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March 2009 Edition

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March 2009

The 10/40 Window Reporter 





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Muslim-Born Egyptian Hopes to Become First Official Convert


March 2009

The 10/40 Window Reporter 



he people of Sudan are in urgent need of intercessory prayer. Near the remote area of Ezo in Southern Sudan, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has been conducting raids and terrorizing the people of scores of villages, sending floods of refugees streaming into a country that is already swamped with people displaced from their homes in Ethiopia, Eritrea, and the Darfur region. In December, LRA rebels attacked churches and villages along the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. “The LRA arrived early morning; they went to the church and destroyed it and moved from house to house abducting boys and adults. They shot women, men, and children [dead],” said a witness. “There were body parts everywhere. Inside the church, the entrance, and in the church compound,” reported an army spokesman. The attacks were so severe that many of the survivors saw no hope but to flee the country. Over 15,000 of these lost souls have flooded into Sudan since the attacks, putting even more pressure to care for them on the Sudanese government and global aid agencies. The United Nations reports that the refugees greatly need emergency care. Among them are dozens of lost children who have been separated from their parents. Most of them are living out in the open, sharing wells for water with the local population, with little to no food, latrines, or medical care. Authorities also say that it is desperately important to move these refugees out of the area, as the seasonal rains will soon muddy the roads and make it almost impossible for the aid agencies to reach them. The LRA is currently fighting a (war of terrorism) that has killed and displaced thousands along the border of Sudan, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The battle is one of the longest-running conflicts in Africa, and the LRA is led by a man named Joseph Kony, who claims to be a spokesman of God. All of the leaders of the LRA have been accused of crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court, including murder, rape, sexual slavery, and enlisting children as combatants. Despite the fact that warrants were issued for their arrest in 2005, the LRA is still active and committing atrocities. The stories of the atrocities are still trickling in as the survivors have made their way out of the area, scattering to safe havens across southern Sudan. One priest tells the story of a lay leader in the church and his friend who followed the LRA to try to rescue his son and grandson. The LRA captured them and cut off their hands and legs before beating them to death in front of the boys. The

March 2009

boys were later released. A young woman tells of how she escaped captivity naked and returned to her village to find everyone she knew dead or missing. “The day after I reached my village, I ran quietly to see if there was someone at home. I only found the body of my father; his throat was cut by a machete or knife. I don’t know what happened to the rest of my family. On the way [to Sudan] there were many dead bodies, but I did not stop to see if among them I could recognize someone, as I was too scared.” The victims of these attacks desperately need our prayers. They need to know that someone knows about what is happening to them. Please join us in praying for the refugees and victims of this terrible conflict. Sudan is ranked No. 30 on Open Doors’ 2008 World Watch List of nations where Christians are persecuted for their faith. According to WIN’s Praying Through The Window 9 prayer calendar, the day of prayer for Sudan is on day 2.

Pray for: ✚ Pray for the safety of the refugees who have fled to Sudan. Pray that God would comfort them and provide people who will help them recover. Pray that those who have lost their homes would find new ones where they can be safe and start over. Pray Psalm 91 over them. ✚ Pray that God would bring swift and complete justice to the leaders of the LRA. Pray that they would be caught and tried for their crimes and that the LRA would crumble. (Mark 9:42) ✚ Pray that Christians would show their outrage over these attacks and that they would reach out through their political representatives and through aid organizations to help the victims of the LRA massacre. (Amos 5:24) ✚ Pray that God would bring physical and spiritual healing to the victims of these attacks. Pray that they would draw strength from God in this difficult time. Pray that those who have lost their families would find them again. (Psalm 31:1-4) ✚ Pray that the crops that the LRA destroyed would be replanted and that the harvest would be plentiful to provide for the needy people. Pray that God would provide them with the tools they need to rebuild and harvest their crops. (Proverbs 3:9-10) Sourced: Sr. Giovanna Calabria, Ezo diocese & a 10/40 Window Leader,

The 10/40 Window Reporter 

PRAYER Points March 2009

Day 1

further attacks.

India – Government authorities have shut down relief camps in Orissa state that had been providing shelter for thousands of Christians forced from their homes last August by a wave of violence at the hands of local Hindu extremists. Pray that the government will hear their cries and will give aid to these people and that they will be able to find new homes and jobs. Pray that God would protect them from

Mauritania – Pray the government would uphold its official decision to suspend the law against evangelism and would stop trying to prevent conversions from Islam to Christianity. Pray that Bibles would become more freely available to the people of Mauritania, where the distribution of Bibles is prohibited. Pray that the people of Mauritania would be won over by the Gospel message and that they would not be punished for their interest in the message of Christ. Day 2 Sudan – Pray that the government of Sudan will continue to follow the Darfur Peace Agreement. Pray that the possibility that the International Criminal Court might issue an arrest warrant for Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir for acts of genocide will not disrupt peace talks with the Darfur rebel groups. Pray that aid groups would be allowed in to care for the tens of thousands of people who have been caught up in the most recent outbreaks of violence. Pray that God would bring those guilty of harming the innocent would be brought to justice. Afghanistan – Pray that the flow of terrorists into this nation from Pakistan would be stopped. Pray for an end to the enormous Afghani drug trade. Pray that displaced Afghani people would continue to return to their homeland and help to rebuild it. Pray that God would defeat the demonic strongholds in this nation that drive the Muslim extremists to tear apart their country. Pray for unity among this land’s many different tribes and peoples. Day 3 Kuwait – Pray that the foreign Christians living in Kuwait would be able to be a witness to the people of Kuwait despite the laws against evangelizing, conversion, and blasphemy. Pray that the Kingdom of God would be established among the native of Kuwait. Pray for reforms that do away with oppressive religious laws.

