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Windermere Preparatory School A College Preparatory, International Baccalaureate World School for Grades PreK3 –12

Our Mission We are a nurturing community that prepares students for college and life by offering a personalized education that cultivates critical thinkers, global scholars, and leaders grounded in character. Our faculty, parents, and students work together in a mutually respectful partnership to reach the highest standard for individual academic achievement and personal growth.

Our Vision Windermere Preparatory School will be known as a premier educational institution by providing life-changing experiences and opportunities through our diverse student body, academics, athletics, and fine arts. The school crest reflects our institutional philosophy:


“Truth in Knowledge” Inspiring growth in our teachers and students by providing personalized education and training.


“Strength in Virtues” Developing well-rounded global scholars by integrating the values of stewardship, integrity, trust, and respect into everything we do.


“Community” Committing to a strong partnership by collaborating with students, parents, and faculty in the pursuit of our common mission.

Windermere Preparatory School Windermere Preparatory School is a private, pre-kindergarten through grade twelve International Baccalaureate college preparatory school located on a 48-acre campus in Windermere, Florida. WPS is accredited by SACS (Southern Association of College and Schools), FCIS (Florida Council of Independent Schools) and FKC (Florida Kindergarten Council). The diverse WPS student body encompasses highly motivated and academically talented students. An award-winning faculty provides a challenging, yet nurturing environment that encourages WPS students to set and achieve extraordinary goals. Windermere Prep students are prepared for success in college through a demanding integrated curriculum based on critical thinking that is articulated across all content areas. Each student is equipped with a Personal Learning Plan that provides motivation to expand his or her capabilities, by targeting each student’s unique strengths and weaknesses at the appropriate level, and fosters critical thinking beyond the basic foundation of knowledge. Windermere Prep is the only private school in Central Florida awarded status as an International Baccalaureate World School. IB is a world-class university preparation program widely recognized by college admissions offices. An article by the New York Times (July 2, 2010) quotes an admissions officer at Ivy League’s Brown University, “I don’t think there is anyone who does not respect the IB program,” and he also notes that dozens of colleges “give students with an IB diploma sophomore standing and some offer special scholarships.” In addition to exemplary academic programs, Windermere Prep is the proud home of Laker athletics. WPS middle and high school students have the opportunity to participate in any of the 38 Laker teams competing in Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) programs. Laker teams and individual athletes consistently advance to postseason competition, and have won several state championship titles. To compliment WPS academic and athletic programs, the school offers comprehensive programs in the fine and performing arts, intramural sports, clubs/honor societies, student government, and after school activities. WPS is a member of the Meritas global family of distinctive college preparatory schools. Meritas students and teachers are connected through video conferencing and joint events, projects, and classes. They collaborate to offer a world-class education and promote the development of global scholars. Because of this relationship, WPS can offer students unique international learning experiences.

“We have been a part of the WPS community for the past eleven years, and have had the privilege and pleasure of participating in the school’s exponential growth and development. Unlike other schools, at Windermere Prep there is an undeniable sense of family, with teachers and administrators taking a personal interest in each and every student. In such a nurturing environment, we are confident that our daughter will enter college with the skills necessary to succeed, no matter what she chooses to do.” Barbra Panzer, Windermere Preparatory School parent

“I have been a student at WPS for eleven years, and I am so proud to attend such a wonderful and unique school! At Windermere Prep I have so many incredible opportunities to pursue my interests, both academic and extracurricular. My teachers are always willing to help me grow as a student and take my learning beyond the textbook. I can also indulge in some of my personal passions, such as acting and creative writing, through exciting elective classes, clubs, and festivals. Without doubt, Windermere Prep is a great place to learn and grow. ” Sari Panzer, Windermere Preparatory School student

There are many choices in educating your child. You know that your decision will have an impact on college admission and beyond, and it can be difficult to find the school that suits your family best. If you want a college preparatory education that will focus on your child as an individual and work with your family to meet and expand his academic potential, encourage service to others, to compliment academics with the arts, extracurricular activities, and competitive athletics, Windermere Preparatory School could very well be the right choice for your family.

