAT, spoke about the exclusive partnership with Kawneer: “We are continually evolving to provide the quality and style of products sought by our informed customers and end-users alike. “With Kawneer’s global knowledge and expertise, we bring a unique and robust offering that fits perfectly with our existing portfolio to add an aspirational collection for new home and renovation projects. “With predicted further growth of our aluminium glazing products in 2017/18, we intend to lead the demand curve supported by our strong relationships with leading suppliers to offer trade customers the most comprehensive range for all small and large projects.” For more information about KAT and its aluminium collections, please visit WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 15


BSI Overhaul For One

Of Britain’s Most

Accredited Fabricators

Mark Suaznabar, uPVC compliance and quality manager (left) – Peter Dyer, Managing Director (right)

Dempsey Dyer has adopted BSI standards across the board after a period of using several different schemes. The firm is now able to supply products that meet BS644 for enhanced security timber windows and doors, BS7412 for enhanced security uPVC windows and doors, and BS 8529 for enhanced security composite doors. Dempsey Dyer continues to comply with ISO 901:2008, which covers the manufacture of uPVC windows, doors and conservatories, and is registered with the British Fenestration Rating Council. “We’ve taken this decision to streamline our processes and make life simpler for our customers,” commented Mark Suaznabar, Dempsey Dyer compliance and quality manager. “We want to offer our customers the greatest possible assurance, and allow them to meet the demands of any property or project.” 16 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

GGF Well Prepared

For Post-Election Changes Following the General Election, the GGF is well prepared to adapt its strategies and activities whatever form the Government takes and regardless of any policy and personnel changes in Government departments. Like the rest of the UK, the GGF must wait to see how the political landscape pans out with the Conservative Party set to lead discussions about forming Government following the result of a Hung Parliament and Government re-shuffle. However, GGF Members can be reassured that the Federation is ready for any changes ahead. Phil Pluck, GGF Chief Executive commented, “It was an interesting election and it could be even more interesting to see how Government will take shape and how any change will impact on our Members and how it will configure our campaigns. The result may also create further dynamic changes in terms of Brexit and we will be analyzing carefully how this will impact on our UK and Irish Members. ”

The GGF Political Strategy Committee (consisting of Members, Staff and Political advisers), was formed earlier this year to handle responses to political consultations and have a greater influence on the development of government initiatives such as “Each Home Counts”. Following the election and with the UK leaving the European Union on the horizon, the Federation will now consult with its political advisers GK Strategy to fully analyze the election results against the GGF’s strategies and activities, to ensure that GGF Members are well informed and prepared for any impact on their businesses from future Government plans and policies. Phil Pluck added, “No matter how the political landscape forms over the immediate and long term, Members can rest assured the GGF will be working in the political arena on their behalf to help them cope with any change.”







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Major Accreditation Ahead Of Time

CDW Systems has upgraded its quality management system, ISO 9001:2015. It follows a revision made by the British Standards Institution (BSI) for its ISO 9001:2008, which will no longer be valid from September 2018. All ISO standards are reviewed every five years to establish if a revision is required to keep it current and relevant for the marketplace. Organisations are granted a three-year transition period. CDW’s original timescales were to achieve a successful transition by year end 2017 and prior to the September 2018 deadline. But, following a rigorous vetting process, CDW has already been recommended by BSI for an upgrade. Mike Davis, Managing Director at CDW Systems, comments: “For us, it’s about exceeding expectations, whether it’s the quality of our products or levels of service we offer. “ISO 9001 is an essential business certification that demonstrates our commitment to both quality assurance and process controls and is in line with our desire for continual improvement, and to be the best.” For more information call 01452 414853 or visit 18 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

Modplan Becomes First

Fabricator To Offer The New

LEKA Orangery Roof Kit Leading VEKA trade fabricator Modplan announced this week that it will be the first fabricator to manufacture LEKA’s new Orangery Roof in kit form. Heidi Sachs, Managing Director at Modplan, said: “We are delighted to be the first fabricator to offer the new LEKA Orangery Roof. It’s the perfect example of a value-added product that taps into today’s home improvement trends.”

The LEKA Orangery Roof is packed with features designed to appeal to installers. It comes in kit form in four simple, lightweight pre-assembled ladder sections and all materials from the external board to the internal board are pre-cut/fabricated to exact specifications. As a one stop solution, Modplan can also supply the roof lantern for a complete Orangery roof package. This construction means installation is a two man one day project (not including the lantern and roof membrane). It’s jhai-approved so paperwork is kept to a minimum too. There is also the benefit of Modplan’s legendary partnership-focused customer support that will mean installers can make the most of the opportunities the roof presents.

And there is no doubt that the roof has lots of opportunities. Homeowners will appreciate the U value of just 0.15 W/m²K thanks to the structurally tested, high grade GRP construction, which also means no risk of cold bridging or condensation. It is the perfect product for both new-build orangery style conservatories as well as retro-fit projects. Heidi concludes: “Installers who want to have a competitive advantage in the marketplace should give us a call today so they can start to benefit from what the LEKA Orangery Roof kit can bring to their portfolio!” Modplan manufactures and provides a comprehensive range of products that includes the Matrix 58, Veka Matrix 70 and 70FS systems, VEKA Vertical sliders, PVC-u patio and bifold doors, conservatories, the Vertex Open Canopy, the Vertex roof system with polycarbonate, glass or tile effect roof options, the Wendland roofing system and the newly added Ultrasky, Livin room and LEKA Warm Roof. For more information on any of the Modplan’s products and support, simply Ask the Man from Modplan.


‘Misleading’ Google Online Ads A Threat To Installers And Fabricators us with very little redress, despite what is the very clear and cynical exploitation of our brand.” The KJM boss is urging any fabricators or installers, which haven’t yet done to register their brands as Trademarks to avoid what he described as the pitfalls of what he described as the ‘Wild West of online advertising’. Registration of a Trademark gives you the exclusive right to use the mark or authorise someone else to use it, for the goods or services for which it is registered. This includes the legal basis for action against someone who uses it to promote the same or similar goods for which its registered.

Installers and fabricators could be losing thousands of pounds of new business to copycat advertisers who exploit their brand and local reputation, online. The warning comes from Hants-based home improvement specialist KJM Group, which was targeted by a competitor business, Cheapest Double Glazing. The company, registered to an address in London, ran a series of Google Ads in April. These used the header ‘KJM Windows – Top Quality Windows and Doors –’. Mark Pearce, Managing Director, KJM Group, said: “Google ads are the paid-for adverts that appear at the top or the side of your search in Google. “The ads placed by Cheapest Double Glazing, in our opinion could be very easily confused by homeowners as having been placed by us. “The use of ‘KJM Group’ in the strapline of the ad means that it’s not unreasonable to suggest that someone could click on it believing that they were being directed to our own website, when in fact they were being completely re-directed to a third-party site.

This also empowers businesses to seek specific redress from Google. “We’d encourage other business owners in and around Hampshire to learn from our experience. Without Trademark registration, Google won’t remove the ads despite our requests, because in law, no offence has been committed.” Businesses who have not registered their company names as Trademarks can seek redress in Common Law under ‘Passing-off’ legislation. This puts the onus on the complainant to evidence their use of a brand or business name and the inferred ownership of it from this. “KJM Group was formed and has been trading as KJM Group since 1982”, added Pearce. He continued: “There are two issues here. One is awareness and the second are loopholes in the law. I’m prepared to hold my hands up and say that we should have registered ‘KJM Group’ as a Trademark. “We won’t, however, be the first or the last small business to assume that because we registered our business with Companies House, it would give us some control over its use as a business name. “And while the Trades Description Act offers some protection, it is clear that there are gaps which can be exploited.

“We hadn’t registered our company name as a Trademark – something that we have now done – which meant that it wasn’t protected.

“We’d encourage everyone to get registered but will also be taking the points we have made to our newly elected MP.”

“In law and within Google’s own guidelines, Cheapest Double Glazing hadn’t committed an offence leaving

To find out more visit email the sales team WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 19

TRADE NEWS the products sell themselves.” he says.

UCS Design Group Celebrates 10 Years Of

Partnership With Spectus Belfast’s UCS Design Group is celebrating 10 years of partnership with Spectus Systems. UCS’s Managing Director Mark Scullion was presented with an award to mark the anniversary at the FIT Show by Epwin Windows Systems’ Managing Director Clare O’Hara and Sales Director Paul Lindsay. Mark said: “We are delighted to have reached such a milestone. We simply love working with Spectus and their product quality and support is superb.” Paul commented: “We are thrilled to be marking a ten year partnership with UCS, they are a wonderful example of how a

company can grow and develop in their market for more than ten years. They have always strived to be customer focused, continually looking for ways to improve their service levels and backup support to customers, and we are very lucky to have them as a Spectus customer.” When asked what has made the partnership so enduring, Mark highlights two factors. The first is the quality and integrity of the Spectus brand and product range. “The Spectus name is trusted by our customers and

Shaken And Stirred – Customade

Group Makes An Impact At FIT Customade Group has been formally celebrating its merger with Polyframe at the FIT Show. The Customade team has been welcoming visitors on to, not one, but two, stands at the show and telling them about what the enlarged, full-service group can deliver to the industry since its merger in February. The group spread the message 20 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

about its new capabilities and also impressed visitors with a stunning array of products and brands. REAL Aluminium and Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions dazzled show-goers with its ranges of aluminium fenestration products and glazed roofs and talked about how they can help installers to enter into the profitable aluminium market with complete confidence. Polyframe

The second factor is the quality of the back-up and marketing support offered by the systems house. “We have a strong customer service ethic at UCS which is matched by Spectus’,” comments Mark. “We get excellent support from the Spectus team and their strong marketing support has helped us secure many sales over the years.” Established over ten years ago, UCS operates from a 25,000 sq ft factory with a conservatory village, showroom and trade counter on a three acre site in Belfast. It also has a depot and showroom in Dublin. It is a trade supplier and works with window companies, trade window and conservatory installers, builders, local councils, education and health authorities and housing associations. The company’s core business was originally conservatories, but soon found that the Spectus brand offered more for their customers. It has now become their flagship product, accounting for 80% of the business. The company manufactures around 500 frames a week using Spectus’ Elite 63, Elite 70 and Flush Tilt and Turn systems. and Virtuoso unveiled some exciting products and plans for the future. Customade Group is now one of the biggest fabricators in the UK with revenues of more than £100 million and a vast product range which extends across PVC-u and aluminium windows and doors, composite doors, aluminium glazed roof products, sealed glass units and specialist glazing.


GGF Launches New Health And Safety Guide Safety is not a ‘nice to have’ option, but a right for all employees and in particular those engaged in the glass and glazing industry. It is about education, power and leadership as well as policy and process.

The newly updated easy-to-use reference guide gives an overview to prepare you for working safely in the glass and glazing industry. It provides advice on what to do when you come across a common hazard associated with your work and gives basic direction as to what actions you must take. It also takes account of recent changes in Health and Safety legislation and emphasizes the need for all those involved in the industry to identify, assess and manage risks, working together as a team.

Supporting the handbook, a simple online assessment has been developed where employers can satisfy themselves their workers have a good understanding of the basic safety concepts. This then helps make sharing their own safety systems so much more


The new publication is available as a free download to GGF Members via the Members Area of the GGF website

Phil Pinnington, GGF Director of Health and Safety commented, “The re-focus with an emphasis on the practical application of safety practices has been keenly sought, especially by small and medium sized enterprises. These companies have a willingness be proactive with Health and Safety and now have a working framework to help. I’m delighted that we’ve been able to bring such practical guidance to the industry. I’m confident that the handbook and assessment will be well received.” For the first time the guide encompasses not only the flat glass manufacturing sector but the customer facing installers. It’s been compiled with the most up to date information and guidance available and aims to help employees understand both the legal aspects of safety but the practical applications. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 21


Fenster Fabrications Wins Installation Of The Month

For Stylish White Oaks Development Devon’s Fenster Fabrications has contributed to a multiple award-winning architectural project in Plymouth. The White Oaks development saw noted contemporary building specialist Barc Architects design a stylish, modern home for a couple with a passion for architecture and interior design. Initially asked to renovate and extend an existing bungalow, Barc advised the couple it would be more cost-effective to rebuild from scratch – and called on Fenster Fabrications to provide sleek and stylish aluminium glazing products that would suit their desired aesthetic. Fenster contributed one of 22 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

its flagship Uni_Slide doors, alongside other glazing products. Uni_Slide is an ultra-slim aluminium sliding door, equally suited to commercial and residential applications. Offering exceptional thermal efficiency, build quality, and desirable minimalist aesthetics, Uni_Slide can achieve frame sightlines as slim as 20mm, and a slim central interlock, while being able to support sliding panels of up to 3m high and 2.2m wide. The product can be assembled in a limitless run of units, with each panel capable of holding up to 320kg of glass. Tony Drake, Fenster Fabrications Managing Director, commented: “Uni_Slide makes a fantastic addition to any res-

idential development. It can offer a sense of sleek luxury to any architectural development, and, for installers, it’s an excellent way of appealing to the lucrative high-end of the market. “We’ve had a great response to our search for Uni_Slide installation partners so far – but we’re still looking for exceptional installers, dedicated to quality products and fantastic customer service, to join the network. If you think your business fits the bill, don’t hesitate to get in touch!” For its role in the White Oaks project, Fenster was named the FIT Show’s Installation of the Month in April 2017, and shortlisted for Installation of the Year. The development as a whole also received the Local Authority Building Control Building Excellence Award for Best New Dwelling. For more information, call 01626 334455 or visit


Call Goes Out For Examples Of Joinery

Excellence As British Woodworking Federation Launches Its 2017 Awards in raising the profile of British joinery – they give great projects, products and people the recognition they deserve, and help joinery businesses benchmark their progress against the very best of the industry. “Many an experienced joiner would consider the carved and hand finished oak staircase that won last year’s Project of the Year to be something of a one-off, but it was simply the best of a number of breath-taking projects competing for the prize. From hand-carving to the latest high-tech innovations, the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) Awards offer a showcase for the industry’s best projects, products, processes and people. Joinery manufacturers, timber door, window and interiors companies, and woodworking experts across the UK are being encouraged to seek recognition through entering this year’s Awards. Entry is free and open to all, including non-members of the BWF so long as they are from the joinery and woodworking sector. The deadline for entries is 5pm on Friday 8th September 2017. The winners will be announced at the BWF’s Annual Awards Dinner at Drapers’ Hall, London on Friday 24th November. All shortlisted entrants will receive a free place at the event and will have their achievements promoted through a high profile marketing and social media campaign. Last year’s winning companies included Deacon & Sandys, Howdens Joinery & Norma Doors, Two Twenty Stairs, Kierson, Gowercroft and Law & Lewis. BWF Chief Executive Iain McIlwee began the call for entries: “The Awards have never been more important

“The Awards extend further than showcase projects. Rising stars of the industry are celebrated, innovative product design rewarded and the Process Efficiency Award showcases where businesses have prospered from organisational change to become more profitable, sustainable and productive than ever. “The joinery industry has never been a safer place to work, but the human cost of poor Health & Safety practice is as high as ever and the financial implications of getting it wrong can be eye-watering. This is why we have the Health & Safety Hero Award – to show how Health & Safety is more than a tick box-exercise. “Have you worked on an amazing wood project? Does your joinery business have any rising stars within the workforce? We urge all UK woodworking businesses to spare a minute and think about what, or who, they might want to put forward as an entry. “Shortlisted entries get a free ticket the Awards dinner, so hopefully we’ll be seeing you on 24th November at Drapers’ Hall when the winners are announced.” Entries for this year’s awards can be submitted at WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 23

TRADE NEWS Synseal Group is the latest customer to partner with Mila on security and performance testing and to benefit from the hardware specialist’s advice and expertise.

Synseal Partners With Mila On Security And Performance Testing

Over and above that, members of Mila’s experienced technical team check all of the test samples before official testing and even attend on the day to check that every detail is correct – from the packing of the sample to the positioning in the test rig.

Mila has helped Synseal achieve PAS24: 2016 security and BS6375 weathertightness and performance accreditations on its new range of WarmCore casement windows, and PAS24: 2016 on the tilt and turn windows in its SynerJy, Shield and Legend systems. Mila has been supplying the majority of Synseal’s hardware requirements for more than 10 years and during that time its technical team has advised on the optimum hardware choices to keep pace with the changing demands of the tests. For the WarmCore casement windows, for example, Mila supplies its own brand ProLinea twin cam espag, NightSecure keep, ProLinea espag handle and Mila casement hinge protectors. For Synseal’s PVC-U tilt and turn win-

dows, Mila supplies Siegenia AF security hardware in combination with its ProLinea TBT handle. What is particularly significant for Synseal is that Mila conducts indicative testing for customers at its own Daventry test centre before any of the windows are sent for official testing to ensure that they stand a very good chance of passing the test first time and minimising the costs involved.

Mark Frain, Synseal Group’s Hardware Category Manager, commented: “Mila’s input into our testing is really valuable because it means we get maximum return on our investment, with the right product choices and the right testing set ups every time. The team really does have expert knowledge on things like the more stringent requirements of PAS24: 2016 vs 2012 and has helped to ensure that all of these windows have now passed the test and satisfy the all important requirements of Approved Document Q.”

Mighton Products Strengthens Security Credentials On A Wide Range Of Products Mighton Products has achieved PAS24 and Secured by Design accreditation for a range of the company’s specialist vertical sliding sash hardware products for timber windows. Mighton undertook compliance with these key standards to further improve the quality and performance of the products it supplies for use with traditional sash frames. Products included are: Pulleys (1¾”); Locking Ventlocks; Push Ventlocks; Locking and Non-locking Heritage Fasteners; Locking and Non-locking Fitch Fasteners; Solid Brass Sash Lift; Securibead; Cill Locks; Meeting Rail Guard; Bottom Rail Guard; 24 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

Locking and Non-locking Securifitch; Meeting Rail Interlock (aluminium). “As the UK’s leading supplier of hardware products for timber sash windows we have a responsibility to ensure performance standards that lead the market, and we will work closely with our customers to ensure they are successful in meeting their specification obligations,” explained Mighton’s Mike Derham. Mick Reynolds from Secured by Design said, “Mighton’s range of PAS24 tested hardware for timber sash windows are ideal for those looking to meet the requirements of Part Q of the Building Regulations when making bespoke products. They also assist their customers looking to achieve third-party certification on their doors and windows so that they are more likely to pass first time.”

Committed to delivering the best hardware experience in the industry. It’s in our DNA

TRADE NEWS that they adhere to a 12 point charter that shows they are committed to raising standards across the industry and delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Excellence As Standard Installer Programme Sign Up Rate Demonstrates Its Value Epwin Window Systems launched its Excellence as Standard installer programme at FIT 2017 and the impressive sign up rate reflects the value it will give to member businesses. Over 100 businesses took the pledge before and at the show and the number has continued to increase in the time since. Sharn Samra, Epwin Window Systems’ Marketing Director, said: “Excellence as Standard is so much more than a conventional registered installer programme and

the reaction from both installers and fabricators shows that it is just what the industry needs.” The programme encompasses Epwin Window Systems’ leading systems brands Spectus, Profile 22 and Swish and advocates excellence at every stage of the project from manufacturing through to installation in a consumer’s home. In order to obtain and preserve EAS Chartered Installer status, installers will need to demonstrate

In return, they will have access to a wealth of support and tangible benefits designed to drive quality and sales. These can be divided into six areas: effective lead generation, quality products, the EAS Academy, marketing support, partner benefits and the support team. The programme is being run in partnership with FENSA and members will receive a card branded with both FENSA and Excellence as Standard that demonstrates the connection. Sharn concludes: “We believe Excellence as Standard will re-define the benchmark in the home improvement industry and the sign up rate to date proves there’s a real appetite for quality. I would urge any installer who shares our commitment to driving standards and success to take the pledge and join us today for the start of a very exciting journey.”

Distinction Doors’ Production Investment Reflects Its Commitment To Its Customers In the past eighteen months, Distinction Doors has invested over £750,000 in its production facilities at its 86,000 square feet headquarters in South Yorkshire. Gareth Williams, Operations Director, commented: “The investment we have made in our production facilities helps us to be more efficient across the board and gives us benefits we can pass on to our customers.” The investment Distinction has made includes two new CNC machines, which has doubled 26 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

its capacity. Alongside this, Distinction now has two edge banders so all elements of the production facility have expanded. Rollers and transfer trollies have been installed in the preparation areas to improve organisation and the flow of doors through the department. Further investment is expected and the company is currently looking at automated manual handling systems and conveyors between machines to improve the flow and cut down on manual handling where possible. It all means the

company can continue to offer exceptional lead times even as it continues its expansion over the next few years to cement its position at the top of the market. The production facility is also benefiting from a new extraction unit. The unit includes an extraction-on-demand system, which constantly monitors machine use and only powers up when machines are running, rather than operating continuously.

