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Welcome to the November Issue of Windlight Magazine! This magazine issue contains articles from our two newest staff members: Dawnbeam Dreamscape and Ilyra Chardin. I would like to give both of these talented and hard working people a nice and warm public welcome. In this issue we feature Draxtor Despres of The Drax Files fame. We also take a look at Jessica Lyon, project manager of The Phoenix Firestorm Viewer Project. For you art aficionados, we have a rare interview with artist AM Radio. A continuation of the focus of charity and goodwill can be found in the article on my wonderful other half, Emma Portilo. Emma is the 2015 coordinator of Art in Hats, which is in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life. As we enter the middle period of Autumn and the month of Thanksgiving has appeared, the end of another year is dawning upon us. While some may look upon the end of 2015 with glee, others may dread the thought of another year ending with unfinished business. Do not dwell on what is unfinished in life, dwell on what is complete and what is solid. Never approach another year with dread, instead approach the unknown with bravery, tenacity, and of course wonder. I hope that you enjoy the issue, very special thank you to our advertisers, artists, contributors, and of course our readers.

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Draxtor Depress is the host and brainchild behind The Drax Files and co hosts The Drax Files Radio Hour with 1920’s Berlin Owner, Jo Yardley. Windlight Magazine was able to sit down with Drax to discuss virtual reality and more. WM: The Drax Files has won many awards in Second Life and is a popular, if not THE most popular piece of machinima in Second Life. Tell us how did the idea for The Drax Files begin?

be a mixture of Lost and the Twilight Zone. Chris Leland should be credited for bringing me back to what I know best, which is a mix of personal stories and letting people speak about themselves. WM: How do you choose the topics and guests that you have on The Drax Files? Is there a certain criteria?

DRAX: Important question…since many think that I only feature my DRAX: I was working with Chris friends. This is not the case, I want to Leland from Botanical in 2012, he was counter the negative stereotypes in helping me. I did the Fluffy the media about Second Life. I want “machinima with Pookie Amsterdam. to show things that are Chris and I were discussing it and he underrepresented. I want to show the pointed out that no one is doing the entire tapestry of Second Life type of machinima I used to do. I activities. I want to show everything went you know what, maybe I should from fashion to health care, without do it. It was Chris going back telling making any judgement about what is me to go back to where I started. I better or what is superficial. If people first made machinima back in 2007 have a story and a positive experience and it was crude. with their engagement in Second Life, then this is a story for me. Chris was like it has to be profiles and it should be physical people behind The criteria—the long term is to have the avatar, etc. It should visualize that every activity represented. Right now there are real physical people shaping I am looking for game design. Of the world. The format was there course one parameter is that are intuitively. I told Chris he had to be people able to show their real life, on the first episode. I was very close this is a staple of the show. Do people to developing a mysterious sci fi have the time to do the show? These machinima series, which was going to are the main things and a lot of 26

The show is a gift to the community because people can show it to nay sayers, while the podcast is for people who are already interested in the subject matter. It is still labor intensive, because I do everything myself. Jo is great, she shows up and she prepares her topics to discuss, but the production, the mixing and the That’s the great thing about Second booking of the guests, all of those acLife, it does not narrowly force people tivities, sometimes I curse myself that in a box like Facebook does for exam- I started it…because now I have to ple. But I have to use real life footage continue it LOL. to illustrate to the outside world WM: I noticed that you are heavily Second Life and this is for the into virtual reality and with Sansar naysayers. coming out next year, well the beta WM: You also have the popular Drax version, how will you incorporate Files Radio Hour with Joy Yardley, the virtual reality into either The Drax 1920's Berlin Owner. What was the Files or the Drax Files Radio Hour? premise behind this show? Is it an DRAX: I will not know if I will say I extension of The Drax Files? am heavily into virtual reality. I am DRAX: I am a big podcast fan, I listen quite critical on the current VR to podcasts all of the time in real life, movement. I think they focus on eye candy instead of the premise of political stuff primarily. I work with real life radio also. So I love radio and virtual worlds. Second Life is the only podcasts. I wanted to do something place where you can express yourself where we could leisurely discuss what that way. IK go to these conferences I see eye candy, demos for people who is in Second Life as an extension. Jo may not be able to imagine anything and I have a good dynamic and chemistry so we embark on it. It is a if they are not given the exact setup. So I am saying something about lot easier than the video series of course and it is a different audience. gamers now that is negatively…maybe The video series is carefully designed they are spoiled….maybe they can go back to something that is flashy and and meticulously edited for people who do not know what is going on. people are big fans of the show, are the main things and a lot of people are big fans of the show, but they decline because they do not want to be shown on camera. They do not want to associate their real life with their Second Life personas and vice versa. I respect that.







about Thailand. I don’t know anything about InWorldz or Kitely like I don’t I have not seen a lot of interesting know anything about Thailand. There stuff in VR. I want to see a connected is just so much to do in Second Life. world, where we interact, I want to The other girds offer cheaper deals, see this in the real world. Where we but I am about the story and I see so are not in just communities. I don’t many stories. I could do a podcast know, Second Life is still kind the clos- every day or a video every week if ets that we have to the metaverse. someone could pay me if I did this full The idea of the metaverse is very time. important to me. I don’t think Sansar will be the answer. I think Sansar wll There are so many stories, this is the be an isolated experience that wll be reason why I am not venturing to compelling and cool, but right now I other grids. don’t see any company going after the metaverse. Maybe High Fidelity. I WM: How long does it take to make will dispute that I am heavily into VR. I The Drax Files? The machinima in the would say that I am in creative virtual show is amazing, along with the real worlds that allow people to live a life cut outs of the guests you creative life. interview. WM: Have you considered taking The Drax Files or the radio hour to other grids? Say InWorldz, Kitely, or AviNation to name a few? I did not ask about Sansar as we know you will be there least we hope!

