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WIndmoor art and literature magazine 2021-2022

Publisher’s note

The publication of this literary magazine is made possible through the sponsorship of Andrews McMeel Universal companies in honor of James F. Andrews, co-founder of Universal Press Syndicate. The late John P. McMeel, former chariman emeritus and co-founder of AMU and companies, and the late Kathleen W. Andrews, former vice chairman of Andrews McMeel Publishing established the literary magazine in his memory after his death in 1980.

Windmoor Literary Magazine 2022 Issue St. Teresa’s Academy 5600 Main Street Kansas City, Missouri 64113

Letter from the editor This year, we were inspired by themes of Earth for Windmoor. Lots of greens, clouds, flowers, mountains- all things Earth related. I hope you can all find something to love in the amazing greenscapes, oceans, clouds, cities, and poetry. The idea of Windmoor is to create a space to showcase the work of the amazingly talented St. Teresa’s writers, photographers, artists, and graphic designers. Many pieces came from Ms. Finn’s pastoral poetry project. Lots of photos came from different places, some from their backyard, some from different countries. Students prepared really amazing pieces for this book and I’m very proud of everyone who contributed. As the Editor in Chief this year, I was lucky enough to work alongside many grade levels, and I have to thank Mrs. Earl for her guidance and and experience during this process, my parents for making sure I had the patience for this project, and my friends for their support. An extra special thank you to the page designers, editors, and web designers that helped make this dream come true. You are all such an amazing group of people, and I couldn’t be happier and prouder of their talents. Peace, Love, and Windmoor,

Editor-in-Chief, Taylor Hayes

art by: alex speier page designed by: taylor hayes


Nubilous days make tired working students


art by: naomi bier poetry by: anonymous page designed by: madi reese


On a Maine Cabin Porch Surrounded by Red Spruce with a Lap Cat Named Colby Often I dream of sitting with a black lap cat on a cabin porch The cat’s dark silk coat and yellow eyes The green grasses and abundant spawn of red spruce trees in front of us All ideas that keep me up Keep me motivated to one day fulfill the dream of sitting with a cat on a cabin porch The old cracked wood of the porch and the sweet smell of grass dripping in the morning’s dew Giving the cabin an aura of age and grace Sitting with my cat rocking back and forth quietly, like a mouse, stirring in the early, Morning sun’s glow With a pleasant mood, laughing, singing, joking all with a black cat in my lap and a View of infinite grass blades and red spruce mirroring us. The spruce’s orange rind and fruity aroma surrounding me and my cabin porch. Holding my cat, as if under a spell, in deep slumber on my lap. I try to dispel the longing I feel to return to this imagined cabin porch With my imagined lap cat and imagined fields But as if it’s routine, the scenes are always on my mind.


art by: alex speier/ kamryn harris poetry by: samantha balling page designed by: megan adrianno

On a Maine Cabin Porch Surrounded by Red Spruce with a Lap Cat Named Colby






art by: ava kauten poetry by: anonymous page designed by: taylor hayes





The Winter Deep breaths. Cold air pools into my lungs, Refreshing but invigorating. A crunch under my feet as I step across the white valley. My eyes are captured by the peaks of green under the white blanket covering the Earth He is all around me, so cold yet so wonderful. The farther away I go, the closer I get to him. He is the birds soaring in the wintry air, The treetops swaying in the brisk wind. He is the frozen earth beneath my feet, And even the doe running across the frozen pond.


Sometimes, he is angry. Lightning tears the sky in half, Blocks of ice pummel down from the sky. What did I do to upset you, o King of Nature? I huddle deep into the toasty hearth, Beep, Beep. 7:02. Tranquil, peaceful even. He isn’t angry anymore. Outside the window, he has given me another lofty white blanket outside my cabin. I sink deep into him, a cold hug. I respect him above all else, for he gives the beauty of the world.

art by: sophia manica/taylor hayes poetry by: greta zinn page designed by: grace o’dea


