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MEMBER NEWS Pages 18 Winter 2013 - 2014 •


PRESIDENTS’ MESSAGES its upward race. First, FEMSA will keep running up. Like tower runners, by focusing upward, FEMSA will not diminish and be tired out. FEMSA will gain strength by continuing to provide the member services and programs that have gotten it to this place one step at a time. Continuing to keep running up will only strengthen the foundation for the future growth of the association and the industry.

Finishing the Race Tower running is a new form of competition that is becoming more popular with the endurance sport crowd. The concept is pretty simple: running against the clock, runners start at the bottom of a skyscraper and run up the stairwells, often two steps at a time, until they reach the top. I am confident those runners feel pretty accomplished after reaching the top. Personally, I think I’d need a chair and some oxygen every 20 floors. I believe FEMSA has been in this type of race for many years. Fortunately FEMSA is nowhere near finishing the climb, and the good news is, it’s a relay! There have been many members who have helped us climb to this point, members who are currently climbing, and those members who will take us even farther up in the future. After the board elections at the annual meeting, the Board of Directors held an election in November to elect the President, Vice President and two at-large executive committee members. I am pleased to announce that Bill Lawson has been elected President, Bill Van Lent, Vice President; along with Rod Carringer and John Granby as at-large executive committee members. They join Secretary/Treasurer Mike Natchipolsky to comprise the executive committee. Bill Lawson has done an exceptional job in planning the annual meeting with Janet Wilmoth, and I am certain his vision, guidance and effort will continue FEMSA on its climb up the stairs. The question will become how we do that. Many tips from tower racing will help guide FEMSA and the new executive board in


Winter 2013 - 2014 •

Second, FEMSA will use the railings. The best tower runners use the handrails to their advantage pulling themselves up like yanking on a rope. The rails allow the runners to get to the next level. In the same way, we might think of the FEMSA members and our industry partners as those hand railings that assist FEMSA in its upward journey. As I have said in this forum many times, the next new idea, the next new committee member, comes from the membership, and the more active the members, the stronger the handrails, and the easier the climb. Additionally, the relationships FEMSA has fostered with our industry partners are certainly rails we can pull on and with when we take on a project that is for the good of the order. Finally, the last tip from tower running is finish the race. The point of every race is to finish the race. Although FEMSA should never finish the race, become arrogant or rest on its laurels, for me personally it is time to “finish the race,” take a new contributing position in FEMSA, and not be the lead tower runner. Some runners will finish faster and stronger than others, but the goal is to do your personal best and finish what you started. I feel I have done that, and am honored that I was entrusted to guide this association. I would like to thank all of those who have helped make these past five years as successful and personally rewarding as they have been. In particular, I’d like to thank Jeff Morris and Alexis Fire Equipment, Karen Burnham, my wife Kelly, and the FEMSA board members I have had the privilege to serve with for the tremendous support that has made my portion of the race an exceptional experience. I believe I am leaving things better than I when I started, but there is much more to do. I look forward to seeing you out there on the climb, focusing on running up, and using the rails to make our industry a better place. With warmest thanks and regards,

Dan Reese President 2009-2013

Now in the Lead I would like to start my first column as president by recognizing and thanking our outgoing president, Mr. Dan Reese. Dan’s leadership over the last five years during very difficult times has strengthened FEMSA as a whole and has positioned us well for the coming years. On a personal note, I want to thank Dan for his friendship and guidance, and I look forward to continuing to work with him on the FEMSA board. I also want to thank the membership for your attendance at our annual meeting in Tampa. We saw 129 representatives from 87 member companies attend this year’s meeting! The attendance was so strong that we had to move our dates for the 2014 meeting in San Antonio to October 1-4 to ensure there will be enough hotel space. Thank you for your support and plan to book early for this year’s meeting! The survey that many of you filled out after the annual meeting showed an overall rating of 4.56 (out of 5) for the entire meeting, and 98% would recommend attendance at the next annual meeting. We are already in our planning phase for the 2014 meeting and your input is vital in that effort. Bill Van Lent, the new vice president of FEMSA, will spearhead the organizing of the 2014 meeting program. If you have a subject in mind, or see a terrific speaker, please let Bill, me, or anyone on the board know your thoughts. We will continue to strive for a rating of 5 out 5! Part of the survey also asked about the value to your company of programs and activities FEMSA provides. I will touch on these programs and activities, and your responses, in upcoming newsletters. Overall, as president of FEMSA, I want to have every member company believe their membership adds value to what they do. Thank you for your support of FEMSA! Bill Lawson President 2014-2015

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Winter 2013 - 2014 •

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By Dave Gatton In early November FEMA opened the application period for the Assistance to Firefighters Grant process that will award FY 2013 funds. Earlier in the year, the SAFER applications were received and are under current review by the DHS. Yes, folks, there is still part of the government that functions! Given political gridlock that has failed to enact a single appropriations bill by so-called regular order, a subsequent government shutdown that left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth, and a lackluster economy that economic forecasters say will see a paltry real GDP growth of around 1.7 % for 2013, is there any room for looking on the bright side of life? Well, the answer is “yes”—sort of. It is an incredible feat that the fire coalition, consisting of organizations such as CFSI, IAFF, IAFC, NVFC, FAMA and FEMSA (I trust you know the what the acronyms stand for) have remained vigilant and united in speaking with one voice in support of the fire grants programs, as well as others. In my 35 years of experience in Washington, D.C., I can say with certainty that it is because of this cooperation, collaboration and mutual support, that we have been

able to retain much needed assistance to local fire and emergency response departments across the country. The fire coalition is truly unique in this regard and we must do everything we can to maintain and nurture it. As we move into 2014,I want to commend FEMSA and FAMA members who have supported the organizations that comprise the fire coalition. You have attended CFSI’s Fire Dinner faithfully (and the FAMA/FEMSA Hill Day held in conjunction with it); you have supported the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, which works with the families of the fallen (our own John Granby at the 2013 annual gathering in Emmitsburg, MD, rang the ceremonial bell in honor of those fallen); you have held Home Days across the country to help educate elected leaders and congressional offices about the important role the AFG and SAFER programs play and how the programs help to create jobs here at home; and in your own communities you have promoted the importance of the fire service in its growing and changing role within neighborhoods and our national response system. Congratulations. But as always our work is not done! The House and Senate Budget Committees actually reached an agreement to pass a budget for FY 2014. This means that over the holidays Appropriations Committee staffers will revise their appropriations bills to meet the new “top line” budget numbers and the Congress will pass an omnibus

appropriations bill containing funding for most federal agencies sometime in January. Given that the House and Senate have similar appropriations bills for the Department of Homeland Security, we anticipate funding for FY 2014 of around $335-340 million for each of the AFG and SAFER programs. We will monitor the situation closely and keep you informed of developments. The good news is both sides found common ground and sought to avoid a government shutdown that would be injurious to the economy. The budget deficit was $680 billion in 2013, down from over $1 trillion in FY 2012—a significant decrease but still too high. And, economic forecasters predict GDP growth in 2014 will be 2.5%--not great but better than 2013. The nation’s mayors, in a report prepared by IHS Global Insight, predict that in 2014 all but four of the nation’s 363 metro areas will experience expanding economies. The important thing is not to become cynical. We still live in the best country in the world and at some point soon, we will find an equilibrium in our politics that merits the integrity of our governmental institutions and the commitment of the American people to democracy and the challenges of our day. Saddle up. We ride another year. Let’s hope it’s smoother going in 2014. •