DRAX: It is labor intensive. But I have a work flow. What really taught me to work fast is to work in daily radio. I worked in daily radio where you don’t know what you are going to do. The clock is ticking and it causes stress and anxiety, it did cause that for me But after awhile I learned how DRAX: I hope so...the other worlds to deal with it and make the best of it. are not uninteresting, but I have not When you realize the deadlines that been there and there is so much are there are a gift because otherwise going on. People always say why don’t you may not do anything do anything I do a video about Open Sim. To be or you may not finish anything. The honest, this is similar to someone deadlines force you to be focused. asking me if I am in real life Los Now with the series, I was going to Angeles and they ask me to do a story create an artificial deadline. No one 32

hired me to do the series, I hired myself. I created the deadline, everything for 5 weeks. I laid it out and decided what has to be done. Interviews take 2 hours and I end up with 2 hours of raw audio. Then I get the visual concept and I get real life footage and I decide who can film it.

brother, who is incredibility different but looks a little weird and is my little brother who gets bullied at school. I am the older brother who is physically fit and I have to defend him. I want to knock the bullies down and show that my younger brother is gifted and we need to look into the beauty and what he produces. That’s how I feel One time I timed it, its about 60 hours from the very beginning to the very about the Second Life community. WM. end. I think if I was paid really well and if I had a couple of people to outsource things to, I could probably do it in 30 hours. Not sure I can do it in a day. I admire people who work in shows that are daily, or any show that has many segments. But I know that those type of shows have a lot of people and sometimes it takes those shows a week to 2 weeks. The cool thing is that people film themselves in real life, under my direction. I coach them and I am proud of the fact I could coach a 65 year woman, who had never filmed anything. I coached her over Skype and she did not know she could use an iPad to film anything. It is really B movie‌it is gratifying at the end of the day that I got it done. It resonates. In closing, I do this for a community that is very dear to me. I feel. To me Second Life is like my younger 33










The creation of art and photography in Second Life is not possible without a viewer. The viewer is the heart of one’s experience in Second Life. Windlight Magazine was lucky to sit down and talk with Jessica Lyon, the Founder & Project Manager of The Phoenix Firestorm Project. Currently The Firestorm Viewer is the most popular viewer in Second Life. Jessica discussed the popularity of the viewer and artistic enhances that can be found in the viewer

success is based on the fundamental two-pronged approach we took from day one. We don’t believe in directing users to use the viewer our way; instead we give them as many options and choices as we can to let them decide how they want to use the viewer their way. But with that comes the fact that more options mean more complexity, so our second approach is a dedicated team of volunteers to help provide support for it in as many languages as possible and classes to teach them how to use it. “To improve the user experience” is our mandate, and judging by the numbers, we’ve done this pretty well. It feels great, I’m so very proud of our team.

WM: Firestorm just recently celebrated it's 5th anniversary in Second Life, so congratulations! It seems like only yesterday when the announcement was made that the viewer was making it's debut. Tell us how does it feel to be a mainstay in WM: Firestorm includes many tools Second Life? for photographers and artists in Second Life. Mostly recently the viewer includes depth of field for JESSICA: It's been a pretty remarkable journey really when I stop underwater shots and Chalice Yao’s Avatar shadows capability, why were and think back to all we’ve accomplished as a team. The project these two items included in the was born under circumstances when viewer? trust in third party viewers was at an all-time low. So we went from starting at a negative standpoint to today where we have managed to capture a very large majority of the user share in Second Life. But this isn’t a popularity contest, of course; in fact what it means to me is that we’re doing something right. I believe our 42

JESSICA: Because they’re good! Again, this goes to our mandate to improve the user experience. We try to cater to as many communities, cultures and use cases in Second Life as we can. When a user files a feature request that makes sense, is doable and maintainable and caters to a large

enough base of users to give it value, takes too long to find one you like. So we do what we can to make that new submissions need to be unique happen. and not just minor deviations from existing presets. WM: Do you have photographers or artists to help test out these types of WM: I saw the recent announcement tools or are they submitted via the that Linden Labs is bringing back The official Firestorm Wiki/jira sites? Gateway Program and the Firestorm sims will have the first official JESSICA: We don’t have anyone gateway. Tell us about this project. specific as part of the team who specializes in photography and JESSICA: What an opportunity! So a artistry, but we have a very large few years ago we built a region that community of users who do. A quick serves as a basic tutorial pathway to glance at our Flickr site demonstrates help newbies learn how to use the that clearly. There is a large presence viewer and Second Life. We tried to of creatives in Second Life, so it only make the tutorials in a way that makes sense we try to bring to them applies to all viewers since our goal better tools. The kind of tools they was to help newbies, not get them on want can only be learned by listening the Firestorm Viewer. to them through our usual channels; JIRA, Flickr, email, social media and of A few months back LL approached us course in world. with an experiment they were running. Taking various existing WM: You also include many popular newbie-friendly regions/communities Windlight settings in Firestorm, some in SL, cloning their regions, placing which are not found in other viewers. new signups on their regions and How can a user submit a Windlight to tracking those residents to see how they interact with SL and what the Firestorm? user retention is like. We agreed wholly to participate in the JESSICA: The best channel for experiment, and they ran it for six submitting windlight presets is weeks or so with our region. A few through our JIRA, where Whirly will weeks later they arranged to meet determine if it is unique enough. We with us to discuss the results. have so many now though that you Apparently our region was fairly eventually reach a point where there successful, and LL asked if we’d be is such a thing as too many, and it 43

be interested in participating in a trial-based revival of the community Gateway Program. We of course jumped on the opportunity but had to come up with a better plan. Firestorm doesn’t do anything halfway, and if we were to do this, we would need to do it right. Using our original tutorial region as the ‘Orientation’ region where new signups first land, we would then have them transit into a full-on experience over five more regions with some of the more popular things new residents discover in their initial exploits through Second Life.