VIEWPOINT continued high taxes create an unfortunate cocktail of challenges. Despite this, many businesses are still thriving and succeeding but we do need to look at the issues of supporting entrepreneurs and those that take the risk of setting up a business. The survey highlights another main concern of many entrepreneurs as difficulty attracting venture capital funding in a post-Brexit Britain and the possibility of running costs for businesses rising.


Needs To Do More To Support British Start-Ups, Says MD As a reported one in five UK start-ups consider establishing a European outpost in the wake of Brexit, an MD poses the question: is the British government doing enough to encourage home-grown business success? Statistics show that 99 per cent of all UK businesses are SMEs, who generate 54% of the country’s GDP. Yet this majority of business has been continually overlooked by the government in favour of multinationals – a factor that could be contributing to start-ups choosing to move elsewhere.

Research from Silicon Valley Bank – a global bank that specifically targets start-ups – also says one per cent of UK start-ups have firmly committed to moving their headquarters to Europe and a further 16 per cent are thinking of relocating – either to Europe or elsewhere. Michele Wietscher, Director at Newview Windows and Conservatories, comments: “Confidence among the UK start-up business community has taken a hit since Brexit. A dip in Sterling has also created some uncertainty for many established businesses that export and the wider issues of the election and

UK venture capital funds received €2.3bn from the European Investment Fund (EIF) between 2011 and 2015 but it remains unclear if UK businesses will still have access to the EIF after the UK leaves the EU. Whilst there are schemes supported by the UK government, such as the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), Michele says start-ups need more support. Michele comments “The government needs to make British business funding a priority in Brexit negotiations. They will either need to negotiate to retain access to the EIF or put in alternative plans to make up for a shortfall in funds. Our own plans for export and expansion have been put on hold until Brexit negotiations have been completed. We are waiting on a concrete decision and we hope it will be the right one. “Entrepreneurs and SMEs are the backbones of the UK economy and it is vital they have the resources and support in place to flourish in a post-Brexit environment.” For more information call Newview Windows & Conservatories on 01903 244 449 or visit WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 27



Gerald Homeowner surveys tell us that security is extremely important. More specifically, 85% of homeowners put security first when buying a new door. That’s worth remembering because national crime figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) reveal that 74% of burglaries enter by the door. We don’t know whether homeowners were always this focussed on security, but it’s likely that the epidemic of lock snapping over the last 10 years has made it more pressing. Alarmingly, ONS crime statistics report that in over a quarter of burglaries homeowners come face to face with the intruder in their home! Who wouldn’t want to avoid that? The recent police acknowledgement that they don’t have the time or resource to investigate most burglaries has reinforced the importance of home security. It’s dawning on homeowners that ‘your home is your castle’ isn’t just a saying. You really are on your own when it comes to security. Your home is, or is not secure, and there aren’t shades of grey in security. It’s black or white. Burglars either break in to your home, or they don’t.

core composite door, or a quality mass market GRP door. The industry is waiting to see the innovative LockLock from Brisant-Secure, the developer of Ultion, at the FIT Show. Lock-Lock is exciting because it takes security to a whole new level, and it looks great. It’s a totally new concept of security, and security standards and ‘laboratory’ testing will have to raise their game because Lock-Lock’s security is ‘real-life’ and levels above current standards. We’re delighted to be the official Lock-Lock launch partner for the FIT Show. Homeowners want real-life security so they can relax, confident they and their families will not meet an intruder prowling around their home. Let’s give them what they want! Sincerely Gareth Mobley CEO Solidor & Residor

Thankfully, the industry’s attitudes to security have changed a lot in the last two years, but the industry has been slow to catch up with homeowners’ very real concerns. Companies persist with 1.6-1.8mm skinned GRP doors for example. Skins that thin used to pass the old PAS24:2012, but they can’t pass the current PAS24:2016 enhanced security performance requirements. And they continue to offer security as an option! Why? Burglary is a devastating experience and homeowners always want security when it’s offered.

If you want to get involved in the discussion, or would like to air your views on a particular industry subject, then Email me at

Security is not an option with either Solidor or Residor. It’s standard because security is what people want, whether they buy a premium hardwood

We cannot guarantee that we will publish everything, but we will do our utmost to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard.



Farewell To Brian


The GGF said a fond farewell to Brian Baker on Friday 12 May. Brian has been the GGF’s interim Chief Executive since the start of this year but his connection to the GGF goes back to 1983 when as an employee of GGF Member Solaglas (now Glassolutions Saint-Gobain) he attended the GGF Laminators Group. In the last ten years, Brian’s involvement in the GGF and subsidiary companies has been instrumental and at one point Brian being a regular contributor to over 25 GGF Specialist Technical Groups, Committees, Technical Working Parties and Regions (as Chairman and vice-chair) and as a Board director. In 2014, Brian was elected GGF President and after his two year tenure, he then returned as interim President in the latter half of 2016. 30 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

GGF Welcomes New Chief Executive GGF staff and Members have welcomed Phil Pluck as the new Chief Executive of the industry’s trade body. Phil started his new role on 2nd May and is still settling into the role but has been pleased with his first few weeks commenting, “Not coming from the industry, it has been a whirlwind few weeks and I am still very much in the middle of a learning curve. One thing that is becoming quite clear is that we have a strong and experienced team in place, delivering a high level of service to our Members, but there is of course always room for improvement.” With a background of successfully growing Membership organisations, Phil added, “My aim is to grow GGF Member-

ship, but to ensure that we recruit quality companies into Membership. It is imperative we retain the high standards the GGF has built up for the last forty years.” Phil is planning to attend The FIT Show in Birmingham next week where the GGF will be presenting technical seminars and holding a special 40th Anniversary Party on stand N35 in Hall 8 as part of The FIT Show’s BIG Tuesday evening. Phil added, “Though I am new to the industry, I am looking forward to visiting the FIT Show and to meeting more GGF Members at what promises to be an interesting and exciting exhibition.”

TruFrame Announce Expanded Board Of Directors

PEOPLE companies. Overseeing this role, along with training and product research and development, is Technical Director, Martin Burney. The outward facing part of the business is headed up by new Marketing Director, Paul Roper, who brings with him significant experience from a number of B2B and B2C marketing sectors and will be looking to put into place a cohesive marketing plan for TruFrame and its important customer network. There will also be an imminent appointment of a new sales figurehead over the coming months. The new additions join existing long-standing directors, Jonathan Hall, Financial Director and Nick Monger, Purchasing Director, who have over 15 years of experience with the business between them.

left to right: Paul Roper, Tomasz Kosarewicz, Martin Burney and Eleanor Elliott.

For several months innovative uPVC frame manufacturer, TruFrame, have been carefully assembling an expanded Board of Directors that will help deliver the vision and corporate objectives for the family owned company. Over recent years, the company has seen double-digit sales growth and is now arguably one of the top 5 largest manufacturers of uPVC frames by volume. The announcement of the enhanced leadership team at TruFrame comes at the same time as the implementation of an unprecedented £3.2million CAPEX programme. David Firmager, remains firm-

ly at the helm of TruFrame as Managing Director, supported by son Patrick, while the introduction of Human Resources Director, Eleanor Elliott, has added considerable corporate expertise based on her 16 years of experience in people management, continuous improvement and recruitment. From an operational perspective, Tomasz Kosarewicz leads the manufacturing facility as Production Director, utilising his skills in lean manufacturing, Kaizen and continuous improvement. TruFrame are relatively unique as a frame manufacturer committed to achieving their own product certification, rather than relying on systems

David Firmager commented: ‘Given our business objectives, it’s been imperative to build a structured board of directors to allow us to excel in all business disciplines. We have a vision for the future in place and the new additions will no doubt help us achieve this, while allowing us to further nurture our strong business relationships with customers. He continued: ‘I don’t just want TruFrame to be an example of a well-run fabricator in the fenestration industry, but rather a class-leading manufacturing company that’s success is built on business excellence across all functions.’ For further information on becoming a TruFrame partner visit, e-mail or call the office directly on 01664 410 140. You can also add to their growing following on Twitter @ TruFrame. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 31


Experienced Salesman Joins Fast-Growing Business between creating wealth and re-investing in the business and the community – I can’t wait to get started.” Based in Worthing, West Sussex, Newview is a family run firm that for over ten years has become one of the largest glazing and home improvement companies in the South East.


Newview has pioneered work around soundproofed windows, making them a preferred supplier for Heathrow Airport.

Building Products

Lands New Customer

Services Manager High-flying Tanya Hopkinson is no ordinary customer services manager, she not only has a degree in business management but is now studying for her MBA. With 15 years’ experience of looking after customers in the trade, Tanya will now take over the Kestrel customer services team of seven people. “Kestrel’s name is built on reliability; customers know they can rely on us for great service,” she said. “The challenge of manufacturing and distributing so many products with such a quick turnaround really appeals to me. “Our team is very experienced and knows a lot about our business which means that they understand the whole process, which is a key part of ensuring reliability.” 32 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

AN experienced sales professional has joined one of the industry’s fastest growing home improvements firms, as it continues its growth trajectory. Tom Cox has joined Newview as Sales Manager following a career working in the sales and automotive industry for the past 10 years. He will be working on the company’s Heathrow contract and assisting in expanding its aviation portfolio. His appointment is part of Newview’s plans to expand its operations around airports and drive demand for its soundproofed products. Tom comments: “I immediately liked the culture at Newview. It’s a company on a clear growth path which is underpinned by traditional family business values and a strong commitment to customer service. The directors clearly understand the balance

The company has been installing windows in a 30-mile radius of the airport since 2011 and has been earmarked as one of the main installers for when the third Heathrow runway is built. Duncan Wietscher, Sales and Operations Director, comments: “Our expertise and experience around soundproofed windows has won us some big contracts with Heathrow. “We are now focussed on partnering with more airports to supply and install soundproofed windows in surrounding homes and with his experience in sales, Tom will help us to achieve our goals to secure more high-value contracts and forge strong connections with more airports moving forwards.” For more information call Newview Windows & Conservatories on 01903 244 449 or visit


Conservatory Outlet Appoints New Production Manager

In the latest phase of development, Conservatory Outlet has appointed a new production manager to oversee the fabrication plant based in Wakefield.

plans for the coming years, ensuring the delivery of quality products in an efficient manner to the ever-growing retail network.

In keeping with growth plans at Conservatory Outlet for both people and infrastructure, Christopher Smith came into post on Monday 22nd May to drive forward operational standards within the 60,000 sq ft site in Thornes Lane Wharf.

Christopher has a strong background in plant management, with over 21 years’ experience, most of which spent at Timber Door Manufacturer Jeld-Wen, implementing a variety of initiatives such as value stream mapping, waste elimination and team involvement.

Conservatory Outlet currently serves 24 retail partners across a UK- wide network, manufacturing some of the most innovative, high quality windows, doors, and outdoor living spaces on the market. The Network has experienced a vast amount of growth in recent years, and the appointment of Christopher falls in line with the progression and development

Christopher said “I’m really pleased to have the opportunity to take on this exciting role and help take Conservatory Outlet to new heights. With the growth forecast across the network it’s going to be a challenging role, but I am certain as a team we can implement the improvements needed to ensure we meet customer expectations.”

New Mainland Europe Managing Director

At International Systems Specialist Thomas Polonyi has been unveiled as the new Managing Director of Eduard Hueck GmbH & Co. KG in Lüdenscheid.

“The recruitment of Thomas (Polonyi) provides us with an excellent CEO with long-standing experience in leading positions. Under his direction, Hueck will continue its successful route with great commitment and in close cooperation with our customers.”

He succeeds long-standing Managing Director Thomas Utsch who is leaving the company to pursue new entrepreneurial activities. Thomas brings a wealth of directorship experience to, having held senior positions in various national and international companies including Assa Abloy Entrance Systems AB and ThyssenKrupp Bausysteme GmbH. Dr Michael Hartmann, member of the advisory board of Eduard Hueck GmbH & Co. KG, comments on the appointment: “Shareholders and the advisory

With more than 500 employees, Hueck is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of aluminium profile systems for windows, doors and facades. Thomas Polonyi, Managing Director of Eduard Hueck GmbH & Co. KG in Lüdenscheid

board would like to thank Mr Utsch for his much-appreciated work in the last eight years.

The company has more than 100 years’ experience in processing aluminium and specialises in both standard systems as well as bespoke applications – offering a wide choice of profiles, all of which are designed to integrate with each other. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 33


Balustrade Innovation Biggest change in balustrade design since 1900’s

AN INTERVIEW WITH EFFI WOLFF, Managing Director of Balconette Ltd

When Shakespeare put Juliet on a balcony, his agent missed a trick. Italian-style balustrades simply aren’t suitable for British weather – glass, with a sponsorship from the local glassworks, would have been much better. We know better now, and with 11% of new urban dwellings featuring a balcony of some description, glass balustrades are the nation’s favourite. But amazingly, designs have hardly changed since the development of structural glass in the early 1900’s. Game-changer After 24 years in the glass business, Effi Wolff, Managing Director at Surrey’s Balconette Ltd., decided the time was ripe for innovation, and this Spring ssaw the release of a potential game-changer in balustrade design: the Hybrid® balustrade. Effi told Window News: “Customers were telling us that they wanted to see the view, not the stainless steel posts – but


BALUSTRADE allowing much longer runs of glass without upright posts. New category The Hybrid® is a new category, and it aims to give the best of both worlds: high-end aesthetics at an affordable price. A key design requirement was to provide support solid enough that only standard toughened glass would be needed. The solution was to hide all the structural work inside a slim, self-supporting handrail, using a concealed cantilever built into the anodised aluminium. “It is our own proprietary system, intended to be both user and budget friendly” says Effi, and feedback so far suggests that the aesthetic might even prove more popular than the expensive fully frameless systems. Endless curves The Hybrid® system achieves up to four-metre straight runs of glass. Where curves or corners are included the length can be extended well beyond that. The handrail is attached at the ends to a wall or other structural element, with the glass secured by a thin floor-mounted track. Besides enabling longer straight runs, it gives designers the scope to create curves of virtually any radius and ‘S’shaped bends. the price of structural glass was simply too high for many. Laminated structural glass is beautiful, but it is heavy, expensive and often very complex to install. Many people felt that systems with steel upright supports were too much of a compromise - there are some very good designs around for the lugs and clamps, but they really wanted as little as possible between them and their view. They weren’t paying to look at the stainless steel fixings.

“We started to look at how the support system could be improved. We felt it should be possible to remove some of the clutter and open up the views in a way that wouldn’t involve major installation headaches.” The Hybrid® system, released this Spring, is the result. With some clever engineering, Effi found that the work of providing stability could all be hidden inside an attractive handrail,

Hybrid® balustrades incorporate an extruded, anodised aluminum handrail in Silver, Royal Chrome, Bronze or powder coated White finishes. They come in two styles: Orbit and Aerofoil. The Orbit has a circular handrail profile that allows up to 3.3m runs without posts. The Aerofoil handrail provides longer post-free spans, up to 4m. It is also very comfortable to lean on. We opted for an anodised aluminium construction since it is corrosion-free WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 35


and easily outlasts even marine grade stainless steel. The usual way to achieve the wide-open balustrade effect is to recess structural glass down into the floor. The Hybrid® system uses panels of 10mm toughened glass, which is advantageous in both weight and clarity, as thicker structural glass can often carry a heavy green tint. It is already proving very popular with developers and architects as a practical alternative to structural glass at about half the cost. 36 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

Hybrid® system Details: Hybrid® Aerofoil system: Maximum 4.0m spans without posts*. Hybrid® Orbit system: Maximum 3.3m spans without posts*. (* providing systems are attached either side to a structural element). Costs: The cost of the HYBRID® system is usually in the region of

60% the cost of an equivalent structural glass system, before installation costs are taken into account. Manufactured and supplied by: Balconette Ltd, Eastbourne Road, Blindley Heath, Surrey Balconette also provide a wide range of glazing products including curved doors and windows and Juliet balconies to developers and private homeowners.


also busy throughout as new technology drove interest from fabricators at all levels though especially in seamless welding.

2017 Hailed As Another

Great FIT Show After an extraordinary three days at the National Exhibition Centre the 2017 FIT Show has been hailed as another momentous event in the series that first took place just four years ago. The event was universally praised as being an unequivocal success with exhibitors taking healthy numbers of sales leads from visitors keen to engage and explore the hundreds of new products on show. FITThe organisers have revealed that 9,935 unique visitors attended this year’s FIT Show, a number that rises to 13,285 when their revisits were counted across the three days of the event (multiple daily entries are automatically de-duplicated). This is an increase of almost 17% (16.85%) more unique visitors compared to the previous FIT Show in 2016 (8502), offering a massive boost

of 62% more visitors in just two events. Daily numbers were Tuesday – 4808; Wednesday 5136; and Thursday 3341, figures that reflected the subjective comments of exhibitors at the show and typical for many business-to-business events, with the middle day showing the highest numbers. This year saw a significant presence of aluminium for the first time at any fenestration industry B2B event for more than three decades and visitors flocked to some of the most exciting stands as the surge in interest in aluminium framing continues. The majority of PVC-U systems producers were in attendance and they also enjoyed crowds as they rode the wave of interest in coloured and heritage framing. The machinery suppliers were

With sales leads taken in abundance and the general feeling that quality and genuine interest was high many exhibitors were keen to stake their place at the next FIT Show, which was confirmed as taking place in two years time on 21st, 22nd and 23rd May 2019. Almost half of the available stand space for the next event was contracted or reserved before the doors closed, with this figure expected to grow significantly during the weeks following this years show as companies consider their performances and look ahead to 2019. The sold and reserved advanced stand sales figure was all the more impressive with the further 25% increase in space that was announced for 2019. This represents a doubling of the FIT Show in just two events. The Master Fitter Challenge ‘best ever competitors’ say judgesThe FIT Show’s Matthew Glover says that once again so much of the success of this year’s FIT Show is down to the efforts of exhibitors: “As our marketing campaigns emphasise the FIT Show is all about the people and companies that exhibit. Exhibitors have once again worked hard to promote the event and those efforts, combined with the biggest FIT Show campaign ever, succeeded in boosting visitor numbers once again. “And when the show opened visitors were greeted with the most creative and beautiful stands; everyone involved with the building of this event commented how impressed they were with the efforts made by exhibitors.” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 37


Another Week, Another Show With the first successful FIT Show at the NEC starting to become a distant memory, Apeer shows no signs of slowing down as they begin preparing for the other eight exhibitions left in their calendar. The Apeer schedule is a particularly hectic one this year thanks to a total of 13 different shows, of which the FIT Show is now another that can be checked off the team’s list. “We so enjoy exhibiting at the FIT Show and this one definitely didn’t disappoint. Once again it gave us a great platform for our new and existing customers to really engage with our products and provided the team with some fantastic networking opportunities,” said Linda Tomb, Marketing Manager. “One of our main goals this year was to raise Lumi’s profile as a credible choice for refurbishment projects, as well as being equally suitable for new build applications. We made sure demonstrations of our reglazeable window were available on the stand too to help visitors better visualise the process,” Linda added. Striking new additions to the award winning Lumi range were also launched at stand K30 including a frameless Lumi French door and a colourful new Lumi front door. Showcasing the unique aesthetics and high quality finish that have become Lumi’s calling card, both additions sat in prime position on the stand alongside the beautiful three pane triple track Lumi Lift & Slide door as it was offered up to Apeer trade customers for the first time. 38 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

talented team that produce all of our bespoke glass designs and for the show we wanted to create something special that pushed us to challenge ourselves. Inspired by one of our factory team who moonlights as an extra on the show, we came up with the Game of Thrones design which was great fun and a fantastic talking point for us on the stand.”

