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TRADE NEWS to growing demand in the replacement market as well as new builds. With its integrated inspection and tilt table, the new glass washer can wash glass up to 3m by 2.5m in size, ensuring high quality results on the largest of units.

Apeer’s Year Of Investment And Growth Apeer has invested £285,000 in machinery in the last 12 months, with even more planned for 2021. With this significant investment, the composite door specialist – and producer of the Lumi frameless window – plans to ramp up product development in coming months, ready to offer even more to customers looking for both high quality and breadth of choice. Among the new additions to its Ballymena facility in Northern Ireland is a waterjet cutter with a 3m by 2m bed, which became the company’s first foray into this type of technology when it was purchased in June. It has not only sped up the processing time for cutting laminated glass, it also means Apeer now has the capability to cut all types of glass, as well as other materials, into any shape – opening up possibilities for new and innovative design features for future products.

Asa McGillian, Apeer’s managing director

A new Butyl extruder and hot glass press, along with a new large glass washer installed in November, will help Apeer service growing demand for its popular Lumi range. Production of the frameless windows continues to increase, due


Two additional jib cranes with vacuum lifters were introduced on site as part of Apeer’s commitment to protecting the health and safety of its employees in day-to-day operations while also improving production workflow. And a second SCM Accord 25FX 5-axis CNC Router will be installed in February, joining the first which was commissioned in January 2018, as part of an on-going machinery replacement and upgrade programme. This will give Apeer even greater capacity for machining composite doors, as well as full five-axis machining capability for potential new projects. “Our investment programme over the past year has been an important part of our commitment to ensuring Apeer can push further with product development, enhance the quality and range we offer, and increase production capacity where it is needed as well as overall efficiency in our factory,” said Asa McGillian, Apeer’s managing director. “We want to ensure Apeer is well equipped to continue meeting consumer demand, in terms of our products’ quality, quantity and choice. “And we’re not stopping there. We have plans to invest a further £100k in the new year to install a second seamless welder – to join the new machine we purchased this year – as well as upgrade spray booths and add a large overhead crane to better handle the more sizable glass and Lumi units. “Collectively, all of these factory enhancements should give Apeer far greater flexibility and will allow us to continue offering our customers the best possible products and service.” www.apeer.co.uk


Builders’ Merchants’

Sales To Builders Surge In September

Can’t Wait For PVCu? Aluminium Windows &

Doors Available

From Abcell In

Just 3-4 Weeks Sales to builders by Britain’s builders’ merchants surged in September, with sales up 8.3% compared with September 2019, according to the latest Builders Merchants Building Index (BMBI) report. Q3 2020 sales also increased compared to the same period last year (+1%) and were significantly up on Q2 2020 (+63.2%) when many merchants were closed. Kitchens & Bathrooms saw the strongest quarter-on-quarter recovery (+131%), but Q3 sales were down 7.1% year-on-year. Year-on-year, landscaping Q3 sales are 24.2% up, its highest level since the index was set up in 2015. Workwear & Safetywear, up 8% compared to Q3 last year, benefited from a continued focus on PPE, while Timber & Joinery was up 3.5% over the same period. Although year-to-date sales were lower than in 2019 due to the impact of Covid-19 closures, overall sales had recovered strongly by

September. The rate of recovery however, varied between product sectors. While two sectors – landscaping materials (+1.5%) and Workwear & Safetywear (+1.2%) – are ahead of January to September 2019, Kitchens & Bathrooms have some way to go, and Heavy Building Materials is 16.1% behind the same period last year. Comments by the BMBI experts featured in the report indicate exceptionally high demand in some sectors during the quarter – particularly those associated with home improvements. “The retail market had a bumper Q3 with masonry paint and woodcare sales rocketing,” says Paul Roughan Trade Merchant Sales Director, Dulux Trade. “However, demand massively outstripped supply as Britain continues to love decorating.” The latest BMBI quarterly report can be downloaded at www.bmbi.co.uk

Abcell is encouraging installers to think differently to combat current lead time issues on PVCu products. With WarmCore and AluK windows and doors available from Abcell in just 3-4 weeks, this is the perfect time to push the many benefits of aluminium to homeowners. When it comes to the retail market, aluminium windows and doors have traditionally been thought of as the more expensive option. However, the rising popularity of aluminium means that this is no longer the case, with these premium products now available at affordable prices. “Coronavirus has had a profound effect on the glazing industry and some supply chains are struggling to catch up with the production deficit caused by the lockdown,” says Neville Gleed, Operations Director at Abcell. “The supply of resin has been impacted particularly hard, causing long lead times on PVCu products”. www.abcell.co.uk



Spending Review

Comment From Blick Rothenberg Overview Nimesh Shah, CEO at leading tax and advisory firm Blick Rothenberg said: “ It was a naturally subdued Spending Review statement from the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, highlighted a set of worrying figures on the state of the UK’s finances: “ UK GDP will fall 11.3% this year, which is the largest fall in 300 years. “ Unemployment is to hit 7.5% next year with 2.6 million out of work; unemployment will come down to 4.4% by the end of 2024.

“ Economic growth is returning but it won’t be back to pre-crisis levels until the fourth quarter of 2022 – even then, the economy will be 3% smaller in 2025 than expected at the March Budget. “ The Government has borrowed £394 billion in 2020, of which £280 billion has been used for the fight against COVID-19 (with a further £55 billion expected to be spent in 2021). “As widely leaked before today’s statement, public sector will be frozen, other than for lower paid workers and medical staff in the NHS.


“ The National Living Wage will increase to £8.91 per hour for those aged 23 and over, which represents an average pay increase of £345 per annum – at a time when businesses are severely struggling with managing costs, some will be concerned that an enforced pay increase is imminent. “ Thankfully, there was no mention of changes to taxes – businesses will breathe a huge sigh of relief that there was not even a suggestion from the Chancellor that tax increases are imminent after recent heightened speculation, but it’s inevitable increases will happen at some point next year.

TRADE NEWS “Overall, the Spending Review did exactly what it set out to do – it was never meant to be a Budget (although at points it started to feel like it would be), but it paints a dark picture of the UK’s finances as the Chancellor faces tougher and far more unpopular decisions in 2021.” Property The announcement of £7.1bn funding for a National Home Building fund is good news for regional house builders, says Heather Powell Head of Property at the firm She added: “ Access to development finance at affordable rates is essential to ensure that the new homes this country needs are delivered. The funding will also ensure jobs are retained in the industry. It is to be hoped that it will also give private developers the confidence to invest in training apprentices and the modern methods of construction that need to be embraced to build energy efficient homes.” R and D David Hough a business advisory partner at the firm said: “ The Chancellor announced £15bn funding for research and development although the intended strategy for the spending of the allocation was not clear. In order to address the challenge of the Green Recovery Plan and the impact of technological change on blue collar industries significant investment will be required.” He added “Large scale investment in research and development was a welcome pronouncement made by the Chancellor. The Prime Minister’s recent ten-point plan on tackling climate change was ambitious in sentiment and there is an opportunity for the UK economy if technologies to address this are developed within the four nations.

“At the same time UK sectors are increasingly looking to technology to access new revenue streams and make cost savings. However, it is crucial that the strategy for using the available funding is made clear and contracts are awarded on a transparent basis to ensure that public money is used effectively.” Economic impact and Tax David Hough said: “ The Chancellor provided details on the economic impact of Coronavirus. Amongst a range of eye-watering figures provided he announced that the Office for Budget Responsibility forecasts the UK economy to be 3% smaller in 2025 than was forecast in the March budget. Further spending announcements were made on public services and to date this has resulted in a significant increase in borrowing, £394 billion in the current year alone. He added “That the economic impact of the pandemic has been disastrous was not a surprise and, in some respects, we have become de-sensitised to the scale of the financial support measures that have been introduced. Ultimately this will need to be paid for and there was little in the Spending Review on how this will be achieved. Pauses to public sector pay and reductions in overseas aid will only make a partial impact on the significant deficits that have arisen. In the short term it appears that the Chancellor is banking on infrastructure investment to return the UK back to economic growth so that when tax rises come, they will fall on a more resilient economy.” National Minimum Wage – a lost Budget opportunity Richard Churchill a partner at the firm said: “Increasing the National Minimum wage should be supported but this is an additional cost for many businesses in the hardest hit sectors of retail and

hospitality. The Chancellor needs to acknowledge that this is contradictory to job preservation and creation and ensure support is given to these businesses to ensure there is simply not just less jobs.” He added: It is Important that record levels of spending on infrastructure provides work for as many businesses as possible and measures should be introduced to ensure smaller and local businesses have opportunities to win some of the work. “The chancellor wishes us to be a scientific superpower but without an autumn budget he lost the opportunity to amend fiscal policy to encourage entrepreneurship and research and development. Richard said: “ Whilst a spending review it would have been helpful for the Chancellor to outline his plans to protect and then grow the tax base of the country before he undoubtedly has to take a bigger slice to fill the huge gap in finances caused by coronavirus.” How are we going to pay for it? Genevieve Morris a partner at the firm said: “ How are we going to pay for it all? It is clear that taxes will have to rise in order to pay not just for what has been spent already, but what is due to be spent in 21/22. On the plus side the Chancellor does realise that cutting spending on critical capital-intensive projects at this time is not the right approach to help the economy. She added: “ However, everyone – businesses and individuals should expect to be part of the solution to the economic crises with increased taxes spanning a decade or more. I would hope that any tax rises will come with suitable protection for the lowest paid, such as an increase in the personal allowance to ensure their take home pay is not impacted.” www.blickrothenberg.com



Colin St John Reflects On Freefoam

30 Year Anniversary Whilst no one could have predicted the tumultuous events and challenges that 2020 has brought, one milestone was always going to be in the calendar – Freefoam Building Products reaching 30 years in business. As part of this anniversary Freefoam are releasing a few short videos featuring key people who have played a significant part in the growth and development of the business. The first video features Colin St John, Commercial Director, who has been with Freefoam for nearly 20 years. He arrived when the business was a simple UK distribution centre, acting as a hub to supply customers

around the country, with manufacturing taking place in Ireland. In the intervening years the site has changed and developed dramatically and now features a fully integrated manufacturing and mixing plant, producing and supplying products to service the Groups markets in Ireland, UK and Europe. Colin has been at the centre of these developments and it’s fair to say many wouldn’t have happened without his vision, contribution, enthusiasm and support. Freefoam is a company that values its people, and works hard to develop individuals and create exciting and rewarding careers. As a testament to


this approach 29% of current employees have been with the business for more than a decade. In his interview Colin also acknowledges the significant part all team members have played in the growth of the company “We value the contribution of every single person who has walked through those gates over the last 20 years.” Today Freefoam has a group turnover of around £65 million, with just over 300 team members. Aidan Harte, CEO summarised ” We are proud of everyone who works at Freefoam and wanted to use our 30th anniversary to highlight some of the people who have made some lasting and significant contributions. Colin’s role in our business has been, and continues to be, very important. He has steered the UK operation through times of economic uncertainly, overseen major site developments and implemented significant growth strategies. We couldn’t have done it without him!”



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Customer Data Scandal For Credit Checker Big Boys Insight Data Operations Director, Jade Greenhow, responds to shocking customer data breach scandal. One recent news article really highlighted why we shout about customer data security so much.

data without their knowledge”. As a result of the ICO’s investigation, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion made improvements to their direct marketing services business.

It has come to light that several big players in the credit checking industry have been reckless with their customer’s personal data.

Equifax and TransUnion made the required improvements and withdrew several products and services. The ICO is therefore taking no further action against them.

A two-year investigation into how Experian, Equifax and TransUnion used personal data for marketing purposes by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) revealed that they were “trading, enriching and enhancing people’s personal

This is shocking for many reasons. In a nutshell, millions of people were potentially targeted by commercial organisations, political parties or charities, and their personal data collected and profiled without their knowledge as a result of these

companies’ data security behaviours. Here at Insight Data we collect, store and sell prospect data for businesses in the construction and fenestration industry. We are incredibly aware of our responsibility to manage that data in a legal and transparent way. At Insight Data, we work with businesses across the supply chain to provide a cost-effective and compliant solution which allows them to stay on the right side of GDPR, whilst still effectively marketing to prospective customers. That’s why we are trusted by so many businesses across the UK. www.insightdata.co.uk

Alutech Systems: Still Open For Business and viewing of products is taking place online wherever required.

Alutech Systems says it is continuing to supply customers as usual. Factory and deliveries will still operate at full capacity to keep up with current demand in the industry. Having already implemented stringent Covid safe procedures, adjusting shift patterns and home working wherever possible, the company continues to adapt their processes in line with new guidance and to keep both customers and staff safe.

Alutech says it has fully stocked up on its full range of products, across the whole colour range so product is not in short supply. Any external suppliers have been contacted, and assurance has been given that they are also remaining open.

preferred or usual methods. The company says drivers are all fully equipped with PPE wear and stocked with sanitising products – and will be continuing with contact free deliveries.

Alutech have ensured all staff are as available as possible to support customers, either via phone, email, Zoom or Teams. To continue getting quality support Alutech ad- The showroom remains closed, vises contacting the office via your until safe to do otherwise – training 10 WINDOW NEWS NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2020

Steve Hudson, MD of Alutech commented “We have taken all the necessary steps needed to continue keeping our customers safe and with continuous supply of products. Customers are keen to continue working without disruption and we are pleased to be supporting them through this uncertain time.” www.alutechsystems.co.uk


Window Widgets Launches New Trade Counter Network Window Widgets have just launched a new Trade Counter Network, that is already looking to boast over one hundred partners in the first few months after launch and in time will spread right across all areas of the UK. This strategic plan to drive new sales through trade counters will help support installers and fabricators with a more localised and immediate supply of products. There’s already a dedicated landing page at https://tcn.windowwidgets. co.uk and from a direct link on the home page to help visitors find local trade counters within a 20-mile radius.

The search facility returns what products they offer and the best contact details for our range of UK manufactured products, many of which carry CE Marking under our factory process control and certification to EN1090. Leading industry names such as Dekko Window Systems, Midland Building Plastics, SUN Trade and Tradelink are already listed on the website, yet Window Widgets are actively looking for further trade counters to join this network, as they look to expand to over one hundred across the UK in the coming months. Adrain Clare, internal sales executive at Window Widgets

commented: ‘We’ve spent considerable time in putting this new marketing strategy together and we’re already reaping the rewards. With our knowledge rich website and big pink product catalogue, there’s also a wealth of supporting information for anyone visiting these trade counters. He continued: ‘With all the factors affecting the industry at present, there’s never been a better time to find trusted business partners and that’s why so many trade counters have joined us in the first few months.’ www.windowwidgets.co.uk



Glass And Glazing Sector

Holds Residents’ Keys To The ‘Perfect Home’ Flooding rooms with natural light is the most sought after feature in what UK residents want in the ‘perfect home’ – pointing towards an opportunity for the glass and glazing sector to support home improvement projects, according to new research by Pilkington United Kingdom Limited, part of the NSG Group. In the manufacturer’s poll of more than 2,000 UK adults, two thirds (66%) of respondents agreed that lots of natural light was key to meeting their vision of the ‘perfect home’. Meanwhile, three in five (60%) wanted a spacious garden, with half wanting spare bedrooms (53%) and lots of open space (48%), in their dream property. While almost two thirds (64%) citied natural light as being ‘very important’ for the home, the living room was the preferred space to have the most natural light (73%), followed by the kitchen (57%) and the master bedroom (27%).

More than half (54%) saw double-glazed windows in their dream home, with one in five (17%) wanting bi-folding doors and 14% looking for skylight windows. While 86% agreed that having the perfect home was important during the pandemic, 44% expect they will never achieve their dream house, with money being the top barrier – cited by 68% of those polled. Julia Berkin, Brand & marketing communications manager at Pilkington UK, said: “The glass and glazing sector really does hold the keys to UK residents’ perfect home, with natural light trumping big gardens and huge rooms in the shared vision of an aspirational house. “The findings point towards an opportunity for the sector to help homeowners as they expand glazed areas, build conserva-


tories or install skylights in the pursuit of perfection. “And while money is naturally a barrier to many wanting to make home improvements, measures like the recently launched Green Homes Grant are offering a leg-up to some of those looking to install better performing windows in their properties. The new consultation expected on boosting the energy-efficiency of rental properties and social housing also holds promising signs for making attributes of the perfect home, like double-glazing, more accessible to tenants. “We’re working at the side of our customers as they consult with homeowners looking to create their dream homes, with our new Ask Pilkington portal answering all homeowners need to know about glass for their projects.” www.pilkington.co.uk

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Balcony Trend Grows In Year Of Lockdown With More Products Released More developers are placing balconies at the centre of future projects as lockdown has placed further emphasis on the need for homes that maximise space and daylight, according to window manufacturer REHAU.

Responding to this increase in demand for such design-led specification products, REHAU has unveiled a new Juliet balcony, SKYFORCE, to bolster its total solutions window portfolio. Famous architect, Alison Brooks, publicly stated that housing should feature more balconies in the earlier stages

of the pandemic this year1. She claimed that everybody is paying more attention to the places where they can be outside without being on the street.

and wellbeing and our product development is always centred around improving the lives of the people who use and live with our products.”

Russell Hand, Head of Product Management and Technical at REHAU Windows responded to this: “This year, balconies went from an often forgotten space to an integral part of modern living for millions of UK residents. While we were already developing the SKYFORCE Juliet balcony before lockdown, our rationale was further highlighted by people spending more time in their homes. Many studies have shown the impact of daylight on health

Inspired by Spanish and Italian designs, the balcony product is well-suited to luxury residential houses and apartments. Its unique design appears to be “frameless” letting the maximum amount of daylight into a space. With less components than any other Juliet balcony on the market, it is also quicker and easier to install so less time is spent on site, says REHAU.


Designed with developers and


Great Value

And Extra Perks With IBGs


Insurance backed guarantees offer solid peace of mind for homeowners, giving them the reassurance that even if their installer ceases trading, they can have any workmanship defects rectified. A good IBG offers extra value to an installer’s reputation, but often, the direct benefits to the installer are limited. Quality Assured National Warranties (QANW), the provider of insurance protection for home improvements & construction, are changing that with their member perks package.

specifiers in mind, REHAU aims to offer a competitive Juliet balcony to a market where differentiation is important. Russell continues: “The housing market is competitive, particularly when it comes to high-end developments due to older, more traditional properties boasting so many exclusive features. SKYFORCE is unique in its appearance and will make the houses and apartments it’s installed in, really stand out from the crowd.”

it holds laminated glass, the occupant will always have maximum visibility of the outdoors.

All the visible parts of SKYFORCE can be customised to suit an individual window colour, so it fits perfectly and discreetly into the clean lines of modern facades. Also, because

For more information on SKYFORCE, visit: https://bit.ly/37iWdGA

With safety often being a concern relating to balconies, SKYFORCE also complies with the current building regulations for protection from falling, collision and impact. All the individual components are designed to work seamlessly together, accentuating the look of REHAU windows and doors as well as keeping the occupant safe.

[1] https://bit.ly/36oOckm

Gemma Swankie from QANW explains: “Installers understand the need to offer their customers IBGs. Really, it’s a necessity for any job they install, but why should that mean they don’t get value from it? “With QANW membership, as well as great value IBGs for their customers, installers get extra perks to boost their businesses. “By far the most popular perk is the free Trade Point card, which gives installers an extra 10 percent off any purchase, even on existing special offers and deals. Members also get discounted rates on Quotatis lead generation services, HR & Employment Law services, cyber security and fuel cards. All QANW perks are available free of charge to members. For more information, visit www.qanw.co.uk



Sash Window Searches Are Soaring,

Says Victorian Sliders Europe’s biggest sash window manufacturer Victorian Sliders looks at the latest Google Trends data, and what it tells us about the state of the market.

windows. Lockdown saw home improvement move up the priority list for tens of millions of people confined indoors – and thousands are now on the lookout for stylish, eco-friendly and cost-effective products that can improve their property’s aesthetic appeal.

2020 has been the strangest and most challenging year many of us will have experienced in our lifetimes – but despite it all, demand for glazing products remains extremely strong.