FEMSA WELCOMES ITS NEWEST MEMBERS Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus James F. Wessel, Owner 15410 Highway 231 Union Grove, AL 35175 (866) 285-9305 • Wholesale dealer of fire trucks Ten-8 Fire Equipment, Inc. Cindy Morgan, VP of Equipment and Rescue Sales 2904 59th Ave. Dr. E. Bradenton, FL 34203 (800) 228-8368 • Dealer/Distributor

ZOLL Data Systems Kelli Turner, Marketing Director 11802 Ridge Parkway #400 Broomfield, CO 80021 (303) 801-1800 • Manufacturer of medical devices and RescueNet software, and resuscitation devices for EMS/Fiire

Winter 2013 - 2014 •



Winter 2013-2014

In Memoriam

Official Publication of Fire and Emergency Manufacturers and Services Association, Inc.

FEMSA is saddened to report the passing of an industry friend. Our condolences to the family of Pete Jefferson (Jefferson Fire & Safety) who passed away on October 25, 2013 following a 12-year battle with cancer. •

P.O. Box 147 Lynnfield, MA 01940-0147 Phone - 781-334-2771 Email - Website - Twitter - Copy and Advertising Deadlines: Contact the FEMSA office.

Roman Kaminski

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A Friend of the Fire Service Like No Other

Current Active FEMSA Committees:

by Bill Webb, Executive Director, Congressional Fire Services Institute

Annual Meeting Planning

We have often asked Stuart Nathan with the International Fire Buff Associates, Inc. for an update on Roman Kaminski, a former chair of the National Advisory Committee. Sadly, Stuart informed us that Roman died of heart attack at the age of 92 on November 15, 2013.


Roman never wore the turnout gear but he was one of the most dedicated and committed members of the fire service. For many years he was the IFBA’s representative to the CFSI National Advisory Committee. In 1997, his fellow NAC members selected him to serve as the committee’s chairman for consecutive terms in 1997 and 1998. Always the consummate gentleman, Roman was highly respected by his fellow NAC members for his integrity, character and dedication.

Bill Van Lent , Committee Chair Janet Wilmoth, Board Liaison Greg Toritto, Committee Co-Chair Crosby Grindle, Committee Co-Chair Janet Wilmoth, Board Liaison

Governmental Affairs

John Granby, FEMSA GAC Co-Chair Richard Boyes, FEMSA CGC Chair Rod Carringer, CGC Board Liaison


Patrick Hull, Committee Chair


Joe Skey and Gabe Steinbach, Committee Chairs Paul Andrews, Board Liaison

In his hometown of Baltimore, Roman was truly a giant. He was the former president of Box 414, the Baltimore City Fire Department’s canteen unit, and the chairman of the department’s Fire Prevention Program for over two decades. For his 70+ years of service to BCFD, he received many honors and recognitions – the highest of which was the department naming the station closest to Roman’s former home the Roman Kaminski Fire Station in 2006. Only five other individuals have received such an honor from BCFD.


Kevin O’Connor of the IAFF and former NAC Chair offered these words honoring his fellow Baltimore native. “Roman Kaminski was giant in the fire service in Baltimore and across the nation. Roman lived across the street from the fire station that now bears his name and where my dad served as a Captain in 1960s. I knew Roman my entire life. He was a leader, successful businessman and benefactor to the community. Roman truly made a difference. He will be missed and never forgotten.” •

Strategic Planning

Joe Porter, Committee Chair Doug Schaumburg, Board Liaison


Barbara Connolly, Committee Chair Judy Weigand, Board Liaison

Statistics & Research

James Long, Board Liaison Executive Committee

Trade Shows / Report Cards Ken Nielson, FEMSA Chair Rod Carringer, Board Liaison

User Information Guide Program Don Welch, Committee Chair Dan Reese, Board Liaison

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Winter 2013 - 2014 •

BUSINESS MEETING WRAP-UP Annual Conference Boasts Record-Breaking Attendance by Karen Burnham In spite of the economy over the last several years, FEMSA continues to see an upswing in membership participation and attendance at its annual conferences. Not surprisingly, the 2013 annual meeting held September 25-27 in Tampa, Florida, broke yet another record over 2012. It’s interesting to note that the average number of member representatives who attended FEMSA annual meetings over the last 20 years has changed dramatically:

1993 - 1997 = 36 1998 - 2002 = 51 2003 - 2007 = 90 2008 - 2012 = 98 2013 = 129

No doubt the keen interest of members, coupled with high quality program content and exceptional marketing efforts have had an impact. Sincere thanks to all members who took time out of their extremely busy business schedules and family commitments to be part of the 2013 conference, and to our conference planners and marketing teams who work tirelessly to ensure each and every member gains great value from the educational programs presented. The annual business meeting is the launching pad of the conference each year. The association bylaws prescribe that certain steps and reports be provided on an annual basis. This includes the calling of the roll, a financial overview, nominations and elections to the Board for the coming year, and a summary of activities since the last annual meeting including active committee reports. This required portion of the conference takes only a few hours. Over time, it has been reduced significantly so the greatest value of the conference can begin – the caucus group breakouts, the “Fire

Drill” segments, the Fire Chiefs’ Roundtable, and the speaker presentations. A full set of business meeting presentation slides may be found in the secure documents/member area of the FEMSA website, along with several of the speaker presentation slides. Congratulations to the following who were elected to the FEMSA Board of Directors for a three-year term commencing January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2016: Paul Andrews – PennWell Marketing Solutions John Granby – LION James Long – W.S. Darley & Co. Doug Schaumburg – Casco Industries The summaries that follow highlight the “meat” of the conference–the professional speaker presentations. If you were unable to join us in September, plan to do so in 2014 in San Antonio, Texas – October 1 - 4. I don’t know how, but our conference planners outdo themselves year after year, and surely in 2014, they will not disappoint. •

ECONOMIC FORECAST Dr. Basu’s “Rebound” by Bruce Whitehouse

Dr. Anirban Basu joined us in Tampa for the Fall Meeting, and once again he proved that economics can be informative, engaging and entertaining.