However, Lumi was not the only brand vying for visitors’ attention as Apeer had also brought a selection from their popular range of composite doors to showcase at the event. “The stable door has been one of the most well received doors in the collection,” explained Linda. “It offers that popular country chic look that so many homeowners aspire to, but we have developed ours to be double rebated so that it has all the charm of the traditional style but with none of the loss in performance. “Like all of our doors it has a warp resistant fibreglass and high density polyurethane foam core design, which can then be finished with one of the versatile spray and foil colour combinations that we offer in-house at our Ballymena factory.” In addition to providing a wealth of colours and finishes under one roof, the Apeer team were also keen to show customers what else they can offer from the in-house team of glass designers, as Director Asa McGillian explained: “We’re lucky to have a really

Alongside all of the new product developments and intricate glass designs Apeer also had customer support improvements in mind in the lead up to the event. Two glossy new brochures, one each for Lumi and Apeer, plus two fresh new websites were launched to include all of the latest products for both brands and to reaffirm the company’s online presence. One of the key developments was the overhaul of Apeer’s online Doorbuilder tool which was demonstrated on the stand throughout the show to help customers get to grips with its benefits. Refreshed to incorporate the complete list of Apeer products, including the most recent additions to the Lumi window and door range, the pricing and ordering tool was just one of the ways Apeer have adapted to better help their trade partners succeed. Asa concluded: “Our trade partner network is still growing so there’s plenty to do and no time for us to relax just yet. We’re already gearing up to see lots more faces at the Surrey Homebuilding and Renovating Show on 1st and 2nd July, so for anyone that might have missed us at the NEC, we hope to see you there.”


After Successful FIT Show

REHAU Wonders; Is It Money Well Spent? The FIT Show has come and gone and as all recollect on the recent event the REHAU team have been wondering is it money well spent: Gareth Jones, Window Solutions Marketing and Technical Director at REHAU, said: “We’re now a few weeks on from this year’s FIT Show but we have been looking back at the success of the exhibition for our team. This year as I walked the stands everyone was very upbeat and there was a positive feeling that the show was a success with record visitors and busy stands. But now is a time to reflect on the success of the show for our business. “At the REHAU stand this year we went for the In Hand concept – something slightly different – and focused on the four key areas of sustainability, support, product and colour. From my point of view I was very pleased with the way the stand came together and I am pleased to extend thanks to all involved. “One of the great additions this year was Big Tuesday, which I think we did really well with the introduction of our gin bar, four cocktails following our core themes, our virtual reality game and the ice sculpting. “Overall for us the feedback has been very positive and people really understood our themes. But the cost is no longer insignificant as we move to the NEC and all the incidentals that come with this, plus the time invested within the business, which is where the

had a good positive buzz about it.

Gareth Jones

“For myself I do feel that there were lower numbers of architects and specifiers than I would have hoped to see. For the future I believe this should be addressed as fenestration solutions are vitally important. There could also be opportunities to run CPD Seminars at the show to encourage different visitors.

real expense comes in. To me the message is let’s not rest on our laurels and while this was a successful show we must judge each year as it comes.”

My opinion is that the show is too insular in its approach to enticing new delegates and visitors to the show and continues to lack on the amount of aluminium suppliers attending the show.”

Matt Janicki, North West Area Sales Manager at REHAU, said: “As this was my first show I found the event to be a real eye opener, from the size of the show in the NEC to the stands, which were far past my expectations. “I felt our stand was very friendly and welcoming to customers. Throughout the event and post show I received a lot of positive feedback from visitors who loved the stand, with the virtual reality experience a particular highlight – and of course the gin bar. “In summary these were three long days which were not good for my feet, but overall I really enjoyed the show and valued the networking possibilities the show presented.” Steve Tonkiss, Windows Solutions Commercial Sales Manager, said: “I thought the show went very well generally and the REHAU stand

Irene Smith, Windows Solutions Marketing Manager, said: “It was great to be back at the NEC and there was a fantastic buzz to this year’s show. It’s important to me to assess the reaction to the show and I was really pleased with the response to our stand from visitors, particularly guests enjoyed our giant profiles and were very interested in the virtual reality and product displays. “BIG Tuesday was a great success offering us the opportunity to mingle with our customers in a relaxed environment as well as the chance to watch the brilliant Ice Carving demonstration by Danny Thomas. But I do have a word of caution for 2019 – the show shouldn’t get too big and become very expensive as it could make it impossible for some exhibitors to participate and take away from the variety on show and thus overall visitor experience.” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 39


Korniche – FIT For Business

Made for Trade took full advantage of the 2017 FIT show ensuring their all aluminium Korniche roof lantern took centre stage amongst its contemporaries, the show provided the perfect platform for MFT’s team to demonstrate the innovative designs unrivalled speed of fit amongst its other selling points. Following the prototype Korniche roof’s first unveiling at the 40 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

2016 FIT Show the feedback and enthusiasm for the sectors most attractive roof lantern has been incredible. Eager to get their product to market, Made for Trade worked tirelessly through the end of 2016, polishing the design and getting the Korniche ready for full production which began in January this year. Ever growing momentum and

increasing enquiry volume for what the company claims is the FASTEST, STRONGEST, WARMEST and SLIMMEST system available, meant the 2017 FIT Show could not have come soon enough for Made for Trade, giving a great opportunity to put the Korniche under the spot light, and providing the all-important ‘proof of the pudding’ for their recent advertising campaign state-

FIT SHOW REVIEW ments around the unique features of the ground-breaking product. Bradley Gaunt explained “Advertising is only as good as words and pictures so it was very important to use this opportunity to physically underline the Korniche’s unique selling points, and in particular the speed of fit. To achieve this we designed a stand allowing a transparent approach to the product and our build demonstrations really hit home just how easy and manageable a Korniche Aluminium Lantern is to fit. We are very proud of the design and engineering that has gone in to the Korniche’s development and wanted to ensure this came across clearly and was fully understood by Fit show visitors and installers” Three demonstration installations every day at the FIT Show literally stopped people in their tracks, as they gathered around the stand to watch amazed at the efficiency and speed of the installation of a 1.5 x 1 metre Korniche, which consistently improved to a staggering 5 minutes and 55 seconds by the last day of the show. IMG_1336Following the build, visitors were encouraged to get up close and personal with the just completed demonstration model to see how precision fabrication ensures accuracy as well as speed of fit. Further showcasing the engineering of the Lantern, Made for Trade displayed cutaways and development to final product sample components allowing visitors insight into why the Korniche makes on-site installations so easy and the reason the product is incredibly strong, robust and secure. Two vertically hung lanterns and an impressive 5 x 3.5 metre

overhead lantern on the stand displayed the class leading aesthetic, Korniche really did stand out from the crowd Chris Wann, Business Manager said “When it comes to internal and external aesthetics there is really no other lantern product comparable to the Korniche. The roof is getting a great deal of interest from builders involved with timber garden rooms as a wooden looking alternative at a much easier to swallow price. These customers also demanding a high end external finish as often a lantern will be visible from a first-floor window, our purpose made top cappins provide exactly that, a refined architectural contemporary look which is a million miles away from systems thrown together from a conservatory roof parts bin” he added “It sells itself, You have got to ask the question, what would you put on your own house?” A view obviously shared by the public as reported Korniche orders have continued to grow month on month since its release, again with the increased publicity leading up to the FIT Show, and now reaching a record high following its first proper debut as an available

product at this year’s FIT show. So what’s next for Korniche? – Made for Trade are maintaining pace on product development with their in-house design team having a thermally broken super slimline roof vent and custom cill profile due to go into production this year. Safe to say these new products all maintain the MFT design philosophy of low cost high quality finish and minimum installation time. They have also just launched an updated website which is online at and it will soon be further upgraded with the KwikQUOTE estimating tool for our trade customers available in the next few weeks. Made for Trade continue to meet the rising demand for the Korniche whilst ensuring that support services for customers are firmly in place. Demonstration Korniche Lantern units are available alongside a whole host of marketing and point of sale material for showrooms of all sizes. For more information or to discuss your needs contact WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 41


Bowater Is Back In

Style At FIT!

Bowater by Birtley is reaping the rewards of flying the flag for composite doors at this year’s bigger and better FIT Show. “As a brand new range from two of the biggest names in doors, we knew we’d attract a lot of interest at the show,” says Kevin Kiernan of Bowater by Birtley, “but the response we’ve had from visitors has been fantastic. They are impressed with the breadth of the offering, the quality of the products and the resources behind the range that clearly offers the much-loved Bowater brand some ongoing investment and stability. “Of particular interest among fabricators and installers at the show was our double rebate 42 WINDOW NEWS MAY JUNE2017 2017

offering – demonstrated well by the doors on display that were perfectly colour matched to the bright colours in our logo. We’re able to offer any colour customers want thanks to our in-house paint facility. We’re also able to colour match the frames to the door. Having total choice of colour is today as important as energy efficiency and security – the things we have come to take for granted in our front doors. Bowater by Birtley is pleased to have it all with excellent thermal efficiency and Secured By Design accreditation available across the range.

composite door – the part of Bowater that has been missed by a large proportion of the market and the part of Bowater that other manufacturers haven’t been able to match in its absence. As well as our 68mm double rebate door, we also offer the 44mm composite, fire and storm door options. Our composite offering is also split into three collections to suit different styles of properties, tastes and budgets: The Foundation Collection for the most popular and budget-friendly designs, the Rural Collection for rural or period homes and the Contemporary Collection for modern homes.

“As well as being able to see first-hand the excellent quality of our doors, visitors have been quizzing our team of experts about why we’re different and what to expect from Bowater by Birtley in terms of product and service. They’ve explored our marketing materials including our website at and taken away copies of our new brochure. Bowater by Birtley is a new force to be reckoned with in composite doors and the positive response we’ve had from fabricators and installers that have seen the product up close, confirms that we’ve got it right.”

“Visitors to our stand were also excited to hear about our colour

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Outdoor Living,

New Residential Glazing

And Hybrid Warmroof,

All Shine For Prefix

systems included the Alitherm 47 heritage window and the VS600 vertical sliding window from Smart Systems, which formed part of an traditional Orangery, harnessing the proven iX250 Orangery deck. This was glazed with two ultraSKY lanterns with two different finishes internally, one in contemporary aluminium, the other in the OPUS luxurious hardwood. The trend towards aluminium was also further highlighted with the launch of URBANroom, a contemporary twist on the traditional conservatory, using a dedicated deep section gutter shroud, ultraSKY lantern roof, internal pelmet and full height glazing panels, all in sky blue from the Smart Systems Sensations range. This part of the stand focussed heavily on the full kit solutions available through Prefix Systems, with an extensive range of Smart aluminium products coupled with the glazed roofing solutions.

With a large number of over qualified leads from the FIT Show, Prefix Systems yet again came home from the industry’s dedicated trade show with considerable interest for their new products, which included developments for the outdoor living market, new residential glazing systems and the formal launch of their hybrid WARMroof. Prefix Systems committed to their biggest stand ever and were warmly rewarded with a large number of qualified leads. The introduction of their outdoor living range in 2016 has been a major plus for the company, with sales of their revered Verandah strong throughout 2016 and into 2017, again with considerable interest on their stand. This was also supplemented with enquiries for their new KOMMERLING Pergola, as they have secured exclusivity through the trade channels 44 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

and will be formally launching the product in the coming weeks. The WARMroof has been a defining product for Prefix and the FIT Show proved to be the perfect platform in which to formally launched the hybrid variant, which was previewed at last year’s event and has undergone extensive ‘in the field’ testing over the last 12 months. The roof shown incorporated two large, fixed, triple glazed panels that were finished off to the underside with luxurious OPUS hardwood cladding, while the other side of the dual pitch roof offered two Velux rooflights, again framed out with hardwood cladding. The OPUS aluminium & timber composite full height glazing also formed part of the showcased hybrid WARMroof, along with sumptuous bi-folding doors from the same suite. Other glazing

Prefix Systems have taken a leading role in supplying this ever-growing sector of the market for full kit solutions from a single source. These product packages are supplied nationwide and backed up with the technical knowledge and service that customers have come to expect from the multi-award winning business that is Prefix Systems. Chris Baron and Chris Cooke, co-directors of Prefix Systems commented: ‘The FIT Show again proved that customers have a thirst for new products and we’ve certainly satisfied that with developments spanning a number of market segments. We’re now firmly cemented as a business that specialises in the extended living space and aluminium residential sectors, with a number of exclusive products to our name.’

FIT SHOW REVIEW Guests at this year’s FIT Show Gala Dinner have reached into their pockets to raise a massive £15,233.57 following a heart-wrenching appeal for donations to Macmillan Nurses made during the event by Gary Morton, well known for his own charity work through GM Fundraising. With a call for donations traditionally being made to raise funds for a cause close to the hearts of people connected with the window and door industry, this year Macmillan Nurses was chosen by Leon Day, former owner and managing director of Universal Arches, who sadly lost his partner Jo to cancer earlier this year.

Generosity Of Gala Dinner

Acknowledging the generosity of guests Leon said: “It’s difficult to put into words the magnitude of this incredible gesture and with other donations, we’re now over £19,000 raised for Macmillan who did so much to help Jo, particularly

in the latter days. On behalf of Jo’s family and myself, I’d like to thank everyone, yet again this industry has shown how generous it can be.”

Guests Raises More Than £15K For Macmillan

Winkhaus: FIT Show Generated ‘Much Interest And Great Feedback Hardware specialist, Winkhaus has reported ‘great feedback’ from the FIT Show with much interest shown by visitors in its innovative AV3 locking systems range.

As well as providing the perfect opportunity to meet existing and new customers, the enlarged stand served as the ideal platform to showcase the company’s latest products, such as aluPilot, the new fitting system for aluminium windows that saves time and money. In addition to the product innovations, Winkhaus hospitality was enjoyed by many visitors to the popular ‘coffee bar where expert Barista services offered a range of welcome refreshments.

Mr Tillmann Winkhaus, one of the Managing Partners for the Group, was on hand for a day to present one lucky prize draw winner Michael Hagan of Aztec Windows (Coventry) Ltd with his Apple Watch.

Additional parent company input was provided by two members from the Winkhaus Germany marketing department who filmed the stand during the three-day show. Their ‘highlights’ video on Youtube and social media https:// has already attracted well over 1,000 views. They will also be publishing two AV3 product demo videos filmed during the show featuring the electronic version, AV3-E with the FAB slave door lock function and the AV3 Heritage variant.

The JustGiving page ( for Jo will remain open for a while yet should anyone else like to contribute to this emotive cause.

Commenting after the FIT Show, Justin Harris, Winkhaus UK Managing Director said: “It was a significant event for us with great interest shown in our latest products, including the AV3 autoLock ranges. The launch of aluPilot at the show also attracted much attention from the aluminium system houses and we anticipate this will be a sought-after production solution over the coming months and years.” He added: “As a returning exhibitor, we felt the FIT Show really delivered for us, both in terms of great feedback and increased visitor numbers. It’s a unique opportunity to celebrate business partnerships, alongside our own 25th anniversary in the UK this year. We are very proud to be part of it and will be back for sure in 2019!”, WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 45


Stunning Rooflights

Help Roof Maker Shine At FIT Show 2017

Putting the spotlight firmly on their range of cutting-edge rooflights, Leicester-based glazing specialists Roof Maker are celebrating a highly-successful debut FIT Show appearance. With an unrivalled reputation for quality and innovation which has given their best-inclass premium rooflights such a strong position in the retail market, Roof Maker looked to use The FIT Show to further establish themselves in the trade sector. The firm left the NEC with a bulging contacts book, with installers looking to strengthen their business and capitalise at the high-end of the market. 46 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

“We came to the FIT Show with a focused strategy to reach out to potential long-term business partners, and the response to our product portfolio and offering was beyond our expectation,” comments Paul Mildenstein, CEO at Roof Maker. “The FIT Show provided the perfect platform to showcase our range and to establish links with reputable, experienced installation firms that share our commitment to quality and excellence and want to enhance their product range to meet the demands of consumers looking for bespoke, high-end home improvement solutions.” Roof Maker’s FIT Show stand

featured a selection of premium quality rooflights including the LuxLite roof window, the O-Lite circular rooflight and the newest addition to the range, Open-Lite, a high-performance roof access rooflight. Re-defining a pitched roof window, LuxLite has been intelligently designed to deliver sleek, contemporary aesthetics with outstanding performance. The innovative frameless design ensures an uncompromised aperture for maximum natural light, combined with U-Values as low as 0.6W/m2K and exemplary noise reduction, setting the standard for aluminium pitched rooflights. Luxlite embodies the Roof Maker philosophy of quality, performance and innovation. Designed to create a stand-out feature to any property and a great product addition for any installer, the pitched rooflight offers outstanding product performance with the same stunning aesthetics, exceptional quality and unrivalled efficiency consumers expect from Roof Maker’s best-inclass product range. Easy to fit an outperforming all like for like products on the market, LuxLite provides a natural replacement for any tired or poor performing roof window. “We are absolutely delighted with the reception our new additions and our entire product range received from visitors,” adds Paul. “The FIT Show proved very successful for us, as a way to raise awareness to potential trade partners of the opportunities our luxury rooflights present to their business.” For more information visit or call 0116 214 7112


Memories Of The 2017 FIT Show

Bound To Last For The Master

Fitter Challenge Winners The first FIT Show to take place at the National Exhibition Centre will remain in the minds of many of its participants but few will remember the event with such fondness as David Keates & Jonathon Mountford of DK Windows after they were declared the overall winners of this year’s gruelling Master Fitter Challenge. The results were announced live just hours after the competition closed at the FIT Show Gala Dinner, by celebrity host Nick Knowles. Six teams competed to install windows, residential and bi-folding doors and a lantern roof in just two days and before the critical eyes of hundreds of their peers and a tough team of assessors, again provided by GQA. And in the face of such pressures David and Jonathon prevailed in what was declared the most professional MFC

competition yet to win a cheque for £5,000 and, more importantly, the top prize in this increasingly prestigious competition. The judges also thought the duo were the best at installing bi-folding doors and were also declared winners of that section of the competition. Six teams competed to install windows, residential and bi-folding doors and a lantern roof in FIT Show 2017’s Master Fitter ChallengeThe runners-up were David Shaw & Nathan Daw of Shaw Home Improvements who took home a prize of £3,000, also winning the Lantern Roof section of the event, with the final cash prize of £2,000 being scooped by Dale Harrison & Colin Stubbs of West Yorkshire Windows, who also won the Window Fitting section. Mark West & Mark Hardy of Sherborne Windows

won the Residential Door fitting section.

Products installed by the teams were fitted to specially designed and built competition rigs that were designed to replicate real-life technical installation conditions, although the pressures of being observed by visitors are probably less than encountered from beady-eyed homeowners. Products for the competition were supplied by FIT Show exhibitors, including AluK (bi-folding doors); Epwin (windows); Apeer (residential composite doors); and Atlas (lantern roofs). In an interesting twist, Edgetech’s new installation tape Trufit was introduced as an additional test. Once again FENSA provided their support for the event, having maintained their involvement continuously for all four competitions. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 47

FIT SHOW REVIEW “The FIT Show was a great opportunity for us to showcase our newest WarmCore product alongside the full suite of thermally efficient aluminium products we offer at the Synseal Group. WarmCore patio cut-through“It’s been widely reported that the aluminium market is set to continue growing steadily and this was evident based on the popularity across the aluminium product stands at the FIT Show. The biggest attraction on our stand along with our new slim vent windows was our new inline patio system, which has been designed to satisfy the demand for beautiful, aluminium aesthetics with panoramic views at a price that’s affordable for the average homeowner.

New WarmCore

Patio Unveiled At

The FIT Show Synseal Group revealed another new WarmCore product at the FIT Show this year which reinforces their ongoing campaign to challenge expectations in the aluminium market. The new WarmCore Inline Patio, to be launched this summer, is the newest addition to the growing WarmCore family which now includes casement, tilt & turn, flush sash and slim vent windows; folding sliding, French and residential doors; and the recently launched Fixed Roof Light which was also on display for the first time at the FIT Show. All WarmCore products including the new inline patio are built around a full-width thermal core which typically offers up to 25% more thermal efficiency than conventional aluminium systems, making the products more comparable in thermal performance to many PVC-U systems. Talking about the success of the product launch at the show, Group Sales and Marketing Director Andy Jones said: 48 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

“Of course, bi-fold doors are still hugely popular with both new build and retrofit installations but they are typically seen as a high-end lifestyle choice that not every homeowner can afford. With the in-line patio system, we are offering customers a product which is on par in thermal performance to our folding sliding door system while still being typically 20% cheaper than competitors’ aluminium patios – more comparable on price in fact with PVC-U bi-fold doors. “Despite being more consumer-friendly in price, we have still gone to the other end of the world and back to bring together the highest quality components, like our Australian-sourced five-wheel roller sets, bespoke flush hardware and twin track internal slider. “Our aim with WarmCore products is always to offer the market something truly remarkable which challenges expectations in the aluminium market, particularly in terms of thermal efficiency. We’ve also designed the patio system to tackle some of the typical weak spots associated with patio doors, so some of our key features include a thermally broken anti-separation interlock for excellent security, a protective damper mechanism and a thermally broken low threshold. “We had great success at the FIT Show asking fabricators and installers to take our WarmCore Challenge by asking themselves simple questions about the thermal efficiency, security and flexibility of their current aluminium systems. We want them to approach our new inline patio with the same expectations – superior thermal performance in both double and 44mm triple glazed systems, straightforward fabrication, and excellent security features as standard, at no extra cost.” The new WarmCore Inline Patio will be available this summer both fully pre-fabricated and in bar length in sizes up to 6m wide by 2.4m high, in two, three and four pane configurations. To find out more and to register your interest now please call 01623 444390.