Windermere Prep


• You want the advantages and recognition of attending an International Baccalaureate Programme school

• You want to stand out in the college admissions process • You want curriculum and instruction that goes beyond traditional learning, and develops critical thinking • You want a personalized learning plan that is individualized for your abilities, interests, and strengths • You want a school community that recognizes and respects cultural diversity and service to community, and encourages parental


• You want to participate in a competitive athletic program that begins in middle school • You want a safe, secure lakeside campus that features the latest technology and infrastructure • You want to have choices in enrichment programs like dance, drama, music, and the fine arts • You want the opportunity to travel and study abroad in partnership with other Meritas International schools

Our History Windermere Preparatory School opened its doors for the first time on September 5, 2000, with an enrollment of 184 students housed in 20 portable classrooms taught by 25 outstanding faculty members. The school has always engendered a tradition of academic vigor, athletic vitality, and a spirit of service. Its emergence as a world-class university preparatory institution with a vision of fostering global scholars who achieve their highest potential took on new momentum when it became part of the Meritas global family of distinctive college preparatory schools in 2007.

Today, Windermere Preparatory School has grown to more than 1,070 students and 100 faculty members who learn, explore, and accomplish on a beautiful 48-acre lakeside campus featuring distinct divisional learning communities, as well as common resource, arts and athletic areas. The school has earned status as an International Baccalaureate School and initiated a flourishing elite residential program that encompasses students from more than 15 countries. It has successfully built a vigorous competitive athletic program and a flourishing fine arts program. While Windermere Preparatory School values and embraces our history and tradition, we are passionate about our future and the impact we can have on the life of your child.

The WPS Campus The Windermere Preparatory School campus is located on the shores of Lake Cypress in beautiful Windermere, Florida. The school is designed around distinctive yet cohesive divisional neighborhoods of three buildings each. The campus architecture features wide, covered porches and hallways that capture scenic open spaces shaded by native trees and flora. Lower School resides in two neighborhoods, with the Middle School and High School each having their own neighborhood. Classrooms, labs, and learning commons are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure to facilitate up-to-the-minute best practices in college preparatory education for the global scholar. In addition to learning environments, our secure campus features athletic facilities located in their own neighborhood with a swimming pool, track, and tennis academy, as well as venues for football, soccer, lacrosse, softball, and baseball. The WPS gymnasium is the home of Laker basketball and volleyball. The athletic neighborhood also boasts a weight room, school store, and student cafe with an adjoining outdoor covered patio. Our common spaces and fine arts facilities complete the daily student experience on campus, and include the following: a campus dining hall, two libraries, a graphic design and yearbook computer lab, multiple art studios, a television broadcasting and film studio, band room, and choral room.

Lower School The Windermere Preparatory School Lower School provides students with rich opportunities for intellectual, emotional, and social growth. We emphasize hands-on exploration in a fun, stimulating environment that is both challenging and supportive. Students are encouraged to nurture their natural curiosity by asking meaningful questions and discovering answers. We cultivate explorers who are able to extend their learning through handson collaborative and individual efforts, with emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving. Personal Learning Plans identify key areas of focus to further student development and enrichment. Our talented teachers deliver an integrated curriculum that promotes reading, phonics, spelling, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies. They foster student creativity, teamwork, and independence. Instruction is differentiated and individualized to reflect learning styles and achievement. Students in grades 2-5 participate in Touchpoints, a year-long project in which students connect through video-conference with other Meritas schools in the United States and abroad, both to address global issues and generate an impact on the local community. Our facilities have been designed with children in mind, and provide a safe environment with an open feel. From our dedicated playgrounds, a library specializing in the materials for younger minds, to the latest technology in classrooms, our investment in the educational environment surrounding our students supports and inspires them as they prepare for their middle school years. Fine arts and foreign language are not merely additions to curriculum, they are a core component. Our PK3 through 5th grade students study Spanish through a yearly scope and sequence. First through third grade students study violin, while fourth and fifth grade students are offered band, chorus, or dance. Through student performances, we build confidence and self-esteem while showcasing talents in a public forum.