folks new and old. There are plenty of freebies and avatars to choose from where they learn how to purchase, unpack and wear items. There is music, dancing and friendly fun game tables to socialize around and learn how to interact with. Also on this region is an amphitheater where we host weekly dances with live DJs as well as hosting regular meetings with the community. We’ve got a classroom there as well which hosts classes geared towards the most basic of things within SL for new residents. Then come the big adventures! The other four regions contain a mix of water and land, hosting an airport with flyable aircraft, skydiving We brought on a designer named Daddio Dow whom I consider one of elevator, a sandbox to learn how to build on, a marina with drivable the best region builders I know to put together the five-region experience. marine vehicles, and some very He has been hard at work for months immersive environments to explore, including a haunted abandoned town, now designing this immersive an old sea port, an enchanted forest environment all by himself with and a massive underwater scuba contributions of the trees from environment with underwater caves, Mitsuko Kytori and custom sim surrounds by Yony Bing. Most of the sunken ships, a flooded cemetery and content, though, was purchased out more! of pocket by myself, Daddio and But, perhaps the best part of all this Whirly Fizzle. is, we’ve managed to seal a mutually So, they exit orientation and land in beneficial partnership with Mad Pea Productions where they’ll be building our main region near a waterfall, interactive games and experiences for follow a short path along a creek through some scenic trees to a large new and old residents alike through house which is populated by helpful our islands. The games will be immersive and free and, most 44

most importantly, will help new with each update. residents learn how to use the viewer to interact with in world content. WM: Will we see Firestorm in Sansar? I know that initial reports state that Sansar will be a closed environment We’ll be advertising Second Life and not open sourced. through various avenues like social media and Google, attracting new signups through our website, where JESSICA: Unfortunately I don't think they’ll create SL accounts, download there will be much in Sansar for us to Firestorm and log into Second Life for do, but that’s fine, we’ve got our the first time in the gateway regions. hands full with Second Life and OpenSim where we can still participate. WM So finally we are getting the opportunity to promote Second Life the way we feel it should be Thanks to Jessica for taking the time advertised. Success will be measured to talk with Windlight Magazine! You based on number of new signups and can download the Firestorm viewer by the user retention they garner. We’re visiting their official website: so excited and grateful to LL for the opportunity! WM: What’s next for Firestorm for the rest of 2015? What about early 2016? JESSICA: Well we once again find ourselves expanding and branching into new territories with this gateway effort. So on the support front we have the gateway now as a new tool, and developmentally we’ll have at least one more release for 2015 planned around middle of November, and we will continue to stay up to date with LL, of course, as we also work to improve our viewer a little bit 45











Is there an art to role play? Of course there is! Role play is discovering hidden aspects of our real character and adapting them to different situations. It’s not just acting. We pay our Hollywood and Broadway actors enormous salaries, they are not the characters they play although we often associate them with those characters. Imagine for a moment someone other than Tom Hanks portraying “Forrest Gump” or Whoopi Goldberg’s rendition of Celie in “The Color Purple”. This article will take a look at some of the very first steps to becoming part of role play in Second Life. The most definitive explanation of role play is the following: Role-playing refers to the changing of one's behavior to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act out an adopted role. While the Oxford English Dictionary offers a definition of role-playing as "the changing of one's behavior to fulfill a social role", in the field of psychology, the term is used more loosely in four senses: To refer to the playing of roles generally such as in a theatre, or educational setting; 

 To refer to taking a role of an existing character or person and acting it out with a partner taking someone else's role, often involving different genres of practice;  To refer to a wide range of games including role-playing video game, play-by-mail games and more;  To refer specifically to role-playing games. In Second Life we are more likely to be associated with some type of role play since it’s so easy to take on another identity and be someone else. It all begins with the choices we make when we create our avatars. Maybe you have dark hair in real life, but have always wanted to be a blonde. Perhaps you desire to look totally buff with a huge muscular physique. Second life is the easiest way to drop a few pounds, pump up those muscles, or get the bust line you always dreamed of. Is there the heart of a wolf in your blood, a Viking or medieval elf or maybe even a modern day rock star or groupie! Regardless of what role you choose, you must decide “who” you will be. Wonders of wonders, the vast choices open to every single avatar in Second Life, can take you from a formal ball in a huge castle, to a down and 54

dirty blues club with a change of clothing and a TP anywhere. (I must be honest, if there was one thing I could bring into the real world, it would be teleports!) Keep in mind that the character, to be realistic, must stay true to the essential elements of the assumed personality. Even if you do not plan to share the story with anyone else, it is beneficial for you to compose your character’s story for your own frame of reference. Let’s start with some questions to help you decide. Each of the following questions takes us on paths of discovery, paths that develop the basics your background. Each answer steers the path one way or another. Who are you? Are you a male or a female? As many know, we are not restricted by our genitalia. This leads to a very difficult decision. If I am playing a different gender in Second Life, do I tell or don’t I? Regardless of your choice, keep in mind that many relationships in Second Life will have ramifications on other’s real life emotions. Due to that fact, being up front is crucial! What kind of character do you want to be? There are numerous role play sims in Second Life of varying eras and themes. Are you in modern times? Into the club scene? Interested in working for creators? Perhaps your inner fairy is waiting to sprout their wings. Examining these choices directly influences the type of role play sim you will make your home. An active role play community will not only be more enjoyable, but it will also help you to hone your skills in role play. When does your character live? This ties in closely with the “What do you want your character to be? question above. Are you in a peaceful sim or a medieval war zone? Do the citizens have particular personality traits that must be followed? Plentiful and profitable decisions are made now, especially from the merchant’s point of view. This decision affects what type of clothing you buy, what your home will look like, what hair you choose and the shops you buy from. It also gives you the foundation for your role as it’s an essential basic. Everyone is unique, however, a Drow who wears pink is just wrong. I mean REALLY wrong! Where do you come from? Each person has a background. Think of something unique and interesting for your background story. Are you 55





