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Articles by ‘Renewing my Place of Work’ I sometimes dream about incredible things that are inspired by the Holy Spirit. It’s great to have dreams but it’s even greater to see them happen. God wants to use us to bring these heavenly realities into the here and now. For example, I imagine a time where the governments of the world look once again to the Bible and to the Church for leadership and prophetic guidance. I foresee my workmates asking me how to live life as God intended. I want to see hospitals closing not out of lack of funds but out of lack of patients, because they’ve all been healed by Jesus through his people. I imagine the Church having so much resource through tithes and sacrificial giving of its members that she becomes to this generation what Joseph and his storehouses were to a famine stricken Egypt (Gen 41:56-57). Jesus says in Revelation 21:5; ‘Behold I make all things new!’ His kingdom is a restorative force in our world. The first thing that we are told to renew is our mind. Our spirit is raised to life but our minds need to be transformed to think like God does, to see the world from His perspective. For a lot of us a large part of our waking hours are spent in our vocation, be it a stay-home parent, looking for work, an employee or student of some kind. We must remember we are sent into this world by the Father to do the same works Jesus did, to carry the work on! For example, I work as a teacher in a school set up for young people who have been permanently excluded from school.

In a situation like this it is very easy to stand out from the sometimes negative attitudes of adults in the students’ lives and bring God’s kingdom just by showing love, concern and hope. In conversations with students, I ‘prophesy’ the truth of their potential and how they can recover what has been lost through their education being interrupted and because of their disrupted home lives. I am able to display God’s kingdom and make ‘all things new’ by my attitude and professionalism at work, which I believe is softening the hearts of colleagues I am building relationships with, ready for the sharing of the good news. We ARE good news to people through Christ in us, the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27)! Work is a powerful force of restoration; remember that mankind was to imitate God by ruling and subduing the earth before sin entered. Work is not a punishment, rather it’s our privilege to work alongside God on the earth. Richard Anniss said recently that we as the Church of Christ are destined to rule the world! Did you know that we, the Church, are to rule cities, nations and even angels (1 Corinthians 6:2-3)? It’s an incredible destiny for us, but one that requires us to be renewed in our thinking and in how we work with God to grow up in reigning in life through Christ. As we work, we are to renew the world around us with the reign of Jesus. The kingdom is not limited to church gatherings but instead explodes out of us everywhere as we work for Him. By Russ Bennett

Renewing my Place of Work  

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