“As a teacher, I have always valued the emphasis that Windermere Prep places on the student as an individual with unique skills, challenges, and interests. Now that I am a parent with my own child attending the school, I fully realize the gift I am endowing to my daughter by enabling her to learn in the academic environment provided at WPS.� Eve Griffin, Lower School faculty member and WPS parent

Middle School In grades six through eight, a varied curriculum engenders creativity, hands-on experiences, and ownership of learning. In addition to the core subjects of math, science, social studies, and language arts, students are exposed to foreign languages, the arts, and daily physical education. Students begin to take an active role in community service and have greater opportunities to experience global scholarship programs offered through the Meritas International Family of Schools. Students may participate in FHSAA athletics as well as clubs, honor societies, student government, and extracurricular activities. The Middle School Program of Study focuses on engaging students in integrated studies that encourage independent thought and application of knowledge. Our program emphasizes the unique qualities of each grade level and focuses on a global theme that connects learning to our school’s mission and vision. Sixth Grade

Opening the Book

Students transition to Middle School by owning their learning. Teachers help students “learn how to learn” by finding their own organizational techniques, understand time management, and use a myriad of study skills. Reading is the focal point of all studies, with assignments focused on comprehension and the reader’s response. Seventh Grade

Writing My Story

The curriculum in seventh grade gives “voice” to students as they discover why things are the way they are. Students will discover the method of learning that maximizes their potential, complete multiple intelligences inventories, and make connections from learning to life. Teachers provide presentation opportunities such as Environmental Day and Garden Festival to give students hands-on learning experience. At year end, seventh graders present their individual learning portfolios to the faculty. Eighth Grade

Turning a Page

Students begin “turning a page” to a new life chapter. They learn to take on leadership roles as the top grade level in middle school, and they begin preparing for high school. Curriculum focuses on students “taking a stand” on issues while learning to develop logical arguments and refining presentation skills. At year end, students present “Turning a Page” projects to a faculty panel.

“WPS is my second home. I love being part of this family! Not only have I been able to maintain straight A’s, I play high level tennis, am a member of student government, and take piano and dance lessons, all at school!! I get to be creative while learning. My teachers and friends encourage me to pursue my dreams and goals. Most importantly, they have taught me loyalty, respect and teamwork.” Hannah McGee Windermere Preparatory School Student

High School

An International Baccalaureate School

The WPS high school program is designed to prepare students in grades nine through twelve for their firstchoice colleges and universities, graduate work, and adulthood. Our students are challenged by rigorous courses taught by a qualified and dedicated faculty. They learn alongside students from the Meritas Elite Residential program, gaining international perspective and respect for cultural diversity. Throughout the program and across all academic disciplines, special emphasis is given to developing critical thinking. Students are challenged to think, analyze, and reason beyond the simple acquisition of knowledge. Standardized tests, as well as those in use by the IB programme, assure that WPS students are achieving their potential in relation to their peers across the nation and the world. WPS has several programs in place to assure the growth and development of our high school students: • Skills for Success (S4S), our fully integrated college study and life skills program, helps students gain interpersonal skills to build on strengths while managing challenges. Each student learns strategies for navigating the complex college admissions process, effective communication, selfmanagement, and resilience. • The IB Learner Profile fosters the growth and character development of each student and guides them to be thinkers, communicators, inquirers and problem-solvers. • All WPS students have Personal Learning Plans to measure and assure that each child is maximizing his or her ability and potential.

“WPS teachers demonstrated a genuine dedication and passion in their respective subjects that truly encouraged me to strive for excellence. The opportunity to have the best teachers and colleagues...certainly allowed me to achieve what I have today.� Dania Saleem, WPS Alumnus University of Florida Honors Program, Pre-Med

International Baccalaureate The Gold Standard of Education Around the World Windermere Preparatory School is the only private school in Central Florida to be awarded status as an International Baccalaureate World School.

What is the IB Diploma Programme? The IB Diploma Programme is a challenging, comprehensive program of international education that demands the best from motivated students and teachers. It is widely recognized and regarded for its high academic standards. The two-year curriculum is rigorous and intellectually coherent, encouraging critical thinking through the study of a wide range of academic disciplines while encouraging an international perspective. Beyond completing college-level courses and examinations, IB DP students are required to engage in community service, individual research, and an inquiry into the nature of knowledge. The two-year course of study leads to final examinations in six subject areas and a qualification widely recognized by the world’s leading colleges and universities.