ECOSlide, Victorian Sliders’ enormously successful PVCu sash window, ticks all of those boxes.

Back in April, when the pandemic was at its height, even the most optimistic among us wouldn’t have predicted that sales would be soaring come July and August. But remarkably, that’s exactly what happened. Partly, we know this simply from firsthand experience – at Victorian Sliders, we’ve been inundated with sales and enquiries, and enjoyed several of the most successful weeks in our history. However, we also know it from looking at Google’s search data, too. Google Trends Google gives specific search terms scores between 0 and 100 based on how many people are searching for them at any given time. Between July 26th and August 1st, searches for ‘sash windows’ in England reached 100. If you look at searches for the same term over the last five years, you’ll find that they’re currently at the highest level they’ve been since 2017.

You can also see that searches for the term went into sharp decline in March 2020, when lockdown came into effect, but that by May they’d largely recovered, and continued to climb from there. Widen the area to the UK as a whole, and the general trend is the same – strong in January and February, a dramatic fall in March, a steady recovery throughout April and May, leading to the huge demand we’ve all experienced in June, July and August. Related terms like ‘uPVC sash window’ have also done extremely well, and are currently receiving the highest number of searches in years. What does all that mean for installers? Now’s the time to start offering quality PVCu sash


It comes with ‘A’ Window Energy Ratings as standard (A+ ratings with an Argon-filled unit) and is extremely secure – unlike many competitor products, it uses top and bottom toughened glass as standard, and features an anti-jemmy bar. It’s also extremely versatile – available in a vast array of foils and any RAL colour, as well as offering plant-on sash horns as standard, the option for runthrough sash horns, and, soon, a deep bottom rail. But best of all, it’s available with a 10-year guarantee, and in any size up to 1300mm by 2400mm, for just £199. Don’t miss out on booming interest in sash windows – contact Victorian Sliders today, and find out why we’re trusted by more than 3,000 installers countrywide. For more information visit www.victoriansliders.co.uk or call 01269 846200.

Get Ready For 2021 More products from the team to bring you the multi-award winning #KORNICHE Find out more and register online today

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with practical concerns such as ongoing maintenance, thermal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.”

REHAU Supports

Trades By Raising Profile

With Home Renovators With OnePoll recently reporting that homeowners are now spending twice as much time on home improvements than they did before the lockdown, REHAU has launched a new campaign to educate home renovators on window materials. With many lockdown savings potentially being directed towards home renovations, REHAU aims to help its fabricators and installers take advantage of this buoyant market by making the modern-day case for PVC compared with traditional materials. Launched this week, the downloadable guide from REHAU titled Which window material suits your lifestyle? explores the demands of modern life and how they relate to homeowners’ choice of windows. It will then be amplified via a digital marketing campaign to capture homeowners at specific points in their research journey. Homeowners commonly seek a

number of different things from their homes, including aesthetics, security and sustainability – all at the same time as wanting to save their hard-earned cash. In response to these requirements, the guide considers a number of key issues regarding window profile materials, to ensure it is best-suited to their lifestyle. “When developing the guide, it was important for us to consider what homeowners want out of their window solutions, while also trying to change some perceptions of PVC,” says Clare Higgins, Product Manager for Window Solutions at REHAU UK. “Within the guide, we share all of the options available to consumers, and ask questions that should be considered when selecting a window frame solution.” “Tapping into trends, we detail the advantages and disadvantages of the options available and provide technical information to balance aesthetic appeal


In the past, homeowners have opted for aluminium and wooden frames for a visually attractive, durable and dependable solution. However, innovation within PVC now means that it has become a better alternative within the fenestration industry, that exceeds purchaser expectations, both visually and in terms of performance, says the company. The guide delves into how the technology has moved on. The campaign forms part of a wider strategy to connect the consumer with tradespeople. REHAU Connect is a bespoke platform that supports installer planning, selling and quoting for REHAU’s Authorised Partners. By creating more awareness around the merits of PVC for modern life, REHAU ultimately aims to grow the sales pipeline for businesses across the country. Clare continues, “this campaign is all about helping our fabricators and installers sell more windows. It’s been a tough year for everyone but it’s now so exciting to hear about the uptake in home renovation spending. This is the first consumer campaign of many to come so we look forward to seeing what feedback we get.” To register your interest to become a REHAU Authorised Partner, visit: https://bit.ly/3mFSGsk For more information on REHAU Connect, visit: https://bit.ly/3fUDCVr And to download Which window material suits your lifestyle? A 21st Century Window Renovation Guide to share with your customers, visit: https://bit.ly/2JwIUue


HMRC To Investigate

CJRS Claims Thousands of companies that made claims under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme but didn’t keep proper records will be the first to be investigated, say leading tax and advisory firm Blick Rothenberg.

payments was 20 October 2020 in respect of claims received prior to 22 July 2020 and for claims received after that date the deadlines for making repayments of amounts incorrectly claimed are 90 days after receipt of the funds.”

Fiona Fernie, a Tax Dispute Resolution Partner with the firm said “partner at the firm said: “ HMRC are investigating widespread fraud and are looking into thousands of claims that were made under the scheme and unfortunately businesses that did not keep proper records are the ones that are being scrutinised the most.

She added: “It is therefore vital that employers continue to check historical CJRS claims to ensure both the numerical accuracy of the claims and that they were justified in making them since the more of these deadlines are missed the greater the likelihood of HMRC imposing significant penalties.

She added: “Most have probably done nothing wrong, but a lack of records will cause suspicion and companies who have made claims or are going to do so under the extended scheme need to check both past and future claims and keep detailed records supporting those claims so that they can provide appropriate evidence if HMRC queries them. Fiona said: “Within days of the first ‘amnesty’ deadline passing for repayment of amounts overclaimed under the CJRS, HMRC have already swung into action investigating claims where they believe that employers have claimed the wrong amount or were ineligible to claim. “The deadline for making the re-

Fiona said: “With the extension of the scheme until 31 March 2021, and the increased flexibility of the scheme, it is important that both employers and employees are fully aware of the parameters within which the scheme operates, and ensure they are compliant”. She added: “Mistakes in past claims should be corrected as soon as possible and great care should be taken in making future claims. Whilst not looking to punish honest mistakes too harshly, all amounts overclaimed will be repayable and HMRC will come down heavily on those who abuse the system”. Fiona said: “It is imperative that businesses keep specific records and those required by HMRC

include: • the amount claimed and claim period for each employee; • the claim reference number for the records; • calculations in case HMRC need more information about the claim; • usual hours worked, inclu ing any calculations that were required, for employees flexibly furloughed; • actual hours worked for emplo ees flexibly furloughed. She added: “However, it would also be sensible to have records such as: • Financial forecasts which support the reasons for making the claim; • Evidence that employees fur oughed and in respect of whom claims were made, would have continued in employment if the pandemic had not happened; • Evidence that the appropriate amounts have been paid to fur loughed workers; • Communications with employees notifying them they were being furloughed and the responses from employees providing their agreement; • Written instructions to furloughed employees confirming the need for them to stop working during the period when they are fu loughed; • Evidence that non-furloughed employees have been made aware that they cannot involve furloughed employees in work; • Details of the procedures used in managing the changes in the i plementation of the scheme from August; and • Details of the procedures for bringing back employees from urlough. “Arguably it would also make sense to have records demonstrating the reduction in workload for those who are flexibly furloughed, to support the rationale for the claims.” www.blickrothenberg.com




Windows Comes Out

On Top In

New Survey

Get Ready

For The January Offer In the latest UK Windows & Doors Industry Survey by Plimsoll, Everglade Windows has been rated as the 3rd fastest growing company in the UK market. The Plimsoll Ratings Analysis uses the latest data intelligence, including a financial health rating, to rate UK Window and Door companies, and the results said that 36 percent of companies were rated as ‘Caution’ or ‘Danger’, says the company. Jay Patel, Director at Everglade Windows says: “Once again, Plimsoll has recognised Everglade Windows with a ‘Strong’ rating which, in the current climate, is an even greater accolade, given the amount of uncertainty in the market as the industry tackles the challenges of 2020. “At Everglade Windows, we dedicate ourselves to creating a strong business, so that customers can rely on us as their stable supplier partner, and third-party recognition of this status, is always a nice thing to have.” www.evergladetrade.co.uk

TOUCH Vendor, the new lead generation software for installers, will be live and available to purchase from 6th January.

linking to their fabricator when the accompanying TOUCH Portal software for fabricators goes live later in 2021.

The Business Micros Group, which is behind the launch of the entire new TOUCH software platform, says TOUCH Vendor will transform the way installers do business and give them the perfect start to the New Year.

Paul Callaghan, Managing Director of The Consultancy, says: “TOUCH Vendor will give installers exactly what they need to sell in today’s retail market. It comes with the option of remote sales while social distancing is still in play, but will be the perfect addition to a showroom or sales presentation once things start to get back to normal.”

TOUCH Vendor is a lead-generation window and door designer which installers can personalise and add to their own websites, it’s a tool for automatically managing enquiries and pricing quotes, and it’s a facility for remote and face to face sales. It uses industry standard data for all the designs, hosted and continually updated by Business Micros, and a front-end interface created by the team at The Consultancy, who are behind the websites and cloudbased ordering systems used by some of the biggest brands in the industry. Users of TOUCH Vendor won’t be tied to any single supplier, but they will have the option of


Installers will be able to view ‘live’ demos of TOUCH Vendor on the BM TOUCH website from 6th January, download guides and see all the pricing options. Once they have registered their details and set up a Vendor account, they can get started straightaway personalising the designer and adding it to their own websites. The BM Group is offering a free trial on the software, valid for a month from the date that the installer signs up. More details and all the information required to sign up are at: www.bm-touch.co.uk/installer

Sustainability As a manufacturer, REHAU is conscious of the impact their actions have on people and the environment. The use of recycled materials is one of REHAU’s strategic objectives, our TOTAL70C system is available with a co-extruded profile made up of 75% post-consumer waste. Windows. Reinvented for modern life. www.rehau.uk/windows


New Freefoam Video Featuring Technical Operations Manager, Geoff Barnett

Freefoam has launched a second video in a series to mark their 30 year anniversary, featuring key people who have played a significant part in the growth and development of the business. This new short film features Geoff Barnett, Technical Operations Manager. With a role at the heart of its manufacturing business, hear why Geoff came to be part of the PVC industry and find out about the part he has played in the site expansion and significant increase in production capacity moving from just four extrusion lines back in 2008 to today’s total of

15. Having worked for Freefoam for 12 years Geoff sees the strength of the company coming from its people and the way they are encouraged to interact and work together. Geoff comments “Freefoam is a proactive business, with an abundance of people all trying to do their best. It’s great!” Geoff explains how operating as an independent manufacturer has had its challenges but Freefoam continues to prosper year on year and he sees a positive future. Colin St John, Commercial Director, summarized “People


have always been at the heart of everything we do at Freefoam. Our success is based on surrounding ourselves with good people, and Geoff is amongst the best in his field. Working with his teams to move our mixing facilities from Stockport to a brand new multi-million pound mixing plant in Northampton was a complex and extremely challenging project and highlighted Geoff’s skills and expertise. This development has given us control of our entire process facility which has without doubt helped us grow and support our customers.”


Force 8 Brings Their Showroom To You Force 8 will be manufacturing as normal through the new lockdown but have once again come up with a unique idea: if you can’t come to the factory or showroom to take a look at their products, they will bring it to you. The company says that with the present pandemic and a host of ever changing restrictions, visiting showrooms to view new products for your company was difficult; now with the new lockdown it’s a bigger challenge. Without a visit it makes it difficult to get a hands-on feel for new products, and ordering online or from a brochure before you have even tried the product can be daunting. This is particularly relevant when it comes to composite doors, as Force 8 believes clients like to test the system to

see how it works and feels. The Cheshire based fabricator is introducing a mobile display installed in one of their low loading vehicles. If you let them know which products you are interested in, the display will be customised to your needs and arrive at your factory or office at a time to suit you. They will be featuring all their door products from the unique arched frames to the new Stable doors with the ability to be installed to open either way. Everything is arranged in accordance with the new health and safety rules in mind. Social distancing can be easily observed, as only one person at a time can enter the display vehicle. After each person has viewed and tested the products everything will be cleaned and hand sanitising dispensers will be available

within the display vehicle. “We understand how difficult it is to make a decision based on images alone, without being able to properly inspect a door product, try the locking system and feel the finish, the mobile display seemed to be the only solution”, comments Dennis Sumner, managing director of Force 8. “First and foremost we wanted to make sure our customers are happy with our products and have full confidence in them, which is difficult if you are just working from the website or a brochure, actually seeing and using the product is the only way, and to be honest there is no substitute for that”. If you want to view any of the Force 8 door ranges, they invite you to get in touch and make an appointment for a visit. Let Force 8 know what products you are interested in seeing and they will arrange the display accordingly to suit your requirements. For further information visit their website www.force8.uk



Keylite Roof Windows

Recognised As One Of 1,000 Companies To Inspire Britain Keylite Roof Windows (Keylite), part of The Keystone Group, has been identified as one of the 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2020 by the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG). The report recognises the UK’s fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium-sized businesses, highlighting the regional and sector diversity of the UK’s SMEs and the entrepreneurial spirit shown by these companies. To be featured in the report, businesses have to be registered in the UK, demonstrate strong revenue growth over the last three years and outperform their sector peers, creating a unique list of the UK’s most innovative SMEs. Jim Blanthorne, Keylite Managing Director comments: “We are incredibly proud to have been rec-

ognised as one of the top 1,000 companies to inspire Britain by LSEG. “Keylite is a multi-award winning, global supplier committed to manufacturing innovative products supported by extensive R&D and exceptional quality. We pride ourselves on being a fully solutions-focused business; reacting quickly and continuing to support and maintain high service delivery throughout COVID-19 lockdown restrictions imposed on all businesses in the industry. “Huge investments have been made at Keylite over a number of years to ensure we have modern, automated and well equipped production and distribution facilities, and earlier this year Keylite was named as ‘Best Roofing Manufacturer’ at the 2020 BMJ Industry Awards, further recog-


nising our commitment to the merchants we value and work so closely with. “As we head into our 20th year, Keylite has big plans to focus on growth within our key markets, supporting our customers, and developing our core products.” As well as identifying 1,000 companies, the annual report examines in detail the opportunities and challenges facing SMEs and looks at the sectors and trends that will shape the future of the UK economy. David Schwimmer, LSEG CEO says: “Small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of the UK economy. They drive growth, lead innovation and provide a critical source of jobs. It is vital that we continue to support UK SMEs as we rebuild a post COVID-19 economy. LSEG is committed to championing these companies and playing our part in helping them succeed.” For more information on Keylite Roof Windows please visit www.keyliteroofwindows.com


The standard, raised. Beautifully engineered and brilliantly functional, the new C70S window system boasts clever design features for simpler fabrication and faster installation. Slim sightlines combined with class-leading wind and water tightness make it a smart choice for all light commercial and residential projects. Designed for simple assembly Choice of mechanical or crimped corner cleats Shared parts with 58BW system Stock offer - 5-day leadtime So if you’re looking to set new standards on your future projects, simply visit alukgb.com/c70s today for more information.




AluK Launches C70S Window System October 2020 saw the official launch of AluK’s brand new, beautifully engineered C70S 70mm window – the big brother to its iconic 58BW window system. The C70S has all the clean lines, slim sightlines and advanced functionality which customers love about the 58BW, but with increased weather performance and new design features for even faster fabrication and installation. This new window will help them increase margins and improve competitiveness. Assembly is quicker, thanks to clip-together detailing on the sub cill, frame extenders, and Z adapter, and a universal EPDM

carrier groove means that the EPDM strip can be fitted reliably and easily every time using a simple, AluK-supplied ‘snapin’ PVC profile. Fabricators also have the option to use crimped or mechanical corner cleats ensuring that the C70S can be integrated into any fabrication set up. For installers, the system allows for reversed glazing without the need for a frame reverser, making it ideal for glazing at height, and it is available in a wide choice of configurations including side and top hung casements and TBT windows to suit almost any application. The C70S meets and exceeds all the key thermal, acoustic


and performance criteria laid down by commercial specifiers, and opens up exciting new opportunities for customers targeting both residential and commercial projects. For instance, the C70S can achieve impressive U-Values of between 1.1W/m2K with triple glazing and 1.3W/m2K with double glazing. However, it also comes with lots of options in terms of glazing and clever foam insulation strips which give fabricators the flexibility they need to be able to design U-Values either up or down to suit the specification of each project. It also boasts class-leading wind (600Pa) and water tightness (1500Pa) performance, even with large span window openings, and has the option of 50mm acoustic glazing, which means it can be used everywhere from exposed coastal settings to noisy city centre locations.


Garnalex Supports Profine In Challenging Times profine Extrusions UK, the systems company behind WarmCore, recently switched to source its aluminium profiles from Garnalex, the UK-based aluminium extrusions company. profine had been experiencing prolonged supply chain problems from China, but within just a few weeks Garnalex had eliminated the problem and delivered the product. Mateusz Prudlo, Purchasing Manager of profine, comments: “The recent support from Garnalex has meant we can continue to maintain our high level of service to customers. Instead of having to wait 12 weeks for supply from China, Garnalex cut the profile dies and supplied the profiles within just a few weeks. The quality of the manufactured product was great, as was the service and support throughout. I have only positive things to say about our experience of working with Garnalex.”

Both inward and opening windows have been successfully tested to PAS24 and accredited to SBD, ensuring that the C70S is suitable for all projects requiring Approved Document Q. Marketing Director Sioned Roberts says that the C70S will be the platform on which AluK builds an entire new range of 70mm products, giving customers the same benefits of system integration which they already enjoy with the 58BW. She points out, of course, that one of the big advantages of the C70S is that it shares the sightlines and many of the parts and tooling required to manufacture the 58BW: “This means customers can add the new system to their range without a significant increase in their stockholding and give themselves flexibility on project specifications.” The C70S is available on fiveday lead times from stock in white, grey, black and dual-col-

our white/grey and white/black options. Other colours and finishes are available to order. More details are at: www.aluk.co.uk

Roger Hartshorn, CEO of Garnalex, adds: “Following the European Commission’s proposal to impose anti-dumping duties on imported aluminium from China, the support we provided to profine highlights just how important it is to invest in British manufacturing and buy locally. Companies who buy from China can expect prices to increase, as well as the already long lead times. By extruding in the UK, we’re able to take full control of the supply chain and offer shorter lead times and outstanding quality and service. This is exactly what we provided to profine.” www.garnalex.com



Certass Sets Out Its Stall For 2021 After a challenging year for the industry, Certass Ltd is urging installers to check they are getting meaningful value from their Competent Persons Scheme, as automated annual renewals for other competency schemes are on the horizon.

Danelle Kaukau, SME Representative at Certass, says: “We take a fair and flexible approach to certification, and 2020 has really proven that what installers need is a certification body and trade association who is on their side and backing them up. “With the news that COVID restrictions will be in place until Spring, and perhaps even lasting into winter 2021, installers should think back to what support and advice they received from membership bodies throughout lockdown.”