“IT SHOULDN’T BE SURPRISING THAT OVERALL GROWTH IS STILL SLUGGISH IN THE US.” In his address titled “Going up for the Rebound,” Dr. Basu suggested that the global economy has been getting better, although the overall pace of growth has slowed. The US and Canadian economies are increasing at a rate of about 1.7% annually. This compares favorably with about 1.2% aggregate growth for the advanced economies but lags the emerging developing countries at 5%. These comparisons are important because, as we all know, our supply chains and our sales are increasingly impacted by global market conditions. In the Fall of 2012, Dr. Basu had predicted that 2013 could have a more positive look if federal politicians were to work together and if pressures

from other parts of the world receded. Given that the political climate in Washington hasn’t improved and that other parts of the world continue to struggle, it shouldn’t be surprising that overall growth is still sluggish in the US. In his outlook, Dr. Basu reiterated a statement from previous years: that consumers continue to practice what he calls “retail therapy.” Consumer spending has risen 4.7% over last year--and this at a time when the Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index is at 79.9%. With 90% the benchmark for a “confident” indicator, the current rating reflects the pressures of high unemployment, home prices that continue to stay below pre-recession levels, rising mortgage rates and increasing federal deficit. But consumers, who represent 2/3 of the economy, continue to spend aggressively. And we should be glad they are doing so.

100 in August 2004. Overall, the index has proven to be extremely reliable and its current status reflects flat public capital spending, an increasingly “part time job” environment, geopolitical influences and the anticipated tapering by the Federal Reserve. Overall, Dr. Basu concluded that export markets will continue to play an increasing role in our economies and that 2014 should be a “good” year-especially if the US and Canadian dollars stay soft versus major international currencies. • Dr. Anirban Basu

“ EXPORT MARKETS WILL CONTINUE TO PLAY AN INCREASING ROLE IN OUR ECONOMICS.” The Conference Board Leading Economic Indicator Index– a composite of leading indicators–was at 96.6 in August 2013. This contrasts to a benchmark of Winter 2013 - 2014 •


ANNUAL MEETING RECAP Yield to the Future by Grady North

By Judy Weigand

Jack Uldrich, a renowned global futurist and the author of eleven books, provided a thought-provoking presentation entitled “Why the Future of the Fire and Emergency Industry Will Demand Unlearning.” Jack bills himself as the founder and chief unlearning officer of the school of unlearning. Our minds are often programmed to see what we are familiar with – not what is actually there. When Uldrich asked attendees what a yield sign looks like, many folks described a sign like this:

Following the alwayspopular Fire Drill and afternoon break, our final two program parts covered the timely topics of health care reform and effective ways to deal with the next generation of workers.

But others–mostly younger attendees–said the sign looks like this:

Uldrich brought home the point that yield signs throughout the U.S. haven’t been yellow and black for more than 40 years. Another focus of Uldrich’s presentation was the idea that businesses need to stay ahead of emerging technologies. Who would have thought, a few years ago, that an individual could buy a 3-D printer and download the instructions on how to print a working plastic gun? Uldrich asked how 3-D printing and other new technologies are going to change the way we do business. Everything from how we train (think: electronic simulators instead of physical equipment) to how products are sold, is rapidly changing in our society. Uldrich’s well-received presentation provided a window for viewing and thinking about the future in a different way. • 8

Speakers on Healthcare Reform and the Gen Y Workforce

Winter 2013 - 2014 •

Larry Grudzien, an attorney practicing exclusively in the field of employee benefits, presented “Health Care Reform Changes – What is Effective for 2014 and Larry Grudzien 2015.” Grudzien acknowledged that while many changes related to health care reform were due to take effect on October 1--only three days after our meeting--features of implementation were still unclear and unsettled. Grudzien presented an amazing array of reform-related information on notices, fees, taxes, waiting periods, pre-existing condition clauses, out-of-pocket limits, wellness programs, the employer mandate, reporting requirements, cost-sharing requirements, employer credits and subsidies, fully insured and self-insured plans, plan rules and cost control suggestions. (Whew!) Time was allowed for questions and there were many! Michael Booth and Tom Hutchinson from Mid American Group, a company specializing in employee benefits, presented the topic “Finding, Training, Motivating, and Keeping the Next Generation of Workers.” Focusing on “Gen Y” or the “Millennials,” the 63 million Americans born between the years of 1980 and 1985, Booth and Hutchinson helped us to understand the Michael Booth and Tom Hutchinson talk about the traits of this generation that will make up more next generation. than 40% of our workforce by the year 2020. Millennials want to work, but they don’t want work to be their life. They carry, on average, a student loan debt of $26,600. They are very tied to their parents. In looking for jobs, they use social media, job boards, search engines, and career sites. Interviewing tips were presented as were recruiting tactics, training tips, perks that will attract and keep Gen Y, and an outline of who their “dream boss” would be. For review, or for those who were not able to attend, PowerPoint slides from both presentations are available in the member area of the FEMSA website. •



By Janet Wilmoth

The fifth annual Fire Chiefs’ Roundtable at the FEMSA/FAMA Annual Meeting in Tampa was once again moderated by Dennis Compton, retired chief of Mesa, AZ. Fire chief participants included: Chief Brian Crawford, Plano, TX; Chief David Downey, Miami-Dade Fire Dept.; Dr. Bruce Moeller, Pinellas Co., FL; Chief John Pope, Collinsville, MS; and Chief Edward “Loy” Senter, Chesterfield, VA. Before answering a series of questions submitted by the FEMSA/FAMA members, each chief offered opening comments. Chief Brian Crawford, recently appointed chief in Plano Fire Department, offered his priorities for the department, as well as the introduction of a new “priority dispatch” system that he believed would be “efficient, effective and useful” in the Plano community. Chief John Pope stated that many departments are facing budget cuts and fire station closings, but in a small-town community like Collinsville, Pope said, “It’s an even tougher sell.” Pope’s department is preparing to purchase a new apparatus to replace one from 1980. “We see all the new innovations, but if we look at it from a cost experience, the bigger the unit, the bigger the costs.” Metro Chief David Downey commented, “We know that politics drives our service from a federal to a local level. It’s critical that we continue to justify the service that we provide.” Questions on staffing and apparatus are continuous according to the chief. “At the end of the day, we’re still going to need people,” he added. In a department with 250,000 annual calls, Downey said, “We’re only touching ten percent of the community. How do we get the value out and to the other ninety percent? It’s important that we strategize to get the message out about the value of the fire service.” Dr. Bruce Moeller, executive director for Safety & Emergency Services, Pinellas County, concurred with Chief Downey and addressed the loss of federal funding and how funding now rests with local government. “Fire deaths and injuries are at our lowest levels ever,” said Moeller and questioned whether firefighters need to be on duty 24/7. He

added, “Predictive approaches and analytics will be integral. There’s going to be a need to collaborate and consolidate among departments.” During the question and answer portion of the program, topics ranged from consolidation to PPE to trade shows. Among the notable comments:

When purchasing personal protective equipment, what’s important? Chief Crawford responded that price is very far down the line. He looks at the application to interface with the equipment and he wants to talk to other people who are using the equipment. “Price is a little bit down the road unless it’s significantly different.” Chief Downey said he questioned the end result of the PPE and the benefit to his firefighters and community. In addition, “How does it fit with our neighboring departments-whether equipment or apparatus.”

