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“It’s that feeling you have when you’re on the last bit of road, as you make your way home. ...grandma’s iris bulbs blooming at the front door, daddy’s rods and reels on the wall in the den, plus that good old dog and the kids, standing on the porch, waiting to greet you. It’s that memory of a Summer Dress or the Front Gate. It’s the pressed Corsage in the family book, the Family Tree, and the Hearth in the home. It’s making your way homeward. Tradition. Spirit. Home. I hope you’ll find your “true north”, your way back home, in this collection of prints. Thank you, Windham Fabrics, and all of the Makers, for their help along the way.”


STRING O’ PEARLS (54" X 64") Maker + Kim King • Quilter + Teresa Silva pattern for sale:

The Avenue ( 59" x 65" ) Maker + Kim King Quilter + Teresa Silva pattern for sale:

Tempters + Utah Pincushion Maker + Kim King Quilter + Natalie Barnes pattern for sale:

Sidewalk Chalk (54" x 64") Maker + Francesca Rademacher & Zina Clark Quilter + Teresa Silva pattern for sale:

Look for the Homeward color inspired thread box from:

Be My Neighbor (77" x 77") Maker + Jane St. Pierre Quilter + Teresa Silva pattern for sale:

The Story “I am a firm believer that “we all get there together” Each one of these makers has at one time or another been an inspiration.... ...helped me along the way. So, I asked this group of professionals to make a 30" x 30" quilt from Homeward to show you their own unique style.

a. country star barn by violet craft

b. quadrant court

d. scrambled plus sign by angela walters

e. polytopes by karen o’connor

g. mod journey by jenny pedigo

h. minikin glam by tiffany hayes

by shayla wolf

They each have created a project (and pattern) using such different techniques. Just like there are many different ways to define “home”, each one of us as Makers bring our own unique voice to every project we accomplish. I am thankful for every step we take together.” Because of our strong sense of community, again, this year, every one of these Makers has agreed to auction their quilt to benefit a charity of their own choosing. Please pick up a catalog with information on how you might bid on one of these beautiful quilts. You could be the recipient of a lovely piece of art, and someone else could be the recipient of your gift of giving. Because, after all, “we all get there together”.

a. Violet Craft + Violet is “mostly a momma, a wife, a friend and a maker.” She was born in the Old West, had a career in software development which brought her to the Pacific Northwest, where she says she “bagged my man, feathered my nest and stitched it all together.” The Country Star Barn | maker + Violet Craft / quilter + Denish Shoup b. Shayla Wolf + Shayla (and Kristy) are a quilt and bag pattern designing duo. Their goal is to get you as excited about their patterns as they are. “We love fresh creative ideas and lots of color, especially orange!” Sassafras Lane is the street where Orange Studio is located, where Kristy and Shayla lived for years. Quadrant Court | maker + Shayla Wolf

c. homeward bloom by robin long

c. Robin Long + It all started as a quest to make a Mariner’s Compass quilt for her submarine officer husband. Since then Robin has developed a new line of revolutionary rulers, books, patterns and technique for the Mariner’s Compass - no paper piecing required. Homeward Bloom | maker + Robin Long / quilter + Wanda Rains d. Angela Walters + Angela started her quilting career at the side of her husband’s grandpa. She is now quilter, author, quilting teacher, fabric designer and shop owner. As well as the host of The Midnight Quilt Show. She will be the first to tell you, her most treasured titles are mother and wife. And grandpa’s girl. Scrambled Plus Sign (mini) | maker / quilter + Angela Walters e. Karen O’Connor + Karen O’Connor is the Modern Traditional Quilter behind the brand, “Lady K Quilts”. She has carved out a place for herself in the quilting industry over the last six years, and is in her busiest and most exciting year yet. Karen is a quilt designer, fabric lover, and Quilty Influencer. Polytopes | maker / quilter + Karen O’Connor