escaping your past? Are you just traveling on a journey? Maybe you have been working hard on the road to fortune and fame as an entertainer? The most overused background story in medieval times is: “I was a Prince (Princess) in a peaceful village, when evil _________ (fill in the blank with Orc, Horde, warriors, etc.) destroyed the village. I escaped on the last ship out. We ran aground in this strange land. I want to become strong enough to go back to defend my village, yada, yada, yada.” This theme is not original and has been overused so many times! Not everyone can be born to royalty! If all were playing this character there would be no one to tend to the castle, unless you are Cinderella. Your rearing is vital! After all, it holds a secret - the key to why you react to certain situations in the way you do and what your greatest fears are. The possibilities are as endless as an open book. Future articles will discuss developing your background more extensively. One very critical facet of role play involves the rules and guidelines of the role play sim. You cannot expect to enter a French renaissance era in a pair of cut of jeans and a cropped t-shirt; or a cowboy hat with jeans, boots and no shirt. Research the sim you are interested in before you become active. You may be in a catch and capture area! Role play sims are often paid for by private individuals who created a magical place to live out their own fantasies. This is their world and they foot the bill for it. Out of the goodness of their hearts they have opened these areas to the public. It is a privilege to come to the area and respect the atmosphere that has been established. It is not a right of any avatar to destroy that vision by not fitting in. With role play in Second Life, you can live out any dream or fantasy you can think of! I encourage you to search in multiple classifications of sims, whether they are role play or entertainment. If you limit your character to just one aspect that is available for exploration they would be wooden. Allowing your character’s passions to flourish and grow may include things such as developing skills, choosing an occupation, possessing combat abilities or mixing a music set. The potential possibilities are inexhaustible! In future columns, we will explore a variety of role play areas, with a focus on the different techniques of role play in Second Life. Please contact us if you would like to have your rp area featured: contact/. Safe paths ‘til next we meet! WM












Emma Portilo is no stranger to event coordination and the arts! Emma has worked in a variety of Second Life segments, including fashion, modeling, magazine creation and editing, and blogger. Currently Emma is Editor in Chief at Windlight Magazine and this year's coordinator of Art in Hats 2015. Art in Hats will benefit Team Diabetes of Second Life, an official and authorized team of The American Diabetes Association. I am also proud to say that Emma is my other half in both worlds. Emma, being a person who likes to shy away from the limelight, agreed to this interview with me under duress (just kidding), to discuss Art in Hats:

to fashion with the styling.

To quote Quan's words, as our founder, regarding the event: "Art and fashion meet in hats. Good hats are art to wear and subsequently many artists love to create fantastic hats. Fashion designers often show an explosion of creativity in hats. Hats turn

EMMA: We are fortunate to have a variety of artists taking part in the show! Fashion designers, creators and artists ranging from sophisticated to fantasy to historical to downright out-of-this-world! We have many

The basic idea of the exhibition is to bring designers, artists and photographers together in an art exhibition / sales event by presenting hats built by artists and fashion designers in combination with photos. The photos are meant to be an art shot. " WM: When will Art in Hats take place this year?

EMMA: It is open to the public November 4th through the 14th, however, we have a special private event that is open in advance of the WM: Tell us about Art in Hats. When public opening that allows sponsors to did it first begin and why? take part - and sponsoring is easy, details can be found at our website: EMMA: ART in HATS - HATS in ART is the originating event that began two . years ago and was founded by Quan Lavender. She had this brilliant idea to WM: Can you tell us about any of the marry art and fashion in a way that artists that are participating this would inspire and encourage the year? imagination!


favorite returning artists from years past as well as new additions that applied or were scouted joining the fun.

world - something that is important when thinking of ways to support a cause in a place like Second Life since it can help all who donate. Team Diabetes of Second Life, which gives 100% of donations received to The WM: How artistic can the hats be? Are they standardized or is "anything American Diabetes Association, is an that hits your imagination" the rule? official charity of The American Diabetes Association. EMMA: The rule is there are no rules! We are looking for whatever inspires both the artist building the hat as well as the artist photographing the hat. We have not been disappointed in the past with any of the offerings and we anticipate that tradition to continue.

WM: What other events can we expect at Art in Hats this year?

EMMA: The line-up will be pretty packed and will be available to multiple time zones. It will include live WM: Art in Hats 2015 is supporting singers, DJs, tribute bands, dancers Team Diabetes this year. Why did you (some that perform with fire) and a magician! That's all in addition, of choose to support this charity? course, to the fashion shows, public styling competition and public hat/ EMMA: Diabetes is an illness that photo contest! touches so many lives, one that education regarding how to treat it is imperative in addition to the Visit the official Art in Hats website for medications. If you educate people more information about this event: you give them the power to have the ability to manage their illness effectively. The American Diabetes Association strives to reach out to support that goal as well as supporting Visit the following website for more research for better ways of educating, information about Team Diabetes: treating and curing diabetes all the time. The resources and solutions they fund aren't limited to America, but are available throughout the 71