March 2009

Bangladesh – Pray for students of the Believers’ Church Bible College, where one was threatened and beaten by a Muslim mob. Pray for physical healing for and that God would give him the students peace and courage. Pray that there will not be further attack on the school or its students and teachers. Pray that attacks on Bible students and pastors would stop immediately. Pray that the police would do everything they can to stop on Christians, and bring the attackers to justice. Pray that the Kingdom of God would sweep through this nation. Day 4 Japan – Pray that the economic crisis in Japan would cause the people to look beyond their material wealth to the spiritual riches of Christ. Pray for a revival to take place in Japan and for it to effect all Japanese people. Guinea-Bissau – Since the recent elections, the leaders of Guinea-Bissau have been struggling to come to an agreement about how to work together, and the country is in danger of seeing its government fall apart. The new Prime Minister, Carlos Gomes Junior, has reportedly faced assassination attempts, and the government has so far been unable to deal with the corruption and drug trafficking that plague the country. Pray for unity among the leaders of Guinea-Bissau. Pray that God would give them vision on how to lead their country. Pray that He would raise up godly men to fight the corruption in this nation. Day 5 Bhutan – Pray that the churches who still worship in secret in Bhutan would be able to worship the Lord freely. Pray that the law forbidding evangelism would be overturned. Pray that God would help Christians to reach the Buddhist majority with the message of Christ. Saudi Arabia – Pray for the Christians who are oppressed in Saudi Arabia. Islam is the only recognized religion, and conversion is punishable by death. In January, Hamoud Bin Saleh was arrested for blogging about his faith, and a well-known Eritrean pastor was forced to flee the country after receiving death threats. Pray for religious freedom for the people of Saudi Arabia. Pray that Christianity will flourish in this land.

The 10/40 Window Reporter 

Day 6 Guinea – Despite promises to hold elections this year, the leader of Guinea’s recent coup has refused to say when elections will be held. Guinea is listed as one of Africa’s most corrupt countries, and the coup leader, Moussa Dadis Camara, had won praise by promising to punish wrongdoers and hold democratic elections. Pray that Camara will willingly give up the reins of power and hold elections. Pray that he would not be tempted to abuse his power. Pray that Guinea will elect new leaders who will make wise choices and govern based on Biblical principles. Thailand – Pray that there would be an end to the violence against Christians in the southern provinces of Thailand. Pray that the people responsible for the attacks would be brought to justice. Pray that the government would respond to these attacks with wisdom and Biblical principles. Pray that the corruption in the Thai government would be rooted out and that the recently elected leaders would take their country in a new and wiser direction. Pray that the Thai leaders Receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior Day 7 Niger – Pray for peace and increased security in the Niger Delta region, where militants have been kidnapping people and hijacking ships. The Niger Delta is the heart of Niger’s oil industry, and the attacks cause oil leakages that harm the environment and hurt production. Pray that a peaceful solution to the conflict would be found, and that the Kingdom of God would be firmly established in this land. Kyrgyzstan – A draft religion law has been signed by the President of Kyrgyzstan that bans the involvement of children in religious organizations, forbids religious groups from spreading their faith, and forbids the distribution of religious materials. Pray that this law will be repealed and that the leaders and the people of Kyrgyzstan would come to Christ. Pray for protection for Christians and ministries that will be affected by this law if it is not repealed. Day 8 Iran – Pray that Christians who were recently released from prison in Iran, will not be seized again and will not be changed with apostasy, which carries a death sentence. Pray that the government’s increased harassment of Christian converts will end and that Iran would respond to pressure from international rights agencies to stop prosecuting Christians for converting.