Are committees used in purchasing? Chief Senter supported the use of committees. “The challenge I have is that I want to design the best fire truck, but we have got to get back to what we need and not what we want.” Chief Crawford shared that Plano Fire Department is in the process of implementing a new program that will put two paramedics in an SUV versus running a 40,000 pound vehicle on medical calls. “We have to become a change-oriented culture. Let’s be the change agent and start embracing those changes.”

Now we have different types of clothing that doesn’t fatigue firefighters.”

Trade shows – What is your take in participating in trade shows and are they of value to you? Chief Loy actively sends his committees to conferences around the nation. Dr. Moeller shared that it depends on the product line, but the chief is ultimately responsible and he will have to sell the administrators. Chief Crawford referred to himself as the “end user” and does his research by going to IAFC’s Fire-Rescue International with a list of vendors that he wants to see and he walks the floor at least twice.

What about alternative fuels and green technology for the fire service? Dr. Moeller looks forward to the day when it’s affordable and practical. Chief Crawford turned the question around and told the audience, “Bring us the apparatus that is affordable…You build it, it works, we will buy it.” In their final comments, the chiefs were encouraging the FEMSA/FAMA membership to work with the fire service to attain similar goals of better equipment and safety for firefighters. Chief Downey stated, “We need to continue to work together, both trade and the fire service. I welcome the continued opportunities to work with manufacturers.” •

Firefighters are being asked to do more with less. What one innovation would you like most? Chief Crawford responded, “GIS—to monitor firefighters’ location and their health.” Chief Downey stated, “Apparatus design. Look at apparatus design today versus thirty years ago. They are the same design trucks.” Chief Pope commented on turnout gear. “We have seen so many changes in the last forty years…hats off to the manufacturers.

Roundtable participants, l to r: Bruce Moeller, Chief David Downey, Chief Brian Crawford, Chief John Pope, Chief Loy Senter Winter 2013 - 2014 •



FEMSA Meeting attendees looking straight into the future.

First-time attendee Mercedes Foulon with Bob Towe

L TO R: Steve Toren, Richard Boyes, Pat Hull and Jeff Hupke

The happy table! l to r: Nathan Calabrese, Joe Skey, Stephanie McQuade, Breven Clark, Susie Cruz, Nanci Yulico

Intense Fire Drill session attended by (l to r) Ted Bart, Bill Lawson, Stephen Asthalter, Chris Crowel Annual Meeting photos provided by Rod Carringer


Winter 2013 - 2014 •


First-time attendee Claire Miller (center) networks during the social hour.

Marc Bouchard at the New Attendee Reception

to r: Matt Dehart, Ryan Depew, john Harrel, Tom Nugent

Tim Swartz and Bill Franz

Winter 2013 - 2014 •


ENDING ON HIGH NOTES by Karen Burnham The final event of the FEMSA/FAMA annual conference is the farewell banquet. All members and guests enjoyed a fine dinner, additional networking opportunities, and a recap of the meeting segments held over the last couple of days. Special thanks to Whelen Engineering for sponsoring the dinner, and to for sponsoring the dinner open bar and providing its “challenge coin” to all dinner attendees.

friendship, and presented a gift to each as a token of his appreciation and gratitude.

The finale of the evening was the “Marshmallow Challenge” orchestrated by FEMSA board member Giff Throughout the dinner, a slideshow of past Swayne. The Precise measurement of a leaning spaghetti structure draws scrutiny from meetings was enjoyed. FEMSA President M a r s h m a l l o w Lee Morris, Scott Edens, and others looking on. Dan Reese and FAMA President Harold Boer Challenge is a reshared a few closing remarks in appreciation to markably fun and instructive design exercise tends to do the worst? Why? Who tends to do all who participated in this year’s conference. that encourages teams or groups of folks to the best? Why? What improves performance? experience simple but profound lessons in col- What kills it? With his president’s term coming to a close af- laboration, innovation and creativity. The task ter leading the charge for five years in that post, was simple: In 18 minutes, each dinner table In the end, two teams tied for the win with Dan Reese called to the podium all members of guests was to build the tallest free-standing each winning participant receiving a Starof the FEMSA Board and staff. He recognized structure out of 20 sticks of spaghetti, one yard bucks gift card. Congratulations to: them for their dedication, hard work and of tape, one yard of string, and one marshmallow which was to Table #9 participants Jeff Burns, Tim Doane, be placed on the Scott Edens, Don Fishel, Dave Gatton, John top of the struc- McNulty, Pat Miner, Lee Morris, and Scott ture. A count- Warbritton down stopwatch was displayed – and – and moderator Swayne periodi- Table #16 participants Steve Asthalter, Barbacally announced ra Connolly, John Evans, Jim Everett, Bill and the time re- Norma Franz, Chick Granito, Karen Mandel, maining, adding Jim Walter, and Dick Young varying levels of pressure to the Plans are underway for the 2014 conference task. Surprising with a new date: October 1-4 – in San Anlessons emerged tonio, TX. The annual conferences only gets when comparing bigger and better, so plan now to be part of teams’ perfor- it. • Steve Asthalter, Denise Swayne, and Karen Burnham eyeball the tape as the mances. Who crowd awaits the final number.

SAVE THE (NEW) DATE! Due to overwhelming response and record-setting attendance at the 2013 annual meeting, the 2014 FEMSA/FAMA Annual Meeting has been rescheduled for



Winter 2013 - 2014 •

FIRST-TIMER FEEDBACK Sometimes it’s a little uncomfortable to be a newbie at an event. But when we asked first-timers about their experience at the FEMSA/FAMA Annual Meeting in Tampa, praise came pouring in.

“The FEMSA meeting provided trend analysis coupled with expert opinions on the future of our industry; both critical to Fire-Dex’s new product development initiatives.”