Although many of us have not seen Berg, was highly popular in SL him recently or often in Second Life, between his most active years 2009 AM Radio is not so far away. We have and 2011 when he was seen only to visit the serene wheat fields of occasionally around the grid, most ‘The Far Away’ build to find his work. often in his builds, sporting his long ‘The Far Away’ was saved and is now black coat and black top hat over his hosted by another well-known and tall lean figure. Some of his SL works respected SL artist, Ziki Questi. In 2011 even made their way into first life all of AM Radio’s other builds faded fame via The New York Times. Mr. Berg away, along with university land grants has made quite a name for himself in where the others were based. Some his First Life as well, having won a members of the Resident family may Webby Award in 2013 for ‘City never have heard of AM Radio and the Forward’ and various other mark he made in SL, but old timers achievements. can’t forget his relaxing builds and Prim Perfect conducted an excellent 2 how it seemed everyone could relate part interview and review in 2010. to the them in their own way. AM Hamlet Au/Wagner James Au, a Radio was known to give away items long-time SL member, author of a in his sims if one clicked on them, and book, “The Making of Second Life”, I myself own a vehicle and a few other and owner of “New World Notes” small AM Radio things. Many videos news blog site, is one of a few SL and photos have been taken in his residents to meet AM Radio/Berg in sims and one can search in Flickr for First Life and he conducted a thorough entire groups of photos of his builds. Second Life related interview in 2014. (See links below) They most often Am Radio’s first life identity remained depicted large rural nature areas that virtually anonymous for a significant elicited a calm quiet feeling. The builds time and although many tried to guess that usually come to mind include ‘The who he might be, his name and Far Away’, ‘The Quiet’, 'To Die like identity came to light for most in SL Marat', 'A Red Doorway', 'Surface', and following the 2014 interview. If you’d ‘Superdyne’. ‘The Far Away’ happens like to know more about AM Radio to be one of AM Radio’s first SL builds please review those articles. (Links built in 2007 and it is the only one provided at the end of the article). remaining that I am aware of. It is relatively small, yet still draws Around midnight my time Saturday significant attention. September 19th I happened to notice AM Radio, known in First Life as Jeff AM Radio’s name lit up as online on 80

my friends list. I have not seen this for Quiet’. They indicated they’ve been several years and could not resist at friends for many years. Not wanting least requesting an interview. I to infringe upon too much of their greeted him, offered a teleport to a time I tried to hastily fire out some cool random sim I happened to be questions, thinking I was probably exploring at the time, and requested taking up their infrequent quiet social an interview all in one quick breath. time. He very graciously answered He responded simply with a teleport everything I could think to quickly ask to him. I landed in ‘The Far Away’. He off the cuff late at night and and Owl Sweetwater were sitting on unprepared. My concern was if I the old car in the wheat field, chatting attempted a formal lengthy notecard in local when I dropped in. They were interview I might lose my great discussing first life current events, new opportunity here once AM retreated mesh in SL, and various other things. back to First Life. The conversation Needless to say I was thrilled when rolled out smoothly and AM Radio anAM Radio agreed to my request for an swered the 12 specific enumerated interview and some photographs, as questions in an organized manner that I’d previously heard many times that I posed in between other comments he is very active in first life and rarely if and conversation we had going. The ever in Second Life at this point, and whole conversation was just over half doesn’t really do interviews in Second an hour and I’m a little impressed we Life any more. kept up with it all with his answers to the questions interspersed throughout When I made a giddy and feeble the rest of our dialogue. A fact filled attempt at flattery, blurting out that he half hour it was. The direct questions was a historical SL figure, Owl went as follows: chuckled and engaged AM Radio in some light teasing about his SL age 1. When and why did you join SL and and antiquated wardrobe, the when did you start creating your trademark black charger coat and top artistic builds? hat, and mentioned he will be 10 this April in SL. His appearance was still AM Radio: “A coworker alerted me to that of how I remember him in the it back in the early days, I believe it same outfit and skin. He was was still in beta. I had a different breathing out frost with each breath name, which I can't even remember and I could not help but have a quick now. I couldn't get it to work. I got a flashback memory of him in the cold dark snowy sim he made called ‘The new computer a year later and tried 81



again with AM Radio.”

of SL or favorite things to do?

“Fondest memories were hosting 2. Do you have a favorite AM build musicians on stages I made for my and if so which one? sims, having tons of people show up “My favorite AM Radio build was ‘The and raise money for charity.” Quiet’, the snowy sim.” 7. Do you plan on joining in the new 3. I read somewhere that you do not SL/Project Sansar? have copies of your builds in “No. I don't have any plans to do inventory and I was wondering how anything in SL” that can be possible? “I have most everything in my inventory. I would make something new if I ever came back though. The ephemeral nature of the work was part of it.”

8. To what do you attribute your huge SL success- hard work, RL artistic skills, knowledge of human nature, etc.?

“My SL success was a result of understanding art based on my art education, and my interest in the 4. How often are you in SL now and do psychology of landscape design, and tourism.” you use an alt? “No alts. I don't have time. I log in every few months to say hello to a core group of people.”

9. Why did you agree to an interview with me tonight? “Because you asked nicely.”

5. What are you doing RL? “I am coding my own virtual world at a large architecture firm. I am using it to do energy, carbon, transit analysis. it has prim like building features, but is a little different, and no avatars.... yet. ;)”

10. Why have you seemingly been gone from SL? “I am using my virtual world skills to help build a better real world. I haven't left virtual worlds. I am deeper than ever.”

6. What are your fondest memories 11. Do you have anything you’d like to 84

to share RL or SL with us?

maintain a somewhat anonymous first life identity in Second Life, both are highly popular immersive artists in Second Life, and of course, the wheat b5a121e8e6ff5970c844f98b/ fields. Ironically Bryn and I were tumblr_nuvi4jypCU1qf2w37o talking the day after this interview and 1_1280.jpg Bryn commented that AM Radio had asked for a link to Lobby Cam, the 12. I read you were onstage with Bryn Oh build set in a large wheat some famous people. How did that field, and I told Bryn of my meeting go? with AM the night before. Bryn added that long ago they used to build in the “It changed my life. I was a web designer, where does one go up from same IBM sandbox that used to be so having won a webby? I thought long popular among the best SL builders. about what I wanted to do for my After leaving AM Radio and Owl to career, and decided to do for resume their time, I regretted not humanity, and my work now is devoted to sustainability and net zero asking more. If I had another opportunity to interview Mr. Radio I would carbon cities.” ask some additional questions such as how he picked his name, what his 5 When asked if Owl had anything to add about AM Radio, she said that she word Webby speech was, who he follows or admires in SL if anyone and was just thinking about Van Gogh's drawings of fields and how much the why, whether or not he might revive ‘The Quiet’ if it were a sponsored sim, mood relates to AM's work and she If he had any especially memorable or provided a Van Gogh link that did unusual anecdotal SL experiences he’d indeed look much like the serene wheat field we were conversing in. I share, and a few others. Since the interview I have notice AM Radio added a comment about similarities online at least a couple of times more, with Bryn Oh, to which Owl agreed. so perhaps others will have AM Radio Both are First Life artists, both 85