During lockdown, Certass Trade Association launched its comprehensive government-supported ‘COVID Secure Procedures Pack’ and a new Facebook Forum where installers have direct access to Chairman Jon Vanstone. Certass says by working collaboratively with installers in this way, Jon can represent SME views in conversations with Government and adds that this meant Certass TA was the first glazing organisation to be listed on the Government’s COVID support website. “All Certass certification members get free Certass Trade Association membership,” continues Danelle, “because we can give more information and advice as a Trade Association. We promote our installers and help them to promote themselves, with free profile pages and free consumer ratings on the Certass website, generating more than 1,000 rat-


ings per month for members. “Certificates for jobs are distributed digitally and we offer monthly membership fees rather than annual, to help installers spread costs and help with cashflow. “We will continue to increase the benefits that Certass members receive, creating a service that adds real value to their business, which in 2021 will include thorough guidance on huge regulation changes and new training schemes to upskill the industry. “Certass is about giving installers a place to self-certify work, get real-value business support, have their voice heard at Government level and promote their work. “The role of Competent Persons Schemes changed in 2020 and if your scheme did not step up when you needed them most, it’s time to change.” Certass membership costs £24.95+VAT per month with job registrations from £1.50+VAT. www.certass.co.uk

Delivering Certainty Everything Aluminium Delivered Fast  ÂŁ1.5 Million Stockholding  Direct to Site  Right First Time

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Carl F Groupco’s

Service Commitment Record Sales Reported For

AdminBase Management System

Ab Initio Systems Ltd, the company behind AdminBase installer sales and project management system, has reported consecutive record sales figures for the months of August and September, with indications that interest is continuing unabated. Demand from new installers, as well as existing customers signing up new users as they increase staff levels to cope with the post-lockdown home improvement sales surge, took August sales to the highest level in the company’s 23-year history. This was then topped by a further 17% increase in September over the previous month, with demand continuing into October. Figures for the year so far, including the locked down period, are 10% ahead of 2019. Commenting on the figures, Rhonda Ridge, managing director of Ab Initio and creator of AdminBase, said: “AdminBase has been continuously improved over the years but the most recent developments – mobile apps that allow the on-site functions of sales, survey, fitting and remedials to be carried out safely and quickly; and the new web-based AdminBase that allows users to enjoy full system access on any device from anywhere there is an Internet connection – are the key changes that have drawn so many companies to us during this period.” www.abinitiosoftware.co.uk

John Crittenden, Managing Director, Carl F Groupco

Reflecting on a year that has been dominated by the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, Carl F Groupco highlights its commitment to On Time In Full deliveries and customer support. Despite Covid-19, the hardware distributor has maintained its strong partnership relationships with leading manufacturers and has continued to add new lines to its catalogue of over 7,000 products. Additions to the company’s portfolio in 2020 have included MACO’s new MKV shootbolt featuring a slimline 21mm universal backset to cater for all eurogroove depths, enhanced cam design and reduced operating forces on handle movement.

staff and suppliers has meant we have faced the issues and pulled out all the stops to maintain supply. We pride ourselves in offering On Time In Full deliveries and this focus has never been more important than in these difficult times. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Carl F Groupco staff representing us across the UK and pay special tribute to the people who have worked throughout this difficult period at both our Peterborough and Cumbernauld distribution centres. Additionally, it is important to mention our suppliers who have worked with us to maintain essential deliveries.”

Commenting on the past year, Managing Director John Crittenden said: “I feel this has been the most difficult period experienced by the industry, primarily because of coronavirus but also because we have the shadow of Brexit hanging over us.

Looking ahead, Carl F Groupco is confident that any future challenges presented by 2021 will be met with the same fortitude and positivity that has been shown by its staff and suppliers during the last twelve months. The company wishes all of its customers and suppliers a healthy and happy New Year.

“However, the will of both our




manufacturing facility and trade counter network and will continue to invest in the new year to support their business growth strategy.

Adapt And Invest

To Open The Door To Success, Says Window Supply Company In the face of further restrictions and upcoming severe local lock downs, Window Supply Company announce a 234% increase in manufacturing output. With the nation facing further local lockdowns and Brexit looming, we have the right to feel a little apprehensive about what 2021 has in store. Despite the boom in home improvement it is yet unclear how long this increased market demand will continue into the new year. It is welcome news West Lothian based Window Supply Company (WSC) announce a 234% increase

in manufacturing output since March this year. Like most window fabricators easing out of lock down back in June, the company faced a huge increase in market demand. In response, WSC invested heavily in their team, increasing the number of employees by a huge 90%. Admiringly recruiting staff previously made redundant as a result of the crisis, or those in sectors with a now uncertain future, delivering training and adding to their skillset. The company now employs a team of 96 people throughout their

With the introduction of a new shift pattern, the company ramped up production with capacity now at 240 windows per day with little plans to stop there. This edges the company extremely close to restoring their 95% on time in full score from the previous March. A hindrance to this is of course the supply chain challenges the entire sector is facing. Fortunately, the financial security of WSC has enabled them to build up a sufficient stock to ease some of the issues, meaning they can continue to deliver excellent service to customers despite the disruption. By increasing their delivery fleet of vehicles from 3 to 5, customers are assured that products continue to be delivered to site or to a local trade counter throughout Scotland. As part of the manufacturing and construction industry, WSC had been operating as normal under Tier 3 in Scotland since 2nd of November with no negative impact on sales. The opposite in fact, as trade customers work hard to fit in installations before the Christmas break. West Lothian is one of eleven local authorities who entered Scotland’s highest lockdown level, Tier 4 on 20th November. Window Supply Company CEO Duncan Murray explains why he is not concerned. ‘Our success since easing out of lock down is undeniably the result of how quickly we responded to the new normal. We adapted and we invested, not only in people, but in technology and infrastructure and emerged a strong and stable supplier, trusted by our customers. Now in another lockdown with an uncertain 2021, how we react, adapt and continue to invest will ultimately determine our success.’ www.windowsupplycompany.co.uk



Frustration For Installers In Supply Chain Crisis While supply issues right across the market are obviously having a serious impact on fabricators, lead times and operational efficiencies, in most cases it is installers, operating at the sharp end of the industry, who are actually bearing the brunt.

“Once there, I watched how deliveries into the factory were being monitored on an hour by hour basis, and the genuine effort that was being made to be as fair as possible with the materials available. We talked about the implications for both our business and agreed a plan which worked for both of us. That meant we could keep our client informed and put together a revised installation programme and a new set of KPIs for our team.

In the commercial market, where there are sometimes penalties for late completion of jobs, the pressure and frustrations have been particularly intense. For The Window Company (Contracts), which works right across the social housing and commercial new build sectors, obtaining stock to maintain its market leading service levels and avoid penalties has been one of the biggest challenges it has faced since factories reopened in April and May. Company Chair David Thornton says that, while he and his team are sympathetic to the problems that fabricators face, installers need open and honest communication from their suppliers if they are to manage their businesses effectively when demand is at the record levels that it is currently. He explains: “We recognise there are shortages on profiles, hardware and glass, but that doesn’t change the fact that we have targets to meet and service levels to maintain.” One supplier that David singles out for praise however is Emplas, which he says was first out

“Emplas were clear in their determination to work together with installers like us to find the best possible solution to stock shortages. When we got notification from them that a confirmed delivery was being delayed at short notice, I actually jumped in my car and drove the two hours to Wellingborough for a meeting with Deputy MD Kush Patel so that he could explain the supply chain issues they were facing in detail and I could see the situation for myself.

David Thornton, Chair, The Window Company (Contracts)

of the blocks when it comes to reopening and first to be up front with customers about the ongoing issues they face.

“Without that level of transparency, the commercial and reputational implications for us could have been much more serious. Kush’s response and the proactive approach taken by everyone at Emplas effectively reinforced to us why they are the right partner on this contract and strengthened rather than weakened our relationship with them. I came away frustrated by Covid, but not Emplas.”

Emplas is The Window Company (Contracts)’ chosen supplier on a large-scale social housing contract in Essex, where installation was paused during lockdown, but which restarted in June with an immediate demand for several hundred windows per week.

He does however add: “I’m still seeing social media posts from installers complaining about lack of supply and poor communication from certain suppliers, but surely that should be a last resort. If we really are still ‘in this together’, I would hope that talking to your suppliers, meeting them, even visiting them as we did at Emplas, would deliver a better result.”

David explains the response:



Fast Fitting


Up to 20 Minutes per Pane Quicker to Install

Less Time on Site

Ultra-slim Sightlines

Fast -Fit Bifolds

- a Stellar choice for installers Stellar aluminium bifold doors are up to 20 minutes per pane quicker to fit so less time is spent on site or at a customer’s home. Ultra-slim sightlines, stunning aesthetics and a range of colour options make Stellar aluminium bifolds the preferred installer choice.

stellaraluminium.co.uk 0845 300 9356

New product


Epwin Window Systems Flush Casement Windows Flush French Casement Windows Flush Residential Doors Flush French Doors Bifold Doors


New Guidance Launched

To Help Business Owners Manage

Workspace Social Distancing A new guide that helps business owners understand the needs of its workforce and help plan safe working spaces that enable social distancing and help companies work effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic has recently been published.

ations building owners need to make when it comes to choosing and installing partitioning systems as well as ironmongery products. Performance considerations, including fire resistance of the partitioning and doors, reducing sound transmission and privacy, must also be considered along with the need for increased ventilation which has a substantial impact on reducing viral infections between occupants.

The “How Business Owners Can Use Partitioning and Ironmongery to Help Manage Social Distancing” guide has been created by two of Britain’s leading construction interior trade organisations – the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) and the Finishes and Interior Sector (FIS). The guide, which calls for changes to the style and layout of traditional open plan offices and other workspaces as a result of the pandemic, provides practical guidance to help business owners understand key considerations they need to make when adapting their workplaces. It aims to provide advice as to how to create the correct solution, addressing the issue of DIY screens that all too often fail to perform properly and can have unforeseen consequences with lighting, ventilation and even escape routes. The GAI and FIS call the process re-cellularisation – the opposite to creating open plan spaces – and is intended to provide cellular space where social distancing can be provided, where teams can collaborate, and where individuals can find safe concentrated spaces when they are in the office.

“Within less than a year, Covid-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives. We’ve already seen big changes to the way that buildings operate, such as one way systems, and workplaces will need to continue to be responsive as new Government advice is released,” said Douglas Masterson, technical manager at the GAI. “Businesses need to protect staff, adhere to social distancing and maintain high standards of hygiene without compromising safety and security. “This guide will be useful to employers who are looking for proactive solutions. It will help them to identify where measures should be implemented and the types of products that can deliver a safe and secure working environment.” Implementing cellularisation using partitioning raises several questions about the consider-


The guide also shows ways in which new partitions can look by using solid, glazed, part glazed and double glazed elevations, and adding blinds or manifestation which can reinforce a corporate identity or add images of outdoor landscapes to the space. Joe Cilia, technical director at FIS, added, “We wanted to produce an accessible and useful guide that can be used by any business to understand how to approach the issue. The flow chart that we produced with the GAI is easy to follow and ensures that any unknown unknowns are dealt with.” The guide discusses all aspects of partitioning and how employers can sub-divide working space to protect staff, including using the right ironmongery and how to reduce infection via touch points. The guide can be downloaded from www.gai.org.uk/IndustryUpdates or www.thefis.org


Modplan’s Dedicated

Flush Sash Factory

Reflects Business Growth Trade fabricator Modplan has set up a dedicated factory at its Newport headquarters to the sole manufacture of its Flush Sash windows. The move allows Modplan to further improve its manufacturing efficiencies for this popular product range. Heidi Sachs, Managing Director of Modplan, said: “The popularity of our Flush Sash windows continues to grow. As such, we felt we needed a dedicated Flush Sash factory to support the demand and ensure we further improve our manufacturing efficiencies too.” Modplan’s multi-site fabrication facility has a combined manufacturing space of 145,000 sqft. Heidi said: “Our focus is always to give customers what they need. The popularity of the high-value Flush Sash window has been further driven by consumers exploring the best products for their homes with feature-rich products becoming the default choice of many.” Modplan manufactures the HALO Flush Sash window in a choice of welded and mechanical transom options. The versatile windows sit flush within its frame, making it a popular choice for heritage and conservation projects too. The windows are manufactured to meet precise project requirements. They are fitted with Yale hardware incorporating night vent function dual cams as standard with the option to upgrade to Yale Lifetime Security with hinge protector. There is also an enhanced option which upgrades the window to Secured by Design Certification

Pearl Windows

And Yale

Collaborate On The New

Signature Collection Of Composite Doors Yale and Pearl Windows Systems, one of the UK’s leading and fastest growing fabricators, have worked together to deliver the Signature ‘Lakes’ composite doors collection.

by using security glazing clips and 6.8mm laminated glass. The dedicated Flush Sash factory is the latest in a series of significant business investments which has also seen Modplan purchase an eye-watering twelve new machines from Avantek which are being utilised throughout the various fabrication plants. Heidi said: “We continue our focus on delivering the best in manufacturing efficiencies at every level. Everything we do is customer focussed and that includes our internal Control Hub which gives us real-time information on the status of every order throughout all our manufuting sites, to the speed and quality of our fabrication. We set high-level KPI’s throughout the business which continue to get monitored. Overall, it allows us to deliver a better customer experience.” www.modplan.co.uk

Fitted with a full suite of security hardware from Yale, the collection really combines stunning aesthetics with home security expertise. Applications include the Yale AutoEngage lock, Platinum 3 star cylinder, and the TS008 letter plate, collectively ensuring allround, maximum security from the moment the door is closed with the ‘slam lock’ feature. Pearl Windows is known for its quality and bespoke designs, and this collection really epitomises the two companies’ commitments to quality products and long-lasting performance. Featuring comprehensive suite of Yale door hardware, this new range of composite doors is offered with the Yale Lifetime Security Guarantee, certainly one of the best known and most well established guarantees on the market. This includes up to £3250 towards repairs or replacements, insurance excess and securing the property, all in the event of a break-in – as well as discounts on the Yale store. www.yaledws.co.uk



Growth For Sealant Tapes In 2021 Despite Pandemic Strong demand for airtightness and thermal sealing solutions will drive window and door foam tape growth in 2021, predicts Andy Swift, sales and operations manager for ISO-Chemie.

Andy Swift sees ‘business as usual’ in 2021, with “a steady expansion for energy efficient sealant products. Also, any final Brexit deal will have little if any

“Indeed, we have completed an additional warehouse at our German factory to ensure production keeps up with expected demand. With innovative products and construction increasing, we look forward to 2021.” Believing that more house building to higher air and thermal standards will be a priority, Andy Swift said: “This is an important message that will continued to be pushed throughout 2021 to architects and other property specifiers.

He says the market will remain buoyant over the next 12 months despite the continued impact of Covid on the economy and lingering uncertainty around any final Brexit trade deal with the EU. Despite a gloomy outlook in some quarters, construction and refurb projects are expected to press ahead with a strong focus on using cost effective products that deliver improved energy performance and efficiency, driving opportunities for increased product specification and upselling.

of growth for our air tightness and thermal sealing products.

impact on the products we supply to house builders and commercial property developers”. He added that the dual whirlwind of Brexit and Covid has created unprecedented conditions for trading, but ISO Chemie will continue to operate in the UK as usual in to 2021: “With energy rated and conservation products at the forefront of design and building regulations, we can be confident


“There are effective products out there to ensure that airtightness and thermal efficiency within buildings should never be overlooked or ignored – it’s a matter of designing in these products.” He added that any ongoing construction sector skills shortage in the next 12 months can be addressed by sealant tape products because they do not require any special skills to install. www.iso-chemie.eu/en-GB/ home/


New Online

Marketplace Is Aimed At Installers This month sees the launch of a new, first-of-its kind online service aimed at fenestration industry installers. Recognising that the business support needed by installers and SMEs in the industry is often difficult to reach, ‘UBoom’ aims to make such support not only affordable but instantly accessible.

UBoom has done all the hard work and identified the ideal solutions for installers from a range of tried and trusted suppliers.

Incorporating products and services chosen specifically for the sector, UBoom offers installers an invaluable and vast range of toolkits to help their business boom.

“Like any other successful enterprise, UBoom is simply solving a problem. Over the years it has become clear when talking to installers and SMEs in the fenestration industry that they have all the same business needs and challenges as large-scale companies. However, so many of the business systems and support tools in the market are often too expensive and not necessarily appropriate for them. We believe that solutions that are specifically tailored to the sector, hand-picked, affordable and all in one place are something that installers and SMEs will truly benefit from”.

From business management tools, employment contracts, training schemes, marketing, sales, telephone answering services, photography, social media, website audits, feedback programmes, showroom support and much much more, UBoom pulls together the most appropriate and affordable fenestration industry support and presents it all in one ‘at a glance’ place. Whether it be creating a virtual showroom or sourcing the right software for selling windows and doors online or getting hold of an easy invoicing system,

UBoom is the latest initiative from Inside the Box Marketing. Commenting on the launch of UBoom, Director Chris Globe says:

“Similarly, as Inside The Box Marketing approaches ten years in business we have met so many


small suppliers over the years with fantastic products which will really benefit the industry; it felt like the right time to put all the parties in this landscape together and so we have created UBoom”. “I’m also thrilled that we have so much interest expressed by managers of fenestration industry membership groups. They see UBoom as a great way of helping their networks become stronger and more profitable by accessing the toolkits on the platform. For network managers we can create their own UBoom marketplaces tailored to the needs of their own members. In addition, I can see a time when the systems houses also recognise UBoom as a means of providing extra support to their fabricator/installer customers, particularly with reference to the sales and marketing products it offers”. “At a time when online trading is increasingly becoming the most practical way forward for many businesses, the team at UBoom is confident the industry will welcome the help it provides.” Installers and SMEs wishing to find out more, and fenestration industry suppliers interested in featuring their products and services on the UBoom website should head to www.uboom.co.uk


Fireside Chat No.3: Supply Chain Complexities Freefoam has announced the release of the latest ‘Fireside Chat’ video, discussing the complexities and challenges of the supply chain for manufacturers.

In this third video Colin St John, Commercial Director, gives an overview of the supply chain, highlights how a huge range of variables impact the ability to control the process and suggests ways to improve. This latest video is part of a series of informal discussions covering pertinent themes and current issues designed to open up discussion about important industry topics. Marketing Manager Louise Sanderson explains: “We’ve developed these videos so

installers, stockists and the wider market can learn more, and agree or disagree, about important issues and trends that affect them. Freefoam Commercial Director, Colin St John, has worked in roofline for around 20

years and he gives great insight into changes in the industry and their implications for the future.” To view all Freefoam videos go to Youtube: https://bit.ly/2JjapaV




Gerald Dear Gerald I wrote last month criticising the fact that far too many fabricators were using the Covid-19 crisis and ongoing supply chain issues as excuses for inherent inefficiencies within their businesses. The response from certain sectors of the market seems to have been that, while the market is over capacity as it is right now and there are ongoing shortages on profile, hardware and glass, longer lead times should just be seen as an inevitable consequence. I have lots of sympathy with that argument and totally accept that even the most efficient fabricator can’t make a window without all the components being in stock. However, what I don’t accept is that installers should bear the brunt of that moving forward. New customers who have been calling me since the end of lockdown are telling me that they are still being let down by their existing suppliers even when they have accepted longer lead times and that it is costing them money. Orders that are late, incomplete or incorrect have a direct impact on an installer’s bottom line and fabricators who are letting their service levels slide should be more cognisant of that fact. Even if lead times are two or even three weeks 40 WINDOW NEWS NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2020

on products where there are stock issues, installers are perfectly capable of scheduling their workloads accordingly. However, what they can’t and shouldn’t be expected to do is schedule and reschedule and cope with rejects or remedials because there are items missing, faulty or delayed even when that order is eventually received. As I see it, it’s up to manufacturers to make investments or reorganise their operations, as Euroglaze is doing, so that they can increase their capacity and reduce their back-orders. That’s not just about employing more fabricators or investing in better machinery, although that does help, it’s also about prioritising efficiency rather than just volume. It’s also of course up to installers themselves to choose a supplier who will save them money by providing an on time in full service every time, rather than one who, while the upfront price may be cheaper, will end up costing them money through poor service. Martin Nettleton Managing Director, Euroglaze www.euroglaze.co.uk

Dear Gerald Even without the Coronavirus pandemic, this is peak season when it comes to importing freight from Asia. Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Christmas combine to drive huge spikes in demand, and logistics businesses across the west also


ramp up their orders to cover Chinese New Year shutdowns. However, this year there’s something of a perfect storm brewing. I’ve started to see some coverage of this in the national press, but it hasn’t been covered in the trade yet, despite the fact that it has the potential to impact on every single business which relies on goods coming into the country – and not just fenestration hardware. Essentially, we are now seeing massive cuts in air, rail and sea freight capacity with resulting delays and a surge in prices, just at the point when worldwide demand for many goods has reached record levels.

pacity we need from what is available. However, I do think the hardware industry has a duty to warn fabricators and installers of what might lie ahead and sound a responsible note of caution so that they can start to factor in yet another consequence of the pandemic.