“As a first-time participant, I found the FEMSA meeting was well organized, planned and carried out. There is no question that meeting planners made special efforts to welcome and involve first-time attendees. For me, the primary benefit to attending the meeting was networking with other attending companies to further develop business relationships. Attendance at the FEMSA annual meeting also provided a slate of interesting presentations on the economic recovery, future trends in the fire service, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and dealing with advancing technology.”

Brett Jaffe President & CEO Fire-Dex


Les Boord Draeger Safety “Several FEMSA members have been bugging me for years to join FEMSA. This year with the meeting in Tampa, near our home office, I finally did it. I am so glad that we joined! It was great to see so many vendors that we work with as well as other dealers from around the FOR WEB ONLY country. The networking opportunity to discuss the market trends and business challenges is priceless. Thank you to the FEMSA team for putting on such an informative meeting!” Cindy Morgan VP of Equipment and Rescue Sales Ten-8 Fire Equipment, Inc.

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“As a first-timer to the FEMSA annual meeting, as well as being new to this industry, I found the programs extremely valuable in helping me better understand the scope of the fire and emergency services marketplace. From the fire chiefs’ roundtable, to Dr. Basu, and even how to deal with millennial employees, the programs were targeted to information I needed. The opportunities for socializing and meeting others in our industry were extremely useful and led to several valuable contacts.


The venue in FL was good, travel in and out easy, and even the association business meeting had some funny moments. All in all, this will be a program that is on my schedule next year in San Antonio.” Nathan Calabrese Vice President, International Sales Task Force Tips, Inc.



FEMSA/FAMA Hospitality Suite


FEMSA/FAMA Banquet Open Bar

RGB 136.27.28 HEX 88.1B.1C


FAMA/FEMSA Friday Banquet FAMA Breakfast ®

FEMSA/FAMA Networking



FAMA/FEMSA Round Table

FEMSA/FAMA Friday Reception FEMSA/FAMA Marketing Development

FEMSA/FAMA Business Speaker

FAMA/FEMSA Conference Signage

Winter 2013 - 2014 •


A LETTER FROM BILL WEBB, CFSI nization in Washington, DC that builds partnerships in our nation’s capital to advance the fire service agenda.

ASSOCIATES CLUB PROGRAM Levels of Support Congressional -- $25 • CFSI Lapel Pin • Timeless Heroes Print • Set of three CFSI Commemorative Challenge Coins


Senate -- $50

I certainly enjoyed the opportunity to attend the FEMSA/FAMA Annual Meeting in Tampa and provide an update on federal issues impacting the fire and emergency services.

• Congressional level gift items • Protecting Our Nation t-shirt

Cabinet -- $100 • Congressional level gift items • CFSI Polo Shirt

Speaker -- $250 • Congressional level gift items • CFSI Polo Shirt • CFSI Tumbler

Vice-Presidential -- $500 • Congressional level gift items • CFSI Polo Shirt • Ticket to the annual National Fire and Emer gency Services Dinner and Seminars Program

Presidential -- $1000 • Congressional level gift items • Ticket to the annual National Fire and Emer gency Services Dinner and Seminars Program • Invitation to the CFSI Board of Directors Reception held prior to the Dinners



I’m hoping you can find a level of support that you could pledge to help us in our mission. By pledging, you will help make a difference on Capitol Hill for our nation’s firefighters and rescue personnel.

I didn’t realize that my good friend Chief Dennis Compton put in a good word about CFSI during the Roundtable discussion that he facilitated and where he suggested that you join the CFSI Associates Club Program. I’d like to briefly explain the purpose of the Associates Club Program. As I mentioned in my own presentation, CFSI is a privately-funded organization. We do not receive grants or any other support from the federal government--even through the AFG program which we have fought so hard to preserve for the past 13 years. CFSI’s Associates Club Program is geared to individuals who are interested in helping us further our mission to educate members of Congress about the challenges facing our nation’s one million first responders. So here’s your opportunity to help the one orga-

If you do have any questions about our mission, or as I mentioned in my presentation, if you are planning to visit Washington, please give us a call. We’re always interested in furthering our knowledge and understanding of the fire service industry. Sincerely, Bill Webb Executive Director Congressional Fire Services Institute •

Bill Webb

Tampa 2


10th Anniversary of the Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives: Building for the Future National Fallen Firefighters executive director Ronald J. Siarnicki is pleased to announce that NFFF will be hosting TAMPA2—the ten-year anniversary of the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives. The purpose of TAMPA2 will be to evaluate the effectiveness of the 16 FLSI as well as to develop new priorities for firefighter safety within the guidelines established by the Initiatives. This summit will also focus on changing fire service stewardship and how current leaders can assist young “up and comers” as they begin to build their legacy of safety for all. The NFFF will sponsor several scholarships for company officers who are recommended to attend.


Winter 2013 - 2014 •

As the first meeting in Tampa did in 2004, this event is expected to include representatives from across the broad spectrum of the fire service, including all major fire service organizations. There will be several planning sections of those wishing to engage at that level, including one concerning technology and manufacturing. For more information, please contact Dr. JoEllen Kelly at, or consult the Foundation’s social media on Facebook (National Fallen Firefighters Foundation) and Twitter @NFFF_News. •

TRADE SHOW REPORT CARD FEMSA members, please remember to fill out trade show surveys when you are notified by email. Participation is essential so we have reliable statistics for this report.

By Summer Johnston and Ken Nielsen


he 2013 trade show season has come to an end. We have a lot of information for you and hope you find it useful. Thank you to tradeshow management at PennWell, NYSAFC, Cygnus and the IAFC for answering questions gathered from post-show surveys. NY Chiefs (FIRE 2013) Verona, NY June 13-15, 2013 Q: Is NYSAFC working on anything to increase attendance? A: We are expanding our advertising outside of New York and requiring full-term registration to increase the number of days attended. FDIC (Fire Department Instructors Conference) Indianapolis, IN April 25-27, 2013

Q: Is PennWell working on anything to increase FDIC’s Saturday attendance? A: Saturday attendee promotion will be amplified for 2014 with exclusive Special Events and grand-prize giveaways. (Must be present to win). In addition, there will be unique marketing campaign elements to include geo-targeted newspaper print ad and radio spots, as well as a dedicated HTML (e-blast) and social media campaign. Q: What is PennWell doing to keep exhibit cost from increasing? A: PennWell is always working with our vendors to keep costs as low as possible for exhibitors. This is especially evident by our long term contract with the city of Indianapolis. However, keeping cost down for firefighters and their department’s remains of paramount importance to ensure their ability to attend FDIC. Q: Staging on Sunday is too early. Can it be moved to Monday? A: Staging on Sunday is too early. It is something we have looked at in the past, but it was not workable for many of the larger booths. We will look into it again with Brede and will revisit and discuss at the 2014 exhibitor roundtable.