others will have AM Radio sightings again and we can learn more about this interesting person. In the past avatars would crowd around him like a celebrity, often excited at even just seeing him in his so recognizable black top hat attire and there are many Flickr photo groups and videos of his sims and sightings of his avatar. Perhaps I will see his name light up again or others will see him around again and be able to ask him these things. Be sure to visit ‘The Far Away’ and cherish the SL history in this still beloved sim that captures a Midwest farm feel with hand drawn wheat field, an old train in the middle of the field, windmill, old barn scene in the distance, country fencing, and a few other small vignettes to enjoy. The parcel remains just the same as it was built so long ago. Few builds remain on the grid as is for such a long time. Over time I’ve noticed most visitors there seem to come to take pictures or just enjoy the quiet surroundings. If you do visit for the first time be sure to click on the train. When I went back for some recent pictures there was a group of 5 chatting in voice and 88

one mentioned it reminded him of home, and another said something like it’s not like his home but it’s a calm place he would like to visit in First Life and seems like it would be a good place to live. At the very end of my interview with AM Radio I asked if there was anything else he would like to say for the article. AM Radio then said, “I think once Van Gogh said, “I dream about art, and I paint what I dream.” AM added, “My second life was this approach.” WM

Visit the following links to view AM Radio’s work and previous interviews: The Far Away Sim: 20North/128/128/20 AM Radio Flickr: and Excellent videos of AM Radio Builds and voice conference in SL : AM Radio: The Bansky of Second Life by: Hamlet Au July 9, 2014 : Prim Perfect Extensive Interviews:











Wicca Merlin is the very first Windlight Artist in Residence and is also a well known fashion designer. Her brand, Wicca’s Wardrobe is a mixture of goth and creative creations that are fierce and bold, much like the designer herself! Wicca agreed to an interview with Windlight Magazine, to discuss fashion, photography, and of course art!

shoes store (see shopping addicted already) told me that she would be a model in SL. That sounded interesting. I always was fashion interested and as a musician you have to take care of your looks on stage as well. So I just tried and started with various agencies that taught modeling, side by side with the schools I discovered fashion blogging and that it is a huge thing in SL as well and I thought what would WM: You are a clothing designer, be better than just show your styles model, modeling instructor, and artist and looks and write something about --you do everything! Tell us how did the clothing you wear. So one came to you first get started in SL? the other and it is still what I most enjoy in SL :) WICCA: That actually was a totally different reason, that that what I am WM: You are Windlight Art Gallery's doing now ;). When I first heard of SL very first Artist in Residence and you a musician friend of mine told me were a Windlight Art Fellow. What about. He was all excited about the inspired you to create and show your live music scene in SL and as well art and photography in SL? about the many different cultures and their music. WICCA: The basics were the pictures which I used to blog. When I started in So the first reason why I tried SL was 2008 with blogging I had no idea really because of music and live music about Photoshop or any photo editing from all over the world. With being a software. So I started with snapshots RL musician that kind of was a must. only, what did not satisfy me after After hanging out in various clubs and some time, so I forced myself to learn meeting a lot of people I got the Photoshop. feeling I want to do something more... I guess I am something what most call With that kind of tools I suddenly felt workaholic as I never just have fun unlimited to create what ever I had in with doing nothing for a longer time my head. period* grins*...One of my new SL friends, which I met in a famous SL More and more the desire did grow to 98

not have "just blog pictures". I always wanted to bring some of my emotions and feelings and as well some of my character to my pictures. I never did consider my pictures art to be honest, I just tried to express me besides showcasing clothing.

WICCA: Plans... is a huge work as I really usually go with the flow, with my daily feelings and as well with my emotions and they are different everyday ;)

But I know I want to learn more about picture composing and the path of the There had to come someone like John eye. to tell me what I do is art* giggles* and he had a hard time convincing me For Wicca's Wardrobe we want to go as, when it comes to SL Art, I have more and more towards original mesh names like Bryn Oh or Marcus Inkpen creations only as with the freedom to in my mind. and I never would have create what ever comes to your mind dared to call my work art compared to you can express so much more if that... but John did! yourself. WM WM: What inspires you when you are creating art?

Visit the links below for the latest information on Wicca’s endeavor’s in Second Life: WICCA: Mostly it is music or emotions Website: or something that happened and I fashion-addicted/ want to express it in a virtual way. Flickr: WM: Describe your art style and wiccamerlin/ genre. albums/72157654779968518 WICCA: I am not sure if I have a genre as I never thought about and just went with feelings. Many times it has to do with fashion and clothing and sometimes I get in a fantasy and dreamy mood and just let it flow. WM: What are your plans for the rest of the year for your artwork? For Wicca's Wardrobe? 99


















Whether on the mainland or on private island estates, beachfront / oceanfront property on Second Life has always been and continues to be in high demand. Historically, waterfront parcels were designed to incorporate and optimize the sloping shore into the design. Tropical beaches, beach villas, coastal fishing towns, and of course piers, docks, boats, and lighthouses could be found on just about every sim. Offshore reefs, rocks, mountains, waterfalls, and just about anything “ocean-worthy” could easily be incorporated into the build by placing the root prim firmly on the SIM’s parcel. This really hasn’t changed. Lighthouses, waterfalls, docks, and beaches can still be found on a large percentage of island and coastal SIMs. The main difference from early days of Second Life to today is the quality of the building materials and the builds themselves, which now provide a lot more breadth and depth of design. With the advent of mesh, physics, and materials over the last few years, builders, designers, and residents have many more options to make the most creative use of their land in ways that were previously unavailable or difficult to achieve within the prim allowance limitations. Some residents have opted to do away with beaches and instead build towering cliffs that overlook the sea through the use of walkable mesh landforms. Dramatic rocky coastlines have become more and more prevalent in SIM and parcel design. Another emerging trend over the last couple of years makes use of a feature that has been in existence since the early days of Second Life. Designers, leveraging the built-in terraforming option, have begun to fill their SIMs fully or partially with water. This is not new. While water or partial water SIMs have been in existence since the introduction of sailing in Second Life, circa 2005, these relatively newer water or partial water SIMs have been and are being constructed to highlight unique structures and displays. Some designers make these SIM “islands” accessible by terraforming to create shallow water. . Some use mesh or mega prims which are placed strategically just below the SIM’s water to provide a walkable surface, while others provide rock paths, bridges or causeways atop the water to link the areas. Artists, such as Storm Septimus, have utilized this technique on full SIMs to act as a 116