Richard Gyde Managing Director Mila

Our logistics partners and our sourcing office in China both tell us that market rates for sea freight have shot up in recent weeks as competition has increased for space on containers. At the same time, many carriers are avoiding the UK altogether or have introduced a UK Port Congestion Surcharge because of the operational difficulties and slow turn around at UK ports. And this is before we even start to factor in any impact that a nodeal Brexit might have. At Mila we are obviously doing all we can to secure sufficient space for the huge orders we have on the way from our Chinese suppliers. But, along with every other major UK hardware supplier, we face having to pay double, treble or even quadruple the cost for that space if we want to bring those orders in on time. One logistics company has described the situation in Asia as ‘Total Meltdown’ and it seems likely that we will see prices in the UK have to rise if we are to have any chance of restoring product availability to normal levels early in 2021. I am not scaremongering, and I can assure Mila customers that we are very much ahead of the game when it comes to securing the freight ca-

If you want to get involved in the discussion, or would like to air your views on a particular industry subject, then Email me at gerald@windownews.co.uk We cannot guarantee that we will publish everything, but we will do our utmost to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard. Your views and thoughts are imprortant to us. WINDOW NEWS NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2020 41

PEOPLE Julian Newman, president of the GAI, said: “The GAI has spent this year focusing its work on boosting membership benefits, shaping technical and regulatory policy, increasing skills and competence in the sector, and promoting the vital value that GAI and IAI members deliver to the construction supply chain.

New Chief Executive Appointed At Guild of

Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) The Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) has appointed Simon Forrester as its new Chief Executive. Simon’s career began in the NHS, moving into senior management roles in professional institutions and trade associations more than 25 years ago. He has held leadership roles in the healthcare, business tourism, jewellery and construction sectors, including five years as chief executive of the Association of Interior Specialists (now FIS) and over seven years as chief executive of the British Pest Control Association. His most recent role has been as chief executive of the National Association of Jewellers, the UK’s leading jewellery trade associa-

tion which also incorporates the Institute of Registered Valuers. He is also a director of the Institute of Association Leadership, the professional network for chief executives within the UK’s membership sector. Simon was named Trade Association Chief Executive of the Year in 2016. He has an award-winning track record of delivering increased membership benefits, including improvements to training, governance, codes of conduct and best practice in business management. He also has an MBA from Birmingham City University, specialising in association development and innovation in not-for-profits.


“With Simon at the helm, we know that this work will accelerate and move to a higher level, helping to support members through another year of significant change. Simon brings not only experience, enthusiasm and drive to this role but also the proven ability to drive positive transformation in membership organisations. He is the perfect person to lead us into 2021 and the recovery of our industry post-Brexit and Covid-19, and I am looking forward to introducing him to all members over the coming weeks.” Simon Forrester said: “I am honoured and excited to be appointed CEO of the GAI and to work with the very experienced Executive Committee, dedicated staff and committed industry members of the organisation. I look forward to working closely with all members to create and deliver integrated services that meet their needs. My key priorities are to learn more about our membership, engage them with compelling benefits, work with the whole door hardware industry to advance the cause of our sector, and develop our team to address the challenges we face in the years ahead.” One of Simon’s earliest duties will also be the preparation of the GAI’s revitalised brand and relaunched events in 2021. He takes over the GAI’s most senior executive role from Angie Corkhill who had led the GAI for the last three years.

Get FENSA Approved and start winning more work.


New Face At The Consultancy

Glazerite Welcomes New With demand booming across the industry for online sales and lead generation tools, The Consultancy is expanding its web development team so that it can keep on delivering outstanding service to clients. Stephen Hamill has joined the Hartlepool based team to work on a range of exciting new projects for some of the biggest brands in fenestration. A WordPress expert who estimates that he has worked on more than 1000 websites during his career, Stephen brings a vast amount of experience to the role. He will be helping to create brand new WordPress websites for clients, as well as focusing on developing new online tools which enhance the customer experience and engagement on existing sites. More details at: www.theconsultancy.co.uk

Member Of The Board

The Glazerite UK Group Ltd has announced further changes to its senior management team, following the recent appointment of Group Managing Director, Robert Brearley. Mike Johnson, who has been with Glazerite since it was founded in 2000, is to move towards retirement during the course of 2021, with Mark Johnston taking on the role of Group Finance Director. Mark joins the trade fabricator from his role as Finance and Commercial Director at Sovereign Group Ltd, which produces windows and doors for social and affordable housing properties. Group Managing Director, Robert Brearley says of his appointment: “Mark has extensive commercial and financial experience across a range of sectors, and we’re delighted to welcome him to the

business. He will work closely with Mike for a transitional period, so we have a seamless handover before Mike enjoys his well-earned retirement.”

Alongside founders John Hewitt and Jason Thompson, Mike has played an instrumental role in evolving Glazerite into a leading trade fabricator, with four manufacturing divisions and a £29 million turnover. Mark, who joins Glazerite on 4th January 2021, says of his new role: “I’m delighted to be joining Glazerite. It’s a forward-thinking organisation with exciting plans for growth, and I’m really looking forward to playing my part in further enhancing its position as a market leader.” www.glazerite.co.uk

Insight Data Hire Experts to Provide Market-Leading Services Due to an ‘explosion’ in demand for their services since April this year, Insight Data, specialists in market intelligence in the fenestration industry, have hired five new team members. The firm have hired an expert data scientist, an experienced email marketer and additional research support. Their new data scientist has over ten years of expe44 WINDOW NEWS NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2020

rience in A.I and data science and has worked for industry-leading agencies such as Mediacom and Star Com. Demand for the company’s email marketing service has quadrupled throughout 2020. In response, they have also brought in an email marketing specialist. She joins Insight Data fresh from a role at an international publishing company, Future. www.insightdata.co.uk


Yale Door And Window Solutions

Appoints New Customer Services Manager Yale Door and Window Solutions has strengthened its team with the appointment of a new Customer Services Manager, underlining the company’s commitment to satisfying the needs of its customers. Sarah Mattox initially joined the company last year, and brings a wealth of experience to her new role, having previously worked for many as Customer Services Manager at haulier Aspray24. In recent months, during one of the most challenging periods of customer demand experienced, Sarah has been operating in the role serving as Yale Door and Window Solutions’ interim Customer Services Manager, making this a natural next step in her progression. “Competition for the role was extremely high, with some excellent external candidates, so this appointment demonstrates the level of quality we have in our own team,” comments Paul Atkinson, Commercial Director at Yale Door

and Window Solutions. “We’re always pleased to promote from within the business, and we are confident that Sarah’s experience in customer service will prove a great asset to us going forward, helping us continue to meet the needs of our customers.” This appointment comes off of the back of two new Customer services advisors joining the Yale team to strengthen communications and service offered to our customers. https://bit.ly/37j6SBb

Earl Tate Joins VBH respected within the hardware fraternity.

Leading hardware company VBH has recently appointed Earl Tate to the position of Area Sales Manager for South East England. Earl joins the company after 12 years at another well known hardware supplier and is well

VBH Regional Sales Manager for the South, Dan Powell, comments “I have known Earl for a number of years and I admire his work ethic. He builds solid relationships with customers and earns their trust. This is the VBH way so he is a perfect fit with us. “He’s excited to get to grips with the larger selection of products that our greenteQ range offers. We’re delighted to have him on the VBH team.” www.vbhgb.com

Window Supply

Company Appoints

Greg Hall As

Finance Director West Lothian based window and door manufacturer Window Supply Company (WSC) bolsters position in the UK fenestration market with the appointment of Greg Hall as Finance Director. Joining the company at their headquarters in Livingston, Greg will be responsible for all aspects of financial management and will spearhead the long-term business growth strategy for the company. With over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of financial management, Greg brings a wealth of knowledge and impressive history of success to the role. Key career highlights include securing and delivering a 5-year £100M contract for packaging company Field Packaging, which led to a 75% increase in turnover. https://bit.ly/36lXKws



Leads 2 Trade Appoints National Sales Manager

Leads 2 Trade has appointed a new National Sales Manager to strengthen its position as one of the leading suppliers of double qualified sales leads in the home improvement sector.

With more than 12 years’ experience of digital sales, marketing, and lead generation, Rob Brown will manage Leads 2 Trade’s team of area managers. Andy Royle, co-founder, and director explained the appointment: “We have re-structured the sales team from business development and account manager positions to create four area sales manager positions, whose job will be to recruit new members and manage and retain them thereafter. “We needed a figurehead for the sales department and Rob will

manage the team with the intention of strengthening the network for all the home improvement market verticals we supply too and to further drive home the premium lead platforms we have launched this year. “Rob has huge lead generation experience and has worked at both client and agency ends managing sales teams, so we are looking forward to him hitting the ground running.”

Having previously worked predominantly around the financial sectors, Rob has experience in buying and selling leads on a per-lead basis, which will prove invaluable when demonstrating through the sales team how installers and their booking teams can make the most of leads – making the link-up the perfect match. Rob said: “The culture of the company is what I’m used to and as soon as I spoke to Andy I knew Leads 2 Trade was the perfect fit. It is a hugely established company and I feel I can contribute to the vision Andy and the rest of the management team has moving forward. “Selling a lead at the right price and making sure it works for whoever the buyer is, the process and the mechanics of lead generation don’t change – it’s about what it costs to generate a lead, the value of it, and how you achieve an acceptable cost of sale from it.” https://bit.ly/37iO4lC Timothy Perry, architectural hardware consultant at Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH & Co (FSB), is the newest member of the executive committee. He has worked in the industry for over 25 years and is also on the GAI education committee.

Kaz Spiewakowski, GAI treasurer

Timothy Perry, GAI exec team

Added International Expertise Brought To Guild Leadership Kaz Spiewakowski and Timothy Perry have been appointed to the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers’ (GAI) executive committee. Kaz Spiewakowski, managing director at GEZE UK, has been appointed as treasurer. Kaz

joined the architectural ironmongery industry in 2007 and was managing director of Exidor for almost six years before moving to his current role at GEZE UK. He has served on the GAI executive committee since 2014.


He started his career in architectural ironmongery at the trade counter of a Lloyd Worrall and gained his GAI Diploma in 2004. Timothy then went to work in Germany for FSB before moving to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore writing international project specifications for Häfele. Now back in the UK and back with FSB, Timothy is an architectural hardware consultant for American, British, European and Singapore standards for its global projects. www.gai.org.uk

with your prospects are stronger. We’re the only database supplier that’s 100% dedicated to the window, door, conservatory and curtain walling industry. So if you need more fabricator, installer or trade counter customers, our data allows you to target prospects directly, helping you win more sales, more effectively. And with the recent legislation changes, we can help you with GDPR compliancy too.

For your FREE trial go to: windowbase.info/free-trial e: info@windowbase.info t: 01453 845717



BAU 2021 launches online

In 2021, BAU will be a digital platform for architecture, materials and systems. From January 13 to 15, exhibitors will present their products and solutions and will also be offering virtual one-on-one meetings. An extensive conference program will also be organized. You will find all the information you need on the BAU website, which will be expanded continuously over the coming weeks.

“Even in these uncertain times, in January 2021 BAU ONLINE will give the industry a platform where companies can network and obtain information. Right now, there is enormous demand for professional advice so that we can all face the current challenges, as we are already seeing from the number of companies registering their interest,” says

Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Messe München. BAU ONLINE offers live presentations from the exhibitors, 1:1 meetings with exhibitors and a comprehensive conference program.

Video calls with exhibitors and live presentations To take part in BAU ONLINE, you must first register at www.bau-muenchen.com Registration is free. Registered visitors can then choose from the many options that are available and put together their own individual program with the help of the “My BAU” planning aid. Digital one-on-one meetings will replace personal meetings at the booth. In advance of the event, participants can arrange


personal video calls with exhibitors and tell them what they would like to discuss. The “My BAU” planning aid gives participants a personal overview of their confirmed meetings and provides information about the registration status. Live presentations from the exhibitors demonstrate innovations and trends in the various trades. Here, too, we recommend that you register early to facilitate your personal planning. The main topics of the conference program The four main topics of BAU 2021 also determine the online format: Digital Transformation, The Climate Change Challenge, Resources and Recycling, and The Future of Housing. Another topic for discussion will be “The Construction Industry after Coronavirus”. Once again, BAU-TV will broadcast live talks with inspiring insights, while the Federal Ministry of Building will be reporting from the studio in Berlin. All content and events will be streamed live.

BAU 2021 FEATURE Reinhard Pfeiffer, Deputy CEO of Messe München answers three questions concerning the exhibition: The current situation is changing the trade fair business. What goals are you pursuing with BAU ONLINE? “It’s clear that there’s no replacement for an in-person trade fair. The coronavirus crisis has highlighted how valuable personal, face-to-face exchange is to all of us right now. Meanwhile professional exchange and the good connection to partners and customers are especially important in being able to master the economic challenges. That’s why we are offering the industry a contemporary alternative in the form of BAU ONLINE, so that the players can learn about the latest trends and drive business. The current responses confirm this need.”

Of course focus will also be on the effects of the coronavirus in architecture and construction.” Will the coronavirus crisis change BAU in the long term? “BAU 2023 will once again take place as an international industry gathering in Munich. All of the notable exhibitors have already announced their participation. Many of the new digital formats will enhance the trade fair permanently, making the opportunities for information

and B2B networking better than ever. But more than anything else we are looking forward to coming together in-person in one place again. In China we are currently seeing how important trade fairs are: The events of Messe München are once again taking place with high levels of participation there, albeit with a primarily national orientation. This shows without a doubt that economy, science and politics need trade fairs to drive trade and shape future projects

What topics will be discussed in the conference program? “The online format is also established by the key themes of BAU 2021. The coronavirus has given the digital transformation a push, but there is still much to do for connected collaboration and the networking of trade, digital planning and robotics. The coronavirus goes on, the challenge of climate change remains—and cities want to become increasingly climate neutral. The key words here are energy efficiency, recycling, renewable resources and resilience. “Resources and Recycling” shows how building materials can be brought into the system’s cycle or reused. “Living of the Future” looks at an urban development that—now more than ever—watches out for the health of its inhabitants, just as it does for affordable housing.

Experience a new world

11 - 15 January 2021 10am - 6pm

insulbar® insulating bars improve the energy efficiency of windows, doors and façades in a way that is sustainable and conserves resources. Be amazed by our new pioneering products for thermal separation of your aluminium systems. Visit us in our Showroom from 11 - 15 January 2021. Register now and arrange an appointment:

showroom.insulbar.com Ensinger GmbH insulbar@ensingerplastics.com


Ad_insulbar_windownews_146x210mm_DU_24.11.indd 1

23.11.20 15:57



Ensinger to show insulbar innovations in virtual showroom during BAU Insulating bars improve the energy efficiency of windows, doors and façades in a way that is sustainable and conserves resources Ensinger has been a trailblazer for thermal insulation in metal construction for more than 40 years. In 1977, the pioneer in the field of plastics technology supplied the world’s first series-produced insulating bar for the thermal break in aluminium frames of windows, doors and façades. Since then, the profile, which is marketed worldwide under the brand name insulbar, has undergone continuous development, including the introduction of hollow chambers, porous structures, or the use of materials such as recycled polyamide for greater sustainability . “BAU, as the world’s leading trade fair, offers us a unique platform to present our innovations to a large audience – even if the coronavirus

means we can only come together online”, says Paul Elliott, Account Sales Manager for insulbar at Ensinger. “Between 11 and 15 January we will be using our virtual showroom to present highlights from our portfolio along with two novelties. In addition, we will be available in live chats to personally answer all questions related to the thermal break in aluminium systems.” Existing and potential customers can already register via showroom.insulbar.com to arrange appointments. insulbar insulating profiles for sustainability and efficiency For the first time, Ensinger will be presenting insulbar RE-LI, which conserves valuable resources in two ways. The insulating profile combines the outstanding environmental footprint of unmixed recycled polyamide with the greater insulating effect of foamed materi-


al. Compared to conventional polyamide bars, consumption of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions drop by around 90 %, and water consumption by almost 75 % in its production phase. In addition, the lambda value is significantly improved thanks to the foamed design of the material. “We introduced the world’s first insulating profile made of 100 % pure recycled polyamide, insulbar RE, as early as 2013. Together with the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and the Cradle to Cradle Material Health certificate, the profile has been providing outstanding support for building certification under green building labels such as LEED, BREEAM or DGNB,” explains Paul Elliott. “With the newly introduced insulbar RE-LI made of foamed, glass fibre reinforced recycled polyamide, we are further improving energy efficiency in a sustainable way. The corresponding certificates are under way”. LI stands for “lambda improved”. By foaming the polyamide, the density of the profile is reduced. Compared to an insulating profile made of solid material, the lambda value can be improved to up


without any further system or process changes. Depending on the initial system, the conversion can reduce the Uf values by about 0.1 W/m2K. Individuality as a standard

Innovative concept: Ensinger is presenting a modular system for insulating bars. Diverse geometries can be achieved quickly and easily without having to develop new tools each time.

Windows with aluminium frames are popular because of their durability and weather resistance. The thermal break provided by insulbar from Ensinger (coloured dark grey) also ensures good insulation for high energy efficiency

“The trend towards greener construction is gaining in importance worldwide. In the process, the demands placed on our products are extremely diverse,” says Paul Elliott. “We serve this level of individuality as a standard”. Ensinger’s portfolio includes insulating profiles in all dimensions, with different geometries, in various materials and with functional elements such as applied low-e foils. Special solutions are also available, for example for increased fire protection or insulbar shear-free for minimising the bi-metal effect in aluminium doors. insulbar MIP (Modular Insulating Profile) is a ‘construction kit’ for insulating bars for which a patent has been filed. It allows basic profiles and functional zones to be combined without the need to develop new tools each time. The intention is to use this modular concept to produce a wide variety of profile geometries even more quickly and easily in the future.

Ensinger’s showroom is all about supporting its customers in the global window, door and façade industry individually in raising sustainability and conserving resources. All insulbar product solutions contribute to green construction and to the attainment of climate goals. It is not only the core benefit of insulbar, the thermal break in metal frames, but also the materials used, e.g. unmixed recycled polyamide in the case of insulbar With insulbar RE-LI Ensinger is optimising the insulating bar in two ways: It consists of 100 % unmixed recycled polyamide which is foamed in a special RE and RE-LI, which pay into this manufacturing process and thereby significantly improves the lambda value ‘account’. To find out more and personally discuss the solutions to 0.21 W/(m⋅K). The insulating Uf value with the same installation for individual applications with bar permits a reduced installation depth. Existing window systems an expert, get registered for the depth while retaining the same Uf can be easily improved by changwww.showroom.insulbar.com value, or alternatively an improved ing to insulbar LI or insulbar RE-LI and visit www.insulbar.com WINDOW NEWS NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2020 51

PRODUCT NEWS need to feel safe in our homes. Thankfully, it is very simple for homeowners to protect themselves and their properties with the right security products.” Kenrick’s Excalibur Fast Lock is a high security door lock that has been designed to combat both types of burglary and help to make homeowners feel safer in their homes. Built to the same exacting standards as the Excalibur door lock, the Excalibur Fast Lock operates in the same way as a standard lever/lever lock. Its main difference is when closing the door; the user simply lifts the lever as they enter through the door and it is then securely locked from both sides without having to use a key. To unlock the door, the user turns the key and pushes the handle down.