Q: Is it possible to set up live demo areas in the middle of the exhibit floors where vendors can sign up to provide a demo? A: We are always open to new ideas; NYSAFC is a firm believer that anything can be done in the future. We can set up an area outside for demos too. Q: Is the NYSAFC considering ending the show early on Saturday? A: Not at this point in time. Q: Is the NYSAFC working with the city to reduce hotel rates during the show? A: We entered a three-year contract which has one year left. However, we haven’t increased the cost to exhibit in the past two years.

Firehouse Expo Baltimore, MD July 25-27, 2013 Q: What are Cygnus’s plans to bring in more exhibitors to the 2014 show? A: I can’t stress enough our commitment to improving the Firehouse Expo experience for both our attendees and our exhibitors. We’ve made progress through hard decisions, changing from how it’s always

Winter 2013 - 2014 •

11 15

TRADE SHOW REPORT CARD been done, to evolving with the fire industry. In 2013 we made the move to a two-day exhibit hall at Firehouse World to save our exhibitors hotel and entertaining costs as well as time away from the office. Moving forward into 2014, we made the decision to change our general contractor to Shepard Exposition Services to improve the exhibitors’ third party service. A lead retrieval license, listing on our mobile app and banner ad on our website are included with every booth at both shows as well as carpet for the larger apparatus companies at Firehouse Expo. We’ve also moved to a simplified price structure for Firehouse Expo that actually lowered rates for some booth sizes. The cost and time saving tactics are necessary; however, we know the primary focus of our exhibitors is for us to bring them more customers. We’re working with local and surrounding state associations to bring their members to the show with reduced conference rates, hosted meetings and targeted conference content. We added a $99 conference rate for members of the Maryland State Firemen’s Association and we’re currently establishing a Conference Advisory Committee for both shows to ensure we deliver the best content and instructors from around the country. The support of the local departments and unions has been incredible. City of Baltimore Acting Fire Chief Jeffrey Segal has pledged his support of an additional Thrill Show to take place during Firehouse Expo as well as a critical mass casualty drill to get the surrounding counties involved with the show as well as the drill. There’s a lot of excitement and enthusiasm coming out of both cities. Increasing our attendance is the priority.

back to FEMSA formally through our Exhibitor Advisory Board as to how we will address this cost issue. But we will address it for 2014.

Q: Does Cygnus have any plans to turn Firehouse Expo into a twoday show Friday and Saturday? A: Our research with area departments, particularly with volunteers in MD, is that they would like evening hours. We are doing research currently to determine whether to start Thursday in early afternoon and run into the evening for the MD state and area volunteers. We would love feedback from FEMSA members and to have them be part of that research.

Q: Does the IAFC have any plans to increase show management’s presence at Fire-Rescue International? A: We always have plenty of staff on the floor of the show. Unfortunately, perhaps businesses did not know who they could reach out to. We will do a better job of letting our businesses know the right point of contact.

Q: Is Cygnus working with the city to reduce hotel rates during the show? A: This has been ongoing dialogue. Currently, it’s been price freezing and amenities, which is why we have forgone both a booth pricing increase and we moved away from the 3-tiered pricing to ensure exhibitors are getting the best value with us. We continue to source low-cost options outside of our existing block, and by the airport, and will report

FRI (Fire-Rescue International) Chicago, IL August 16-17, 2013 Q: There were numerous complaints about FRI Unplugged being held during show hours. Does the IAFC plan on continuing this? A: No, we will not be doing FRI Unplugged again. We attempted to do something on the floor that was not successful. We will not try that again.

4 3.5 3 2.5 2 1.5 1

















NOTE: all attendance results are self reported by trade show organizers


Winter 2013 - 2014 •

0.5 0

Firehouse World


NY Fire Chiefs

Firehouse Expo




























PA Fire Expo


EXPECT Reach the most powerful group of decision-makers with the industry’s most powerful media brand.

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Contact us today at 1-800-547-7377 ext. 2010 or link directly to our 2014 Media Planner 1 2

Firehouse 2014 Media Planner 2013 Audience Study


Akron Brass Acquires Assets of Reach Engineering LLC Ohio fire industry manufacturer expands product offering with strategic move. Akron Brass Company, a division of Premier Farnell, a distributor of electronic components, announced it has acquired the assets of Reach Engineering LLC, a privately owned company headquartered in Ocala, Florida that provides specialized electronics to the emergency and industrial vehicle markets. As a part of Akron Brass’s continued strategy of providing customer driven solutions / innovations in life-safety products, the acquisition of Reach’s assets brings best-in-class products to Akron’s already robust portfolio. Reach Engineering has significant expertise in emergency vehicle products and services and is recognized as an innovator of solutions specifically addressing the needs of the fire service. “This strategic acquisition demonstrates our commitment to bringing highly customized life-safety technologies to the industry,” said Tom Hudak, President of Akron Brass. “We are now in a position to offer our customers a more complete and integrated apparatus solution to help save lives and protect assets.”

Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus, LLC is pleased to announce a 21,000 square foot addition of office and shop space located on Highway 231 in Lacey’s Spring, AL.


Winter 2013 - 2014 •

This addition is less than three miles from Brindlee Mountain’s main facility, also located on Highway 231. The new space will house paint and body operations and diesel repair. Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus also provides the ambulance transport service to the local community, and the new facility will house a 24/7 EMS duty crew as well as provide space for ambulance maintenance. The growth of Brindlee Mountain’s used firetruck sales and service necessitated additional space, and the facility meets those needs perfectly.

Phoenix Fire Apparatus, LLC of Sumter, South Carolina has agreed to become the newest Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc. dealer in the USA, covering all of South Carolina and north Georgia. Phoenix Fire Apparatus is led by company president and longtime Ferrara veteran Kent Cummings. Ferrara Fire Apparatus Inc. President/CEO Chris Ferrara commented on Phoenix and Mr. Cummings. “We are extremely pleased to have Kent and his new company select Ferrara Fire Apparatus as the manufacturer they will represent in South Carolina and north Georgia. Kent has years and years of experience selling our product and we believe he will make an immediate impact for us.” Phoenix Fire Apparatus is completing a new service center in Sumter, scheduled to open November, 2013. The 7500 square foot facility can accommodate up to eight fire trucks and also has 2000 square feet of office space. “I’m very excited to be part of the Ferrara team,” said Phoenix President Kent Cummings. “We have in-house and mobile service capabilities in place so we can provide the excellent level of customer service expected of a top flight dealership. Also, we have the product offering and experience to make an immediate impact on our South Carolina and northern Georgia sales territories.”

Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc. is also pleased to announce the addition of FF1 Professional Safety Services of Sparta, New Jersey as their new authorized dealer for the state of New Jersey and northeastern PA. FF1 Professional Safety Services was established in 2005 by experienced firefighters, chiefs, and first responders. They are a multi-faceted company dedicated to the finest in customer service. With three locations in New Jersey; Sparta, Succasunna and Hazlet, FF1 is able to provide excellent customer service throughout the entire territory. “We’re extremely excited to have an energetic organization like FF1 join our dealer network,” said President/CEO Chris Ferrara. “Through their outstanding service and knowledge of their customers, FF1 has achieved a high level of success with each line of equipment they carry. We believe they’ll have the same experience with Ferrara Fire Apparatus.”

Nonprofit FIRE 20/20 is seeking partner/ sponsors to support the distribution of two new Why I Chose Fire: Next Generation™ diversity recruitment videos. One video is specifically for career departments and the other for volunteer departments. The eight-minute videos will be FREE to North American fire and emergency services departments, colleges and universities, fire academies, and high school cadet/Explorer programs. Organizations can put a link to the video on their websites, play it on local cable access channels and use it at recruitment fairs, orientations and public events. A trailer for these videos is available at: “We’re seeking fellow fire equipment manufacturers who understand the value of an inclusive and diverse fire service and are interested in a unique and targeted marketing opportunity to reach not only the current fire service, but future fire service person-

MEMBERS NEWS nel,” said Jeff Emery, FIRE 20/20 Board Vice President and Senior Marketing Manager for Scott Safety, one of FIRE 20/20’s longtime sponsors. “As a fire chief, I always appreciate when our vendors understand the complexity of our day-to-day challenges beyond just the products and services they are providing,” said Adam Thiel, Fire Chief in Alexandria, VA. “I think these videos will be added value for any department.” FIRE 20/20 will promote and acknowledge partner/sponsors year-round on the videos, in press releases and articles, in FIRE 20/20 monthly webinars and email blasts and on the FIRE 20/20 website. FIRE 20/20 projects more than 5,000 fire and emergency services organizations will integrate the videos into their recruitment campaigns, reaching more than 500,000 potential firefighters and emergency responders. “Our communities continue to become more diverse,” notes Larry Sagen, Founder of FIRE 20/20. “Unfortunately, most departments are relatively homogenous and don’t speak the languages, have proactive relationships or understand the growing risk factors in many of the high risk, multicultural communities.” “The most effective way to address these growing issues is for departments to represent the communities they serve with qualified, inclusive, diverse and safety-conscious firefighters and emergency responders,” continued Sagen. “There is nothing else out there. The Why I Chose Fire: Next Generation videos will help both career and volunteer departments to accomplish that goal.” For more information about becoming a partner/sponsor for the Why I Chose Fire: Next Generation videos, contact ff@fire2020. org or call FIRE20/20 at (360) 627-8663.

Honeywell First Responder Products is pleased to announce that Christie Newsome has

accepted the role of R&D Leader for Honeywell First Responder. Christie joined Honeywell in 2010, bringing a 25-year tenure in the automotive sector where she lead engineering teams at General Motors and Delphi Corporation. In addition, Christie has also held leadership positions in operations, maintenance, program management, and supplier quality and sourcing while with GM and Delphi. During her three years at Honeywell, Christie has had assignments in strategic sourcing and project management supporting HFRP in Dayton and Santa Ana. Christie holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Kettering University (formerly GMI Engineering & Management Institute) and an MBA from Miami University.

Brauer named to serve on Pro Board’s Committee on Accreditation Brian R. Brauer, Associate Director for the Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) has been chosen to serve on the Committee on Accreditation for the National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications (Pro Board). He is one of 16 members who serve on the committee from across the United States and Canada. The Pro Board is a non-profit professional organization, based in Quincy, Mass., founded to enhance job performance and credibility of those individuals within the fire service and allied professions. The Pro Board accredits programs delivered by accredited organizations for recognition across jurisdictional lines. IFSI has been accredited by Pro Board since

2009 and offers 24 Pro Board-accredited programs. IFSI is one of 70 accredited agencies worldwide. IFSI’s LRRC recognized for its design The Illinois Fire Service Institute’s (IFSI) Learning Resource and Research Center (LRRC) has been recognized for design excellence by Fire Chief magazine. Fire Chief announced the winners of its 13th annual Station Style Fire Station Design Awards, a program that recognizes outstanding architecture and design from fire departments nationwide. This year, 51 fire stations and public-safety facilities participated in the annual design awards program.

The LRRC received the bronze award in the Training Facilities category. The entry was submitted by FGM Architects who designed the facilities. FGM, based in Oak Brook, worked closely with Brian Brauer to complete the construction of the building, dedicated in January of 2011. The 21,000 square foot facility, with its advanced communications network, has allowed IFSI to expand its online training capacity and delivery of resources from the library. The Incident Management Training Center is used regularly by local public organizations and allows for expanded homeland security training. The modern research labs, just feet away from the livefire training grounds, helps researchers take the firefighter directly from the training ground into the lab for accurate and meaningful measurements. The LRRC is also the site for a Firefighter Memorial Hall and a Memorial Plaza. IFSI recognizes instructors under new program The University of Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) has implemented a new program to recognize instructors who exempliWinter 2013 - 2014 •


Member News

MEMBERS NEWS fy quality instruction, student engagement, professional demeanor and knowledge base. The first group of instructors are all chiefs or retired chiefs. Chief Bryan Doyle, Fairview Fire Department, has instructed for IFSI since 2000 and has worked on more than 340 classes. He is best known for instruction in vehicle/ machinery rescue. Chief Ed Enright has been an instructor for IFSI since 1986 and is most noted for his “Duty, Pride & Tradition” leadership presentations around the state. He is retired from the Chicago Fire Department after 38 years of service. Chief Craig Haigh has been an integral part of IFSI’s research efforts, particularly those projects focused on firefighter safety and health. He has been an instructor for the Institute since 1995 and is currently chief of the Hanover Park Fire Department. Chief James Moore has been an instructor with IFSI since 1996, with a focus on fire officer training. He has 32 years as a firefighter and has been chief of the Crystal Lake Fire Rescue since 2005. Chief Dave Parrott is relatively new to the ranks of instructor for IFSI, starting in 2010. He focuses on Special Operation Team training. Dave is chief of the Wallace Fire Department and also serves as Emergency Re20

Winter 2013 - 2014 •

sponse Leader for SABIC Innovative Plastics in Ottawa. The sixth honoree is Chief Tom Shubert of the Canton Fire Department. Tom has been an instructor with IFSI since 2005. He is a part of IFSI’s leadership development team and has been a major contributor to IFSI’s curriculum rewrites. Each month, IFSI will choose instructors to honor based upon nominations from other instructors and students.