FIT SHOW REVIEW Dynamic Dekko Window Systems enjoyed a hugely successful FIT Show debut, that saw it unveil a number of new additions to its well-known product ranges. The firm’s Räum collection of sleek, contemporary aluminium sliding doors has now been expanded with stylish aluminium windows, and two varieties of high-end garage door. Also prominently displayed on the fabricator’s stand were examples of its innovative, seamlessly-welded Infinity uPVC window and doors, as well as a number of timber-alternative products from the celebrated Residence Collection. “After being enthusiastic visitors to the last few FIT Shows, it was fantastic to finally be exhibitors ourselves”, commented Sales Director Kurt Greatrex. “In recent years, we’ve invested extensively in developing some of the most respected brands in the industry, designed to help installers secure more leads, make more sales and grow their businesses. We were delighted to showcase those products to professionals from right across our industry – and we look forward to building relationships with a number of potential

Dynamic Dekko Makes

FIT Show Debut new customers we met back in Birmingham.”

Dekko also used the show as an opportunity to launch its Make It Yours campaign – an initiative that will see the firm offer customers an extensive range of sales material that can be personalised with their own logos and branding. Dekko Windows Systems was founded in 2008 by Gary Torr and

Kurt Greatrex, and is one of the leading fabricators of high-end PVCu and aluminium windows and doors. Based in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, Dekko Window Systems was listed in the 2016 edition of the London Stock Exchange’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain. The report celebrates the fastest growing small and medium-sized businesses in the UK.

BM Aluminium Celebrates 10 Years BM Aluminium were celebrating their 10th anniversary at FIT and welcomed a record number of new and existing customers to their stand. There were two big draws for those customers. The first was the demonstration of BM Aluminium’s brand new InfoServer module for users of its LogiKal software system. InfoServer provides a simple route to paperless production with an integrated Fabrication Production

Control (FPC) system. It allows users to send work orders generated within LogiKal direct to terminals on the factory floor, eliminating the need to print out and pass around paperwork. It has the potential to save time, improve efficiency, and of course reduce the risk of errors. The second big draw was BM Aluminium’s 10th anniversary competition to win a trip to a European football match, tying in perfectly with the German heritage of LogiKal’s developers Orgadata.

The winner of the prize draw was Tom Finn of Fusion WD who will receive a voucher for tickets, flights and hotels to watch his choice of European match. Managing Director Dean Hodges said: “The FIT Show was timed perfectly to be the focus of our 10 year anniversary and it felt only right that we shared our celebrations with so many of the customers and partners who have supported us all the way since 2007.” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 49


VBH Reports Huge Interest At FIT For New

GreenteQ Ranges

forced entry for 10 years after installation, and is the only scheme on the market which covers all the relevant hardware on a door or window, from a variety of brands. VBH advise that they were a little surprised themselves at the star of their show; the patented greenteQ SecuriFold door handle for multipoint lock applications. SecuriFold handles are designed to fold flat in the vertical position when not in use, popping up into the ‘normal’ 90° position only when the door is being operated. The handle stands off the profile by only 23mm when folded, so is ideal for use on bi-fold and Slide & Fold doors as it allows the sashes to stack closer together than a conventional handle. VBH advise that the feedback received at FiT suggests that SecuriFold, and the new CentreFold intermediate handle, which is even slimmer at just 16mm stand-off, look set to be hugely popular.

Hardware specialist VBH report that their third visit to FiT Show was the best yet in terms of product launches, visitor numbers and leads. The company focused almost entirely on products from its ever expanding greenteQ range which was reflected in the design and branding of the stand. PAS24 versions of Clearspan aluminium bi-fold door hard50 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

ware and the Invisifold Slide & Fold system both received much attention, as did the outward opening casement and tilt & turn window versions of Invisifold. VBH’s new Q-secure multi-brand guarantee was unveiled and many fabricators signed up to the scheme during the show, keen to offer the package to their customers. Q-secure guarantees against

Peter Rowlands, MD of VBH (GB) says ‘The FiT show exceeded our expectations in many ways; in particular the number and quality of visitors, and the level of genuine interest in our products and services. Overall we felt the show was a big success for the industry and we are proud to have been part of it. As a mark of our confidence in the future and new products in our pipeline, we’re going bigger in 2019 and have reserved a stand 75% larger than this year’s.’ More on VBH and their products and services can be found at or by calling 01634 263300.

FIT SHOW REVIEW SWISSPACER was ‘Ahead of The Game’ at the FIT Show, with many visitors to its stand over the 3-day exhibition. A popular attraction was SWISSPACER’s new personalised laser marking demonstration in partnership with Domino. Visitors could request a personalised message on the bar and experience firsthand the discreet and permanent benefits of the laser marking, as well as the accuracy of the printing. The champagne reception at the end of the first day was also well received and perfect for networking with many customers, prospects and media over a glass of bubbly. Andy Everett, National Account Manager UK & Ireland says: “The quality of the visitors was outstanding, as well as the quantity. We were able to demonstrate the benefits of warm edge spacer bars and SWISSPACER’s lead in choice, widths and colours to key target audiences.

Successful FIT Show

for SWISSPACER “We also announced our new UK HQ at the Show. Customers can now buy SWISSPACER spacer bars directly from our new base in Milton Keynes. And last but not least, it was the perfect opportunity to introduce our new Branch and

Operations Manager Agnieszka Wronska and Sales Manager Geoff Davies. Overall it was a busy and enjoyable three days.”

For more on SWISSPACER and its new UK HQ call 01908 335190.

Emmegi FIT Show Success tage of Emmegi’s FIT Show offer of a free TKE sealant machine with every order for an Itaca Solution crimper.

Andrew Jones (left) from Emmegi (UK) pictured with Neil Fraser of Rana Park placing his order for an Itaca Solution crimper at the FIT Show.

Neil Fraser of trade fabricators Rana Park Ltd, pictured with sales manager Andrew Jones, was one of several visitors who took advan-

Neil said: “We’ve used a manually jointed system up until now, but newer systems we’re adding to our range require crimping so it made perfect sense for us to choose a machine which can automate that for us. Obviously, it made even more sense to order the Itaca Solution at the FIT Show and get a £3000 TKE sealant machine thrown in – we’re delighted with the deal.” The Atla Coop Itaca Solution NC controlled crimping machine has a 12 axis NC control system which means it can be reset in minutes when fabricators switch between

profiles instead of having to carry out a manual reset which can take hours. For most customers, the payback can be calculated in just a few months. It proved a real draw on the stand for both new and existing customers, alongside machines like the Emmegi Comet T6HP four axis machining centre and twin head Precision TS2 cutting centre.

Managing Director Ian Latimer said: “As well as the Itaca Solutions sales, we also took orders for several of the larger machines directly at the show which was very positive. We’ve been at every FIT Show so far and, every time, customers come with the specific intention of doing business.” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 51


Another Successful

FIT Show For Windowbase

“The Queen” Joins Windowbase, the UK’s only prospect data supplier 100% dedicated to the window market, has once again had a successful and rewarding visit to the FIT Show. The Windowbase stand offered potential customers the chance to try the national window database for themselves, for free. That’s over 14,000 current, accurate-as-possible records of companies. Visitors were able to see for themselves just how simple it is to select just the prospects they need, whether they want to filter information by location, systems or company size. The new location at the NEC was popular with visitors and Windowbase staff alike. Neil Parsonson, Windowbase Database Manager, comments: “We loved the new location – it was very well organised and everything went smoothly. Visitors loved our ‘Lovehearts’ giveaways too! The stand was constantly busy and we have increased the number of leads on the last FIT Show. We also made several deals at the show, which more than covered our costs. We’re now looking forward to the 2019 show – in fact we’ve already booked our place!” For more information on Windowbase visit www.windowbase. info or call on 01453 845717 52 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

Cable Restrictor Specialists

Jackloc At The FIT Show The identity of Jackloc’s very special FIT Show guest was finally revealed to be none other than “Her Majesty The Queen”. Her Royal Highness joined the window and door restrictor specialists on their stand for Big Tuesday to celebrate the firm winning the most prestigious award in UK business, The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation 2017.

won this highly-prestigious award and become the leading window and door restrictor, used by a wide range of organisations across the world,” adds Judith Burrows, Emma’s sister and fellow Jackloc Director. “Leaving Birmingham with an abundance of enquiries and high-value leads shows we have achieved what we set out to do.”

The real Queen impersonator helped the Leicestershire firm create quite a buzz in the halls of the NEC and on social media, leading to Jackloc’s most successful FIT Show appearance, securing a record number of leads.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in the Midlands, Jackloc safeguards thousands of lives every day worldwide. Adopted by homeowners as well as health authorities, leading hotel and leisure chains and commercial and residential developments, Jackloc provides a highly-versatile range of universal cable restrictors which have revolutionised window safety.

“The FIT Show proved to be a great success for The Jackloc Company,” comments Emma Wells, Founder and Director at Jackloc®. “We were looking at ways to make us stand out from the crowd and to recognise our huge achievement of winning The Queen’s Award and inviting ‘Her Majesty’ along certainly proved popular with visitors.” “We wanted to go to The FIT Show and show why our product has

Completely universal and designed for any window or door material, the Jackloc range now includes swivel/stud and pushand-turn cable restrictors, alongside the original, Queen’s Award winning, key-lockable Jackloc For more information visit


Kömmerling Deliver

A 76Mm Fit Show Innovation Zoner KÖMMERLING used the FIT Show as a platform for the launch of their new, innovative six and seven chambered, 76mm window and door system, offering unrivalled Uf values, Passivhaus levels of performance and other technologies, with a number of PVC-u/aluminium hybrid options also on display.

and as a means to add water and dirt repellent properties to PVCu profiles. A four-pane PremiLine Pro with Secured by Design status was also on show, which is a patent protected patio door system with unrivalled security credentials, thanks to the clever locking mechanism at the interlock.

Given the prominence of the UK market for parent company profine Group GmbH, CEO and owner, Dr Peter Mrosik, visited the stand on day one, eager to meet staff and customers, before heading off for a media interview with several editors. But new products were very much to the fore on the stand, as the German systems giant looks set to further fuel its reputation as a true product innovator in the UK PVC-u systems sector.

The third and final patio door type product on display was in the form of the world’s first preview of PremiSlide, an innovative flush fitting patio type door with compression gaskets, unrivalled weather performance and ‘soft close’ technology. It proved to be one of the defining talking points on the stand.

To the front of the stand an impressive 6m x 2.5m lift and slide PremiDoor 76, with the pioneering proCoverTec surface finish technology, showcased the emerging sector for large span patio doors

The FIT Show also saw the emergence of PVCu/aluminium hybrid systems, something KÖMMERLING has championed in several European markets in recent years, with System 76 French doors on show, one with proCoverTec and the other an Irish Oak/AluClip Pro hybrid option with a flush exterior,

both offering a unique tilt option. A slide, swing and fold PremiFold 70 door set was also on show along with a number of System 76 and C70/O70 Gold® cross sections, on what was a very busy stand throughout the show. Visitors included existing customers in the form of both fabricators and installers, along with several high profile commercial specifiers. Finally, the new KÖMMERLING Pergola formed part of the reception area on the stand, a product for the outdoor living sector with opening louvres, integrated spot lights and mood lighting. Kevin Warner, head of sales and marketing for KÖMMERLING concluded: ‘The FIT Show was a resounding success for us and the response from our new product innovations was somewhat overwhelming. We’re equipping our customers with unique glazing solutions, harnessing surface finishing and hybrid technologies and offering a new 76mm platform with immense performance characteristics.’ WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 53


Phoenix Doors: ‘FIT Show Was The

Best Show In 20 Years’ The 2017 FIT Show was the ‘best show in 20 years’ according to Phoenix Doors, which unveiled a number of new composite door developments on a shared stand C58 with its parent company MASCO UK Window Group. Winning the Best Stand Design Over 80m² at the FIT Show Awards was the ‘icing on the cake’ that topped an incredibly successful show for the Cambridgeshire-based PVC door panel and GRP composite door manufacturer.

Meridian Door and new County Collection door designs were inundated all day.”

Phoenix Doors - FIT 2017 3Speaking after a hectic three days that saw their stand ‘inundated’ with visitors, Phoenix Doors’ Sales Director Haydon Statham enthused: “Wednesday was a particularly busy day on the stand. The group’s product displays together with our

He continued: “In my opinion, it was the best show for customer visitors I have seen in 20 years – just like the 1980s heyday! Plus winning the Best Stand Design award was the icing on the cake – it was like becoming a father all over again!”

At the FIT Show, Phoenix Doors revealed its expanded County Collection composite door and Meridian 70mm double-rebated composite door ranges and how they can offer yet more customer choice, including bespoke colours. Fresh contemporary glazing designs and a new multi-point entry lock also attracted much interest from fabricators and installers. Haydon added: “As a complete door solution company for the retail replacement market, our broader product portfolio helps to ‘open doors’ for our customers to gain more business. The FIT Show was a tremendous success for us and generated many new sales leads, including a number for the bespoke coloured doors we can offer thanks to our much larger production facility in Huntingdon.” For more information, please call Phoenix Doors on 01487 740469, email or visit the website at

Successful FIT Show Launch For Brisant’s Lock-Lock The 2017 FIT Show was another successful event for Brisant Secure. Brisant’s stand was in a prime spot at the entrance to the VIP area, visible the length of the main aisle in Hall 7. It won the Most Creative Use of Shell Award too, for the design featuring a stunning mega-sized screen which formed the back wall of the stand.

opened from the outside, even if the cylinder is breached. If the spindle can’t be turned the door won’t open. And it’s also available for doors that are only ever locked from the inside, so no key is required: just the internal switch – which makes it ideal for use on conservatory, patio, bi-fold and double doors.

But stunning though the stand was, it was LockLock, Brisant Secure’s new security handle, which had everybody talking. The handle not only looks great, its patented design protects against cylinder picking, bumping, drilling and snapping. It breezed through the two star security test and it’s believed that new security standards will have to be developed to reflect its ‘real life’ security. Flick the switch on the inside handle and you activate LockLock’s unique spindle block, so the door can’t be

Lock-Lock was also featured by Solidor, the official launch partner for the FIT Show, and it appeared on several other companies’ stands too. LockLock is available from June in a range of finishes. It fits both PVC-U and composite doors, with reinforced M6 bolt fixing options in both 122mm and 211mm. A Lever Pad option will also be available.


To find out more call 01924 410 200, visit www. or follow @UltionLock on Twitter.

FIT SHOW REVIEW ments Edgetech’s Head of Marketing, Charlotte Davies. “Behind all of our products, there is a wealth of research and countless hours of testing to ensure every single parameter delivers only the best performance. Our stringent and thorough research and development programme provides the evidence we need to verify the quality and performance of our products, in addition to over three decades of real-life experience outside the laboratory.”

Edgetech Gives A Taste Of Super Spacer At The FIT Show 2017 Spacer bar manufacturer Edgetech took visitors back to the classroom as they showcased the ‘science of warm edge’ at the FIT Show 2017. Offering one of the most interactive stands at the FIT Show, Edgetech shared just a taste of the thirty years of fastidious research, constant development and thorough scientific testing used to create the ground-breaking Super Spacer flexible foam spacer bar.

tively using Super Spacer. To complete the science theme, visitors were also able to pick up a test tube of Super Spacer branded M&Ms.

The stand also featured live demonstrations of Super Spacer application, showing how glazed units can be manufactured efficiently and cost-effec-

“We had a brilliant time at this year’s FIT Show taking visitors back to the classroom and behind the scenes of our unrivalled Super Spacer,” com-

“As experts and pioneers of warm edge, it was great to come to the FIT Show and share the facts behind the technology through our fun, interactive stand. As veterans of the FIT Show, appearing every year since the event began, we can safely say it has been one of our most successful appearances in terms of quality leads. We were able to leave the NEC having established new relationships with installers looking to gain a greater understanding of the quality inside their products, fabricators who are looking to manufacture IG and leading, established IG manufacturers who want to use the best-in-class spacer bar. With such success, we are already looking forward to FIT Show 2019!” Founded in 1989, and today forming part of global building products group Quanex, Edgetech revolutionised the industry with the introduction of the game-changing Super Spacer flexible warm edge spacer bar. Currently celebrating a decade of manufacturing at its Coventry headquarters, the company offers a comprehensive range of components for warm edge windows. For more information on Edgetech call 02476 639931 or visit WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 55


The Hardware’s

The Star For

Sealco At FIT Show

Independent window and door distributor Sealco has booked again for 2019 after enjoying a fantastic FIT Show, with real interest from a record number of visitors looking for cost-effective, reliable hardware packages. The hardware was the star on the Sealco stand. With six doors and windows on display, Sealco showed the breadth of products available to suit timber, aluminium and PVCu applications. “We brought together hardware from the biggest manufacturers, including Yale, UAP, GU, Trojan and Endurance, to show how we create the best packages for customers,” says Alan Malcolm, Sales Director at Sealco. “Visitors responded brilliantly to the displays – and we started lots of exciting conversations that we’ll be following up over the coming weeks. “The Endurance Sash & Case range was a hit with joiners looking to find everything they need for new and refurbishment timber windows. Visitors told us that they came to see Sealco because of our expertise in the joinery market, as we’re offering something they can’t get elsewhere. 56 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

Fast Lead Times And Low Set-Up Costs Grab Visitors Interest On AluWood Stand Timber window fabricators and joiners at FIT Show were drawn to the AluWood stand because of the low set-up costs and fast lead times the aluclad timber window and door system manufacturer provides. Visitors to the show had the choice to add the proven system to their range or buy in AluWood ready-made. AluWood featured its sophisticated and cleverly engineered aluclad window and door system on its stand at FIT Show. It demonstrated to joiners and fabricators how easy the system is to manufacture using existing tooling and impressed visitors with its really fast lead times. “The fact that our system is made in the UK and that we can turn around orders really quickly, caught the attention of people we spoke to,” says Callum Grant, Commercial Director, AluWood Windows. “There were some really key things that visitors liked. For joiners being able to do AluWood windows and doors in dual colour at no extra cost, provides real value to their

business. “Because we make our window and door system in Britain, there’s no import costs and this was a big plus for visitors who wanted to find out more. We will be following up the valuable leads we picked up at the show to help fabricators and joiners to start selling aluclad timber windows and grab their share of the £77 million market.” The AluWood system is easy to manufacture and offers plenty of design choice to fabricators looking to offer customers more project possibilities. The aluminium profile uses a simple clip-on system which fits easily to the timber frame. The aluminium on the outside can come in any RAL colour and the time frame on the inside can be made of hard or soft woods, and engineered timber including Accoya. “We’re looking to grow our network of fabricators around the UK to manufacture our proven low-cost system,” adds Callum. “The reaction to the stand proves aluclad is very much a growing market.”


GGF Delight At “Best Ever” FIT Show The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) was delighted to be part of the FIT Show held at Birmingham’s NEC from 23rd – 25th May. The show attracted a record number of almost 10,000 visitors and over 250 companies exhibited over an incredibly busy three days that showcased the best of the industry. Attending his first glazing industry show, Phil Pluck GGF Chief Executive commented; “It was an invaluable event for really getting under the skin of the industry and discovering what people and businesses are really doing and thinking. We connected with many of our Members and some were keen to express just how important the GGF is to their companies and being the voice of glass and glazing. The show proved to be a fantastic arena for promoting the benefits of being

associated with the GGF.” Birmingham NEC hosted the show for the first time and it was clear that the exhibition benefited from being larger with more stands on a bigger scale than previous years. In addition, the organisers allowed exhibitors to run their own stand parties on the first evening (Big Tuesday) of the show. The GGF used this to great effect with their 40th Anniversary Party that attracted over 80 people who seemed to enjoy the live entertainment and networking with other Members and guests. James Lee, GGF Director of Marketing and Communications added; “We enjoyed having more space this year. It allowed us to make a really strong brand statement to reflect our 40th anniversary year. The four metres high “Founders

Wall”, our Members Lounge and the GGF video on our TV monitors attracted many visitors to the stand. It was good to see many Members enjoy our hospitality and it was great to engage with many non-members who were interested in joining the GGF.” Brian Smith, GGF Director of Home Improvement and Membership added; “We were inundated with membership enquiries as our special offer of 40% off first year’s subscriptions attracted many potential new members to our stand. The good news is, the special offer continues for 40 working days after the FIT Show. So companies who couldn’t make it to our stand, can still take advantage of this once in a generation special subscription offer for new members. Overall, this was the best ever FIT Show for the GGF.” The FIT Show is clearly not resting on its laurels and the organisers (FIT Events) are already looking ahead to 2019 and doing it all again at the Birmingham NEC. The GGF has already booked to exhibit in 2019. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 57


Epwin Reveals

New Aluminium

Bifold Door The Epwin stand at the FIT Show 2017 revealed that the company will introduce a new aluminium bifold. Sharn Samra, Marketing Director at Epwin Window Systems said: “We felt the FIT Show was the perfect vehicle to unveil it to the market. Judging by the response we have received so far, we made the right decision because anticipation is already building.”