Helps To Stamp Out Opportunist Burglaries With the number of ‘sneak-in’ and ‘home invasion’ burglaries increasing as the Coronavirus lockdown continues, Kenrick is urging fabricators and installers to specify high security hardware products to help homeowners protect their homes. Steve Williams, Kenrick’s sales and marketing director, explains: “Many police forces have reported a rise in the number of sneak-in thefts and home invasion burglaries as the restrictions have continued and we want to remind people how important it is to secure their homes properly. “With this pandemic occupying our minds, how many of us think about locking the door while we do things like pop to see a neighbour, wash the car, do some gardening or clean upstairs? And how often do we leave the door unlocked for family members to come home? This is the perfect chance for an opportunist to sneak in and grab a few items without being noticed. “Even more frightening, is the rising crime of home invasion burglary, where a burglar follows the homeowner to their front door, forces their way in behind them and steals from the home. This type of crime is very distressing, particularly at a time when we all 52 WINDOW NEWS NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2020

In addition to providing fast, secure locking, the new lock has an obvious advantage over other fixed pad locks and fast locks because the user cannot accidentally lock themselves out – they have to physically throw the lever to engage the hooks to lock the door. This design feature overcomes the risk of the homeowner being locked out by a small child slamming the door from the inside or by a gust of wind blowing the door shut. The door lock will also work with a thumb turn cylinder as an option which eliminates the need to use the key on the inside to open the door. The Excalibur Fast Lock utilises three sintered steel hooks and two steel anti lift bolts to deliver its strength and security. Three roller cams provide =/- 1mm adjustable compression, with one roller placed directly below the gearbox to aid with compression in the centre of the door. The gearbox is sprung on both spindles, which means that there is no need for costly sprung handle sets. For greater flexibility, the system allows fabricators to use just one lock for all applications on both front and back doors. Its twin spindle design means that both lever/lever and lever/movable pad unsprung handles can be used with only one lock to provide more choice for the end user. Designed to be quick and easy to install, the door lock is also fully extendable with 300mm extension pieces for added convenience. The Excalibur Fast Lock is available on all variants of 35mm backset locks in a choice of lever/lever, twin spindle and split spindle. It is compatible with PVC-u, timber and composite doors. It meets the requirements of PAS 24, 2012 and Secured by Design. It has been function tested to 30,000 full cycles (open/close, lock/unlock) and also exceeds the requirements of BS EN 1670: 2007 Grade 4 (severe) rating for salt spray corrosion resistance. www.kenricks.co.uk


New MACO MKV Shootbolt Supplied By Carl F Groupco Carl F Groupcohas announced that it is now a stockist for MACO’s new MKV shootbolt. Developed and designed alongside fabricators and installers, the MKV provides advanced window security. Special features of the MKV include a slimmer, smaller 21mm universal backset to cater for all eurogroove depths, enhanced cam design and lower operating forces on handle movement. Testing standards are assured as the MKV has undergone assessments that exceed PAS24. Benefits include fast fitting as all screws are on one face. The shootbolt is available in telescopic or croppable versions.

and Tilt before Turn gearing. The MACO MKV is suitable for use with aluminium, PVC-u and timber profiles: side/top hung casement, French casement and fully reversible windows are catered for. The MKV can also meet Disability Act (DDA) standards when using the REACH low handle height option.

Hardware distributor Carl F Groupco and MACO have an established relationship dating back 26 years. The full MACO range is featured in the Carl F Groupco catalogue including espagnolette, shootbolt

Carl F Groupco confirms a continued service during the ongoing challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic with both its Peterborough and Cumbernauld depots fully operational. www.carlfgroupco.co.uk

Cult Door Knockers From


For some consumers, the knocker on a new front door makes a statement, much in the same way as the style and finish chosen. The Door Designer from Endurance Doors already adopts several contemporary and traditional knockers, but these latest additions add a feel of both luxury and exclusivity. This unique range of knockers is inspiring and includes the designs of bumble bee, dragonfly, dog/cat paw and sea shell in a range of finishes, helping to make a real individual statement on any Endurance door. Stephen Nadin, Managing Director of Endurance Doors commented: ‘Not only are we looking to inspire Installer Partners with outstanding products, service and marketing, but also consumers too. We believe that an entrance door should be unique and given the number of designs and finishes on offer, we can achieve that. But a defining knocker presents the opportunity to really stand out.’

The ongoing product development programme at Endurance Doors continues to realise stand out offerings and this includes new door knockers from cult hardware manufacturer, Brass Bee.

He continued: ‘Our thirst for product development and innovation continues, as we look to build the most influential and trusted brand in the composite door sector.’ endurancedoors.co.uk WINDOW NEWS NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2020 53

PRODUCT NEWS site as well as to its network of retailers located throughout the UK and Ireland. Of particular note within the new hardware options are the Heritage and Architectural ranges. Ideal for rustic oak-style doors installed on period buildings and cottages, Heritage handles include such classics as teardrops and monkey tails, with matching accessories including knockers and letterplates. And, as might be expected, Architectural door furniture offers clean, sleek lines with finishes in chrome and satin silver.

Apeer Upgrades Composite Door Offer With Comprehensive

New Hardware Range Apeer has unveiled a comprehensive new collection of hardware and door furniture, available on selected styles within its composite door portfolio. The latest hardware offer consists of 60 new pieces that have been designed to suit a wide variety of home styles and complements the recent introduction of the contemporary Sweet hardware range and Ultion Smart lock from Brisant Secure, as well as the latest security upgrades to the slab used on all Apeer doors. The composite door manufac-

turer has reported high levels of activity throughout the course of 2020, despite the challenges imposed by the Coronavirus, while the introduction of an exciting, consumer facing marketing campaign has been perfectly timed to correspond with a significant increase in demand for home improvements over the summer months.

Similarly, the Forged Black and ‘beaten’ Pewter options, provide authentic detailing for homeowners choosing doors to complement period-style homes, but who prefer a ‘handforged’ appearance. A new anti-bacterial handle has also been introduced, in response to a demand for solutions to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Designed with simple, clean lines the handle has an antibacterial and antimicrobial surface that suppresses the growth of pathogens on the handle, as confirmed by independent lab and practice tests, says the company. Apeer’s Managing Director, Asa McGillian, says the company is working hard to ensure its products appeal to the widest audience: “We continuously review the specification of our products to appeal to every price-point and taste. We were especially impressed with the Heritage and Forged Black ranges for their authenticity in appearance and excellent product quality, when we were looking at extending into homes with a more rural or period style.”

As a result, Apeer adds that these latest additions to its product range have helped to further extend the appeal to homeowners specifying its doors through the Doorbuilder www.apeer.co.uk function on the company’s web-






Elegant styling & intelligent design

To Become A Family

Of Premium Locks

Brisant has developed the Ultion family to provide an Ultion secure solution for all situations. With a focus on extreme security and innovation, hardware house Brisant is announcing two new locks: the Ultion 1* cylinder which is being launched now, and a new Ultion 3* product which will be launched in the new year. The new Ultion 1* cylinder has been tested by master locksmiths and is Sold Secure Gold accredited. The cylinder can be used with 2* security handles to achieve 3* security overall. Specifically developed in 2019, Brisant upgraded the original Ultion lock to the WXM with more molybdenum and the claim, ‘strongest key on the market’. This 3*PLUS solution delivers extreme durability for where locks are subjected to extreme stress. This change was evidenced by its market-leading cycle test, beating the 100,000 requirements by a further one million cycles. The marking on the lock is changing to show this achievement by displaying the 3*PLUS. Then, in the new year, Brisant will be launching a new Ultion 3* lock to sit between the new 1* and the existing 3*PLUS. The intention is for the lock to be TS007 3* rated and Sold Secure Diamond security rated. Uniquely, the new 1* and 3* Ultion locks can be keyed alike. So, with one single Ultion key homeowners can access all areas of the home: a PVC entrance door with a 3* Ultion, a PVC panel inner door on a porch with 1* Ultion, a bifold door with a 3* Ultion, and even a garage door or shed. www.ultion-lock.co.uk WINDOW NEWS NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2020 55




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New Yale Quartus Espag Handle From

Carl F Groupco

With clean design lines, user-friendly functionality and high-performance security, the Quartus is available in inline and offset options. Designed, developed and tested in the UK to Yale’s exacting standards, the handle is the ideal choice for aluminium and PVCu windows, says Carl F Groupco. Supplied with a Yale branded key and screws, colour matched screw caps and cylinder plug to achieve a non-locking solution, the Quartus also features key operated locking and deadlocking.

Carl F Groupco has added the new Quartus Espag handle to its catalogue. Featuring the leading lock manufacturer’s coveted push to unlatch mechanism, the Yale Quartus is available in a new colour range including champagne gold,

satin black and enhanced silver for improved consistency in colour matching. The comprehensive colour range also includes chrome and white finishes ensuring that this new addition will look elegant in every setting.

The zinc and aluminium alloy handle is tested to BS EN 1670:2007 Grade 4 (240hrs. NSST) and BS 6375 Part 2 (Classification EN 12400) Class – 20,000 cycles. The Quartus has a lifetime security guarantee when used with other Yale security hardware. Guarantees offered are 10 years for both mechanical and surface finish. www.carlfgroupco.co.uk

Saving On Hardware Costs

Aluminium fabricators could save themselves a ‘small fortune’ by changing their hardware buying habits and going direct to the manufacturer – this is the view of Michael Hewitt, sales director of Durham based AT Precision.

save themselves £1,200 per week – or £60,000 per year – by sourcing their hardware from AT Precision. We do the math as part of the AT Precision sales pitch, and fabricators are often staggered when they see the savings they could be making.”

AT Precision manufacture rollers and hinges for aluminium bi-folding doors, and Michael puts forward a case as to why fabricators should re-think how they currently source components.

A £60,000 saving does not mean there is a compromise in quality, according to Michael.

“Most aluminium fabricators buy their bi-fold hardware from either their systems company or a distributor. Buying profile and hardware from the same source is probably quite convenient,

and even buying hardware from your distributor may seem more cost-efficient, but it’s by no means the best value for money,” comments Michael. “An aluminium fabricator making 10 bi-folds per week could


“Our products are manufactured using cast aluminium, which is much better quality than the zinc-based components you find on the market. Our products are at the premium end of the market, but our prices are much lower, which is a real ‘win win’ for aluminium fabricators. www.atprecision.co.uk


method would be a nightmare. The company says there are many issues but the main point of failure would be where the arch finishes and the tail begins, claiming that just a millimeter out would cause an unequal clearance on the curved sections, ruining the look and the aesthetics of the doors.

Force 8 Are Feeling Flush

Flush windows have become an extremely popular product in the home improvement market, particularly with homeowners looking for a more traditional look and feel. There are many fabricators now producing these flush products, but there are gaps in the flush range, particularly when it comes to doors, says Force 8

Force 8 is recognised for innovating, and have a long history of unique products. During the lockdown period earlier this year, they were using the time to develop a truly unique product for the flush frame market: a set of arched French doors, which to their knowledge, no other manufacture can produce. According to the Cheshire

based fabricator, the arched flush French doors are currently only available from Force 8, as one of the main components is a unique single length profile bend which makes the system possible. Force 8 adds that as the only company within the UK using this bending method, no other company will be able to produce these doors commercially. The reason given is that the curve on the arch of the frame and the door has to match perfectly, so these section lengths are curved together to create a perfect match with a consistent clearance between the outer door sash frames. According to Force 8, other profile bending companies bend the arch section and then weld the tails on, and trying to produce these doors with this

“Over the years we have continuously improved our one length profile bending process, and educated the market about its strength and aesthetics, but in this instance, there is no other option available”, comments Dennis Sumner, managing director of Force 8. “The problem is where the curve of the arch flows into the straight. With our process it’s absolutely seamless, making it easy to match the frame and door together and create a consistent clearance around the whole door. We are not saying that another company could not attempt this with their bending method, but the amount of failures to success would make it financially unviable, with a flush system such as this, it has to be perfect, there is no way to hide any imperfections”. For security and strength the doors are reinforced at the corners and the locking system was originally developed for bi-folding doors and is inlayed into the frame, which not only includes hooks, but shoot bolts at the top and bottom of each door. With this system there are no obtrusive mullions, giving the doors a lighter and more delicate feel. Dennis continues, “if you are marketing and installing flush windows as part of your portfolio, please contact Force 8 about our flush door range, and let us help you increase your sales opportunities and profits”. For more details please visit www.force8.uk



DOORCO Reveals New Glass Collection Leading composite door supplier DOORCO, has announced the launch of a new glass collection which will be available to customers from 16th November. The new collection has been created from a widened network of door glass suppliers and contains over 40 styles of decorative glass. “Door glass is now an integral part of a door’s design and customers increasingly look to DOORCO as a single supply point for all their door components,” says Dan Sullivan, DOORCO MD. “Even before the challenges of 2020, the supply of door glass was an issue, so earlier this year we started work on a new glass collection from a wider range of suppliers. The main objective was to develop a more robust

supply chain where we can control supply, quality and choice, and allow us to effectively manage our own stock and better deliver on our service promises. It also offers customers access to a refreshed range

of new designs. “DOORCO has maintained many of the popular decorative options in the new collection, as well as adding 15 new and exclusive designs that are a mix of traditional and modern styles. All options have been named or renamed in line with the new brand. In addition, DOORCO offers five clear and obscure glass choices. “While the initial objective is to strengthen supply, the new collection is a platform to further develop some DOORCO original glass designs, as we have recently produced for the Pink Door Range with our Creative Consultant Jeyda. Our new composite door slab, powered by GRiPCORE Technology, will also be launched with bespoke glass designs early next year. “The new digital DOORCO door brochure features all the new collection and can be viewed at: https://bit.ly/2Vlxa0i

Instagram Inspiration From Endurance Endurance Doors continues to invest in their powerful consumer marketing programme with their new customer case study, featuring Instagram influencer, Vicky Burdon. Vicky opted for a stylish new solid core Fuji door from the Urban Collection. Vicky’s Instagram account, ‘House on the Crescent’, boasts over 47.3k followers and she’s highly influential when it comes to home improvements, colour and product design as she looks to extend and renovate her 1950’s style home. She’s already been winner of numerous interior design awards on social media and has also been featured in Real Homes magazine. The Fuji door was selected

Vicky enthused: ‘The Endurance Door not only looks beautiful on the front of our house, but it’s also extremely secure. I’ve had many comments through my Instagram account from homeowners wanting the ultimate entrance door and so they’re now becoming fans of these impressive doors too.’

by Vicky as a perfect contemporary design to match the Anthracite Grey garage door on her home. Clear glass was specified in the door and side light and together with a white interior finish, it’s transformed the hallway into a light and airy environment at the front of the house.


Scott Foster, Group Head of Sales and Marketing at Endurance Doors concluded: ‘Consumer testimonials are an important part of our marketing strategy as we look to become the dominant brand in the sector. Vicky’s 1950’s home is now more secure and looks exceptional too, as you would expect from a highly influential Instagrammer.’ endurancedoors.co.uk


as part of the call. Feedback from Ultraframe customers who have already added the Ultraroof interactive content block to their website has been fantastic and we’d encourage anyone else who sells Ultraroof and isn’t yet using this to contact our marketing team.”

Selling Ultraroof

In ‘The New Normal’ When the first lockdown came in back in March, Ultraframe quickly reacted by providing its customers with a Lockdown Toolkit – an armoury of tools to help customers sell Ultraframe products online. Developed together with the ICAAL, the digital experts, one of the most popular items in the Lockdown Toolkit were the interactive content blocks and they are still helping Ultraframe customers to sell conservatories and extensions today – including the company’s award winning Ultraroof tiled roof. This time last year, Ultraroof was awarded the G19 Customer Care Initiative of the Year Award for the outstanding support package available to Ultraroof users, and this package has continued to be enhanced since then, with items from the Lockdown Toolkit and more. Explaining about the latest online tools to help customers sell Ultraroof online, Ultraframe Marketing Director, Alex Hewitt said: “We were already proud of our extensive support package for Ultraroof but when lockdown came, we worked quickly to further enhance our package with online tools to help our customers navigate the

new ways of selling online that we have all had to adapt to through 2020. These included an Ultraroof interactive content block that is available free of charge and can easily be added to a customer’s website.” The interactive content block allows users to explore Ultraroof’s design options by changing the tile colour and adding a cornice and/or glazing panels. As the user hovers over the roof, key components are highlighted in an exploded view and explained via ‘hotspots’. Content blocks are a great way to help a homeowner to explore a roof in detail, while increasing the time spent on-site and boosting the SEO performance of the host website. Continuing, Alex said: “The Ultraroof interactive content block is a fantastic addition to any retail website and best of all, it’s completely free! Homeowners can explore the technical features of the roof and understand in simple terms why it is the strongest, warmest, lightest, and brightest tiled roof on the market. Salespeople can also use this great free tool on remote calls by sharing their screen and designing/explaining the roof with customers

Another online tool to help Ultraroof customers explain the benefits of the roof to homeowner is the Ultraroof video. Creating using highly advanced CGI technology, the video explains a roof replacement project in detail, with stunning graphics and a clear explanation of what happens at each stage. The free of charge video is already being used on numerous Ultraframe customer’s websites to great effect. Concluding, Alex said: “During 2020, online tools have become more important than ever before to ensure our customers can generate leads and sell roofs and this will continue into 2021. Even the technophobes amongst us have become internet and zoom users over lockdown, and our target audience has never been more comfortable with social media, online apps such as zoom and exploring websites. Providing our customers with fresh features for their websites such as the Ultraroof interactive content block is more important than ever in generating leads and increasing the conversion of sales calls that are increasingly being done online. While Ultraroof has already been declared the consumer’s preferred tiled roof for its stunning aesthetics, assets such as the interactive content block and CGI video are crucial for helping to explain why Ultraroof doesn’t just look beautiful – but that it also performs fantastically in all the important areas such as strength, warmth and brightness.” To find out more about the online tools available free of charge to Ultraroof users, contact marketing@ultraframe.co.uk



Record Month For Rooflights Following the trend for large, glazed extension projects in the domestic market, Jack Aluminium has experienced record sales on its TRL90 rooflight, with four times more profile sold in July than in any other month on record. “As we returned to supplying fabricators after lockdown, we knew that there would be increased demand for product,” explains Jeff Pearson, Sales and Marketing Director at Jack Aluminium. “But this is unprecedented for us. Sales on rooflights increased fourfold in July, the biggest monthly sales ever for the TRL90 profile. “It proves just how strong the market is for glazed extensions with flat

to offer installers who were taking on these large, glazed extension projects – speedy delivery and fast & easy fitting on site.

rooflights. “TRL90 was launched back in 2017 and was our first ‘dual-purpose’ product that was suitable for the residential market as well as commercial jobs. From talking to fabricator customers, we had a good understanding of what they needed

“They also wanted a rooflight that looked the part for modern, openplan living spaces and offered great performances values. TRL90 delivers on all parts – a flush finish, architectural aesthetics and a frame U-Value of just 1.0 W/m2K. “TRL90 has shown us what home improvement installers are looking for in a domestic aluminium glazing system, and that’s given us plenty of food for thought for the future of the Jack Aluminium product range.” www.jackaluminium.co.uk

Saving On Hardware Costs is easily transportable, and is available in three different designs – Fixed, Ventilation, and Egress.

Central ASL, a leading manufacturer of aluminium products, has launched their new Flat Rooflight System, created to bring light and space into every corner of a home using an elegant, aesthetically pleasing design. Contemporary but practical, this new system is designed to meet the needs of the modern building using environmentally friendly materials.

Central ASL Director Paul Woods says: “There’s now huge demand for stylish, functional and competitively-priced products that can help homeowners improve ventilation and let in more natural light. “With our new Flat Rooflight System, our customers can tap into that increasingly lucrative market, and appeal to new customers. Stylish and incredibly

versatile, they can be tailored to the needs of virtually any project or property – and provide excellent opportunities for upselling, too.” Once installed, the secure rooflight maximises natural light, adding elegant appeal to any home, office, school or hotel, whilst offering additional natural ventilation. This innovative and practical made to measure rooflight comes in a wide range of sizes, is quick to assemble onsite,


The Fixed design is fully secure and thermally efficient, and is perfect for any home or office, allowing natural light to flow freely throughout the building through the roof. The Ventilation design opens up to 360mm to enable air to filter into any room, using fully concealed chain drive actuators to create a light and airy living space. Lastly, the Egress design comes with built-in gas springs and espagnolet locking, designed to open up to a 70 degree angle, allowing access to the rooftop if required. www.centralasl.co.uk



Upgrades Window


New Opportunities

With Flush Award-winning fabricator AluFoldDirect is bringing more opportunities for aluminium installers with its new flush sash aluminium window. It’s the first new product to be launched under Russell Yates’ leadership. He explains: “Flush sash is a massive trend in the homeowner market, as we have seen from the growth in PVCu flush frames. “Like any new aluminium product, flush windows are available on the market, but not on the fast leadtimes that installers need, and that’s why we’ve chosen to add it to the Everything Aluminium range. The new flush windows will be delivered direct to site, fast.” Fully suited with AluFoldDirect’s slimline window range, the flush sash window offers slim, flat sash sightlines of just 45mm. Configuration options include top-hung, side-hung and fixed light options.