INNOTEX® is pleased to announce the appointment of George Stratten to the position of Regional Sales Manager for the Western USA region. George is based in Oregon and has been serving the Western USA region for more than 20 years in the fire service market. He is a results-driven professional with experience identifying opportunities, conducting needs assessment, and providing solutions. George prides himself on creating and maintaining collaborative client relationships. Please join us in welcoming George in his new position. We wish him a strong and successful career.

L.N. Curtis & sons is pleased to announce our two newest sales professionals!

We welcome Chris Parano, who will replace Erik Anderson as he moves into our Pacific North and South Sales Manager position in December. Chris serves our hero customers in the Central Valley of California between Stockton and Bakersfield. With extensive sales experience, Chris comes to us with superb customer service skills and a real can-do attitude. He received his BA degree at Fresno Pacific University where he played three years of collegiate baseball. We appreciate his team approach to the position and his outstanding work ethic. We also welcome Trevor Murphy to our sales team. Trevor is serving our customers in California from the South Bay to the Central Coast, including Santa Clara to San Luis Obispo counties. Trevor, too, has extensive background in sales and customer service. He had the opportunity to work for the San Francisco Giants as a client relations representative during their 2010 season when the Giants won the World Series. Baseball is a true love of his and Trevor played Division II baseball in college. He lives with his wife and newborn son in the Bay Area where he enjoys sports, spending time with his family and golfing. In addition, Trevor keeps busy as a NCAA basketball referee. As we see additions to our sales force, we also have new members in our Customer Service and Operations Management positions. Angela Endrody was promoted to Customer Service and Operations Manager in the Northwest, Seattle office. Angela has been with L.N. Curtis & sons for over five years and started in reception. She later took on the positions of Northwest Service Coordinator and Alaska Sales Specialist. She has two beautiful daughters and prides herself as being one of those very loud,

MEMBERS NEWS cheering parents at the many soccer games, volleyball matches and swim meets that she attends regularly.

officer positions including chief. He also served as a Pennsylvania state fire instructor.

Brandon Clough was promoted to Customer Service and Operations Manager in the Intermountain, Salt Lake City office. Brandon has been with L.N. Curtis & sons for over 11 years, learning the trade in the warehouse, and then moving into customer service before being promoted to his current management position. He enjoys playing basketball and is also an avid spectator of the sport. His favorite pastime, though, is spending time with his wife and two children.

Dan has been employed in fire apparatus sales for over 25 years as a sales rep, sales manager, and as a regional manager. During his career, he has represented Emergency One, Pierce, and Ferrara. He recently retired as a Regional Manager for Hackney Emergency Vehicles.

We welcome Shannon Crays to our Curtis Care team of service technicians. Shannon will be providing technical services for our Wyoming and Colorado customers. He has exceptional knowledge of the fire service business having spent the last six years as a career fire chief and 22 years before that as a field service technician and business owner. Shannon and his wife will reside in the Denver Metro area. When not working, they can be found cycling and playing golf.

Dan Polinsky has recently joined the Kaza sales team. Dan has been in the fire service since 1972. He was a volunteer fire fighter in West Mifflin and Monroeville, Pa. He later became a career fire fighter with Richmond Bureau of Fire in Virginia. Dan has served as a career fire chief for United States Steel Corporation in Pittsburgh. As a volunteer, Dan held all fire

years of combined experience, Sentinel will serve the 4-state region of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. The leadership team includes President Brad Towers (top)

Dan is married with four children and currently resides in Allegheny County.

Thomas H. Nugent, President of Kussmaul Electronics, has announced the promotion of Colin Chambless to the new position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Colin joined the Kussmaul team a couple of years ago after 10 years with On Spot Chain and as Director of Sales for American LaFrance. Tom is pleased to have Colin on his executive team heading up the sales and marketing staff, and being available to assist with any unique requirements or special solutions as needed.

Towers Fire Apparatus Co. is now Sentinel Emergency Solutions, LLC. Towers and Franco Emergency Solutions, two great emergency equipment manufacturers, have merged to create Sentinel Emergency Solutions providing sales and service for first responders and emergency personnel in the fire, EMS and towing industries. Drawing on 90

Executive Vice President Brian Franz (left) and Vice President of Sales Bill Franz (right). Sentinel’s team of 50 employees is located in offices and manufacturing facilities in Arnold, Missouri and Freeburg, Illinois with 24/7 emergency service provided throughout the region.

Shipman’s can hardly believe we are saying goodbye to David Paige after 21 years with the company. David joined Shipman’s in 1992 after his retirement from the Connecticut State Police. For 19 years David was our sales manager and most recently, in 2010, he was promoted to CEO after the passing of Ernie Wallace. We hope you will join us in extending our congratulations and best wishes to David for a well-deserved retirement. Shipman’s is very proud to announce that our president, Michael Kirchhoff, and Vice President Theresa Baker will continue to operate the company on behalf of Ernie’s daughter, Christina Wallace. Working in conjunction with Michael and Theresa will be Lorraine Wallace Harrington as co-owner of the corporation. We are very proud to say we are a third generation, family owned and operated business. Ernie’s dad, Sam Wallace, bought Shipman’s Winter 2013 - 2014 •


MEMBERS NEWS in 1957 when Ernie was just graduating from high school. Sam taught his son everything he knew about a fire extinguisher. Ernie started his career recharging them in the basement of the family home and making deliveries from the trunk of his car and… Darley is pleased to announce that Garry Briese has joined the W.S. Darley & Co. Board of Directors.

here we are nearly 57 years later and Shipman’s Fire Equipment Co., Inc. serves municipal and volunteer fire departments, businesses, and industries in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and southern Massachusetts.

Garry is no stranger to the fire service or Darley. He served as the executive director of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) for over 20 years from 1985 - 2007. He then moved on to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) where he served 2008 - 2009 as the regional administrator for FEMA Region VIII. He

has also served as a member of the Darley Defense Division Advisory Board since 2009. According to Paul Darley, “Garry brings a great wealth of experience and knowledge to our board. He has a unique perspective that includes not only fire service insights, but also an understanding of federal emergency management and defense needs. He is constantly presenting information on new products and opportunities.” Garry is widely recognized as the earliest national advocate in the United States for terrorism and WMD preparedness for public safety and emergency services starting in 1978. He has addressed numerous conferences on emergency management, homeland security and leadership across the United States and Japan, Israel, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Sweden, Canada, and the United Kingdom. •

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Winter 2013 - 2014 •

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Indiana Convention Center 24

Winter 2013 - 2014 •

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Lucas Oil Stadium


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Femsa Winter 2013  
Femsa Winter 2013