Burkina Faso, and that Christians would reach out to them with compassion and will encourage them to come to know Christ as Savior and Lord. Day 9 Mali – Pray that the agreement Ethiopia and Mali signed to strengthen their relations would result in a better life for both nations. Pray that the agreement would greatly increase each countries ability to feed and care for their people. Pray that the Gospel message would spread in Mali and all of its people would come to Christ. Azerbaijan – The breakaway republic of Nagorno Karabakh in Azerbaijan recently passed a law that bans unregistered religious activity and includes censorship of religious literature by the state and denies some religious groups the right to spread their faith. Pray that this law would be repealed. Pray that Christians would be protected from the effects of this law. Pray that no law like this would come up for passage in the central government of Azerbaijan and that the government of Azerbaijan would take steps to see to it that this law is abolished. Day 10 Benin – The mobile hospital ship “Africa Mercy” has docked in the city of Cotonou, where it will provide important medical care for free from now until December, 2009. This aid is very important in a country where poverty and disease have been on the rise, but are now slightly improving. Pray that the efforts to relieve poverty and put a stop to major problems like malaria and human trafficking will continue to be successful. Pray that Benin will experience a spiritual revival as well as a physical and economic revival. Pray that the hospital ship’s visit will bring help and healing to thousands of people in Benin, and that they will accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Indonesia – Indonesia’s presidential elections are coming up in July, and Islamic law is likely to be a key campaign issue. Islamic sharia law is becoming more and more prominent in Indonesia, and the country’s religious freedom is in peril. Pray that Indonesians would elect God’s choice for good president, and that the government will not allow religious rule. Pray that the voice of the citizens will be heard, and international pressure would encourage lawmakers to preserve religious freedom. Day 11

Burkina Faso – Pray that the measles outbreak in Burkina Faso would be contained and that there would be no more deaths from the disease. Pray that the world economic crisis would not affect the fight against AIDS in Burkina Faso. Pray for God to bless the futures of the 120,000 AIDS orphans of

March 2009

Laos – The United Nations has announced that corruption is a major problem in this part of Asia and contributes to the poverty of millions. Pray that bribery and corruption in Laos would end and that there would be a real desire for honesty and truth in Laos. Pray that the desire for Truth and would lead the people to embrace the message of Christ. The 10/40 Window Reporter 

Western Sahara – Pray for a resolution to Western Sahara’s future. Pray that God would guide the decisions of the leaders of Morocco and Algeria as they try to come to an agreement. Pray that the human rights of the people would be upheld, and that God will continue to supply all of their need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Day 12 Egypt – Six Christian brothers were recently arrested in a brutal raid because they opened their café for business during Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting. Christians in Egypt have suffered as many Egyptians push to see Islamic law carried out by the courts and civil law enforcement officials. Pray that the leaders of Egypt would resist the effort to make Islamic law the official law for the whole country. Pray that Muslim converts to Christianity would be granted the right to convert, and would not be attacked. Pray for the Kingdom of God to be established in this land. Uzbekistan – Pray that Christians who are wrongly imprisoned in Uzbekistan would be released. Evangelism and religious instruction are illegal and churches are required to register in order to meet. Pray that these harsh restrictions would end, so the people can enjoy true religious freedom. Pray that government officials would stop confiscating Bibles and Christian materials. Pray that Uzbekistan would undo its decision to cut back on important energy deliveries to its impoverished neighbor Tajikistan. Day 13 Nepal – Pray that the secularization of the Nepalese government would open up new opportunities for the Gospel to be preached in Nepal. Pray that Christians would be protected from terrorists who want to see Hinduism restored as the state religion. Pray that the Good News would spread unhindered through this nation. United Arab Emirates – Pray that the government would stop enforcing restrictions on evangelism and conversion. Pray that Christians would have the courage to share their faith despite the risk of arrest and that they would find ways to spread the Gospel without being persecuted. Day 14 Albania – Albania’s Prime Minister has publicly said he stands with western allies in the fight against terrorism. Albania, a mostly Muslim nation, is currently trying to gain membership in the European Union. Pray that Albania’s commitment to fighting terrorism would provide an example for other Muslim nations. Pray that Albania’s attempt to join the EU would open up new opportunities for the Kingdom of God to spread in this country.

March 2009

Morocco – The government of Morocco is committed to the idea that all its native people are Muslims, despite a growing number of Christian converts. Pray that the Moroccan government would recognize these Christian converts. Pray that these converts would not be discouraged by the discrimination that they face. Pray that God would help them to prosper in spite of their disadvantages. Day 15 Iraq – Pray for God’s protection for the Christians of Iraq, especially in Mosul, where there were several attacks last year. Pray that the money that is made from Iraq’s new trade agreements with countries like Iran will be used to protect and care for Iraq’s people. Give thanks that the provincial elections that recently took place went peacefully and that there was not a single attack on the day of the election. Pray that the new leaders elected would govern their country with Godly wisdom and Biblical principles. Pray that these changes will give the people hope for the future. Sri Lanka – The Sri Lankan government has so far resisted pressure not to pass the anti-conversion law that has had Christians worried about the oppression they will face if it passes. The government has received letters from Western nations and human rights activists representing many nations, faiths, and organizations asking them not to pass the law. The law would also criminalize charitable acts and humanitarian aid given as part of a religious effort. This would make much of the aid that has previously been given to Sri Lanka during natural disasters, such as the earthquake in 2004, illegal, since much of it was collected by religious charities. Pray that the international community would convince the Sri Lankan government to reject the bill. Pray that God would protect local Christians from the oppression that would almost certain occur if the bill passes. Day 16 Israel –Pray that the competing parties in Israel’s government would be able to come to an agreement and form a new unity government. Pray that Benjamin Netanyahu, who was asked to form a new coalition government after the elections, would be blessed with wisdom to help end the escalating violence around Israel. Pray that the new government would be able to come to a peace agreement with Hamas and still be able to put an end to the attacks on its cities. Pray that the people of Israel will know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Tajikistan – Tajikistan is struggling with how to deal with extremist religious groups. In an attempt to crack down on Salafi Islam, the government is moving closer to a system of rigid government control of religion that will put harsh restrictions on religious freedom. Protestant Christians are likely to be among those who would be scrutinized under the new laws the Tajikistan parliament is considering. Pray that the parliament will not pass laws restricting religious freedom. Pray that Christians will not suffer from prejudice and discrimination