Here is what we know about the Epwin aluminium bifold. Developed exclusively by Epwin Window Systems, it will accept aluminium or PVC-U beads, offering something genuinely new for the market. 58 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

It has been developed to offer maximum design flexibility. The external appearance will have a bevelled frame and sash upstand and an optional square sash upstand. Internally, the PVC-U bead will be sculptured or bevelled and the aluminium version will be square. It will be available in up to seven sashes of between 750mm and 900mm, with a maximum height of 2100mm and a maximum weight of 120kg. Sashes can open inwards or outwards to create the look desired by the homeowner.

The thermal break is polyamide based, glass-fibre reinforced and designed for high strength, rigidity

and thermal separation so the door provides the thermal efficiency and security that today’s homeowners are looking for. The door’s hardware offers a level of quality this aspirational door style needs. Security is taken care of thanks to features such as multipoint locking for the main door, shootbolts for the secondary doors and folding sashes and a centrally fixed hinge and roller system that gives additional rigidity as well as PAS 24 compliance. The zinc handles are die-cast and corrosion resistant to Grade 4 BS EN 1670:2007 (a minimum of 240 hours salt spray resistance) while stainless steel tracks and rollers ensure ease of use year after year. Epwin Window Systems will be revealing more information about its new aluminium bifold door in due course. In the meantime, if the early signs are anything to go by, the company has just enhanced its reputation for being forward-thinking and innovative in delivering what the market is looking for.

DOORS Smart Architectural Aluminium has launched Visofold 6000, a high-quality, high-performance sliding/folding door which offers a number of opening options for great flexibility. The slimmest door in the Visofold range, the exceptionally slim sight lines of the new Visofold 6000 door provide an elegant, contemporary solution. VISOFOLD-6000-SNF-T-Piece-RALVisofold 6000 is perfect for both commercial and residential projects where large openings are required, with the system maximising light and space to give unimpeded views. This highly-versatile, easy-to-operate sliding/folding door is the perfect option for even the largest project, capable of opening up an entire wall, yet presenting a stylish glazed façade when closed. Featuring unique, simple-to-operate door hardware, the door panels may be operated completely independently to optimise ventila-

Smart Launches High Performance Sliding/Folding Door

tion and with a choice of internally or externally opening panels, the system provides great flexibility. With high-security glazing, robust locking mechanisms, an unrivalled

Patiomaster’s New Triple Track Opens

Up New Patio Door Opportunities The triple track opens up the market for three and six pane patio door configurations which give the PatioMaster door system even greater versatility than ever before.

PatioMaster, manufacturers of one of the UK’s favourite patio door, unveiled a new development at the FIT Show: a triple track opening system. The development looks set to cement PatioMaster’s reputation as the patio door experts.

The system offers exceptional aesthetics: the ride over design enhances the overall appearance as well as reduces the plaster cutback needed during installation. It is available in all 28 colours and finishes in PatioMaster’s Palette colour range. Available in 24 and 28mm glazing options, triple track door configurations exceed all current thermal efficiency requirements. Above all, the doors are easy to use as they glide open beautifully

colour range and the option of colour-matched accessories, the system can be tailored to meet each project’s specific requirements. thanks to features such as carriage wheels at the end of each sash that ensure stability as well as making them easy to adjust during installation. Carmen Velilla, PatioMaster’s Brand Manager, commented: “We are delighted with the reception the triple track has received so far. We know from the feedback received how much value it is going to add to our customers’ portfolios.” Every PatioMaster door is precision made to order in one of PatioMaster’s regional manufacturing centres and typical delivery time is just five days. By working with PatioMaster, your customers get the best of both worlds: the reassurance of a well-respected national brand with the quality and reliability of your local business. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 59


Mercury Glazing Increases Aluminium Patio Door Ranger

Specialist trade fabricator Mercury Glazing Supplies Ltd has just extended their aluminium inline patio door range by introducing the Smart Aluminium Slide 2000 sliding patio door to its growing portfolio. Chris Reeks, the company’s Sales and Marketing Director, said, “Patios remain a very popular part of our portfolio and the new Slide 2000 sliding patio door sits perfectly alongside our Visoglide range of patios, which now includes the lift and slide option too. Our extended patio door range offers a wealth of benefits to our customers and adds even further value to our offering.” The Smart’s Slide 2000 patio door range is particularly suited 60 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

to residential applications, both new build and refurbishment, and offers a cost effective solution for light commercial applications too. With its slim sightlines to maximise light potential, the Slide 2000 patio is supplied as glazed panels utilising a wrap around gasket system. Coupled with modern thermal break technology for enhanced thermal performance the units can achieve a u-value of 1.6 W/m²K with glazing options up to 32mm too. Alternatively, the versatile Visoglide Plus inline slider, with its pane heights of up to 2500mm, has been designed to maximise the glazed area, giving expansive views and the slim sightlines that

today’s consumers are looking for. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications other features include a ‘lift n glide’ option, which allows the sash to operate in a vented position for controlled and secure ventilation. All patios in the range come with Fab n Fix furniture in a variety of colour finishes. The doors are available in both single and dual colour options in a wide choice of standard and non-standard finishes including a unique range of textured colours. For added security and peace of mind, the patio doors are fitted with multipoint secure locking and anti-lift blocks as standard.

DOORS The new sliding folding ‘MB-86 FOLD LINE’ is the latest addition in a wide range of sliding doors systems from European aluminium systems company, Aluprof. With one of the slimmest hinged stile sight line of just 133mm, the new system maximises the all important glass area. Designed for heavy duty use, the system is suitable for both residential and commercial installations, and offers excellent life expectancy.

A Slide and Fold Solution

From Aluprof

The MB-86 FOLD LINE features a 77mm wide, triple chamber door leaf profile, with a 34mm polyamide thermal break for excellent thermal insulation and strength, allowing doors of up to 2700 mm high and 1000 mm wide. The Aluprof designed, dedicated hardware, allows door leafs of up to 100Kg in weight to be accommodated with the option of triple, or quadruple glazing, to be easily specified up to 60mm in thickness. Rebated and low-level thresholds are an option as well as open in and open out options for the folding arrangement.

files to manufacture the complete system. Furthermore, the ‘MB-86 FOLD LINE’ is fully compatible with the MB-86 range of framing, door and window systems making it one of the most flexible systems for any application.

With a low profile count, for what is a very flexible sliding folding system, fabricators do not need to stock an extensive range of pro-

It should therefore come as no surprise that Aluprof systems are increasingly being specified on a wide range of residential and

commercial projects across the UK. All systems are designed and installed by selected, specially trained companies to ensure each product meets the Aluprof exacting standards. Further information is available on the company website at and specialist advice is available directly from Aluprof UK offices on 0161 941 4005.

Jack Aluminium And IDF Help Fred Perry’s HQ To Achieve

Industrial Look

The industrial look of the partitions in Fred Perry’s new head office in London has been created by IDF Aluminium, in a clever application of Jack Aluminium’s JD47 Shopfront system. The new premises in Clerkenwell occupy three renovated 19th

century warehouses. Inside, Fred Perry has brought together offices, showrooms and exhibition space as the brand’s flagship location.

material for this project because it is lighter, more cost-effective and can be fabricated on faster lead times than steel.

The design uses exposed brickwork and beams to reflect the building’s industrial history. The internal office partitions were specified to the same brief.

“We have a great working relationship with Jack Aluminium and we’ve used the JD47 Shopfront system like this before, so we knew that it would be perfect for this project. It is very fabricator friendly and Jack’s service is great.

“The architect had created a timeless look in line with the building’s branding and the internal office partitioning is styled on a classic steel glazing design,” says Will Woods of IDF Aluminium. “Aluminium was the preferred

“We’ve been able to create something with the classic look of steel but which makes the most out of aluminium’s benefits.” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 61

PRODUCT NEWS ny’s range of over 7,000 product lines and highlight a handy hardware selector tool that has been developed in-house – watch this space for a new app based on the selector. Regarding SmartSecure, first year achievements have included developing a fully equipped showroom at the company’s UK distribution centre in Peterborough which presents solutions in a range of installations. Carl F Groupco has also established a permanent SmartSecure display at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre (NSBRC) and supplied doors for a number of customers’ demonstration showrooms. Not Just a Lock in a Box Commenting on the interest in Smart Tech, John explained:

Carl F Groupco’s

“Attitudes are changing. The UK market is starting to put value on locking and control technology. What we are doing here is selling solutions…..this is not just a lock in a box and it isn’t a gadget. The real value comes from ease of access and the ability to check remotely that people are secure. This technology is of huge support, and interest, to the care sector, and this is where we are experiencing early attention that is converting to sales. With the likes of British Gas heavily promoting its HIVE system, there is growing awareness of the capabilities of smart home technology.

Exhibiting on its largest ever purpose built stand, a wide range of hands-on hardware displays were presented by Carl F Groupco at this year’s FIT Show. Centre stage was SmartSecure – Carl F Groupco’s electronic locking and smart access control solutions: launched at last year’s exhi-

“Electronic locking and smart access control are no longer visionary technologies, they are a practical reality. This market is huge: it represents over 20% of FUHR’s business and we are just starting to tap into its application potential. Italy and Germany are the biggest markets, with the UK and Holland following as major growth sectors.

Hardware displayed to support the Carl F Groupco selector.

hands on hardware


bition, the company celebrated the first anniversary of the brand and its success becoming established as a smart hardware hub.

Managing Director John Crittenden was pleased to meet Window News to present a display which distilled the compa-


and this philosophy has never been more important than in our support for the electronic evolution.” System 700 Show Launch Aside from SmartSecure, there was plenty to talk about regarding Carl F Groupco’s mainstay hardware range that is the backbone of the company’s offer. As sole distributor of PN hardware by Roto in the UK, the new System 700 range for reversible windows was revealed. The fully reversible system features a slimmer hinge that works on a 7mm groove. With consistent aesthetics across all window types, widespread appeal is predicted including the new build housing market. Expanding on the product launch, John said:

Phil Rice, Carl F Groupco’s Business Development Manager for SmartSecure.

Carl F Groupco’s hardware selector information point.

Julie Warner demonstrates the Roto / PN System 700 launched to the UK at the FIT Show by Carl F Groupco.

“We recognise the importance of providing a full range of solutions with comprehensive support. We have never been just ‘box shifters’, we have always backed our product ranges with full technical service

“Reversible windows are an established market dating back over twenty-five years. What we have with the System 700 is an upgraded version of the PN UNI product that retains the trademark durability and functionality while advancing the range making it easier to fit. The latest product in the PN by Roto series is ideal for timber fabricators and systems companies looking to complement their flush casement window range.” There was a real buzz on the Carl F Groupco stand with staff kept busy demonstrating products. The comprehensive selection of hardware on display also included Cotswold, Greenwood, Hoppe, Ingenious, Kenrick, MACO, Siegenia and Trojan products. Carl F Groupco Limited Tel: 01733 393330 / Follow Carl F Groupco on Twitter using the handles @Carl_F_ Groupco and @_SmartSecure WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 63


Angels Are Better

Than Prayers

For Our Customers Says Quickslide’s Barraclough Adrian Barraclough, Chairman of market leading window and door fabricator and VS specialist Quickslide, has given his unequivocal endorsement to Mighton’s Angel Ventlock®, one of the market’s preeminent window opening control devices designed to prevent children opening and falling from windows. Adrian, a father of four including an 18-month-old boy, was in the process of reviewing his company’s hardware choices when he decided to go public with his support for the Mighton designed and manufactured product ‘as a father as well as a manufacturer of windows and doors to the trade’. Originally designed for traditional sash windows, the Angel Ventlock® is a low-cost, easily fitted and

highly effective device that prevents children from opening windows and thus avoiding the danger of falling; and yet it may be easily opened for egress by adults. Adrian says installing it is a ‘no brainer’ and that Quickslide will push its customers to ensure they offer it to their home owner buyers where young children obviously live in the property: “Of course I have always been aware of the dangers of children falling from heights but that has been heightened since I became a father again and have been reminded just how inquisitive and determined babies can be,” said Adrian. “The Angel Ventlock® really is the most effective product of its type in our opinion and we have no hesitation in offering the device. The cost of peace of mind where children are concerned is incalculable. Prayers might be the alternative,” he added. The idea for the Angel Ventlock® came about following a customer query made at a Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) event in the United States, where Mighton was exhibiting. The customer in question had been looking at a regular Mighton Ventlock® product, one that had been available for the last 30 years, and queried whether it met standards set out by US building codes. As a result of this enquiry, the team at Mighton ended up working on the ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials) Sub-Committee to develop new standards of safety, work that ultimately resulted in the introduction of ASTM F2090-2008 and 2010, a specification that established the installation, safety, performance and labelling requirements for devices intended to address the risk of injury and death associated with accidental falls from windows by children aged 6 and younger. The US regulations, which are compulsory, exceed all similar UK and European standards.

Carl F Groupco Reveals New Roto / PN System 700 Range manufactured by Roto/Peder Nielsen (PN), was launched by Carl F Groupco at the FIT Show. As sole distributor of PN hardware by Roto in the UK, Carl F Groupco played a pivotal role announcing the new range on its stand.

Julie Warner, Carl F Groupco’s Roto / PN Product Manager and John Mitchell, the company’s Technical Manager with the new System 700.

System 700, a new range of fully reversible hardware for windows 64 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

Julie Warner, a Product Manager for Carl F Groupco who has worked with Roto / PN for over 16 years explains the importance of the announcement: “The launch of System 700 at the FIT Show drew significant attention from across the industry. A

slimmer hinge, which works on a 7mm groove, makes the product the ideal solution for aluminium and PVCu systems companies and timber fabricators who need to provide a fully reversible option for flush casement windows. The new build housing market will also be interested as consistent design aesthetics are offered across all window types. “The System 700 retains the trademark durability and impressive functionality that is offered by all hardware in the PN by Roto range.”


SmartSecure Lock Achieves

Secured By Design


Tommafold Bi-Fold Door

Gear Successfully Completes PAS24 :2016 Test Following the requirements of Approved Document Q, Runners Sliding Door Systems is very pleased to announce that its Tommafold bifold door gear successfully completed PAS 24 testing carried out by a UKAS approved test house. PAS 24: 2016 is a legal requirement and only doors and windows that have achieved that standard can be used on new-build and change of dwelling projects (where plans were issued after the 1st of October 2015). Daniel Wells, Director at Runners Sliding Door Systems commented “Our PAS 24 report is available to cascade to our customers and will be applicable to bi-fold doors built within the scope of the test we carried out. Please contact us to discuss”. Tommafold is a unique, patented folding door system, providing all the components required to create a premium result for folding doors, also known as bi-fold doors. Tommafold is often used to open out a room, offering increased light and during summer months, joining inside space with outside living. Tommafold, predominantly working with wooden frames can also be used to create inside room

divisions in homes or hotels. Tommafold allows doors to open up to 1000mm wide and carry a weight of up to 100kg per panel. Tommafold is extraordinarily robust and secure, with heavy duty precise hinges tested to over 200,000 cycles. Tommafold folding door systems come with stylish high quality all metal flush bolts, available as locking and non-locking. Security has featured prominently in the design process, with concealed fixings, there are no external parts that can be damaged. Tommafold door hinges cannot be removed from the shaft once installed, have a 10mm heavy duty shaft and a security locking screw that’s only accessible from inside the property. Tommafold carries a 10 year warranty. Years of development and testing have produced an extremely durable product that is easy to install.

The FUHR 881 multitronic lock, which is at the heart of Carl F Groupco’s SmartSecure electronic door locking and smart access control solutions, has achieved Secured by Design accreditation. As the latest in a series of hardware products offered by Carl F Groupco to achieve Secured by Design, the company was confident of gaining the certification as the lock design, consistent with the established process for all FUHR locking systems, had already passed rigorous security testing. Commenting on the importance of being able to display the Secured by Design logo for the FUHR 881, John Mitchell, Carl F Groupco’s Technical Manager said: “As an officially recognised accreditation body, Secured by Design reassures home owners that products are tested to the most stringent and current security standards. It also aids fabricators and installers in demonstrating the quality of their offer. “This achievement affirms our commitment to the evolution of our range and underscores our objective of providing the very latest in technology without compromising security.”

Runners sliding door systems are the exclusive UK and European distributor for Tommafold. Runners are based in Buckingham and offer next day delivery and full technical support.

The FUHR multitronic 881’s intelligent technology, combined with a modular construction, has made the versatile locking system ideally suited for SmartSecure’s range of solutions including the smart phone / tablet based SmartConnect easy; the transponder / sensor variant SmartTouch comfort and the brand’s radio-based access control systems. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 65


VBH Unveils

greenteQ Security Door Handle’ The TS007 Kitemark sets out to provide effective protection against attacks on the profile cylinder through picking, drilling, bumping, and the snap & extract method. The standard tests profile cylinders and handles together and gives the handle/cylinder combination a 3 star overall rating. VBH has unveiled the Alpha 2-Star security door handle set as the latest addition to the greenteQ range. When used in conjunction with a 1 star rated profile cylinder the handle enables manufacturers and installers to provide a 3 star rated solution to BSI Kitemark TS007. The greenteQ Alpha 2-Star handle has been successfully tested to TS007 in conjunction with the greenteQ Q-Star 1 star profile cylinder. VBH advise that Alpha 2-Star is truly a part of the greenteQ

features a flange that prevents the cylinder from being removed from outside with the handle set in place. Standard 215mm fixing centres mean that upgrading handles on existing installations is simple, with only minimal additional routing required around the cylinder. No further cylinder protection is required. VBH Marketing Manager Gary Gleeson says ‘We’re delighted to add Alpha 2-Star to our product portfolio as it is the perfect partner for our Q-Star TS007 profile cylinder that has proved so popular since we launched it last year. Customers have been eagerly awaiting its arrival so they can fit an allgreenteQ TS007 solution.’

Suite as it features the decorative greenteQ groove around the backplate and incorporates the Alpha lever. The backplate shrouds a solid stainless steel core that, in conjunction with steel fixings, provides excellent protection against attack and removal, whilst the profile cylinder hole

The handle is available in anthracite grey as well as the five core greenteQ Suite finishes. VBH advise that this makes it ideal for many of the grey doors that are becoming more popular, including PAS24 rated Clearspan bi-fold doors. For further information call VBH on 01634 263263 or email

Ultion Cylinder As Standard On aïr aïr has added the Ultion cylinder lock as standard to its range of bi-fold and lift & slide doors.

aïr Brand Ambassador, Jay Patel says: “aïr has been engineered for extreme performance, so Ultion is the perfect match. It’s one of the best cylinders on the market, in keeping with our values of offering superior engineering with captivating design.” The Ultion cylinder has 11 pins and a special lockdown mode that it triggers if it detects threats such as lock drilling, picking or bumping. Paired with aïr’s Secured by Design upgrade, it creates the ultimate security system for any home. “Today’s consumers are research-savvy and brand-driven,” continues Jay, “and they know ex66 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

actly what they want. When it comes to doors, that means a product that’s secure and energy efficient with timeless beauty that can help them to create modern, dynamic living spaces. “Adding Ultion as our standard cylinder adds an extra boost to security levels and gives homeowners total confidence in aïr’s performance.” Ultion has Sold Secure Diamond testing and is SBD accredited. Ultion is backed by an impressive £1,000 guarantee for homeowners. aïr is exclusively manufactured in the UK by Everglade Windows.