Colorado Sunrise Skiing the slopes of Colorado The adrenaline, the rush, the heartbeat Sweat dripping down my forehead The finish line just seconds away But the pinky tones much greater A true reward of Colorado


art by: greta zinn poetry by: anonymous page designed by: jillian poplau


Ode to Trees


Mother Nature, how art thou so powerful? In creating such a wonder, you have destroyed my soul The sway of the leaves, the whoosh of the wind through the trees my heart is swept away with it. Alas, you have entranced me to lengths I have never imagined. Stealing my heart and granting me beauty my love for your trees shall never cease. A shoulder to rest on, an umbrella in the rain you have held my hand and saved me from so much pain. Be with me, in the light and the dark Save me from a broken heart.

art by: bridget couture/marin smith poetry by: charlotte malone page designed by: rose caisely


The World is Quiet Here I feel the snow crunch beneath my feet The street lights giving off a warm glow The tender flakes melt on my lashes Suspended in the wind, as if frozen in time The world is quiet here Eerie as it seems The snow softly piling, creeping up on my ankles I gently scoop a pile, scattering the crystals Watching them float back down to earth The world is quiet here With no one else around, Too afraid of the bitter chill that seeps into their bones My hands glow red with winter’s kiss A soft numbing creeping up my hands and feet The world is quiet here With everyone asleep in their homes Tucked under warm covers, lighting their candles Out here I create my own pocket of peace Unlike summer when the air is abuzz with gleeful screeches, The world is quiet here.


art by: ava kauten/marin smith poetry by: madeliene fellows page designed by: rose caisely


The Life I Could Be Living Strolling along the Italian Rivera Imagine the life I could be living Lemony buildings, and orangey contrast Everything is so bright and cheery Nothing like my hometown, Zero light and stuck in an abyss Imagine the life I could be living Oh my word, I lost track of time Be right back, I must not get behind Running is useless to get home Under the sea is a different world No more is the Italian Rivera Oh the life I could be living


art by: evie rogers poetry by: anonymous page designed by: elena nonemaker


Peachy Golden pink and sunshine kissed is the fruit of my namesake Sickly sweet and delicately soft: the princess of all fruits But picked too soon its bitterness brings only heartache And saved too long its rotten skin is no longer of use Sweet are the peaches of Georgia And arduous is the labor to bear them But their loveliness makes for a Reward more valuable than any check or gem

Art by Ava Kauten


art by: sophea bradshaw/hallie o’bryan poetry by: georgia kerrigan page designed by: autumn shemitz

The royal fruit of my namesake is not without her flaws Her unavoidable sticky juice, which makes a mess of hands and lips, Often distracts from her deserved applause And she lives in the shadow of fruits more favorably picked Sneakily hidden beneath her beauty sits the rough, threatening pit And all too short is the season of the sweetest subject



art by: anna valenti/evie rogers poetry by: scarlett tharp page designed by: naomi bier

Earth is a Woman I walk on your ground, clean and sinking down. My feet fall in your cultivated floor. As I carefully adorn your green crown, I am blind to humanities dark war I clothe myself in your radiant warmth, And the cold rushes of the northern ice. As countries resting on you fight henceforth, They’d be wise listening to your advice. Wise Earth, a woman who circled the sun, who created my soul in her spirit, And knows me better than anyone, I write to you, hoping you will hear it. Mother, creator, feminine healer, Soon I’ll pause, and be your great revealer.


Shadows I I I I I

c an c an c an c an c an

hear the waves gently swaying hear the seagulls gleefully soaring taste the salty air smell the seaweed of the sea feel the grainy sand on my feet

I c an see all the shadows playing in the ocean


art by: ava kauten poetry by: anonymous page designed by: madeliene fellows



Sunny Season

Humidity has layered on me The smell of the lake is overpowering Crickets chirp in the distance Delicate trees surround the landscape The water is like glass

art by: sophea bradshaw poetry by: anonymous page designed by: chelsea luna

The boat gently rocks back and forth Above me, the stars lay out Dazzling Bright Wonders Fireworks shoot out Bright bursts fill the sky with color Lanterns and stars become one This sky is perfect.



art by: olivia oakman/olivia bohon poetry by: cecilia unger page designed by: naomi bier

The Duality of the Sea The sea gathers shells to adorn her beach They sparkle in the setting sun’s warm gaze Until the calm light can no longer reach The shells make the sand shine in many ways The wild waves crash upon the sandy shore Creatures are dragged into the lost abyss As they struggle to gasp for air once more The tide gives them her deathly, icy kiss Chaos displays the beauty of the sea Storms graced with light dancing across the sky This disorder may cause many to flee Even though this is her mad lullaby True beauty is not found when you conform True beauty is found in the mighty storm