A double rebate achieves high weather performance, and there is the option for double or triple glazing. The windows are also PAS 24 accredited and certified under the Secured by Design scheme.

Aluminium has the benefit of being lightweight, strong, resistant to corrosion and easy to form into complex shapes, so perfect for production into windows and doors. Over the decades, as thermal insulation of our building infrastructure has increased through regulation, we have seen resin thermal breaks move to ‘roll-in’ polyamide strips amongst other developments.

Aluprof was the first systems company in the world to incorporate ‘aerogel’, a material with exceptional thermal insulation, into the polyamide insulated ‘MB-86’ aluminium window system, which offers Russell adds: “The flush sash specifiers frame insulation down to trend suits all kinds of properties a staggering frame value, Uf, of just and projects. As well as being 0.5 W/m2K, says the company. A an excellent choice for replacing premium product, the ‘MB-86 Aero’ old timber, PVCu or steel winhas been specified on a wide range dows, it suits new-build homes of projects, and now Aluprof have and developments. used their design expertise to look at a value added proposition on “There’s nothing quite like seeone of their most popular window ing a new product in person, systems, the ‘MB-70’. so we’re offering flush window samples to all customers too. One of the main driving forces in the fenestration industry today is the “For properties where style is ability to reach a net zero carbon paramount, and performance target by 2050. In fact in June 2019 needs to be of the highest the UK became the first major standard, flush sash delivers ex- economy in the world to pass a net actly what homeowners want.” zero emissions law. The aim is to be carbon neutral in our energy needs To order your showroom samin our building stock as well as ple, call 01706 260700. ensuring that 100% of all building processes will also operate at net www.alufolddirect.co.uk zero by 2050. www.aluprof.co.uk WINDOW NEWS NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2020 61



Fresh Thinking From Senior Architectural Systems is inviting specifiers to get in touch to discuss how aluminium window systems can help create healthier interiors that can limit the spread of coronavirus through improved natural ventilation.

Along with daylighting, the benefits of ensuring an adequate supply of fresh air to boost both the physical and mental wellbeing of occupants has long been recognised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and has been highlighted as an important factor in reducing the transmission of COVID-19 in interior settings. Whilst some degree of natural ventilation can be achieved simply by opening a window, Senior is keen to help specifiers select the most appropriate system for their

next project by providing guidance on the key issues of safety, in terms of trapped fingers and falls from height, operational controls, and energy-efficiency. Not only can all of Senior’s aluminium windows be fitted with trickle-vents, which allow fresh air to circulate in a room when the window is a closed and locked position and which can be operated via automatic or manual controls, the specification of appropriate window styles can also help reduce the risk of falls from height. Tilt and turn windows are very popular as they can provide ventilation with restricted access to prevent people, children in particular, from climbing out – making this style of window particularly useful for highrise residential schemes.


Parallel push style aluminium windows are also a great solution. With hinges on all sides of the frame, this type of window can be easily pushed open and yet will remain parallel to the wall. This enables rooms to be safely ventilated, with the limited opening helping to reduce the risk of falls from the window. Aesthetically, the use of push parallel style windows can also help to create a more uniform façade. Additionally, the specification of thermally-efficient aluminium windows, such as Senior’s patented low U-value PURe® aluminium system, can play an important role in reducing carbon footprint and operational costs associated with the use of air conditioning units and heating systems. Senior’s experienced team of architectural advisors and technical sales managers are also on hand to help advise specifiers and installers working on refurbishment projects about how to cost-effectively replace windows and doors to ensure that they can achieve the desired energy-efficiency targets and interior environment. https://bit.ly/3g8wDsd



Glass Ready For Launch After

Obtaining Third

Party Verification A new coated glass product designed by the NSG Group to help reduce the transmission of microbes via surfaces in shared spaces and public transport, is ready for launch after its antimicrobial properties were verified through independent third-party testing. The launch of the new glass product, Pilkington SaniTise™, follows the glass giant’s Lancashire based research and development team fast tracking its research into antimicrobial coatings in the wake of the pandemic. The work was supported by testing at leading UK universities. Pilkington SaniTise™ is a transparent coated glass that’s activated through UV radiation. When the glass is exposed to UV light, its antimicrobial activity is significantly increased compared to using uncoated glass, claims the company. The company says, Pilkington SaniTise™ has a pyrolytic coating, which provides antimicrobial properties and acts against enveloped viruses on the glass surface. The coated glass provides extra protection for any high-touch surfaces that are exposed to UV light. The company says it’s suited for building façades in the commercial, healthcare, education, retail & hospitality sectors, as the insulating glass unit’s (IGU) interior surface on any exterior wall system. It’s also designed for use in all types of public transport such as buses, trains

and passenger boats. Pilkington SaniTise™ is available on multiple tints, and thicknesses. The durable pyrolytic on-line coating lasts the lifetime of the glass and can be toughened, laminated, bent or processed into insulating glass units using standard techniques. The product is also compatible with harsh commercial grade cleaning products and is highly resistant to corrosion, mechanical and chemical damage. Neil McSporran, Global Portfolio Manager – Incubator Program, at the NSG Group, said “Some viruses can live on glass surfaces for days if left untreated, creating a risk for people to become infected through contact transmission. “Pilkington SaniTise™ ultimately helps to reduce the chances of this happening, which could make a big difference in high-touch applications such as shopping centre doorways or the passenger window of a bus, for example. “Obtaining third party verification of the coatings effectiveness is a huge milestone, which represents a major push by our UK-based R&D team to respond to the very new challenges that the built environment and transport faces in the wake of the pandemic.” For more information, visit: www.pilkington.co.uk/sanitise WINDOW NEWS NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2020 63


FC Group Lights Up New Headquarters With Eyrise

Liquid Crystal Glass FC Group is lighting up its newly built headquarters with liquid crystal glass, combining innovation, user comfort and sustainability with extraordinary design. Looking to increase energy efficiencies with digitally controlled glazing at the six-storey FC-Campus complex in Karlsruhe, Germany, the building technology company partnered with Eyrise to install dynamic glass windows. Specially produced in a variety of organic shapes and in a distinctive blue colour, the windows provide instant solar shading that enhance occupant well-being. FC-Campus is the first office complex to be glazed with Eyrise

dynamic glass. “Intelligent, switchable glass has allowed us to execute an ambitious building design requiring generous glazing with complex geometry that provides unobstructed views unimpaired by conventional sun protection elements,” said Dieter Brell, Creative Director at architects 3deluxe. “Eyrise was the only glass solution able to produce glass that exactly corresponded to our design intentions, and its immediate interactive dimmability via controllable liquid crystals has resulted in an elegant facade.” Comprising two white cubes set diagonally opposite each other, the FC-Campus buildings merge into one sculptural form when viewed


from a distance. Large shimmering blue glass openings on every facade ensure employees benefit from a bright and inviting interior, with far-reaching views from every office. “The flexibility of dynamic glazing meant we were able to meet the project’s specific creative requirements,” said Celine Glipa, Managing Director at Merck Window Technology B.V. “Our team developed a bespoke coloured liquid crystal mixture that allows the glass to switch from bright to a striking bluish tint to follow the organic shapes of the glass openings. We supplied the newest generation of dynamic glazing in a variety of multi-faced shapes and incorporated a bird-protection printing pattern.” Licrivision technology enables the glass to darken and lighten instantaneously, providing immediate visual and thermal comfort. Natural light is preserved even when the windows are in a darkened state, so external views are retained.


NSG Group And University Of Cambridge

Sowing Seeds For Future Glass Applications

an exciting project that has the potential to extend the boundaries of glass’ use in car manufacturing and building design. “It allows high-tech applications of glass to not be limited to flat surfaces, expanding opportunities for architects, while revolutionising the role that glass can play in vehicles. “The project is our latest initiative working by the side of the University of Cambridge, a relationship that extends past the inauguration of the institution’s Pilkington prize in 1994, which recognises outstanding contributions made by academics and researchers to the University.”

Dr. Cristina Rodriguez-Rivero works with industrial robotic systems at Institute for Manufacturing to explore the automation of patterning functional materials to curved glass surfaces.

The NSG Group and University of Cambridge are collaborating on ground-breaking new glass applications, while using the latest technology to realise the future of manufacturing. The Group, which owns Pilkington United Kingdom Limited, is currently working with the University’s Fluids in Advanced Manufacturing team (FIAM) to establish a way of printing conductive materials onto wide areas of curved glass surfaces. Currently, conductive materials can only be effectively printed onto flat glass surfaces. If successful, this innovation is set to enable the printing of metallic nano inks at high precision across curved glass, introducing new applications for glass in automotive and architectural sectors by increasing the potential functionality of glazing. New uses include helping detect pollution, incorporating heating elements or as digital signage.

The research aims to see the conductive materials applied to curved glass surfaces, such as car windscreens, using inkjet printing technology at the final stage of the manufacturing process. This process will help make high tech curved glass more cost effective to manufacture, while helping it to be increasingly customisable for customers – boosting its marketability. For the first phase of the research, the partners are using virtual reality to model and design a laboratory that uses robotic technology to print the conductive materials onto curved glass surfaces. Using robots, printing the nano inks will be done with high precision and speed, while accounting for the curvature of the glass. Dr Su Varma, R&D incubator academic programme director at the NSG Group European Technical Centre, said: “This is

Dr Ronan Daly, head of FIAM and senior lecturer at the University of Cambridge, said: “Smart technology applied to glass has the potential to perform a number of important tasks – from identifying the presence of bacteria on a hospital window to performing as a touchscreen display, for example.” “Conductive materials can already be printed onto flat surfaces, and alongside the NSG Group we’re now overcoming the physical challenge of completing this for curved applications – this opens up new opportunities for designers to use glass technology to solve their modern design challenges.” The pair are also co-funding a PhD student, James Macdonald, who is based at NSG Group’s European Technical Centre in Lancashire and at the Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge, for researching new ways of patterning and printing on glass. Dr. Cristina Rodriguez-Rivero from the Institute for Manufacturing is leading the printing-to-shape research.



Ronjack Brings Oakio Composite Wood Decking To UK Ronjack is bringing what it says is the USA’s fastest-growing composite decking brand to the UK. As the exclusive UK supplier of Oakio wood plastic composite products, Ronjack is using its nationwide distributor network to bring Oakio direct to window and conservatory installation companies. “Oakio is the next generation in composite decking,” explains Ronjack’s Managing Director, Katie Morley. “The low-maintenance, non-slip decking has taken the American market by storm, so this established brand offers an easy bolt-on for glazing installers fitting conservatories, garden rooms bifolding and sliding doors. It means the outside can be completed,

and there’s extra profit too. Adding work outside the home is perfect for installers during lockdown.”

and plastic film. The decking also carries a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Oakio decking collection features four individual product ranges: Iniwood, Proshield, Elashield and Matshield, to suit budgets and requirements. Each is available in a variety of woodgrain textures and colour options, for a ‘real timber’ look without any of the annual maintenance.

“Some of the best feedback we get is from homeowners who have hot tubs or paddling pools for the children, because Oakio is splinter-free and non-slip – completely bare-foot-friendly!

“It’s easy and straightforward to install, and super-low maintenance, so perfect for busy families,” adds Katie. “Eco-conscious homeowners can be reassured too, as Oakio products are manufactured from an innovative blend of 95 percent reclaimed oak wood fibre


“Already a hit with homeowners, bringing Oakio to the UK market gives glazing installation companies a ready-established brand and fantastic product to take advantage of. The retail website www.oakio.com is already live.” Oakio is exclusively available through Ronjack’s distributor network.


Arkay Windows Announces Its

Upgraded UniFOLD Bi-Fold

Arkay Windows has announced two upgraded versions of its popular slim bi-folding door. As a contemporary aluminium bifold, the UniFOLD and UniFOLD+ offer market-leading performance in many areas including modern, narrow sightlines, thermal efficiency, security and ease of installation, with the UniFOLD having a traditional construction, and the UniFOLD+ offering a fully adjustable jamb for rapid fitting and adjustment. Commenting on the launch, Raju Radia, Managing Director of Arkay Windows said: “In direct response to customer demand, the improved UniFOLD and UnifOLD+ bi-folding doors have been designed to offer installers and clients the choice between a traditional bi-fold or an adjustable-jamb bi-fold, both with market-beating pricing. The UniFOLD

and UniFOLD+ are a fantastic proposition for companies installing bi-folds in the highly-competitive residential market, without any compromise made on quality, security or aesthetics.” Both doors have the same slim sightlines, suited colour-matched hardware and the capability to create extremely large and heavy panels, all at a market-beating price point, say the company. Nick Paraskeva, Sales Director at Arkay Windows commented: “At Arkay Windows, we are focussed on continually evolving and investing in our products, processes and people. Our brand has come to be known for being at the forefront of innovation, and with the new range of UniFOLD and UniFOLD+ doors, our customers can now choose the bi-fold installation method and price-point that suit them, all

with the support and rapid lead times they have come to expect from Arkay Windows. Both doors offer the same slim sightlines, colour-matched hardware and ultra-smooth, heavy duty running gear, and both products are capable of achieving extremely large panel sizes, fully-openable corners, and can meet PAS24:2016 for high-security” Arkay Windows is one of the UK’s largest aluminium fabricators with more than 45 years’ experience of supplying high end, premium aluminium glazing solutions to some of the country’s biggest retail companies, contractors and commercial installers in the London Home Counties/Southeast region. It supplies leading brands such as Aluk, Schuco, Cortizo, Pinar, EdgeGLIDE, InfiniGLIDE and InfiniLIGHT. ArkayWindows.com



Wider Appeal

For Stellar Bifold The Stellar aluminium bifold door has proved popular with fabricators and installers ever since it came to market last year. It’s innovative, quick-fitting design has seen a growing number of installers fitting Stellar, and this appeal looks set to increase as a result of the new bifold hardware which allows for wider door apertures.

Paul Booth, Design Director – Aluminium Products, explains: “The new Stellar bifold door hardware allows for an increase in sash sizes of 1200w x 2500h with a maximum height plus width of 3500. This allows the Stellar bifold to be used in wider door apertures which are very much on-trend with consumers at this time.” The new bifold hardware meets all

quality and testing standards. The hardware is PAS24:2016 compliant, meets BS 6375-2 accreditation for the operation and load strength of internal/external doorsets and has undergone all weather, security and cycle testing at the new larger door sash sizes.

The door hardware range is available in black finish as standard and 7016 anthracite grey is available to order too. Like all products in the Stellar portfolio, the Stellar bifold door was designed to help installers maximise their productivity on site with the quick fitting properties of the products. This is achieved by the patent-pending knock-in beads, typically seen on PVC-U products, which makes glazing quick and


straightforward. Installer Darren Young of DP Young Joinery in Stoke-on-Trent summed up his experience of fitting the Stellar bifold door. He said: “The Stellar bifold door was the best bifold I’ve ever fitted. I saved loads of time because the beads clipped in and it gave the neatest finish I’ve ever seen, plus the speed of fitting, about an hour quicker than a comparative aluminium bifold door, meant we reduced the time spent on site. As a result, we have secured more work for the Stellar bifold door with consumers.” The ease with which the Stellar bifold is installed is impressive and it’s an element of the overall system’s design that has never been more important with the industry fitting in the ‘new normal’. And with the introduction of the new Stellar bifold hardware to deliver on larger aperture sizes too, it delivers another powerful proposition for aluminium fabricators and installers. www.stellaraluminium.co.uk


A New Modern Classic

Ultraframe has announced a host of innovations to its popular Classic system, including a solution to remove gallows brackets on spans up to 4M, a slimline ridge and a new suite of eaves bolster bars – all available from January 2021. Not only this, says the company, but the increasingly popular Classic Aluminium option is now 30% lower priced. Established in 1983, Classic was the industry’s original conservatory roofing system and helped to set the standard for quality in the sector, with the first ever BBA certificate for a conservatory roof system some 25 years ago. Since then, Ultraframe has continued to invest in the system and the latest innovations see Classic emerge as a modern system that is fully engineered for the large span, modern conservatory designs of 2021 and beyond.

Explaining more, Ultraframe Marketing Director, Alex Hewitt, said: “We’ve seen a growing appetite for larger glass sizes and door spans, together with slimline aluminium finishes in both conservatory and glazed extension designs. Our development team have worked hard over recent months to deliver a number of innovations to ensure that our Classic roof is fit for the future. The new system packs in the features that have made Classic so popular over the years along with the innovations that make it the ideal system for today’s modern conservatories and glazed extensions. Plus, the reduced price point on the Classic Aluminium option is sure to be welcomed!” Ultraframe says the new innovations for Classic 2021 are: 1. Cham bered Box Gutter – meaning that gallows brackets

will no longer be needed for spans up to 4M. 2. Bi-Fold Support Beam – a structural beam that mounts to the underside of the eaves. 3. Super-Bolster – a structural beam that mounts to the inside of the eaves beam. The two profiles can be used independently to bolster the eaves or combined to further increase the spanning capability. 4. Slimline Ridge – brings Classic’s looks bang up to date and is perfect for any contemporary conservatory. 5. Lower prices – Classic Aluminium is the ideal roof for modern conservatories and is now 30% lower in price. 6. Enhanced Structural Design Guide (eSDG) – helps customers to optimise their designs.



Eaves variants

Explaining more about the new innovations, Alex said: “Gallows brackets are never popular with homeowners, and so the new Chambered Box Gutter – which means that gallows are only needed for spans over 4m – is sure to be popular. “Our new suite of bolstered eaves profiles has been designed for use on large conservatories to increase the spanning capabilities of the system and ensure that Classic is perfectly engineered to help create the large spans demanded by modern conservatory designs. Installers can choose from a bi-fold support beam which mounts to the underside of the eaves beam and a super bolster which mounts to the inside of the eaves beam. The two profiles can be used independently or together to increase the spanning capability even further. As well as providing incredible strength, the new suite of bolstered eaves profiles offer cost saving opportunities too – the combined bolster can span up to 5M without the need for any additional costly steels and all of the bars are only needed on the opening elevation of the eaves, offering further cost efficiencies. Couple this with the

Slimline ridge

30% lower prices on Classic Aluminium, and you can see that this is a compelling offer which makes an aspirational large span aluminium conservatory affordable to many more homeowners.” Classic’s new slimline ridge brings the system’s looks bang up to date and is perfect for any contemporary conservatory. Available in either PVC or aluminium externally, the ultra slim ridge has a minimalist, modern look and does not feature the usual Classic radius end but has a neat lantern style ridge end instead. Available on two popular modern conservatory styles – fixed 25° Georgians and 25° double-ended Georgians – the slimline ridge is of course also available alongside the fully configurable Classic Aluminium system. It’s a perfect choice to complement the large spans of aluminium bi-folds that feature on so many of today’s modern conservatory designs. As with all Ultraframe components, the new Classic slimline ridge doesn’t just look great, it also performs exceptionally well thermally, thanks to a high-performance thermal break throughout its structure.


Alongside this host of product improvements, Ultraframe is also launching an Enhanced Structural Design Guide (eSDG) in its Udesign software. The new guide informs the customers of the maximum unsupported spanning capability of each elevation and helps them optimise their designs by choosing the right structural eaves solution for the job. Concluding about Classic’s 2021 reincarnation, Alex said: “During lockdown, homeowners have had plenty of time to research and dream about their conservatory and home extension projects. Many of the aspirational images found on Pinterest and other inspiration hubs feature large spans of glazing and sleek aluminium good looks. We’re very excited to bring these latest innovations to our Classic system as they allow our customers to offer these Grand Designs-style projects at an affordable price point. We’re sure that this new Modern Classic version of our much-loved system will be a huge hit.” To find out more about the Classic system, visit www.ultraframetrade.co.uk


the motorised vices. While the electrospindle is operating in one area, the machine can be automatically setting up the vices ready for machining in the next, saving significant amounts of operator time.