The 10/40 Window Reporter 10

because of their religion. Pray that the new laws and bans will not affect the ability of Christian groups and ministries to operate legally in Tajikistan.

message would be taken to the working class of Taiwan and that they would accept it. Pray that they would not be made to feel embarrassed when they go to church because they are not well-educated and refined. Pray that churches would conduct services in a manner that all can understand.

Day 17 China – The Chinese government is becoming increasingly worried about the spread of Christianity and is stepping up its efforts to identify and find ways to control and suppress Christianity. The government has called meetings to discuss the dangers of foreign religions and is eager to paint Christians as subversives in a time when their own power is in danger because of public unrest over the economic recession. Pray that the government will not choose to launch a crackdown on Christian groups and that the people would not be deceived by false messages about the dangers of Christianity. Pray that the Chinese government would stop oppressing, arresting, and torturing Christians. Pray that the Gospel would continue to spread like fire among the Chinese people. Djibouti – Pray for relief from hunger for the people of Djibouti. Drought and rising food prices have hit this part of Africa hard as part of the global food crisis. Pray for increased help from donors, and a drop in food prices. Pray that the drought would end and God would bless them with plenty. Pray for the Kingdom of God to be established in this land.

Bahrain – Bahrain has been troubled by political and economic unrest lately. Banks have been weakened by the economic crisis and workers have been threatening strikes over unfair conditions. Demonstrators are also taking to the streets to protest the arrest of alleged political prisoners who are suspected of planning terrorist attacks. Pray that the government would be able to negotiate agreements with striking groups like the fishermen’s union. Pray that Bahrain’s leaders would continue to fight terrorism and would render true justice where it is needed. Pray that other nations would follow Bahrain’s example in fighting terrorism and granting increased freedom to women. Pray that they would reject Islamic law that seeks to crush religious freedom and women’s freedom. Day 20 Brunei – The Brunei government continues to resist all attempts to bring Christianity into this country. Telling others about Jesus has been outlawed, and it is illegal to import religious books or materials. Pray that the controlling Islamic government would relax their harsh laws to allow the import of Christian books. Pray that Christianity would flourish here despite restrictions by the government.

Day 18 Yemen – Yemen is still struggling to deal with the wave of refugees that flooded into the country in 2008. Pray that God would provide for these refugees and that they people of Yemen would welcome and protect them. Pray that The United Nations Refugee Agency would be able to find funding to help these people, and that the refugees would soon be able to return home to safety. Pray that Christians would minister to these people and them to Christ. Vietnam – Government officials in Vietnam are taking emergency measures to try to prevent a bird flu epidemic as the infection spreads through local bird populations and has begun to spread to humans. Pray that their actions would be effective and that they would be able to prevent an outbreak of the disease in Vietnam. The communist Vietnamese government has also agreed to hold its first meeting with the Vatican to discuss establishing diplomatic ties. This could be the start of an important movement in softening control over religion in this country. Pray that the talks result in the establishment of a friendly diplomatic relationship and that the Vietnamese government would ease its supervision of religion, and let the Gospel be freely preached in this mostly Buddhist country. Day 19 Taiwan – Very few of Taiwan’s people have embraced Christianity, and this is especially true among Taiwan’s working class. Christianity is mostly seen as a religion for the wealthy and well-educated and Westernized classes. Pray that the Gospel

March 2009

Lebanon – Lebanon’s parliamentary majority leader, Saad Hariri, declared that his party would not join a unity government if Hezbollah wins the June elections. Hezbollah believes in armed resistance against Israel, and Hariri says that he has no interest in being part of a Hezbollah-led government. Pray that Lebanon will not choose to go down the path of open war against Israel. Pray that the Lebanese people elect wise leaders who will help to guide and care for their nation. Pray that the new government will uphold human rights and religious freedom in their country. Give thanks that the Lebanese government has repealed its requirement that people state their religion on their official IDs, which often leads to discrimination. Day 21 Qatar – Last year Qatar ended a history of the underground Church by allowing the first Christian church to be built, which was soon followed by the construction of several more churches. Pray that the Muslim majority would come to accept Christians and their churches in their midst. Pray that Christians would continue to be protected against any backlash from Muslims who are angry about Christian influence on their country. Pray that the Gospel would spread beyond the mostly foreign Christian population to the native Muslim population.