Dempsey Dyer

Doors More

Durable Thanks To Ultion Lock Upgrade

Quickslide Launches

Hardware Upgrade For

Vertical Sliders

Quickslide has added a further bonus to its Vertical Sliding Sash windows with a switch to Fab&Fix Hardex hardware from ERA.

The move, part of the Yorkshire fabricator’s recent consolidation of hardware suppliers, not only gives a step-up in looks and performance but also further endorses the company’s full ten-year guarantee on all products. The new hardware items have the additional bonus that they are also available in a wider range of eight colours and finishes. Both the standard and the Heritage ranges manufactured by Quickslide – which are also available via its newly acquired sister company Welglaze – will now predominantly use ERA products, as Marketing Director Tom Swallow explained: “These are premium products that are tested to retain their finish for longer without showing tarnish or pit-marks, and that is why we are more than happy to include them in our ten-year


“Hardware is more than just a functioning element of a window, it’s an immediate indicator of its overall quality – both to installers and especially to their consumers – so it is important that we use the right components throughout.” The move is part of Quickslide’s ongoing strategy of establishing close, long-term partnerships with major suppliers, which has already brought benefits from working this way with companies such as Edgetech, Pilkington and Synseal. Yorkshire-based Quickslide is best-known for its acclaimed sliding sash windows, and the company has been instrumental in bringing this former niche product into the mainstream of the retrofit and new-build markets, but it also manufactures a wide range of other styles of windows and doors for trade and commercial customers.

Respected Yorkshire fabricator Dempsey Dyer has strengthened its door portfolio with the adoption of the much-celebrated Ultion lock. Achieving Secured by Design, BSi and Solid Secure Diamond status, the Ultion lock is one of the most highly accredited lock systems ever manufactured. The moment that it detects forced entry, the Ultion activates a specialised attack lock housed directly in the system’s central cam. Even if the intruder manages to get past its two sacrificial sections, they can’t get to the safety lock as it is embedded in molybdenum, a metal alloy 25% denser than iron. “At Dempsey Dyer, we’ve always striven to build door products that excel on all fronts,” commented Managing Director Peter Dyer. “That makes Ultion a natural partner for us. 73% of all burglaries come through the front door, and that makes robust security a vital part of any outstanding door. Its formidable security credentials, plus a guaranteed £1000 pay-out to the homeowner if intruders manage to breach an Ultion lock, make an Ultion-equipped door an easy sell to end users.” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 67


Masterdor Craftsman Adds 28th Door Style The solid, engineered timber door manufacturer Masterdor has added a stylish new door design to its Craftsman range, bringing the total up to 28 styles.

a number of new styles to keep the collection fresh and on trend while responding to homeowner trends which dictate the market place. The Kensington door style and our range of stable doors have been designed in response to a growing desire for traditional doors with a modern twist and we are really pleased with the positive feedback received so far with these latest additions. We asked all visitors to the stand whether they liked the new door style and 96% of those asked were really impressed with the new Kensington door.

The newest addition to this comprehensive range is The Kensington, named to reflect its London influenced design with three vertical panels, high letter box, authentic period shelf and arched ‘eyebrow’ above the window. The door has also been designed to complement traditional Georgian glazing bars with a choice of satin or obscure glazing. As with all 28 Craftsman door styles, the Kensington is available in 21 eye-catching colours applied with the latest spray technology for a hard-wearing finish that lasts. The new door was on display for the first time at the FIT Show along with The Charlcote, one of a trio of solid timber stable doors which were added to the collection earlier this year. Andy Jones, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Synseal Group who own the Masterdor subsidiary, said: “We launched our range of solid, engineered Craftsman doors at the FIT Show last year with great success and we’ve had a very successful year at Masterdor securing large contracts 68 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

with house builders like Avant Homes who are well known for their innovative approach to home design. “One year on from the Craftsman launch we have introduced

“With 21 colours and now 28 door styles, we have one of the largest selections available in the industry and we are the only manufacturer who can provide a consistent supply of both 44mm and 54mm timber doors across our full range, supported by our own Masterdor delivery fleet. We’re really excited to get started on producing our made-to-order doors for the new customers we met at the FIT Show and continuing to provide innovation and excitement to the door industry with our Craftsman range.” To find out more about the Masterdor Craftsman range of doors visit www.synseal. com/craftsman or call 01623 444390 to speak to a member of our sales team.

PRODUCT NEWS These benefits are thanks to the three pre-apertured trimmable sizes, the consistent letterplate positioning across all six styles, the integral preformed glazing system that accepts IGUs of 24mm – 26.8mm, the one piece internal glass retention bead that sits within the door, the ease of deglazing and the fact that the system uses the same glass sizes as the existing Nan Ya cassette system.

Distinction Doors’ New Nxt-Gen Door System Available Now The next generation of composite door is available now. Chantel Roach, Sales and Marketing Director at Distinction Doors said: “Our nxt-gen system takes everything that is great about the market-leading Distinction door and moves it to the next level. Quite simply, it sets a new standard in composite door design so I’d say to all fabricators and installers: don’t accept inferior imitations. Our amazing new door is here and

ready to order – get in touch now.” The company claims that nxt-gen doors are packed with features that will appeal to fabricators and installers – and are quicker to fabricate: machining time is cut by an average of two minutes across all six door designs and glazing time is cut too. There are also significant cost savings because waste disposal costs are reduced.

Homeowners will appreciate the enhanced aesthetics. Available in six of Distinction’s most popular designs and seven standard colours, clinical sightlines deliver perfect symmetry while the inverted glazing system provide balanced aesthetics with depression mouldings. While the design has been moved to the next level wherever possible, the widely admired Distinction oak tree woodgrain effect remains, meaning it retains all the hallmarks of a Distinction product. The performance has also been enhanced. The insulated foam core delivers exceptional thermal performance and the acoustic performance has a weighted reduction of 31 decibels. The risk of water ingress has been reduced by 50%. And security is second to none too: nxt-gen doors are PAS24:2016 compliant as standard

Bowater By Birtley Delivers Doors For All Sectors There is no shortage of composite doors to meet the growing demand that continues to climb. However, some companies are struggling to find one supplier with the perfect solution for all sectors. “Bowater by Birtley has the range so fabricators, builders, installers, residents and homeowners alike have the choice,” explains Kevin Kiernan of Birtley Group.

“With our own in-house paint line we can also offer a wide range of colours while maintaining complete control over the process This also allows us to easily deliver doors in a wide range of colours, or to colour match any specific requirements for the more bespoke project. We can also colour match the frame to the door where required.

“The consolidation of Bowater and Birtley Group doors means that we can deliver both 44mm and 68mm composite doors in a wide range of styles from modern to traditional to suit every budget and requirement. On top of that we manufacture fire and flood doors so that we can deliver everything fabricators and installers need to complete any project.

“Our motto is that we’ll supply the range to give our customers the choice and we believe we have achieved exactly that. We’re looking forward to showing visitors to our stand (F20) at the FIT Show exactly what we have to offer but in the meantime our newly launched website www.bowaterbybirtley. details the various collections available.” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 69


The Composite Door Evolution Tony Ball, Sales Director at Leading REHAU trade fabricator Shepley, says the evolution of the composite door market means installers demand more colours, designs and options to stand out from their competitors. “It’s not just about shifting doors,” says Tony Ball. “We offer a massive range of colours in both doors and frames. There’s something perfect for all properties, whether it’s to offer an authentic look or give a home a modern makeover. We see some amazing choices coming through the factory that will look stunning when they’re installed.” Shepley offers a door designer and easy online ordering. Installers can choose from 37

a double door range too. “Because Shepley is a fabricator of windows and doors, we understand how important getting the perfect door, in the perfect frame is to the whole installation. Issues with doors can create holdups on the job, and that’s bad news for window companies.”

designs, 16 colours, exclusive glass designs with matching side light options, guaranteed colour matched frames and profiles, and lots of finishing touches. Upgrades to Secured by Design are available. There’s

Shepley backs up its top-quality manufacturing and fast delivery with a complete Visage marketing support package. There’s a dedicated Visage Composite Door Designer, social media and website support, up-to-date composite door brochures and exciting promo videos to help customers sell more.

Truglaze Sells 100% Solidor Premium Solidor installer, Truglaze focuses on selling quality with Solidor as its only composite door option.

struction reassuringly solid. Every Solidor is also sold with Ultion, the ultimate high security cylinder door lock from Brisant Secure.

In the last year, Solidor says its investment means it’s operating at a world-class level. Upwards of 99.7% of deliveries consistently arrive on time and in full. A large range of door styles, colours, glass, and hardware provide plenty of options for installers to sell to homeowner customers.

“We only sell Solidor because we don’t see the point in selling anything less. It’s the most secure, and it looks absolutely stunning every time,” adds Rob. “We get quality homeowner leads from Solidor, and now we have the Door Designer on our own website, homeowners come to us already knowing the Solidor they’re after. It makes Solidor a really easy sell.”

Truglaze Director Rob Gaunt says: “Solidor fits perfectly with our business because our excellent reputation is based on providing quality products with outstanding service, and that ever important personal touch. Solidor’s service is second to none, and the product gives homeowners everything they want from a door. They come into the showroom and they can feel the weight of a Solidor and that reassures them that their new door really is secure.” Eighty-five percent of homeowners say security is their top priority when buying a new door. Solidor’s laminated-hardwood timber core makes its con70 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

Solidor CEO Gareth Mobley says: “Our priority is to give our customers exactly what they need to sell Solidor, and give them everything they need to make selling easy. Then we make the quality door they’ve sold and deliver it on time to world class standards. We’ll continue to invest in developing this service so installers like Truglaze can continue to grow.”


New Run-Through Sash Horns

For Ecoslide A brand new Run-Through Sash Horns design option is now available for ECOSlide, the PVC-U vertical sliding sash window. This new design employs Victorian Sliders expertise in design and manufacturing to deliver an authentic top sash frame solution with precise detailing and elegant aesthetic appeal. True to the design of original timber box sash windows, the Run-Through Sash Horns option looks quite unlike the standard mitre-jointed PVC-U sash frame construction and provides the smooth and unbroken vertical lines of mechanical-jointed details at the top sash bottom rail frame intersections, along with beautifully shaped and contoured decorative sash horns. These well-designed new RunThrough Sash Horns were previewed at the FIT Show 2017 and

received a highly positive response from the hundreds of customers old and new who visited Victorian Sliders’ eye-catching stand in Birmingham’s NEC Hall 8. ECOSlide vertical sliding sash units are supplied to Professional Trade Installers at “£199 any size, up to 1300mm wide and 2400mm high” for an A-Rated WER solid White PVC-U window, featuring decorative Plant-On sash horns along with toughened glass on both top and bottom sashes, travel restrictors, quick release tilt restrictors, White hardware, thermal inserts to both frame and sash and a signature extruded “anti-jemmy” security bar on the cill. The new Run-Through Sash Horns design option is available for an extra £20 per window on this well-established standard ECOSlide pricing to the Trade, which has now been held stable without any price inflation for more than 5

years in a row. Run-Through Sash Horns can be supplied in the full range of Victorian Sliders woodgrain foil colour finishes, as well as bespoke custom-spray finishing to any specified RAL colour which can be an important factor when supplying modern 21st century PVC-U sash windows for conservation area “heritage” projects. “Our new Run-Through Sash Horns design option is a continuation of our proven commercial strategy to offer the very best product solutions in terms of manufactured quality and value for money to Professional Trade Installers,” says Brendan McCambridge, Managing Director at Victorian Sliders. “Installers will be able to add a substantial profit margin when offering this highly attractive design option to Homeowners. Further design enhancements to deliver even more authentic and aspirational PVC-U vertical sliding sash windows will be announced soon, as we continually seek to improve our products and services to the benefit of all our customer partners.” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 71


Epwin Introduces Mechanically

Jointed Option On Its Spectus Vertical Slider Epwin Window Systems has introduced a fully mechanically jointed option on its Spectus vertical slider. Sharn Samra, Marketing Director at Epwin Window Systems, said: “With its authentic period looks, the Spectus Vertical Slider is renowned as the window that changes planning officers’ minds about PVC-U. By introducing a fully mechanically jointed variation, we are taking the authenticity to another level. And judging by the response so far, it’s going to prove a very popular addition!” Spectus’ fully mechanically jointed vertical slider has all the features that have proved so enduringly popular on the standard vertical slider. The mechanical joints are complemented with two sash widths that give

equal vertical sightlines, plus run through horns and a deep bottom rail. Dedicated ancillaries and end caps make it easy to personalise a window, as does the ability to use off-the-shelf or high end hardware. A choice of 28 colours increases the design versatility even further.

Despite the authentic looks, the window has everything homeowners would expect from a modern window and more. Reliable spiral balance mechanisms mean the window is easy to open and close, while the tilt inwards facility on both sashes makes them easy to clean. And a U-value as low as 1.3W/m2K and a WER in Band A+ means exceptional thermal efficiency too. It’s a practical option for installers – the 128mm outer frame matches box sash dimensions and there’s the option of a 150mm or 210mm cill. It’s Kitemarked to BS EN 12608 and PAS 24 accredited, BBA approved and is designed to achieve Secured by Design status so is Document Q compliant. In short, Spectus’ fully mechanically jointed option on its vertical slider does indeed mean the best just got even better.www.

Dempsey Dyer Takes Heritage Flush Sash To

The Next Level With Full Mechanical Joints

The Heritage Flush Sash is a uPVC sash window that balances modern performance with traditional design, boasting A+-rated thermal efficiency and PAS24-compliant security alongside excellent weather performance.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer the Heritage Flush Sash windows fully mechanically jointed,” commented Dempsey Dyer MD, Peter Dyer. “In the past decade, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in the number of end-users looking for windows and doors that deliver both the timeless aesthetics of timber and the exceptional modern performance of uPVC. It’s something we’ve already tapped into with our own Beaumont window – but the mechanically-jointed Heritage Flush Sash offers our trade clients another high-quality timber-alternative option.”

By developing this product with convincing timber-style mechanical joints, Dempsey Dyer demonstrates their industry-renowned expertise in both uPVC and traditional joinery that’s seen them rise to become one of the UK’s most respected fabricators.

Unveiled at last year’s FIT Show, The Heritage Flush Sash comes available in a choice of 26 colour options from stock including matching cills, trims and ancillaries. Unusually for a flush sash window, it also comes with night vent functionality.

In late 2016 Yorkshire fabricator, Dempsey Dyer launched the Deceuninck Heritage Flush Sash window available with welded transoms, mullions and frames. The company is now delighted to offer the same window fully mechanically jointed.



Brand New 90mm System

From Liniar A Proven Seamless Transition

With Profile 22 And Optima

Changing system supplier can be a daunting challenge and industry statistics showing that less than 6% of fabricators change each year suggests the risks of delays and disruption stop many businesses from even considering it. But Lawson Price, Technical Manager at Profile 22, says changing needn’t be difficult – and he has the figures to prove it. “When we launched Optima last year, we successfully undertook a complete changeover of nearly 100 Profile 22 fabricators to Optima in just nine months. We’ve also brought onboard a significant number of new fabricators so far this year too.”

premises include training for staff, putting everything in place and checking it before undertaking the changeover and running test profiles. Once this has happened successfully, ‘live’ orders are put through the fabricator’s systems. The Profile 22 team will also place orders with the customer’s production team to make sure everything works in a real world environment.

Lawson says the key to Profile 22’s ability to undertake a seamless changeover is thanks to a meticulously planned changeover system that minimises disruption and means a fabricator can finish one system on the Friday and start again on Monday morning with Optima.

Lawson comments: “Our procedures are tried and tested and 100 changeovers in nine months is evidence of how well they work.”

In short, the Profile 22 team takes full responsibility for the changeover and support the fabricator before, during and after the physical changeover.

Before the Profile 22 changeover team goes to the fabricator’s site to complete the changeover, all tooling is delivered to its Telford factory, before being trial fitted and checked by a dedicated field technician. Similarly, all set up materials are ordered and factory tested 10 days prior to setup.

The impressiveness of Optima’s changeover process is only matched by the system itself. Available in sculptured and chamfered versions and with unrivalled versatility thanks to its range of ancillaries and add-ons, it holds the British Standard Kitemark and has Secured by Design approval. And as further evidence of the quality of the new system, it won the New Product of the Year category at the 2016 G Awards.

Preparations at the fabricator’s

Liniar’s latest launch at the FIT Show has seen the innovative company join an elite band of window systems that are able to comply with the exacting Passive House standards – EnergyPlus 90. The new 90mm system is unique in that its 9-chamber profile has been designed to meet the triple challenges of thermal efficiency, noise reduction and security, while still maintaining the appearance and operation of a 70mm system. Liniar’s Design & Development Director, Adrian Redshaw, explains the thinking behind the new system: “With more and more developments being built on recycled brownfield land, often near busy transport links, architects are tagging acoustic criteria in addition to thermal and security specification. “Tests have resulted in EnergyPlus 90 being awarded Passive House certification, achieving U-values as low as 0.7 W/m²K, with Windows Energy Ratings up to A+40 for triple glazing and as low as 0.5 W/m²K with quadruple glazed windows. Perfect for commercial developments in urban areas, EnergyPlus 90 is available to all of Liniar’s UK fabricators. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 73


Premium Door System Boosts Sales At Aluminium Specialist A director at CDW Systems says strong demand for its latest premium product has contributed to strong sales at the company in recent months.

Managing Director Mike Davis of CDW Systems, says he expected the new range to be popular but not quite as popular as it has been since it hit the market.

Installers keen to target the highend of the market are turning to CDW’s premium aluminium door range. Demand for these products is at an all-time high and it is predicted to continue as aluminium continues to gain market share in the commercial and domestic sectors.

He comments: “The response has been overwhelming. Clearly there is a market for premium door systems and our new range is helping installers clinch the sale at the top end of the market.”

At the end of last year, CDW partnered with Reynaers to launch its lift and slide patio doors and sliding folding doors, which are aimed at the high-end residential and commercial aluminium markets. 74 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

Mike goes on to say that the products are being specified for are a mix of commercial and residential projects. He comments: “Our customers are involved in a lot of high-end installations such as restaurants and blocks of flats and there is a lot of opportunity moving for-

wards. High demand for single occupancy housing is seeing an increase in multi-storey residential developments across the UK; and the replacement market is still going strong as homeowners look to aluminium as a viable alternative to PVCu.” “Most importantly, it is encouraging to see the industry is still building and that developer and consumer confidence is still there.” CDW systems has been operating for twenty-five years as an aluminium specialist, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of windows, doors, shop fronts and curtain walling, using some of the leading aluminium profile systems on the market



Hazlemere Strengthens Aluminium Offering With AluK Suite

BI-FOLD BY ALUMEN Buckinghamshire-based Hazlemere Commercial have expanded their aluminium offering to include AluK’s complete range, allowing them to take on an even broader range of commercial contracts. Tony Beale, Sales Director at Hazlemere Commercial commented: “For over 25 years, we’ve excelled at supplying and project managing multi-phase developments for educational institutions, local authorities and housing associations. To hundreds of institutions, we’ve been a trusted commercial partner – not just because of our wealth of experience and proven track record for completing projects safely, on time and on budget, but also because of our product range. “AluK has a global presence. Their products have been installed in some of the most prestigious buildings around the world. The quality, reliability and versatility of their product range make them suitable for almost any commercial application, and capable of significantly improving both a building’s aesthetics and thermal performance.” Tony added: “With Hazlemere Commercial, developers and architects have access to an outstanding range of products. We’re delighted to add AluK’s aluminium offering to our range, and provide clients with an even more comprehensive service.” For more information visit or call 0808 231 6594 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 75

The Bi-fold by Alumen sets the benchmark for high quality aluminium folding doors at an industry beating price. • Slimline 120mm sight line

• Max sash width = 1200mm

• Generous size limitations

• Max sash height = 3000mm

• Flush and standard threshold options • Outstanding thermal performance • Optional adjustable jambs for ease of fitting

• Available in a range of popular colours • Choice of hardware • After sales support • Supply only or with installation service

• Ultra smooth running




Tel: 01536 737377

Fax: 01536 410800 Email: Unit 13 Henson Way, Telford Way Industrial Estate, Kettering, Northants WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 NN16 75 8PX


OPUS Reaches For The Sky Darlington-based National Window Systems, part of the HWL Windows Group, have installed a beautiful OPUS hybrid lantern roof, exclusively manufactured by Prefix Systems, on their newly extended conservatory village and renovated showroom. OPUS is a new genre of hybrid glazing, combining the proven performance and adaptability of aluminium with the sheer richness and luxury of hardwood. This installation at National Window Systems, is part of a traditional brick Orangery in a showroom environment that includes two other Orangeries, a Prefix solid, insulated and tiled WARMroof and other modern living environments. Now celebrating their 30th anniversary, this investment by National Window Systems in premium, extended living space solutions shows a shift in emphasis from the basic cost effective conservatories, to the more premium environ-

mented, ‘OPUS is the epitome of premium glazing solutions and it’s generated considerable interest already, following our opening day event. There’s a new type of consumer emerging that seeks premium brands and products that provide luxury appeal, something our newly expanded showsite is perfectly designed to cater for.’

ments that discerning consumers are now demanding. The OPUS lantern roof is a perfect example of this offering, with a PVCu or aluminium exterior and with the trademark OPUS timber internal finish, which is further emphasised on the showsite Orangery, with an oak trim around the lantern opening. John McComb, sales manager of National Window Systems com-

Geoff Williams, national sales manager of Prefix Systems concluded: ‘We’ve generated considerable interest in the OPUS system since its launch at the FIT Show in 2016 and it will again be featured on our stand at this year’s show, as a lantern roof and also as a set of stunning, bi-folding doors. With further developments, we’re looking to further open up a new niche for high performance hybrid products, with proactive partners such as National Window Systems eager to be early adopters.’