Here Cometh

The Comet

Given that it is the first Emmegi Comet R4I model to be installed in the UK, ‘Here Cometh the Comet’ seems an appropriate title for a two-minute time-lapse video which charts the arrival of the 5-axis CNC machine at Alitex’s factory in rural Hampshire. Alitex manufactures high-end Victorian-style aluminium greenhouses and conservatories and already has ten Emmegi machines installed, ranging from a single head saw supplied way back in 2002 to a five axis Satellite XT machining centre supplied in 2016.

The Comet R4I further optimises efficiency by machining from -15° to 90° on the horizontal axis and a full 360° on the vertical axis. It has a 12-piece tool magazine with guaranteed fast changeover and a mobile worktable to make for easy loading and unloading of bar lengths up to 4m. Having been an Emmegi customer for so long, Alitex had complete faith in the delivery and installation of the machine, even during the current restrictions. The team were particularly impressed by the fact that Emmegi in the UK arranged a virtual Factory Approval Test (FAT) of the Comet R4I at its factory in Italy before it was delivered. Emmegi’s Sales Manager, Andrew Jones, explained: “Some of the Alitex team were originally scheduled to travel out to Italy to carry out the FAT test for themselves, which was obviously not possible under the current restrictions, but we worked out the next best thing.”

This time around, driven by the renewed focus on gardens and outdoor space which has been one of the features of the pandemic, the company needed to expand its machining capacity still further to keep up with demand.

Now that the new machine has been installed, it is generating considerable interest amongst other UK customers. Alitex is so pleased with the installation that, while travel to Italy still requires extended quarantine, it is allowing serious potential buyers to see the machine in action at its factory just outside of Petersfield.

Following discussions with Emmegi (UK), Alitex chose the brand-new Comet R4I model, which is the latest version of Emmegi’s 5-axis, 4m Comet R4 machining centre. The I stands for ‘Independent’ because it offers independent positioning of

Alitex’s two-minute time lapse video shows the Comet R4I arriving on the lorry from Emmegi, followed by the unloading, installation and setup. Viewers who watch to the end can catch a glimpse of Andrew Jones himself who was on site for the big day. More details at: www.emmegi.com and www.alitex.co.uk WINDOW NEWS NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2020 71


CMS Facades Reaps Dividends From

Emmegi Quadra Investment

The Quadra L2 can cut, machine and transom notch all in one operation and machine profiles continuously in 360° without any need to reposition the bar. It automatically adjusts for different profile sizes and even different systems, so is ideal for CMS which fabricates in profiles from a number of different suppliers.

CMS Facades’ investment in an Emmegi Quadra L2 fully automatic cutting and machining centre in November 2018 doubled its aluminium capacity almost overnight. Two years on, the company says the payback on the machine is coming from the number of large-scale projects it is now winning. Stephen Anderson, CMS Facades Director, said: “We were the first company in Scotland to acquire a Quadra L2 and it has definitely given us a real competitive advantage when it comes to façade projects. We can now quote for projects using bigger sections than we could have done previously and we’re building an impressive portfolio of commercial and public sector installations as a result.” When CMS initially purchased the Emmegi Quadra L2, they had already been awarded the façade contracts at CALA Homes’ The Crescent at Donaldson’s new build development in Edinburgh and at BAM’s Atlantic Square commercial office devel-

opment in Glasgow. The Quadra meant that the company could machine the 3m x 3m sliding doors and 300mm curtain wall sections required, and in timeframes up to 25% quicker than with their existing machine. Stephen Anderson added: “The increase in capacity from the Quadra is not just about scale and volume but about throughput as well. We can now machine bigger sections up to 7.5m in length, more quickly and more accurately; and that’s proving a real selling point for both new and existing customers. We estimated payback would be within 2-3 years and we are certainly on target to achieve that.” For CMS customers, the most obvious benefit of their investment comes from the fact that the Quadra L2 delivers levels of precision and accuracy on cuts and preps which are rarely possible on separate saws and machining centres where the profiles have to be repeatedly loaded and repositioned.


Another real positive for CMS, which was founded on a commitment to environmental sustainability, is the minimal level of wastage from the Quadra. This comes from the fact that the machine is so easy to set up and programme that there are very few operator errors. CMS was already a loyal Emmegi customer when the team decided to purchase the Quadra, with a factory which included an Emmegi saw, router, end milling machine and crimper. The support which Emmegi delivered on the installation and commissioning of the machine and the follow up training it provided for operators and maintenance staff has strengthened the relationship still further. Emmegi (UK)’s Managing Director Ian Latimer added: “At CMS Facades, they have definitely led the way when it comes to leveraging the maximum commercial benefits from their Quadra investment. They are achieving payback very much in line with what we predicted for this scale of operation and are impressing customers with the quality of the output which is really good news.” More details are at: www.emmegi.com and www.cmswindows.com


Profile 22 Optima

Windows Fitted In Contemporary

New Housing Development Over 250 Profile 22 Optima Flush Tilt and Turn windows were manufactured and installed in a new build contemporary apartment block on a prominent plot in Shirley, West Midlands. The new build development comprises of 27 two-bedroom apartments with privileged expansive views overlooking Shirley Park which offers approximately 37 acres of open parkland. Marketed as Park View, the contemporary building design is both striking and distinctive and aspires to set the benchmark for any future develop-

ment in Shirley, fitting of its prominent corner setting. The fabrication and installation contract was awarded to experienced Profile 22 Approved Contractor Kingfisher Windows, a leading manufacturer and supplier of windows, doors and conservatories. The project specified Flush Tilt and Turn Windows manufactured in 7016 anthracite grey to deliver the streamline contemporary aesthetics required. Optima Flush Tilt and Turn windows are suitable for large windows in medium or high-rise buildings and the opening sash sits inside the window frame, creating its ‘flush’ appearance

which was crucial to deliver the modern clean aesthetics. The functionality of the Optima Flush Tilt and Turn is exceptional and supports the exacting quality standards: In tilt mode, the window offers secure ventilation which was important on the lower floor apartments. The tilt before turn operation improves safety and the gearing prevents selection from tilt to turn while in tilt mode and vice versa. As an experienced commercial contractor, Kingfisher Windows is used to working with new build developers to exacting standards. It meant the windows were fabricated and installed smoothly and efficiently. With the apartments now completed, the contemporary apartment development brings both visual interest and much-needed homes to the local area. www.profile22.co.uk





Image Above: The completed project. Below: Planet Roofing – before

When Planet Roofing wanted to upgrade its new premises, including all the windows, there was no doubt who would be the best supplier for the job: leading glass specialist TuffX. The new factory premises in Basildon, Essex, was completely refurbished this year, including new windows to the front and side to complement the building’s new sleek black cladding. TuffX’s Ambi Ultra glass was chosen for the windows due to the south-facing aspect of the building. Ambi Ultra is a strikingly dark, self-cleaning, low-E solar tinted product which



allows 8% light transmission whilst achieving 91% solar heat reflection and a U-value of 1.0, making it the highest performing product of its kind available on the market, say TuffX. It is this combination of high performing features that makes Ambi Ultra the ideal choice to reduce glare and heat in offices and factories, as well as for south-facing conservatories in the home. In total, 100m2 were used in the refurbishment.

‘Rising stock’ Bohle VetroScreen Supplied To

London Stock Exchange

The factory, which had not been modernised in 30 years, was completed in August 2020. The result is as stunning and as it is practical: Planet Roofing’s customers can’t miss the eye-catching black cladded building as they enter the Ilford Trading Estate. “It’s turned us into something of a landmark in the area. It has completely transformed the factory and the glass does the job we expected of it,” said Paul Rickman of Planet Roofing. “We’ve had a great relationship with TuffX for many years. With TuffX we knew we’d get the right product with excellent customer service and efficient delivery.” TuffX’s Managing Director Graham Price said: “We’ve worked with Planet Roofing for a long time, supplying glass for their rooflights, and were delighted to be chosen to help transform their new premises.” “We were able to advise on just the right glass for the job and deliver it to the standard Planet Roofing knew to expect from us. The finished result functions brilliantly and looks fantastic. We wish them many happy years to come in their new location.” www.tuffxglass.co.uk

VetroScreen, the new clamped and free-standing desktop sneeze and cough guard from Bohle, has been supplied to the London Stock Exchange by Abbey Glass. The South Wales glass processor was appointed by the world’s sixth largest stock exchange earlier this year to provide a solution for its central lobby. Angela Worgan, Managing Director, Abbey Glass, said: “We’ve seen significant demand from a broad range of businesses who are trying to balance the return to work with the safety of their employees and customers. “As a material, glass is the perfect solution but people don’t necessarily want to drill and permanently fix into surfaces and substrates, so something that can be surface-mounted or clamped into position is a seen as major plus.” Available either as a clamped or free-standing option, VetroScreen, has been developed by Bohle as a screen solution for hotels, receptions, bars and screen adjacent

desks in open-plan offices. Able to accommodate glass thicknesses of 4mm to 10mm, the weighted desktop version used by SGS Glass Products in Brighton is manufactured in high quality powder coated aluminium and steel with a high-performance adhesive base. This provides a solid foundation for glass screens typically of up to 800mm high dependent on application. A clamp on version is also designed to be fitted in minutes, sliding over the edges of a desk or table and tightened. This creates a secure fix without drilling for screens typically up to 1000mm high, dependent on risk assessment. “In addition to the LSE, we’ve completed a number of installations in hotel lobbies and offices and going into the autumn, demand remains high, with many companies still adjusting workspaces for the safe return of employees”, Angela, concluded. www.bohle.com




Expertise Central To University Of

Bath Refurbishment Project

Trade aluminium fabricator Fentrade has recently manufactured 13 sets of single and double entrance doors for the refurbishment of the University of Bath’s main campus. The project’s main contractor was Bray & Slaughter and the window contractor was Fentrade customer EWS Facade. Chris Reeks, Director of Fentrade, said: “We were delighted to be asked to manufacture the doors for this high-profile project and it was great to work with EWS Facade to deliver a high-quality result.”

Stuart Davis, Managing Director at EWS Facade, said: “We worked closely with Chris and the Fentrade team from initial quotation through to delivery on site. Fentrade provided a very professional and prompt service throughout which is important on these types of projects. We look forward to working with them again in the near future.” Kestrel Aluminium’s Thermal Ground Floor Treatment was specified for the project. The system offers a secure and cost-effective glazing solution for low


rise commercial projects. With a highly detailed specification, the doors had numerous distinctive features. The doors incorporated a variety of locking systems, including electric strikes latches for automatic gearing, standard hook locks and concealed emergency panic bar systems on emergency exits. To allow high light transmittance but reduce heat transfer, SKN176, a specialist neutral coloured solar control glass, was specified in many areas. Full height glass units featured manifestation to comply with health and safety regulations and reinforced panelling was supplied to allow signage to be installed easily when required. To maintain the building’s aesthetics, a RAL9005 matt finish profile and several different handle shapes were specified to complement the existing fenestration. The project was carried out during the summer of 2020, so stringent Covid-19 protocols needed to be followed to protect the health and safety of workers. The project was delivered in a number of stages in line with the requirements of the contractors and installers, with social distancing and enhanced safety measures in place for deliveries and site visits. Chris commented: “Protecting our workforce is our number one priority so we worked closely with all contractors involved to ensure safety measures were followed throughout.” The project was completed in time for the start of the 2020/21 academic year and the University of Bath now has a main campus building with improved aesthetics as well as enhanced thermal efficiency. Chris concluded: “Intelligently designed projects such as this one deliver huge benefits for end users. We are delighted with the results.” www.fentradealuminium.co.uk



Brings Home The Benefits Senior Architectural Systems has delivered a stunning fenestration package for a new affordable housing development in North London. The Williamson Heights highrise residential scheme in Wembley, has been developed by Peabody and designed by Delta Architects. Comprising two buildings linked by a podium garden, each of the apartments feature Senior’s thermally-broken SPW600 aluminium windows and co-ordinating SPW600 aluminium doors which provide access to the individual balconies. Daylighting has also been embraced thanks to Senior’s

SF52 aluminium curtain wall screens, with the main and communal entrances made safe and secure with the use of SPW501 aluminium commercial doors. Senior’s fenestration solutions have been fabricated and installed by supply chain partner Denval Co Ltd for main contractor Formation Design & Build Ltd. The new apartment scheme, which offers properties available through the Help to Buy scheme, boasts a prime location within walking distance of Wembley Stadium Station and Wembley Park and a number of communal facilities including a cinema room and fitness suite.

As one of London’s oldest and largest housing associations, Peabody has created the new development with a focus on balancing and restoring the mental and physical wellbeing of its residents. Key to this is the combination of a vibrant and convenient inner-city location with a thoughtful design scheme that uses natural light and access to outdoor spaces. Here, Senior’s comprehensive mix of aluminium windows, doors and curtain wall systems have played a key part, with the extensive use of glazing helping to maximise both natural light and ventilation. With sleek and stylish aluminium doors providing each apartment with a seamless link to a private balcony area, residents can also enjoy access to the communal gardens and the slim sightlines of Senior’s windows and SF52 curtain wall system framing exceptional views across the city. https://bit.ly/37uhA8h



TriSeal Protects Priceless Manuscripts In Ambitious ™

Qatar National Library Building Edgetech’s Super Spacer has played a crucial role in the construction of one of the Middle East’s most spectacular new buildings.

Its diamond-shaped façade area has been designed to filter out the glaring Middle Eastern sun, while still letting in enough light to illuminate the library interior.

Its double-glazed IGUs are curved, ensuring that the façade is both self-supporting, and exceptionally resistant to wind and other strong weather.

The product was used to deliver the stunning 5,500 square-meter glass façade of the Qatar National Library.

The façade has been designed without any metallic elements, ensuring there are no thermal bridges to conduct heat into the building – a crucial consideration, since not only does Qatar routinely experience summer temperatures in excess of 40 degrees Celsius, it’s unfortunately a part of the world that’s being severely affected by global warming.

A low-e coating, and a solar control coating, filter and reflect sunlight, and a grey grid of 3mm metallic dots, with a precise 6mm spacing, was burnt into them in order to reduce radiation transmission even further.

The 42,000 square meter structure is home to over a million books, and 500,000 digital editions. The library’s most valuable volumes are kept in a six-meter deep, glass-ceilinged room reminiscent of an excavated labyrinth.


The need for both exceptional thermal performance and a product that was compatible with the building’s curved IGUs made Super Spacer® TriSeal™


Conservation Cream From The



Clotted Cream R9 windows and doors from The Residence Collection, recently graced a beautiful project in a Staffordshire conservation area, much to the delight of the homeowners.

Flex an obvious choice, as Edgetech Managing Director Chris Alderson explains.

ings – and we’re delighted to see it used to such stunning effect in Qatar’s National Library.”

“In places like Qatar, the constant fluctuations between incredible heat in the day and much cooler evenings exerts considerable pressure on the edge seal. Super Spacer’s structural foam is able to absorb that pumping motion, allowing IGUs to withstand the pressure.

Edgetech’s Super Spacer® flexible foam-based spacer systems act as energy-efficient warm edge spacers in insulating glass windows. They significantly reduce energy loss to the outside, largely prevent condensation and also contribute to the lifetime of a window. On average, worldwide, more than 300 million metres are sold annually in over 90 countries.

“This is one reason that Super Spacer has been specified in some of the world’s most iconic, architecturally ambitious build-


A Grained White internal finish was specified to keep things neutral, featuring polished chrome pear drop handles and black butt hinges. The front elevation of the house also featured Georgian bars to the windows, in keeping with the requirements from the local planning officer. Ramsey Singh, the homeowner, enthused: ‘We’re so happy with the new windows and I would, and have, recommended The Residence Collection to friends. I have no doubt that they are a quality product and will be here for years to come. We hope to use R9 in another upcoming project which will be starting soon, a full restoration of an 1856 farmhouse in 250 acres of land.’ https://bit.ly/2JwubPG https://bit.ly/36mdnUw



Kawneer Glazing Systems

Win Over At Award-Winning Neighbourhood Middlewood Locks Following their use on the first phase of the largest regeneration project in the north-west, architectural glazing systems by UK manufacturer Kawneer are now being used on the second. The first phase of the Middlewood Locks project in Manchester by developer Scarborough International Properties features Kawneer’s AA®100 zone-drained curtain walling, AA®130 brise soleil and AA®720 external doors on the ground floors of six blocks of apartments around three large basins of the Manchester, Bolton and Bury canals. The AA®130 brise soleil has

also been used between external balconies as privacy screens and was complemented by Kawneer’s AA®3572 lift/slide doors and AA®720 thermally-superior side-hung casement windows which feature on the first floor upwards of the seven-storey blocks. The award-winning waterside neighbourhood, a joint venture with Metro Holdings of Singapore and Hualing Group of China, was promoted by former Chancellor George Osborne as a critical part of the Northern Powerhouse. Lying next to Salford Central railway station at the gateway to


Spinningfields – Manchester’s Central Business District, the vibrant 25-acre, £1 billion neighbourhood will eventually comprise more than 2,000 new one to three-bedroomed apartments, maisonettes and townhouses. It will also include 900,000ft2 of commercial development – 500,000ft2 of Grade A office space, shops, restaurants, hotel, gym and convenience store – alongside landscaped green spaces. The second phase, which is currently under construction, will comprise 546 apartments. Designed by previous Kawneer specifiers Whittam Cox architects and constructed over 30 months by main contractor BCEGI, the dual-colour aluminium Kawneer systems (black externally, white internally) were installed over two years by a team of up to 40 from specialist


TuffX Infinity

Rooflights: The Perfect Fit ‘Straight From

The Box’

TuffX says demand for its Infinity rooflights has been steadily growing, amongst both builders and specialist window installers, thanks to the product’s easy-fit design. Adrian of United Cloud Construction turned to TuffX when he needed a rooflight solution for a new Brighton-based extension where the homeowners wanted to maximise the natural light in their new space. sub-contractor/Kawneer dealer FK Group.

Cox architects.”

Design team leader Gwyn Jones said: “FK worked very closely with Whittam Cox architects and Kawneer to provide bespoke, as well as system design solutions, to the full building envelope including the cladding elements, to achieve the required design intent and performance of the project.

Whittam Cox architect David Turner said: “The glazed elements were a large factor to portions of the scheme due to the acoustic requirements. They were built into formed openings of either masonry or cladding in a traditional way. In this instance sustainability was lower down the performance requirements.

“The project design across all individual blocks was assisted due to the close working relationship between FK, Kawneer as system supplier, and Whittam

“The client was happy with the Kawneer product and consequently has retained it for the Phase 2 works which are currently on site.”

The rooflights were installed on the low pitch roof of a single story garden room extension to the rear of the customer’s property. Inside, the space was partitioned into two areas – a home office and a home gym, both popular home improvements since the pandemic – where good quality, natural light was a must. With the limited-size roof unable to accommodate a traditional roof lantern, two Infinity rooflights were chosen and fitted, with Adrian putting TuffX’s claim of easy-to-fit to the test by installing both units himself. www.tuffxglass.co.uk


MARKETING Then instead of the installer having to contact the consumer to fix up a meeting, an appointment will have already been confirmed for the installer at a specific time and date by Leads 2 Trade. The appointment is communicated to both parties with reminders sent to the consumer prior to the agreed meeting.

Lead Quality Even Higher For Leads 2 Trade’s Member Network Having been known for the quality of its sales leads since 2006, Leads 2 Trade has raised the bar again for its member network. The leading provider of double qualified sales leads for companies operating in the UK home improvement industry is now providing confirmed appointments for installers – and an installer only pays for the lead if they sit and pitch it. Since returning from lockdown in June, the Stockport-based company has been generating thousands of leads per week for replacement windows and doors, and conservatories through its marketing activities and network of home improvement websites. And it’s looking to strengthen its member network to take advantage of them.