The 10/40 Window Reporter 11

Turkmenistan – Turkmenistan continues to be very hostile to Christianity and remains one of the world’s worst abusers of human rights - two years after a new government took power, promising to do a better job. Amnesty International reports that journalists, activists, and religious believers are still subject to harassment and intimidation, and there is no difference between the old oppressive regime and the new one. Pray for a real change in Turkmenistan’s government. Pray that they will grant their people religious freedom and stop abusing and arresting anyone the government doesn’t approve of. Pray that the darkness of this oppression will spark revival and draw people to accept the message of Christ.

that Muslims would stop seeing Christians as a threat in Algeria and would be willing to listen to them. Day 24 Libya – Pray that the oppressive restriction on Christianity in Libya would end. Pray that the government would be sincere in its efforts to fight terrorism and that its relationship with other nations seeking to prevent the spread of terrorism would continue to improve. Pray that the Lord would show Christians how to get Bibles into the hands of the Libyan people.

Day 22 Ethiopia – Pray that Christians would be safe from attacks by Muslim extremists. Pray that the increasing attacks on them in Southern and Western Ethiopia would not discourage them from sharing their faith. (Ephesians 2:14-16) Myanmar (Burma) – The Myanmar government, which actively supports Buddhism, has recently prohibited Muslim and Christian groups in Yangon from holding prayer meetings in their homes. This is part of an attempt to close down all their options for a place to meet after the government recently demanded that religious groups stop meeting in rented buildings or face confiscation of the properties. The government almost never allows religious groups to own or build places of worship, leaving them with virtually nowhere to meet. Pray that God would provide ways and places for Christians to meet. Pray that God would protect Christians who try to meet in spite of the government ban. Pray that the military government of Myanmar would fall, and be replaced by a government that supports freedom of religion and human rights. Day 23 Chad – Eastern Chad is still struggling to deal with the hundreds of thousands of refugees who fled there from the Darfur region of Sudan, many of them children. Meanwhile, Southern Chad has had to deal with the thousands of refugees pouring into it from the Central African Republic. Amnesty International reports that serious human rights violations by Chadian security forces have gone completely unpunished. Pray that the men responsible for murdering, torturing, and kidnapping innocent people would be brought to justice. Pray that the people who are still missing would be found. Pray that the new UN peacekeeping force entering Chad in March will help to prevent crimes against the innocent and uphold the rule of justice. Algeria – Algeria has shown hopeful signs recently that its persecution of Christians is easing. Pray that Algeria’s government would continue to respond to international pressure to stop arresting and prosecuting Christians for their beliefs. Pray that God would protect believers from militant Muslims who try to take the law into their own hands. Pray

March 2009

Malaysia – Pray that the government’s declaration that all ethnic Malay’s are born Muslim would be rejected and discarded. Pray that the people of Malaysia would learn to see religion as not simply a matter of ethnicity. Pray that the government would repeal its law that requires Bibles to have the words “Not for Muslims” on them. Pray that the ruling that Christians who have converted from Islam and would still have to follow Islamic law would be overturned. Day 25 Oman – Pray for increased freedom for Christians in Oman. Pray that the requirement for religious groups to register before they can meet would be abolished. Pray that the government would stop pressuring Believers to evangelize. Kazakhstan – A draft religion law that had been sent to President Nazarbaev has been sent on to be reviewed by the Constitutional Council. The council has one month to decide if the law conforms to the country’s constitution. If the law goes forward, it will put a ban on unregistered religious activity and impose harsh controls on witnessing and religious literature. Pray that the council will declare that the law violates the constitution. Pray that Christians would be able to freely serve the Lord without State supervision and controls. Pray for a dramatic change of heart in this country’s leaders and that they would come to Christ. Day 26 Tunisia – Pray that the Gospel would find a way into this Muslim dominated country. Pray that a revival of true Christianity would take place in Tunisia. Pray that the government’s laws enforcing Islamic education and restricting proselytizing would be repealed. Pray that the Kingdom of God will be established in the land. Cambodia – Pray that the church in Cambodia would continue to be strengthened. Pray for an end to poverty that plagues Cambodia. Pray for the good health of the children of Cambodia and for good doctors to help them. Cambodia has the highest under-five mortality rate in the region, and most of its children are malnourished. Pray that Christians would reach out to these vulnerable children with a message of hope and faith in Jesus Christ.