“IB is well known to us for excellent preparations. Success in an IB programme correlates well with success at Harvard. We are always pleased to see the credentials of the IB Diploma Programme on the transcript.”

Marilyn McGrath Lewis, Director of Undergraduate Admission, Harvard University

“One of the advantages of an IB curriculum is its structure and quality. It’s a coordinated programme, well established, well known, and well respected. We know the quality of IB courses, and we think the IB curriculum is terrific.” Christophe Guttentag, Director of Admissions, Duke University

“There is no other curriculum anywhere that does a superior job of both educating students and inspiring a true and broad-based love of learning.”

William Shain, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Vanderbilt University

“As the IB Programme challenged me, Windermere Prep encouraged me; as the IB Programme informed me, Windermere Prep taught me; as the IB Programme showed me my future, Windermere Prep helped pave the path to achieve it.� Rachel Gordon, Class of 2011

College Placement Students from Meritas schools are accepted at prestigious colleges and universities around the world. At Windermere Prep, we are focused on preparing our students, through both academics and extracurricular activities, to be welcomed at universities of their choice. In our experience, there is much more to college acceptance than test scores and grades. Our counselors work individually with each student to develop a portfolio of colleges and have tremendous success in finding the right fit for students at every academic level. Highlights of the college planning program include on-campus information sessions hosted by college

admissions officers, nationally-recognized expert guest speakers, and use of interactive college planning software to help demystify the admissions process. WPS graduates have been accepted to more than 100 colleges and universities across the globe and accumulate significant scholarship offers each year. Students begin visiting college campuses in their junior year as WPS takes them to the D.C. area to tour Georgetown University, George Washington University, the University of Virginia and Johns Hopkins University. Other opportunities are presented to visit Harvard, MIT, Boston University, Boston College, Babson, and Wellesley College.

“Windermere Prep has provided a solid foundation for my daughters to use as a platform to pursue their future goals and dreams. The faculty and administration take pride in delivering a high quality education which meets the needs of each of my children as students, and me as a parent. I have found the school a perfect fit for our family values, and my daughters have truly excelled academically and emotionally at Windermere Prep.� Mr. David Holton Windermere Preparatory School Parent

The WPS Student Athletics FHSAA Athletic Programs The goal of the WPS athletic program is to promote improvement in our student-athletes both on and off the field. In order to accomplish this goal, the WPS athletic program provides its student-athletes with excellent coaching, competitive schedules, first-class facilities, and high expectations for success. The school is a member of the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) which promotes, directs, supervises, and regulates all interscholastic high school athletic events in the State of Florida. Beginning in middle school, WPS provides the opportunity to participate in nearly 40 boys and girls teams competing in FHSAA athletics:

FALL Cross Country Football

Golf Swimming Volleyball

WINTER Basketball


SPRING Baseball Lacrosse Softball

Tennis Track & Field


we are LAKERS

The WPS Student Fine, Media & Performing At Windermere Preparatory School, the fine and performing arts are not only an integral part of our curriculum, they are our passion. The process of creation, improvisation, and exploration forms one of the cornerstones of our educational philosophy. WPS students experience opportunities to evaluate the work and performance of others, as well as their own. They evaluate process and technique, as well as aesthetic preference. A greater awareness of those pieces and performances deemed worthy of sharing from one generation to the next allows for self-examination and cultural understanding.

The Fine Arts Self-expression takes many forms in our arts program: drawing, painting, pottery, sculpting and more. At WPS, art is integrated throughout our curriculum, using it to enhance lessons and improve visual critical thinking skills. We want our students to think in terms of images as well as words. Younger students focus on process, learning the principles and elements of design: line, shape, space, texture, color, and form. Older students develop portfolio work and participate in critiques which build vocabulary and aesthetic values. All students are introduced to master and contemporary artists throughout the years. Pre-K3 through fifth grade attend weekly art classes. Students in sixth grade and above participate in art as an elective.

