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Update 24th & 31st January 2010 Welcome to New Life Church. If it is your first Sunday meeting with us we would like to especially welcome you. We hope that you will enjoy meeting with God and His people this morning.

Rachel Cole

David Knight

Join us as we worship God as a church family, right here in the heart of Salford Quays. We believe that God has made us a church of influence in seeing this city transformed, as we bring distinctive vision to complement the wider Church in Salford and beyond. Check out our new look website for further details of our vision, beliefs, and events, plus a weekly online version of this update at www. During the preaching there are great crèche and kids provisions held in the Gold Class Bar midway through the meeting. Our youth are out of the meeting during the Word.

We are privileged to have Rachel Cole preaching in the 24th January meeting. Rachel leads the church together with her husband Judah.

Please join us for tea and coffee in the foyer after the meeting and approach the Welcome Desk for any information about the church.

On the 31st January we have David Knight bringing us God’s Word. David leads a Church in the Home together with his wife Hannah as well as regularly leading worship.

Free parking is available in the Lowry Outlet Mall car park by getting your ticket validated at the cinema cashier desk on your way out after tea and coffee;

Telephone: Web: Email: Address:

07949912500 New Life Church, PO Box 480, Salford M5 3UY

Whole Church Outreach 6th February ‘Love Your Street’ Swinton, 10am - 1pm The vision of New Life Church is to be outworked through our homes, to love and impact the lives of our neighbours. The Church in the Home led by Kev and Jo Hardwidge are leading this outreach. Sign up at the Welcome Desk.

Covenant School of Ministries: School of Business 6th February, Living Rock Church, Leicestershire Speakers will include, Chris Strahan, Andrew Eagle, and Stephen Peak. Cost will be £30 per delegate to cover catering. Please bring the payment with you on the day (any cheques are to be made payable to Living Rock Church). The day will run from 9:30 - 5 pm. Please book in for this event at Living Rock Church office on (01455) 270840. All bookings must be taken by 29th January at the latest.

Week of Fun! 8th - 12th February We have the privilege of hosting the amazing evangelist Arne Skargen for the whole week! So I invite you all to get your thinking caps on and start thinking if you'd like to host an event in your home, or something your church in the home would like to organise, or maybe a few church in the homes could club together? For more information please see your Church in the Home leader or ask at the Welcome Desk. On Monday 8th February, 7.30pm we will be hosting an exciting Quiz Night where the gospel will be preached. Invite all your friends; see Russ Bennett

Church Meeting, Wednesday 17th February 7.30pm A night set apart for the whole church to hear from God and seek His direction… Church in the Homes will meet all together on that night. Held at Café Logos, Montford Street off South Langworthy Road

Parenting Course, Sat 20th Feb 10am - 12.20pm This will be hosted by Jem and Rachel Rongong from King’s Church. Creche and Children’s Work will be provided. See the Welcome Desk.

Church Weekend Away Cefn Lea,16th-18th April 2010 Booking forms and savings scheme are available from the Welcome Desk

This Week... Sunday 7.45-8.45am - Prayer Meeting, at Ben, Josh and Pete’s flat, Salford Quays 10.00am - Church Meeting, Screen 7, Vue Cinema, Salford Quays

Monday 7.30pm - Church in the Home, led by Judah and Rachel in Swinton 7.30pm - Church in the Home, led by Russ and Irene in Ordsall

Tuesday 7.00pm - Church in the Home, led by Kev and Jo in Swinton 7.30pm - Church in the Home, led by Anthony in Salford Quays

Wednesday 7.30pm - Church in the Home, led by David and Hannah in Langworthy

Thursday 7.30pm - Worship Group Practice, held at King’s House in Manchester

Friday 7.30pm - New Life Youth, usually held at Jennie Buss’ flat, Salford Quays

The Gospel of Matthew: The King and His Kingdom The New Testament begins with the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These books narrate the story of Jesus' life, His birth, ministry, death and resurrection. They are more than just historical or biographical accounts, however; each one is a 'thematic portrait' of Jesus' life, written to impact different audiences from different perspectives. If you've not read much of your Bible, the Gospels are a great start! The Gospel of Matthew was written by Matthew the tax collector (known as Levi in Mark and Luke). He wrote his Gospel for a Jewish audience, clearly seen by the many references to the Old Testament scriptures and Jewish customs. He also uses the phrase 'kingdom of heaven' instead of 'kingdom of God' (like in the other Gospels) as it was Jewish custom to keep the name of God special. The Jews had been waiting for the Messiah for hundreds of years, but they were sadly looking in the wrong direction. They were convinced that their Messiah was going to be a human king who would defeat the Roman occupiers and restore the country of Israel to her former glory. Matthew is the only Gospel to make reference to the 'lost sheep of Israel' (Chap 10 and 15) and his task is to convince these Jewish readers that Jesus is the Messiah and his kingdom is not an earthly but a heavenly one. In his Gospel, Matthew refers to the Old Testament time and time again. He painstakingly notes down each prophecy that was fulfilled by Jesus, from His virgin birth (prophesied in Isaiah 7 and 8), being born in Bethlehem

(prophesied by Micah) and even His triumphal entrance on a donkey (prophesied in Zechariah 9). Matthew also records Jesus Himself saying that He has come to fulfil what was written in the scriptures (Chap 5). By taking his readers back to the scriptures they knew so well, Matthew is able to demonstrate that Jesus is the One that the Old Testament prophets were speaking of - He is the promised Saviour! But that is not all! Matthew wants His readers to know that Jesus has come not only as a Messiah but as a King! The very first chapter Matthew writes is a genealogy, where he traces Jesus' ancestry back to Abraham through none other than King David. Mathew refers to Jesus as the 'Son of David' nine times throughout his gospel, and records many of Jesus' preaches about His kingdom (like the parables of the mustard seed and yeast). He wants the Jews to make no mistake - Jesus is a true Jew and the true King. Lastly, Matthew places a emphasis on God's chosen people. Although he begins by speaking to a Jewish audience, he ends with the Great Commission (Chap 28), where the Gospel of the Kingdom is opened up to the rest of the world. Matthew wants his Jewish audience to know just how big God's plans are, and that Jesus is not just the Saviour of Israel but of the whole world! The 'true' Israel are those who accept Jesus as the King of their life and are 'born again' into His amazing Kingdom. By Jennie Buss

24th and 31st January  

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