Ode to my Couch Legs lengthened Comforts straightened Adjusting to our every move

Our days and nights rubbed off on the black cushions that weren’t perfectly smooth Absorbing our laughter Memories sinking faster and faster Cracks filled with bits and pieces of our last visit Swallowing our food that misses our hunger It’s a love seat but there is really no limit The feeling is as memorable as the story behind it Comforts mom’s worries Camouflages dog’s fluffy dark coat Consoles dad’s opinions Confirms an A on brother’s test Each different time is is a reminder of the past sit My favorite spot because I’ll be back soon O couch sit close to me where I seek comfort in the living room


art by: molly sonnenberg poetry by: lucy rouchka page designed by: becca speier



Eye black and themed outfits 1, 2, 3, 4… 11 players on the field Two-minute warning, 12-18 Blood Pressure High, Final 4th Down 3, 2, 1, Touchdown!

art by: ava kauten poetry by: anonymous page designed by: taylor hayes


Paved Paradise Flat. The car rolls through miles and miles of indistinguishable prairie, endless and Flat. My mind gets lost in the checkered haze of asphalt and beige. But when the sun hits the road just right, A new land bursts forth from this stump, seeping into my imagination: the rich amber waves we’ve sung about our whole lives but never seen, a breathtaking abundance of purples and yellows scattered amongst them, the occasional pop of a prairie dog from the ground, the land that could’ve been. I wish we could apologize to you, for we interrupted your beautiful prose You provided the potential to build something great; we squandered it and instead fell Flat.


Cool Girl

art by: taylor hayes/ava kauten poetry by: autumn shemitz page designed by: taylor hayes/autumn shemitz

She taps the steering wheel and the lights flash in our eyes She opens her eyes wide and she breathes in the smoke She cakes on eyeliner and her mascara runs She plays electric guitar and her anger runs wild She tattoos my arm and she fascinates me


Seasons As the sun starts to set early, And the winter snow comes fairly. We all converse around the fire.

The red leaves are done falling, The crisp air comes calling. What a season it is to admire. Soon the nights will get shorter, And the sun will get stronger. For the cycle repeats, repeats.


art by: taylor hayes/celia shaw poetry by: poppy difranco page designed by: grace uecker



art by: chey meyers/sophia manica poetry by: ella rogers page designed by: madeliene staker

Naming a Rainbow Our tiny inlets, they look, into the vastness of the sea. Our deep craters, they hear, A pebble drop into a canyon, it be

Amiss rolling, grassy hills, White dots on green, few windmills. Amiss wind, blowing in azure, White dots on blue, in pasture.

Too big to understand, The waves hitting the sand. Coming from nowhere it appears, Yet it seems that always, it’s near.

Earth casts hope, and sunrises bloom. She remains in power. Sunsets loom. Connected, stay the sky and ground, To each the sun be itself bound.

Surrounding all Earth’s grass, the Ocean waves come to pass. Under a plane we see waves roll, O, the distance! Cognition in lull.

Viewed as apart, forever they stay one. May those who look to the sky, be. For whom’s eyes is the choice directed? May those who look to the ground, be.

Can the head separate the ground from the sky? Is the heart bound between ground and sea? The choice is ever unclear, may it be

For Earth is made of blue and green.


Come with me to my favorite place I found myself here I was born here A place of serenity, chaotic tranquility The beauty of transformation lies here My eyes get heavier earlier The moon rises earlier and the sun awakes me later The beauty in the hues The feeling of long clothes draping over my pale body make me feel safe As I watch the colors change from green To goldens and bronzes Oranges and reds The trees sing to me in the wind the leaves fall to my feet and provide a vibrant blanket for the earth The smell of freshness and sweet pumpkin Soft music, but strong smells Healing sun peaking between the trees Gratitude and abundance are mine


art by: anna cucar poetry by: tessa stevenson page designed by: jillian poplau



art by: lucy boxx page designed by: lauren brackney



Nubilous days make tired working students.


photography by Elena Nonemaker poetry by anonymous

art by: elena nonemaker/ sophia manica poetry by: taylor hayes page designed by: grace uecker

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