LEKA Launches New Orangery Roof Kit LEKA Systems unveiled its Orangery Roof at this year’s FIT and if the reaction was anything to go by, it looks set to become as big a hit as its sister product the Warm Roof. Rhys Hoddinott, Director of LEKA Systems said: “The new LEKA Orangery roof makes the most of the latest roof technology and will help fabricators and installers to capitalise on the trend for orangery style conservatories.” Exclusive territories for the LEKA Orangery Roof are available for a limited time only, so installers wanting to make the most of the benefits the roof has to offer should act quickly. New installers will be supported with a comprehensive marketing package plus full product and sales training so they can get up and running with the new roof quickly. The LEKA Orangery Roof uses the same technological innovation as Warm Roof. It is manufactured from a structurally tested, high grade GRP profile system, which means no cold bridging or condensation such 76 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

as you see in roofs constructed using aluminium and timber. It all adds up to a genuinely lightweight orangery roof that has a U value of just 0.15 W/m²K, something that will be very appealing to homeowners looking to create year-round rooms to house kitchen, dining and living areas. The roof is supplied in kit form and delivered in four simple lightweight pre-assembled ladder sections. All materials from the external board to the internal board are pre-cut/fabricated to exact specifications. It means installation is a two man one day job (excluding the lantern and roof membrane). It’s also jhai-approved, helping to cut down on paperwork. Rhys concludes: “The LEKA Orangery Roof is where beauty and technology combine. It is the perfect value-added product.” And as the company famed for the Warm Roof, adding value is something LEKA knows all about.

PRODUCT NEWS Icotherm Solid Roof offers free onsite assistance to first-time installers of the Icotherm roof system, as part of its customer support package. Dave Jackson, the brains behind the Icotherm roof, explains: “Icotherm Solid Roof has been designed to be quick and easy to install on site. It’s a unique modular roof system created from made-tomeasure pods that are a bit like the structural insulated panels (SIPs) used in modular house building.

Free Site Assistance For

Icotherm Installers

“The pods offer a high-performing conservatory roof and for first-time Icotherm installers, we offer a free site assist on delivery, to help them install the modular roof system.” Every Icotherm roof is made-tomeasure in the factory in Bolton. The pods are numbered, for straightforward fitting and there’s no need to invest in any special tools. Dave continues: “Icotherm has very few components and it’s really easy to adapt onsite, so that installers can avoid unnecessary holdups and have the new roof watertight in less than one day. It can be fitted with the tools you’d

expect to find in any window installer’s tool kit. “We organise deliveries so that the roof order and site assistance arrive just after the old conservatory roof has been removed, or when new conservatory frames have been installed and are ready for the roof to go on. “Then, our Icotherm experts spend

a few hours with the installation team, explaining the best ways to fit an Icotherm Solid Roof so that the conservatory can be made watertight in just one day.” The Icotherm Solid Roof system is fully ventilated and insulated to create a room that homeowners can use all year round.

LEKA’s Warm Roof’s Success Demonstrates That It Is

More Than Just Another Solid Conservatory Roof find out what the LEKA Warm Roof has to offer your business.”

Launched in 2015 after two years of research and development, the LEKA Warm Roof has taken the market by storm and is widely recognised as one of the best in its sector. Rhys Hoddinott, Director of LEKA Systems, says: “The solid conservatory roof market is booming, so there is no better time to

The LEKA Warm Roof typically weighs within 30-40kg of a traditional glass conservatory roof, which means (in most cases) existing conservatory frames are able to take the weight of the new LEKA roofing system without needing additional reinforcement. Its lightweight construction also gives it its exceptional U value of just 0.15 W/m²K. that means it really does turn a too cold or too hot conservatory into a year round

room. The LEKA Warm Roof uses a structural, 100% weatherproof, lightweight insulated boarding system in place of the usual outer plywood, GRP in the structural roof rafters in place of aluminium and timber and lightweight insulated finishing board in place of the plasterboard on the internal finish. So if you want to add value to your business, give the company that’s blazing the trail a call: LEKA Systems. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 77


Size Options For ISO-CHEMIE’S


for bonding and sealing to masonry and joint/corner sealing A major end-user benefit of the new system is that when a window needs to be replaced it is not necessary to remove the internal plaster finish of the reveal wall to remove the old metal brackets and fit new ones, saving further disruption, refurbishment time and costs. Resistant to temperatures between -50ºC – +100ºC, ISOTOP WINFRAMER has a load bearing capacity of 200kg/m as well as offering an excellent acoustic insulation performance (up to 50dBA), high humidity resistance and can be over plastered for decorative finishes.

ISO CHEMIE’s ISO-TOP WINFRAMER thermal insulating and load bearing bracket system of the rapid and effective installation of windows, is now available in varying sizes from 80mm to 200mm to suit window depths. Having attained Passivhaus certified status, ISO-TOP WINFRAMER is a structurally solid, pre-fabricated installation frame manufactured in 1,200 mm lengths, which can be quickly cut to length on site and secured in position using a single component adhesive and, if necessary, fixing screws. This enables installers to position and fit windows into the insulation area between the inner and outer walls quickly and easily, avoiding the need to use metal brackets that cause non-repeating thermal bridging and give extensive problems when the windows need replacing. 78 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

The composite brackets can bear heavy windows loads, including Bi-fold doors, to provide a reliable, strong and high performance support frame. Installation is quick with windows attached directly and secured mechanically using either standard fixing screws or fixing lugs in the usual manner. A hinged insulation core combines with the composite wood structural bracket to become an integral part of the overall wall structure, providing compliance with window energy saving regulations (EnEV) and the RAL quality assurance association. ISO-TOP WINFRAMER can be used with a range of ISO-CHEMIE foam tape sealant systems to provide effective and high performance window sealing. These include ISO-BLOCO One, ISO-BLOCO One Control, ISO-BLOCO 300 and 600, the ISO-CONNECT Vario range of self-adhesive foils and fleeces, and ISO-TOP Flex Adhesive WF

ISO-CHEMIE is one of Europe’s main producers of impregnated foam sealants, specialising in the manufacturer of foam products from polyethylene (EPE), polypropylene (EPP) and polyurethane (PUR) using the latest production techniques. The company’s UK technical and distribution operation is supported by a dedicated logistics service to ensure customer orders are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible (usually next-day delivery). Four technical field advisors are on hand regionally to help designers and installers. More at or email a.swift@iso-chemie. Tel: 01207 566874.



Gives Installers

Confidence In Window Integrity

National Plastics Stores Now Stock

Namgrass Artificial Grass National Plastics has announced it is supplying Namgrass artificial grass throughout its nationwide trade counter network. Geoff Foster, the company’s Managing Director, commented: “We respond to market demand and artificial grass is one of the biggest growth areas at the moment – excuse the pun. Namgrass is one of the biggest names in the industry and we’re delighted to be offering their products.” It’s not surprising that artificial grass has taken off. It gives a perfect-looking lawn every day of the year and needs no maintenance. It looks and feel just like real grass, but children can play on it without creating bald patches or areas of mud. It’s easy-to-keep clean too, so is even suitable for homeowners with pets. And it’s the perfect solution for hayfever sufferers too. All Namgrass products are designed and manufactured in-house by the company for complete control of the whole process. The product itself is the result of over 30 years of innovation to ensure it

offers the most natural look and feel of real grass. Alongside the artificial grass range, National Plastics will also be stocking a complete range of grass underlay, tape and glue, meaning it provides everything you need for an artificial grass installation project. National Plastics is renowned for being a one-stop shop when it comes to building plastics. The artificial grass will be part of a portfolio that also includes bathroom panels, guttering products, fascias and soffits, cladding, drainage products, roofing products, PVC-u windows, doors and conservatories, composite doors, garden products, accessories and wall panels. All products are sold with the promise of National Plastics’ competitive pricing and by knowledgeable and experienced staff. It’s a winning combination that works for the go-to trade counter network!

The baypole jack from Window Widgets stops windows moving and bricks cracking, so installers know their windows will be safe and structurally secure for the long term. Window Widgets is the leading supplier of ancillaries that make installing windows and doors easier and safer. Window Widgets’ jack is CE marked and BBA accredited. It is certified by itself, and tested and certified to be used with the Window Widgets baypole. Managing Director Martin Dickie says: “There wasn’t a BBA accreditation for jacks, so we worked with the BBA to create one. Our baypole and jack have been tested separately and together. Testing them together means we know they join correctly and can hold the weight they need to without breaking. “Using our jack means installers know they’re getting a high quality product that works, and has all the right certification. And its CE Marked so it’s legal,” adds Martin. “They know they’re Alright Jack.” You’ll know it’s a Window Widgets jack because of its pink nut. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 79

MACHINERY a previous owner, or purchased second hand. They work day in and day out with little complaint, and as long as they produce sufficient quantities of air when required most small businesses won’t necessarily consider their overall cost of ownership or energy performance. However, it is not uncommon to find businesses using a compressor first installed 30 or 40 years ago. When capital investment needs to be considered carefully a seemingly reliable machine is unlikely to be high on the list of equipment replacement priorities, even if it is not performing as well as it could be. The new guide therefore examines some of the areas to consider when specifying a new machine, with the latest, rotary vane technology proposed as an ideal option.

Gardner Denver Launches Compressor

Specification Guide Gardner Denver has released a new compressor guide, showing how window fabricators can improve reliability, efficiency and quality by switching to rotary vane technology. Entitled ‘Hydrovane: one solution, all you need,’ the guide is available for free download from www.gardnerdenver. com/hydrovane-guide/ It considers how different compressor technologies can impact on cost of ownership, and how choosing the right model can help businesses to ensure a reliable, high-quality supply of air. Whether it’s powering air tools or supporting critical processes, a compressor will often be working for extended periods and needs to operate reliably to avoid any downtime and the inevitable delays this will create. Most companies will default to using an existing compressor, perhaps an old piston or rotary screw model, without even realising that they’ve made a decision. Renowned for their durability and longevity, these machines are often inherited from 80 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

The Hydrovane Air Solution is one such solution. Its rotatory vane technology comes complete with all the required ancillaries to produce clean, dry air – air receiver, dryer and filtration – in one compact unit, to save on installation time and cost. Models are available from 4kW to 22kW in both fixed and regulated speeds, with automatic start/stop, low noise levels, dry air and filtration down to 0.01 micron. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the machine offers a market-leading 10-year extended warranty programme designed to deliver comprehensive warranty cover for up to 10 years or 48,000 operating hours. Steve Downes, Hydrovane Sales Manager at Gardner Denver, said: “We have created this guide to provide practical advice to those whose businesses depend on reliable and efficient compressed air. The tips it offers on maintenance and spare parts could help prevent a small problem becoming a major cause of downtime, so companies can continue to get the best out of their compressor. “To that end, we would encourage window fabricators to choose a compressor that best suits their level of demand. In the case of smaller business owners, we would advise they take a look at rotary vane technology, as it provides reliability, efficiency, and quality on a more appropriate scale to their needs.” For more information on the Hydrovane Air Solution, Gardner Denver’s ‘plug-and-play’ rotary vane technology system, download the new guide for free at


Emmegi (UK) Lives Up

To High Expectations At Soundcraft

Promac And Graf

Cut Window Sill Production Time By Almost 90%

Aluminium window, door and curtain walling specialist Soundcraft Doors has chosen an Emmegi Phantomatic M3 machining centre to help it expand capacity and manage some new large scale commercial projects. Soundcraft originally made its name as a timber joinery company but in recent years has switched its emphasis on to aluminium and hybrid systems produced by Senior Architectural Systems, which now account for more than 80% of its output. Previously, the Orpington based company had used its CNC timber machines for machining in aluminium, but has now replaced these with the bespoke Emmegi solution. Production Manager Lee Gordon said that the Phantomatic M3 is doing exactly what was promised and is delivering the precision, speed and quality which the company needs. He said: “We have been impressed with Emmegi (UK) at every stage of the buying pro-

cess. The sales manager Andrew Jones talked through our requirements with us and really made the effort to understand what we needed before recommending the 3+1 axis machine which suits our factory perfectly. The installation team did a great job as well, and the training and support we received meant that we were up to speed with the machine in just a few weeks. “We chose Emmegi largely on the basis of the quality and durability of the machine, and it is definitely living up to all our expectations.” The Phantomatic M3 is a compact, fully enclosed machining centre which is ideal for producing Soundcraft’s extensive range of SBD doors and windows. The fully enclosed feature was important for Soundcraft in terms of guaranteeing there was no health and safety risk for operators, as well as the ease of operation which means the machine can be manned without any real joinery training.

Promac Group has reported exceptional demand for its new Graf Synergy SLS sill welder, which brings seamless welding technology to the fabrication of bay and conservatory sills. Part of the highly innovative new FOM-GS Group machinery offer, the SLS exploits the same zip-welding technologies as the Graf SL4-FF range in sill manufacture, to deliver an exceptional finish – but also at a fraction of the overall time associated with traditional fabrication. Joe Hague, Managing Director, Promac Group, said: “We’ve been asking customers how long a bay or conservatory sill weld would normally take to process and it’s anywhere between 10 to 15-minutes taking into account welding, cooling, knifing off, sanding, buffing and any penning in. “The SLS total cycle time is less than 2 minutes per weld delivering extra strength whilst removing all of the abrasive processes. Its unique ability to automate a very manual operation is key to its viability and by comparison delivers stunning results on white and exceptional performance on foiled”. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 81


Saint-Gobain Building Glass Celebrates Royal

Opening Of Oastler Building Saint-Gobain Building Glass looked on proudly last month as a ÂŁ27.5m university building it helped to design and create was opened by the University of Huddersfield to provide a new home for its Law School and the 82 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

School of Music, Humanities and Media. The prestigious new Oastler Building was officially opened by The Duke of York on Monday 24 April at a VIP ceremony that celebrated the success of

apprentices and trainees, via numerous sub-contractors and manufacturers, that were involved in the project. Occupying a prominent site on the Shorehead side of the campus, the six-storey build-


ing is BREEAM Outstanding rated thanks to the use of SGG COOL-LITE SKN 165 II collar control glass in its curved frontage and a 3.5m cantilever. This dramatic design feature helps to self-shade the building’s glass façade to reduce solar gain and energy costs for cooling. During the project, Saint-Gobain Building Glass worked closely with commercial sealed unit manufacturer Dual Seal Glass to ensure the correct technical glazing specification was provided and ensure that project deadlines and demands were met on time and in full with an excellent quality finished product. Nigel Meredith, Managing Director of Dual Seal Glass, commented that the project was a success thanks to the collaborative effort between Dual Seal Glass and Saint-Gobain Building Glass “The partnership created between our two businesses is invaluable and it helps to ensure that we can meet the ever increasing demands in the commercial building sector.” Adrian Adams, facades market manager at Saint-Gobain Building Glass, commented: “The team at Saint-Gobain Building Glass is proud to have been part of a project that was made possible by the involvement of many fantastic local businesses. It has been incredibly inspiring to see this project take shape and we look forward to seeing it become an established part of the Huddersfield skyline.” The new building is a tribute to Richard Oastler, the 19th century reformer who campaigned to curb child labour and improve conditions for all workers in the new factories of the Industrial Revolution.

Roofglaze Selects Safeguard For Second Phase On Victoria & Albert Museum

SafeGuard has been confirmed as glass supplier for the second phase of refurbishment work being carried out on the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Having already successfully partnered with Roofglaze on the supply of over 700m2 of glass for the first phase of the refurbishment project, Steve Vowles, Flatglass Commercial Manager at Roofglaze, explains why SafeGuard was the obvious choice to continue with the project: “We have worked with SafeGuard for the past 14 years and have always received great products and service and have built up a strong relationship with them. Obviously a project like the Victoria & Albert Museum is high profile, so when we were awarded the contract for Phase One, we knew exactly who we could rely on to deliver what we needed, when we needed it – and we weren’t disappointed. Things went really well and as we embark on Phase Two we’re delighted it will include another 700m2 of 6mm toughened and heat soak tested Guardian Sunguard High Selective Super Neutral 70/37, backed with

6.8mm laminated clear glass, supplied by SafeGuard. “SafeGuard is a great company to work with. Over the years we have built a strong relationship and we know we can rely on them to deliver, which is why they are our preferred glass supplier, who we would always use where the project specifications allow.” Nick Welsh, Managing Director of SafeGuard concludes: “We are delighted to partner with Roofglaze for the second phase at the Victoria & Albert Museum. They are a great customer of ours who supply superb products and whether that be to a domestic customer or main contractor they always take the same amount of care and attention to detail. There are a lot of parallels in the way we work and what we want to achieve for our customers, which is why I believe we’ve built such a strong relationship over the years – and we look forward to many more ahead.” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 83


“The impregnated expansion sealing capability of the tape provides good protection against wind, rain and sound penetration, while also complementing the window system.” Up to 70% cost savings can be achieved using the ISO-BLOCO ONE foam tape because it enables installers to seal windows from inside the building, avoiding the need to use time consuming and costly external access systems like scaffolding and ladders.

Iso-Chemie’s High Rise Sealing Solution For London Flats HIGH performance foam tape from ISO-CHEMIE will provide improved sealing of dozens of new windows being installed as part of a multi-million pound residential refurbishment project in South London. The ISO-BLOCO ONE sealant tape has been specified by Northern Ireland-based window supplier Athena Windows for the Batimet aluminium clad wood windows it’s fitting at an apartment complex near Clapham Junction. There the tape, which is quick and easy-to-use, is being used to effectively seal window gaps to a 0.8W/M2k rating with added 63dB of sound reduction (the apartments face onto a busy main road) as an integral part of the windows’ eye-catching design. As well as providing a high performance and long lasting airtight 84 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

solution, the tape ensures the windows, which each weigh up to 250 kg and have been hoisted into position by a crane mounted vacuum lifter, will remain weather proof to 1000 Pa – the equivalent to 130mph of constant driving rain. Colm O’Neill, managing director of Athena Windows, said: “We were looking for a sealing method to compliment the quality of the windows and found the ISO-BLOCO ONE an ideal one-fit solution.