f. squeezebox by latifah saafir

f. Latifah Saafir + Latifah Saafir is known for her bold and innovative modern quilts. She creates graphic and contemporary designs, featuring challenging techniques with meticulous attention to detail. As co-founder of the Modern Quilt Guild, Latifah currently teaches workshops to guilds around the world. She designed a line of patterns and templates to use her favorite techniques. Squeezebox | maker / quilter + Latifah Saafir g. Jenny Pedigo + Jenny loves the challenge of putting a twist on quilting. Whether it be through design, color or quilting. She loves that she can share her quilting passion with her sisters. Together they are “sew kind of wonderful”. Mod Journey | maker / quilter + Jenny Pedigo h. Tiffany Hayes + Tiffany is a designer, machine quilter, and teacher. She’s passionate about all things quilting and fabric. Also loves the creative process of designing quilts. She and her husband, Scott, collaborate - Tiffany as designer and maker, Scott, as quilter! Minikin Glam | maker + Tiffany Hayes / quilter + Scott Hayes

i. dart by amy ellis

i. Amy Ellis + Amy Ellis loves to sew! She learned to sew garments as a girl, then taught herself to quilt as a young mom. She is a book and patterns author, and hopes to inspire you in your own quilting journey! Dart | maker / quilter + Amy Ellis

sneak peek

Flower Cocktail (60" x 60") Designer + Robin Long pattern for sale: available november 2018

Tinkering Around (70" x 82") Maker / Quilter + Janna Thomas pattern for sale:

Scrappy Star (54" x 54") Maker + Lee Chappell Monroe Quilter + Sheri Collette of Maxine pattern for sale:

Misses’ Top B6563 Maker + Alison O’Grady pattern for sale:

Ruffled Girls Dress K215 Maker + Alison O’ Grady pattern for sale:

Bayside (54" x 63") Maker + Francesca & Zina Quilter + Teresa Silva pattern for sale:

Woven (57" x 63") Maker + Zina Clark Quilter + Teresa Silva pattern for sale:

Valdani Perle Eight Homeward Collection yarn for sale:


Shivaun Place (64" x 90") Maker + Jane St. Pierre / Quilter + Teresa Silva pattern for sale:

Double Struck Star (53" x 75") Maker + Nicole Morris / Quilter + Nicole Morris pattern for sale:

Fractured (14" x 49") Maker + Zina Clark / Quilter + Teresa Silva pattern for sale:

Cartwheel Wrap Dress Pattern Maker + Katherine Johansen pattern for sale:

Make fun bags and carry ons with the wonderful blooms and colors of Homeward!

shown closed

shown opened

All Sewn Up (7" x 9-1/4") Maker + Lee Chappell Monroe Hardware/Mesh + Atkinsons & Cutting Mat/Tools + pattern for sale:

Roll With It (PBA277) Maker + Annie Unrein 12" H x 17" W x 12" D pattern for sale: available november 2018

Ditty Bag (PBA188) Maker + Annie Unrein sizes vary s - m - l pattern for sale:

sneak peek

Cased + Clutched Maker + Lee Chappell Monroe pattern for sale:










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Panel: 50804D-X Multi

1 · 50805 - X Multi 2 · 50806 - 1 White on White 3 · 50806 - X Multi 4 · 50807 - X Multi 5 · 50808 - X Multi 6 · 50809 - 3 Purple 7 · 50809 - 8 Peony 8 · 50810 - 2 Black

9 · 50810 - 4 Burgundy 10 · 50810 - 5 Avocado 11 · 50811 - 7 Light Grey 12 · 50811 - 2 Black 13 · 50811 - 6 Ruby Red 14 · 50812 - 12 Turquoise 15 · 50812 - 7 Light Grey 16 · 50812 - 8 Peony

17 · 50812 - 9 Grass 18 · 50813 - 10 Harvest 19 · 50813 - 2 Black 20 · 50814 - 11 Sea 21 · 50814 - 3 Purple 22 · 50814 - 9 Grass 23 · 50815 - 2 Black 24 · 50815 - 7 Light Grey

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Homeward by Natalie Barnes  

This collection is inspired by the Tradition. Spirit. Home. of coming home. Homeward features a digital panel with large blooms which coordi...

Homeward by Natalie Barnes  

This collection is inspired by the Tradition. Spirit. Home. of coming home. Homeward features a digital panel with large blooms which coordi...