Media Arts Students in our graphic design classes study standard design processes from conceptualization to execution, and how to create effective visual communication. Graphic design courses use Mac-based programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Students learn about digital photography, image editing techniques, digital illustration, print design, and typography. Broadcast Journalism is offered to high school students as a year-long elective. Students produce a TV show to air weekly on the Windermere Prep News Network. Students study the fundamentals of TV media including shooting video, editing, and acting as on-camera talent.

Experience Arts Performing Arts Music students study movement, singing, and playing instruments. The curriculum introduces major composers such as Beethoven and Bach, the study of various genres of music such as jazz and opera, multicultural music, orchestral instrument recognition, and recorder playing. Students also begin to learn the language of music with the study of notes and rests, and other musical symbols beginning in Pre-K.

First grade students study core musical concepts and national standards through violin playing. Band and chorus are offered as electives in fourth grade through high school. Other high school electives include Guitar, and IB Music. Off campus opportunities include the Meritas Music Festival.

Theater curriculum at WPS introduces students to

the theater arts beginning in lower school, thus building a foundation of skills to help instill confidence and poise. Drama classes expose students to monologues, short skits, dramatic plays, and musicals. All students have significant roles to enhance speech, creativity and confidence. PK3 through fifth grade have weekly drama class, and drama is offered as an elective in 6th grade through high school. Extracurricular activities include Thespian Honors Society and the Meritas Theatre Festival.

Dance students study ballet, lyrical, tap, jazz, musical theater, hip hop and multicultural. Dance students will develop strength, flexibility, and confidence while learning proper technique and discipline. There are several performances throughout the year for students to demonstrate skills and growth. Students in 4th grade through high school may choose dance as an elective.

The WPS Student Extracurriculars The Community School The on-campus Community School offers students from pre-kindergarten through high school the opportunity to explore interests outside the classroom. The roster of after-school classes regularly includes choices such as: broadcast and film media, art, chess, Lower School Glee Cub, violin and guitar lessons, judo, scrapbooking, musical theatre, gymnastics, and dance classes in hip-hop, ballet, jazz and tap. Students can also participate in an introduction to several sports, with skill-building and instruction by local experts in golf, soccer, and lacrosse. The Community School is open to all local students, regardless of where they attend school. The roster of class offerings changes throughout the school year, though many of the most popular will remain available from season to season.

Honor Societies Beginning in middle school, Windermere Preparatory School students are actively involved in several national organizations for students who have demonstrated excellence. Active chapters on campus are: National Honor Society National Junior Honor Society National Spanish Honor Society National French Honor Society National Latin Honor Society National Art Honor Society Tri-M Music Honor Society Mu Alpha Theta (Math)

Experience Clubs & Community Service Clubs In addition to honor societies, WPS students enjoy a wide selection of clubs and organizations in which to spend time with other students with like interests, including: Middle School Student Government • Pep Squad • Student Newspaper Spanish Cub • Flag Troupe • Junior Thespian Society High School Thespian Society • Student Government • Robotics Art Club • Photography/Yearbook • Habit for Humanity

Community Service A commitment to developing young men and women of character is integrated into the mission, vision, curriculum, and culture of Windermere Prep. As early as lower school, WPS students are encouraged and provided means to be active global citizens, both in their own community and internationally, as members of the Meritas family of international schools. As a result, WPS students contribute thousands of hours to serving others each year.

The WPS Student Off Campus Learning & The World as a Classroom All Windermere Preparatory School students have the opportunity to experience learning outside the classroom as an integral role in increasing student knowledge and deepen understanding of a subject. These well-planned trips add realism and perspective to the topic of study, provide an opportunity to develop socialization and citizenship skills, and enrich the student experience as a global scholar. Lower School Our youngest students routinely experience learning outside the classroom. Lower School students each year visit Disney Youth Education Series (YES), Sea World, Fantasy of Flight, Medieval Times, St. Augustine, Orlando Shakespeare Theater, Reedy Creek Fire Station, Oak Haven Strawberry Farm and more.