“What has always set us apart from our competitors is the quality of the sales leads we generate, thanks to our inhouse customer service operators that personally speak to and qualify all leads,” explained Andy Royle, the company’s co-founder and Director. “We wanted to take it one step further and provide an even better sales lead to our members and make it even easier for them to secure more work. Our no pitch, no fee premium lead service does just that.” The no pitch, no fee service provides several better benefits for the installer. Scrapping the traditional model used by so many other lead providers of supplying a consumer with up to four no obligation quotes from installers from their local area, Leads 2 Trade provides them with just two.


If the customer does not require the second appointment then Leads 2 Trade will cancel it and inform the installer, and because they have not sat down with the consumer and pitched the lead, they will not have to pay for it. “Instead of buying a sales lead our members are buying a confirmed, pre-arranged appointment and as it only goes to a maximum of two installers they have a higher probability of getting the sale,” said Andy. “And if they are not required to go to the appointment then they don’t have to waste travelling time – and they don’t have to pay for the lead, so they will be saving money. It really is a win-win.” With people’s attention staying firmly on their homes, and many having money to spend as long-haul holidays are off the agenda for the foreseeable future, the home improvement boom looks set to continue. “With more consumers wanting windows, doors, conservatories, and replacement conservatory roofs, now is the time for installers to take advantage of the huge volume of leads,” said Andy. “And with our premium no pitch, no fee service, the quality of the lead is guaranteed.” For more information on Leads 2 Trade’s premium lead service visit: https://bit.ly/36pJcvM


SEH BAC Signs Landmark

Agreement With Purplex One of the UK’s leading home improvement companies, SEH BAC, has signed a 5-year partnership agreement with Purplex, the glazing industry marketing agency.

The deal, thought to be the industry’s biggest ever marketing agreement, will see Purplex manage the marketing strategy Peter Wheeler, SEH BAC MD (Left) and for SEH BAC across all channels, Andrew Scott, Purplex Marketing MD from digital to PR, radio and TV. Peter Wheeler, MD of SEH BAC commented: “We have worked SEH BAC is the retail window with Andrew and the Purplex and conservatory company team for a number of years and within One Group Construction, the £150m turnover building and they know the market better than anyone. As we embark on a new, engineering group, with an HQ ambitious 5-year growth plan in Ipswich and 13 showrooms it was important to have Puracross the South East. The Framepoint® sales and quoting app helped Shropshire installer GoldStar Windows Ltd secure a £50,000 order for windows and doors. Noel Preece, owner of Goldstar Windows used the platform to present to the developer and buyers of two new build plots, thanks to its stunning, detailed visuals. He was told his presentation was by far the best, and says Framepoint® played a major part in helping him win the order.

plex on the team, and signing a 5-year marketing deal shows real commitment on both sides.” Discussing the new 5-year deal, Andrew said: “SEH BAC has a heritage dating back decades and we want to build on this story with a brand that consumers trust. As the industry consolidates there will be many opportunities ahead, and the companies with the strongest brands will win. SEH BAC has a dynamic, ambitious management team who really understand the power of marketing.” As the industry recovers from Covid, Brexit and other challenges SEH BAC are already wellplaced to scale-up and acquire market share, with a talented operational and sales team already in place. www.purplexmarketing.com

Framepoint® App Wins £50,000

Order For Installer Goldstar

The Framepoint® platform, from TommyTrinder.com, was developed by installers for installers to help them simplify quoting, wow homeowners and win orders. GoldStar Windows installs a wide range of PVC-U and aluminium windows as well as conservatories, orangeries, patio, French and bi-fold doors, with a showroom and head office in Ludlow. “I’d only started using the app a few weeks after lockdown eased, when the opportunity to pitch for the new build plot came up,”

explains Noel. “Framepoint® was an immediate hit with homeowners – but we also service upmarket developers too and used the app to really stand out from the competition. It makes the sales process so much more enjoyable: it’s so easy to click and change styles and colours,

and you’re able to hone in on the detail. Glass options, cills, astragal bars, handles, different material options and finishes are all photo-realistic, with inside and outside views. It’s like nothing else on the market – and it’s paid for itself many, many times over!” www.tommytrinder.com



Marketing Made Simple

With Adminbase Campaigns Installers using the AdminBase business management system from Ab Initio can now take advantage of the Campaigns marketing tool, a fully integrated feature that is designed to ensure marketing activity is quicker, easier and more successful. Eliminating the need to rely on third party software, Campaigns enables installation companies to select the leads and customer data they wish to target directly from AdminBase. Users can then create effective email, SMS, letter or phone marketing campaigns, which can be followed up by tele-canvassers who can then record notes or comments, pushing any new leads generated back into the AdminBase system.

“Marketing is, of course, the lifeblood to any installation company, but it can often be a time consuming and unnecessarily difficult task for those using separate marketing tools, such as Mailchimp, that rely on importing leads and data from another system first,” explained Rhonda Ridge, managing director of Ab Initio. “As the Campaigns tool is designed to work in conjunction with AdminBase, compiling the data required for a marketing plan is not only quicker and more efficient but it’s easier to manage as well. For instance, a marketeer using Campaigns will be able to track who has clicked on emails or can resend or update data easily if required – something that is notoriously difficult to do using Mailchimp.


“As any marketing or salesperson will tell you, leads generated from existing customers are the best of all,” continued Rhonda. “AdminBase Campaigns makes it so much easier to get these.” Developed over 12-months, in response to customer feedback requesting a more streamlined way to approach marketing using AdminBase, the Campaigns tool was introduced at the start of 2020 and is priced at £300 per month for unlimited emails. Campaigns also works seamlessly with the latest webbased version of AdminBase, which was introduced in June 2020. Designed to ensure easier connectivity for users working remotely, it can be accessed anywhere, at any time, using a tablet, laptop or PC. The web-based version of AdminBase also features the latest Dashboard contract tracking service. www.abinitiosoftware.co.uk


Updated Consumer Brochures For Every Residence



Salestracker The consumer brochures for The Residence Collection, which includes R2, R7, R9 and RD (Residence Doors), have all been recently updated with their renowned style, content and vision. This helps make them the standout retail publications in the window and door sector, claims the company. As one of the most highly regarded brands in the industry from a marketing perspective, sumptuous and detailed new photography feature throughout the new brochures, helping to inspire style savvy consumers with a better window and door proposition.

The commercial success of R7 has been significant over the last 18 months, given the fact that it’s a window and door platform of 75mm and aimed at the middle market, yet sharing the same architectural lines from the outside as R2 and R9. The 24-page brochure is intended to inspire the masses, where the product philosophy and design options are explained with unique photography throughout.

R9 needs no introduction, but the 36-page brochure is designed with the consumer, building specifier and even local authority planner in mind, with Conservation Area deThe company says, as much as tails contained within and the R9 has defined the true timber design criteria for the ultimate casement alternative, R2 is now true timber alternative platform starting to inspire consumers carefully presented. Throughout and specifiers looking for the all three brochures are details ultimate contemporary winon RD, the Residence Doors dow and one that boasts bold brand, which now benefits from and square architectural lines a dedicated 16-page brochure throughout. These are featured of exceptional engineered resin the new 28-page brochure, idential, open-in and open-out along with new case studies double doors. and a wide range of unique finishes, including several duhttps://bit.ly/2JwubPG al-colour options. https://bit.ly/36mdnUw

Surpasses 750 Users Insight Data’s sales and marketing tool, Salestracker has passed 750 users!

Salestracker is Insight Data’s proprietary sales and marketing software specifically designed for targeting businesses in the construction and fenestration industries. Its purpose is to help businesses that sell into those industries to effectively discover and connect with a range of customers that need those products and services. According to Insight Data, Salestracker “helps users target the perfect customers for their products and services. Salestracker provides in-depth market intelligence not available anywhere else and in real-time, all within a platform with built-in CRM, credit profiling, email marketing and document storage. This platform lives on the Cloud to enable full remote-working ability.” www.insightdata.co.uk



Fireside Chat No.4: Helping Customers Grow Freefoam has released of one of the most significant of its ‘Fireside Chat’ video’s, explaining how they help their customers to develop and grow.

In the fourth video Colin St John, Commercial Director, explains how Freefoam operate, the ethos behind the company and how this way of working puts customers at the heart of the operation, supporting and delivering what they need, when they need it. Colin summaries “We have great customers, from the one man stockists to a multi brand merchant. We give each one the level of service and support they need, which can be very different for each customer type. We’ve become a bit of a chameleon organisation, adapting and changing to suit individual customer needs”. These videos are part of Free-

foam’s #HelpingCustomersGrow campaign which highlights their unique approach to building their business and celebrates customers’ successes. Freefoam Commercial Director, Colin St John, has worked in roofline for around 20 years and he gives great insight into Freefoam’s business, the changes in the industry and their


implications for the future. Freefoam hopes these videos will both inform and provide a platform for future debate. To view all Freefoam videos go to Youtube: https://bit.ly/2JjapaV


Quoting For Work

A Must For Installers Through Lockdown

“Despite being in lockdown it’s important that installers keep their marketing running whilst they cannot get to see people face-to-face. “So, running Double Glazing App on your social media advertising and website will ensure you have surveys and prospects to book in as soon as you are able to get out and see them. “At Virtape we will be working remotely to make sure we continue to offer the same unrivalled support for installers to help them continue to quote for work so they are able to hit the ground running once restrictions are reduced.” Double Glazing App allows the customer to download the app from the installer’s website onto their smartphone, use it to measure their windows and doors and select the colours and styles they want, and then submit the information to receive an accurate price, all in under 90 seconds. They can then confirm it by booking a survey and signing up in the normal way. Test results have shown that between 4%-10% of website visitors downloaded the App for an instant price, with 20% of downloads measuring windows and doors with the app and over half of those booked a survey to confirm prices. One company that has already seen the benefit of using Double Glazing App is the Bury-based Composite Door Sales, with the company’s MD James commenting: “We went on our first survey and won an order for £2700 – and the measurements the customer submitted to us were bang on.”

Despite the country being forced into a second UK lockdown due to Covid-19, installers will still be able to price work remotely thanks to a revolutionary replacement window and door pricing app. Double Glazing App from Virtape, a sister company of Leads 2 Trade, has been designed to provide installers with the ability to quote work remotely 24/7 and generate more leads, enquiries, and survey requests from existing web visitors. And it’s set to play a pivotal role for installers during this uncertain time – which is why Virtape is offering a free 60-day trial for all installers. John Cohen, Managing Director of Virtape, said:

And with uncertainty surrounding how long the lockdown could be, Double Glazing App will be a necessity, according to John. “Before the coronavirus pandemic more homeowners were looking for affordability before they even got involved with sales. Now, with salespeople not allowed into homes, and many homeowners likely to be uncomfortable with reps entering their home due to social distancing in the future, being able to price jobs remotely will be essential. “We want every installer to see what Double Glazing App can do for them without any financial consideration which is why we are offering a free 60-day trial, and we should be able to get an installer set up in two days.” To register for a free trial, visit www.doubleglazingapp.co.uk/contact/ WINDOW NEWS NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2020 87


Schüco Announces Award Winners Schüco has announced the winners of its prestigious Excellence Awards for Design and Innovation following a virtual event hosted by architectural designer and television presenter, Charlie Luxton.

sidering both new build and refurbishment. The judges were looking for outstanding design and the flawless technical translation of the architect’s vision into high-performing reality.

Now in its seventh year, the awards, run in association with Architecture Today, celebrate the collaboration between architects and specialist contractors, bringing clients’ visions to life.

One Overall Winner is acknowledged each year and this year the accolade went to the English National Ballet building. Glenn Howells Architects’ striking design is defined by a celebration of exposed raw materials such as concrete ceilings and translucent glass walls. The building’s façade was supplied and installed by NA Curtain Walling Limited.

Awards were presented in ten categories, including residential, commercial, cultural and educational projects and con-


The ground floor is wrapped in clear glazing. The translucent white cladding on the upper levels alternates with clear glass allowing passers-by to catch a glimpse of the dancers practicing inside. The project also won in the Steel Project category. Holding the awards ceremony online for the first time enabled Schüco to introduce a Viewers’ Choice category, and the project that won the hearts of the viewers was The Fratry of Carlisle Cathedral. Tasked with breathing new life into the Grade I listed medieval Fratry, architect Feilden Fowles has created a new single-storey entrance pavilion that harmonises with the existing historic building and yet is still distinctly of its time. For full details of all the 2020 Schüco Excellence award winners visit: https://bit.ly/36mwbmA


Ultraroof and Livinroof Sweep the Shortlist The Ultraroof and Livinroof solid conservatory roof systems from conservatory and extension specialist, Ultraframe, feature on four out of five projects shortlisted for Best Use of a Solid Conservatory Roof System at the Pitched Roofing Awards. The Awards, which are aligned with Roofing, Cladding and Insulation Magazine, acknowledge and reward excellence for all those working within this dynamic sector and will take place virtually in February of 2021. Commenting on the company’s shortlist success, Ultraframe Marketing Director, Alex Hewitt, said: “We feel extremely proud to be so well represented in the shortlist for the Best Use of a Solid Conservatory Roof System

for the 2021 PRA’s and would like to offer huge congratulations to our retail customers who designed and built these stunning projects. While the team here at Ultraframe are already incredibly proud of Ultraroof and Livinroof, it’s fantastic to see them, and the skill of our customers rec-

ognised on a national scale by the Pitched Roofing Awards. We would like to wish all of our customers the best of luck for the ceremony.” To find out more about Ultraroof and Livinroof, visit Ultraframetrade.co.uk

Tommy Trinder A Contender

For Two CMA Awards Brand new start-up Tommy Trinder has been shortlisted for two awards in this year’s Construction Marketing Awards (CMAs). Launching a new company in such a tumultuous year posed some serious challenges, but thanks to an innovative product and a flexible approach to marketing, it’s been a huge success.

According to the company, Tommy Trinder’s Framepoint® technology makes selling windows and doors easier for installers. It allows users to wrap all their products together in one coherent, easy-to-use interface – as well as being a ‘world-class’ visualisation tool and quote generator. Tommy Trinder worked closely with MRA Marketing on a strategic

installer that has signed up and it’s brilliant to know we’ve been helping businesses during the pandemic.”

marketing campaign to promote the many benefits of Framepoint in articles, news releases, and on social media. During the first national lockdown in March, Tommy Trinder and MRA Marketing devised a remote selling guide to show installers how to sell without a home visit. “This year has been a bit of an odd one, but we were able to take it in our stride,” explains Tommy Trinder CEO Chris Brunsdon. “Framepoint has benefitted every

Tommy Trinder is in the running for awards in two categories: Best Product Launch and Best Mid-Range Budget Campaign. “We’re over the moon to be up for not one, but two CMA awards,” continues Chris. “It’s great to be recognised at all, let alone in our first year of trading.” The prestigious awards ceremony will be a virtual event this year, taking place on 26th November – visit www.cmawards.co.uk for more information. For more information on Framepoint visit www.tommytrinder.com



European PVC Industry

Builds New 2030 Sustainability Programme At The Online VinylPlus Sustainability Forum VinylPlus®, the Voluntary Commitment to sustainable development of the European PVC industry, brought together over 180 participants from 24 countries at its virtual VinylPlus Sustainability Forum (VSF) #CIRCULARVINYL in October. The successful event showcased the united PVC industry’s major achievements and plans to build the new sustainability programme towards 2030. Reflecting on a decade of

leadership in PVC sustainability, VinylPlus Managing Director Brigitte Dero outlined VinylPlus’ success in tackling sustainability challenges, embracing the Circular Economy and addressing issues such as safe recycling to further advance the circularity of PVC. Dero commented, “I am proud of the work done by VinylPlus and its partners to increase the sustainability performance and use of PVC. We are fully committed to being circular, work-


ing closely with the European Commission and actively contributing to the Circular Plastics Alliance.” Kirsi Ekroth-Manssila, Head of Unit at DG GROW, praised the “commitment and the proactive role” of VinylPlus in the Circular Plastics Alliance, stating, “VinylPlus is a perfect example of how to make the Circular Economy a reality, being the first value chain in 2001 to take on the challenge of transforming a


problem into an opportunity. In addressing the environmental concerns of PVC, VinylPlus and the industry came up with an ambitious and forward-looking approach: to organise, cooperate and communicate with the whole value chain, from the producer to the downstream user and the waste manager.” The event was not only a recognition of the PVC value chain’s achievements but an opportune moment to discuss and give feedback on the new 2030 sustainability programme, currently in development. The conversation built on an external stakeholder consultation carried out by Accenture on key sustainability drivers, and challenges and opportunities for the PVC industry to respond to over the next decade. The VSF participants engaged in a lively debate and provided their views on the direction of the programme and on pertinent issues such as enhancing VinylPlus’ engagement with stakeholders and ensuring the long-term sustainability of PVC. The event concluded with the VinylPlus® Product Label Awards Ceremony, celebrating companies and partners of VinylPlus who offer PVC products with the highest sustainability performance. To date, 10 companies have been awarded the Product Label for 112 PVC products manufactured in 18 European sites. Based on well-defined sustainability criteria, the VinylPlus® Product Label is open to all PVC building and construction products. VinylPlus® is the Voluntary Commitment of the European PVC industry. The programme establishes a long-term framework for the sustainable development of the PVC industry in the EU-27, the UK, Norway and Switzerland.

TECHTalk Goes Online

Everglade Windows went live with its latest TECHTalk session, with huge success. A record number of attendees logged in to get the latest technical insight, product information and installation tips from the Everglade Windows team. Bhavik Dabasia, Director at Everglade Windows says: “This TECHTalk session focussed on our new and exclusive aluminium window range – aïr MOD Series. “Though many attendees had already added MOD Series to their offering, they used the TECHTalk session to get extra information for their sales and installation teams.” 25 delegates logged on to the remote session where Bhavik talked through the extreme engineering of aïr MOD Series, the main features and benefits and explained the full technical

guide. Bhavik also talked about key USPs and tips for selling MOD Series to homeowners. Bhavik adds: “TECHTalk gives customers thorough knowledge and understanding of our products so that they are really confident in selling and installing them. We make sure that the information we give is as useful to window fitters, as it is for those who are getting homeowners to sign on the dotted line. “All sessions are free, and we’ve had really great feedback from customers, because it’s an easier way to get new product information to their teams. The success of this online session has driven us to take a few more sessions online next year, so that more people can join us and get the TECHTalk experience.” www.evergladetrade.co.uk



ODL Europe Donates $1,000 To GM Fundraising child and often well beyond.

To help mark its 75th anniversary year, ODL Europe has donated $1,000 to GM Fundraising to support Hope House Children’s Hospices. Nathan Barr, Managing Director of ODL Europe, said: “We are delighted to make this donation to GM Fundraising to mark our 75th anniversary. Hope House Children’s Hospices is such an important cause because no one should have to face the death of a child on their own.” Gary Morton, founder of GM Fundraising said: “We’re very grateful to ODL Europe for this donation. We’d like to thank the team for their generosity and, of course, congratulate them on their 75th anniversary milestone.” The donation to GM Fundraising was part of a global initiative by

ODL to make $1,000 donations to numerous charities to mark their 75th anniversary year. As a result, over 75 charities worldwide have now benefited from the company’s donations. Nathan said: “The 75th anniversary is a significant milestone for our parent company ODL but due to the pandemic, it isn’t the anniversary year the team had planned. It was always our intention to mark the occasion by helping various charities, and we’re delighted to help support Hope House Children’s Hospices at this time.” Hope House Children’s Hospices provides specialist nursing care and support to children with life limiting conditions. They help their parents and families too, both throughout the lifetime of a


Since it was established in 1995, GM Fundraising has raised nearly £2 million for Hope House Children’s Hospices. Over 95% of Hope House’s £6.5 million annual operating costs are met through charitable donations and GM Fundraising is its largest single donor. GM Fundraising is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and had hoped to raise over £200,000 for the charity, but the majority of its challenges and events had to be postponed due to pandemic. Gary concludes: “Like all charities, Hope House has been hard hit by the pandemic. But donations such as ODL Europe’s remind us that companies still want to help people less fortunate than themselves and we thank them for their generous contribution.” www.gmfundraising.co.uk

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