three dimensional storyboard, designing islands within the SIM to reflect different scenes within their tale. Water towers in the midst of a sea or lake, statues, hands, television sets, trucks, cages, Salvadore Dali-like Clocks, and grand pianos are among the many items that residents can now find resting atop of the water on many SIMs. Whether the water covers the entire SIM or just a part, or whether an artistic three-dimensional rendering of a theme or simply intriguing isolated structures or displays, the visitor is sure to be captivated. WM The following pages contain artwork by Ilyra to demonstrate how inspiring water can be! WM.



















There is one thing you need to know about me in order to help understand why I found the locations in this article so enticing - I’m a librarian in real life. Yes I admit it; I’m a card carrying librarian. Which is why, from time to time, I seek out libraries and educational sites in SL to explore. What I found this time was so much more than I could have ever imagined. There are three regions of art, literature, entertainment and educational experiences called Museum Island, Oceanea, and Luminaux, all owned by Xinoxi Han. At first I was going to just write about the libraries on Luminaux, but in order to have an understanding of the mission and vision of the creators I had to write about all three. The description of their mission is, “We are an educational gateway, here to meet the intellectual, cultural and aesthetic needs of SL learners, educators, and all inquisitive residents. The Library buildings, gardens, and shop are all open to the public. Everyone is welcome to visit, explore, read, and learn.” Museum Island : 20Island/117/164/22 According to the description, the region was designed by Carlolello Zapatero and houses 3D replicas of some of the world’s most famous architectural and historical landmarks of the Mediterranean. Many of these historical sites are long gone but here in SL - they come alive! These wonders of the Ancient World include Nefertiti’s tomb, the Rosetta Stone, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Tower of Hercules, the Roman Sundial, the Buddha of Bambiyan, Petra and many others. In 2007 I traveled to Italy and Turkey and there are three architectural sites on Museum Island that brought back pleasant memories of the ones I visited in real life. In Pompeii, the ruins of the House of the Tragic Poet are noted for the remnants of its mosaic floors and courtyard fresco. Here you can see what it might have looked like restored to its simple beauty, warm bright colors welcoming visitors before it was covered in smoldering ash from Mount Vesuvius. The second site is the Basilica Cistern of Istanbul. Now I know you are thinking, “What could be so wonderful about a cistern, it’s just a basin for trapping water”. In any other setting I would agree with you but most cisterns do not have elaborate marble columns with incredible lighting and the head 132

of the Medusa carved into one of the pillars. You’d never think anything so utilitarian could be so beautiful. The last is the ancient Roman Library of Celsus in the ancient city of Ephesus (Turkey). Ephesus is, in my opinion, one of the best preserved ancient cities in the world. I remember walking down the avenue under a blistering hot sun imagining all the people bustling about, homes and businesses along either side. As you walked along you couldn’t help but notice a large three story building at the end of the avenue. It’s as if everything was drawn down to that direction towards what was the Library of Celsus the hub of knowledge and a repository for over 12,000 scrolls. Seeing it again on Museum Island brought back so many memories of how majestic it looked among the ruins. It will take several visits to see everything Museum Island has to offer and be sure to take plenty of photos along the way. The textures used in the builds are really superb and detailed. I would suggest you start at the map at the information area next to the Arch of Constantine and either teleport to the sites or take the free Segway they offer to move about. There is also a kiosk with teleports to the other regions in this article. Now on to the next location! From the information area on Museum Island take the teleport to the Royal Opera House located in Oceanea which also is the location of the Ballroom Gardens and Wilanow Palace Oceanea: The teleport will land you directly in front of the majestic Royal Opera House where I have attended three recent productions. Don’t let the name fool you. The productions are diverse and are not solely limited to opera. The ones I attended were the musical My Fair Lady, performed by the Grupo Escenico Caliope and directed by Red Bikcin; the International Quartet’s tribute to Sarah Brightman; and a Circus performed by the Fantasy Dreams Dance Group. If you join either the Museum Island Friends or the SL Literary Foundation groups you’ll be informed of upcoming performances. One suggestion, if you do go to a show I suggest you arrive early because the audience tends to grow to over 70 people. Directly opposite the Royal Opera House is the very romantic garden ballroom,