The tape offers a single product ‘fit and forget’ solution for fast and effective sealing based around the European RAL principles of three level sealing – the inside seal area is more airtight than the external one, allowing any trapped moisture inside the joint, or within the wall, to escape outwards rather than into the building. The external seal area provides weather resistance and breathability, while the intermediate seal area provides extra thermal and acoustic properties and the internal one air tightness and humidity regulation. All three levels are designed to accommodate movement between the adjacent materials. The internal air tight seal has been tested at 1000 Pa pressure difference (20 times more than UK Building Regulations) and tested to achieve 0.00 m³ of air loss. At the same time, depending on tape width, it will also supply a U-Value as low as 0.55W/m2K and reduce sound by up to 63 dB, straight from the box. Product complies with energy saving regulations (EnEV) on windows and doors as well as the RAL quality assurance association and can accommodate extremes of temperature changes – from -30°C to + 80°C. More at


PatioMaster Doors Add Elegant Beauty To A Barn Conversion In Worksop Sheffield’s PatioMaster South Yorkshire has just completed the installation of three PatioMaster doors in a barn conversion in Worksop and in doing so has shown how the right patio doors can enhance a heritage property. The brief Aaron Fountain, PatioMaster South Yorkshire’s Director, had was simple: the homeowners wanted high quality patio doors that would keep their home warm and safe but they needed to be in keeping with the barn’s historic looks. Aaron recommended PatioMaster doors. Manufactured in his company’s factory in Sheffield they would give his customers

the reassurance of quality they were looking for, while the low profile frames would provide the understated looks the project needed. In order to replicate the colour of the timber featured elsewhere in the barn, the doors were manufactured with an Agate Grey exterior and white foil interior. The colour provided an almost perfect match with timber featured elsewhere in the barn, helping to make the doors feel in keeping with the heritage looks of the rest of the building. The homeowners are delighted with the end result. They have doors that offer all the advantag-

es of a 21st century lifestyle: expansive views over their garden through doors that have all the thermal efficiency, security and low maintenance they need. At the same time, the colour and style help to retain the barn’s period character. PatioMaster South Yorkshire joined the PatioMaster stable last October. Aaron comments: “PatioMaster patio doors stand out by far as the best in the market place. It is an established product, which delivers a host of installation efficiencies, making it popular with installers and homeowners alike.” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 85


Eurocell Modus Fills Bath With Light Heritage colours and kerb-side appeal were among the factors that persuaded the planning authorities of Bath that Modus PVC-U windows from Eurocell were the appropriate alternative to timber on a prime, exposed location near the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Consisting of 136 upmarket homes selling at up to £1 million apiece, the Ensleigh estate is being developed by Bloor Homes along with another major housebuilder on a former MoD site dating from WW2 that overlooks the Georgian city 86 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

and is near to its race- and golf course. “The planners originally wanted timber windows but that wouldn’t work for our designs because we wanted to install matching fascias and soffits that fitted beneath considerable eaves. This is on an exposed site at the top of a steep hill so they wouldn’t look great for very long,” explains Paul Baker, Regional Managing Director for Bloor Homes South West. “Timber windows, fascias and soffits would require expensive maintenance because of the

scaffolding required to paint them. These PVC-U alternatives not only have kerb-appeal but are maintenance-free”. Bloor Homes South West had also had experience of the product at other developments throughout the region and had found it answered planning department concerns. It worked with the Eurocell New Build division, which supplied four samples to show the various colours that might work on site and to demonstrate the slim, timber-like sight lines of the Modus. “The foil gives an appearance like timber and the colour palette includes the heritage type colours that fit in with a period environment such as Bath,” comments Paul. Once the Bath and North East Somerset planning department


was happy with Bloor’s proposal to use Modus windows in Hazy Grey, it gave the go-ahead for the same product range, but in Agate Grey, to be used at an adjacent development from the other housebuilder. Plans are now going ahead for each housebuilder to construct a further 40 homes on an extension to the original site, with Modus being specified for this development too. Paul Baker says that planners have been visiting the development as Bloor Homes hopes to use Modus in future schemes throughout the South West. He adds that the quality of Eurocell fabricators and installers is also almost as important a factor as the quality of the window itself. In this case Bloor was supplied by A & B Glass (South West) of Tewkesbury while the neighbouring builder dealt with Leicester-based

Unique Windows. Coming with a 12-year guarantee, the Modus system is available in nine solid and woodgrain-effect colours, all of which are available with white internal finishes to create a light and airy living environment. A further range of more than 40 solid and woodgrain effect finishes is available, including colour both sides. BBA certified to function satisfactorily for more than 35 years, the Modus range has a U-value of 1.2 W/m² using 4/20/4 mm sealed double-glazed units. This effective thermal performance is due to the 75mm six-chamber profile system used in the Modus that enables the range to achieve a U-value as low as 0.7 by installing triple-glazed units. This led to Modus becoming one of the very first systems to achieve the BRFC Window Energy Rating

(WER) of A++. This is only awarded to windows with an energy index value equal to or greater than +20; and Modus A++ designs include casement, reversible and tilt and turn. Consisting of 50% post-consumer recycled PVC-U as standard, this range of doors and windows has a smaller carbon footprint than products made or recycled outside of the UK. Eurocell achieves this by employing dual material extrusion technology (DMET) that layers post-consumer recycled and ‘virgin’ material simultaneously, so the recycled material is concentrated in the central core of the profiles where it cannot be seen once the door or window is installed. To simplify specification, Modus BIM models are available to download for free from the Eurocell website. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 87


GET A QUOTE If you need a quotation, MFT give you all the options you need! Editable PDF, printable and also direct online quotation forms all with survey details are available whenever and wherever you need it. MADE FOR ‘TRADE PARTNERS’

NEW Korniche

Roof Lantern Website Made for Trade have updated their dedicated dynamic website at The re-vamped website goes hand in hand with the trade and consumer brochures to emphasise the Korniche Aluminium Roof Lantern’s unique features of being FASTER – quickest most efficient lantern to install. STRONGER – substantially stronger than competitors, WARMER – superior, class leading thermal performance and SLIMMER – the most elegant roof on the market, says the company. The modern, feature rich site design makes use of the Made for Trade established brand colourways to highlight each of the Korniche core features, providing a striking looking and user friendly experience. A dynamic landing page with video content provides the gateway into the product specific site where users will find in depth descriptions of the roofs main USP’s with explanations and descriptive images, a regularly updated photo gallery providing a platform for installers to show off their latest projects and there are sections for 88 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

client testimonials, news updates and social media links. Also available is a host of downloadable content with links to consumer and trade brochures alongside the Korniche installation guide and best of all the website has been optimised for easy access on smartphones and tablets ensuring resellers and installers have instant access to sales collateral and product imagery in showrooms, at sites and even when on the move.

Made for Trade are continuing to invest in online developments and will soon be rolling out their KwikQUOTE online costing engine accessible from the Korniche site via user login. Not everyone wants a standard sized roof and Korniche is a bespoke product. MFT are reacting to customer needs by removing the uncertainty or a short wait for manufacturer price confirmation. The KwikQUOTE system will provide trade partners access to a simple, easy to use pricing tool allowing bespoke product costings including glass and delivery options in an instant. It will also be possible for customers to tailor the interface to their specific needs by adding logos, contacts, inputting discount and mark up levels so the printable page can be given direct to their end customer at point of sale. KwikQUOTE means the end customer can check and sign for an order there and then, additional features such as saving estimates will provide a seamless ordering process. Completing a lantern sale has never been easier! Alongside added online support, Made for Trade continue to offer tailored marketing solutions to suit businesses of all sizes. Point of Sale material such as Korniche sample stands, roll up banners, posters, branded brochure holders and more are available to suit showrooms and sales counters large and small.


Vista’s State-Of-The-Art

New Website To Help Installers

Grow Their Businesses

A Fabricator’s

Guide To Evone In Three Minutes

Vista, one of the UK’s biggest and most respected composite door firms, has launched a state-of-the-art consumer-facing website to help it promote its celebrated XtremeDoor brand.

provides information about how to become a recommended XtremeDoor installer and boost your business by adding the XtremeDoor to your product range.

The new enhanced website – – was built and is managed by construction sector marketing experts, Purplex Marketing. Lauren Sims, Account Manager at Purplex explains:

The website also features an online door designer. The online door designer is free and easy to use, offering great customisation options. It can help customers who want to design their own door and salesmen who’d like to demonstrate the versatility of the XtremeDoor brand.

“The XtremeDoor website revamp focuses on the quality of the product and enhances the user friendliness of the website. We designed and implemented new home page banners, a new footer, and a new CTA for the door designer. We have also updated the door styles gallery to include the entire XtremeDoor product range. The website is the perfect way to showcase and promote the outstanding quality of the XtremeDoor.” The XtremeDoor website features easy to use sections to help customers find an approved XtremeDoor installer close to their location. Inversely, it also

The XtremeDoor is manufactured by Wirral based fabricators Vista. In 2016, Vista were named ‘Panel and Composite Door Supplier of the Year’ at the prestigious National Fenestration Awards. The XtremeDoor is an industry renowned composite door. Its high-performance specifications ensure that it meets the stringent standards demanded by Building Regulations for security and energy efficiency. Its outstanding design has made it Vista’s best-inclass composite door.

Fabricators who want to see just what makes Business Micros’ EvoNET software the most popular business management tool in the industry can see it in action in a brand new 3-minute video. The video means fabricators don’t need to visit someone else’s factory anymore to see just how well the software works in the real world – they can simply go to YouTube or view it on the company’s brand new website at www. Shot at leading trade fabricator Keyframe’s factory in Bolton, where they have been using EvoNET alongside their Evolution production software for more than three years, the video tracks the journey of a window from the moment of order right through to despatch. The window moves around a series of barcode scanning stations in the highly efficient, paperless factory. The video shows just how much time is saved on admin thanks to EvoNET’s ability to automate everything from sending order acknowledgements and invoices to placing glass orders and batching production. It also perfectly illustrates the reporting function with EvoNET which allows users to monitor and report on every aspect of business and production performance. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 89


Icotherm Launches New Website Icotherm Solid Roof has launched a new website to help installers get easy access to the benefits of the lightweight tiled roof system. The brains behind Icotherm Solid Roof, Dave Jackson says: “The new website has been designed to help the trade get all the information they need on our roof system. “There’s a ton of information on Building Regulations, including a full guide to LABC and advice on getting building certificates for projects quickly and cost-effectively. The Icotherm system is JHAI approved so installers can get extensions approved by

Building Control by filling in a simple form. “There’s also a free download area, where installers can get access to technical drawings, risk analysis information, as well as installation manuals

and videos.” Icotherm Solid Roof is the prefabricated modular roof system that can be made secure and watertight in as little as three hours. The clever ‘pod’ technology is the key to its super insulation and quick installation. Icotherm Solid Roof is light weight too, so it’s a perfect choice for refurbishing conservatories, as well as building new extensions. Dave continues: “We have invested in the new website to create a handy sales tool for customers. There are photo galleries showing how Icotherm Solid Roof can transform old, inefficient conservatories into rooms that can be used all year round. Plus, we’ve created detailed diagrams of how the insulated system works to eradicate condensation.”

Liniar Launches Comprehensive Specification Guide To mark the 10th anniversary of the sale of the very first length of its profile, Liniar has launched its brand new Specification Guide at the FIT Show – providing architects and fabricators with comprehensive information on the entire range. The stylish, 234-page full colour book contains all of the information that anyone could possibly need to know when it comes to specifying the innovative company’s windows, doors, conservatory roofs, building supplies and outdoor range. “We think it’s a very fitting way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Liniar profiles hitting the market,” says Chris Armes, Liniar’s Design & Development manager. “It’s been a huge task to collate all of this information in one attractive, easy to understand document, but the finished article looks outstanding and we can’t wait for people to see it. “We launched our first Specification Guide in April 2015 which covered our window and door range in 90 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

96 pages. “Since then we’ve launched the Alumina bi-fold as well as the EnergyPlus 90 system and building supplies, while also adding our roof range along with the outdoor products we produce – decking kits, fencing and plastic piling. “The fact that the size of the guide has increased so dramatically just goes to show the scope of how big the Liniar range is now. “We’ve used full isometric renders of our profile, created with 3D software, to lift the images right off the page and give architects a much better representation of how our products would fit into their projects.” Packed from cover to cover, the Specification Guide contains full details of all Liniar’s products, including in-depth technical data and measurements on everything in the range, including ancillaries, case studies and follow up information.


New Sternfenster Videos: The Modern Way To Grow Your Business Sternfenster has recently released a selection of high quality videos, available for all Approved Installers. These videos offer both product showcases and installation guides for a well-rounded enhancement for any business.

logo. This is then enhanced with on brand colours and relevant contact details, meaning these videos will be a true extension of your company image. An example of this can be found at upvc-casement-windows

These videos allow Network Members to promote the StyleLine range, Residence 9 windows, composite doors, aluminium bi-fold doors, sliding sash windows, uPVC casement windows, aluminium patio doors and a range of outstanding glazing options.

To help increase the standards of installation quality across the network, Sternfenster has also released a set of professionally made installation videos. By offering a step by step process, you’ll be able to ensure your products are fitted perfectly.

Standing as effective SEO and social media tools, Approved Installers have the opportunity to increase the coverage and engagement of their brand. These videos promise to offer outstanding value.

These installation guides cover toeing and heeling a window, uPVC window installation, toeing and heeling a bi-fold door, toeing and heeling a door, uPVC door installation, bi-fold doors installation guide and the adjustment of door height.

Offering a bespoke feature, these videos can be branded to show a chosen company

Approved Installers can embed the product videos into their own website and/or their Stern-

fenster Installer sub-site. This allows homeowners to instantly see the standard of product on offer, ensuring heightened potential for interaction and engagement. Nathan Court, Sales and Marketing Manager of Sternfenster, stated the importance of these videos: “We have a passion for setting the standard across the industry, which is why we have created these videos to not only ensure product awareness but also installer quality. We want our Network Members to work in harmony with the standards we set, ensuring satisfaction throughout.” Interested in utilising these videos to enhance your business? Become an Approved Installer today by giving Sternfenster a call on 01522 512 525 or by visiting for more information. WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 91


The VEKA UK Group Names Renolit Supplier Of The Year

explained: “The VEKA UK Group is the UK’s No.1 for PVC-U profile, and there’s a whole lot of work that goes into maintaining our position as the country’s leading supplier. “A good example of this commitment to quality is how stringently we select our suppliers. Each one must meet a host of requirements and undergo constant monitoring to ensure these standards don’t drop. “At the end of every month, our key suppliers are provided with a ‘vendor rating report’ which outlines how we have judged their performance. They are graded on quantitative data such as number of non-conformances and ‘on time in full’ (OTIF) deliveries, but also on qualitative data such as customer service, flexibility and timely responses to queries.

(L – R): VEKA Buyer Graham Norris, RENOLIT Account Manager John Shellam, and VEKA Purchasing Manager Nicola Woods.

Renolit has scooped the top accolade in The VEKA UK Group’s second annual Supplier of the Year awards. The VEKA UK Group is committed to quality in every aspect of product and service, and the team are proud to celebrate suppliers that go above and beyond in providing the materials needed for VEKA and Halo’s industry-leading PVC-U profile systems. Other category winners included; Chick Plastics for ‘Ancillaries’ and EWS (Manufacturing) Ltd for ‘Technical In-House Design’. Renolit won best ‘Manufacturing Consumables’, as well as being named ‘Supplier of the Year’. The company provides the high spec foils that make 92 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

up The VEKA UK Group’s enviable ‘Variations’ colour collection. Renolit’s CEO Dave Hall commented: “We are honoured to have received The VEKA UK Group Supplier of the Year Award. We have a long-standing trading relationship with the Group of over 20 years. In this time, VEKA has grown and developed its business model significantly. This has naturally led to higher expectations in terms of service, quality and innovative products. VEKA’s collaborative and professional approach has allowed our business to develop, adapt and grow with them. For this reason in particular, we are proud to receive the award.” Purchasing Manager for The VEKA UK Group Nicola Woods

“This means we can keep a close eye on the supply chain to make sure no problems arise, allowing us to continue providing the best possible customer experience. Suppliers must achieve or exceed a benchmark score each month – without fail – in order to remain on our approved suppliers list. This data also enables us to offer well-deserved praise where it’s due! These awards help us to acknowledge the hard work of our top suppliers. “Along with the entire team at The VEKA UK Group, I’d like to offer my sincere congratulations to Renolit on being named our ‘Supplier of the Year’. This is certainly not easy to achieve and shows a great deal of commitment to exceptionally hard work and fantastic service on their part.”

AWARDS The GGF says it was delighted to hear the news that it has been shortlisted as a finalist in three categories for the Trade Association Forum (TAF) Awards 2017. The three categories that GGF has been nominated for are: BEIS Sector Representation of the Year (for the GGF Consumer Code of Practice and gaining approval by Chartered Trading Standards Institute) Marketing Campaign of the Year (for Website of the Year (for MyGlazing. com) Now in its fifteenth year, the prestigious TAF Best Practice Awards recognise, reward and promote best practice amongst Trade Associations in the UK and are a chance for trade bodies to showcase their hard work and achievements during the last twelve to eighteen months. At the end of 2016, the GGF won a Construction Marketing Award for

GGF Shortlisted For

Three TAF Awards

James Lee and also the G16 Award for “Unrivalled Excellence and Outstanding Services to the Industry”. The GGF is now hoping to make it a remarkable hat-trick of awards.

On hearing the announcement, James Lee, GGF Director of Marketing and Communications commented, “Just to be nominated in the TAF awards is always very difficult because they cover every trade body in the UK, not just glass and glazing or construction. To reach the finalist stage in three categories is in itself a considerable achievement. Full praise should go to the GGF staff and Members for their work on the projects we entered, and the GGF Consumer Code of Practice.” The winners of the TAF Awards will be revealed on 12th July at a Gala Dinner at the historic Drapers Hall in London.

Homeglaze Named Which?’S Trusted Trader Of 2017 ers and other tradesman, ensuring that, whatever the job, they get an outstanding level of service.

Respected installation firm Homeglaze has been handed Which?’s Trusted Trader of the Year Award at a glitzy ceremony hosted by TV’s Natasha Kaplinsky. Which? is the UK’s most trusted source of independent consumer advice. Its Trusted Trader scheme puts homeowners in contact with over 8,000 extensively vetted builders, plumbers, window install-

Companies can’t nominate themselves for a Which? award – nominees are chosen based on feedback from the public and research by Which?’s team of in-house experts. After examining each nominee in detail, those same experts decided that Homeglaze’s record was the most impressive, and duly named the firm their Trusted Trader of the Year. “Customer satisfaction is hugely

important to us,” commented Managing Director Colin Morgan. “As a proud family business, we base everything we do on the principles of honesty, openness and reliability, and strive for 100% customer satisfaction every time. Our Checkatrade profile is one of the highest-rated, with over 1,000 reviews and an average score of 9.8 out of 10. “I’m incredibly fortunate to have a brilliant team behind me at Homeglaze. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, we became the first window installer to ever receive Which?’s Trader of the Month award in April 2016 – and now, we’ve been able to go one better. We’re hugely ambitious about where we want to go in future – so look out for us as we continue to grow!” WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017 93


20 Riders, 55 Miles, Over £11,500 Raised

IG Doors Charity Drive Delivers For Cancer Research A team of 20 cycling enthusiasts from IG Doors has completed a gruelling 55 mile ride from Brecon to Cardiff Bay in aid of Cancer Research Wales.

being a part of something special not just for the riders, but the many support staff who gave up their time to make it happen – and suppliers Bridgetime and ACE glazed products who provided the transport and refreshments. Everyone who volunteered to take part completed the challenge, even through the incredibly tough terrain at the highest point of the ride. The final participant came home after 9 hours to conclude a fantastic day which will remain long in the memory for all those involved.

What started as a chat over a few social beers quickly developed into a full-on exercise and a cast of 20 ranging from just 8 years old all the way to the eldest participant aged 62!

for over 20 years.

Liam Taylor at just age 8 joined the ride for the last 26 miles and raised over £1,000 in his own right, while Bob Challenger completed the full 55 miles despite not having ridden a bike

The day was a special day for all those who took part, building a sense of teamwork and camaraderie which will remain within the company for many years to come, and a sense of

24 Hour Charity

The burning question of course…. what about next year?! Congratulations to all at IG Doors for their great effort and fantastic support for a great cause

Endurance Race

For Apeer’s Damian Apeer’s West of Ireland Sales Rep, Damian Rogers, completed a tough 24 hour endurance event recently, all in the name of charity. The event, called ‘The Race’ supports the Gorta Self Help Africa Challenge, and collectively raised an impressive £65k for the worthwhile cause. The unsupported endurance event covers 250km of rugged landscape across North West Donegal, and has been described as Ireland’s toughest endurance challenge as well as being listed as one of the top ten endurance challenges worldwide. The Irish event is made up of a number of stages including 64km of road and trial running, 15km of kayaking, 166km of cycling and 5km of mountain running. “It’s the ultimate test of endurance.” Damian explains. “Having run the race in 2016 and pulling out due to injury, I was determined to get back on the horse and complete the event this year. With training from anything between 8-20 hours each week in the winter months leading up to the event, and 94 WINDOW NEWS JUNE 2017

a 2am prep start on the day itself, it’s certainly not for the faint-hearted, especially when you add the unpredictable March weather!” All proceeds from the event go to The Race’s charity partner, Gorta Self Help Africa. The vibrant and worthwhile organisation works with rural communities in South Africa, supporting them to grow more food, diversify their farm production, develop new off-farm enterprises and sell their surpluses. Having completed The Race in an impressive 20 hours and 37 minutes, Damian hasn’t been put off doing the race again: “I may look to do it again in 2019, but for now, am taking a well-earned rest to spend time with my support team at home!” Find out more about The Race by visiting or visit for more information or to support the Self Help Africa charity.








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