Middle School Each middle school grade level has an off-campus element integrated into their course of study. All middle school students explore different cultures, areas of scientific study, and more through Disney’s YES program and other local learning venues. Each grade level also embarks on an annual “Laker Adventure” trip that relates to curriculum. Sixth grade students travel to the Pathfinder Program in St. Petersburg (Florida) to explore one of the school values, the “Spirit of Unitas”. In seventh grade students explore 4700 acres of pristine Florida wilderness on an Eco Safari and also embark on a three-night trip to the Florida Keys for the annual “Discover Florida” Laker Adventure, where they learn about the complex and fragile habitats in Florida and man’s use of natural resources. Eighth grade students attend the Academy of Etiquette and Protocol and, later, the week-long “Go West” Laker Adventure. The American West brings Social Studies and Science curriculum to life as students visit the Grand Canyon, Colorado River and other Arizona landmarks.

Experience enrichment High School Students in grades nine and ten explore team-building and other skills on off campus trips. Student government representatives may also choose to attend a Meritas conference in Arizona. WPS facilitates the college tour process with trips to Washington D.C. and the Boston area to visit schools such as Georgetown University, the University of Virginia, Johns Hopkins University, and Harvard, MIT, Boston University, Boston College, Babson, and Wellesley College. Students also have the opportunity to travel internationally to some of the most exciting, culturally significant cities and countries in the world, including: Barcelona, Greece, and Italy.

Meritas International Family of Schools International Music & Theatre Festivals Middle and high school students may choose to take part in these festivals at which students from Meritas schools around the world perform and learn together, receiving expert instruction from Meritas’ best fine arts instructors and master musicians. Oxford University Meritas hosts a summer program that allows students to live and study on campus at prestigious Oxford University. They will engage with distinguished faculty and Meritas teachers, as well as visit historical landmarks throughout Oxford as well as London.

The Meritas Advantage Meritas is a worldwide family of college preparatory schools providing a highly personalized and nurturing experience focused on top-choice college admittance. What are the hallmarks of a Meritas school? • A highly personalized educational experience focused on maximizing academic and social growth in an intimate and nurturing environment where children are challenged and enriched • An environment that attracts and retains some of the world’s best teachers who work together to maximize student growth • Unique, top international school programming to help children navigate the global society and differentiate themselves in the college application process



Meritas students benefit from: • Expanded curricular offerings • Classroom-based learning experiences with students and teachers from around the world • Multiple languages with expanded conversational opportunities • Curricula developed from a global perspective • International academic competitions • Expanded extracurricular activities • School athletics and sports tournaments involving teams from different countries


How does this benefit Meritas students? Our personalized approach supports the development of healthy, well-rounded children who are prepared to attend the world’s finest universities and succeed in today’s complex global economy. As members of the Meritas family, our students are provided with numerous travel opportunities including the chance for international exchanges, as well the forum to interact—via videoconferencing—with classmates from around the world. Additionally, through our residential boarding school program, we bring some of the top students across the world to our campuses to create a true global learning environment.

New York City

• Musical and theatrical performances, art exhibitions and other fine arts festivals and tours • Organizations such as debate teams and chess clubs working and playing together across the network • Expanded travel and boarding school exchange opportunities • Top international school exchange programs • Summer vacation and school holiday opportunities

Windermere Preparatory School is a nurturing community that prepares students for college and life by offering a personalized education that cultivates critical thinkers, global scholars, and leaders grounded in character.

Contact us to plan a personal tour of our campus and envision the possibilities for your child.

Why Windermere Prep? • International Baccalaureate World School • Curriculum and instruction focuses on critical thinking • Personalized learning plans • Integrated Classroom Technology • Music, fine arts, dance and drama offered in all grade levels • Unique international learning opportunities • Foreign Language studies beginning in Pre-Kindergarten • Respect and recognition of cultural diversity • Community service integrated into curriculum • Student mentor program • Secure, state-of-the-art campus • Off-campus learning that supports an enhanced curriculum • Small class sizes • Strong parental involvement


Strength in Virtues


Truth in Knowledge

UNITAS Community


Windermere Preparatory School does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, or ethnic origin. 6189 Winter Garden-Vineland Road • Windermere, FL 34786

407. 905. 7737

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