a perfect place for a concert or gala, with couples dances and cuddle benches for you to enjoy. To the East of the Opera House is the Wilanow Palace. I wasn’t familiar with this particular palace and did some research to see if it existed in the real world. According to the website provided it is an actual palace in Poland and the textures in many of the rooms are based on photographs of the original. The artwork includes paintings by Rubens, Callot, Caravaggio, and many others. Maria Cowen is the founder of the Wilanow Royal Palace project in SL and Andy Szerewp Loon is the curator. The only word I can use to describe the Palace is “opulent”. As soon as you cross the threshold you know this was created with love and special attention was paid to each and every detail. To the left you will find a book about the Wilanow Palace in Second Life which gives you additional background information. There are so many rooms it’s difficult to know where to start but every room is filled floor to ceiling (and I do mean ceiling) with major works of art and rich tapestries. There are ballrooms, salons, a library, royal receiving rooms, cozy little sitting rooms, rooms which open onto the gardens and grounds, and each designed in a unique style. One caution - you will get lost! There are so many doorways and rooms on each level and hidden stairways you can easily get turned around. I also found an unexpected surprise. There is a hidden club called Wilanow Underground which looks like a great place to hold a DJ event. See if you can find it when you visit. Luminaux Last but not least, the reason I made this journey in the first place, the Luminaux region and the libraries. Farzaneh Eel is the Librarian and Bookmaker in charge of the collections, the estate and events. When you arrive at Luminaux make sure you grab all the library landmarks because it will be easier to move around, especially for the Vatican Library and the Alexandria Library.The largest of the libraries in this region is the Illumination Library, a three story building housing world literary classics in over 15 languages and translations, atlases, historical works, and many others mainly from the 19 century but not exclusive to that time period. You’ll not only find books at each of the libraries but audiobooks that you can listen to by using your viewer’s media controls. On the second floor you will find Asian and Middle Eastern literature section containing works in th


Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, English, Farsi, Urdu, etc. You’ll also find a copy of the Qu-ran, classical poetry and much more. The third level is the Cervantes Reading Room containing the works of many Spanish authors, Iberian classics and stories. The collection is so vast that there is an Annex to the Illumination Library, a two story building nearby which contains works by Shakespeare, Blake, and many illuminated manuscripts. There is also an adorable little library cat toying with a volume or two. The second largest collection is the Bibliotheque de Coeur featuring French and world literary classics with emphasis on the 17the century through the 19 . There are cute little sitting areas throughout where you can sit and read or just browse the collection. th

Nearby is the Palais de Musique, established in July of this year the space features books on music, musical instruments, and also serves as a meeting space. As you walk around the estate make sure you notice how lovely the grounds are situated with little gazebos and a small country church. July, 2015 also saw the creation of the new Vatican Library in this region, housing a small but impressive collection of beautifully illustrated works. The Sistine Hall is just breathtakingly gorgeous with its frescos, murals, and medieval manuscripts dotted around the room. I also stopped by the Alexandria Library of Egypt which is under construction but you can still access works by Homer, Socrates, Ovid, and other classical works. I can’t wait to go back to see what it looks like when it’s finished. And don’t forget to stop by the bookshop before you leave. You never know what you’ll find in the Biblio Shop. Enjoy your visit. WM









Worn: Wrap: *VoguE* Xurana Fur Poncho (Mesh) Pink Pants: *VoguE* Xurana Skirt Leggings (Mesh) Pink Skin: -Glam Affair – Marta America – Clean Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara Bag: -David Heather-Bunny Bag-Forearm/Pink Shoes: JD – Lace White Hair: [taketomi]_Joker_Blondes Glasses: Rowne.Jane Cat Eye Sunglasses – White Home: Soy. Grayish day Skybox – RARE Decor: Soy. Grayish day Retro speaker / *ionic* INVISIBLE Pose: Di’s Opera – Exquisite Line 1










MODEL: CHLOEELECTRA STYLING DETAILS Outfit | h.m.a.e.m. - Laurelle (shirt & skirt) Earrings | Tracei - Ombre Tassel* Bracelet | Tracei - Kelly Double Tour** Handbag | Tracei - Petite Malle Croc Heels | Glamistry - Freesia Hair | Analog Dog - Mode Eyeliner | Oceane Body Design - Witchy Woo** Skin | Elysium- Amalie

*Available at the [Mesh Avenue] event until October 30th, **Available at the [GEN-Neutral] event until October 26th, ***Currently available at [The Instruments] event. 154


, 2015. , 2015.









A Couture Halloween with RAPTURE™ Ruched Evening Gown

While I love blogging RAPTURE™'s new releases, I am revisiting an older desig today, which is perfect for a couture Halloween look. The Ruched Evening Dress Red/Black combines avant styling, with a stunning shape, and with the unusua fabric, it all combines for dramatic elegance. Just add a few Halloween touches the perfect stylish Halloween look. Taxi to mainstore: RAPTURE™ SLurl: Isle of Paradise (64,92,22) RAPTURE™ BLOG: RAPTURE™ Flickr:




gn s in al for







Kaijah Chrome, Lala Lightfoot, Bamboo Barnes, Susy Halcali, Honey Bender, tone Rhiano, Van Caerndow, Dawnbeam Dreamscape, & W

Interested in becoming a Windlight Art Fellow? If so visit the fo http://windlightmagazine. 168


, Valium Lavendar, Fernona Resident, Dean Yao, Benivinudo Moskalev, TwoWicca Merlin (Windlight Art Gallery’s Artist in Residence)

ollowing link for more information and the official application: .com/fellowship-program/ 169


MODEL: WICCA MERLIN Details Outfit: [sys] – “Grimm Dress” (Collabor 88) Hat: Eleseren Brianna – “Death of a Romantic Hat” (Art in Hats) Necklace: [sys] – “Reaper Necklace” (On9) Shoes: Wicca’s Wardrobe – “Lipstick Heels”



This free self service restaurant is part of Windlight restaurant. **The restaurant is not a roleplay restau restaurant where you can bring your date or l Ristorante Ivanna is available for private parties, events, and f 172


t Art Gallery and is in the style of a romantic Italian urant where you have to pay to be served. It is a FREE loved one for a quiet and romantic setting. ** functions. Please contact Emma Portilo for more information 173






Style Eternal The Instruments LM 20INSTRUMENTS/126/97/23 Modern Couture Main store ▌Online in Marketplace ▌▌▌▌▌▌▌▌▌▌▌▌▌▌▌▌▌▌▌▌▌▌ {KOKOIA}Exclusive Designs LM



















Windlight Magazine - November 2015 Issue  

The November 2015 issue of Windlight Magazine will be published on November 1! This issue will feature Draxtor Despres of The Drax Files. Fi...

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