The 10/40 Window Reporter 12

Day 27 Turkey – Christians in Turkey are suffering from discrimination in this mostly Islamic country. Recently, a man who claimed to be inspired by a TV show that portrays missionaries as political infiltrators was sentenced for stabbing a priest, and Islamic leaders have been trying to confiscate a large part of the property of the historic Mor Gabriel Monastary for their livestock and have accused the monastery with trying to convert young children to Christianity. Pray that the rights of Turkey’s Christians would be upheld by the government. Pray that discrimination against them would end, and that their attitudes in the face of discrimination would be a witness for their faith. Pray that people who attack Christians here would be brought to justice. North Korea – North Korea appears to be preparing for a longrange missile test, despite warnings from South Korea that any missile test would seriously threaten relations between the countries. The act seems to be a deliberate attempt to provoke South Korea and draw the attention of the United States. Pray that North Korea would not proceed with the test. Pray that North Korea’s government would seek peace with South Korea Pray that their leaders would not take any action that would further hurt or endanger the suffering people of this oppressive nation. Pray that Christians in North and South Korea would help lead the way in reconciling the two nations through prayer and fasting. Day 28 Somalia – Somalia has just elected its new president, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, who has said that the greatest obstacle he will face is getting his people to hope again. Islamic extremists immediately vowed to continue fighting the new government and proved it by launching a mortar attack on the capital’s main port. Pray that hope would be restored to the people of Somalia. Pray that the Islamic insurgents would lay down their arms. Pray for international aid and justice for this war-torn country. Pray that civilians would not be harmed in the fighting, and that the African Union peacekeepers would be effective at keeping the peace and resisting the insurgents.

Pakistan – The power of Islamic extremists continues to grow and plague this country. Pray that the government would be able to push them back and that the Taliban would be forced from its safe hideouts in the tribal region. Pray for protection of Christians. One of which is said to have been framed for sending a blasphemous text message on his cell phone and has been abused by the police and threatened by Muslim protestors. Pray that God would give courage to Pakistan’s Christians to stand against their persecutors. Praise God that five Christians were acquitted of blasphemy charges after a meeting between Islamic and Christian leaders; which is the first time such a thing has ever happened. Day 29 Nigeria – The violence that tore apart Nigeria in the city of Jos in November of last year has yet to be healed. The number of persons displaced by the violence are now numbered at more than 25,000. Forty churches were destroyed and roughly 100 Christians were killed when angry Muslims turned their anger over local elections on the Christian population. Pray that the displaced people will find care and healing and that they will all be able to return to their homes in peace and safety. Pray that the anger and pain resulting from the attacks will not result in more violence, or division among the people of Nigeria. Maldives – The government of Maldives is actively seeking to prevent its people from hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In order to protect the weak faith of some of its Muslim people, as Sheikh Ibrahim Fareed Ahmed explained it, the government is trying to find ways to block access to internet sites that seek to promote Christianity to Maldivians. Other Muslim teachers in Maldives have agreed that all non-Muslim activities, including visiting websites, should be banned. Pray that the United Nations, of which it is a member, would convince the government of Maldives not to violate the U.N. declaration of human rights by restricting freedom of thought and religion. Pray that Maldivians would respond to the Gospel message and that Christians will find new ways to reach the people with that message. Pray that the government would completely be unable to prevent the spread of the Gospel message. Jordan – Jordan’s government banned eight prominent Islamic teachers from delivering sermons at mosques that criticized Jordan and other Arab nations for failing to take action against

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March 2009

10/40 WindoW Prayer Focus: THe iMPacT oF TerrorisM on cHiLdren

Praise rePorT: s iran- cHrisTian raLLy in suPPorT To oF converTs oPPose aPosTasy LaW

Praise rePorT: orissa- suPreMe courT orders ProTecTion oF cHrisTians in orissa sTaTe

WindoWKids™: seneGaL- HyMnie’s Prayer requesT For God’s cHiLdren in seneGaL

For Prayer PoinTs every 10/40 WindoW naTion

The 10/40 Window Reporter 13

Israel’s invasion of the Gaza Strip. The ban has raised tensions with the Islamic Action Front, which is the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. Pray that the Jordanian government will be able to maintain peace while respecting its people’s freedom, and that it will be able to discourage people from taking any extreme actions. Pray that Muslims who have threatened to attack Jordan, and attack Israel from Jordan, will be found and their efforts will be brought to a halt. Senegal – Pray for the effort of missionaries to reach the Jalunga people of Senegal. Even though they have been hearing the Gospel message for many years, most of them have rejected Christianity. Pray that the Jalunga will receive Christ’s message and that those who have responded would continue to grow in their faith. Day 30 Eritrea – Three Christians who were imprisoned for their faith in Eritrea have died from torture and neglect in the past four months. Pray for comfort for the families of all the believers who have been arrested and thrown into prison all over Eritrea . Pray that the prisoners would be released and that the international community and Christians would be outraged over these deaths, and bring international pressure on the Eritrean government to stop violating the human rights of the Eritrean people. Tibet – The country of Tibet has been closed to foreigners by China because of the upcoming anniversary of the failed Tibetan uprising fifty years ago. Protests on the anniversary last year led to deadly riots. Pray that no one is hurt because of rioting on the anniversary or by trying to violate the travel ban. Pray that the Chinese would not harm or arrest anyone in their attempt to crack down on pro-Tibet protests. Pray that the people of Tibet, and especially Christian ministries operating in Tibet, would not be hurt by the ban on foreign travel into the country. Syria – Syria is suffering from the effects of drought and economic hardship. Pray that the people will turn to God in this time of need. Pray that there will not be an increase in hostilities between Syria and Israel as Israel elects its new head of state. Pray that the dispute of the Golan Heights area will not lead to new fighting between Syria and Israel. Pray that recent effort by the U.S. to improve relations with Syria, and convince them to do more to resist the efforts of terrorists in the region, would be successful.

