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Whether you have Pivot Windows or High Rise Windows they are bound to endure regular wear and tear. Over time, the weight of your doors can gradually begin to pull out screws from their holes and cause hinges to loosen. When this occurs the hinge pins do not seat properly in the hinge barrel and eventually they will fall out, breaking the hinges. If your door hinges break you need to quickly replace them with another hinge that is close in size to the original hinge.

There are three things that cause broken hinges. Step number one is a screw hole that is loose. You must inspect the hinge on the door to determine where it is loose. The loose screw holes then need to be repaired. Remove the screws using a simple screwdriver but make sure you hold the door hinges flush with the doorjamb and door before doing so. Have someone help in holding the door as you remove the hinges. Lay the door on its side with the hinges facing toward you. The number two step is to measure the length of the screw. Transfer this length to a wooden dowel. Hold down the dowel as you cut it to the proper size with a handsaw.

Insert the end of the dowel into the first screw hole after it has been dipped in wood glue. Be sure to push the dowel in as far as it will go into the hole. Repeat this process until every hole is filled with a dowel. Upon completing this step, make a ball of wood filler and place it on the original screw holes using a putty knife until all gaps are completely filled. Allow this to dry for thirty minutes, and then sand the surface smooth. As your helper holds up the door you need to set the hinges back in their original seats and insert the screws into the screw holes until they are completely tight and immobile. The new dowels and putty holes will be sturdy enough to hold the new hinges in place and they will not fall again.

The second cause of breakage is a hinge pin that is missing. If you find the hinge pin missing you should try and find it somewhere in the area of the door. It is essentially a long, metal rod. This could be the cause of your problems. Once found, hammer it back into place. Cause number three of breakage could be a faulty door hinge. If replacing the whole hinge, remove it with a simple screwdriver and have them accompany you to the hardware store so you are able to purchase an exact replica, or as close as you can come. Hold up the door and replace the broken hinges with the newly purchased hinges.

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Are You Aware About The Issues of Wear and Tear on Pivot Windows?  
Are You Aware About The Issues of Wear and Tear on Pivot Windows?  

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