Day 31

East Timor – Even though most of East Timor’s people are Christian, the country is suffering through great political difficulties. While rebel groups have mostly disbanded since the death of their leader, Alfredo Reinado, a year ago, some people are worried that the government’s forgiveness of former rebels shows a failure to carry out justice and will cause them to think that they can get away with political violence. At the same time, the country has been crippled by poverty and unemployment that might reignite the crisis that caused the rebellion in the first place. Pray that East Timor will not see a return of the violence and rebellion that it is still trying to recover from. Pray that God would raise up leaders to guide East Timor into a time of peace and recovery. Pray for an end to the poverty that is causing unrest, and the peace of God would be with the people of East Timor, no matter their circumstances. The Gambia – Gambia has been showing an increased effort to educate girls, an effort that is proving more and more successful as the government makes strides to provide food and water and protection for students. These advances represent a change from traditional beliefs and may open up the minds of the people to Christian ideas such as; everyone is equal like equality in Christ, and to become more open to Christian ministries that provide care and schooling. Pray that the people of Gambia would hear and respond to the Gospel message. Pray that their culture would be transformed and would open up to missionaries and Christian ministries. Pray that God would deliver them from the chains of deception that binds so many of them to Islam. West Bank & Gaza Strip – Pray that a truce would be agreed on to between Israel and Hamas, and pray that it would last, despite the anger between the people. Pray that the violent Hamas government would be toppled and a more peaceful government would govern based on Godly principes. Pray that Israel would ease the blockade of Gaza to allow more aid for it’s hurting citizens. Pray that the means for sneaking weapons into Gaza would be found out and stopped. Window International Network Pray that the Lord will meet all of WIN’s needs according to His riches in Glory. (Philippians 4:19)

Mongolia – Pray for the people of Mongolia to have a great response to the Gospel. Pray the Christians would find new ways to reach this widely scattered people. The first missionaries only arrived in Mongolia in 1991, and many people still haven’t heard the Gospel. Pray that Mongolians would not see Christianity as a “foreign religion” and that there would be unity among the different groups working to lead this nation to Christ.

March 2009

The 10/40 Window Reporter 14

A Prayer for Lasting Peace in Israel T

he last few months have been hard for everyone in Gaza, especially the small minority of Christians who live in this almost entirely Palestinian territory southwest of Jerusalem. Since Hamas came to power in 2006, Christians living in the Gaza Strip, who number only a few thousand, have been attacked and persecuted relentlessly. Hamas officials have accused Christians of “proselytizing and trying to convert Muslims with funding from American Evangelicals,” WorldNetDaily reports, and they have made it clear that they have no tolerance for such actions. Anyone engaged in missionary activities would be “dealt with harshly.” What this means is becoming clear. In 2007, the manager of Gaza’s only Christian bookstore, that was run by the ministry Bible Society, was shot and stabbed. Other Christian business owners have had their businesses attacked, their families threatened, and their churches and schools bombed. And in the midst of all this violence, when war broke out between Hamas and Israel, Christians couldn’t help but be caught in the crossfire. “We are trying to come back to life, but it is really difficult. Like everyone else, our families have also lost their homes,” Father Manuel Musallam told Gaza journalist Mohammed Omer. “The destruction of buildings is minimal compared to what our people have suffered in their hearts. There is still the fear that from one moment to the next, Israel could start bombing again, and the frustration of ending up being treated always as slaves.” The Christian Believers of Gaza desperately need our support and prayers in this time of trial. Only God in his infinite power can provide ultimate healing and guide leaders to a solution for this conflict that has been going on for almost 60 years. “Our children are suffering from trauma, anxiety, undernourishment, malnutrition,

March 2009

poverty, and a lack of heating,” said Father Musallam. “The world has to find a solution for the Palestinian people.” According to WIN’s Praying Through The Window 9 prayer calendar, the day of prayer for Israel is on day 16, and the day of prayer for Gaza is on day 31.

Pray for: ✚ Pray for the safety of Christians in the Gaza Strip, that their homes would not be bombed by Israel or by Islamic terrorists and that their families and businesses would be protected. (Psalm 3:1-3) ✚ Pray that God would bring swift justice upon the terrorists who target Christians and fire rockets into Israel. Pray that God would topple Hamas and put men of peace in charge of Palestine. (Isaiah 59:19) ✚ Pray for wisdom for the leaders of Israel and Palestine, and that they would be able to come to a lasting agreement of peace for this war-torn area by God’s miraculous power. (Matthew 5:9) ✚ Pray that God would bring physical and spiritual healing to the people of Gaza, that he would calm their fears and that ships carrying aid to Gaza would be allowed through the Israeli blockade. ✚ Pray for God’s solution in this matter. Pray that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10) ✚ Pray that the new leadership in Israel would be willing to seek peace and that they would seek to protect the innocents, like the Christians and the children, who are caught up in the Palestinian conflict. (Proverbs 31:8) Sourced:,, culturalcatholic. com

The 10/40 Window Reporter 16

Restrictive religion amendments ruled unconstitutional in Kazakhstan March 2009


n an answer to prayers by intercessory groups, including Window International Network, the government of Kazakhstan has dramatically reversed legislation curtailing religious freedoms after the measure, and the jailing and expulsion of two religious activists caused an international outcry, the Washington Times reported on February 13, 2009.

ding democracy. Human rights groups around the globe had complained about the amendments, which ratcheted up penalties for unregistered religious groups such as Baptists, and increased from 10 to 50 the minimum number of members a religious organization must have in order for it to register.”

Praise Report

A spokesman for the Kazakh Embassy said on February 12 that the amendments did not agree with international human rights law and were sent back to committee. On February 4, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe assessed the law as not complying with human rights standards.

The amendments bolstered the main religions in the country, Islam and the Russian Orthodox Church, whose leaders have been asking the government to crack down on religious minorities. Among other provisions, the religious bill called for explicitly banning unregistered religious activity and would ban anyone from sharing his or her beliefs without both the written backing of a registered religious association as well as personal state registration as a missionary, according to Mission Network News (MNN). In addition, it would require permission from both parents for children to attend any religious event. “We are pleased that Kazakhstan has finally listened to the international outcry about the draconian religious registration law,” said Bennett Graham, international programs officer at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. “It is encouraging to see the balance of powers play out in this bud-

Even without the new law, official pressure on evangelical churches and other religious groups has been increasing. Pastor Franz Tissen, president of the Kazakh Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists, told MNN that this is a crucial moment for the country. He asked Believers everywhere to pray—a call echoed by Slavic Gospel Association President Dr. Robert Provost. “Please continue to lift up our brothers and sisters in Kazakhstan who face daily pressure for the sake of the Gospel and the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ,” Provost told MNN. According to Window International Network’s Praying Through The Window 9 prayer calendar, the day of prayer for Kazakhstan is on day 25.

Praise for:

✚ The restrictive religion amendments being ruled unconstitutional. ✚ God answering the prayers by intercessory groups. ✚ Pray for: ✚ Increased religious freedom in Kazakhstan. ✚ Strength, comfort and wisdom for Christian Believers in Kazakhstan who face daily pressure. ✚ The Kingdom of God to be established in this nation. ✚ The salvation of President Nazarbayev. Sourced: Mission Network News

The 10/40 Window Reporter 17

March 2009

The 10/40 Window Reporter 18

March 2009

The 10/40 Window Reporter 19

Muslim-Born Egyptian Hopes to Become First Official Convert


fter a long and difficult court battle, the attorney for a Christian convert in Egypt has announced that he expects his client will soon become the first Muslim-born Egyptian to be granted official identification as a Christian. “I am now 90 percent sure they will accept the conversion,” said Nabil Ghobreyal, attorney for Maher Ahmad El-Mo’otahssen Bellah El-Gohary, Compass Direct News reports. If the decision goes through, it would pave the way for other Muslim converts who have so far been denied the chance to officially convert.

PRAISE REPORT Praise for: Even though Egypt’s constitution supposedly grants religious freedom, there is no legal precedent for conversion. Islamic sharia law, which is a major pillar of Egyptian law, denies Muslim converts the right to change religions. A previous attempt by Mohammed Hegazy to change his own religious identification to Christian was denied by the state, and both Hegazy and Ahmad El-Gohary have had to go into hiding because of death threats against them.

El-Gohary’s lawyer has said that he is generally happy with the attitude of the judge and is now waiting for a favorable ruling. “I have proved to the court that there is no legal reason why he can’t convert to Christianity according to Egyptian civil law,” he said. If the ruling is favorable, it will offer new hope to Hegazy and others like him. “It would be very good for cases like this,” said Hegazy’s lawyer, Gamal Eid. “It would open the door for people who are looking for freedom of belief.”

✚ The excellent progress and anticipated victory of El-Gohary’s case and the fair attitude of the judge hearing the case. ✚ The wonderful courage of El-Gohary, Ghobreyal, Eid, and Hegazy in leading the way for religious freedom despite the threats against their lives.

Pray for: ✚ Pray that the court would uphold freedom of religion over the oppression of Islamic sharia law. Pray that Egypt’s leaders would uphold their constitution and turn away from religious domination by Islam. (Psalm 72:4) ✚ Pray that Christians, and especially converts like El-Gohary and Hagazy, would be protected from any backlash against them by Muslims who are angry about the court case. (1 Timothy 2:1-2) ✚ Pray that God would turn the hearts of all Egyptians toward Him and that the hope coming from this court case would revitalize the efforts of Egyptian Christians to win people to Christ. Sourced:,

March 2009

The 10/40 Window Reporter 20

10/40 Window Reporter March 2009  
10/40 Window Reporter March 2009  

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